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The Arizona sentinel. [volume] (Arizona City [Yuma], Yuma County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1872-1911, September 12, 1900, Image 1

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Independent in All Things.
A Mexican Woman Pound in Bed
With Her Skull Crushed.
At 5 O'clock this Mornlng--She had
Evidently-Been Dead Several
About 5 o'clock this morning a Mex
ican woman, known as Fermina Ochoa,
was found dead in bed in a house in the
Rinoon district; the body being cold,
death having occurred several hours
before The skull near the right tem
ple was crushed, the face bruised and
the eyes blackened, and marks on the
throat evidenced that she had also
been choked and strangled in her death
The dead woman was very well
known in and around Yuma and the
mining camps adjacent, where for a
long time she has made a living selling
tamales and the like of Mexican dishes.
She had but just come into town yes
terday from La Fortuna, and it is sup
posed was murdered by her male
companion, a Mexican named Guillermo
Lisalda, as a belt, pocket book and
memorandum book belonging to him
were found in the bed with the dead
Txdy. In the bed was also a sack with
a cord attached, which the woman is
said to have worn around her neck.
Those who know something of her
habits say that she" carried money in
this sack. When found it Vas empty,
so that the inference is that the-motive-for
the murder was robbery.
The supposed murderer, Lisalda, is
missing and is thought to have left
town on last night's train. Officers are
now in search of him, but so far they
have not discovered the direction of
his flight.
The case is now being investigated
before a coroner's jury, and as we go
to press, learn that the, coroner's jury
has adjourned till tomorrow morning.
Democratic Ticket.
On Saturday the 8th inst the demo
crats of Yuma county met in convention
and nominated the following ticket: .
For Councilman E. S. Ives;. As
sembly J. E. Crouch; Sheriff Gus
Livingston; Treasurer D. L. DeVane;
Recorder C. P. Cronin; Probate judge
Ralph Jacobs; District attorney W.
F. Timmins; Supervisors J. C. DeWitt
and Thomas Underhill.
Justice of the Peace, Yuma Precinct:
Fred Fredley, W. L. Reiff.
Constable, Yuma precinct "Will Des
pairi, Jake Meadows.
Delegates to the territorial conven
tion at Phoenix E. S. Ives, M. J.
Nugent, S. B. Hinds, M. Winsor, Sr.,
J. E. Devine.
Fire Department Ball.
The members of the fire department
are making preparations for their sec
ond annual hall, which will take place
on the evenjng of Sept. 24th. This will
be the opening ball of the season, and
the committee of arrangements will
make every possible effort to make it
a most successful and enjoyable affair.
Members of the department will attend
in their new uniforms, and all will be
merry as a marriage bell.
Yellowstone and Monogram whiskies
at The Ruby.
Supervisor Underhill is the happy
father of a baby girl.
Mrs. Frank Webster returned from
the coast Monday night.
The Sentinel always remembers its
friends and its enemies, also.
Fine fancy fans, Japanese fans, and
all kinds of fans at Sam Lung's grocery
Dr. Cotter returned last Saturday
night froma ten days trip to San Jose
and San Francisco.
Mrs. Alderson and family have re
turned from the coast where they have
spent the summer.
Judge Lee, who was a delegate to the
late democratic county convention, re
turned to his home Sunday evening.
Thos. Fitch, Jr., son of the "silver
tongued orator," is under arrest at
Stockton for embezzlement in a grain
deal at Bakersfleld.
Mrs. Bailey invites the ladies and
gentlemen of Yuma to an informal re
ception, and exhihit of her paintings,
on Tuesday of next week from 2 to 6.
Go to Geo. Paxton's store and get all
kinds of fruit, vegetables, cigars, to
bacco, bread, cakes,, pies, etc.
Quick ales and small profits is my
motto. $
M. J. Nugent, of King of Arizona,
was a delegate to the dembcratic con
vention in Yuma last Saturday Mike
got his man in, and is correspondingly
At the late Republican Convention
hxPhoenix, there was quite a skirmish
in selecting the delegates to the terri
torial convention. The Akers faction
won out, electing all their delegates.
Mrs. I. Levy and her little daughter
Eva, arrived in Yuma last Thursday
from Los Angeles. She is here to set
tle up the affairs of the estate of her
late husband, Isaac Levy.
Matt Perry of Gila City was in town
today. His many friends will he pleas
ed to learn that he is about to make a
sale of some valuable mining property.
Matt is one our pioneer citizens and is
thoroughly reliable and honorable in
all his dealings.
F. Doyle, the tailor, is now located in
the building at the corner of First and
Main sts. Mr. Doyle is a first-class
tailor, thoroughlyreliable, and all who
patronize him are sure to be satisfied.
Wouldn't it be well for officials in
high position in this territory to keep
their hands off local party politics? It
is hardly necesssary to ask such a ques-1
tion; it would seem that men in power
who profess to have the interests of
their party at heart would not need any
warning, or even a suggestion in such
a matter.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kinsler mourn
the loss of their little girl, Irene, aged
about two years, who died last Monday
evening. The cause of her death, we
believe, was some kind of fever. Mr.
and Mrs. Kinsler have the sincere sym
pathy of their many friends in their sad
Hon. J. H. Carpenter returned from
Tucson this morning where he has been
in company with Mr. Pelam, Mr. Lake
and Mr. Codevise, prominent mining
men from New York. These parties
have heen examining some copper
claims operated by Capt. Burgess. The
mines are situated seven miles east of
Oracle on the north slope of Santa Cat
alina mountains, in Pima county.
Such was Verdict by Coroner's Jury
In the Case of Louis Lelvas, who
Killed "Mascorro" at
La Fortuna.
Last Saturday night at La Fortuna
Louis Leivas shot and killed a Mexi-t
can, commonly called "Mascorro." The
shooting was the culmination of a for
mer quarrel, and the coroner's jury
returned a verdict acquitting young
Leivas, as the evidence showed beyond
doubt that he killed "Mascorro'1 in
Louis Leivas is a young man about
22 years of age, and his parents reside
in Yuma, where Louis was born and
has lived all his life. He was not
quarrelsome and always bore a good
reputation. It came out in the testi
mony that "Mascorro" had threatened
to kill the young man, and was only
prevented from doing so by the latter
being able to shoot first.
"Mascorro" on the other hand had
the reputation of being quarrelsome
and the circumstances show that the
reputation was not undeserved.
Abe Frank has announced himself as
a candidate for the office of probate
judge, subject to the action of the re'
publican county convention. Mr. Frank
is too well-known in Yuma county to
.need an introduction. He. has Jived
here over thirty years, and is known
to every man, woman and child in the
county. He is a whole-souled,kind heart
ed, liberal man and his name upon the
ticket carries with it a tower of
Mr. L. W. Bishop, a delegate from
Cibola to the Democratic convention in
Yuma last Saturday, made this office
an agreeable call while here. Mr.
Bishop is an old newspaper man and
printer. He came from San Diego to
this county, but formerly owned and
edited the Sunner County (Kansas)
Press, one of the best country papers in
the Sunflower State.
Mr. F. L. Bayley, who as been the
efficient manager of Dr. Cotter's drug
store for about a year, left Yuma last
Sunday night for La Colorada, Mexico,
where he will go into business on his
own account. Mr. Bayley is a very
pleasant gentleman and while in Yuma
made many fsiends who wish him well
in his new location.
The County Repuhlican Central Com
mittee met at the court house, Wednes
day, Sept. 5th, and selected the follow
ing delegates to the Territorial Con
vention which convenes, at Phoenix on
the 24th inst. Miles Archibald, John
Doan, R. S. Hatch, J. H. Carpenter,
Ira Smith, L. J. F. Iaeger, Dr. G. W.
Col. Geo. W. Norton, mayor of
Mohawk was in Yuma yesterday, and
left for home on last-night's train. He
gives us the pleasing information that
he has secured sufficient funds to com
plete the wagon road from Mohawk,
King of Arizona, to Tyson's Wells. This
will be very beneficial to Yuma as it
will divert the trade of that flourish
ing mining section through which the
road passes to Yuma, all of which now
goes to Congress.
John Gandolfo and his friend Carlos
Servantes came in on last night's train
from California. Mr. Servantes is a
merchant of Sonoita, Sonora. He
leaves to night for his home.
Of the Mexican Independence Day-'
Three Days of Patriotic Enthu
siasmSept. 15, 16 and 17.
The Program. .
The Mexicans of this section will
begin the celebration ' of their inde
pendence day on Saturday of this week.
This celebration is to the Mexicans :
what the 4th of July is to Amer
icans, as it is the anniversary of the
independence of the Republic of Mex
ico, and is revered by them as our
independence day is by patriotic Amer
ican citizens. The celebration will
last three days, and will be held in the
public school house square, beginning
Saturday, Sept. 15th. The program is
as follows:
Sept. 15. Music by band and reading
of the declaration of independence by
J. L. Redondo; speaking by Ygnacio
Molina and Louis Ramirez.
Sept. 16. Salute of 21 guns in the
morning; attend mass at 8:30 a. m.;
grand parade ( at 5 p. m. ) of La Junta
Patriotica club of Yuma, States ol'
Mexico represented by a number otl
little girls dressed in appropriate j
colors; fire department will appear for
first time in new uniforms; citizens in,
carriages and a-foot.
After the parade there will be speak
ing by the orators of the day, Pierce
Evans and P. S. Ramirez, followed by.
Miguel Monroy, M. D. DeVane, Miss
Rita De la Osa; recitation in English?
by Miss Artemisa Molina.
Sept. 17. Grand reception and ball
at the new Gandolfo building, corner of
Main and Second streets.
Harry McPhaul has authorized the
Sentinel to announce his name as a
candidate for sheriff. Harry's acquaint
ance is extensive throughout the terri-'
tory, having for years been a peace
officer, and he is known as a -most cap
able and fearless officer. If nominated"
there is absolutely no question of his
Pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Be
publican Central Committee of Yuma County
September 5, at a meeting of the committee,
called for that purpose, the Republicans of
Yuma county are hereby called to meet in dele
gate convention, at the County Court House,
Yuma, Arizona, September 29, 1900, at 2 o'clock
p. m., for the purpose of nominating county of
ficers, the selection of a County Central Com
mittee and the transacting of any other business
that may come before said convention. .
The basis of representation shall be:
Yuma f 17
Ehrenburg l
Parker 1
Norton's Landing l
Toltec 1
Mohawk 1
Texas Hill 1
Blaisdell 1
Harrisburg ... 4
Bonanza 1
Gila City 1
Tysons Wells 2
Fortuna - 3
Summerton 1
Laguna 1
Cibola a f
King of Arizona 1
The primaries for the selection of delegates, to
the county convention shall be held on Saturday,
September 15, 1900.
The polls shall be open, at the court house,
from 2 p. m., to 5 p. m., in Yuma. Precinct out
side of Yuma shall elect delegates by mass meet
ings or primaries at such places as may be
deemed best or most convenient.
The test of the right to vote shall be: "Are
you a Republican? Do you reside in the precinct
In which you offer to vote?"
The chairman and secretary of the Central
Committee shall appoint the officers for the
primary election in the Yuma precinct.
All proxies in the convention must be held by
regularly elected delegates.
R. S. HATCH, Chairman.
M. O. ARCHIBALD, Secretary.
For Probate Judge.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the office of Probate Judge, subject to the de
cision of the republican county convention.
P. Frank.
For Sheriff.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the office of Sheriff, subject to the will of the
republican county convention,
H. H. McPhaul.

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