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The Arizona sentinel. [volume] (Arizona City [Yuma], Yuma County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1872-1911, November 07, 1896, Image 3

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' Gladness Somes
With a better -understanding of the
transient nature of the imury phys
ical ills which vanish "before proper ef
forts gentle efforts pleasant efforts
rightly directed. Thorevis comfort in
the knowledge that so many 'forms of
sickness are not due to any acjtual dis
ease, hut simply to a constipated condi
tionof The system, whbh the pleasant
family laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt-
ly removes. That is why it is the only
remedy with millions of families, and is
-' everywhere esteemed so highly bv all
who value good health. Its beneficial
effects .re due to the fact, that it isthe
one remedy which promotes internal
v ' cleanliness, without debilitating the
organs on which it acts. 1 1 is therefore
all important, in order to get its bene
ficial effects, to note when you pur
's " chase, thtyou have the genuine article,
which is manufactured by the California
Fig Syrup Co. only, and sold by all rep
utable druggists.
If in the enjoyment of good health,
siid the system "is regular, then laxa
tives or other remedies-are not needed.
If afflicted with any actual disease, one
may be commended to the most shillful
physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
"then one should have the best, and with
the well-informed everywhere, Syrup of
.Figs stands highest and is most i:rgely
.used and gives most general sat isf a ction.
She JUteoua Jeutiaci
I. W. D0RKINQTON, Proprietor.
SATURDAY, NOV. 7, 1896.
xTertising Agent, 65 Merehant--'
Exchange. San Francisco, is our authorized
agent. This paper is kept on file in this
For the seven days Ending Friday
Xov. 6, 1890.
Rcl. Humid
0 n
I 50"
Thurwlay ....
Total rainfaJl daring 0 01
Observer. U. S. VVtKtlser Uurcau.
Oysters, Fish and Gam.- alwjys on
s-.nd at Dunne's Dinning Parlors.
.no .election hell at- Moh wk
pn-cinct. All the voters wei.t to Pa
ir :
J-iJge Mast riO-i jv;t:t t Tucson
Tue.stlay exvning to try a i-irge mine
case in the court there with Judge
When you cooe to town get one of
.laeger's sniokerd.
The next JiHtioes.' of the Peace of
this precin -.t will be Werreng r an I
Thurloxv ai I the Consta dea, Wilder
and Jones.
Wm. S. Dunne, one of the pro
prietors ; of the Fortuna salonn at Li
for.tuna, came in Wednesday on a
few daxs visit to his family.
Try a- Free Silver .-Fizz at The
Kuby. '
The Board of Supervisors met on
Wrtdneslav an 1 a Ij u-n ; 1 until the
418th instant, xvhen they will canvass
the election returns.
Chas. H Riise, Treasurer, Johnny
Wrigtit, Di-itrict At'-orney an John
M. Speese, Rep iblican Candida eJ,
are "four-time xvinners."
For the best imported Blackberry
Gn, Gorden Sherry, Port and claret
'wines, go to the Miner's Exchange
Sloon. .
Jesus Redondo and his daughter
Miss Frankie, will leave during the
month on a visit, to Altar, Souora,
Mexico, on an extended xisjt.
Miss Gertrude Ferris, xvho ariived
here last Saturday from. Los Angeles
on her w:iy to Mohnxvk to teach the
.public school at that place, left Tues
day exning.
Peach Brandy and Honey; Scotch
andlrish Whiskies always on hand at
laeger's. .
Captain C V. Meeden, Wm. Mim
mack, members of the Rep.iblican
County Central Committee, done
good work for their party during the
recent campaign.
The Miner's Exchange keeps in
stock some of the linest bran 's nf
AV3nes, Whiskies and Cigais in
The S. P. pa 'car arrived here yes
terday non and a"ter making i s
usual monthly dUtribmion of gol i
and silver piss3l on southward.
We are spending more
than our profits on Schil
ling's Best tea to get you to
try it just to try it.
Your money back if you
don't like it.
At peers' in frxl:r.jc3.
A Noted Hunter and Trapper.
The". following is Irom fJrorg Flax
ell, a trapper and hunter who loft
here jist full for the heal of
Grand -Canyon of the Colorado river
for the purpose of parsing hrouv.h
tli:it wo-'derful piece of nature'--hand
work. Mr Fbivrdl is one of the HI
fated RE. L. Io"'inon partv who
left her" . rvenl year.
igo for Sin
r.-mfi.-'co hy xvabr in a sail boat
mimed the Examiner, "and vh-n t he
Tihnron island were reached the
Setis Indians killed R ihinson :in I
Logan of his party:
J.ef.'s Kerry, Oct 13, 1S96.
Editor of Sentinel:
Thinking that our friends xvnuld
like to hen r from .us I will say that
weae proyres inir slowly and have
arrived at Lee's Ferry at. Ia3t :irto 48
days, having in that, time tr-ivel'd
pome S91 mil -s. Five Inn Ired :-nd
thirty nine miles of the 'i-tance Jb
ina Canvonc, pi-jht in nunihpr. their
names being Ddr, La Dnre, Split
Moun ain, U-her, Still Water. Catar
act, Narrow sin I Cleo. the latrr he-
ing over 150 miles in Jengt1' anil har
ren in the extreme not the. 1-ast
yeu'etatimi xvas to be seen anv xx-here
and with almost perpen licnlar xxmIIs.
the cti e di-tanpp ranuin from 500
to 1500 feet in heigh t. There are
.three placer plant in operation, .be
ing tlieonlx ones xxe hax-o rivnun't'r
ed on the jonrnex so f.-ir. Tliep
one plant j'it below Bbike, Ut ih.
South Paik Mining Company, but it
wits standing still lis eapacit-, xvas
800 tons a da x Sex-en m-n run the
entire xvork, xvhich imdiisles engineer
and .tireinan. It is a profitable,
one xvhpn xvorked and is said to have
cost 16.030. We are having far
better hick tha-i xve expn-ted an I
since we entered the Colorado only
one oar lo -k has been broken and
the boat half till-1 once with xvater
oxving "jin my rarcb-s-ii 'ss. The
greatt fall in any place h is not ex
ceeded 10 feet to the 10) yards. The
rapi 'a ar nil s orr.. Very few reach
ed one half mil in l-ngth. Our boat
is jut as smin 1 as the day it was
launched at Green river, Wy., and
before 6 xveeks xe hone to .-co ih"
the Lit of the ..cauy- ns xxhere there
will lie auv likelih nod if a xvieck .
Hoping that our friends -will not be
anvlo h, if xve ar; :i little late. I will
clo.se xvith r.-g r Is to all,
Oko. F. Flavkll.
Do Yon Want to be a .tfartfr.
ProS.ibh- not! But if vou do. trv
an I get the dyipepsi-i bv unwise fee .' -
xu'II -tt4J!&r mar yd m
with j xengeai ice! S 'ine people r-i
martyrs ti t1ii complaint fr m chil l -
hoo l tt. ;bv' -i:r.ive. .-u lb v'nji from all
its attin 'ant boirors of heattburu,
wind and pain in the stomach, xveary
slumber an I nightmare, eaptii-ious
appeti'e, naus-a, bHliousneS'', leanness
a-id sa!I-txv,ics:. Ko necessiiy for all
this. The complamt. olmtinate as it
is. xvhen the ordin ry temedi s are
brought to hear itupn it, invaria'dy
yiel 1 to the great tom ichic, Hotet
ter's Stomacli Bitters, which r stors
tranquillity to the gastric region and
m.rves, reg ilates the liver an I bowels,
both of which are ii turned by weak
ness of the stomach, and pro. notes
appetite' and an increise of llesh
'J.liat "toe-in of the -oul," the dinner
bell, xvhen it peals upon the '-ar, s'lg
gests no premoni i n of !ire qual.-ns
a'ter a cpmfortable meal if you Invo
trie I a conr-u of the Bitters, xvhich
alo lianishes biliousnes.-, rh'eumat's n,
nerx-ousuess, ni dari.i and kidney
.tro .ble,
Andy Tyner, one of our pioneer citi
zens. and for tin past fexv years guard
at tlu- IVirilorial priMiu, resigne I a.
few days ago anil on the 2nd instant
opened the Palace saloon formerly
owned and conducted bv Lew E-sel-
burn. Andy has a hot of friends hen
vxho will not forget him xvhen in nee 1 1
of liq lid refie-hmeuls, and we trust j
uis niisnie?s -win prove a lucratixe
The Darling on, Wis , Journal sax's
ei-iioiially d a popidar patejit.-' m 'di
ciiu: "We know from experience
that Oh unl e'l ;ii;'s. Colic, Cholera ami
Diarrh' ea Remedy "is all that iselaini
d for it , as on txvo occa-ions it stoo
ped excruciating pains and p.-.s-i-ly
savi u us irom an untimely grav
We would not fe.-t easy over It t
xvilhcfcit it ;iu' the house." This
reine.dx" llii(lni!ileil v ssivi-s in ri ti!i-n
and suli'ering than anv other medicine i
in the world. Every fondly shonl I
k ep it in the lions tor it insure to be
neeii.-d 'sooner orl.te-. Tor tab at
Cotler'.- i rug stor.
For trie fi -t ti tic in the I i'or
Fort l uii, ar. el c i ll ;i ll I 1 ih 're
Taes-'ay. The ortgi i il precntc xvas j
El Rio lut i AVa e,ha-';-, lo that
jilae T.t" boxes coMsai'iiitg t;e
b-c.io;i returns- fr. n n-'.o a-i.l
Ko t Yuma le:l by Th nts b'y'.s tra'll
for San L'ieo, 1 1 - count.' real
lib.-u iiatim Is c Foe winch gixis
no quarter It torments lis victi rs!
day and i.iiht. HotI's Sarsap ui.l i
purifies the hip 1 and euivs titer aches j
mid pains of rhouiii tiisnt. j
Ho. d'
Pills nivi the bed ftntily
cithariic an 1 liver meiiic'.m. Con l.
Tr lAeei'e VTbikftv. Tol-ti for i
ell. -
A Inrrovv Escape.
. Tu-s-lay night, o the present x.-p,.-k
Jose Do hi 0-a had a narrow escat'e
f-om lo-iutr his -lie. Mr De la ()-n
is rmployed by t he Southern Pacih'e
company as d iy watchman of the
Colorado and Lacuna bridges. It is
part ' h duty to jn-s -oer these
l.ii Iges :f( r eaeh trs'iiu an 1 s-e that
ipvcrx thing is all riht for the train
Unloving. Un t he Hhove p.vcmii g lie
au'.iited the rri vsi 1 of the express
from California on tlie north si le of
the. Liauna iri Ige which is ;.o'ne ")U0
f er in length and I oxed upon each
si 'e In a height of some 15 feet. The
oxpr.s.s passed and ran in 'n the
south silling of tjie hij and Mr. De
It Os-'a junpe.i on hi" car and started
to cro- i he bridge as was his custom
Itu-igiue his h'orrni on reaching the
mi Idle to M-oii passj nirer from the
youth come around the cufveat a hiyh.
rate ol spec I an-l enter the lioxed up
bridge. He j ist hid ti-ne to imp
from his car and r in a 'e-v feet anetd
of it anil hug dos- lo the boxing of
bri !g xvhich givi s n. clearing of
ionlv a few feet lor pas-rig trains,
vtin-ii ii' new ov nun. lie- i-ii rt is
sui-ished to smilhreens lull Mr. De
la Ossa esi-aped unhuit. which is a
inirat le.
Horr's TliisI
We offer One ITun(b- d Dullars re
xv ird f-ir any case of Cal;irrh lh.it con
not be . ired bv Mill's C-iturli Cure
F. .1. Chkk.-.y & Co., Tob do. O.
We, l he undersigned, h ve known
F. .1. Olunex !ot the la.-t 15 y.ns, and
believe lii n pi r'ec.tly honorable in
all l -ii iuess transactions :in I Jinan
ci.illy nltle to carry out any obligations
ma ie bv t heir firm
West &. Tij'uax. Wholesale. Drugist-,
T.de lo. O.
Wamhxg. Kixxan it MAitvr.v, Wlnde-
i rv : .. . vi' i i ."
s-rie li u;4iis, i 'ie iw. yj.
H ll's U:ita-rh (Jtvo is isiken in
ternally, acting dir. mly upon the
'bill I an I niucMus s irCices nf the
SV'tezn. TcRMmoni ' SO'I' free. Pri -e
I 75c
per b ttle. K.il I hy a!l l)r igi-ts.
On Mon lay nevl Cltie! Ju le
A. C ' Baker will render his
deci-ion in the man I: nius suit of the
rfiate o" Arizona Improvement Co.'s
can d in rejanN to cnnxiiit. labor
The cae is of xita! iniitance
to Yii iim- count v. It. means
the rei dammatiou of l()!),()0d
aciej f Hie richest 1 in I in A-iz n ,
und'-r an unesi'elle i clim ite and the
em ploy ni nt of tiiritmi d coi.vicis at
a profit, of mo-e I ban !f3")0) annually
to the territory. . '
Sici? poion a n'dirm which make
xoii fi.-k. It conres from t he .-toinarh
' The s oMnn h m iks it out id undiest
''d fKd.
Tlie bloo I ues it an I taints the
, hole liody with it. That's the way
Tlie wax- to n.l of it ii to look
a ter your ditjpstion.
If xo ir fno 1 is all properly digested.
there will be none le't in tlu stom ich
to m-ike ick puis m out. of.
If your stomacli is loo weak to -e :
t this properly by i s df, hel i it abuvj
with a few :ose? of Shaker Digest
That's tho cure -f it.
Shaker Dig-sdvp Cordi d is a delici ,
our, healthful, tonic co-dial, male o
pure medc.in il pi mfcs, hebs an 1 win
It posit-vidy cures in-ii'-'stion and
prex-enU theiornialiin.of sick poison
At.dniggists Til il bottles 10 c-'tits.
Frank S. Norton came in fiom
Hedges to vote Tin slay and return d
the lollowing day. Frank h-is been
on the -ic k list lor a cot plo of weeks
of late hut is. no.v u elim; much better.
UN sister-in-law Mi-s .lofita Esni-
itnsi accomt auied I ini home on ir
vi-it to her -;is er.'Mrs. N rto i.
.hi lire Abe Frank celebrated hi
sixty first- birlh lay on Mom'ay Iat.
His niativ Irien.a t hrouiihoiit the
county, rat ii'n d it. by re-ebctin him
unanimouslv to the ofli-e of I'robale
Ju ipe on Tuesday, the 3rd infant.
If vou smoke call at the Miner's
Exchange and ask for the celebrated
"John Shapssey". cigar
M A. bmitn, xviio was on
elected Delegate lo Congress from
this Territory by the Democratic
ja typessi; 1 ihro.ih lieie mi yester
day's coasrxvar l ex.:!-s".
The Harrison Dinimick weildim:
- is Hie. talk of the lay. "laeger's
;oldei1 Wedding Whisky" talks for
Mi sldclla M. Adams of San Fran
cisco passed through here LtSitur-
everung for L;i Fnrtumi xvhere
S'te is ensrayed to teach the public
s ho.d tbeont"n s"on
.. ... -
Highest Honors World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
40 Ye&ss the Standard,
At lat, after several months batlle,
the 1- n-; hard struggle of one p.,rry
aa n I the other is end'd. As in the
pa-t, Yuma, xvas the set n of one nt
t'he; li rcet battles ever .witnessed.
Co'mhina'iou.s and recmu' i iai ion
were the order of I he day. If. will be
many year?, if ever, xvlieu some of o.ir
loci politicians ' clear them-elves o'
their coutempti ile e ui btct'in' Til .--day's
W. 11, the fUht iover, and xve hope
our citiz n s will uniteaslpy.il Atner
icajis in doing honor to our next. Pr.-s
id', tit and the devcl tpinent tif our vast
Below'wlll be found the precincts so
far heard from : ,
Delegate to Conires. Doran, R.
72- S nit It. D.. 118: O'N.ill, p., 47.
Council Ca'p-n ter. R , lo; liro.vo.
'., 112. Aem'dv H ite'i, 11.. 13'.:
Master on, D . 12") T-e is trer. Rii e.
R. 131; Crmc'i. D. -19 : ..San-iirivt'i.
JR., II0T Reorder R .se. R , 57;
Cronin. I)., Ill; C "itr -raa. C. 11)
Di tri.-t Atlont-n 'Vriibt. R, IfiS;
I'ur'v. D, 10t Shenll In.alN. R ,
Tdi; (ireenle.d, D , 123: Poole. C , 114.
Supervisnr-j Clarke, R . o'.); Sp ose.
R , l-i6: F.e lbv, D . 11."): .lord m. P.,
110. .fii-dice;' of th f -aci Thudow:;
R , 127; Bar.-iszthv, It, 70 W'-nea'r.
I)., 9; Miles. D, 83: D ik-. C , 81.
l-Mn-tables Wil l-r. R , 1 18: Dver.
no; Bu-ke. D., 109; Balsz, D., 50.'
Jon s. (J.; 139.
Deb'gate to Cougr.-'-- -)oran, R..
2; S-nith, D. 10; O'N.ill. P, 35
Council t.'arpetiter, R. 1(5; Brown.
C. 34. .Vs-iti'dy Hatch, R, 21;
Masterson, 1)., 28. Tr asurer Riise,
ii.,'10; Cjo.ich.'D, 12; S-mguinet M,
C, 10. Recor.ler M..-e. R., f. Cronin.
I)., 49; Co-ilrera-". C , 2 Disttict At
tor.iev Wright, II , 37: P-irdy, I)., 10.
Shrill Inalls, 'li.. 2; (Sreetrleat, I).,
9: Toole, C.. 44 Supervi-ors CI irke,
R.. 15; SpeMse. R., 34; Fro Hey, I) . 21 ;
.lor dan, I) , 21. ; '
gilx"citv PitF.orxcr.
Jjeb'gtte to Congress. Do -an, It.
none. Smith. D, 7; O'Xeill P . 1
Co ini il. Carpenter, R , 7: Brown, C,
I. As-enibly. Hatch, R , none; Mas
t rson, D , 7 Trea -surer Riise, R., 3 .
C-o tell, D., 1; Sttmuiiietti. C. 2
Recorder Rose, R , none; Cronin, D..
5; Contreras, C , 2. Di-trict Atrornev
Wriht, R., none; .Piirdy', l ,'.7
Sh'eii'l' Ing-dl-' R . no'ii-: C'eenb-af.
D. , 7; Poole, C, 1. Sij-.ervi-o-s
(Marke, R , non", Spjtse, R , I; Fredley,
I)., G. Jor.hm. I)., 7.
Deltf ite lo C !tre3-. Doran, R , 2;
Smith, D. 1 D'X I", i- , !. Council
" , -i-1 1": V M-o i . ' , n n .
As-eqiM" Hatch, R G; Ma-.te.r-on,
1)., 1. Treasurer .Riise. R..7; (crouch,
D. non ; Sang unetti. ' C , 1. II-1-c
rdi r Rose, R., 3; Cronin. 1), 3;
Cont rera, C , I Di-dti't Altomev
Wright, R , 8; Purdy. D , 1. Sherifl
Installs, "R , 5; (JreenleaF, I)., none;
Poole, C , 3. S i per visors Clarke, R
1 ; Spee-e, R , G; Fre Hey. " D., 4; Jor
dun, I), I.
Delugit.e rto Oio igre-. Doran, R ,
3 ; Smith. D.. 8 : O'.Veill, P.. 25. Coun
cil Carpenter, R.0; Bro.xn.C, 25
Assembly Hatch. R, 17; Ma-der-wi,
1)., 14. Treasurer RiW, R., 7G.
Crouch. D, i2; San ruinetti. C, 17.
Recorder Rose. R , 17; Cronin, D , 0.
Coitirer-.s. C 17. District. Attornex-
Wriirht, R , 25 I'u-dv. D , 9
hcriH' lug ills, R.. 3;(Jre.'nb' f. D..
18: Pixile. C, 18 Superv;s'rs
(llarke, R.. il : Spees . R ,.-19;5' Fred
ley, D , 9; .brl in. I) , 20.
TEXAS nn,i, Pijnot.vcr.
Delegate. to Congress Smith, D .4
Doran, R. nnnt O'X-ill. P., none.
Council 'arpenu-r, R.t 3, Bown. C..
U"iie. As-'enibly Hatch. R , 1,'Mas-ter-ou
D , 3. She id"- (Jrei nleaf, D.i
., I ei ti-', it., n me, rool-, ;.. none.
Recorder Roe, R . 2. Cronin. I) , 2,
Contr ns C, no ie. District Ai
torney Wright, R, 4, Purdy, I).,
none. Treasurer Crouch, D ,4, Riise,
R, none, Sanoinet ti, C. none.
Sep'rvis rs Clarke, R , 4. Spees", R.,
3. .lor Ian, D , 1, Fr-dlcy, I) , none
Parti-1 r tnrn mn Norton's L tnd
in iiix-e.s Rii-HJ-for Trea.-urcr 5 and
Sauguinetti 2 votes.
llanpta Hal t, Ehrr: sburg. Ehren
berg, Pa-ker. Tyson Wells and Nor
'oil's Lai. ding are yet to he hear I
front. Pa-tiil ret in from ,veral o'
tii" ah i.ve pre'incfs haxe been received
xv ' licit- liow-i C.irp o'er an I B-Oivu for
lie c mil -il a-p- nnnrii node and
n c!:. The eh c i -n of M.-iste:oii a-t i
Hatch for the As-cmbly i still in
Th" Rep t . iicansdi ive. e!e -'e ! Rii-e,
Prea-m-. r J di i Wrig it, Di ric.' t
to ''ie ; '.Fr.it!, Pr ! if .In Ige . vV.
H. E.li t. rf irvey "; - o i i M. Sp-e-e.
S i ervi-or; Ceo M Th irl v, '.lu.ti-e
of th'; !c -e and il. G Wilier, Co i
The D mcr.vts have xvon Mel
0 recti 1 af for hcrilT; C-n P. Cronin
lor re order; T. A. .lor an for snper
is if an . W. A. Werrenyer or j istiee
of the pca te. Tun ''r- f r;u ticket," o
a-, 'Ir-cie! Jim Jones for eoustabl.
a n.l n'lthing more,
Mtirlrfc-miih. D.n , luiseam i Vuma
1 coiiuti'vilb O'Neill i-. clo.w Vetr'rid.
' t x,.
The PIcachp tfold IflnQS-
Auothr rich strike' xvVs made list
week on the. Alcyon vein in the Whitw
Col l Basi l, where- it '-"intersects the
White G-dd vein E .rly last spring
the ri.-lt ure in the Al -yon tunnel wa.s
struck and cut for 47 feet in width,
and the ore- body w is "ollowed down
to where it co nes i i c.ontact with the
nth ;r g-.-at. v. 'in, which can he trice 1
by its well ('i-lined er ppin-js, xvhich
tins 'ro.n 40 :o 10'J :et wide lor nearly
three miles and upon xvhich thre are
eleven location--
... .
1 HIS ore. llO-tV xvas.
creail "li-sted and loun I to be 1
fre! milling' bre, th t xvoitll pay $5
, ' - ,v -
perloninlheuV.il:- -
Two uee's a:o. after tlie owners
lit I been here f'oni the easi an'l: ex,
amined ilndr mines, the work of more
o irefuily ts i is; the ore at the po'nt
o cunt it t of these txx-o vein i xvas re
sumed ami it was found t'lat they in-t'rs-.
t and f.roas each other at an
tii-l-' of 4). citting the ro igh hills
an I canvons in Iimc.ii irs iiug its oa'u
co use f r several thousand feet.
The veins .o-i the surface, sho-.ve.l
good 5 ore, xvhich wh-vi er..j.s-eut. an 1
ope ted, run up to $7 an I 10 and in
j places tft 1520 and 1523 fr.-e tniiPn-4 or
) ir of thfie nax- sfreiks has been
.. , ... , . . ... 11
crips cut for oj ;eet xvith b it one wall.
m .1 t ti c . :t. :ft.-
Tne oth 'r f ir 0 feet xvith neither
wall insight. On what seems
to be
the foot wall of th" firs:, the or.? is
.fro in seven to ten feet- vi I th-it riiiis
fro 11 25 to $4n' per' ion. Going to
the east and xv-8t the cropping of the
veins show goo I Sfo ore.
This strike is consi lered the mod.
i up iftant. yet made in" the 'Picacho
mines, bein in two of the wi bt and
in 1st extensive bodies of ore vet un
cover -d and only a mile fr-m the Co'
orado river, down a most feasible
canon rotd. B th groups of mines
ar- thj pr.tperty of th:1 Gol leu Dreuu
Mining Company which xvill put a
mill upon this gtoup as soon as their
mill is cunplet-ed 011 the Noonday
group. No -,- that the pans of elec
tion are over, the xvork will be crowdo 1
with a full force of nun on both' of
these line properties.
The Noon lay mill wis nearly rea ly
lo ship at Los Angeles on Tuesiay,
will probably be put on the cars today
or Mondnv.
An Important 1M Terence
To make it apparent, to thousan Is,
who think 1 liern. -elves ill, that they
are not afficted txith anv di-ease. hut
that the system simply needs doans
i il', is to biiog com ort home So their
hearts, as a costive condition is e.iilv
curel bv using Sxrnp o Frs. Mann -
act tired by the Cali ornia- -Fig J3 rut.
Company only, and sold by ail dru4
gists. Mr
3. castle.
Londoj, N v. 0 The I rial of Mr.
an I Mr. W titer M. Castle, of San
Fr-inciec.o, chirged xvith shoplifting,
took p!a e in' the session court- of
Clerkenw-dl todiv, and' Lesult"d in
Mr. C.itle lieing .-wrpiittetl and Mr.j.
Castle being sentenced to three
months impri.-onmeut without hard
IT Troubled witli Hitenniatism JRead.
This. "' ;
An.vapoi.is, Md.. Apr. 16, 1894. I
have us -d Chamhi rlaiu's Pain B.tlm
for rheumaiis'ti and found it to be all
that isclainnd f'-r it. I believe it to
be the be st. pn paratiou for rheuma
tism and de ' seated muscular pains
on the m rkef. ami cheerMillv recom-
men 1 it tothepubre. .Jno G. Brook-', I
dealer iii boots, shoes, etc., No 18
Main St,
; " ALSO read this.
Mechanics illk, St. Marv Co.. M l
I -old a boiile of Chamberlain's Pain
B dm to a man xvho had been sufler
ing xvith rheumatism for several years.
It made him a xvell Mian. A.J. Mc
Gill. For sale at 50 cents per bottle
at Cotter drugstore.
L. B.Clarke, Mohawk ; I) C. Roe
and J F Crouch of Palomas, candi
dates for political honors at. the recent,
election, have returned to their
Walter Tneall came down from the
Buena-Vista mine lo vole and return
ed Wednesday. Walter says the.
Buena Vista mine, is looming up in
fine shape.
When you ask Joe for r. Cigar get
The Pride of Yuma, at Jaeger's.
R. M Strauss, Snperintendfnt of
the Fori una mine, pissed throuuh
he e Wednesi'ay on his way to San
Francisco. The name train carried a
90 .00;) bar o'" grid the refiilts of a five
wee! s' run at his mine.
Althee Vo esti has commenced the
erecti-m of a 'ir?k b iii ling on First
stre a. near Main, xvhich xxill be used
xvlieu H is i -lie-1 ."or a bakery by Chsis.
Is especially true oMiood's Pills, for nomedi-!
cine ever contaiued so great curatix-e power In !
so small space. They arc a xx-holo medicine
clisst, alxx'ays ready, al
ways efficient, alxx-ays sat
isfactory; prevent a cold
or fever, care all liver ills,
sick headache, jaundice, constipation, etc. 25c.
The only Pills to take with Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Tucson. A. T.,"NViv-4 Six precincts
in Tombstone, Bishee, -WiHeo';' Ben
son, St. David- and Boxxde 'gve .Smith
3S5, Doran 232, O'Ne'l, 221 Packard,
Wentxwn-th and Bradley are elected.
rtbLtiROK: -!JJ iv. 4 Doran's m-'jor-
ity oii'- xxith- I vxo:
'Irecine.ts to bear
from xvhid.h will give hiin ibout thirty
majority. 1 ' 5 '
TUCSOX, A. T., Nov 4. The entire
l i if . i . I ri . i .. I c.Sit.'u
riepii'Micaii uckki c unyn-n.
o 1 1 1 1 1 ii o
lril, "" '' ,
2ol). O'Neill poll-il about 2io.
I . . . .1
Pkkscott, No . 4 1 '.x lve precincts j
j Vavapai Colintv give O'Neill 237,
Dorm MS, Snith 131. Pr s-ott- pol
led 834. Tite count noxv stands,
b'N ni-lB S.niith 10?, Doran 107.
Globe,'1Nov. 4. Gila givi s O'Neill
a majority, Doran U9, Smith 176,
O'Nill 307; inconipletpv;
Williams, Nov. 4 Vote of Wil
liams: Doran 116.. Srnit'i 111, O'Neill
HALITY. H0L3H00K, Nov. 3. Doran just even
Four precincts s'ill out. Aspinw 11,
, - 1 1
SmithfScott, Frnby. Birbm. Jonjs
. y '
I A bieKson pr i"iiiiy lectr,y.
, i Late.i Dor.tn 4b, Smith 78, O Neill
Kingman, Nov. 4. Five principal
precincts in Mohave countv for Dele
gate to Ci nirress jiix-es O'Neill 184,
Smith 138, IDoriui 29; Council, Gad
ilis.' rep, 143, Lake. dent, 140; Assembly,
(Jo.van, dern . 12o, Russefl, rep,-;l!?.
In the county it is estimate 1 O'Neill
xvill luv 2 , Smith 2i0, Dorm
Gt.ldis 20J, Like 1JD, Risiell 100,
C)vau 2J).
Solomonville Nov. 4. -Graham
County xvith four.'Rm all Democratic
precincts t6 'hear from, gives Smith
737, Doran 245, O'Neill 220. The
entire Demo -ratio ticket is elected by
a heavv majority.
Clifton Clifton, Morenci. Dun
can.an 1 .Mat mil give Doran ll0,Smith.
Atlt O'XejU 97; - - v -:
Phoenix. Nox-. 6. The returns of
Maricopa county gix-e Smith, D. 1,308;
Doran, R , 9DI; O'Neill, P., (157.
Dispatches say that the entire
Democratic ticket of Graham county
is elected.
F-LoiiENCE Nov.. 6. returns from all
ire. iucts except tjiive sin ill ones are
in an I gix-e .M irk Smith 100 plurality
and th.; en-ire De n icr itie. cototv
j i'ket, m ij ritio ranging from 2v) to
120. The three prediio a ot-in will
not ch.ihge theiM fig iri.
Fads la Medicine.
There arelads in medicine as in
everything ids" au'tl a ' nev thing"
frequently sell for a short time i-imvly
because it is uexv. But in medicine,
as in nothing el e, the people dnihan 1
land will be satiried Only with positive,
j absolute merit. The fact that Hood's
har-ap'inll 1 has sfoo j its ground
'against all competition, an 1 its sales
have never w-.-vered hut have remained
steadilv at the top, demonstrates, be
xoii'i any doubt, the intrinsic virtues
of this me ;icinM. The new things
have come an I gone but -Hood's Sar
8-pariHa rests upon t':e solid iiin bi
tion of ah-olute ' merit; and it's power
to cure, an I its sals continue to be
tlu largest in the xvnrld.
The annual meeting of the Arizona
Agricultural Afl3oci$ti'in..will be held
in Phnenuc:oriHne'i:0th and 21st of
this month? The Agricultural Asso-
jej ni"u was trgani. d, as you remem
ber, about a year ago and two meet
ings of the eharactt r of firnters, in
stitutes xvere In-Id, both of xvhich xvere
very success til It is e.xpected that
the. forthcoming meeting xvill be even
more important than either of-4 h-jse.
The program is a varied one; -the pa
. . 1
pers and ad resses to b6
present' a
co-eriiig many nf the "most imp irtant
topic.-, connected x'th the, various
branches of agrfcnlture, horticult ire,
fruit gr xx-ing bee keeping, etc. The
exercises xill consist, as heretofor e of
papera and addresses folloxved by a
general discussion upon the particu
lar topic presented. A? last year, the
member nf the Experiment S'ation
staff of the Unix-ersity of Arizona
xvill he over from Tucson and part
icipate in the general exercises' pre
senting addresses and entering into
the discussion. Quite a,; number of
specialists in the various agricultural
b am-h'-s have psroTiiised papers and
a very intereiiAg and instructive pro
gram is. afes'ored At this meeting
the genoral election of otlicera for
the ensiling year xvill take place.
For Over Fifty Yefir
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for over fifty years by mil
lions of mother fqr their children
; while teething, xvith perfect success.
Il "'-''S the child, "so"; tens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind 'cc;t:c' and
is lite best reme.lv "for'Liarrhaea. It
xvill relieve the ponV'litVle sufferer im
mediately. : Solxt by 'Druggists in every
part of the Wprl 1. Twenty-five cents
a bcttiK' Be sure and ask for ''Mrs.
WuiBbuv' Soothihg Syrup," and take
no other kind.
Yellowstone antl.Castlt
the "Ruby."
Whiskies at
The cnclent story-tellers, no doubt, -be-IJeved
the. infant Hercnles inherited his
wonderful pqake-'strangling powers from hiij
fjfhiT but 'tandem 'science shows that ilS
baby's 'strength depends largely on the-.
moiner s xieann ax ine ume luc uauy is.
born. ' v-
To bestow a strong and rugged constitu-V
lint- littt. nnt 1 TrCTnfi V(. TT1 rf Tt Pf
shdirld fortify her own health and strength
i ,,, TOArif..i i.ui, vt.;m.T- .vr
wiiii ui. jritittc s javuiiic xicsliiuiiuu. aw
and gives power and tone to tlfe talfe.
Taken early during the expectant period..
itenables her to meet her time of trial witlj
s.o.nof body and cheerful mind. It short
ens 'confinement : relieves labor of all its
dangerVand most of its pain, and promotes
the secfettoa of healthy nourishment ran
the child.
There is no q(h.ejr jsgdicine equal to it in,-.
nerve-building power.. It is the only rcmV
edy of its kind probated by a regular
ly graduated, experie;oC;rrpKysiciauv To
woman should risk her .health by fesoit--tng
to any preparation compounded by a
mere nurse or other unsciejitjgc, ' unedu
cated person.
Women would save themselves and tiek'
.families from mcch unnecessary sickness
by1 obtaining and reading a copy of Dr!
iettp's'frec book. "The People's Commoft
Sense'JNiedical Adviser," a thousand -pae
volume, explajr.Ii.g human physiology in
clear and intertjng language, and givfnj
many suggestions. an4 receipts for home
treatment of common 'ailments ; with over
three hundred illustrations .and colored
plates. It will be sent absolutely free on
receipt of twenty -brie cents in"1 oe-cejjtl
stamps to pay tJic cost or mailmg" only.'
Address, World's Dispensary. Medical As-;
sociation. No. Main Street. Buffalo, N. Y..
If a -handsome cliuthbduffd'embossed bind-,
ing is desired, send ten cents extra, (thirty
one cents in all) to pay the fiddjtional
expense of this handsome cover. " ""is;-.
Chas. M. St. Clair, the King of the
Arr,-.;4.he Flying trapeeze, low Spanish,
and Contortionist, will gix-e a free ex
hibition this evening, sjt jT:3Q o'clock
on the corner of Second and-Main.
streets. Come e.-erybody anjee"3 thet
xvonderful performer. It wiircet you.
nothing. '
If y u've got bad blood in you take
Simmons Liver Regulator and get
ri I ni it. It's a wonderfully good
medicine for Malaria and Chilb. fJk
have taken Simmons Liver Rpgulalo'r
especially in the Spring and Fall, and
found it the best remedy. I know of
no wax'- lo benefit people more th.U
by putting Simmons-lver Regulator
into their Ivan-Is."-N. N. Shepard,
Coolu'iiVon," Pa. '
Ira Butfum, an old Mexican and
Civil xvar veteran, arrived here Friday '
night an i is spend! ngthe day in town.,
He leaves to-night for '-hi old home
at Pa lorn as. ..
The Miner's Exchange keeps the
'iggest gla .ea and the coolesfc beer in
Joh'n Wright, the next district afy
j tornfcy of Yuma county, left Tuesday;
' evening on a visit to his home in Tuc
-on. We ire pleaserl- to state tha$
his hed'h xva f,:mprcv"ingi shen . he
sta rted .for his horned' "'
When you are m town, trj.
Taeger's Gin and wines.
Con Cronin the Democratic candi
date for Recorder run fifty x'otes ahead
of his ticket for that office.
Limes for sale at this dfilce. JEighfe
cents per dozen.
If yo-ir cbil.lren are subject to croup
xvatcu for the first symptom of the dis
ease' Mioarm-Bs. -If Chamberlain
Cough Remedy is gix-cn as soon as the
child tiecomes hoarse it will prevent
the attack. Ex'en after the croupy
co :gh has appeared the attack can al
ways be prevented by gixdng this
remedy. It is also inx-aluahle for
cold. and xvhoopiug cough. ' For sale
at' Cotter's rug store. ,
Marvelous Results.
From a letter xvritten by Rev. J.
G ndt-rman, of Ditiiotnlale Mich., we
are permitted to make this- extract:
'I h ive no he-itation inr-recommend--ing
Dr, King's New .discovery, as thp
moults ver&-almost, marvelous in the
case of my xvi e. While I xvas pastor
ii the Baptist Church at Rixes Junc-
t on she xvas brought down with
Pneumonia succeeding La Grippe.
T.-rrible. naroxx-sms of coutrhinc xvould
1 . l,OMra Jnm.r.ml'.'ftn' on'rl
it seemetl as if she could nnt?j$;urix'e
them. A friend recorjTjmended Dr.
King's Nexv Disco very.";ut- was quick in.
it tvork and highly satis actorv re;
sulis." Trial .bottles free at W. T.
Gomler tfe Co.'S-finig Store. Regul?,r
size 50c. and JH1.00.
A frame house and lot for sale on
Orange ami First a.Tehue. Enquire
of Dionicio Sanchez 'or the Sentinel
Office. j
Buckoh's Arntca salve
The Best Salve in the xvorld for Cut
Bruises, -Sores, Ulcers, Rheum, Fever Sorca
Tfitter, Chapped Hinds, Chilbrains Corns
and all Skin Eruptions, and positix-ely cure
Piles or no pay required. It is guarrauteed
to give perfect satisfaction qr money ro
unded. .Price 2o cents' pef 'rnt. " '
For Sa'le bxr. 'Gtimler & Co.
FRANK REjUbG Proprifcor.
i Dealers in
Main Street

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