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The "Vermiform Appendix," that
edited the Yuma local paper, printed
last Wednesday had a terrible attack
of "appendicitus." If he recovers
sufficiently from this dread disease
caused by excesses not to be named
here, he may be able to have an
operation performed, .if not his condi
tion is hopeless.
About twice every summer, there is
a sudden spasm, which somo over
Cheated victim has in regard to putting
'up an ice manufacturing plant m
Yuma. When it is understood that
such a plant as the town should have,
with cold storage capacity accompany,
ing it, will cost from 812,000 to
,$15,000 besides the ground to put it
on, the subject grows before the vic
tims eyes, not to speak of the fact,
'that the moment ice is manufactured
in Yuma, and put on the market at
afrom i to a cent per pound, it is
rmore than probable that the Union
Ice Company will come in and re
duce the price of their ice from two
.cents, its present price, to or i of a
cent per pound, when nine-tenths of
the peoplo of Yuma, would patronize
r.cw, until they had compelled the
new to shut down. See Tucson and
r,irt too pniTiiriiiu mm .mil ul uno
other towns as an example. Upon
dilligcnt inquiry we find that the
putting in of an ice plant in Yuma,
in the immediate future, is only more
-oilj- Wo hnri hnnnrl not.
All of the counties, except Yuma,
along the line of both great railroads,
crossing Arizona, have given Dr.
- Goodfellow, the efficient Territorial
physician authority, in case of the
appearance of Cholera at any point
-within their limits, to use such meaa--ures
as he may deem necessary, to
check it, and to hold it in control.
This is right, should a case appear,
action must be taken at once. A
delay of a few hours, might bo the
cause of many deaths. The strictest
quarantine will be enforced at No
gales, on tho boundary line between
Arizona and New Mexico, at Benson,
Tucson and east of Yuma, on the
Southern Pacific railroad. On the
.A. & P. it will be no less strict. Dr.
Brannan, surgeon for that road, has
been put in charge of quarantine
matters on that line. Dr. B. is one
of the ablest physicians in the Terri
tory and will see that nothing is left
undone to prevent the scourge from
spreading in case it makes its ap
pearance. Dr. Goodfellow is now
placed, where he can and will use
every means within his reacli to pre
vent its entering tho Territory. He
is in hearty and active co-operation
with the State Board of Health of
-California, which will render him all
the assistance possible. The Dr. does
not expect that the Cholera will reach
Arizona, but if it does, he is bound to
be ready to kill it out at once. The
-Boards of Supervisors deserve credit
for their prompt action.
It is only a short time since we
were compelled to call the attention
of the Phoenix Gazette to some of its
mud throwing. In an editorial in its
issue of the 11th, mis-led no doubt by
its Yuma informant, it stoops again,
to assist in doing the people of Yuma
and Yuma county a great injustice,
in an editorial on the Algodones
grant case. The people of Yuma, to
a man, not excepting more than two
or three, so far as can be found, are
perfectly satisfied with the decision
already given by the United States
Land Court, and do not care to try
the case again after it has been care
fully investigated and thoroughly
tried by five of the most- impartial,
capable, intelligent, and able jurists,
that ever sat upon the bench, before
whom all of the evidence on either
side of the case, was brought and
most thoroughly examined, and a de
cision rendered accordingly. The
slur cast upon the Land Court, is an
insult tc that body.
Not another laud grant case in
Arizona, will be affected by the de
cision in this case, as there is not an
other grant in the territory based up
on the same conditions. The argu
ment of the Gazette, that an appeal,
which will set this section of tne
country back for ten years, will not
injure it, but rather help it, is about
like its other reasoning, false in its
conclusions. Our whole people are
satisfied with the decision of the
Land Court. Not a business man in
Yuma or the county, not a farmer,
stockman, settler, old or new, not a
man of influence, or who desires to see
Yuma prosper can be found, far and
wide, that wants to seo the case op
pealed. Wo regret to find the
Gazette against the peoplo in this
case, and on the side of those, who
would ruin every interest and prospect
of this whole region, for year3 in or
der to carrj7 their point, and become
the monopolists of the day, in bring
ing ruin and distress upon those who
do not deservo them.
From the outset, the Gazette has
shown a spirit in regard to this mat
ter which is uncalled for, and its in
sinuations, that because our people do
not wish the Algodones case appealed
to theU. S. Supreme Court, they are
"winking at fraud," or of "pulling
wool over the eyes of the Supreme
Court," will nob be received in Yuma.
with the best of grace.
In the Phoenix Gazette of the 11th
insfc., there is an article on tho Al
godones land grant, the ear marks of
which show, that it was written in
Yuma, which is as far from tho truth
as the general run of falsehoods, writ
ten by those, who wish to have the
case appealed. First of all, neither
Hooper, Hinton, Redondo nor Con
treras ever had a tbiug to do with
the Algodones grant. They were in
terested in an entirely different pro
ject. The other statements made by
the writer, arc about as far from the
truth. His intended slur at the peo
pie's mass meeting, held in Yuma, and
the mud he attempts to throw at At
torney General Heney, are worthy of
their author. He spends his force on
the "real settlers." It might as well
be understood, once and for all, that
there was not a "real settler" upon
the Algodones grant when the lands
which compose it were withdrawn
from market, and only three settlers
upon it when the present claimants
took hold of it. These three not only
do not favor the appeal, but are op
posed to it. The company, as it
agreed, has given them the land to
which they had a claim. Every
actual settler on the gmnt is more
than satisfied to have the decision of
the Land Court stand. It is only
the one or two squatters, who did not
even squat on the land they claim,
who never lived a day or slept a night,
who could not file a location, who
with eyes wide open took their
chances on the land, the ownership of
which was well vested in other own
ers, as decided by the United States
Land Court of Privato Claims, who
desire to see the case appealed.
Whole barley, 14 cents, Yuma
Lumber Co.
Mrs. J. N. Converse arrived from
the east last Sunday. Mr. and
Mrs. C. are very nicely located in
the Shannesy cottage on Knob Hill.
Frank Guerra, foreman of the
Cargo Muchacho mine, is spending
the day in town. He expects to
start the'mill up with a full force
on the first of next month.
The Misses Ruth and Flora Bos
sung, returned from their visit in
California, Thursday evening.
They enjoyed a very pleasant va
The ice cream and strawberry
entertainment at the S. P. Hotel
garden, Wednesday evening, was
well attended and a good time was
Sam Flanders, superintendent of
bridges on the S. P. R. R., and E.
L. Swaine, assistant resident engin
eer, were passengers on Thursday's
express for Los Angeles.
Capt. J. A. Mellon, ia authority
that nothing definite has been de
cided upon in regard to building
another boat, by the steamboat
company for the river trade. He
says that thus far it is only talk.
Miranda, the cholo who passed a
railroad laborer's check upon Gan-
dolfo & Sanguinetti, several weeks
since, which had been raised from
85 to $25, escaped from the county
jail Monday.
Gandolfo & Sanguinetti's new
store can be seen plainly from the
trains ten miles east of Yuma. As
soon as the eye catches it, the
other buildings around it can be
seen, and they show off well. It is
Yuma's great land mark as you
come into town from the east.
If the ladies would abandon cos
metics and more generally keep
their blood pure and vigorous by
the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla nat
urally fair completion would be
the rule instead of the exception,
as at present. Puro blood is the
best beautifier.
From time to time, reports have
come in. that dead men have been
found along the line of the railroad
east of here. G. W. Norton tells
us that the body of a dead man
was found last week by the rail
road section men near Tacna.
An empty bottle that had contain
ed water was found by his side,
but not a thing by which he could
be identified, or to tell from
whence he came or where he was
going. To all appearances he died
of thirst. Ho also tells us that
several others have been found un
der similar circumstances, upon
which no inquests have been held.
There is not a Justice of the Peace
from Yuma to Gila Bend, a dis
tance of 123 miles. It seems that
the different Boards of Supervisors
should appoint such officers,
wherever they may be needed.
Superintendent Gates' now elec
tric arc lights shone forth from
their mastheads at tho prison,
Thursday evening for the first time
in many months. They are a
great improvement on the weak
appearing lights in use for some
Wm. Lahey, who has been at
work for some time on the South
Gila Canal dam, has been in town
for several days. He says that all
of tho work done on the dam and
canal is of the most substantial
kind, and built strong, without re
gard to cost.
Walter J. Raymond, who sold
lands out on the desert, represent
ing that they lay along the Colo
rado river," whose headquarters
were at Dayton, O., has been ar
rested and will be tried in October
on the charge of using the mails
for fraudulent purposes. It is re
ported that there are a number of
indictments against him.
We learn from a reliable source
that one of the ablest mining ex
perts in California, has been at
work for eome time thoroughly ex
amining the gold mines, situated
in the mineral belt that extends
from Ehrenberg, through the
Plomosaand Harqua Hala dis
tricts and on to the eastward. Ho
has already secured some of the
most promising property in that
section-, upon which his company
vviH put up a mill.
Pine Bark as a Diet.
Ono article of subsistence some
times employed by the Indians is only
resorted to when they aro driven to
great straits by hunger. Around
many of tho watering-places in tho
pino forests of Oregon and California
the trees of Pinus ponderosa may be
seen stripped of their bark for a space
of three or four feet near the base of
tho trunk. This ha9j3een accom
plished by cutting with a hatchet a
line around tho tree as high as one
could conveniently reach, and an
other lower down, so that tho bark,
severed above and below, could be re
moved in strips. At certain seasons
of the year a mucilaginous film sep
arates the bark from the wood of the
trunk. Part of this film adheres to
each surface, and may be scraped off.
Tho resulting mixture of mucilage
colls and half-formed wood is nutri
tions and not unpalatable, so that, as
a last resort, it may be used as a de
fense against starvation. The fre
quency with which signs of, its having
been resorted to are met with is a
striking indication of the uncertain
ties and irregularities of the supply
department among Bavages. Popular
Science Monthly.
' Bronson Alcott's dietetic views
color these epigrams in his daughter's
"Journal:" "Vegetable diet and sweet
repose. Animal food and nightmare."
"Pluck your body from the orchard;
do not snatch it from the shamble."
"Apollo eats no flesh and has no
X3ard; his voice is melody itself."
by local applications, as they cannot
reacli tho diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure Deaf
ness, and that is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an
inflamed condition of the mucous lin
ing of the Eustachian Tube. When
this tube gets inflamed you have -a
rumbling sound or imperfect hearing,
and when it is entirely closed Deaf
ness is the result, and unless tho in
flammation can bo taiten out and this
tube restored to its normal condition,
hearing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten are caused by catarrh,
which is nothing but an inflamed
condition of the mucous surfacee.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any caso of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for cir
culars, free.
F. J. OnENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
i-Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Notice is hereby given that the
regular quarterly meeting of the
Board of County School Examiners,
for the purpose of examining appli
cants for teachers' certificates, will be
held in my office at the County Court
House, Monday, Sopt. 4, 1893, at 9
o'clock a. m.
Probate Judge and Ex-Officio Sup
erintendent of Public Schools,
Yuma county, A. T.
Like A Thief in the Wight,
Consumption comes. A slight cold,
with your system in the scrofulous
condition that's caused by impure
blood, is enough to fasten rt upon
you. That is the time when neglect
and delay are full of danger.
Consumption is Lung - Scrofula.
You can prevent it, and you can
cure it, if you haven't waited too
long, with Dr. Pierce's Golden Med
ical Discovery. That is tho most
potent blood - cleanser, strength -restorer,
and flesh-builder that's known
to medical science. For every dis
ease that has to bo reached through
tho blood, like Consumption, for
Scrofula in all its forms, Weak
Lungs, Bronchitis, Asthma and all
severe, lingering Coughs, it is the
only guaranteed remedy. If it
doesn't benefit or cure, you have
your money back.
The proprietors of Dr. Sage's Ca
tarrh Remedy know that their medi
cine perfectly and permanently cures
Catarrh. To prove it to you, they
make this offer : If they can't cure
your Catarrh, no matter what your
case is, they'll pay you $500 in cash.
THE 4!
Picacho Placer Klines.
Twenty-Miles North of Yuma.
A full assortment of merchandise
of all kinds, miners supplies, and
everything to satisfy the inner
Give us a call and you will get
the best in the land, at the
Picacho Gold Mining Company's
New Store !
Fair Dealing
Low Prices!
supply the good people of this town and
county with
and in fact everything1 that is needed in any well
regulated family. We will give
and will give you One Hundred Cents AVorth of
Goods for Your One Dollar in Coin. Wc try to
please and give Satisfaction to all. We have so
far succccdsd.
We keep a good stock of everything necessary
for Miners, Lawyers, Doctors, Farmers, Builders,
Politicians, Laborers, Mechanics, Saloon-keepers,
Teachers and Preachers, Young Men and Old Maids.
We have on hand at all times
in any quantity
"We keep the Best Brands of
We sell the Best
We are also agents for the
o'.'zn .soo.oco :r: use.
If you have not dealt with us yet,
Try us.
Cor. Main and Jone's Street.
Shaving, Hair Cutting and Sham
pooing down in the latest style.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Prices to suit the Times.
(Formerly of Oregon.)
Ten Bollars Steward.
The above reward will be paid to
any one who will find and deliver
my little black mare mule, branded
S. S. on left hip, and has a white
nose, to Fred Fredly, Yuma
When last seen she was about five
miles this side of Gila City, and
had a halter on.
S. B. Lidy,
Yuma, Ariz., July 22nd 1S93.
To whom it may concern:
By instructions from the Depart
mentl am ordered to prosecute
stock owners whose" stock trespass
upon the Yuma Indian Reserva
I therefore give notice that here
after all owners whose stock may
be found trespassing on the reser
vation will be dealt with to the full
extent of the law.
Francisco Estudillo,
U. S. Indian Agent.
Articles of Incorporation.
We, Elisha M. Sanford and Frank S. lngalls, resi
dents of the Territory of Arizona desiring to in
corporate ourselves under tho provisions of the
laws of the Territory of Arizona, for the purpose
of engaging in the lawful enterprises, business
pursuits and occupation hereinafter specified do
make, subscribe and acknowledge these articles of
incorporation and declaro:
FIRST. The name assumed by this corporation
and by which it shall bo known is tho Cocopah
Fruit Company, and the time of the commence
ment of this corporation shall be tho day of the
filing of these articles in the office of the County
Recorder of the County of Yuma, Territory of
Arizona, and the termination thereof shall be
twenty-five years thereafter.
SECOND. The enterprises, business pursuits
and occupation in which this company proposes to
engage is to acquire, own, hold and convey, mort
gage, sell or dispose of lands and property of what
ever kind or description. To set out, care for,
lease, maintain or dispose of orchards and vine
yards, to improve lands or parcels of same, and
engage in a general horticultural and agricultural
husincs3, buy and sell merchandise, fruit and the
products of the soil, and to do a general forward
ing and commission business.
THIRD. The principal place of business and
office of this company shall be' in the County of
Yuma and said Territory.
FOURTH. The amount of the capital stock of
this corporation shall be ono hundred thousand
dollars (-3100,000) divided into one hundred thousand
shares of one dollar each, and the time when and
the conditions upon which it is to be paid are as
follows, to-wit : Each share of stock shall be fully
paid upon presenting the subscription therefor,
and each share must be fully paid before being
issued and shall be non-assessable thereafter.
FIFTH, The highest amount of indebtedness or
liability direct or contingent to which this cor
poration is at any timo to bo subjected or to sub
ject itself is thirty thousand dollars (830,000.)
SIXTH. The stockholders of this corporation
and their private property shall be exempt from
the corporate debts of this corporation.
SEVENTH. The affairs of this corporation are
to be and they shall be conducted by a Board of
directors, consisting of three persons who Bhall bo
stockholders of the corporation and elected jan
nually. The following named persons who arc sub
scribers to the capital stock of this corporation
shall constitute the Board of Dircotors of this cor
poration until the 23th day of October, 1S03, and
until tieir successors aro elected and qualified.
Namely: Elhha M. Sanford, Frances L. Sanford
and Frank S. lngalls.
In witness whereof wc have hereunto set our
hands this Nineteenth day of June, 1SD3.
Elisha M. Sanford,
F. S. Ixoalls.
Territory of Arizona, 7
couxtt of yuma. j
Before me, J. H. Carpenter, a Notary Public in
and of aforesaid Country and Territory, on this
day personally appeared Elisha M. Sanford and
Frank S, lngalls, personally known to me to be
the persons described in and who executed the
foregoing instrument and they each of them hereby
acknowledge to me that they executed the same for
the purposes and consideration therein expressed.
Given.under my hand and seal of office this 10th
day of June, 1S03.
seal. J . H. CARPENTEit,
Notary Public in and for said County and Ter
Territory of Arizona, )
County of ujiA. j
I.J. L. Powell, as County Recorder of said
countv and Territory, do hereby certify that I have
compare! the abovo with the original articles of
incorporation of tne uocopan truit company on
file in my office and the same is a full, true and
complete copy of said articles and of the whole
thereof as said original appears on file and of
record in my said office, and I further ccrtifyi that
said original articles were filed in my said office on
tne Twentietn day or Juno, iay3,at 4:au o'ciocic p.
m., and was and is duly recorded at page three
hundred and eleven of Book One (1) of -Bonds and
Agreements, records of said office.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set the seal
of said office and my official hand of office this
twentieth day of June, 1893.
Seal. J. L. POWELL,
County Recorder, Yuma County, Arizona.
United States Land Office, )
Tucson, Arizona, Juno 21, 1893. )
Notice is hereby given that Frances L. Sanford
of Los Angeles, State of California, has fiied notice
of intention to make proof on her desert-land
claim No. 1829, for the East half 'of Sec. IS, Tp.
9 South, Range 23 West, before Clork of District
Court at Yuma, Yuma Co., Arizona, on Tuesday,
the first day of August, 1393.
She names the following witnesses to prove tho
complete irrigation and reclamation of said land:
John Gandolfo, Samuel S. Gillespie, Mel Grccnlcaf
and George M. Thurlow.
Yuma Restaurant,
Oysters in any style. Spring
chicken on order.
Porterhouse and Mushrooms. . .75c
Porterhouse and eggs 50c
Tenderloin and eggs 50c
Sirloin and eggs . . 1 35c
Plain steak and eggs 25c
Half chicken 50c
Ham and eggs 25c
Bacon and eggs 25c
Coffee and cakes 10c
Fish and game in season.
Bread, cake and pies for sale.
Icecream every day. Lunches
put up to order. Meals at all
hours, day and night. Private
rooms for ladies.
Meets all Needs of Arizona Students
Courses in all subjects relating to business or Professional or Technical Pursuits.
3xeT "SToivx DBojbcxst Sopt, 27, 1893,
The new Register is replete with information.
Photographic Co. has removed to ii Post St., bet'
Kearny ' Grant Ave-, S. F.
The Leading Photographers of the Pacific Coast
The Largest and hest equipped Photographic Gallery on. the American
continent. The letest improved appliances for producing
the finest work by the instantaneous process.
The only Gallery in the World making the Ceiebrated Iridium Photographs (or Photographs
in colors) and at prices nearly as cheap as the ordinary Photograph. Tho perfection of these
Pictures is simply marvelous. The visitor is amply repaid by calling and inspecting this beau
tiful work. Pictures enlarged in Crayon, Indian Ink and Water Color3 at moderate prices.
249 North Main Street, Los Angeles, California.
Centrally Located; First-Class Dining Booms
Attached; Rates from $1.50 to $2.50 per day
Rates for Rooms, without meals, for one person,
50c., 75c. and $1.
W. E, BRowNisoChief Clerk.
Corner o" :SP3r;srfc s,33.c3. Steets,
Dealer in . .
Fresh and First-Class goods, and Prices as low as any
Store in Town
icMitlij?si Faeifi Hotel,
Comfortable rooms and the Tabie Supplied
With the Best
The - Sanitarium of - the - Southwest.
YUMA is acknowledge as a wonderful Health Ttesort. It is the home of the
orange, lemon, banana and other tropical fruits. It is the. hope cf all afflicted, with any
of the Pulmonary Complaints, for the air is pure, dry and invigorating. Tho bnildin
stands on the banks of the
THE HOTEL was built and furnished with a view co accommodate the Healt
Prospector, the Tourist, Families and' all
class hotel m every particular, on a healthy
Are supplied from both the California and
satisfy the most fastidious.
JV. B. All trains stop here half, an hour for Meals..
S . S. GILLESPIE, Proorietor.
A Cure for the Ailments of Maa
and Beast.
A long-tested pain reliever.
Its use is almost universal by the Housewife, the
Farmer, the Stock Raiser, and by every one
requiring an effective liniment.
No other application compares with it in efficacy,
This well-known remedy has stood the test o: ,
years, almost generations.
No medicine chest is complete without a bottle of
Mustang Liniment.
Occasions arise for its use almost every day.
All druggists and .dealers have it.
President of Faculty.
Give me a Call.
YUW3A, A, T.
those desiring the accommodation of a Brst
Arizona markets and nothing is wanting o

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