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The Arizona sentinel. [volume] (Arizona City [Yuma], Yuma County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1872-1911, March 23, 1872, Image 4

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Saturday, Marcli 23, 1872.
The Apaches.
cm the war-path in all directions.
of horrid butcheries perpetrated
by thee devils, .and y;et, notwith
standing all this, the Government
fnrmr i:itp. ii the invfirnment
the Apaches on reservations, why
the nature of the beast as well
l j 5? Tt7 L .
-i, r -j. j. 4 ...:n l
'Ul"f Wil.il LJIli ULLtJIiU Ul (US
in Arizona; New Mexico,
nas to 'grin ana oenr iv as
The Borderer,' 'published at
jff article in reference to
the "good Indians," from which
we take the-following extracts:
We have been parient and eng
during while there was a shadow
of hope that any thing would be
done for our relief. Patience and
forbearance are fast wearing out,
and we shall very .soon advocate
an entirely different line of policy
and help to carry it out. We have
men enough in this section to
bring about order, and if the Gov
ernment will not allow the mili
tary to work this question up, wo
shall go at it without the- tram
jnels of red tape.
The planting season is nearly
over, a general scout for a couple
of months will make Indians
scarce in this vicinity, and when
the fiends are so bold as to forage
in our towns, it is time for the peo
ple to do something decisive.
There is no use in deceiving our
selves longer. It has got to come
to this, and the sooner the better
for ourselves and Southern New
Mexico. We go in now for a loyal
league to Ku-Klux Apaches. Let
us snow max we mtena to oe
trifled with no longer. Five hun
dred men can be raised in Dona
Ana and Grant counties in twenty
days, and these five hundred men
can drive the last Apache from
our border or kill them in two
months' time. Government or no
Government, it is our right, and
let us exercise it. .
Government Telegraph.
In referring to the' Government
telegraph line between San Diego
andPrescott via-this city, which
was advocated by Delegate Mc
Cormick before the Senate Com
mittee on, Appropriations, and for
which $50,000 was appropriated
for its construction,the Miner says:
This is truly a move in the right
direction, and, if the Government
will do this much for the Terri
tory, our citizens will forgive it
for the past neglect of duties to
ward 1 hem, which neglect consists
of leaving them to the mercy of
the Indian and Mexican cut
throats and robbers, and of having
never appropriated as much as one
dollar toward opening the Terri
tory by building a road; No dovibt
in time telegraphic Hues will be
run to nearly all the important
towns and military posts in the
Territory, so that,should war with
Mexico,or any other foreign coun
try come on us, speedy prepara
tion for attack or defense may be
made. For some time to come the
telegraph would be used mainly
to give information concerning
moyements of hostile Indians and
for directing movements against
Pious Beverage. At a late
Indiana banquet, the ceremonies
were opened with prayer by the
Rev. Emsley Hamilton, whiskey
guager for the Seventh District.
A very appropriate selection, we
should say; one whose spiritual
manipulations were no doubt fully
appreciated by the other samplers.
anon News! As scientists, we
are making rapid headway, and
rw nKt nnonprhnri n ni'nr'OW w
I'll 1' Ui UiUlUll. Ul blJllIlO Uil"
isn lea irom everv parrel oi
enters collections, rsow, n
e is anything calculated to
us clean streets, inisnew uis-
wili attain that end.
Territory of Arizona, County of
Yuma, in the District Court,
Second Judicial District, A. T.
Ruth White, plaintiff,
George White, defendant.
The Territory of Arizona, to the
above named defendant,greeting:
You are hereby commanded to
appearand answer complaint filed
-in the office of the Clerk of the Dis
trict Court, Second Judical Dis
trict, in and for the County of
Yuma, in the said county and
Territory aforesaid, within twenty
days (exclusive of the day of ser
vice) after service on you of this
summons, if served within this
county; if served out of this coun
ty, but in this District, within
thirty days; otherwise within
forty days.
And take noiice, that if you fail
to appear and answer aa above re
quired, the plaintiff will have de
fault entered.
This action is brought fbrthe
purpose of dissolving the Bonds of
Matrimonybetween the said plain
tiff and you, the said defendant,
and for all costs of this action. -Witness,
the Hon. Isham Reavis,
Judge' of the Second Judicial
District, of the Territory of Ari
zona, in and for the County of
Yuma, this 12th day of March,
A. D. 1S72.
mch!6m2 Distr ct Clerk.
In the Probate Court of Yuma
county, Territory oi Arizona.
In the matter ol the estate of
Andrew Shone, deceastd.
Pursuant to an order of the
Judge of said Court, made this
day, notice is hereby sivoa that
Monday, the 1st day of April 1872,
at 30 o'clock a. in. of said day, at
the courtroom of said Court,at the
courthouse in the town of Arizona
City, in the couiaty of Yuma and
poinled for hearing the petition of
James M. Barney, praying for an
rder and decree that the admin
istrator of the estate of said de
ceased make a conveyance of a
certain lot of land in said petition
described, to him, the said James
M. Barney; at which time and
place all persons interested there
in may appear and file their ob
jections in writing.
Probate Judge.
Ehrenberg, Feb. 22, 187'. 21-23
In the Probate Court of Yuma
county, Territory of Arioona,
In the matter of the estate of
Manuel Ravena, deceased.
Pursuant to an order of said
Court, made on the second day ofl
March, a. d. lS72,notiee -is hereby,
given that
Monday, the 1st day of April, 167:3,
at 9 o'clock a. m. of said day, and
at the courtroom of said court, at
the courthouse in the county of
Yuma, have been appointed as
the time and place for proving
the will of said Manuel Ravena,
deceased, and for hearing the ap
plication of Juan Noli and Theo
philis Loisillon for the issuance to
them of letters testamentary
when and where any person may
appear and contest the same.
Probate Judge.
March 2, 1872. 22-23
LEY, Proprietor.
Balls and Wedding parties sup
plied with cakes and confectionery
at short notice.
'C7rdcr Current" rs. County
In order to counteract the under
tow, I will pay from GO to 15 ctS
on the dollar for nil county war
rants presented to me from this
date. J. W. Doiuuxgton.
February 10, 1872. 18-21
CSTSpeaiaU slice The
of placing their accounts in
hands of an officer.
C..L. Jones.
wii tutu, auui ai-i.hv- ij......
an Dusinesss cuhih'uuhi wnu mis
Colorado Hotel will bo carried by
J. T. PILGRIM, to whom all bills
against the said hotel mu.-t be pre
sented ana paia oy mm. , t
Thnso knowing themselves tc
Yv. King, will please call and set
tle, as I wish to do the same with
those to whom I am indebted.
mchl6ml W. KING.
Clerk of the U. S. and Territorial
District Courts, and
All kinds of claims collected
Taxes paid for non-residents, and
conveyancing, etc., at reasonable
rates. Post Office, Arizona City.
Cash paid for Yuma county war
rants and soldiers' discharge papers.
"iTYi?n cfrppf A vi 7nna P!5tv.
n vr -r . . 1QMrxnMj
ptantly on hand,
for stock.

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