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The Arizona sentinel. [volume] (Arizona City [Yuma], Yuma County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1872-1911, August 23, 1873, Image 5

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$5 per Year ; Six Months, $3.
SATUIIDAY, AUG. 23, 1873.
Jphu C. Bacon is authorized to
.transact the business of this office
.during my absence.
C. I. Mjnor.
Magnificent JErial Display !;
At about 10 p. m. of Sunday la!st
a very large Meteor appeared
about.35 degrees above the hori
.zon, and 10 degrees S, of east.
It at first looked the size as
the crown of a hat, and in moving
majestically across the sky, occu
pied about 1 second in reaching
the zenith, from whence -it threw
off the most brilliant scintillations
-qf variegated colors for about
30 degrees of its farther course,
then emitted a ghastly white
light as powerful as at its
first appearance ; and finally,
after having reached a point
10 degrees north of west, arid 20
above the horizou, it faded sud
denly from view, followed by a
aun explosion ana succeeding
reverberntory roar ; the eng
tire length of its luminous track
Toeing- distinctly seen for several
seconds afterward.
It? occupied about three seconds
in its flight from point to point.
- A loud rushing noise accompa
nied the phenomenon, sounding
like that made by a huge sky
Ordinary print could easily have
been read by the powerful light
shed by this meteor,
2Eriai phenomena aro of such
frequent occurrence in this lati
tude, that the establishment here
of a National Astronomical Ob
servatory would seem to be a ne
cessity. i
Important to Owners of Stock in
Yuma County.
All persons owning stock in
Yuma county, who have not re
corded their brand or brands in
the office of the County Recorder,
should do so at once, as will be
seen by reading the law on the
subject, to be found at page 689
Compiled Laws of Arizona :
Sec. 3. " No mark, brand or connter
brand, elinll be considered lawful if not
recorded as specified m this act."
Next week we will give the law
in full.
Proceedings of the Board of Super
visors of Yuma County.
Board met pursuant to last ad
journment, at 9 a. m. All the
members present.
Board took recess till 4 p. m., to
give County Treasurer time ; to
complete duplicate Tax or Assess
ment roll.
4 P m. Redondo and Fisher
present; Baker absent. '
On motion, the duplicate Tax
roll waa turned over to the Tax
Collector, Dr. F. H. Goodwin,
with the warrant thereto at
tached, for. collection Bonds
were handed in the same even
ing by Collector Goodwin and ap
proved, which are now on file in
the County Recorder's office.
No other business being before
the Board, it adjourned sine die.
During his late visit the Gover
nor informed us that he intended
to publish "Statistics of Arizona"
early next year. The appropria
tion made by the Legislature for
the publication of this, work (only
$300) is not enough to enable the
author to give all the information
in a desirable compass and style;
besides, 3,000, copies, the number
proposed to bo issued, will
prove inadequate, we think, for
the due dissemination of so im
portant a compendium. But "half
a loaf is better than no bread."
It seems almost ridiculous to
re-affirm, for the information of
some of our readers, that the
Texas and Pacific Railroad will bo
built via Yuma.
Abundance op Water on the
Sonora. Desert. Wo learn from
Sra. Aguilar, who came through
from Sonora one day this week,
lhat plenteous rains had fallen on
the Sonora Desert, and that all
the watering places on that road
are full. The numerous herds
of horses and cattle that have
been detained here awaiting rain,
have been started for Sonora
over that route. Several fam
ilies have also left within the last
week, bound for the same destination.
Indications of Rain The
weather has been cloudy for sev
eral days past, and during the
night of Thursday we received
a slight sprinkling, but the clouds
floated off up the river, and
have doubtless wet the Wallapai
and Mojave sections ere this.
Rain has fallen on the road bo
tween Yuma and San Diego.
While traveling over the Mo
jave road recently, Gov. Saflbrd
met a flock of 2,400 sheep, being
driven into the Territory from
California. Let them come; there
is pasturage for coun'less flocks
and herds in all parts of the Territory.
Aug. 17, at daylight, Mojave,
Capt. Pool, with barge No. 2, for
Aug. 17, at 11:30 a. m., Cocopdh,
Capt. Mellon, for Ehrenberg.
Aug. 21, at 10:30 A. M., Coccpdh,
from Ehrenberg.
Arrived at San-Diego five days
ago, bark Mary Glover, from Pu
get Sound, with cargo of lumber
and piles for the Texas and Paci
ficHailway. Union.
Gold in New York 115; green
backs in San Francisco 8687.
G. M. Knight lost two valuable
doga by poison "Fannie" and
"Dice" which had evidently
been, accomplished by throwing
poisoned meat into his yard. The
dog-poisoners should he careful.
AMexican child came near dying
one day this week from having
eaten a piece ot cheose that had
been poisoned and left out for
dogs. There are hundreds of
canines trotting about our streets
and nipping the heels of passers,
whose sheer' worthle3sness seems
to save them from the poisoner's
wiles.. ,
Our County Recorder says that
"it works a hardship" to have to
take down and examine records
for two or , three hours, and get,
as a remuneration therefor, an
unnegotiable "thank you!" As
parties have the right to search
the records for themselves, they
should call for the particular book
or paper desired to be seen, other
wise they ought not to forget that
a fee is allowed the Recorder by
law for searching.
The Colorado Hotel at Yuma
has a born landlord. Mr. Burke
will treat you well, and his food
is the best in the Territory. He
is prospering of course, and de
serves well at the hands of trav
elers. "When you pass this place,
make it a point to stop at tho Col
By private letter we learn that
the Gila Irrigating Ditch is now
14 miles long. The people there
are on the qui vive for an attack
from the Mexicans, who are leav
ing the Salt River country since
the hanging of a few of his coun
trymen. They have been threat
ening vengeance for some time.
H. E. Baker, the irrepressible
is as aotive and full of business as
Our respected townsman John
G. Capron, has recently received
at San Diego, by schooner from
San Francisco, nine Raune wag
ons. Superintendent Ross, of Ca
pron's line of stages running be
tween this, place and San Diego,
,saya that lour horses will soon be
attached to the coaches, and that
it is the intention to run daily
over the route after Christmas:.
New Enterprise. We are
pleased to see that the go-ahead
firm)f Wm. B. Hooper & Co.
have lestablished an agency in
Yokohama, Japan, through whom
theyget a genuine article of leaf
tea put up expressly for them. i
LefrYuma today for the Sonoita
Valley in this TerritbfyT with the
design of establishing, a ranch
there, Dr. William B. Dunn, late
6f Los Angeles. His family ac
companies him, Success attend
his effoits to populate and make
fruitful the wilds.
Charles C. Auchner, for the last
five months with H. E. Baker,ia
going into business for himself
soon. A deserving young man.
Fine Jewelry. David NeaHr,
pioneer merchant.received by last
steamer the most beautiful lot of
genuine jewelry ever brought to
this market.
Fitzgerald & Kenyon have, a
large and well selected assortment
of merchandise. Don't forget to
give them a call.
J. Samter is very busy, waiting
on customers who are' crowding
his well filled bazaar.
For Sale Cheap A Florence
Sewing Machine. For further
particulars, apply at this office, tf
Don Antonio Ostinelli left Wed
nesday for Santa Barbara.at which
place Clarence Gray is running on
the "citizens' ticket" for District
I have on hand breakfast bacon, haxnt,
tin-ware, corn-meal, oat-meal, buckwheat
flour, rice, trunks, axes, clockB, watches,
pure copper whisky, suj;ar by the bbl. pink
beans, 2, 5 and 10 lb. cans lard, coffee
mills, cockery, dry-goods, brandy, white
shirts, and everything else nut enumerated.
nu22 It H. E. Baker.
Books, Stationery ,
au23 ti Yuma and San Diego. .

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