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Arizona Sentinel.
J. W, DORRIKCTON, Proprietor.
Our Congressional Friends.
Within a span of but a few
months our Sunshine Kingdom
has bi'ttn visited by two parties
ol national lawmakers: officially
by. senators and unoDicially by
congressmen. Individually con
sidered all were men of affairs,
of business and of politics. Pol
itically considered the two par
ties, on the vital question of
Arizona statehood, in connection
with which the respective visits
were made, are diametrically op-
posed, each to the other.
The "grave and reverend''
senators, ere ever wheel turned
under them.had judged the ques
tion at issue and had decided
against us. Their trip was a
mockery, and their questious,
but few in number, were care
fully designed to effect replies
emphasizing our faults and fail
ings, not to bring to light our
virtues. Farcical to the extreme
it served its purpose, inasmuch
as its members could say in de
bate and conference: "I have
seen with mine eyes and have
heard with mine ears."
The second party, the direct
representatives of the throbbing
heart of American manhood,
have but just left the border of
our territory. That their stay
within our boundaries rivalled
in point of brevity that of their
bretheren of the toga is to be
regretted, since it gives no more
stable foundation upon which to
build an argument or base con
vincing pleas in dtb ite than did
the senatorial tour. But, its
members are friends, tried and
true in deeds and words. Their
glasses were rose tinted and
their minds were open to receive
all the good that could be heard,
while. they forgot that we could
he aught but Americans of Am
ericans. However brief their stay with
in our borders each member of
the party has seen much of in
terest and learned much of value
relative to our people, our re
sources and our possibilities, and
with even greater confidence and
renewed assurance can they ac
cept the gage of battle in our
behalf in the national forum, for
they, also, have "seen with their
eyes and have heard with their
While our senatorial enemies
were enabled to exercise their
jaundiced eyes and minds at the
expense of the public, whom they
wantonly betrayed, to one man
alone, as a private citizen, is due
the credit for the visit of our
friends. The public will readily
note and appreciate the differ
ence. To William R. Hearst, the cit
izen, congressman for the elev
enth district of New York and"
leading exponent of the journal
ism that does things, is due the
thanks of all loyal Arizonans.
Arizona School Law.
The Arizona school law con
tains the following provisions:
Section 103 makes it the duty
of the clerk of each school to
furnish the sheriff, constable,
city marshal or other peace offi
cer with a list of children who
are not in attendance at the
schools of the precinct, and any
district clerk failing to furnish
such list is guilty of a misde
meanor. Section 104 makes it a misde
meanor if any deputy sheriff, con
stable or city marshal shall neg
lect to enforce these sections of
the law, and makes their con
viction a subject of penalty more
severe than all the others, the
amount of tine upon conviction
being 50.
The Phoenix Enterprise, speak
ing of the "joy over the Tonto
Basin contracts being let head
lines an item: "Enthusiasm
Reaches High Tide and Bursts
into a Rage of- Joy. 'T "Rage of
Joy" is good. A man who would
burst into a 'a rage of joy'' would
break into a hen coop.
In a complimentary uotice of
a young ladies party in the city
of the gruesome name, the Tomb
stone Prospector speaks of
tf,assimilating" angels. This is
a refreshing variation on the
time worn
'benevolent assimila-
There are si great man v hungry hearted
' women who would attend a baby sale if
i babies were ever offered for sale, because
there are a great many wives who love
! children an'l have been told by physi
; cians that they can never hope to nurse
a chil.l of their own.
Some of the3e women who have used
j Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription for the
j cure of womanly ills h ive been made
I happy mothers as a result of the cure of
j womanly disease and the building up of
j the general health.
j Doctor Pierce's Favorite Prescription
! makes weak women strong and sick
women well. It establishes regularity,
i dries weakening drains, heals influmma
j tion and ulceration and cures female
i weakness.
j I wrote to you some time ago to get informs
I tion about suv case." says Mrs. Mary Lee Klan
: nry. of Drvdcti. Va. '"1 was troubled with
female weakness and pains. Received answer
from you. advisimr me to take Doctor Tierce's
Favorite I'res?ription and ' Golden Medical Dis
covery.' I took two bottles of Favorite Fre
' scription and fjund it did me good. I had
been married four years and had no children ;
now I can say that our house is. blessed with a
little baby boy. bore July loth, by the help of
God and your medicine. "I praise your medicine
"You can publish this letter if you wish."
Free. Dr. Pierce's Common Sense
Medical Adviser is sent free on receipt
of stamps to pay expense of mailing only.
Send 21 one-rent stamps for the book in
paper covers, or 31 stamps for the cloth
bound volume. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce,
Buffalo. N. Y.
Let's build a few good roads and then
talk about it afterward.
It seems to be assured that William
R. Hearst will start a democratic morn
ing newspaper in Los Angeles.
It's all right to give the negro an ed
ucation, but after you have given it to
him what is he going to do with it?
The strike situation is growing peril
cms at Omaha one hundred school
children have struck for shorter hours.
The United States last year imported
$20,000,000 worth of India rubber. And
this is not really a "rubbering'' nation,
Chicago Methodists have driven a
minister to resignation because he rode
lo church in an automobile. How about
"a merciful man is merciful to his
A San Francisco man has invented a
flying machine that beats Langley's-1-it
will fly. It flew into the bay the
other day and gave the aeronauta good
. Russia evidently has the powers
bluffed. But little Japan is standing
pat and showing more spunk in oppos-
sing Russia's encroachments than all
the powers combined.
It is announced that the yellow fever
situation at Laredo, Texas, is improv
ing that the health officers are getting
the upper hand of the disease. Up to
October 18 the total of cases had
reached 400: total deaths, 27.
California Divorces.
The Supreme Court of Cali
fornia has recently rendered a
decision that the divorce law
passed by the last legislature of
that state is constitutional. The
fact that numerous cases have
been passed upon in the lower
courts and in which the law was
held to be unconstitutional, cre
ated a popular belief that the
law was invalid and of no force,
and many divorced parties have
married again. By the decision
of the supreme court such mar
riages are void. The ' law pro
vides that a final decree of di
vorce shall not be granted until
one year after the granting of a
preliminary interlocutory decree.
Yuma's prospects of again re
suming her position as tne Gret
na Green of the southwest are,
at present, not very promising.
The last annual report of
tJnited States Pension CommTs
sioner Ware, which covers the
year ending June 30, 1903: shows
some interesting facts. Last
year the number of persons on
the pension rolls exceeded 1,000,
000, the highest number reached
being 1,000,732. That was Sep
tember 30, 1902.
On July 1 of this year the
number was 996,545, and the
opinion is expressed by the com
missioner that the million mark
will not be again reached.
The pension disbursements
reached the highest point in
1893, when 915(5,012 pensioners
were paid $150,9015,032.
. Last year, with 27,000 less
names on the rolls, the amount
disbursed was $137,759,(553, a re
duction of $19,14(5,985. Prom
July 1, 1865, to June 30, 1903, a
period of thirty-eight years, the
aggregate paid on account of
pensions was 3,037,826,081,
which includes 95,647,935 for
cost of maintaining the pension
About two-thirds of the entire
number of pensioners are located
in ten states and these a. re paid
nearly two-thirds of the aggre
gate disbursed. These ten states
stand in the following order with
regard to number of pensioners
and amounts paid:
Pensioners. Amt. Paid
Ohio 102,:-J18 $15,020,500
Pen nsy 1 van ia 101.1 04 1 3. 88". 21 2
New York.. . 89.921
Illinois 74,027
Indiana 04,104
Missouri 52,157
Michigan 4:J,435
Kansas 40.109
Massach usetts 40,07 1
Iowa 30,782
I Total 045,308 89,915,589
I The cost of the pension sys
! tern per capita last year, esti
mating the population at 80,
1847,000, was 1.75. It was high-
I est in 1893, when it reached 2.44
with a .population of 00,349.000
Official Proceedings
Of Board of Supervisors
Yuma County, A. T.
Office of the Board of Super
visors, Yuma, Arizona, October
9, 1903.
Board of Supervisors met at
9 a. m. pursuant to adjourn
ment; all members, district at
torney and clerk present
Minutes of previous meeting
read and approved.
The following accounts were
audited and allowed and vouch
ers ordered drawn for same:
R. S. Patterson, trans
porting indigents $ 55 00
Geo. M. Thurlow, fees,
j- P
2 50
J. L. Redondo, interpre
ter's fees, assigned J.
W. Thornton & Son. . . 17 50
J. L. Redondo, interpre
ter's fees, assigned to
Bank of Yuma
Louis Ramirez, interpre
. ter's fees
12 50
2 50
Henry Levy, interpreter's
fees, assigned to Rose
5 00
H. H. McPhaul, constable
fees, assigned Neahr &
Mayes 12 85
T: D. Molloy, ante-mor
tem, statement Rafael
Bedoya and taking tes
timony Pi-eeland jSTeahr,
assigned H. H. McNeil
Co 13- 50
M. Williams, constable
5 00
Henry Levy, interpreter
fees, assigned Rose
2 50
H. H. McPhaul,, consta
ble fees, assigned Neahr
& Mayes 2 30
J.. M. Williams, constable
fees 28 70
T. D. Molloy, taking dep.
Ter. vs. Francisco Ma-
dril, assigned H. H.
McNeil Co 55 00
John Doan, fees, clerk
district court 152 95
Johnson & Bowles, sup
plies, indigents 12 50
Johnson & Bowles, sup
plies, indigents 12 50
Johnson & Bowie, sup
plies, court house 3 08
R. P, H. Laney, lumber,
repairs court house... 25 77
J. M. Molina, county sup
plies 20 40
Quarterly reports of overseers
of .road districts Nos. 1, 4, 5 and
8 received, examined and order
ed filed.
The following road vouchers
were received, audited and al
lowed and warrants ordered
drawn for same:
M. Winsor, overseer road
district No. ) $ 35 15
R. P. H. Laney, lumber ,
road district No. 1 22 74
J. H. Meadows, work
road district No. 1, as
signed Johnson &
G. W. JS'orton, overseer
road district No. 4
10 00
9 50
Captain Jim (Apache),
work, district No. 4, as
rsign'd Johnson&Bowles 30 00
T. W. Underbill, overseer
district No. 5, assigned
Rose Stretch 20 00
Miguel Sanchez, work,
district No. 8, assigned
J. P. Nottbusch 5 00
John B. Martin, supplies
district No. 8, assigned
J. F. Nottbusch.. . 3 55
Capital Stock, Paid Up, $10,000
LEVI SPARR. President
C. A. PATTERSON, V.-Presldeat
R. S. PATTERSON, Cashier
This Bank does a General Banking Business. Patronage Solicited.
Pedro Gomez, work, dis
trict No. 8, assigned J.
F. Nottbusch 4 00
Francisco Murio, work,
.district No. 8, assigned
J. F. Nottbusch.'. ..... 4 00
A. R. Aguiere, work, dis
trict No. 8, assigned J.
F. Nottbusch : 93 00
Pedro Gomez, work, dis
trict No. 8, assigned J.
F. Nottbusch 7 50
Ignacio Martinez, 'ork;
district No. 8, assigned
J. F. Nottbusch . 5 00
R. Barcelo, work, district
No. 8, assigned J. F. .
Nottbusch 45 00
A. R. Aguiere, work, dis--trict
No. 8, assigned J.
F. Nottbusch 13 50
Francisco Murio, work,
district No. .8, assigned
J. F. Nottbusch 7 50
Jose Berdugo, work, dis
trict No. 8, assigned J.
F.. Nottbusch 5 00
The following quarterly re
ports were received, examined
and ordered filed:
Sheriff's license report; Geo.
M. Thurlow, Yuma; Geo. M.
Thurman, Somerton, and J. J.
Maynard, Kofa, justices of the
neace: sheriff's, iailer's. countv
school superintendent's. m
Petition received from resi
dents of Palomas, praying for
extension of county roaa as fol
io wsc
"To extend the road running
east and west between sections
17, 18, 19 and 20 one-half mile,
running between section 16 and
section 21, twp. 6, S. R. 12 west.
On motion, seconded and car
ried, John C. Nelson and John
Snider are hereby appointed
viewers to act with the county
surveyor to view out said pro
posed extension of road and re
port on same to board of super
visors at next quarterly meeting.
On motion, seconded and car
ried, the clerk is instructed to
notify county treasurer to trans
fer $1,100 from the general fund
to the expense fund and $850
from the expense to the salary
On motion, seconded and car
ried, the clerk is instructed to
correspond with Sol Pease, at
Quartzsite, and Mr. Ellis, at
Kofa, to ascertain the probable.
cost of sinking a well at "Desert
Well" on slage road between
Quartzsite and Harnsburg, with
and without casing.
On motion board adjourned
until 9 a. in. October 10. 1903.
S. B. Hinds,
C. P. Cronin, Clerk.
Office of the Board of Supervi
sors, Yuma, Arizona, October 10,
Board met at 9 a. m. pursu
ant to adjournment; all mem
bers, district attorney and clerk
Minutes of previous meeting
read and approved.
The following accounts were
audited and allowed and vouch
ers ordered drawn for same:
Irrigation, Land and Im
provement Co. (by P.
T. Robertson, attorney)
suit vs. Yuma county,-
assigned John Doan. 5
Mrs. M. Downey, medi
cines and surgical at
tendance indigents 249
Mrs. M. Downey, board,
lodging and clothing,
indigents .". 690 86
Mrs. M. Downey, at
tending coroner's in
quests and post-mortem
15 00
Mrs. M. Downey, medi
cines and surgical at
tendance outdoor poor
and county jail
Yuma Lumber Co.. sup
plies, court house. .. .. 2 09
Yuma Lumber Co., ice,
court house 39 45
Applications received from J.
Edmund Snow, R. M. Swain and
R. P. H. Laney for lease of
school land. On motion same
was laid over, board at present
having no jurisdiction to grant
Affidavits of "widow" from
Concepcion Nay lor and Elizabeth
Forbes received and ordered
Petition fronTresidents of Pa
lomas praying for appointment
of O. B. Bloomer as justice of the
peace received and ordered filed.
On motion board took a reewss
until 2 p. m.
Board met at 2:30 p. m. All
members and clerk present.
The following accounts" were
audited and allowed and vouch-'
ers ordered drawn for same:
H. H. McNeil Co., county
supplies $ 19 25
Rose Stretch, indigents' .
supplies 39 50
A. Modesti, indigents'
supplies 10 00
J.W. Dorrington, county
job printing 41 50
J. W. Dorrington, county
publishing, $282.20; al
lowed 262 82
Gus Livingston, sheriff's
fees 139 15
Report of M. Winsor and W.
H. Elliott on proposed bridge
over crossing of the spillway of
the I., L. and Imp. Co. received,
read and ordered riled.
On motion, seconded and car
ried, clerk is instructed to notify
E. F. Sanguinetti, county treas
urer, to immediately furnish ad
ditional bond in sum of four
thousand ($4,000) dollars (surety
to qualify in double the amount)
in place of M. J. Nugent, bonds
man, who ceased to act upon as
suming the office of supervisor.
On motion recorder is allowed
a clerk to and including (5ct. 17.
On motion board adjourned
until 10 a:' ra. December 12, 1903.
S. B. Hinds,
C. P. Cronin,
Testes differ,
but not on the
m c i t s of
Sole Agents and Distributors
flellwood Whisky in Bond
After ten years' experience I
have come to the conclusion that
blended goods are not the proper
thing1 for the public. The above
brand of whisky is kept behind
iny bar and drawn for customers
direct from the barrel.
The Exchange,
W. H. Lyon,
I Cofd Air Storage
Daiid Bakz, Proprietor,
Alfalfa-Fed Cattle from the Salt
River Valley received by
Rail Here.
I Yuma, Arizona. S
Your Tongue
If it's coated, your stomach
is bad, your liver is out of
order. Ayer's Pills will clean
your tongue, cure your dys
pepsia, make your liver right.
Easy to take, easy to operate.
25c. A'.! drupglsts.
Want your moustache or beard a beautiful
brown or rich black ? The:i use
51 C-. o- fnranTS. CUT HALL CO., NSW'A. N. H.
Take Lasative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it
fails to cur?. SV. Grove's signature
is on ouch bo.. 2"c.
through my stock lately? Have you noticed
the class of" merchandise that is being- re
ceived daily in tne different departments?
Do you know that when you seud away for
things before looking for them at my store
that you are
. i
L have established a most Complete
and Satisfactory
Your mail orders will receive as careful and as conscientious
attention as you would personally. Describe what, you want and
I will do the rest.
We Carry a Full line of
Special Attention Gren to Ornamental and Fiowerfe Rants,
iSTSend for Price List.
Are you going to
? GEO. E.
a. Fruits,
I Candies,
! Nuts ! ft
West .side Main
next door to
Look Out for Your Teeth.
Now that pomegranates are ripe,
says an exchange, it is well to caution
people regarding- the danger to their
teeth. The Kjmegranate is a delicious
fruit, and healthful: but the outer cov-
ering or rind contains an acid that at-
I tacks the enamel on teeth and unless
r I removed at once will cause discolora-
! tion and speedy decay. Children are
! liable to bite into the rind unless fre-
quently reminded of the danger of m ch
, i act. It is a safe plan for grown people
to wash their teeth after eating pome
granates, as too much care cannot be
exercised if one would protect his grind
ers from an acid which the dentists say
is a deadly enemv to enamel.
210 Townsend Street
Neak Third Stueet, San Pkancison, Cal.
Phone Htish 009
launches put up
Propr. '
f f
If you have no idea of the size and quality
of my dry goods stock you had better drop
in and go through my Dress Goods, Notions,
Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Shoe, Hat and
Millinery departments, and you will be pleas
antly surprised.
Build? See Laney
and get estimates,.
bles, Street
Hninat' Ilarher Shop.
Amendment to Incorporation Law.
The amended incorporation laws of
Arizona provide that ATA, incorpor
ations, not only those organized undc r
the new law, but those created before
its adoption, roust file with the Terri
torial Auditor a certificate of appoint
ment of an agent, without; which they
have no standing in court, in case of
g Phoenix Restaurant J
The Phoenix Restaurant has;
been moved to the new Gan- jLI
dolfo Block, where you cangi
get one of the Best
i'lcdis uu ever ate.
M....1 - . - .Oif
lg Oysters, Fish and Game
g'Can be had in season.
Tonini handles the Parker Jointle;:
Fountain pen, the best there is madev
The ink is carried directly to the point
of the pen. and will not leak as most
fountain peot do mm il ;ie hundsi

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