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The Arizona sentinel. [volume] (Arizona City [Yuma], Yuma County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1872-1911, March 23, 1872, Image 2

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r & Proprietor.
rcli 23, 1872.
-lo the Former Patrons of the Free
There seems to be a misunder
standing existing between some
of the former patrons of the
Free Press,a newspaper published
in this town up to a few weeks
back, and ourself. Mr. Gordon,the
editor of that sheet, in order to
shield himseif from blame, circu
lated among his patrons that the
conditions of the sale to us em
bodied the filling of contracts be
tween them and himself. This is
not so. There were no conditions
to be made, as we did not pur
chase anything from that man;
he had nothing to sell. The mate
rial, press, etc.. upon v,rhich he
printed his paper was not his
property. He had possession, it is
true, also the privilege of paying
for it, but ho did not own a thing
in the whole concern, nor never
would. When we came here, a
few weeks ago, it was with the
intention of starting a paper in
opposition to the Free Press. The
next day after -our arrival, we met
Mr. Gordon, and hearing of our
purpose, he made us the proposi
tion" that if we Would give him
$50, wherewith to return to San
Diego, and assume his liabilities
to Wm. H. Gould for the mate
rial, press, etc., he would give us
possession of the same;, that he
had written to Mr. Gould, request
ing him to foreclose his mortgage,
as he intended to "close up shop."
Of this fact we are fully aware, as
John S. Carr, of the firm of Win.
B. Hooper & Co., of this town, ex
hibited to us, previous to teking
possessions letter from Mr.Gould,
giving him a power of attorney to
act in his name, and directing that
gentleman to foreclose said mort
gage. From these facts, it must
be evident to all that we have
nothing to do with said Gordon's
No right-minded man, we are
sure, will expect us to fulfill the
covenants of that arrant vagabond,
as, in that case, we would have
to labor, pay board, office rent.buy
paper, ink, and many other little
necessaries requisite to publish a
newspaper, for the next year to
come, without receiving as much
ns would nav our board for one
edged to us that all, or neany all
his patrons had paid him in ad
vance. We do not know, nor do we
care, how we stand in the opinion
of Mr. Gordon's friends; but this
much we can say: that we are no
impostor; we came here with the
recommendation of Frank Ganahl,
Esq., of Los Angeles, who is well
and favorably known throughout
this Territory, to whom we would
refer those who have any doubts
as to our good standing, or to
Clarence Gray, Esq., District At
torney of this county, to whom we
were recommended.
Encouraging Sews. '
A letter dated Washington,
February 2G, 1S72, from a gentle
man whose influence in Congres
sional circles is second to none,
and whom, says the San Diego
Bulletin, we personally know to
be perfectly reliable, wise and dis
crete, contains the following most
cheering intelligence:
"Have just seen Mr. Scott. The
road will be made with great ra
pidity,andSau Diego will be.made
a point. He thinks it best to com
mence at Fort Yuma and work
both ways,ad may not commence
at San Diego until after he gets
well under way from those points.
You may depend on the road be
ing done within thsee ye.vrs!"
This is, indeed, more than eng
couraging for Arizona City. Al
though no noise was made to at
tract the attention of Mr. Scott to
this point, still, we are favored
with that upon which our "neigh
bors" of San Diego have been so
long feeding the early beginning
of operations. Yes, according to
the above extract, work will be
commenced here at an early day,
ana life and activity will prevail.
Our population will be increased
at least 50 per cent, in less than
a year, and business of all descrip
tion will necessarily augment in
the same proportion. The people
of this city have, in a great mea
sure, depended upon the early
coming of the iron horse,' but lit
tle did they dream that it was to
start from here.
Dismissed. The man arrested
for firing a pistol, and otherwise
disturbing the peace, in front of
the Union House, on Thursday,
was brought before Justice Skin
ner yesterday. As he gave prom
ise that he would leave the town
at once for Arizona, the Judge
dismissed him. S. D. Union.
So, Mr. Skinner, you deem a
residence in Arizona, no matter
for how short a period, a sufficient
punishment for disturbing the
peace of your "quiet" town? We
think differently. In the future,
if you have too much regard for
fining or imprisoning individuals
of that stamp, sentence them to
remain in San Diego for a number
! of days; that will cure them.
The Apache War.
Under this heading w'll be
found an article on our first page
containing resolutions relative to
the Apache war in this Territory,
which weie introduced in the
California Legislature by Senator
McCoy, of San Diego. Since that
portion of our paper was "struck
off," WO' learn through the Sn
Diego Union that said resolutions
were promptly passed by both
Houses. This expression of the
sentiment of the people of Califor
nia, for our welfare, is indeed
most gratifying.
Whether these supplications
from California, in the behalf of
our persear.ted people, will be re
ceived, favorably by the Govern
ment,'or hot, remains to be seen;
but in either case, the inhabitants
of our Territory should be ever
grateful to that honorable gen le
man for his good intentions m the
noble part he has taken to relieve
them of the tyranical Colyer-How-ard
Indian "peace" policy.
The obligations under which we
.deem ourselves to. Senator McCoy
for "this most timely interference,
can nevor be sufficiently repaid
in this world; let us hope he will
be in the next.
JE . M c C A F F R Y ,
Aitorjjy & Counsellor at Law
Will practice in all the CourtlW
of the Territory. mch23
0. F. M'CARTY,
Will practice in all the Courts of
the Territory. mch23
County Recorder, Yuma Co.
EirDocuments must be properly
stamped, and accompanied by the
Recorder's fees.
Eg.CJoEivcj'aucins" of every
description, neatly and correctly
executed. mch2o
Main sr., Arizona City.
G. M. KNIGHT. Proprietor.
Fresh Bread, Pies, Cakes, Can
dies, etc!, constantly on hand.
EJParties and families supplied
on short notice and most reasona
ble terms. mch28
San Diego, Arizona City and Tucson
u. s. maul. y,v?-fp Eians.
Tri-Weekly Fine of four-horse
coaches running between San Di
ego and Tuscou.
Leaves San Diego every Sun
day, Tuesday and Thursday eve
nings, connecting with the Me
silla stage for Ralston.
' Fare to Arizona City, $40; to
Tuscon, $90; to Ralston, S125, gold
Office, corner Fourth and Dsts.,
San Diego.
I F " ii SI I w H a N
.Liquors, Hard ware, Provision
Crockery, Cigars, Tobacco
Miners' Implements,
Corner of x irst ana Main stre
Arizona City.

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