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The Arizona sentinel. [volume] (Arizona City [Yuma], Yuma County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1872-1911, September 19, 1900, Image 2

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J. W. DORRINliTON, Publisher.
For Recorder.
I hereby announce my candidacy for the of
fice of Recorder of Yuma county, subject to the
action of the RepublicanCounty convention.
T. B. BELL,.
For Probate Judge.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the office of Probate Judge, subject to the de
islon of the republican county convention.
A. Frank.
For Sheriff.
I hereby announce myself as a candidate for
the office of Sheriff, subject to the will of the
republican county convention.
H. H. McPhaul.
For the Assembly.
The Sentinel is authorized to announce
John Doan as a candidate for the Assembly
from Yuma county, subject to -the will of the
Republican county convention.
Republican Territorial Convention.
Headquarters Republican Territorial
Centeral Committee.
Tucson, Arizona, August 22, 1900.
A convention of delegates of the Re
publican party of the Territory of Ari
zona is hereby called to meet in the City
of Phoenix, at 10 o'clock a. m., on Sep
tember 24, 1900, for the following pur
poses: 1st. The nomination of a delegate to
2d. The selection of a Territorial Re
publican Central Committee.
3d. The transaction of such other
business as may properly come before it.
The basis of representation will be one
delegate for each fifty votes and for
every fraction of voles over twe-ity five
caBt for Hon. Alex. O. Brodie for Dele
gate to Congress in November, 1898;
therefore, the representation will he as
follows :
County- Brodie Vote. No. Del.
Apache 264 5
Coconino 4(54 9
Cochise 648 13
Gile 383 8
Graham 521 10
Maricopa 1,743 35
Pima 641
Pinal 273
Santa Cruz .... 193
Yavapai 1,404
Yuma 343
Total number of delegates 147
Proxies will be, recognized only when
presented by a voter who is a lesident
oi the County from which the same is
All railroads have been asked to make
a reduced rate for this convention and
if no such rate is in force when delegates
leave for the convention they should
take receipts for money paid and the
matter can probably be arranged at
Phoenix for returning free.
A full attendance of delegates is earn
estly desired, as well as the presence of
representative Republicans from every
part of the Territory.
J. KNOX CORBETT, Chairman.
The election board for the primaries
last Saturday are dubbed "The Priest
Monte" Election Board.
The fine work of the new political
boss, the Mark Hanna of Yuma in
other works, the smooth and smiling
Ira Smith, was very much in evidence
at the primaries last Saturday.
The suggestion made by the Senti
nel regarding territorial officials med
dling in local politics does not appear
to have curbed the activity of said
officials in that line, judging by scenes
and incidents at the primaries last
During the month of August the
highest temperature reached in Yuma
was 106, on the 1st. That was the
hottest day in Phoenix also being one
degree higher there than in Yuma.
The mean temperature for the month
in Yuma was 85.2; in, Phoenix, 86.2.
The Sentinel gives this information
for the benefit of the Phoenix humor
ists who are wont to designate Yuma
and Hades as synonymous terms.
Has Left the Old Party.
x Col. Geo. "W. Norton was once a demo
crat; that was prior to the Kansas City
convention. The Colonel couldn't "go"
the platform. He couldn't stand for
Bryanism, and so, he is now a Repub
lican from top to bottom. He says he
is, in plain terms, and those who know
him will know that he means what he
says, and generally says what he means.
Col. Norton was complimented last
Saturday by his fellow Republicans
electing him a delegate to the county
Split in Two Smith and Wilson Both
Nominated for Delegate to
The assemblage of Arizona Demo
cracy, which gathered at Phoenix last
Wednesday for the purpose of nominat
ing a delegate to Congress resulted in
a complete and irreparable division of
the party, and the nomination of two
candidates Smith and Wilson.
It could hardly be called a conven
tion. A mob of excited and crazed
men wrangling, quarrelling, and split
into factions, each striving for suprema-
j cy, and the whole in charge of the
sheriff and city police force, who tried
in vain to preserve order and decency
could not be properly termed a con
vention. No claret was shed, but tons of "bad
blood" was engendered, rendering the
the election of a democratic delegate
among the inpossibilities.
The decision as to which is the reg
ular democratic nominee Mark Smith
or Col. Wilson will be rendered by
the courts.
This rending of the party of Bryan
leaves a clear and open way for repub
licans to elect their candidate for dele
gate; but members of the party should
not take any chances to lose though
over confidence. A good, clean, able
man, is sure to be elected.
With the next issue, Jept. 26, the
Sentinel will resume its normal size
and shape, and from that date on we
will not be compelled to abbreviate
news and other matters of more or less
importance, which has been.- necessary
since the fire which destroyed the
Sentinel plant. . We now have a com
plete new plant, the very best printing
material, and in a short time will be
able to do up-to-date job work at satis
factory prices. The presses are now
on the road and will be here next week,
when we will be in the field for your
job work.
Republican Primaries.
The Republicans of Yuma held their
primaries to elect delegates to the
county convention, last Saturday.
There was considerable good-natured
"scrapping" between the two factions,
each having a ticket in the field. The
"prison" ticket under the good general
ship of Assistant Supt. Ira Smith, won
by a healthy majority.
The delegates elected are as follows:
D. C. Rose, C. C. Dyer, V. R. Lantz,
Andy Greer, Cash Smith, James Gra
ham, Paul Moretti, Robert Tapia, W.
H. Lyon, Miles, Archibald, L. C. Stahl,
B. L. Meeden, Geo. M. Thurlow, Ira P.
Smith, Alex. Balsz, Geo. Bean,. R. S.
One of tbe ablest ( and one of the few
honest) members of the last legislature,
as well as one of the best known men
throughout the terrritory, is the Hon.
John Doan of Fortuna. Mr. Doan is a
candidate for re-election, and the an
nouncement of his candidacy for the
nomination as assemblyman appears
elsewhere. He is a man of unblemish
ed reputation and character. Although
a member of the most corrupt and in
competent legislature ever convened in
Arizona, the name of Mr. Doan escaped
untarnished, and his bitter fight against
the iniquitous poll tax law, proved his
interest and desire for equal rights and
welfare of the common people. If
nominated he will be elected, and will
serve his constituents well and honor
ably. Geo. Martin came over from Tucson
to participate in the celebration.
Jim Redondo has gone to Magdalena
and Altare, Sonora, on business con
nected with his father's estate.
Mrs. L. J. P. Iaeger, wife of the pro
prietor of the famous S. P. hotel, re
turned from a visit to Los Angeles last
Sunday night.
Sheriff Speese started on a trip yes
terday up the Gila, across the Har
qua Hala and around by Tyson's Wells,
to summon jurors and witnesses for the
term of district court which convenes
October 5.
Mrs. Mead arriyed Sunday night
frnm San Francisco 'to oversee the fln-
ishing touches on her new building be-
. rag put up on tne site oi me one ue
I stroyed by fire. The new building will
be larger and hetter than the old one.
! The Arizona Bakery is now located
. at fhe corner of Gila and First streets.
Edward Nelson, the proprietor, is a
; good practical baker and the products
of his bakery are of the choicest quali
t.v. onspnnpntlv deservedlv nonular.
Mr. Edwards' corrected advertisement
will appear next week.
Hon. M. J. Nugent returned from
Phoenix Sunday morning. He was a
delegate to the democratic convention.
Mike says it was about the warmest one
he ever attended. He was a Smith del
egate, and of course thinks his man will
be decided the legal nominee and get
the place on the regular democratic
A Mexican named E. Ortiz went to
Judge Thurlow Monday morning and
endeavored to have a warrant issued for
some party that had cut him with a
knife the night before. He was down
in the tenderloin district, drunk, and
got cut in the arm, but by whom he
couldn't tell. The wound is not serious.
No arrest was made.
We notice by the San Francisco pa
pers that Mrs. Alice M. Farmer, with
a number of other lady teachers, has
gone to the Philippine Islands to take
charge of schools there. Mrs. Farmer
is well known in Yuma, having lived
here when a little girl. She will be
better remembered by the older resi
dents as little May Cofer. She taught
a term of school at Mohawk three years
The large mercantile establishment
of E. F. Sanguinetti will in a short time
move from the present quarters which
have become cramped and inadequate
for the large and increasing business
to the splenpid new Gandolfo building,
corner of 2nd and Main streets. The
room to be occupied is one of the finest
and largest in Arizona. It is 128x150
feet in dimensions, finished in a first
class manner, and will doubtless meet
the requirements of the big store for
many prosperous years to come.
Advertised Letters.
T.ist, of lptters remaining unclaimed
j in Yuma P. O. Weeking ending Sept.
19, 1900.
Aba, Maria Laz Healey, Jose
Conn, Agnes Jones, S R Aliss.
Cruz, Luiza Pran'ca Leivas, Isabel
Duffy, George Orsua Justo
Fairchild, O. M. Ruiz, Mary
Saravia, Lorenso.
Persons calling for above letters will
say "advertised'.'
R. H. Chandler, P. M.
George Christy of Phoenix will be
Arizona's next delegate to congress.
Will Extend Its Line to Yuma and
on to the Coast.
From what seems to be good and re
liable authority comes the news that
the Rock Island railroad company will
most likely extend its line to the coast,
with San Diego as the southern termi
nal, in the near future.
The main line of the Rock Island
now stops at Liberal, in the southwest
corner of Kansas. Last year a new
line of road was completed from El
Paso northward to El Capitan, in the
coal fields of New Mexico. The Rock
Island is now extending from Liberal
to El Capitan in order to make connec
tions with this new line and so reach
the growing city of El Paso, junction
of the great through lines of Mexico.
This is the first link toward bringing the
road coastward. The next link is the
line now being constructed from Bisbee
to El Paso.
These lines completed will bring the
Rock Island System to Arizona. From
Bisbee the line will be extended west
ward to Yuma, and then, sooner or
later, on to, San Diego.
The above information comes from
high authority in railroad matters, and
if the plans as outlined, are carried out
will be of very great importance to
Arizona as well as to southern Cali
fornia. $50.00 Reward.
Sheriff Speese has offered a personal
reward of $50.00 for the apprehension
of Guillermo Lisalda, the Mexican who
murdered his mistress in the Rincon
district last Wednesday, but up to date
the reward has not been claimed.
Several clues have been investigated
by the sheriff, but none to a successful
conclusion, although there is not much
doubt of his eventual capture as the
sheriff and deputies are making an
intelligent and determined effort to
bring Lisalda to justice for his terrible
J crime.
I Deputy McPhaul Sunday night went
J to a Mexican camp down the river
i seven or eight, miles, as a report had
I reached the sheriff's office that a man
answering Lisalda's discription had got
something to eat there and soon after
The Citizen,published at Flint, Mich,
publishes from time to time extracts
from its files of thirty-five years ago.
In an issue of recent date is a men
tion of some of the army experiences
of our city marshal, George Miles,
written evidently by a comrade in the
service, who tells of George having
been taken prisoner at Lafayette, Ga.,
in 1864. The item calls up some tin
pleasant recollections to Mr. Miles of
time served in Andersonville prison.
The Sentinel was honored yester
day by a call from Mrs. Ada B. Milli
can, one of the teachers at the Yuma
Indian school. Mrs. Millican is an able
correspondent of several eastern news
papers and magazines and is a bright
ancl intelligent lady.
Shorey's for fresh candies.
In the Probate Court of the County of
Yuma, Territory of Arizona:
In the matter of the Estate of)
W. S. Moffatt Deceased, j
Notice is hereby triven that the 22d
day of September, 1900, at 10 o'clock a.
m. of said day, at the court room of said
court, at the Court House of Yuma
County and Territory ot Arizona, have
been appointed as the time and place
for proving the will of said W. S. Mof
fatt, deceased, and for hearing the ap
plication of John A Agard for the issu
ance of letters testamentary thereto.
Probate Judee and Ex-officio Clerk.'
(First publication Aug. 29, 1900:)

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