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Independent in All Tljjngs.
NO. 45
A Great CelebrationPublished Pro
gram Practically Carried Out.
The ninetieth anniversary of the in
dependence of the repuhlic of Mexico
was celebrated this year in Yuma with
greater pomp and grandeur than ever
before. The Mexican-Americans of
Yuma had been preparing for this oc
casion for a long time. The anniver
sary comes on the lGth of September,
but preparations were made for a three
days' celebration the loth, l(5th and
La Junta Patriotica Mexicana had
charge of the rendering of the program,
which" they carried through with honor
to themselves, for they made a perfect
success of the whole aifair and too much
credit cannot be given those who had
charge of the celebration for their tire
less efforts for the pleasure and enjoy
ment of everyone.
The first day's program was rather i
short. The forenoon was spent in
church services: also in the evening
La Junta Patriotica Mexicana marched '
to the church, where Father Durand
delivered a patriotic address. Dick i
Ronstead's juvenile band from Gila ;
Bend rendered a few selections in the j
church during the progress of the eve- ! xxie Mexican national nymn was sung . be has not yet been decided,
tung services. At 7 -p. m. all marched ' by nineteen handsome young ladies, j Mr R.J.Duncan, trainmaster, whose
from the churciAo the school house, who were a11 dressed in whe and im" : headquarters is in Tucson, and Mr. C.
where the evening's program was con- , Pressed their hearers by the feeling and K Clark, roadmaster, with head
eluded. , force thev Put in the singing. , quarters at Gila Bend, have been in
The school house plaza and the front I
of the school building were beautifully
decorated. At the main entrance to
the plaza was an arch entwined with
the Mexican National colors, with
"Old Glory floating directly over it.
The arch was also dotted here and
there with electric lights, producing a coum ,De Qesirea-n was nne.
beautiful effect. n Pint f attendance this was the
Passing through the arch brought reatest hall ever given in Yuma, and
one directiv in front of the school the amply dimensions of the hall, easily
house, but the front of the building had accommodated the large crowd corn
undergone such a transformation that '. frtaDly-
.-i,.. n -i Both the celebration and ball will
oTnize it S i ZnnZl would hirdl v
sfspect ozttilnJ
adrated for tL ocfon Elec
trie lights were everywhere and all ar-
tistically arranged. The front veranda
was transformed into as neat and bright
a stage as any artistic fancy could have !
conceived. The background was '
draped with two large flags one the !
Stars and Stripes with & picture of i
George Washington in the center, the j
other that of the Mexican republic, I
with Miguel Hidalgo y Castilla's por-
trait in the center of it. Everything
was tastefully and harmoniously ar-
ranged, and the effect was pleasing to
the eye.
At 8 o'clock the exercises of the even
ing was begun. The first was music by
the band. .
J. L.
Redondo, master of ceremonies
introduced the speakers of the evening.
First was the reading of the Declara
tion of Independence by Eduardo Arios
Messrs. Y. L. Molina and Luis Kamirez
were the speakers. Both young men
proved themselves to be able and
patriotic orators and were applauded
very heartily.
The second day, Sunday, the 16th, was
the star day. The forenoon was devot
ed to church services.
At Ave p. m. the procession formed
in front of the school house, and paraded
the full length of Main street and
returned. The order of parade was as
The parade-was led by J. M. Speese
and Ramon Gallego as color bearers,
holding aloft the flags of the two sister
Republics. Followed by La Junta Pa-
triotica Mexicana. Then followed the
Gila Bend Juvenile band,
The first float bore the Queen of the
Montezumas and the Goddess of Liberty
and their attendants. The second float
was loaded with little girls in costume
holding banners representing the dif
ferent states of Mexico. Then came
the Yuma Fire Department, followed
by the Mayor and council in carriages;
citizens mounted and in carriages bring-
t ing up the rear.
Ramon Villa as marshal of the day,
deserves great commendation for his
able conduct of affairs.
At 8 p. m., Master of Ceremonies J.
L. Redondo, started the evening enter
tainment at the school house.
Among the principal speakers were
Miguel and Manuel Monroy, M. B.
DeVane, Pierce Evans A. Contreras J.
M. Venegas and Pablo Ramirez.
Miss Rita de la Ossa delivered an
oration which captivated her hearers
and brought liberal cheers.
Miss Artemisa Molina was than in
troduced, and delivered a patriotic re
citation in English entitled "The
Voyage." She is a handsome
lady and a pleasing speaker.
Lne Ddn PuveQ a selection aiter
! each number,
On the evening of the 17th the grand
ball was given in the new Gandolfo
The music was furnished by Prof.
Apolonio's orchestra, and was all that
lonS be remembered as one of the great j
events in Yuma-both in point of plea- !
sure and an exhibition of patriotism. j
To be made by the S. P. Railroad Co.,
at Yuma Capacity of Yards will be
Greatly Increased Double Track on
nadison Ave. to First Street Fine
new Caboose Shed to be Built Other
The best evidence in the world of the
prosperity of any section of the country
is where the railroads are doing a good j
business; where traffic is light employes i
are discharged .or laid off and the time
of those retained is cut down, and a j
general curtailing of expenses inaug-!
urated all indicative of financial de-
pression and dull times. When business
is good with the railroads, more men
are employed, many of them work
extra time new rolling stock is put on,
new rails and ties laid, road bed, put in
better condition, and capacity for
handling traffic materially increased.
Now as to our own city of Yuma, the
country tributary to it and the South
ern Pacific Railroad Company. Busi
ness is good in Yuma and trade is
increasing, and the whole surrounding
country is prosperous. The S. P. Com
pony shares in this prosperity and their
traffic has increased to such an extent
that they are compelled to greatly en-
I large their facilities for handling the
business at this point. Following are
some of the improvements they are
! going to make in fact have already
j begun:
The capacity of the yards will be
more than quarupled, in doing which
the company will expend over $50,000.
The caboose sheds will be moved east
nearer the lumber yard, and a large
addition will be built.
Freight house will be moved further
north, and materially enlarged.
Several additional side tracks will be
put in.
A double track will be laid on Mad
ison Avenue to a point a little north
of First street. This work will be first
class in every particular. The" heaviest
steel rails, and the best ties to - be pro
curred will be used; the street will be
paved in a first-class manner with Gila
City gravel, and the track laid flush
with the surface, so as to furnish no
obstruction to vehicles in the slightest
i degree. The company, will also furnish
all of the gravel necessary 'to the city
1 free of cost for the purpose of grading
, First street Avest from the railroad over
the hill .
I A number of other important im -
, provements will be made in the east
! end of the yard, but iust what the v will
, Yuma recently conferringwith property
owners regarding rignt or way
regarding right of wav and !
other previleges, and everything was
satisfactorily arranged, so that the work
will proceed to a finish without any
i j The big dredger went up the river to
; Shorey has just received a new line j the Pot Holes last Sunday to beginA
! of Ralston Health Foods. ' operations.
i Fine fancy fans. Japanese fans, and i Miss Alma Kerns has been employ ed"
; all kinds of fans at Sam Lung's grocery by the school board of the Yuma dis
I store. ' trict as teacher in the Grammar depart-
John Stoffella returned last Saturday
m Los Angeles, where he had been j
on business.
Henry Wolff, importer and jobber of !
diamonds, was doing business in x uma I Jl. b. Young, a well-known architect
j the first of the week. I 0f LoS Angeles, arrived in Yuma Sun-
! Al Galpin came down from Phoenix ; day night. Ha is here on business
! this morning to assume his duties as a ' Mr. Young was the architect of the
i guard at the prison. I
You like rolled wheat for breakfast. 1
Shorey has just received a fresh supply ;
in bulk 4 pounds for 25c. j
Attorney P. T. Robertson returned I;
from a visit to Pasadena Saturday. 1
Mrs. Miles Archibald returned Sat-,
urday from California, where she spent
the summer, very much improved in ;
Mrs. Herhert Brown and her daugh- j
ter Zelba and son Herbert returned on
Friday night's train from California,
and will reside in Yuma this winter. ,
Go t0 Geo. Paxton's store and sret all
kinds of fruit, vegetables, cigars, to-1
bacco, bread, cakes,, pies, etc.l
Quick sales and small profits is mv !
! motto.
J. V. Coffey and wife were in attend
ance at the. grand ball Monday night.
Mr. Coffey is one of the trusted em
ployes of the Fortuna Mining Company,
and is stationed at Blaisdell.
District Attorney J. L. Brown and
wife came home Sunday night from
Los Angeles. Mrs. Brown has been at
the coast during the summer and re
turns much refreshed and invigorated.
Puts a Bullet Through His Heart
Ill Health the Cause.
Despondency over bad health, and
doubtless also because he was penniless
and without friends, drove H. C. Ryder
to lake his own life, in a little adobe
house on 4th street, between Main and
Gila last Saturday, about 2:15 p. m.
No shots were heard, but shortly
after two o'clock smoke wasseen issu-.-ing
from the doors and windows of theJ
house and quite a number of people
were attracted there by it.
Upon a bed in the center of the room-.-lay
the dead body of Ryder and along
side was an old-fashioned Colt's revol
ver, of large calibre. The bed-clothes
were ignited from the firing of the re
volver, and it was this that caused the
Upon examination it was found thatr
the bullet had entered the breast di
rectly over the" heart, going through,
the body and through both the bed and
the floor. Death must have followed
the shooting very quickly.
Coroner Werninger was early at the
; scene. He impaneled a jury and an
i inquest was held, the verdict being
! that death was self inflicted
Yuma, as he lived alone, and had been
here less than thirty days. He was
about 40 years old, and formerly lived
at Victor, Cal.
Only two dollars were found on his
person. In the room was a galvanic
battery and a package of old letters,
but nothing else,of any value.
The bodv was turned over to Under
taker Johnson for burial.
7 I 1 ri 1 ntiin-i.n -rT-i tit hlCln
at The Ruby.
The Yuma Fire .Department made a
fine appearance in their new uniforms.
ment. Miss Kerns comes to us with
the highest recommendations from the
superintendent of school at Los Angeles,
where she has taught several terms.
splendid Gandolfo block corner 1st and
Main and the fine Gandolfo building,
corner 2nd and Main,
A. Haines, proprietor of the popular
Haines barber shop, returned last week
from his summer trip to San Diego,
"Los Ansreles and San Francisco. Mr.
Haines reports that h"e had a jollyj gooa
fc. His ood.natured assistant Harry
MorriSt is now "inside," revelling in
etc., of California.
Dan Devore and wjfe were among
the visitors from Fortuna who attended
the ball Monday night. Mr. Devore
was elected a delegate from Fortuna to
the county Republican convention,
Devore's many friends are talking of
presenting him as a candidate before
the convention for supervisor. A bet
ter man could not be selected.
Mr. S. Darling, the Yuma jeweler,
returned last Saturday night from a
thirty days visit to San Francisco, Los
Angeles and San Diego. The trip was
prolific of much genuine pleasure to
Mr. Darling, as he met many old friends
whom he had not seen for a quarter of
a century, some of those were former
school mates, and his meeting with
them was an unexpected but most grati
fying and happy surprise.

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