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Aas?oNA Sentinel.
"We believe every well regu
lated town should and will sup
port a public library, and as a
starter in this direction we sug
gest. to our people the feasibility
of such an undertaking. True
intelligence elevates the morals
of a community. Good boolfs
easy "of access rid street corners
of many loafers. With plenty
of interesting books at hand the
I'venrngs may be spent pleasant
ly and profitably and they would
do much , toward eradicating
many evils by -their healthful,
moral influence.
The schoolma'am is the guid
ing star of the republic. She
takes the little bantling fresh
from the home nest, full of his
pouts, his pets and his passions,
ungovernable in manyv cases, a
rampant, riotous little wretch
whose own mother often admits
she sends him to school purpose1
ly to get rid of him. The school
ma'am takes a whole car load of
these little anarchists, half of
boin singly and alone cannot
be handled by their own mothers,
and she puts them in the way of
becoming useful citizens.
A communication to the legis
lature was read from the assist
ant secretary of state at "Wash
ington concerning the annexa
tion to the United States of the
strip of land between uma and
Mexico, now subject to irriga
tion under. the Laguna dam. The
"Washington office stated that it
would be impossible to get this
strip from Mexipo; that the
Mexican constitution was against
concession of lands to foreign
countries; that the matter had
been thrashed out between the
two governments years before;
that this country wanted to get
hold of Lower California at one
time and could not -tua,ke the
purchase; that it had afterwards
attempted.'fo get a coaling sta
tion in the Gulf of California,
but had failed, etc. The commu
nication was left on tile with' the
secretary. '
A newspaper, if it has any
brauis, conscience and muscle
back of it, must continually de
cide between doing its duty and
injuring its pocket. In any po
sition but that of an editor the
public is able to separate the in
dividual from the collective-citizen.
But if an editor does not
please them, it's at his pockets
they aim. Thus it is the news
papers learn who their friends
are. The man who reads the
newspaper and admires it all the
year round, yet gives his busi
ness support to some other con
cern, whose whose principles or
the actions pf its editor he de
tests, is not a. friend to the form
er newspaper. Admiration alone
will notrrun a newspaper.' There
are too many men who expect
sin editor to slave in defense of
their pet notions and hobbies,
advocate their views against the
strongest opposition, and coolly
withhold their business support
by which alone, a country news
paper can live.
Talk about a paper having a
public doty to perform, "and an
editor having to work for his
principles, is cheap when others
stand back and extend a luke
warm, neutrality. The result is
the editor 'may .starve while la
boring for his-principles and the
cause, of rigbv and justice which
they admire" hut do not support.
Mark Smith's last statehood
speech was a masterpiece of elo
quence, and that he was given an
ovction in congress at its conclu
sion was not remarkable. What
ever may be said against Arizo
na's former delegate to congress
ho is -at least a polished orator
and an eloquont one. But Mark
Ttiado.d serfous blunder'iuvind
mg up'his flow' of oratory by
tlluding to his poverty and his
air grown -.-.white in fighting
Kr zona's battle for statenood.
neaiwy woi
If a woman is strong ond healthy !n a womanly way, moth
erhood meats to hr but little suffering. The trouble lies
in the fact that the many women suffer from weakness and
disease of the distinctly feminine organism and are unfitted
for motherhood. This can be remedied.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Cure3 the weaknesses and disorders of women.
It acts directly on the delicate and important
organs concerned in iriotZicrhood, making them
healthy 6tronjf vigorous, virile and elastic.
"Favorite Prescription" banishes the indispositions of the
period of expectancy end makes baby's advent easy and
almost DainlcSS. It atliekens nnH vifnlJyj.c the InmlnmA
organs, and insures a healthy and robust baby. Thousands of women hsvo
testified to its marvelous merits.
It Makes Weak Women Strong. It Makes Sick Women Well.
Honestdrutfgists do not offer substitutes, and urge them upon you as "just
as good." Accept no secret nostrum in place of this nonsccrst remedy. It
contains not c drop of alcohol and not a grain of habit-forming or injurious
drugs. Is a pure glyceric extract of healing, native American roots.
If nothing worse, it was bad
taste for the ex-delegate to refer
to his financial condition and the
implication that it was due to his
struggle for Arizona, even if it
were true. But there is a vague
suspicion that Mark has feather
ed a fair sized nest in the most
fertile agricultural section of the
famous Blue Grass state, and
that he will retire to it in the
nea future to await the coming"
of statehood and an opportunity
of going before the people of the
new. state in the role. of a.sena
torial aspirant.
Mark may hot retire with a
big wad, but he has had a good
time with a long run for his
money and a minimum of work.
He has euoyed the relaxation
and pleasures of yearly fishing
trips, in compa.nywrith agreeable
companions: and recuperation
visits at popular resorts. He
has been lionized, canonized and
beatified by his admirers and his
party press, and it is difficult, in
view of all this, to conceive of
him retiring to private life with
a grouch.
Apropos of Mark's last orator
ical flight, his swan song, as it
were, it is interesting to note
that since its appearance in the
Congressional Record, our great
ly esteemed contemporary, it has
been expurgated in at least one
instance, that one being where
in his-speech he referred to 'my'
people, which has fince been
changed by the Arizona papers
to 'the' people. But that's of no;
Gonsevuence, as he was only fol- j
lowing recently established pres- j
idential.. precedents, and, they
were really 'his" people ..Tor a
good long time. And now, fare
thee well, Marcus Aurelius. Wo
will always try to think kindly
of you, for the pleasure and joy j
it gave U3 to send you back toj
the cactus, or the blue grass,
whichever may be your choice.
Bisbee Miner.
Only recentl y President Roose
velt hastily appointed a commis
sion to make a report looking to
the reorganizatipn of the navy
department; but' this, like many
other of the Rooseveltian poli
cies, has been bequeathed to the
man who is expected to carry
out the. Roosevelt ideals. The
report has been handed in and
it looks well. The plan appears
to be to make the secretary the
real head of the navy depart
ment, equal to the First Lord of
the Admiralty, as it is in the
British estaolishment. The plan
further looks to the distribution
of the work of the department
among five divisions, three con-
trolled by 'officers of the navy, j
one by the first assistant sereta-i
ry and a fifth by an expert tech-!
nologist. The effect of the plan
would be to establish in the navy
a "general staff" similar to that
now working so effectively in
the army.
The annual value of poultry
and eggs sold is more than that
of the silver, gold and pig iron
produced. There is millions of
money in poultry and eggs, and
but small capital required. The
annual import of eggs in En
gland approximates 100,000,000
dozen, and into the United States
17,000,000 dozen a year. Here
is an -industry in which the de
mand is greater than our home
supply. Look well to the poul
try and they will assist you to
find the "golden egg."
The only honorable and honest TWENTY-FIFTH LEGISLATURE
way to stop a newspaper is to r.
step into the Office and pay up C. B. No. 128, .by Mr. Hunt,
all arrearages, get a receipt and providing for the gathering of
and have your, name' off the list: .historical .data and . creating the
To fire you.r paperback- at.-thGiOffice.of.hislorian at$2400'salary,
publisher - - marked ' "effused" j&'rirl 1800 traveling. espenses per
when you owe six months' or' a' annum,' was placed on final pass-
year and never go near the .office
is not only disreputable, but su:
perlatively dishonest as Taeli.
City and County Clash Over Enforce"
ment of Anti-Gambling Law
At Globe the city marshal
undertook to enforce the new
anti-gambling law, but was
stopped by the district attorney,
who notified the marshal that the
enforcement of this law was not
incumbent upon him but was the
duty of the sheriff of the county.
The matter was referred to Judge
Nave, who is reported to have
said :
"This law does not concern
the city, bntis the law and must
be enforced. I am told that
there is some gamblinggoing on,
Mr. Shute. If it is necessary we
will remove both of the justices
of the peace; we will remove the
sheriff; we will remove the dis
trict attorney, but we will eng
force the law. Bring the cases
before me and I will try them as
a justice of the peace, ..if neces
sary, it you hear of anyone who
knows of any gambling game
going on, Mr. Shute, make them
swear to a complaint."
A dispatch from Globe further
explains the situation there. It
"Under Sheriff Prank Haynes
was disposed to await the' return
of Sheriff J. H. Thompson be
fore taking any action, but late
"yesterday evening District At
torney Shute served each of the
justices of the peace and the
sheriff's office with copies of the
Duffy act; and last night Deputy
Sheriff Rawlings made a. round
of the saloo.is, cigar stands unci
other places in which card play
ing or slot machines had been in
vogue and notified the proprie
tors that all forms of games for
drinks or cigars would be follow
ed by arrest and ,prosecution
whenever detected."
Senator Teller of Colorado has
served the longest term in the
senate of any retiring senator
or since 1876. He resigned in
1882 to enter the cabinet of Pres
ident Arthur, but was re elected
1903 as a democrat, with which
party he has since stood. Among
conspicuous retiring senators is
Piatt of New York, who, it will
be remembered, resigned with
Roscoe Conkling in 1881, since
which time "Me Too" Piatt has
been incessantly used by his de
tractors. Senator Foraker, wnose
recent turbulent career is fresh
in the minds of everyone, has
served twelve years. Other sen
ators who retired March 4th are
Hemenway, McCreary, Aukeny,
Fulton, Gary, Hansbrough, Kit
tredge, Long and Milton.
Boys with hats on the back of
their heads and long hair hang
ing down over their foreheads
and cigarettes and very smutty
stories in their foul mouths, are
cheaper than old worn out work
horses. Nobody wants them at
any price. Men don't employ
them and sensible girls won't
marry them. They are not worth
their keeping to anybody and it
is not likely. that they will be
able to keep themselves. If any
body should happen to read this
who answers to the above de
scription let him take a look at
himself, then jump in a well and
say, "Here goes nothing."
age .under suspension . of the
.rules and passed by a unanimous
vote.. '
Of Proceedings of the Board
of Supervisors of Yuma
County, Arizona.
Continued from Page One
Beginning at Station O, which
equals Station 1242-34 2 of the
traverse, from which point I
commence measuring the deflec
tions of all curves
Thence S 85 degs 21 m E 29G8
ft to station 29-69, beginning of
a 2 d 00 m curve to the left, the
length of which is 977.8 ft to sta
8915.8, end of curve.
Thence S 54 degs 51 m e 377.2
ft to sta 43-23, beginning of a 1
deg 11 in curve to the right, the
length of which is 731 ft to sta
50-54, end of curve.
Thence S 46 degs 09 m e 2869,0
to sta 7923.6, beginnning of a 00
deg 20 m curve to the right, the
length of which is 719.2 ft to sta
86-42.8, end of. curve; 111.2 ft to
sta 87-54, beginning of switch to
the left, the 'ength of which is
1018.8 ft to sta 97-72.8, end of
switch; 1757 ft to sta 103799.8,
beginning of a 00 deg 20 m curve
to the right, the length of which
is 702.0 ft to sta '111-01.8, end of
Thence S 41 deg 23 m e 2424.4
ft to.'Sta 135-26.2, beginning pf a
2 deg 83 m curve to the left, the
length of which 2170.5 ft to sta
157-02.7, end of curve.
Thence N 88 degs 06 m e 456.5
ft to sta 161-59.2, beginning of a
2 deg 20 m curve to the right,
the length of which is 1500.5 ft
to sta 176-59.7, end of curve.
Thence S61 degs 50 ni e 1504.4
f t to sta 191-64.1, beginning of a
1 deg 23 m curve to the left, the
length of which is 2148.9 ft to
sta 213-13, end of curve.
Thence N 88 degs 08 m e 2994.5
ft to sta 243 07. 5, beginning of a
2 deg 18 m curve, to the right,
the length pf which is 1303.8 ft
to sta 256-11.8, end of curve.
Thence S 61 degs 55 m e 1795.6
ft to sta 274 06.9, beginning of a
1 deg 00 m curve to the left, the
length of which is 1591.0 ft to
sta 289 97.6, end, of curve.
Thence S 78 degs 16 m e 2419.2
ft to sta 314 17.1, beginning of a
00 deg 30 m curve to the right,
the length of . which is 1415.2 ft
to sta 328 32.3, end of curve.
Sixty Applications for Appoint-
ment On Ry. Commission
Sixty applications, have been
received by . -Governor Kibbey
for three positions on the Arizo
na railway commission and the
clerkship. The DeSousa bill
want to the governor last week
and the chief executive has until
the 12th to consider the enact
ment. Among the applicants is Jo
seph Hamill, one of the influen
tial men of Globe, who wis
formerly the proprietor of the
Silver Belt. He received the
unsolicited endorsement of the
Globe chamber of commerce.
It is reported that four thous
and men have joined the Mine
Workers' Union in Pennsylvania
in the last week and prognosti
cators are predicting a strike.
But there are-only twenty-two
thousand members of the union
now, whereas there were thirty
nine thousand, in 1901. Every
effort is. being made to get the
men into the union, but a good
many of them are reported to be
too well satisfied with the pres
ent situation and are without
enthusiasm for improvement.
Pension and Army Bills Passed.
The army appropriation bill,
carrying 102,000,000, and the
pension bill, carrying 162,000,
000, passed the senate without
opposition, and went to confer
ence with little prospect of disagreement.-
!m Cattle Can D2 Prevents
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A moth destroyer and disinfectant Placed
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ing:, it drives away moths and worry. Twelve
sheet in a packet, carriage prepaid, lO.cents;
gx packets. 50 cents, if drugglstdoes not have
Mrtlgan Powder Works. Selection 899 "'
Clarkaviile, Iowa. 1
$100 Reward $100
- Thn renders of this paper will bo
pleased to learn that there Is at. Ipust
one dreaded disease that eience has
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that is catarrh. Hall's Catarrh dure is
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the medical, fraternity. Catarrh heinc
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stitutional treatment. Kail's Catarrh
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ly upon the blood and raucous surfaces
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thai 1$ .fei.i I
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lerst as good meats, game and
poultry as an bo had any
where in Arizona. 1
for roasting. They make a fine
Sunday dinner. You'll lose
nothing but gain much by
coining here for your meats.
Our aim is to supply the best
meat obtainable at the lowest
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f . and E. Hodges
Yunia Meat Market
Phone 23
of the Great Southwest
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in tho English or Spanish Language
113-115 N. Main St.,
Los Angeles, Cal.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior,
U, S. Land Office at Phocnli. Arizona.
Jan. 23, 190.
Notice la hereby pivon that William Boyle,
of Laguna, YumaOounty, Arizona, who, on Jan
uary 5, U09, made Homestead .Entry, (Serial
No, 02377 for the SJ4 SEjf Section 33 and tho
S$Sv, section 31. township 7. south range ii
west,G. and S. 11. Base and Meridian, has filed
noticti of intention to make final five-year proof
to establish claim to the land above described
beforo Charles H. Uttinp. Clerk of the District
Court, at Yuma, Arizona, on the 15th day of
March, 1U-S.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Fred W Wessel. of Yuma. Arizona
Kobert A. McPherson. of Lacuna. Arizona,
William E. Marvin, of Yuma. Arizona. ,
Harry Leonard, of Lacuna, Arizona.
Jan 23. 1009 Register.
Notice for Bids For
os. re of Indigent
Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will
be received by the Board of Supervisors of
utflB County, Arizona, at their office until 10
o'clock a. m., April 1st, 1903, for Jhe year end
ing March aist, 1910.
Fiist; Cure of indigent sick, including
medical and surgical attendance, medicine,
food, lodging and clothing, at a stated prJce per
day .each.
Second: Examination of alleged Insane per
sons and for attending coroner's inquests, at a
tatea price for each: medical and surgical at
tendance for outdoor relief of poor, to include
prisoners confined in tho county jail, at a stat
ed price for each person for each day's attend
Third; Care of dependent poor, where med
ical attendance is not required. Including good
and substantial food, lodging and clothing, at a
stated price per day for each person.
Bidders are requested to limit the total ex
penses for the year for medical and surgical at
tendance and medicines called fur In subdivis
ions 1 and 2.
All bids must be accompanied by a certified
check for J50.00 as a guaranty that the bidder
will eater Into a contract for the faithful per
formance of the service. The successful bidder
will be required to give a good and sufficient
bond, , in such amount as the Board may direct
or is fixed by law, for the faithful performance
pf said contract.
The Board reserves the right to reject any or
all bids.
All bids must be addressed to J. M. Polhamus,
Cleric Board of Supervisors, Yuma County,
Yuma, Arizoua, and marked "County Pro
posals," and have a copy of this advertisement
attached thereto.
By order of the Board of Supervisors.
3 11 4t J. SL PJLHAMUS, Clerk.
WANTED: A good hustler m every
town to t?el! our perfect water filters,
retaiUn, frpra $lM U) &S Wj m pcr
cent Profit t0 ls exclusive terri-
tory. ScMiec Filter Co., Seiieec, Mo
The people of Yuma have
access to an acknowledg
ed standard, world-wide
advertised Shoe, at the
price that it is sold at
where it is Made.
I The--'
W. L. Douglas
I, $350 Shoe
i , for Men
in all styles and all leath
ers; high cut and low cut;
all sizes and all widths,
and the one price of
$3.50 per pair ,
Can be
Special Attention to Hail Orders.
uma ss
Saturday night Masquerade Ball
Sunday night Moving Pictures
Change of Programme. .
Monday night Moving Pictures ? v
Tuesday night Moving Pictures4,-" -
Change ot Programmed
Wednesday night Moving Pictures
Thursday night Moving Pictures,'
Friday night Moving Pictures
Change of Programme."
Amateur night. ,
Everythirig "NewNow
bstracts of Title v
to all Lands, Town
Lots, Mines and
Canals in Yuma County.
House, Sign and Declarative
Carriages and Furniture a Specialty.
Picture Frames Made and Repaired,
draining, Murbling, Gilding:, Silvering-
Tie Yuma
Title-Abstract Co.
found at.
Music, New Machine, New
New Singer.
Cntabltsfccd In 1399
iaeerfiorjtcd 1906
If it isn't all you want it to be corae
in and see our harness styles, strength,
workmanship and values. There's no
compulsion even insistence about
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rial and prices of course you'll find it
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Baxter & Sfianssey
lYchave listed and for sale .some of the bca'
properties ia Yuma anJ in the valley.
BtHriaess tiitruiited to our care trill '
receive prompt and careful attention.
'Address r
P. O. Box 401, Yutna. Arizona
Main St.. Lob Angeles, and 1T3i Marlret
St., San Fran;iseo, whecccflntraotHtfOr-'
advertising: can 1q mudcfor - -

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