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Arizona Sentinel.
Tor the week ending Tuesday, February -8, IW.
YWA,AltI7.0N.. Feb. 2S, HH!1.
Rotative Tcnipcra
JStii'of WK. Humidity. Hire.
5 u m p m Jdax.j Win.
VfHln"sdav- HIS 5 81 ! M)
Tlnr.lay.'. 88 S:5 W
KridRV 07 i5 ft: 00
t-aturdiiv 41 it j K r.S)
Sunduv is K5 GO
Tdondn? 27 IS 7H i :
Tuesday 1:1 ifi ft: ; sw
AveniKO I 6'.' 2S I ft: 57
Accumulated excess for Hie m,t'k, 01 dogs.
Ofilciitl in Charge.
Peuree Evans left for Lcs Angeles to
day on the liver.
Mr. Dai ling is home again from a
business visit to Los Angeles.
Babbitt metal for sale at the Senti
nel oflice.
Just received, a big stock of linen
tablets "at Cotter's drugstore.
; Drop into The Gem when you want a
satisfactory smoke and try El Universo.
Vapor and alcohol stoves at Cotter's
drug store.
Jndge Ewing returned from Califor
nia on Monday evening's train.
Steam's Headache Cure does the
work in live minutes. Cotter's drug
Mrs. G. P. Jagger of Des Moines,
Iowa, arrived at Hotel Gandolfo last
Foil Sale First-class grain hay, at
6-14 per ton delivered in Yuma. In
quire at the Sentinel, office.
Mrs. F. Arthur, of Tucson, arrived
at Hotel Gandolfo yesterday on a visit
to her son Chester.
Rev. R. Pyke, of Westminster. Cal..
arrived at Hotel Gandolfo and leaves
for the Imperial canal country today.
Li. Crossman of Chicago is a guest of
notel Gandolfo. He is identified with
the Advance Gold Dredging Co.
Hon. Mike Nugent came over from
Ivofa Saturday morning and returned
tm Monday night's train.
Hall Hanlon and a delegation cf
"other young folks'' from El Rio were
in attendance at the firemen's ball last
Friday night.
Congress having reduced the tariff
on beer, etc., Captain Mcedcn of The
Gem has decided to do likewise. All
drinks ten cents at The Gem.
Assistant Chief Clerk Mulford Win
icr came down frcm Phccnix Sunday
morning and remained until Monday
ziight, when he returned to his duties.
John McKee, the old pioneer miner
and prospector, came in Friday morn
ing and left the following day for Lcs
Angeles to secure special medical treat
ment. Mike Levy, son of Mrs. M. C. Levy,
has been appointed to a position in the
freight office of the S. P. railroad in
Yuma and will reside here perma
nently. We are pleased to note that Sam Ru
dolph, who while cutting wood clipped
one of his feet rather seriously a couple
of weeks ago, is able to be around
John Gandolfo, Sr., returned frcm a
visit to his family in Los Angeles on
Monday night's train. He says every
thing is booming in the City of the
Frank McArthur, a banker and ex
tensive rancher from Fall River Mills,
iVtlifornia. is a guest of Hotel Gandolfo.
He is studying our irrigation projects,
as well as the resources of the country.
Married, on Monday, February 25.
by Judge Frank, Jesse Spradling and
Lillie Leaher, both of California.
Mr. Spindling is only 17, and quite
modest, but his name ought to help
him out.
Judge George W. Norton of Mohawk
came in on Friday morning's train and
returned in the evening. He says the
late rains have been of great benefit to
the people in the Gila valley and every
body Ls prosperous and happy.
On the Rio de Janeiro, which went
en the rocks and sank at the Golden
Gate on the 22nd inst., was Kee Bing,
a brother of Kee Bow of the Phoenix
restaurant. This information came by
wire to Kee Bow yesterday.
Hs,rry Morris, one of the industrious
ycij?lg men of the King of Arizona min
ing district, was in Yuma this week.
Harry has the contract to furnish wood
for the King for the ensuing year, and
his business in Yuma was to secure
teams to do the hauling.
R. J. Frijo and family came in from
Kofa Saturday morning to attend the
funeral .cf Mrs. F rank Burke, sister of
Mrs. Frijo. Mr. Frijo is the engineer
in charge at the King of Arizona mill.
He is competent and trustworthy and
has the confidence of his employers.
P. B. Hodges, the energetic and go
ahead proprietor of the Hodges mar
ket in Yuma, has thrown aside the old
gasoline engine used in his cold storage
plant and is putting in a new steam
engine and compressor, modern and up
to date in every way.
Sara Berhardt, with her company
and stage paraphernalia, monopolizing
seven coaches, passed through Yuma
Sunday night en route for New Orleans.
The great Sara is not very large, but
oh, myl she takes lots of space.
Mrs. Delia M. Sansoni. neice of John
I. Toler, was in Yuma Monday, proving
up on her commuted homestead claim,
the northwest quarter of section 10, in
township 10. south of range 24. west, in
i.Le Colorado valley-
Seven days ago a hobo who had been
put in jail over night developed symp
toms of smallpox and was immediately
taken out town. The jail was thor
oughly fumigated and all known to
have been exposed were vaccinated.
The next day a rumor reached Yuma
that the disease had broken out among
the Cocopah Indians at their camp two
miles bt low town, and the health board
consisting of Drs. Cotter. Mohler and
Ap John visited the camp and found
several cases, of a very mild character:
a quarantine was at once established.
and neither a hobo nor an Indian has
since been in the oily. Every precau
tion has bet n taken and there is no
danger of the disease getting bevond its
present limits. The hobo's case has
passed the infectious stage, he is im
proving nipidly and will soon be well.
There is net a case of smallpox in the
city, ncr is there any cause for alarm.
Education in Porto Rico.
The expense of maintaining schools
in Porto Rico is very high, if we con
sider the amount sent for the small
number of pupils enrolled: but as that,
country is gradually brought in closer
touch with our own. their system will
evidently be changed until it readies
our present state of perfection. In
this country the people are being edu
cated to the fact that there is a sure
cure for dyspepsia, indigestion, consti
pation, liver and kidney troubles, and
that medicine is Hcstettcr's Stomach
Bitters. It should be taken at the first
symptom if you would avoid unnecessa
ry suffering. It will give prompt re
lief and eventally cure, as hundreds of
people, including many prominent phy
sicians have testified during the past
liftv years.
Fain Gives Himself Up.
Last Sunday merning W. B. Fane,
who escaped from custody the loth inst.
came in of his own accord and surren
dered to Archie Priest, the officer who
was guarding him when he got away.
We understand that Fain's reason for
running away was the fear of personal
violence at the hands of the friends of
the Burns and King families. Cn the
day Fain escaped he was arraigned on
the charge of being an accessory to the
kiiling of Mrs. Burns. As he claims to
have no guilty knowledge ol or con
nection with the murder, he was very
much astonished at this charge, as he
says he supposed he was simply being
detained as a witness in the case.
Fain says he got tired of being hunt
ed and concluded to end it by giving
himself up and standing his prelimina
ary examination, the result cf which
he says he docs not fear. Fain says
that when he escaped he went straight
for his home and has been hiding in
that vicinity ever since. The officers
were close to him several times but
didn't happen to find him. All he had
to eat was given him by his own chil
dren, who divided their lunch with
their father, passing near his hiding
place on the way to school.
Fain looked considerably "the worse
for the wear" when he showed up Sun
day morning, but was evidently much
relieved that he was no longer a
Had to Conquer or Die.
"I was just about gone," writes Mrs.
Rosa Richardscn cf Laurel Springs, N.
C. "I had consumption so bad that the
best doctors said I could not live more
than a month, but I began to use Dr.
King's New Discovery and was wholly
cured by seven bottles, and am now
stout and well." It's an unrivaled life
saver in consumption, pneumonia la
grippe and bronchitis: infallible for
coughs, colds, asthma, hay fever, croup
or whooping cough. Guaranteed bot
tles 50c and 1.00. Trial bottles free
at Cotter's drug store.
A New Establishment.
As Yuma's prosperity advances new
businesses are being started and other
evidences are at hand showing that the
many advantages offered here are fully
realized by the level-headed and wide
awake citizen: and the further fact of
so many strangers seeking inveest
ments both city propertv and farming
lands being in great demand shows
decided indications of a hcalthv and
vigorous boom. The future of Yuma
is assured, and no one realizes this fact
more fully than cur fellow citizen, Mr.
Edward Nelson, the baker. For sever
al years lie has conducted his bakery
business on a plan that in many ways
has become unsatisfactory from a busi
ness standpoint, though no werd of
complaint has ccir.e from his customers
as to the quality of his goods: they are
always satisfactory, and Mr. Nelson has
invariably treated his patrons with
candor and fairness. Beings straight
forward and honorable, he has applied
the principles cf the golden rule to all
his transactions with the public, and
the substantial trade he has buit up
shows his methods are the correct poli
icy to insure a successful business.
But Mr. Nelson is going to ex
pand to keep pace with progress of the
town: and to meet the increasing de
mand for his bread, pies and cakes,
will open a depot f- r the retail trade,
where those who find it more conve
nient can come and get what they want
in his line, fresh, and at usual prices.
The rooms cn the east side of Main
street next doer to the California res
taurant have been fitted up for the pur
pose and tomorrow Mr. Nelson will
commence business there, opening the
first exclusive bakery in Yuma. The
wagon trade will not be abandoned, but
delivery of goods will continue ns here
tofore. The Sentinel wishes Mr.
Nelson abundant success.
For Rent.
A house of three rooms. Inquire
the Sentinel cilice.
Death of L. G. Stanchfield.
Yesterday evening a telegram came
to Col. T. W. Brooks conveying the
surprising information ( f the death of
Mr. L. G. Stanchfield. The message
was from L. A. Stanchfield, a son, who
sent another message later asking Col.
Brooks to have the body, upon its ar
rival here, prepared for shipment to
the family, at Spadra. Cal.
The manner of death was unexplain
ed until Mr. Wiley arrived last night
with the remains. It seems that Mr.
Stanchfield and Mr. Wiley left here on
Sunday morning last, with a team and
wagon leaded with supplies, intending
to go to the Chuckawala range about
00 miles from Yuma cn the California
side, to do some development work on
seme rich gold prospects, recently dis
covered. Reaching a point some thir
ty miles beyond Hedges, and immedi
ately following, some delay and trouble
with one of the mules, which had balk
ed, a little aroya was crossed, and Mr.
Wiley, who was walking ahead, hap
pened to look back and saw Mr. Stanch
field fall over to one side, apparently
limp and uncencious. Wiley immedi
ately stopped the team and gave his at
tention to his partner, who only gasped
a few times, and then expired. Death
is supposed to have resulted from heart
Mr. Wiley arrived in Yuma about
0 o'clock last night, having to support
the dead man as best he could cn the
scat beside him. as there was no room
to place him in a recumbent position
in the bed cf the wagon, and thus he
drove the full distance of (50 miles.
Col. Brocks, having made the neces
sary arrangements, the body was pre
pared and shipped as directed to the
family home this morning.
The deceased was an old western
pioneer ve rging cn (50 years of age.
when he left Yuma on Sunday morning
he was apparently in robust health,
and his sudden death was a matter of
great surprise to all who knew him.
He leaves a wife and eleven children,
six of whom are quite young.
Will Boom His Business.
S. Laval, a merchat cf Dallas. Texas,
writes: "I thought 1 would have
to give up business after two
years of suffering from general debility
brought cn by overwork and long- hours,
but four bottles of Electric Bitters gave
me new life. I can now-eat anything,
sleep well, and feel like working all
the time. It's the best medicine on
earth." It's a wonderful tonic and
health builder for tired, weak, sickly
and run-down people. Try it. Satis
faction guaranteed. Only 50c at Cot
ter's drug store.
News From Kofa.
Kofa. Ariz.. Feb. 25, 1503.
The 20th was rather a hustler of a
The big air compressor was broken
for several days last week and the day
shift of machine men laid off. This
compressor has given considerable
trouble, but is working all right again
Pete Burke was called to Castle
Dome to arrest one Juan-Zabala on a
warrant sworn out by Malcolm Mc
Leish cf the Colorado camp. At the
trial held Thursday it developed that
the prisoner was guilty of assault and
battery, and was sentenced to a short
term in the county jail by Justice Ma
hew. Washington's birthday received very
little attention here: not even a "grand
ball," for which we are very sorry, as
one of the society ladies here had prom
ised to give us a full account of the af
fair had fate not decreed that it should
not be.
Mrs. Alex. Hale, daughter of Mr.
Amente, came to camp last Thursday
from the Well, and will make a pro
tracted visit with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Frijo, Mrs. Alexander
and children, Miss Martinez and M. J.
Nugent went to Yuma Saturday, being
called by a telegram stating the serious
illness of Mrs. Legart, who was a Mar
tinez girl and sister of the ladies here-'
in mentioned. We are sorry to learn
they did not reach the bedside of the
sufferer in time for a last farewell, but
that death preceded them, and Mrs.
Legart had passeel beyond human aid.
Dr. Frazer is comfortably domiciled
in his quarters at the new hospital and
has quite a line of drugs on hand.
Felix Mahew opened his lie w quarters
to the public cn pay-day night and did
a very "howling" business. Felix is
deservedly popular among the boys,
and in his spacious new house is sure
to do a good business.
Bucxlen's Arnica Sa!ve.
Has world-wide fame for marvellous
cures. It surpasses any other salve, lo
tion, ointment or balm for cuts, corns,
burns, boils, sores, felons, ulcers, tet
ter, salt rheum, fever sores, chapped
hands, .skin eruptions; infallible for
piles. Cure Guaranteed. Only 25c at
Cotter's drug store,
Mrs. Zolia Martinez Leggette died
last Friday night after a lingering ill
ness of two or three years. Mrs. Leg
gett was known to all Yumaites as
Zola Martinez. She was a native of
Yuma county and was loved and re
spected by all who knew her. Her
sisters, Mrs. R. J. Frijo, Mrs. L. W.
Alexander and Miss Sarah Martinez,
came from Kofa to attend the funeral,
which took place on Satnrday from the
Catholic church.
Working Overtime.
Eight hour laws are ignored by those
tireless little workers Dr. King's New
Life Pills. Millions are always at work,
night and day, curing indigestcn,
biliousness, constipation, sick head
ache, and all stomach, liver and bowel
troubles. Easy, pleasant, safe. sure.
Only 25c at Cotter's drug store.
Washington's H'.r hday.
The 10!)th birthday anniversary of the
"father of his country" was observed
as a holiday to some extent in Yuma,
the fire department furnishing the
principal public feature toward any
thing which might be termed a cele
bration of the event, by turning out
with a parade in the afternoon. Both
companies turned out. and in their
new uniforms made a creditable
shewing and elicited favorable com
ment. In the evening a ball under the
managemont of the fire laddies was
given at Elks' hall, and like all social
events under the direction of the fire- J
men. was a prcncunccd i-uoecss.
There is mere catarrh in this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until the last few
years was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease and prescrib
ed local remedies, and by constantly
failing to cure with local treatment,
pronounced it incurable. Science has
proven catarrh to be a constitutional
disease, and therefore requires consti
tutional treatment. Hall's catarrh
cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney &
Co.. Toledo. Ohio, is the only constitu
tional cure on the market. It is taken
internally in doses from, ten drops to a
teaspoonful. It acts directly cn the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system.
They offer One Hundred Dollars for any
cafe that it fails to cure.1 'Send for list
of testimonials. Address.
F. J. CHENEY & CO0 Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Familv Pills are the best.
Advertised Letters.
List of letters remaining unclaimed
in Yuma pcstolliee, week ending Feb.
27, 1!)01.
Ay vila. Martin de Castio, Carrne
Cale&tro. Pedro Castro. Santiaga
Demara. Yncsute Mart. Ed 2
Gutierrez, Flor. Henderson, S W
McFarland. Win Ochca, Catalina M
Peralta, Esequiel Thomas, Miss Jcsie
Zbaala, Bias
Persons calling for above letters will
please say "advertised.'
R. H. Chandler, P. M.
Shorey has just received a new line
of Ralston Health Foods..
A warning to feel tired before ex
ertion is net laziness it's a sign that
the system lacks vitality and needs the
tonic effect of Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Sufferers should not delay. Get rid of
that tired feeling by beginning to take
Hood's Sarsaparilla today.
Mr. S. N. Kemp, representing the
American Type Founders' Comp: n
was in Yuma yesterday doing business
witli the printers. Mr. Kemp is an
affable young man with the necessary
qualification cf persistence and persua
siveness to sell goods. ,,He secured
seme very respectable orders here.
Dr. P. G. Cotter has returned from a
trip to Jan Jose, Cal. Mrs. Cotter, who
has been visiting friends and relatives
in that city for the past month,
returned a day or two later. While
there last week Dr. and Mrs. Cotter
celebrated their fifth wedding anniver
sary. James Wright died at the hospital
Thursday morning and Avasfoiried in
the protest ant cemetery. Mr. Wright
had lived in Yuma about three years,
and was a brother cf Mrs. J. D. Haven,
of the Colorado valley west of Yuma.
Deceased was an exemplary voting man
and well respected.
Hon. Joseph Craig, who has been
stopping at Hotel Gandolfo during the
winter, returned last Thursday from a
trip to Lcs Angeles. Mr. Craig says
that "Yuma climate beats them all."
He has lived in California since 1S52,
has been successful in business as well
as in politics and is known as one of the
bright men of California.
Ben. A. Frazer has been stopping
at Hotel Gandolfo during the past
week. Mr. Frazer has been a resident
of Willcox, Arizona, for seventeen
years, being extensively engaged in
the cattle business, and came down here
to look up a location for a large cattle
ranch. He ls much taken up with the
Colorado valley and it is strongly prob
able that he will locate there.
Mr. C. M. Cce, owner of the Nome
Gold Digger, who on December 4th,
left here in company with a hunting
party for Scnora,Lover California, and
the Colorado desert, has returned much
improved in health. The party, which
included Dr. Cornwall of San Francisco,
W. F. Cornwall, a Denver manufactur
er, and others, went down the Colorado
and up the Hardy in an ordinary row
boat. They got deer, wild ducks, geese
and other game in endless quantities.
On arriving at Blue Lake Mr. Coe
made a permanent camp, where he re
mained during the winter. Good as
the climate was while there, he thinks
that of Yuma still better, as it is warm
er and freer from rains.
Desert Land, Final Proof No
tice for Publication.
United States Land Oillce,
Tucson. Arizona,
February 5, 1001.
Notice is hereby nivcn that Ransom J. Dun
can, of Yuma. Yuma county. Arizona, has iiled
notice of intention to make proof on his desert
land claim No. -J87:?, for the W'i SE).f See. 21.
T. l. S.. R. 21 W.. G. and S. R. I!, and At., before
the Clerk of the District Court at Yuma. Arizo
na, on Saturday, the 2A1 day of March, 1901.
He names the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation of said
John I. Tcler,
Clark T. Havens.
William II. Elliott, and
William C. Prewitt. all of Yuma. Arizona.
MILTON R. MOORE, Register.
First publication Feb. 0, 1901. wti
aeter to deliver and collect in Arizona for old
established manufacturing wholesale house
s' )i,0 a year sure pay. Honesty more than expe
rience required. Our reference, any bank in
any city. Enclose self-addressed stamped cn
ve ope. Manufacturer., Third Fieor. L'31 Dear,
born SL. Chicago.
inB harness H the ..irss
worst klud of n com- p? '3&
(Harness Oil Jk
not only makes the harness and the I
hoifc loci: better, but makei tho ABl
leather 30ft and pliable, puts It in con- I la
iiiii 41 . dition to hist twice as long
I BFffl&l( lii SoM everywhere ia can-all Sf.niA
i Y KlKltf STANDARD fflfA
Your WMm
; Horse a Mlw
j Chance!
Phone. Green, 1339
Finest Furni.ncd O
Rooming Mouse
in the city GOO
O O O Half Block
GO City Mall
Rooms Single or en suite.
Rates Reasonable.
J. G. HALE, Proprietor.
3074- West Second Street
Los Angeles, Cal.
Yellowstone and Monogram whiskies
at The Ruby.
El Universo is the favorite cigar of
Yuma. For sale at the Old Plantation.
For a fragrant smoke the El Universo
can't be beat. The Wigwam keeps 'em.
Try the El Universo cigar for sale
at The Huby.
El Universo, best cigar in Yuma fcr
the money. At The Exchange.
All kinds of commercial printing
done in correct style at the Sentinel
Go to Geo. Pax ton's store and get all
kinds of fruit, vegetables, cigars, to
bqeco, bread, cakes,, pics. etc.
Quick sales and small prollts is ray
Articles and Certificate of Incorpor
ation of Papago fining
Know all men by these presents:
That we. the undersigned. A. M. Kawson. J.
B. Ashby. G. Kloeckner. Isaac H. Dryson and
W. A. Harris, have this day associated ourselves
together for the purpo.se of forming a corpora
tion under the laws of the Territory of Arizona,
and we do hereby certify:
Article 1. That the name of this corpora
tion shall be Papago Mining Company. And its
principal place of business shall be at the City
of Yuma. County of Yuma, Territory of Arizona,
with a branch otllce at Los Angeles, County of
Los Angeles, State of California, and at such
other places as shall be designated by the stock
holders. Article 2. The nature of the business to be
transacted is to purchase, acquire, lease, own.
locate and control iuir.es and mining claims,
and to work, operate, lease and sell the same;
to carry on and conduct the business of develop
ing mines, mining claims and selling the prod
uct therefrom; to erect works of any character
necessary or proper to be used for the working
of mines or reduction and refining of ores and
precious metals: to locate mines and mining
claims; to acquire by purchase or otherwise
real and personal property, water and water
rights: to sell water and water rights: to pur
chase, lease, acquire, own, control or operate
smelter or smelters, concentrating works, mill
or mills, cyanide plant or plants for the reduc
tion and treatment of ores belonging to said
corporation, or for other parties; to buy, sell,
own. erect and operate machinery and applianc
es for the generation, manufacture and trans
mission of electricity, eieeuie light, electric
power and everything necessary or useful in
connection therewith: also to con-truct pipe
lines for carrying water, reservoirs for the stor
age of water. "and to acquire rights of way for
the construction of such pipe lines and property
necessary for the construction of reservoirs or
dams; to impound water: to build railroads,
tramways or other things necessary in connec
tion with the business of this corporation.
Article S. The amount of the capital stock
of this corporation shall be two million dollars,
divided into two million shares of the par value
of one dollar per share.
Auticlf 4. The time of the commencement
of this corporation shall be the date of liling
the original articles of incorporation in the of
fice of the county recorder of Yuma county,
Arizona, and the term thereof shall be twenty
live years from that date.
Article 5. The officers of the said corpora
tion shall consist of u board of directors, who
shall manage the affairs of the corporation, of
not more than live, whose names and residences
are as follows:
A. M. Rawson Los Angeles, California.
,T. Ii. Ashby Los Angeles, California.
G. Kloeckner. Pasadena, California,
Isaac H. Dryson Los Angeles, California.
W. A.. Harris Los Angeles, California.
The directors of said corporation .shall be
elected annually on
shall hold office for tho term
of one year, or until their successors are elected
and have qualified. The time and manner of
said election and qualification of the directors
shall be prescribed and governed as provided
for by the by-laws of this corporation, and the
above named shall serve until the first annual
meeting of the stockholders of this corporation.
Article G. The annual and other meetings
of the board of directors and stockholders may
be held beyond the limits of the Territory of
Arizona, in the City of Los Angeles. State of
California, or elsewhere, at such times and
places as the by-laws may designate or the
board of directors shall from time to time pur
suant thereto determine.
Article 7. The private property of the offi
cers and stockholders of this corporation shall
be exempt from any liability for its corporate
Articles. The amount of capital stock
which has been actually subscribed is five hun
dred dollars, and the following are the names of
the persons by whom the same has been sub
scribed and the amount of their subscriptions
severally, to-wit:
NAMES no. of shares amount
A. M. Rawson 100 SlOO.OO
J. 15. Ashbv 100 5100.00
G. Kloeckner 100 $100.00
Isaac H. ISryson 100 $100.00
W. A. Harris 100 ?100.00
Article V. We. the undersigned, do by these
presents severally agree with each other for
ourselves and those who may become associat
ed with us. our and their legal representatives,
that we and they shall be bound, controlled and
concluded by these provisions, statements, stip
ulations and agreements contained, mentioned
and set forth in the foregoing certificate.
In witness whereof, we. the undersigned, have
hereunto set our hands this the 22nd day of De
cember. lt;00. A. M. Rawson,
.1. 15. AS ii uv.
G. Kloecknfr.
Isaac II. Brvson,
V. A. Harris.
On this 22nd day of December, in the year one
thousand, nine hundred, before me. II. S. Rol
lins, a notary public in and for said County of
Los Angeles. State of California, residing there
5n. duly commissioned and sworn, personally
appeared A. M. Rawson. .1. IJ. Ashby, G.
Kloeckner, Isaac H. Hryson and V. A. Harris,
known to me to be the persons whose names are
subscribed to the within instrument, and ac
knowledged to me that they executed the same.
In witness whereof. I have hereunto set iny
hand and allied my official seal the day and year
in this certificate first above written.
SeAl IL S. Rollins.
Notary Public in and for Los Angeles
County, State of California.
Received Tor record, Jan. 9. 190!. at 1) o'clock
a. in., at request of A. AI. Rawson. recorded in
Hook No. ";r. of Bonds and Agm.. page 28. et
se)., Records of Yumu County. Arizona Terri
tory. C. 1. Trunin.
I Seal l, Recorder-
1 1
My New Spring Stock
of White Goods,
. Ginghams,
Shirt Waists,
Laces, Etc.
Have arrived. They are elegant.
Ladies should call and see them
General : : Merchandise,
DRY GOODS Gila City,
The Pioneer Mercantile House of Yuma,
Wholesale and Retail dealer i:i
Hay, Oraio and Looiber, Boots, Slioes, Etc.
liaCor. First
imperial Land and Canal Go's camp, south of
Flowing Wells, in San Diego Co., California..
Leave Flowing Wells Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays,
Returning Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
Good Stock. Coimfortable Cc5acl-ieSf
Private conveyances furnished when desired, "also good hotel
accommodations, at Flowing1 Wells, by applying1 to
The Best Clothin:
Wc would be pleased to send
you Samples of Goods from
which to Select Suits at from
Send us your Chest measure, Waist
Inside Seam measure of Pants.
A. Tonini 9
j Fresh Fruit;1 f
Confectionery and Candy Fresh f
From the Factory.
4 " - -i i -i - i - -i -i -i-i-vr"-
4 .t Compfete Assortment!, f
g:of Havana, Mexican andfS f
I '-T Domestic Cigars. : : 9
4 Gandolfo Block, Yuma. Ariz. ?
Horse Shoeing a Specialty.
Shop cor. Second St. and Maids'n Lana
and IVlain Sts., Y.uma,- Arizona'
owing Weils?
on the S. P. R. Ii,
to the
measure, and
m jfoi
Angeles, Gal.
Wood Cut to Order
and Delivered to
any part of town-
Hay and QraifT; -
Bought and Sold. Yuma, Arizonav
School Notice.-
Notice is hereby girert that the quur
terly meeting- af Che boai'd of sohooS
examiners, for the purpose of examin--injf
applicants for teachers' certificates
will be held at the public school house,
in Yuma, off Monday, the ith day off
March, A-D-1901.
A. Frank,
Probate Judge and ex'-oHicid'
Superintendent of Publfti?
Instruction for Yihikx (L'qiS-,
ty Arizona
First publication Feb. Mni-

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