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The Arizona sentinel. [volume] (Arizona City [Yuma], Yuma County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1872-1911, November 13, 1880, Image 2

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Arizona Sentinel.:
Learning that Mr. Thomns
Th ret fell Sunt, of the" Calafornia
Iliuiijt Co, v.';i3 in (own.
AVp c:Hori upon liiiu, and 1 Mim
ed that his inachirio for stripping
fibfer whs all in runni- order,
and abundant material ready toi
utilization, when a high spring
tide from the Gulf struck caip
and laid a considerable quantity
.iter, causing :,rsv . expected de-
Ii?y. Kof with star.: ug this acci
dent: however the work is push
ing forward.
Ffon? thh; fiber, which the In.
dianse&il " Sursh " (and com
monly known as the wild hemp
of the Colorado,)samplea of rope
were made, and we doubt very
much if anything better, can be
produced anywhere.
We invite an inspection of it
at our office.
The Sentinel has been at
work for years on tho subject of
the fibrous plauts of the Colorado
River, and it is with no little
satisfaction thpljwefind our ideas
being realized under the energe
tic management of Mr. Threlfall.
He is the inventor of the machine
now being-used patents for which
have already been granted in
Great Britain, France, Austria,
and several other European coun
tries, Canada, and our own.
No one inacquainted with this
lower river country, can fully ap
preciate the obstacles In the way
of rapid movements in an enter-
prize of this character. If per
sonally interested we should be
well satisfied to wait for what
we feel morally certain Is to be a
grand success. .
Capt. J. Tyson of the Arizona
Concentration Company, left on
the steamer Gila for Ehrenberg
on the 13ih in3t Capt. Tyson re
ports from the Plomoso District
are very flattering and the success
of the A, C. is now established
beyond a doubt, A few samples
that we had the pleasure of see
ing and which are takeu out of
the machines daily, show that
those famous placers, which, in
early d;jys were so prolific, are
about to be revived and will ri
val the palmiest days in their
productions. We look forward
lo the time in the near future
when the placers in Yuma county
will attract the attention of that
class of mining men who expect
a speedy return for their capital
invested, as well as those of lar
ger means who have become sa
tisfied of the permaney and rich
ness of the mines in Silver Dis
trict and elsewhere. We have so
often called the attention of capi
tuiista to the advantage of mining
in Yuma county passessing as it
does ready means bf transports
tion and facilities such no4 other
district in the Territory possesses,
that sometimes we have been led
to think that a great oversight
has been committed by those who
rre seeking for an investment,
overlooking the advantages, that,
on every hand, here, so natur
ally adapted to the successful
prosecution of mining enterpri
ses. Charles Calvert svas for fifty
four years a clerk in the War
Department at W ashiugton. Be
ceutly, when he was 78, he was
dismissed. It is said thai he wa3
still able to perform the duties of
the position, which 'was not a
vc;ry important one. At any rate
ho felt that his removal was an
injustice, and the blow soon made
him insane; His death- is now
The Official Count.
Enough official returns have
been received at this office, and
are published in another column,
it show that Hancock has ihe
state by a small majority. Ex
cepting Judgo Terry, all the
Electors of that tickot are proba
bly elected by a very small major
ity. It is the first timesince 1856
that California's vote has been
counted for a Democratic candida
te for tho Presidency, and in 1856
Buckanan, (Dem.) , lacked 3491
votes of a raajoritysoveV all other
candidates. In 1860 Litecoln
(Rep.) was elected by a plurality
of 657 over Douglas (Dem.) but
the combined opposition Doug
las, Breckinridge and Bell had
40,4944 more votes than Lincoln,
Hancock's majority is inflntesi-mal-probably
less than one-fourth
of one per cent, of the total vote
polled, uhd possibly not over one
eight of one per cent.
There is no change to note
either in the Congressional or
Legislative status, Pacheco is
elected beyond a doubt, and the
Republican in the Second district
the delegation standing two to
two, the Democrats gaining one
members in this districtand hold
ing their own in the Northern
District. The Republicans will
have fortyione niemberh of the
Assembly certain. It is, however
probat;le that the officials returns
from Siskiyou ana Modoc may
show that Ayers has been elected.
If they do, the Republicans will
have forty two. There is also
some doubt as to whether Leach
in Solano has been tied by Good
year. Should Leach be ahead, as
claimed, the Republicans will
have forty-three of the eighty
members a majority of six. .As
it is, they will have no difficulty
in organization the Assembly.
fS. F. Chronicle.
The President's Proclamation of
Thanksgiving .
At no period in their histoay
since the United Slates became a
nation has this people had so
abundant and so universal reasons
for joy and gratitude at the
favor of Almighty God, or been
subject to so profound an obliga
tion to give thanks for his loving
kindness and humbly to implore
his continued care and protection.
Health, wealth and prosperity
throughout all nurjiborders; peace,
honor and friendship with all tho
world; firm and faithful adher
ence by the great body of our pop
ulation to the principles of liberty
and justice which have made our
greatness as a nation, and to the
wise institutions and strong frame
of government and society which
will perpetuate it. for all these
let the thanks of a happy and
united people, as with one voice,
ascend in devout homage to the
Giver of all Good.
I therefore recommend that on
Thursday, the twenty-fifth day of
November next, tho people meet
in their respective places of wor
ship to make their acknowledg
ments to Almighty God for his
bounties and his protection and
to offer to him prayers for their
In witness whereof I have here
unto set my hand and caused the
seal of the United Stute3 to be
Done at the city of Washing
ton this first day of November, in
the year of our Lord ono thous
and eight hundred and eighty,
and of the Independence of the
United States the one hundred
and fifth.
Seal R. B. Hayes.
By the President:
Win. M. Evarts, Secry of State.
Tho Hext Congress.
Washington, Nov. 5. Secre
tary McPherson, of the Republi
can Congressional Committee, to
day claims that the next House
will have 150 Republican mem
bers against an opposition of 153.
There seems to be only three dis
tricts at all doubt full in this cal
culation and conceding them to
the Democrats, tho Republicans
would have exactly the Constitu
tional quorum and a bare major
ity of one. The belief among
Republicans is that President
elect GarfiehPwiil call the House
in extra session on the fiftli of
March next for organization and
the Senate, asjs always the cus
tom to Comfivm his Cabinet and
such other nominations as he
may have to make. If Congress
man Frye, of Maine, is not elected
to succeed Senator Ihunliu, his
chances for the Speakership, will
be excellent. He is a warm per
sonal friend of the President
elect and has a goodly following
in the House. ,It is urged in Fryes
favor as against Ka&son, of Iowa,
that the long continuous service
of Frye ia congress and his emi
nent public service entitled him
to preside over a Republican
House. Edward McPherson. late
Clerk of the House, it is said,
would bo again willing to accept
that trust- He would probably
meet with little or no opposition.
The veteran parliamentarian,
John M. Barclay, will in all pro
bability resume his old position of
Journal clerk of the Bouse. Ex
Secretary Dorsey. isjin said, would
like to succeed Colonel Burch as
Secretary of the Senate. There
are many rumors that Mahone,
of Virginia, will act with the
Republicans and lie the Senate.
The people of Silver City feel
that, personally, General Hatch
is beneath their contempt' but it
so happens that he disgraces the
position of commander of this
military district, and possesses
the power to gratify his petty
spite by using his office in a man-
er which he believes will operate
to our disadvantage. The Presi
dential Party have made anange
ments to stop in Silver City over
night, during the return trip
across the continent. With a view
to pieventing this, Hatch has or
der the transportation to move
upon the old by way of Cow
Springs. The distance saved will
not exceed six miles, scarcely a
house is to be seen along- the eng
tire route, and it is even ques
tionable whether the road is pas
gable, as it has not been travelled
for nearly ten years.
The people here prepared to eng
tertain the party, at the instance
of Gen. Wilcox, commanding in
Arizona. Judge Bennett went
west on Wednesday's coach, with
a view to communicating with
Gen. Wilcox, and may remain in
Tucson until tho Presidential
party reaches there. It remains
to be seen whether Hatch's diriy
scheming will be crowned with
success. Grant County Herald.
Ole Bull, the Sweedlsh violinist,
wits ono of the strongest men in
the world. Many year ago he
was on a Mississippi boat, when
two Western Ynaks finder that
they might wile away the tedium
of the voyage by annoying him.
For some time he bore this pa
tiently, but as his request to bo
ieft alone was not listened to, he
seized upon the pair by the necks
and after holding them over the
water and knocking iheir heads
together, replaced them on the
deck. After this display of
strength he was subjected to no
further annoyance, i
The Future of the Telephone
Baltimore Sun.
A company has been formed in
Boston for the purpose of con
necting the different telephonic
exchanges in the various cities
between Boston and Washington.
This will enable the inhabitants
of any of these cities in their pri-
vate offices to hold converse with
their correspondents in any of th
other cities, with the same facili
ty that they now talk from office
to office in the same city. Work
has been commence between Bos
ton and New York, and the line
will be in working order this fall.
The work will be vigpronsly pro
secuted until all the cities indicate
ate connected, and there is a pro
bability that a number of other
cities will also bo included in the
arrangement. In Newark, N. J.
telephone iines are being built on
poles 90 feet high, connecting
New York with Newark by 40
trunk lines of telephone. The
telephone is said to have made
niors rapid strides towards per
fection than any other invention
There is as much telephone wiro
now in use in the United States.
after a lapse of two years since the
introduction of the invention, as
therein of telegraph wire, after a
lapse of thirty-five years, It is
claimed that it is only a question
of time as to the connection of the
continents by telephone, and that
at no distant day conversation
between Pris and Baltimore, or
other points will not be thought
To-day we are in clear sailing
and but for the calamity which
has overwhelmed the Crysolite
Mine, everything would be going
as merry as a marriage bell,
Twenty-six furnace are in opera
tion, producing money by the car
toad, and adding to tho metallic
wealth of the country silver by
the ton. Forty-five stamps are
also employed in extracting the
precious metals from the rocks
which the mountains and dales
are made to yield up under the
strong blows of the miner's pick
and drill. Yet these facilities are
not sufficient to treat the ore and
quartz produced, and two stamp
mills and several furnaces will
be added in a very, short time.
Over a million and a half dollars
was tho value of the product of
the camp last month. Who will
say what tho production of the
camp will be one year from this
date? With the exception of the
mines on the west end of Fryer
Hill, every property is steadily
increasing in its production, and
while not a single mine has eng
tirely failed, scores have been ad
ded during the past season.
Prospect work has proven extre
mely successful, and tho record of
new strikes is very gratifying in
deed. The discoveries and finds
made during the past three
months give ample avidence that
there is in store for the camp a
protracted season of prosperity
that will astonish even the most
sanguine. Lead ville Democrat.
Commander-in-Chief of Heaven
and Earth in the title which Aron
Davis has bestowed upon himself.
He is variously regarded as a lu
natic, a knnve. and a divinity.
Over a hundred persons holding
the later "belief have gathered
around him in a colony at Walla
Walla, Oregon. Me is about to
mar'rv his son to his daughter, in
obedience to a command which j
he says he has received from
heaven, in order that a line o
Bimerior rulers may be fouud. His
followers are servile in their alle
giance, and will hold uo inter
course with outsiders.
I Now bava a new Brunswick and Balke
carom Billiard Table, . line bar with the
choicest of
and Cigars.
And cordially inrile my friends to come
ana see me.
IN 1853:
L P. Pffil'Sr
Nenspapek Advertising Agenct,.
Rooms 20aud 21, Merchants' Exchange
California Street, S.F,
fiir ni'WRnnni'rs ullhlished on the
Pacific Coust, the Saudwich Islands.
Polyuesia, Mexican .Torts, runama, v-ai-iviriiisn.
.Tnnnii. China. New Zealand, the
Australian Colonies, the Eastern States
and Europe, Files of nearly every, uews
papor published on the Pacific Coast are
kept, eonstantie on naua aim an auveru
sers are allowed fre access to them durim
business hours.
The Sentieel is kept on file at the offi
ce of L.P. Fisher.
S. P. R. R
O 2?
H L.
From San Francisco.
21 19
Arizona Arizona
Freight. Passengar.
Toward S. F.
. M.
2 10..
A. M.
7 45.
.11 15
ii" :k.
.F M.
, 1 00.
.1 15.
p. M.
. 6 00.
5 10. '
" 2 55."
!a si!
1 00.
a. sr.
. 6 15
...Gila City....
Mohawk Sum't
. .Texas Hill...
. ..Slanwix
....... 4.6.
....Sentinel.. J.
.Painted Rock..
. ..Giht Komi...
. ..Maricopa....
.Sweet Water.,
.Cas.i ti ranch:..
. ...Pic-alio
."5 "l5
. 4 20
.""2" 10
8 20.
p M . .
11 35.
1 35.
2 27.
"S 2S.
12 40.
'.'j ho
.12 20
..A M'
.11 .15
.10 24
.V8 52
2 30.
'3 '45.
'5 ho'.
(5 45.
6 45
7 30.
.7 45.
7 10
6 55.
7 30
S 53.
5 48.
5 06!
4 10
7 00.. 10 50 RiUito....i 4 05.. 3 10
p m p m li.l a sr P if
7 00. .11 55 Tucson 3 00.. 2 00
Trains arrive at Yuma from Lws An
jreles it 7 A. m. and leave Tor Los AngeH.
ta 6:30 P. M. as usual.
Now Ready-
Issued August 1st.
American newspaper Directory
Twelfth Annual Volume.
' .. v. -
Price - - " Five Dollars.
This work is the recognized source of
information on the Statistics of American
Advertisers. Advertising Agents, Edit
ors, Politicians and the Deoartmonts of
the Government rely upon its statements
as the only recognized authority
It gives the Nstnie of all Newspapers
itnd other Periodicals.
It irives the Politics, Religion,' Class or
It gives the Days of Issue.
It gives the Editor's Name.
It gives the Publisher's Name
It gives the Size of the Pa;u-r.
It elves the Subscription Price.
Jt. rrivs thn Date of Establishment, and
the best obtainable iuformatiou about the
circulation, and several raluaole tables
and classifications.
Tlnvisod :mnualv. and information
brought down to the latest date.
Sent to anv address on the rectiot of
price, Address
Geo. I. Howell &. Co. Publisher
News Paper Advertising Bureau. ,)
10 Spring Street Now York
fiOT KAIIi to seaa
for our Price List or
1880. Fkkb to any
ffisfl Ma nllc-Uion. Contain
v? descriptions of every-iSi-sr
tiun required for
personal or lamu v use,
with ever 1.200 Illnstratious. AVe sefl all
eoo&3 at wholcsaio prluns in quantities to suit
the purchaser. Tho only Institution In America
50 tii.'itce this thrAM-r!?! business. Address.
.827 ?Slif ypl AinwCbteae, 1U,
S. P. R. R.
OCT. I8THV 18811.
And until further notice-
Will leate LOS ANGELES u followi:'
i0?-?1 ?senger Traia Tia L?"
A. 4 1. R. R. to Sa'nta'Mohica; --i;
103A- M.-DAILT-Local Pm
L V .KJt. senger Train toWilminjctoa.
1.1 p- M. DAILY San- Tranches
JL .l.O Express Traiuj. connecting at
Latarop with the Atlantic Express Trahi
of the Central Pacific Railroad
O.OKP. M. DAILY Arizona Ex
U press train for-Yuma (Colorado
Kiver steamers), Maricopa (stages for
Phoenix and Preseott), Casa Grande (stages
for I'lorencc and Globe),.Tucson (stages
for Guaymas and Sonora), Benson (stagei
for Tombstone), Willcos. ana Lordsburr
(stages for Ne.w Mexico).
)AK "P- DAILY Local Pasie
1 rtO ger Train to Wilmington.
4. ()() MAlLY-Local Passen
X V V er Train .to Santa Ana, con.
nechujr with stages for San Diego.
4- 9rt DAILY Via L. A. & I.
"xw. K. R. Local Passenger Train
to t.tuta Monica.
f fY K M- UAILY San ..Francisco
Xyv; Through Freight and Thirds
Olass Aci iMtiniudation Train.
1 - t.
Comm!&:h .' '
A. N. towne;
General UuperiutcjideRk,-
GeM-rat, Passenger and .Ticket. As't
Anst SupcEintendcnt, Lo Autk.
tr ,
Pacific Exchange,
Pacific City,
The Finest Brands of
& Cigars,
ive' Us a Call.
1 ,000.
jEF'cir Sale !
i Bargain, Miners!
Not Used a Week,
The owner wishes to sell the same, aa
he is to increase 'capacity.
The crusher is adapted for free gold or
silver ore. Pulverizes fine, through No.
50 screens, 4 to 5 tons, hard roek, in 13
honrs. Extras included in the price,
$1,000. Address,
GoM anfl Sifter Bullion Company,
Cerbat, fVJohave Co, A.T

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