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Arizona Sentinel.
Yiixrarxo., Arizona
WEDN2SDAY, FEB. 18, 1903.
For our
New and
Every Article
will be
Proper announcement
Meanwhile we are
all others in
Dry Goods,
Clothing, ,
Gents' Furnish'gs.
Shoes and
Our Groceries are all
No old stock left.
Ask for prices on
Canned Goods.
Miss Nellie, sister of W. H. Lyon, is
in Los Angeles visiting friends.
All the new spring styles in men's
Hats at the New York Store.
H. B. Zeigler, an attache of the For
tunda mining company, was in town
Los Angeles Express! Best evening
paper in the southwest. 50c. per month.
Delivered at your door. See Shorey
about it.
Harry Carpenter came down from
Phoenix Saturday and returned Sunday
Tonini handles the Parker Jointless
Fountain pen, the best there is made.
The ink is carried directly to the point
of the pen, and will not leak as most
fountain pens do and soil the hands.
A well-known and popular society
young man of Yuma will assume matri
monial duties in a short time.
Just received A new. line of ladies'
flannelette nightgowns, to be sold at
reduced prices, at RimpCu's.
... Gus Molina, son of J. M. Molina, left
for Los Angeles-this morning for a vis
. it of a week or two with friends.
If your spring wagon, buggy or
' carriage needs repairing, take it to
st -'DeNier's jCarriage shop, the only one
in Yuma.
Embroideries, Insertions and An-,
pliques in cambric, nainsook and Swiss
-at the New York Store.
. -Married, by Judge Thurlow, Monday,
February 16, E. G. Traversy and Beu
lah Bell, both of Los Angeles, Cal.
; " Just received a new line of Golf
Skirts and Underskirts, which will be
'- included in my clearance sale. John
' Rimpau.
W. H. Lyons has been making some
decided improvements in the Exchange
saloon recently, and now has one of the
handsomest places in town.
Suits made to order from $10 up;
pants, 83.50 up; fit guaranteed; at the
New York Store.
Dr. Robinson has a few very nice cos
tumes left to rent to the Elks masquers.
Don't overlook the 50c line of Men's
Shirts in the New York Store window.
J. M. Howell, a well-known Califor
nia engineer, is here for the purpose of
examining the Rockland canal property.
Received, 25 dozen Ladies' Muslin
Underwear, from 25c to S4 a garment,
at the New York Store.
Mulford Winsor, of the Tucson Citi
zen, was in Yuma Sunday and Monday.
The largest lino of Embroideries,
Insertions, Appliques and All-overs
ever shown in Yuma at the New York
Hon. Charles M. Shannon passed
through Yuma Saturday morning en
route to Los Angeles.
If you want us to call for your laun
dry call up telephone number 212.
Alpha Steam Laundry.
Parties desiring flower or garden
tweeds or fig cuttings will be supplied
""free by calling tit the Shntinal office.
Johnny Rimpau is spreading out
having leased the whole of the Baker
building and .will occupy -it with his
F. H. Martin, superintendent, and H.
C. Uaught, assistant superintendent, of
vtho-Fortuna mining company, drove in
to Yuma Monday and xeturned the
next day.
imm. Trv "California bread" at Shorey 's.
Advertised Letters.
List of letters remaining unclaimed
in Yuma postofiice, week ending
February 18, 1903:
Apkins, G N Bargas, Jose
Faurquo, Paulo Ferriques, Sabino-3
Falkner, Delia Glen, Joe
Gonzales, Trinidad Holland, J W
Macias, Antonio Moreno, Manuel
Morales. J Rarlot, Miss Annie
Rodriques, T Sandoval, Pedro
Salazar, Guadaloupe M De
Theobold, Chas Wilson, Mrs S M
White, W A
Persons calling for above letters will
please say "advertised."
R. H. Chandler, P. M.
Pearls Becoming Scarce.
It is reported that a famine of pearls
has set in, due to the large demand for
these lovely gems. It is claimed that
no other stone is so becoming to youth
and beauty, but the majority of people
throughout the country are not able to
purchase these costly gems. However,
as long as they enjoy good health they
are far richer and will always look
better than if they possessed all the
pearls in the world. If you have lost
the precious possession health you
should try Hostetter's Stomach Bitters
because it is recognized as the best
health maker in existence. It will
cure headache, nervousness, indiges
tion, liver and kidney troubles and
malaria, fever and ague. Our private
Stamp is over the neck of the bottle.
Killed a Alountain Lion.
A mountain lion measuring seven
feet and nine inches and weighing 180
pounds, was killed near the ranch of
District Attorney Timmons eight miles
down the valley, Sunday evening. We
believe Mr. Timmons is entitled to the
honor of dispatching the beast, though
several others took shots at him about
the same time. The dead lion was
brought to town and was on exhibition
at the court house Tuesday.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages, and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is the only positive cure known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting di
rectly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system, thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease, and giv
ing the patient strength by building
up the constitution and assisting nature
in doing its work. The proprietors
have so much faith ia its curative
powers, that they offer one hundred
dollars for any case that it fails to cure.
Send for list of testimonials.
Address, F. J. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Familv Pills are the best.
A section of new prison wall on the
west side collapsed last Monday after
noon, while a number of convicts were
at work building up the adobe part,
and thousands of tons of rock, sand,
adobe, etc., tumbled down into the
street a- shapeless mass. One one of
prisoners went down with the wall, but
was unhurt. The piece of wall that
gave way was about fifty feet in length
and fully fifty feet high, being com
menced low down "on the slope of the
hill and built up to a level with the
prison grounds. On top of the stone
wall an adobe extension was partly con
structed when the whole mass fell.. The
work of clearing away the. mass of rock
and debris in preparation of rebuilding
the wall was begun at once.
Better Than Gold.
"I was troubled for several years
with chronic indigestion and nervous
debility," writes F. J-. Green, of Lan
caster, N. H. "No remedy helped me
until I began using Electric Bitters,
which did me more good than all the
medicine I ever used. They have also
kept my wife in excellent health for
years. She says Electric Bitters are
just splendid for female troubles; that
they are a grand tonic and invigorator
for weak, run down women. No other
medicine can take its place in our
family." Try them. Only 50c. Satis
faction guaranteed by all druggists.
Geo. H. Hutchins Killed.
A special from Carlsbad, N. M., to
the Denver News, dated Feb. 16, states
that "George H. Hutchins, proprietor
of the Hotel Schlitz, and one of the
best known newspaper correspondents
in the southwest, was shot and killed
by Clabe Merchant of Black River in a
street duel. Merchant was badly
wounded, but may recover. They
quarreled over a trifling matter."
George Hutchins twenty years ago
was a resident of Yuma county. He
was manager for the Castle Dome Mill
arid Mining Company and served one
term as a member of the board of su
pervisors. Escaped an Awful Fate.
Mr. E. Haggins of Melbourne, Fla.,
writes, "My doctor told mc I had Con
sumption and nothing could be done
for me. I was given up to die. The
offer of a free trial bottle of Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption, in
duced me to try it. Results were start
ling. 1 am now on the road to recovery
and owe all to Dr. King's New Dis
covery. It surely saved my life." This
great cure is guaranteed for all throat
and lung diseases by all druggists.
Price 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free.
The committee of arrngeraents for
the Elks' masque ball desire that they
who intend going engage their tickets
before Saturday, as they are desirous
of ascertaining, as near as possible, the
number oftplates to arrange for at the
Died of Ptomaine Poisoning.
F. H. Trevarthan of Fortuna died at
the Sisters' hospital in Los Angeles,
last Friday of ptomaine poisoning which
resulted from eating supposed fresh
crabs but which proved to be tainted
with the poison. The crabs were eaten
at Fortuna some four weeks ago.
The body was taken to Pomona and
interred there on Sunday last.
Mysterious Circumstance.
One was pale and sallow and. the
other fresh and rosy. Whence the
difference? She who is blushing with
health uses Dr. King's New Life Pills
to maintain it. By gently arousing
the lazy organs they compel good di
gestion and head off constipation. Try
them. Only 25c, at all druggists.
Johnny Rimpau and wife have re
turned from their sad journey to their
former home, Anaheim, Cal., where
Mr. Rimpau's mother was laid to rest a
few days ago. Mrs. Rimpau was born
in Los Angeles June 3, 1S32, and died
in Anaheim February 7, 1903. She was
married December 25, 1850, to Theo
dore Rimpau, and they moved to Ana
heim in 1864, and have resided there
ever since. The old home in Los An
geles where Mrs. Rimpau was born
still remains in possesson of the family.
Mr. and Mrs. Rimpau were the first
couple married after the admission of
California as a state, and the first
couple married in the state to celebrate
their golden wedding. Deceased was
the "mother of fifteen children, nine of
whom, and her aged husband, survive
Nearly Forfeits His Life.
A runaway almost ending fatally,
started a horrible ulcer on the leg of
J. B. Orner, Franklin Grove, 111. For
four years it defied all doctors and all
remedies. But Bucklen's Arnica Salve
had no trouble to cure him. Equally
good for Burns, Bruises, Skin Erup
tions and Piles. 25c at all drug stores.
Two Prisoners Escape -One Caught.
Two prisoners occupying the- steel
cell in the county jail sawed their way
out last Thursday evening about eight
o'clock and one of them is still at large.
The two escapes were Indian Joe, who
is being held to the next term of court
on a charge of forgery, . and James
Howard, who has only one eye, and is
said to be a professional crook with a
wide reputation. Howard was being
held to the next grand jury on a burglary-charge,
but he is .not being, held
just now, as he made good his escape.
The first intimation of the break was
furnished by Joe Roberts, of; Yavapai
county, who happened to be in the vi
cinity and noticed Indian Joe. in the
corridor outside the jail. The Indian
started to run and Roberts, called to
Undersheriff Behan to stop him.' Then
followed a lively race down Madison
avenue. The Indian was caught near
the corner of Second and returned to
the sheriff's ofliceT,:ybere an incubus
was attached to -him in the shape of a
pair of leg-irons and he was again
locked up. Indian Joe said he didn't
want. to escape, but Howard wabted him
as a guide into Lower California, arid
by threatening violence if. .he did not
comply, compelled him' -to assist in
getting out. ". .. .''
The Pleasure of Surprise.
A surprise that pleases the senses
is never unwelcome. If you enter a
home whose surroundings indicate
humbleness or even poverty within; and
find there a charming family circle, an
air of refinement and evidences of cul
ture, you may be: surprised, but the
sensation will be agreeable, though
you may wonder at the contrast of the
picture inside and the one without.
In front of a dingy, low-roofed adobe
building on West First street is a dis
play of photographs ( very good ones,
too, ) but this furnishes only a slight
conception of what may be found inside.
Here is where you meet "with surprise.
It is true that everything seems topsy
tnrvy, but that is only incidental' to the
rush of business, and is really the nor
mal condition of a busy artist's studio.
Nothing of luxury is there except a
wealth of pictures but when Prof.
Bardet the genial Parisian greets
you, as only an enthusiastic French
man can, and places before your eyes
specimens of his work, then you forget
the apparent disorder and begin to
realize that you are in the "den" of a
gifted artist. If it be an initial visit,
your first sensation will be surprise,
then astonishment, at the excellence of
this artist's work especially the crayon
and pastel portraits. The professor
had just completed a superb pastel por
trait of Mrs. J. R. Hunter and was
justifiably proud of it. Another a
crayon picture of Miss Gertrude Priest,
looks as though it could speak to you,
it is so life-like. Prof. Bardet's crayon
work, we think is to be praised the
most; it is admirable. He has a crayon
picture of Geo. W. Norton which is a
magnificent specimen. The details of
expression are brought out so strong
by the clever hand of the artist that it
requires no effort to imagine that G.
W. himself is there before you in real
life. There are scores of other pictures
in the studio, and all bear the impress
of skill and talent in their execution.
Prof. Bardet's friends and patrons
will be gratified to learn that he has
decided to remain in Yuma, and will
ere long move from his present quar
ters to a more inviting place; in fact he
is contemplating the erection of a
building of his own.
Do not wait until you or some of your
family are sick nigh unto death, and
then send for Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, but
buy it now and be prepared for an '
emergency. It can always be depended
upon even in the most severe and dan
gerous cases. For sale at Ketcher
side's drug store
In Quartzsite District, Yuma County
In anticipation of a railroad coming
here an old-time rush was ihade and
all vacant ground around Quartzsite
has been located, says a Yuma corres
pondent in writing to the Los Angeles
Mining Review.
Mr. A. W. Pease is pushing develop
ment work on the Independence and
Orient group' of claims owned by him.
These properties are in Middle Camp.
Work has been finished on a 40-foot
extension to the tunnel on his Mohave
group at the Choyas.
Mr. Pease is giving his personal at
tention to his interests here. Some
time since he- located twenty acres be
tween the Scott and Jnge.rs.oll proper
ties in Quartzsite, developed water ' in
abundance and has been getting out
water for a house, this will leave him
plenty of room for a mill when its erec
tion is Warranted.
Reports from the Valensuella group
state that a drifting has started on the
216-foot level. The shaft has been sunk
to that depth on a vein of unknown
width, only one wall showing. The
company has let a contract to sink No.
3 shaft some distance deeper.'
Development is being, pushed on the
Guadaloupe .property, drifting and,"
cross-cutting. - -A- large" ftmounfc-of ore
is being placed on the dump. As soon
as conditions permit v the" company will
place a inill on -the ground, as plenty
of water . has been ,deveippe'for " the
needs of a good-sized milir The officers
of this company talk Vyery little, but
the opinion of your correspondent is,
"they will be shipping bullion" within
a year. Watch, that'statement.
Butler & Moore" have given a six
months option on their Copper Bottom
property to Mr. John J. Wyatt. Mr.
Butler is: doing work under .its. terms.
It is reported that if the option is not
taken up other parties stand ready to
take the property on a cash basis.
The Arizona Prosperity company has
made a good advance on its. new shaft,
and is pushing work with a small force.
Mr. W. C. Tonkin, who is connected
with this company, is in camp.
Superintendent J. A. Rivers of the
Success company is developing good
ore in the new-shaft started some time
since. This is a property that will de
velop into a shipper within a very few
months. It- is reported that the com
pany contemplates" the erection of a
mill or smelter1. '
The following companies .have, ma
chinery, gasoline hoists, etc., and are
steadily working. Guadaloupe com
pany, Success company and Valehsuel-'
la company.
Machinery is being ' placed on the
Desert Queen and 'Bang Verde proper
ties, which will make" five companies in
all. - . . .
Dr, Arnold Aronson, one of Chicago's
leading.. -opticians,; graduate. Qf: the
Northern Illinois College of. Opthal
rnology an4 Otqlpgyj will arrive here
February 20th and will reriiain a few
days only. 'Whilehere the doctor will
make a specialty id treating: defective
Consultation free at : hotel.
Remember the date February 20th,
for a few days only.
The measure of prosperity of a given
settlement or town: may in a degree be
determined from t'he number of sound
financial concerns which are establish
ed therein. This. applies to Yuma City
A few months'ago Yuma had no bank.
Now she has a' very thrifty and pros
perous financial institution and and the
announcement is made of the establish
ment of a. second bank which will open
its doors in a few days. This look3
much like unto that degree of prosper
ity the little city ' of the Rio Colorado
deserves. Tucson Star. '
In another column will be found the
"ad" of the S; P. Depot Restaurant,
San Francisco, the proprietor of which
is Mr. S. Cerrero, who formerly lived
in Yuma. Mr. Cerrero was at one
time book-keeper for the old firm of
Gandolfo & "Ginnrichio, and later was
manager of the S. P. Hotel -here. He
will be pleased to have his Yuma
friends call and see him when in the
Those who have faith enough in
Yuma's future to temporarily tie up a
few dollars will find what they are
looking for in the little "ad" of Mr, U.
G. Wilder, in this issue.. By purchas
ing this group of houses a man of fami
ly can be living in his own home, and
the income from the rental of others
will be better than a banking invest
ment. There is nothing better in Yuma
for the monev.
Billy Marvin returned Saturday from
Phoenix, where he had been as a rep
resentative from Yuma county attend
ing the convention of county supervis
ors. Every county was represented,!
the object of the convention being to.
discuss matters pertaining to needed
legislation, to be agreed upon and form
ulated and presented to the legislature
for consideration at the present session.
Hotel Gandolfo is admitted to be one
of the best houses on the coast. Ameri
can or European plan. Fine meals are
served in the cafe, where you order
what you want and pay for what you
The dredge owned by the Yuma Val
ley Union Land and Water "Company
sprung aleak the other day and sank to
the bottom of the river. It was being
used at the time by the Imperial Canal
company at their heading below Yuma.
The Hodges meat market basreceut-
ly undergone a wonderful change in J
appearance. The boys have been re-;
pairing, renovating and in various ways j
improving the place until it is now as
neat, clean and inviting as any market
is Uto couotry, (
Peking Joints
In the fingers, toes, arms, and other
parts of the body, are joints that are
inflamed and swollen by rheumatism
that acid, condition of the blood which
affects the muscles also.
Sufferers dread to move especially
after sitting or lying long, and their
condition is commonly worse in wet
"It has been a long time since we have
been without Hood's Sarsaparllla. My
father thinks he could not do without it.
He has been troubled with rheumatism
since he was a boy, and Hood's Sarsapa
rilla is the only medicine he can take that
will enable him to take his place in the
field." Miss Ada Doty, Sidney, Iowa.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and Pills
Remove the cause of rheumatism no
outward application can. Take them.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it
fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature
is on each box. 25c. .
, Agents Wanted.
The U. S. Fidelity Adjustment Co. of
Chicago wants a hustling representa
tive for Yuma and vicinity. Liberal
compensation. Address
Gen. Manager,
'- Box 1413, Phoenix, Ariz.
A fire-broke out in a frame house on
Gila steet, near the residence of Dave
Balz, Saturday morning, and for a few
minutes threatended to be disastrous
on account of the prevailing high wind
The fire, .company responded quickly to
the alarm, but the blaze had been put
out when the bovs arrived. The dam
age was nominal. The fire originated
from a defective flue.
Advices from Yuma state that the
house of Robertson (P. T.) is jubilant
over the arrival, February 4, of a
daughter, making three of a kind.
Mrs. Judge Robertson of Globe, who
has been visiting her .son's family in
Yuma, will probably remain some
weeks longer. Tommy is reported as
slowly recovering. Globe Times.
Hon. Herbert Jarvis, member of the
council, and Hon. N. Gonzales, mem
ber of the house, both from Apache
county, were in Yuma Saturday, hav
ing come down from Phoenix with
Captain Ingalls. They returned to the
capital Saturday evening.
The bill appropriating $000 to the
widow of Ranger Tofollo, who was
killed by outlaws, was amendecfin the
house committee providing for the
payment of the sum in twelve install
ments of 50 -each, and was passed as
amended bj;':a vote of 21 to 21.
Mr. H. E. Huntington of Los Angeles,-
the largest street railway capitalist
on the Pacific coast, says he will spend
one-half million dollars in improving
the terminal facilities he has recently
acquired at San Pedro."
Joe Biehl came in Saturday morning
from his mine, which is located in the
Fortuna, district. The mine is known
as the. Black Head, and is one of the
most promising mining properties in
x uma county.
The Sentinel erred last week in stat
ing that Shorey 's car load of flour was
from Los; Angeles. Mr. Shorey says
that all of his llpur comes from Minne
apolis and is the best there is made.
Farm lands, town property, residences
and all kinds of real estate bought,.sold
and rented by the Yuma Title Ab
stract Company, Bank of Yuma Build
ings Secondstreet.
Fred Wessellr well .and favorably
known all over this country, was in
town Saturday from his ranch in Lagu
na valley.
A. M. Foster, enrolling and engross
ing clerk of the council, spent last Sat
urday and Sunday in Yuma.
A few woolen blankets left selling
them at cost. Rimpau.
Sweet and wholesome bread you
can't help liking it at Shorey's.
Drink the original A. B. C. Bohemian
Beer. Kept by all saloons. Thirty
cents per bottle.
Want to play, billiards or pool? Yes?
Well, then, go the Wig-Warn.
Complete line of Havana, Mexican
and domestic cigars at Tonini's.
The famons Kentucky whisky, Rich
land Rye at The Ruby. Sole agents
Fresh cookies and crackers at
Fine Job Work a specialty at this
.When you come to town call at The
Ruby and see the latest.
A. B. C. Beer is king of all beers.
Fine confectionery at ToniniJsVFresh
from the factory. . -
Woolen skirts and underskirts at
cost for the next ten days at Rimpau's.
A few odds and ends in shoes must
go at cost. Rimpau,
" Marigold Rye at The Ruby.
Notice of Forfeiture.
To Joseph Gunn, his assigns and legal repre
You are hereby notified that the undersigned,
who is a co-owner with you in the Black Head
mining claim, has expended the sum of one
hundred (100) dollars in labor and improve
ments on it for the year 1902, in compliance
with the United States mining laws requiring
annual expenditure to be made on mining
claims. The said Black Head mining claim is
situated in Black Head mining district, Yuma
county, Arizona territory, and Is duly recorded
in the office of the county recorder of Yuma
county, Arizona territory, in book M. page 145,
Mining Records; and you are further notified
that if at the expiration of ninety (00) days
from the last publication of this notice you fail
or refuse to contribute your proportion of said
expenditure, together" with the cost of publica
tion of this notice; -your interest in the said
Black Head mining claim will be forfeited and
become the property of the undersigned, in ac-,
cordance with law.
Yuma, Arizona, February 18, 1903.
.First tfuWicatioa JT otf. 13i
Telephone 218
Gandolfo Cash Stores
JOHN OANDOlfO. Proprietor gj
Dealer in General Merchandise
Free delivery to any part of the city. Satisfaction in i
quality as well as price guaranteed. ''
Wagons, Carriages, Buggies and all -"
kinds of Farming Implements sold on small commission v;
The Pioneer Mercantile House of Yuma.. " ' . ..
Wholesale and Retail dealer, in
rocenes an
Hay, Grain and Lumber, Boots, Shoes, Etc,
xCor. First
t ' .. 5 D. P. WALCH'S t
I Fruits,
: Candies, fc FRUIT , J
; J Nuts J ik 5T0RE I
V T West aide Main Street "
I next dcor to Haines' Harbcr Shop.
Steam Laundry
Turns Out First-Class Work.
Leave Orders at Harry Morris' Barber Shop, Main Streets
CofrJ Storage for Our Meats mS'
Keeps Them Fresh S Tender -
P. B. HODGES Proprietor;
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in all kinds of Fresh and Cured Meats,
Butter, Eggs and Cheese. ' Most perfectly e.qttipped -.:-S!i
Meat Market in Arizona. . .. . -,..
Gandolfo Block, YUMA, . ARIZONA.
Ordinance No. 12.
Relating to Aetions, Judgments and
Executions in Cases Arising Under
the Ordinances of the Town.
The Common Council of the Town of
Yuma do Ordain as follows:
Section 1. All fines, penalties and
forfeitures which may accrue under any
ordinance of the Town of. Yuma, either
heretofore or hereafter passed, shall be
recovered bv action of debt and in the
manner prescribed in Article VIII,
Chapter 9, Title 11 of the Revised Stat
utes of Arizona.
Section 2. The first process in all
such actions shall be a summons, and
in all cases where the judgment shall
require the party convicted to be con
fined at hard labor, or be imprisoned,
or to stand committed to the jail of the
county or the calaboose of the town,
the execution shall issue against the
body of the defendant, and in all other
cases the execution shall issue against
the estate of the defendant.
Section 3. This ordinance shall
take effect and be in force from and
after its passage and publication.
Passed-by. the Common Council of
the Tbvm-Qf. Yuma, this 3rd day of Feb
ruary, A. D; 1903.
J. L. Redondo,
Seal Town Clerk.
First. publis;edvFebruary 4, 1903.
Annual Stockholders' fleeting.
The annual meeting of stockholders
of the Golden West Mining and Milling
Company (location of mine, Tuolumne
county, California, ) for the election of
Directors, ior the ensuing year, and
such oth$r?6usiness as mav be hecessa-
ry, wilfc-beiheld m Yuma, in the countv
of Yuraa, Arizona, at the office of the
corporation, at 2 p. m. on Monday,
March 9, 1903.
C. BovoneJ -Secretary.
123 California St., San Francisco.
ioruoijr won, sauaracuoa-assureu.
Telephone 224-
and Main Sts., Yuma, Xrlzona.
T '-.r','
t Oierars
I Tobacco . j
Rock Island System
"The Fastest-Ever
Call on Agent for full infor
mation. ' '
.-A. - N. BROWN,
G. F. and P. A., El-Paso, Texas.
Notice to Miners.
Owners of mines and prospectors who'
have claims that are easily, reached or
fairly so with teams to the Colorado
river and who are unable to de
velop the same for want of" transporta
tion or otherwise"," and writ part with
an interest for having them developed
and worked will 'Jertra .something to
their advantage by addressing James
Rice, suite 53i-535 Bradbury Building,
Los Angfcles, Calif.
Read the Scctiael oad gestae aewa.
Dry Goods,

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