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The Arizona sentinel. [volume] (Arizona City [Yuma], Yuma County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1872-1911, September 19, 1900, Image 3

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Of the Proceedings of the
Board of Supervisors of
. Yuma County, Territory
of Arizona.
Continued from last week,.
Office of the Board of Su
pervisors of Yuma Coun
ty, Arizona.
Yuma, Arizona, July 14, 1900.
V Westf ail, listed 80 stock ''
cattle 88o oo
Chas P Yartin, assessed
with lots .7 and 8 in block
117 at-$loo for year 18$9
as the same escaped as
sessment for said year.
" At 12 m. the board took a recess
until 2 o'clock p. m. . : . .
The board met at 2 o'clock p.
Same members present.
Yuma Water & Light Co.,
listed fanning imple
ments 100 oo
Raised on electric light
line 25o oo
Listed iron pipe-line looo oo
David Balsz, reduced on
cold storage and fixtures 409 oo
At 4:15 the board adjourned to
meet at 10 o'clock a. m. July 16th
A. D. 1900.
P. G-. Cotter,
Chairman Board of Supervisors.
Attest: "W. E. Marvin,
Clerk Board of Supervisors.
Office of the Board of Su- )
pervisors, of Yuma Coun-
ty, Arizona. )
Yuma, Ariz., July 16 1900,
The board met pursuant to ad
journment. Roll called.
All members, assessor, sheriff,
(district attorney and clerk pres
ent. Minutes of tbe previous meet
ing read and approved.
" The following resolution was
offered by Supervisor C. V.
Meeden, to-wit:
, Yuma, Arizona,
i ..... July 16th, 1900.
Whereas, the King of Arizona
tMill and Mining Company, and
ithe King of Arizona Company,
lis and has been assessed by Mul
ford Winsor, assessor of Yuma
.county for the year of 1900, for
the sum of $21, 500. 00, and whereas
i ample evidence exists, that more
than one hundred thousand dol
lars, was expended for mill, ma
chinery, pump, tanks and other
improvements. Therefore be it,
Resolved that the assessment
of the King of Arizona Mining
and Milling Company, and the
King of Arizona Company, be
and are hereby raised, from
21,500.00 to 40,000.00 dollars.
The board then invited Super
visor Meeden to submit any
evidence sustaining his resolu
tion, but he declined to do so.
The Board proceeded to in
vestigate the subject matter of
the above resolution and sum
moned S. W. Darling and Frank
Guerra before the Board, their
testimony together with that of
the assessor was heard and evid
ence is ample that the assessment
of $21,500.00 is sufficient, - and it
is ordered that the assessment
stand as made by the assessor,
Supervisor C. V.- Meeden voting
no. - ; ' -v
It appearing to the Board that
the raise on the stock of goods
assessed to WT,IIeffernan is ex
cessive, the same is stricken off.
At 12 m. the board took a re
cess until 2 p'clqckp, m.. , ...
The board met at 2 o'clock p.
Same members present.
The board continued, to equal
ize assessments as follows, to-
wit: ,
George M. Thurlbw appearing
before the board and showing
that the assessment made on im
provements on lot 7 block115,
and on watch is excessive, the
improvements reduced $80.00;
watch $4.00.
J W-Dorrington, reduced
on improvements on part
lot 17, block 7 $100 00
Reduced on improvements
on lot 2 block 14 100 00
V WestfalL appearing before
the board and stating that his as
sessment of 20 stock cattle pover
ed the entire number, the raise
of 80 head was stricken from the
W. J. Dunne, raised on im
provements on lot 1,
block 97 100 00
At 4 p. m. the board adjourned
to meet at 10 o'clock a. m. July
17th, A. D. 1900
P. G. Cotter,
Chairman Board of Supervisors.
Attest: W. E. Marvin,
Clerk Board of Supervisors.
The following marriage notices were
handed in by Probate Judge Frank :
Mr. Wilf ord Darling and Miss Fanny
Esselstyn, both of Los Angeles. Sep
tember 7. r
Mr. Laureston D. Johnston and Miss
Tiliha M. Owens, all of West Yuma.
September 9." '
Mr. Edward S. Cobb and Miss Lillie
May Rowell, both, of Los Angeles.
Septemher 10.
To the people of Yuma and vicinity:
Anyhody .in need of ice and whom our
wagon can not call regularly, or who
lives beyond the outskirts of the town,
can be supplied with ice in quantity
hetween the hours of 4 a. m. and 8 p.
m- at the rate of half a cent per pound
at the door of our ice factory, and we
will be pleased to wait on our custom
ers during the above hours.
Yours truly,
Yuma Ice Co.
per Geo. Geisler.
To our Customers :
Commencing June 1st our price on ice
to our patrons has been and still contin
ues to be one-half cent per pound.
EwiNG & Poole.
L. M. Austraw, a painter from Phoe
nix, is painting the new Indian school
building across the river.
Pay your poll tax, register, and then
damn the man who voted to put such an
outrageous law upon the statute books.
Wrought Iron
Pipe and Fittings, S
Dokku r wrt
Smooth. Wire, W
' " Wholesale, n
ggs minis, vriis,' rar OJW
Sash Doors;
Cgp Blinds;
$k Window Cords
t and ' "
Weights. '
Cement, Lime,
Hair, Plaster, Etc M
The .Celebrated
Bain , Wagons,
Buckeye Mowers,
Tiger Hay Rakes.
' Sole Agent in Yuma County for
Baker 8 Hamilton, Los Anoetes.
Hay and Grain
Bought and Sold. Yuma, Arizona.
Phoenix Restaurant
JThe Phoenix Restaurant has-i
been moved to the new Gan-a
dolfo Block, where you cani
get one of the Best 25-cent
Meals you ever ate. : : :
Oysters, Fish and Game
'Can be had In season.
Tbje Gem
m C. V. Meeden, Main Street.
!P Prop.
5. -. ....
gugoice wines, Liquors
. arid Cigars.
-Everything First Cluj In every respect!'
And at Popular Prices. G C C G tj
Eat Your Meals at the
t (afifornia Restaurant
t Tom DucR & Co., Proprietor.
Good Cooks, Attentive, Obliging
Waiters, First Class Fare.
Fresh oysters served in any style
Fish and Game in season.
T Meals 25, 35 and 50 cents. Board
y by the week, $5, $6 and $7.
f Cor. Main and Second Streets.
Emilio Venegas, an old-time printer
on the Sentinel was in Yuma on a
visit Monday. He is employed with
the Gold Cross Mining Company.
What's the matter with the Prescott
papers? We haven't received a copy
of either since the big fire up there.
Tire Yuma Lumber
F, L. Ewino,
Wholesale, rnd Retail
and Building Hardware.
uION Jc3 0vI3PV5 Y
Kuwhforcl Wagons
In the Halderman Case by the Depart
ment of Justice.
It will be remembered that on Or
about the first of August the Halder
man case, in which the friends of the
Haldermans made a grea effort to in
duce Acting Governor Chas. Akers to
commute the sentence of those boys
from death to life imprisonment; or,;,
failing in that, to get him to grant
them a respite of thirty or sixty days.
Mr. Akers gave several days to a hear
ing, and after considering the case in.,
all the details, during which time al-"
leged new evidence and every influence
both inside and outside the .territory
was brought to bear upon him, he
decided there was nothing to justify
him in granting executive clemency.
He therefore decided not to interfere
with the decisions of the court but al
lowed the judgment to stand. An ap
peal was taken to the president. . The
case was urgent, for unless a reprieve
or stay of sentence was granted, the
Haldermans would hang on the 10th
of August. The president had no time
to investigate, and therefore granted
a reprieve until October 5, 1900. Since,
then all the papers in the case that
were submitted to Gov. Akers were
laid before the attorney general and.
the president. These documents have
been given a most careful examination
and today Secretary Akers received
from the department of justice a com
munication informing him that his de
cision had been fully approved. This
is a complete vindication of the course
of Secretary Akers in the matter and
of course has convinced the president
that Mr. Akers is a man who can be
trusted to do what is right. Gazette.
The Old Clock.
As an evidence of the disorganizing
effects of thelate democratic convention,
the staid, virtuous old town clock on
the dome of the court house yesterday
deliberately and with malicious intent,
struck thirteen at one o'clock. That
old time piece has done duty up in mid
air for many years. It has witnesse4
floods, plaza meetings, changes in Ari
zona's governors, and various other
calamities, but always was true to the
people of Maricopa county. But yestei
day the deviltry of the territorial demo
cracy was more than it could stand and
the old jade got dizzy and went out
on a strike and hammered out thirteen
o'clock. Gazette.
Still More Counterfeiting.
The Secret Service has unearthed an
other band of counterfeiters and secured
a large quantity of bogus bills, which
are so cleverly executed that the aver
age person would never suspect them of
being spurious. Things of great value
are always selected by counterfeiters for
imitation, notably the celebrated Hos
tetter's Stomach Bitters, which has
many imitators but no equals for indi
gestion, dyspepsia, constipation,' ner
vousness and general debility. The
Bitters sets things right in the stomach,
and when the stomach is in good order
it makes good blood and plenty of it.
In this manner the Bitters get at tbe
seat ot strength and vitality, and restore
vigor to the weak and debilitated. Be
ware of counterfeits when buying.
King of Arizona Mines now has tri
weekly mail service via Mohawk, which
the people up there very much appre
ciate, havieg heretofore had no mail
service whatever.
Dr. Greenleaf returned on Saturday
night's train from Oceanside, where he
spent the summer. He is much im
proved in health.

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