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The Arizona sentinel. [volume] (Arizona City [Yuma], Yuma County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1872-1911, February 20, 1886, Image 3

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fo Stimuli f cnrincl
J. W. DOSBIN&TOir, Proprietor.
Terms of Subscription:
One Year, ... -$5.00
Single copies, .... - 10
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Soiumcrcial, terms made known on application
The Arizona Sentinel,
Yuma, Arizona.
Arrives. Departs
Atlantic Express (bound cast) 12:01a.m. 12:10 a. m
Pacific Express (bouud west) 1:15 a.m. 1:25 a.m
Emigrant (bound east) 12:15 p. m, 1:15 p. m
Emigrant (bound west) 1 1:2a a. m. 1 2:15 p, m
U&ili east and west: Open at 6 a. m.,Jand close at
7 p. in.
Mail (or Colorado River: Opens at 5:30 p. m. and
closes at C;30 a. m. of days upon which stages
arrive an depart.
1 Tuesday tvenm ot each wecK, at b-uv, i: ju
Vlsltinf brethren in ijood standing cordiallv invited,
TIIIO ninm mavbefoundon file at F. C.
I nlO rflrLn PAKE'S Adtertisng Agency, 65
Merchants Exchange, San Francisco, who is the autn
erixed ajent for this paper.
f Those who see an X marked on the
m margin of their paper will understand
that they arc in the arrears on their sub
SATURDAY, FEB. 20, 1886.
X2"Ju8tice Brodie, of Clip, was in the city
this week.
tiTMr. Frank Laumiester has returned
from his visit to Tucson.
3Mr. D. Balz, a prominent citizen of
Phenii, was in town yesterday.
S3"C. S. Stowe and Mr. Henry Treichler,
of Mohawk valley are in town.
3"Mr. David Lamb, of Bradford, Penn.,
has become interested in' the Mohawk val
ley. X3"P. K. Klinfelter. of Riverside, Cala.,
was numbered among the visitors this week
in Yuma.
t3L. D. Eoudebush and A. W. Gill, of
Gold Hock mining camp, were in town on
Monday. They paid out S00 to the Indians
or wood.
X3"Mr. C. W. Crocker, of the firm of Sis
aon, Crocker & Co., of San Francisco, has
been in town the past week, enjoying this
most healthful weather, for the benefit of
bis health.
tTlllr. Frank B. "Wlghtman will stop ov
er in Yuma next week, to visit his many
friends. Mr. W., after remaining here a
few days, will go Texas where he intends
going into business.
XSTCoL E 12. Hewitt, of Los Angeles, Pi.
D. Simpson, C. K. Lainbie, and Mr. Hop
kins, all high officials of the S. P. R. It.,
came in on a special train Monday evenin
and left on Tuesday morning for the east.
3"Mr. O. F. James, a pioneer of Mar
tinez, Cala., father of Mrs. G. W. Norton,
is here on a visit to his daughter. Mr.
James is so well pleased with Yuma-co. that
he has invested in Mohawk valley. He is
a fortyniner in California.
xyMr. J. A. Muir, Superintendent of the
Arizona Division of the S. P. R. R., was in
town on Monday, and took a trip out to the
Gold Rock gold milL Mr. Muir, with his
usual keen appreciation of a meritous enter
priz, has invested in the Mohawk valley.
JC3"IL B. Maxson, of Tombstone, came in
town on Monday and left on Tuesday, by
the steamer, for the Black Rock and Pacific
nines up the river. He will bring down the
mining machinery from those mines, part of
which he has sold to the Gold Rock Compa
ny, and the remainder will be shipped to
San Francisco.
Died. Nellie Johnson, the seven year
old daughter of Capt. A D. Johnson, on
Monday, February 15th, after a short ill
ness. The funeral took place on Monday
vening and was largely attended. Nellie
was on of the brightest little girls in Yuma,
;md beloved by all who inew her, especial
ly by her playmates to whom she was always
tender and forebearing. God always selects
the choicest gems or his diadem. Mr. and
Mrs. Johnson has the sympathy of every
father and mother in Yuma.
Special Meeting of Mohawk Valley
Canal Company.
A special meeting of the stockholders of
the Mohawk Valley Canal Company is call
ed for to be held on the Gth day of March.
A. D.f 1886, at 7:30 p. m. at the office of the
Company, in the village of Yuma, Territory
of Arizona, for the transacting fo business
relative to the issuance of water rights.
A reformed burglar says that when they
went into a town to work the stores, the
first thing they did was to examine the local
paper and see what merchants advertised,
as these were the ones who did the business
and were the most liable to have money.
The prison team took a little pasear on
their own hook, "Wednesday, starting in A
Frank's corral and ending at the prison.
Time, something over three seconds, no
A farmer in Apache-co. recently sold his
wife to his hired man for two dollars and
fifty cents. The way some farmers swindle
their hired men is scandalous.
A burglar recently broke into a store at
Prescott, but disturbed nothing. It is sup
posed that he was frightened away by see
ing the goods marked so high.
Th musquitoes in Yuma are so numerous
and present their bill so often that they
keep the people all broke.
Police court business has been very lively
this week, and our celestial citizens has had
to pay for it. j
The steamer returned from Lerdo on Mon
day noon, making the trip in three days
And a half.
The Gold Rock Mining Company are
scattering considerable money in Yuma.
The bible clas3 meets every Sunday aftcr
flpon at the iesidence of Mrs. Post.
On the 12th mst., "when the morning
etars sang together," the staunch river
steamer Gila, Capt Godfrey, the genial at
the wheel, Commodore Polhamus, supervis
ing, shot through the bridge draw, in her
wake barge Fo. 2, Capt. Joaquin Mendez
handling the spokes, the objective point,
Lerdo Colony in Sonora.
As complimentary guests of the Gila,
were Mr. G. Ginocchio and wife, of San
Francisco; Mrs. Capt. Ingalls and child,
wife of the Superintendent of Territorial
Prison, Yuma, Mrs. Fred Frcdly and son,
Yuma; Mrs. H. S. Muzzy and Miss C. Wil
liams, wife and daughter of Chief Engineer
Muzzy, of the C. S. N. Co., Yuma; and the
writer. Staterooms were occupied on the
down trip by Gen. Guillermo Audrada,
President of the Compauia Mexicana, Agri-
cola, Industrial y Colouizadora de Terrenos
del Colorado, (of which more will be said
hearafter.); Commodore G. E. Bateman,
Superintendent of Colony; Col. George Eg
gleton, capitalist, San Francisco; Major
Fred Reed, civil ongineer, San Francisco;
Judge Henry Cox, representing the Blythe
estate, Colton, Cala.; Col. N. C. Powers,
San Bernardino; and Judge Ira Mabbett
Yuma. One hundred and ten colonists oc
cupied the steerage.
A more perfect day never fell to the lot of
mortal man; a gentle breeze just tinged with
coolness, dry and invigorating, fanned the
cheek and seut the blood throbbing and tin
gling with healthfulness thro' the veins; on
either side the brown-grey banks, now fring
ed with the light green of young willows
blending gradually with the darker color of
the lines of cotton woods, marking the site of
some inland lagoon; again, long stretches of
yellow sand bars upon which the erect ar
row weed and graceful willow have taken
root, and like Jonah's gourd shot up in a
night. In the distance, lending enchant
ment to the view, the dark, sombre lines of
mountain chains, blue and hazy their rug
ged outlines softened and framing the pic
ture of quiet restfullness. Swinging grace
fully toward the California shore, cleaving
the yellow waters and tossing the foam from
her paddle wheel, the Gila glides gracefully
by the charming villa of that noted frontier
character and gentleman, Don J. L. F. Iaeg
er. A few miles yet Sonoraward and we
sight the Hall Hanlon estate, the low com
modious residence, like a' pearl in an emer
ald setting, the line of white gleams among
the groves of lofty cottonwoods. At S a.
m.' the well known land mark, Pilot Knob,
is passed, thro' which runs the frontier line
of survey between "The Laad of the Free,"
and our neighbor republic, "El Tirra de
Just within Jthe Mexican boundary, on
the starboard shore, was seen a section of
the Yuma bridge, carried away in the rise
of 'S4, upright and perfect as tho' placed
there by the hand of mac With throbbing,
pulsating jar steadily we continue our jour
ney gulfward, until on a vyde, smooth bar,
three other bridge sections and two piers
were sighted stranded about a fourth of a
mile inland, and from Algodones station on
the S. P. R. R. not over two miles souther
ly. One having no knowledge of this section
of country would readily believe this to be
on the line of a railroad, so regularly were
the sections in place and line, standing erect
perfectly intact, with telegraph poles in
place and as perpendicular as the character
of a good citizen before he runs for office,
And now the high, yellow sand dune3 which
constitute the point known as the Algodon
e3, (cottonwoods), are off our starboard bow,
at their base extensive groves of -lofty cot
tonwoods, and on the wide bar grazing on
the succulent young growth of willows and
herbs, a band of fat, pied cattle creating a
happy pastoral view, which with a green-
gray back ground of wood, the long line of
green tinted brown sand bar, in the fore
ground the murmuring river lighted, and
glistening in the rays of the ' morning sun,
the musical splashing of the water as it lap
ped the vessel's side, the rare deliciousness
of this all too perfect day, vigor, vitality,
restfulness in every inhalation of the rarefied
air, and it needed but the undulating dots of
white upon the distant shore, where the
huge white crane, startled from their accus
tomed quietude, with spread pinions, floated,
lazily to a more quiet retreat in some distant
marsh or lagoon to complete the picture.
Of like nature with the channel of the
Colorado is the experience, in legal compli
cations of the average sojourner on this
"Terrestrial Ball," from your position with
the rank and file on-deck it would appear
there would be but a slight deviation from
a direct line to your objective point, but
seen from the pilot house and thro' the eyes
of experience the channel is woefully tortu
ous and in one instance of many 12 miles were
run, when but a mile oi a neck of sand ba
intervened. Now off our port bow a red
signal flag floats from the top of a slender
and lofty pole, and a corps of lusty aborigi
nals, of the Yuma persuasion, roost on lines
of neatly stacked cordwood, attesting a
"wooding up" point. While the Indian
boat crew were packing on board, a rush of
colonists toward the shore, the thud of clubs
beating the bank and the cause thereof was
soon evinced, when Capt. Godfrey brought
on board three huge, wriggling rattlesnakes
which were soon beheaded, skinned, stuffed
and presented to Mrs. Ginocchio as a sov-
enir. 'At 9 p. m, all fast to bank, whist the
order of the day in cabin; for the gentlemen
so inclined yarns, and the soothing influence
.of that ;
"Sublime tobacco! which from cast to west.
Cheers the tars labor and the turkman's ust."
Like human heart beats, the throb, throb of
the swiftly moving boat first gives know
ledge to some of our continued journey, and
those who fortunately were on deck witnes-
ed a very pretty and skillful piece of work
by Capt. Godfrey shooting in a rapid current
through a channel like the letter Z, at the
lower end, where the waters boiled and
foamed in its mad rush against the shore,
swinging the steamer as though on a pivot in
less than half her length, and successfully
plunging again, at right angle3, into the
wider channel, the green leaves of the cot
tonwoods on the banks sweeping the after
deck as wo shot into mid stream. At points
the channel ran go close to shore, that the
sterner guards plowed thro' and we carried
off a portion of Sonora, an outrage of suffic
ient magnitude, if occurring iu enlightened
Europe, to juitify grave diplomatic investi
gations, galore!
With Commodore Polhamus at the wheel
a shallow bar near the Sonora shore impeded
our progress when a lesson in river naviga-
tion was afforded the novices, when the
Gila's stern was thrown upon a bar, her no3e
pointed down stream so that a strong cur
rent was deflected on to a certain point, and
but a few minutes sufficed to cut through a
channel over which we passed readily.
High mesa bluffs now appeared and soon
the buildings of the town of Lerdo hove in
sight; rapidly we uearcd our destination on
the high banks of which Mexican Caballeros
mounted and in their picturesque garb eng
livened the scene. In less than two hours
freight and passengers were landed, when
Commodore Bateman's trim yacht, Doubt
ful, with white sails filled, snent like a
swan 'round the bend and with her crew
and officers of Indian sailors swung graceful
ly along side, and willing hands hastily
transferred her treasures of luscious clams
and oysters, and appetising blue fish to the
custody of our Steward, and when next
"That all-softening, overpowering knell,
The tocsin of the soul the dinner bell,"
called us together, a vote of thank was ten-
dored the jovial Commodore Bateman for
this tangible evidence of good will, the cab
in tables were decorated with garlands of
wild flowers gathered by the ladies from the
mesa adjacent to Commodore B.'s Lerdo
Homeward bound wood was taken on,
and nead Chief Hockorow, of the Cocopah
Nation, his dark face beaming with pleas
ure, saluted our commander with "How!
Polhamus, long time me no see, no catch
um boat comida heap long," which states
manlike and diplomatic salute was duly
recognized with a bounteous repast at the
galley mess, and the distended abdominal
recess of the Chief tian gave ample evidence
of his labor of love.
It is a known fact, beyond dispute, that
Commodore Polhamus has more influence for
good, with all of the river Indian tribes,
than any other living man, all owing to the
perfect confidence placel in his word, the
outgrowth of a system strictly fair and hon
orable in dealing with these people since the
ear '56.
Without other incident of note, save the
startling of immense flocks of crane, pelican,
duck 'end other aquatic birds, and the pass
ing of a lone trapper, one of those characters
peculiar to the frontier, who with contempt
for civilized ways with gun trap and dog,
"Hath fixed his face
In miny a solitary place
Against the vind and open sky!"
Viewing chia terra incognita from a travel
er's standpoint, and the evidence of the vir
gin game country at the Colorado s mouth,
waterfowls, fish, seawater bivalves in pro
digal quantity, with deer on the main land,
and then to tourists weary and satiated
with a continued round of monotonous same
ness, this is a rejuvenating and happy
When it is known I look for this to be, a
favorite route of the popular excursion
trips. Tending much to the enjoyment of
tho voyage would be the novelty of the Yu
ma Indian crew, all stalwart specimens of
physical manhood, from the magnificent
superbly modeled "Yuma Charley," wheels
man and pilot, barefooted, blue trousered,
the thin trauzfi shirt showinz the plav of
brawny muscles and broad shoulders, adown
which Ins straight, black, glossy hair hangs
near to his waist, guiltless of hat. his mas
sive face, keen eyes, looking in all like some
demi-god in bronze, to the bowsman whoso
monotonous chant at low water of " 'Af-f-f
three-e-e, fo-o-o f-e-et," rings in musical
notes to the listening pilot above, all go to
make up a-scene rare, delightful, soothing.
A round-robbin vote of thanks was pres
entcd the genial gentlemen comprising the
officers of the Colorado Steam Navigation
Company for the exceeding courtesy extend
ed, and Commodore Polhamus, Capt, Joe
Godfrey, Purser Taylor, and Chief Engineer
Muzzy will always occupy a favored nook
in the hearts of the guests of the Gila on
this her maiden excursion down the Colora
do of the West. Taylor D. MacLeod.
Office of the Superintendent of
Public Schools of Yuina-co.
Yuma, A. T., Feb. 13, 1SS6.
The regular meeting of the County Board
of Examiners, for Yuma county, will be
held at the school house on Monday, the
1st day of March, 1SSG, at 10 o'clock a. m
Probate Judge and ex-officio Superinten
dent of Public Schools.
Ter J. J. Stein, Deputy Supt.
Not Symptoms, but the Disease
It wonld seem to be a truth appreciable
by all, and especially by professors of the
healing art, that to remove the disease, not
to alleviate its symptoms, should be the
chief aim of medication. Yet in how many
instances do we see this truth admitted in
theory, ignored in practice. The reason
that Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is success-
full in so many cases, with which remedies
previously tried were inadequate to cope, is
attributable to the fact that it is a medecine
which reaches and removes the causes of
various' maladies to which it is adapted.
Indigestion, fever and ague, liver complaint
gout, rehumatisin disorder of the bowels,
urinary affections and other maladies are
not palliated merely, but rooted out only
by it. It goes to the fountain head. It is
really, not nominally, a radical redemy, and
it edows the system with an amount of vig
or which is its best protection against dis-
Assessment Fiotice.
XtJ. 1'AJN Y. Location of principal place
of business, Yuma, Yuma County, Arizona.
Location oi canal, i uma County,. Arizona.
JvOrluJ'j is hereby given that at a meet
g of the Board of Directors held on the
13th dav of February, A. D. 1S8G, an assess
ment (No. 5) of Thirty-four and nine-tenths
cents ($0.3-19) per share was levied upon the
capital stock of the corporation, payable im
mediately, in United States gold coin or in
stock of the Company at its par value of $1
per share, to the Secretary, at the office of
the Company, Yuma. Yuma County, Arizo
na. Any stock upon which thi3 assessment
shall remain unpaid on the 20tlf day of
March, A. D. 18SG, will be delinquent, and
advertised forsaleat public auction; and un
less pavment is made before, will be sold on
Monday the 12th day of April, A. D., 1SS6,
to pay the delinquent assessment, together
'with costs of advertising and expenses of
15-12-4t Secretary.
Office, Yuma, Yumi Cpiyity, A. T.
Babbett metal for saje nf h QfjjCQ.
ING JUNE 30, 18S7.
Vunia, A. T., .'.anuary 27, 1SS3. )
peMnS arts solicited for furnishing the follotvins
5 named supplies to the T erritorial Piison, Yuma,
Arizona territory, m autu ! uuu m-t ug re
quired, (more or less) for tho nseal year commencing
Julv 1. lSJt5. and endme Juik, 3,"17.
All supplies to be delivered Jt tho Prison at yich
time and in such quantities as maj-'be required, by
the Superintendent, pave ? aeli exceptions as are
Herein fctated tor car loau mi.-.
40 tons of flour, "Bakers H itia," car load lots to be
delivered at uma depot.
Lime, 3 car loads of "Santa Cruz."
Cement. "Portland," 2 usr loads.
Coal. Blacksmiths, 1 car load.
Iron. American Bir, 1 r load. .
Straw. 1 car load.
40,003 lbs. fresh beef and'20,000 lbs.-fresh'inutton
SOO cords of wood.
30,000 lbs bacon medium, I XI lbs pepper, black in
15,000 lbs beans, bayo and
white, one-half each.
wits :?rain,
& ,000 lbs potatoss, best
MX) lbs powder Royal
Baking, 1 lb cans.
2, 000 lbs of rice, Island.
3, WO lbs salt, Liverpool,
I,n00lb3salt, rock.
2 ',000 lbs sugar, golden
C, extra.
S, 000 lbs soap, bar, C. O.
40 ) lbs tea, Japan Oolong"
1,-OOU gal:, vinegar, elder.
4,000 lbs coffee, CostaRica
10 doz. cake, yeast.
6,000 lbs fruit, dried ap
ples, pears, peacnes,
plums and crapes.
300 lbs hops, fresh.
S.000 lbs of lard, best leaf.
2,000 lbs meal, com, winte
and yellow, i each.
10,000 lbs onions, best
23 lbs tea, best black.
50 lbs sugar, granulated.
I 20t lb3 oat meat.
I 6 doz beef, Leibcg's ext. of
Wfj lbs' linle, chloride -
3 doz, starch, corn.
12 doz. mule, condenscu.
75 prs blankets, Clb grey 3 ,000 yd? material for ov
wool. I f clothing, a3 per sam-
20 doz drawers, drilling. I pie in Sect's oilicc.
5 bales filling, Eureka S,i 00 yd sheeting, Cabct
500yds flannel, Canton I 25i doz soek, knit grey,
1,000 yds aannej, Mission i a lamona tec.
griy. j 20 tloi shirts, drilling
12 doz glove3, buckskin I 1,W 0 yiU ticking, bed best
175 doz handkerchiefs, quaJity.
cotton colored i 50 doz thread, cotton as.
61 doz hats, white wool 50 doz thread, linen ass'd
500 y Is lining for waist- S3 ) yds towelling, linen
bands I crasn.
2 gross awls, shoemaker's 25 ib jiails, shoe stout iron,
w 1U'5 nails, snoe, z.m
2( Iz r.eedlc?, sewing ass't
2J5 doz needles, 'machine
Singer, assorted.
20 doz needles, machine,
Wheeler & Wilson, as'd.
SOMoz needles, machine.
Domestic, tailor's ass'd.
25 doz nceilles, drilled eye
5 doz oil, sewing michine
100 lbs paper, minila,
heavy, for patterns.
2doz-papers pins, ass'ted.
1 doz rasps, shoe, J-round
2 do. rasns, wood.
1 doz shuttles, sewing
machines, assorted.
1 doz spring."', sewing ma
chines, assorted.
5 grs strings, shoe, round
calf, 4-4.
50 lbs tacks, shoe, ass'ted.
2 doz thimbles, tailor's.
2 gross buckles, drawers,
2 arross buckles, pants.
4 gross buttons, pants, as
sorted sizes.
4 gross buttons, under
wear, assort ea sizes.
10 lbs chalk, tailors colon!
20 lb dubbing, waterproof
10 lbs gum arabic coimn'l
l doz glasses, plain ass tu
for sowing machines.
5 gals ink, shoemaker's.
doz leather, sneepsKin
4 rolls leather, sole.
1,000 ft, h-ather, upper
for brogans.
200 lbs nails, shoe: brass
nat. imp d. screw. aS3 tu
20") lbs nails, shoe, chau'l
50 lb3 nails shoe, copper
100 lbs nails, shoe, Field
50 lb nails, shoe Hungar'n
1 ton barley, whole.
2 tons barley, ground
2 doz barrows, iron wheel
1 dz belts, canvas cartridg
25 lbs blueing,
10,000 ft. lumber, surface.
red wood.
C gross matches.
1 doz mucilage, quart hot
i,vuu 103 nans; assorted
6 ) gals oil, boiled.
doz boards, wash.
2 doz books, reciept
030 gal oil, coal. Starlight
2 doz books, reciept lor
i0 gals oil, lard.
1 bbl. oil, machine oagine
50 lbs borax.
-w gais on, vaivoiine.
2 doz ollas, large.
1 00 lb3 packing, rubber,
d doz pads blotting.
13 doz bowls, wash, gal
vanized iron.
4 doz brooms, corn.
' brooms, wooden sta
ble. 1 brusheg, lather.
1 brushes, paint ass'd
1O0 lbs paint, in oil, ass'd,
l uui pamt, mineral.
1 tlozmns. bread. 5-ral
2 mis paper, business note
2 " brushes, scruuuuig
2 " brushes, whitewash
3 " buckets, granite cell
20 " buckets, galvanized
iron, 5 gallons each.
1,000 cartridges Colts 45-c.
2,000 cartricges, Lowell
Battery, 43-cal., 77 grs.
2,500 cartridges, rifle, 45
calibre, CO grains.
500 cartridges, wire, shot
gun Xo. 10.
10 lbs chalk, white
12 dr chimneys, lamp ass.
12 doz cups, tin pints.
5i)00 carbons, Sparry elec
tric light.
2 commutators, Sperry 0
light dynamo.
l.WJ envelope, assorted.
b gipss paper, emery.
5 gross pajwr, sand.
2 raw paper, letterhead.
5 rms paper, legal can.
4 dol peiictls, lsud assor'd
2 pen holders.
3 boics pens, assorted.
23 doz pins, csothes.
5,t)uD ft flooring, pine.
1,500 ft pine scantling.
2,5CO ft pine, surlaced
wh ite sugar.
12 do-z plates, tin.
100 His powder, rifle, Du
pot it.
3,M primers, Winchester
100 lbs putty.
1 cioz razors, Westcnholm
5 doz files, bastard asor'd
3 doz flies, saw assorted.
100 lbs o Gasket rubber.
2 doz globes, lantern.
100 lbs of glue, carpenters
12 dz grease, axle, II. & L.
2 doz globes, Sperry elec
tric Tight.
200 lbs hair, plastering.
2.". doz handles, hammer
50 dz handles, pick hick'y
25 dz handles, sledge hick.
15 tons hay, best wheat
and barley.
5 tons of hay, alfalfa.
2 doz hinges, door.
2 doz hinges, strap.
8 tons iron, Norway ass'd.
h doz ink, Arnolds, quarts
i " ink, red.
i " ink stands.
1 " ladles, iron.
250 lbs lead, bar.
500 lbs lead, white,
20Q lbs leather, belting.
5o lbs leather, lace.
3 doz locks, cell,
i " locks, door.
J " locks, drawer.
J " locks, pad.
i " lye, condensed.
2f i lbs rivets, assorted
1, 000 lbs rivets, boiler, as
1 o lbs rivets, copper, ass.
JUO His rope, manna.
1 doz rules, carpenters,
3,000 shingles, red wood.
li uoz ijnoveis, long nan
died, "Amps."
.HO lbs soap, s-lnving.
i 0 11)3 soap, white castile,
liio lbs solder.
21 K) lbs spikes.
12 doz spoons, iron table.
1 1 on steel, pick.
50C lbs steel, tool.
20 ibi starch, silver gloss.
l.OCO staples for novelty
p iper fastner, assorted.
1 a oz strops, razor.
5 g ross screws, assorted
20 lbs tacks, assorted.
CViO lbs tobacco, smoking
and chewing.
SO gals turpentine.
1 doz tub3, wash galvaniz
ed iron, large.
50 gals varnish, furniture.
S gross wick, limp, asoor.
2 doz wicking, balls.
1 " wrenches, monkey.
5 sacks waste, cotton.
hospital Supplies.
Tincture aconite, U.S.P .. 2 Ids , lib bottles.
' Arnica, 2 lbs. 1 lb botlle.
' BellHdoiiii, 3 Hi s, lib (jollies,
" Capsicum, 2 lbs. lib tntt:es.
" Cslumbo, 4 lbs, lib bottle3.
" Diintalis, 2 lbs, llti (to. ties.
" Guu ian, o Uh, lib bottles!
" Guaiac, nmmnni uted, U.S. l, 2 lbs,
lib bottles.
" Hvoscyuiniis1 2 lbs, l!b bottles.
" Iodide, 7 lbs. Ill) Ixittl. s.
" Iron, muriate, U .S l 12 lbs, lib hot
" Myrrh, 8 ids, 1 Hi bottles.
" Nus vomica, 0 lb., 1 lb bottles.
" Opium, 7 lb. 1 ll bottles.
" " catiiiihora'ti-d, 10 lb; 1 Ib bot
" Squills, 2 lts, 1 ll bix:les.
' Tolu. 2 llis, l ib bottles.
Vine, ipecac, 2 lbs, 5 pt. buttles. .
Alum, pow'd, purillei.;! Prs, 1 lb-bottles.
Ammonia, ui-etalu liquor. 5 Iu, 1 lb bottles,
bromide, 2 lbs, 1 lb bottles.
" Carbonate, 2 hs, 1 lb bottles
" liquor coneetitra lb.-, lib bot
Atrophia, sulphate, -z. fi'iz 'ionics.
B ilsmu copaiba, 2 Ids, 1 J.i I lle-
Curbolie lci,1, ( rvsi.ils), .r 1 1 't. b'-ttl-".
Muriatic acid, cle-ui. nuru, 51 1 Jh bottles..
Nitric sent, " "3 l" "
tilpliiirie acid, unimat'e 3 it's,. 1 lb bitllc-
Uor-dc acid, p'.iw'd, 1 Ib. 1 M ioUUa. .
Saliehe ncid. 3 lb 4 oz br.tttts.
Tannic ttoid, 2 lbs, 8 oz bolt Ion,
Tartaric acid, 3 lbs. 1 lb holilos.
lloli'nians anodyne, tnie, 4- lbs, 1 lb (Ktili.
solution of arsenic. Fowler"-, 1 lh, 1 u bur.
Fluid ext. Bitchn, U S P., 3 1 lb b. tties.
(Jascnra Se.jrr.uil, - lo. 1 II. t.ntllei.
" Cubebs, U.S
It)-, I lb b.,t.-
" Cherry bark, "
" Dandelion root,
" Krtrot, "
ipeeae, '
' Logwood,
" Quassia, "
" Sarsanarilla "
Liquor Plttmbl Sn'iaeetatis.
Liniment so.tp. 10 nts. , o nt bottles.
Liniment camphor. 10 nts . 5 it- bo1 ties.
Mustard, ground, pnre 120 lbs , 5 ib cans.
Hoebelle salts, S lbs. bulk.
Colocyntli. pow'd ext., 3 lbs, 1 lb bottles.
iiilap, abstract 2 lbs. I lb bottles.
Lead acetate, purified, irramilatsd. 2 lbs.
I lb bottles.
Magnesia, citrale. ''ranulatecl, I lb, I lb bots.
Masfnesia, carbonate, 2 lb-, 2 oz blocks. .
Magnesia, sulphate, 30 lbs. bulk.
Cream tartar,4 lbs. bulk.
futassa, acetate, 2 lbs, I lb hollies.
bi-carbonato 2 lbs. 1 lb bottles.
,r bromi:le, S lb, 1 lb bottlos.
chlorate, white crystals. S lbs, 1 lb
citrate, 2 lbs, 1 Ib ImtHes.
" iodide, 10 lbs, 1 lb Imttlus.
" nitrate, 3 lbs, Lib bottles.
,Pepin. sacoharated, U.S.V.. 2 lbs 1 lb bottles."
rrtwder. chalk aro uatie, u.S.l., 3 ( 1 lb Uo
Powder, dovers, U.S. P., lib, 1 lb bottles
Powder, ialaii oonia, 2 lbs. 1 Ib bottles.
Powder, licorice, comp., U.S.P.,2 lbs.llbbot
Ponder, rlinbanr. comp.. a ids, l id uotties.
Spirits, ammonia, aromnt. 'A lbs, 1 lb bottles.
Spirits, nitre, sweet, 'i lbs, 1 lb bottles.
Syrup, ioJide iron, T.S.P , 5 (its.. 5 Dt. bots.
Syrup, squills, 5 nts 5 pt. bottles.
Chloroform, Squibb?, slass stoppered, 3 lb3.
1 lb bottlep,
Alcohol, absolute, 3 (jails.
Brandy, Heiine8-.j's, 5 galls.
Turpentine, Venice, true, 2 sails.
Oil. castor, 6 ir.'lls.
Oil, cot iiver, ftne-t, 0 ualli.
Oil, olive, line melage, 2 galls.
Olj ferine, 3 aillls.
Gamboire. 1 lb, J lb bottles,
Corrosive snblpnato, 1 lb, lb bottles.
Jpfca'. powdered, I lb,K 'b bottles. j
Iodoform, 8 oz. z bottlos.
Morphine, sulphate, 1 oz. oz bottles.
Quinine, 40 oz, 5 oz cans.
Santonin, I oz, J rtz bottles.
Gum arable, 1 lb, bulk.
Vdbirmc, 10 lbs, 5 lb cans.
Cocoa butter, pins, 3 lbs. 1 lb jars.
Blue iuassvy S.P., 2 lbc. 1 U jars.
Ointment, mercurial, U S.l. 1 lb, 1 lb jars.
Ointment, mercurial, yellow oxide, lib, S oz
Oiutment, tar. 1 lh, I lb jars.
Ointment, z'nc oxide, benzoated, U S.P., 3 lbs
libs jars.
Ox Gail, Inspissated, 1 lb, 4 oz jars.
Copper, sulpUate, 2 lbs, bulk.
Bismuth, subnltrate, 2 lbs. 1 Ib bottles.
Boro-glvceride, 2 lbs, 1 lb bottles.
Calomel. 2 lbs, I lb bottles.
Camphor, gum, 5 lbs, 1 lb bottles. . ,
Kino, powderod, 1 lb, I lb bottles.
Chlorai hydrate, 1 lb, oz bottles.
Sodium, bicarbonate, ciiem.purev3, lbs I lh
Sodium, sulphntn. cliem- pure, 2los lib bot.
-Sodium, salicj late, 2 lb. I lb bo'.tles.
7Ak oxicl", 1 lb. 1 ib bottles.
Zinc, sulphate, 2 lb. 1 lb bottles.
Flax seed, irrountl. To lbs, bulk.
f'aini'l- liai pencils, 2 doz. in 1 uoz bats.
Bottles, 3 oz French oval. , 3 uoz.
do. 4 oz do do 4 uoz.
do 6 oz do do 4 doz.
do S oz do do G doz.
Corks for above bottler-, 10 doz.
Cotion, absorbent. 4 lbs, 1 Ib pkgs.
Cotton, cloth for bandiges. ds. 1 bolt.
Colton, wool, 20 lbs, 1 lb rolls.
Li.Uures, cat-yut, cirbolated, 3 sizes, 30 yds
10 yds o.ich.'
LisratruKs, silk braided, 3 sizes, 30 yds, 10 yds
rttit, absorbent, 5 ibs, 1 lb rolls.
Plaster, adhesive, Mead's, 12 inch wide 10.
yd.. 5 yd rolls.
Plaster. bell.idonu,7 inch wide.4 yds, 2 yd rls
Ttitiinir, white rubber. I 4 ineb, 5 yds. )
Tubimr, white riibbr, 3-10, 5 yds.
Tublnsr, white rubber, g inch, 5 yds.
Bed nuns, white porcelain, 2.
Urinals, mute, 2.
Urinnmetur, best with glas jars, 1.
Litmus paprr, blue, 3 sheets. I '.
do do red. 3 sheets. ,
Trocar, nested. 3 sizes. 1.
Syringes, ihivirtsou's, 1.
do male, tciass, I dozv , ' -
Trusr.es, celluloid, reversible, 1 d,oz.
Cuppinsr Rlasses. unlinary, 1 doz.
Forceifc, artery, French lock, 1.
do dental, Univeral, I.
do Uuniver-al.rot, 1.
do , upper and lower bi-cuspid, 1 each.
do do do molar, I eiich.
Knives, bistoury, e.urved sharp poiut, simile,
Midi handle- spring catch, 1.
Knives", history, straight, as above. 1.
I'robe, medium length, silver, 1.
do extra do do 1.
Director, medium do do 1.
Scarificator, best, 10 blades, 1.
Thumb lance, 1,
seizors, operating, medium size, 1.
iNecdles, surgeons, half curved, I doz
The supplies must be t the best quality
nd subject to inspection and approval of the
Superintendent of the Prison, when delUer-
ca as required. I'avmeiits will be mud
quarterha. provided by law.
Samples of eiotIiinr. material for clothin
bedding, tea, colfe., sunr, beans, bacon, to
bacco, and s. up. must iiecomnnnv bids.
The successful bidder iiir-I t.e prepared t(
enter into contract wnb the uoiird of t orn
missoners, and ciye such bond as mav
fixed and approve1 b) tbeia, for the faithful
exccutiin of the same.
Bids for frer-h metTt suppltes, at.d wood
must be separate. Uios for car load lots may
bo separate.
All bids mutbe in triplicate, with a copy
of this advertisement attaciied.
Proposals must be scaled and addressed to
C. II. Brinley, bocretarv of the Board ol Ter
ritorial rr.son Commissioners, luiiia, A. l
and endorsed "Proposals for furnishing sup
plies to tht Territorial Prison."
Bids will be received at the office of the
Board until 10 o'clock a. m.. Monday, the 5th
dav of April. 18S0, at which time the bids
will be opened, and bidders are invited- to b
The Board reserves the riirht to reject any
and all bids.
Forms of proposals can be obtained from
the secretary.
By order of the Board.
C. H. BRINLEY, Secretary
Notics of Forfeiture.
To J. R. Scunham and A. N. Towne:
You are hereby notified that the under
signed has expended (100) one hundred
dollars in labor and improvements for the.
year ISSo, upon the Engineer mine, situated
in Silver districtj county of Yuma, lerri
tory of Arizona, in order to hold said prem
ises under the provisions of section 2324,
revised statutes of the United States, being
the amount required to hold the same for
the years 1884-lobo, and if within 00 days
from the service ot tins notice, or within
ninety days after this notice by publication
you fail or refuse to contribute your propor
tion of such expenditure, being Sob and
cost of this advertisement as co-owner, your
interest in said claim will become the prop
erty of the undersigned under said section
2324. A. D. CUAWD'UKU
Yuma, Jan. 1G, 16Sb
" J. L. SHIBLEY, B. A.
Main street, Yuma, A. T.
Chas. It. Wores. E. P. Whitney.
Gold and Silver assay $1.00
Copper assay , 1.00
Le&d asuy ,.1,00
Prices for other aav ?i van on application. Prompt
attention given to saiiiivlei oy man.
m$ 8NT FH21f..M:
mer. IStirL renu M.rh
UKa, to any addrpss. Illustrates ami n-tg
every thuitrrorLnules. lleuts', Clndreos'
nu lniaiiis- wour and IiOiiM-ec:.us
Sja liou e In the rji:
iVIftiiSSJ "ttilxfactlou LM..-n,Vi, or m-m j
Ss Spifundwt. 11. (J. V. KOL'U ft; ,
2 ix&Oih Ave. & tit., ti. X. t -
orates. Uouiib)
m bji
Corner of Maui and Second St.,
A. T.
Keeps constantly on hand a choice supply of
(Successor to G. Ginochio & Co.)
u . . ' - f
15 5
YUMA, A. T.,
t .fe- '.r'l fa fe b
MAIN STREET, near. 3,.. P. B- R. ?P?h.
both Foreign and Domestic brandf.
35'x3racijsl3.oca tit H.oo ft
for the accomodation ol the public.
in every respect and at
2Iain-st. next door to pest-office, Yuma,
C. W. SCOTT, Prop.;
A choice assortment of
prandeis, wnisKies.
Billiard and card tables.
IjPPOSITE palace hotel,
rsg- First Award Go 1 Medal World
Fair, Xvw Orleans 1835, and Southern
Ef-psUion, Louisville, Kentucky,;lSS4.
vU-no4z-ly ' -' -
Libreria Espanola
DE '
En dictao establecimtento se ensuentra.
un irran 6urtJdo de Obias Cientifr:,i, No
vclas, Libros de Reliirion, Devocibnario,
etc. Reciben suscriciorjes a todos Ios
periodicos y novela3. Asrentes para la
Uustraci!n Espano'a y Americana, Modi
Ek'irnnte, El .Mentor Ilustrado (para ni
nos Correo de Ultramar. La Arrienidad.
jgf3e remitira irratisel Oataloso de
li tiros espauoles a toJa persona q.uef.lo sor
licite. t
;3"Derisan sub ordenes a nuestro
aKente, R. J. FRAIJO,
Clip, Ynma eonnty, Arizona Territory.
Issued March and Sept
each year. jS3216 pages,
I S)illKtnclie,-tTltliOTei-
3, SOO Illustrations a
irliole Picture Gallery,
UlV iiS Wholesale Prices
tllrcct in consumers on all goods lor
personal or taxaUy use. Tells how to
order, and gives exact east of every
thing you use, eaX, drinlcr'wear, or
liavc fun ivittu These Hi V AIiUABXiB
BOOKS contain Information gleaned
from the znarhets of the world. "Wo
will mall a copy FREE! to .any ad
dress uxiou receipt of 10 cts. to defray
expense of mailing. Iiet tu hear from,
yon. XUspectfully,
227 Jb 229 Wahub Avenue. Chicago, XII.
X Richie's Golden Balsam No. 1
Cures Chancres, first end ssconii stages
Sores on tho Leys end Body; Sore fears'
Eyes, Nose, etc., Copper-colored Blotches,
Sjrpbilitic Catarrh, d.scased Scalp, .and all
primary forms .of the disease inown as
Sjybilis. Price, S5 OO per Bottle.
X.ei Richan'i Golden Balsam No. a
Cures Tertiary-, JIcrcuriaTSjphilitic Rheu
matism, Pains in the Bones, Pains In the
Head, back of the Neck, Ulcerated Sor
Ibroat. Syphilitic Rajh, Lumps and 6
tractcd Cords, Stiffness of the Iambs an
eradicates all disease from the system
whether caused by indiscretion or abuse
of aercury, ljavinjr the blxd pure ;and
healthy. Price S5 OO per Pottle.
Lc Hichau'x Golden S-anlsh An:I
doto for the euro of Goribcrhcja, Gleet,
Irritation Gravel, and all Urinary or Geni
tal disarrangements. Price $ 50 per
Lo Kichau' Golden Spanish In,
jctlin, firsivcre cases ot Gonorrhea
InfLmimato-y Gleet. Stricture s,&c. Pricw
SI r per Buttle.
l.e Ricuau's Golden Ointment
ffr the eft" ctive healing of Sj-philitio Scr.-s
and eruptions. PricoSl CO pr Box.
X.e Itlchau'a Goldnu Pil's Neno
and Bra i t.catmcnt; loss of physi-al pow
cr, cxccsi or ovcr-worlr. ITostration, etc
Prlca S3 CO por Box.
T.wiic fi.d Nervine,
Sent everywhere, C. O. D., securely- packed
per express. -
.C. F. niCHABria"S; CO., Ajrents,
127 & 429 Sansomo street. Corner C.lay,
Sin Francisco. XM.
co found oti
Newspaper Advertising Ilureau (10 Spruca
ue muue lor

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