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Arizona Sentinel.
What tSie North Po!e Is
The mystery of the North Pole
has made it -a favorite theme for
romancists, who have pictured it
an ice-bonnd Eden, the home of
earth's most ancient remnants of
civilisation, a monstrous mael
strom, a great opening into the
interior around whose curving
sides even ships might sail, the
point at which all the winds of
earth originate, a great, bleak,
wind-swept rock, untrod and for
bidding, a giant peak extending
its ice cap miles into the frosty
air and other ideas fantastic
and unreal and clad in the mys
ticism of the unknown.
And yet, except for its very
exclusiveness, there can be no
mystery about it.
The only question that could
have been solved by its discov
ery is whether or not the imag
inary point upon the earth's sur
face is in an open sea or on a
moveable ice floe.
Dr. Cook reports that the pole
is located on a vast, bleak, deso
late waste of ice, with no ground,
only dazzling snow fields.
The bones of many iotrepiO
explorers have been leffc io
"bleach upon the intermediate
wastes, and untold treasure has
been expended and untold suffer
ings endured in the efforts to
wrest from Nature one of her
last and most jealously guarded
The North Pole is merely an
imagined pointr as the equatoris
an imagined Ikte.
It is ttao point where all the
meridians converge and where
the parallels play out as a string
unwinds from the tip of a top.
Latitude hs &0 and longitude is
There is but one direction and
that is- south, south on every
North is straight up toward the
aenith, and there is no east and
no west.
The sun, when it can be seen
at .all, makes perfect e;ircaits of
the horraohi, and the completion
of a day is marked by the retnrn
of the sun- to any fixed point.
On the equator a person trav
eling on the rim of the whirling
ball, moyes through space at the
rate of 24,000 miles a day, while
a person at the pole travels only
.with the earth as it moves along
its orbit, and both would be
blisfully unconscious of it all.
Xiittle Kock (Ark.) Democrat.
Don't Want Two Precincts
The petition signed by 25 tax
payers presented to the board of
supervisors on Wednesday last,
pi'aying-f or the establishing of a
separate justice precinct, and
which, resulted in the creation of
district No. 14 b'eing all of that
territory lying beyond the cor
porate limits of the town in
district No. 1 was counterbal
anced Saturday by a petition
presented to the board signed
by 5-4 of the 150 tax-payers of
the valley, begging the board to
jecotisiderits action and do away
with: the new precinct. The pe
isitioo avers th-at the majority of
dwellers, and voters in the new
siistriei were not consulted in
the former petition and that it is
"highly unsatisfactory to them.
The protesting petition was cir
culated by Rev. W. L. William
son. Yallejr Schools Opening:
Two- of the valley schools
opened Monday uiorniogL Sast
The Sunnyskle or Hanna sefoooS
is in charge of Miss Laera K
Harris-, who was one of the three
successful applicants in the last
quarterly school e-xa'miuation
held here, receiving a first grae
certificate. Miss Harris is from
I .os Angeles. School district
No. 25, located near the Bekh
teler ostrich farm, will be pre
sided over the present term by
Miss Jessie Cotter. A new school
district has just been established
at Polaris, which is the postofflce
for the North Star mine. No
teacher has yet been secured
for this school, which has a six
months term and pays 870, but
it is expected the term will open
in a short time.
It was one of these
self regardless of digestion and nutrition. He might almost ns well eat shav
ings for ail the good he gets out of his food. The result is that the stomach
grows "weak" the action of the organs of digestion and nutrition are impaired
end the man suffers the miseries of dyspepsia and the- agonies of nervousness.
To strengthen the stomach, restore the activity of the or'
Hans of digestion and nutrition and brace up the nerves,
use Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It is an utu
Sailing remcdr and has the confidence of physicians as
well as the praise of thousands healed by its use.
In the strictest sense "Golden Medical Discovery" a "temperance medi
cine. It contains neither intoxicants nor narcotics, and is as free from alcohol
os from opium, cocaine and other dangerous drugs. AH ingredients printed on
its outside wrapper.
Don't let a dealer delude ymi for his own profit. There is no medicine for
stomach, liver and blood "just cs gocd" as "Golden Medical Discovery."'
Rich Strike Reported
No little interest is being ta
ken here in the recent strike in
the Castle Dome range, twenty
miles northwest of Castle Dome
and about ten miles west of
Horse Tanks. The first discov
eries in the region were made
ten days ago by two prospectors
named Tweed and Wheeler. Ben
Heyl of this place has a miner
named Drennan on- the ground
who has located several claims.
Harry McPhanl outfitted and
left Yuma late in the week for
the scewe of the strike. McPhaul
will go in by way of the Castle
Dome- Landing,, the spot where
the oxe was found being about
ten miles from the Colorado
river.' The ledge, it is claimed,
can be traced two miles, is free
milling gold, and averages about
15 per ton.. As well as going
in by the route described, pros
pectors have crossed the country
from the North Star. A rush to
the new field is predicted, there
being an abundance of water as
a consequence of the heavy sum
mer rains.
More School Room
At a meeting of the board of
trustees of the Union High
School held Friday morning last
in the office of the clerk, F. L.
Injrraham, it was decided to rent
two rooms which are available
in the old parochial school build1
ing on South Main street oppo
site the Catholic church, to be
utilized us a laboratory and class
room for the high schobL The
rooms have been pat in a state
of repair, the principal, H:. N.
Greenwood, and the cferk of the
board being empowered to order
the necessary plumbing done.
The laboratory supplies and fit
tings have been installed and the
rooms are now ready for occu
pancy. The high school attendance,
which started at 40 is gyeatly
increased and the various classes
are now well-organized. Two
rooms in the Main street build
ing are in use in addition to the
quarters in the parochial build
ing. English as She is Spoke.
The teacher of "conversation
al French" in a certain eastern
college was a lively mademoi
selle "just over."
One bright afternoon she
stopped two girls very excitedly.
She wanted to buy an "eponge
pour la bain," but did not know
what to ask for.
"Bath sponge. Tell the sales
man you want a big bath sponge
to take home with you, ""said the
girls in a chorus, and they ac
companied her to the village
drug store.
A young clerk stepped for
ward. Mademoiselle advanced
"Please," she said, smilingly,
"will you kindly take me home
and give me a big sponge bath?"
Success Magazine.
Held ior Burglary,
Joseph Stearns, arrested for
burglary, had his examination
before Judge Jones Friday morn
ing and was held on two counts
and bond fixed at 500 for each
offense charged. Stearns is the
man who entered the rooms of
the Mexican consul, Sen or En
rique Coraacho,. on Tuesday
night of last week and took
therefrom jewelry, toilet articles
and wearing apparel to the value
of between $1(X and $200. He is
also charged with burglarizing a
room in the Modesti House prior
to his entering the consul's
Drop in and sec your friends
at the Old Plantation; you'll be
sure to find Vm there.
The Tenderfoot Farmer
experimental farmers, who put green
spectacles on his cow and fed her shavings. His theory
was that it didn't matter what the cow ate so long as she
was fed. The questions of digestion and nourishment had
not entered into his calculations.
It's only a "tenderfoot" farmer that would try such
on experiment with a cow. But mnnv a farmer ffprfs him.
There will be a meeting of
Yuma Volunteer fire department
next Monday evening, October 4 T
for the purpose of electing a
secretary, and for the transaction
of such other business as may
properly come before the meet
ing. A full attendance is re
quested. J. BRICE
Land Marks
The old Gandolfo home on
Madison avenue between First
and Second streets, one of the
landmarks of Yuma, having been
built thirty or more years ago,
yielded to the wear and tear of
the elements last Thursday
morning and caved in. The
Gandolfo family occupied the
old place for many years; but
except a room or two in the rear
it had been untenanted in recent
The Levy house, two blocks
farther south on the same street,
which was practically wrecked
by the severe rainstorm of last
month, is being torn down, part
of the material' being used in the
construction of a new house at
Second avenue and Tenth street.
This latter is even older than
the Gandolfo home, having been
built in the 70s. The demoli
tion of the two relics of the, old
town at the same-time makes one
realize more fully how the old
order of things is changing.
Disastrous Wreck
A railroad wreck resulting in
the loss of life and property and
tying up traffic for sixteen hours
occurred? on the-S. P. line Sun
day morning at S o'clock at a
point six miies west of Yuma.
Freight train No. 243-, west
bound, a double-header made up
of 70 cars, met freight No. 244,
east boond, consisting of one
engine and thirty cars, a quarter
of a mile west of Avaz, the first
station cat from this point. No.
244 had received; orders to meet
2J3f but this train had no orders.
When the e&groeers and firemen
saw that a collision was unavoid
able they set the emergency
brakes anti jumped for their
lives; Nocse- of either crew was
Three of severs tramps in a re
frigerator car lost their lives,
two being killed; instantly.
One of the killed was a Mexi
can, Juan Ramirez. The other
was an American, J. D. McDev
itt of Gold field, Nevada, who
was apparently about 25 years
of age and far gone with con
sumption.. The three fine engines of the
colliding trains are totally ruin
ed, the damage being placed at
not less than $10,000. The total
loss by the wreck will probably
exceed $50,000.
The blame for the wreck is
fixed upon P. P. Jones, night
operator here, who-acknowledged
his responsibility in failing to
deliver train orders to 243:. .
Four of Ringling Brothers'"
circus trains, eng route to Phoe
nix,, were side-tracked along the
line west of the wreckr but got
through at 11 o'clock Sunday
night and reached the capital in
time to give their scheduled per
formances. Charles and Frank Glenn of
Viniti, Oklahoma, have arrived
in Yuma and are looking over
the ground with a view of mak
ing this their permanent, home.
They are relatives of Mrs. Robt.
Greatest Fishing Known.
Famous Marine Gardens Viewed Through Glass Bottom Boats
Yuma Gun Club
The organization of "the Yuma
Gun Club Is well under way and
much enthusiasm has been arous
ed among the local sports. A
noirinal membership fee and the
payment of small annual dues is
exacted, the funds so secured to
be expended in the preparation
of shooting grounds and the pur
chase of traps and other neces
sary paraphernalia. Among the
active members of the club are
E. F. Sanguinetti, A. H. Dress
ing, S. A. Stitt, C. H. Titling,
A. J. Gandolfo, L. C. Stahl and
A. B. Ming.
New Deputy U. S. flarshaf
Henry "Levy, one of Yuma's
most popular and best known
young men, on Friday received
his commission as deputy U. S.
marshal, under the administra
tioh of the new marshal, C. A.
Overlook. 'Henry is a native
son and a member of one of the
prominent pioneer families of
Yuma. "
Mrs. H. Wupperman and chil
dren, who have been spending
the hot season on the coast, have
returned to their home in Yuma.
E. Hernandez and Jacobita
Dominquez were granted a li
cense to wed, last Saturday, by
Probate Judge De Vane, being
married later in the day by
Justice Jones.
The boys and girls of the Bap
tist Sunday school were delight
fully entertained on Friday even
ing last by Rev. and Mrs. W. L.
Williamson at the home of the
Miss Adeline Thompson,dangh
ter of the proprietor of the Im
prial, left Saturday night for
Los Angeles, where her uncley
F. L. Ewing,- is ill.
A. R. Cheexer, special agent
of the- U. S. . land office, with
headquarters "in i Phoenix, and
Geo.. Heyworth, deputy agent,
spent all of last weejir-Yuma
in attendance upon the land case
of the government vs. Gertrude
Priest Kirkpatrick before Com
missioner fitting.
Alfred Franklin, a prominent
attorney of Phoenix and son of
a former governor of the terri
tory,, spent a couple of days dur
ing the week in Yuma on basin-ess.
John If. Ingram, one of the
hustling real estate dealers in
Yuma, who has been spending
the summer at his old home, Sa
linas, CaT., is back for the fall
campaign. He was accompanied
upon his return by a brother,.
who will spend the winter here.
Serial 02948-
Notice for Publication
Dcpartuisat of tiie-Iutsrixsr.
U. S Land'-Ofnca S Phcenfcs, Arlznnr,
Sept. 23r 1,W.
Kotice hereby KS"?e tJiat Fred Pl-terkiav
ol Somerton, ArizDin,vho,on Nov. 3, 1902, ina4o.
Homestead Ent7jr N. 3irr Serial 0'2P43 lor tbe"
NrK. section 2.Vtomli)f id, S R,5-"2T., G. &.
S. It. K. and MiSHftsm, fi'lcd: notice oi
intention to make flaalflw-yeas procI.toestab"-
lish claim to the land: absve- (Jeae?lbet5, before
Charles H, Uttinj?. IT- S. Comsrriasir.ncr, at his
ofllce in Vumar A.ri?onv on th-c tib. t7 of 2To-
vcmuer, urn.
Claimant names as-v.Tinee-
Johannes Johannsen. IJsbert H. Tftsnnrwo.
Nicholas lSoscn ami! (L'lirjrley E Johnwo, all &t
Somerton, Arizona,
Sept, 30, 19C9. Ketsler.
Serial 03098
Yuma Project. 1st Form
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Ofllce at Phoenix. Arizona,
Sept. 28. 1000.
Notice is hereby "riven that John R. Ellis' of
Santa Barbara, Calif., brother and heir-at-law
of. jrcaly P. Ellis, deceased, who, on Sept. 1
1004. made Hotnestiwl Entry Kb. 5055: Serial-
Otti'.tO, for lots 0, 7. 8 and 0. Section 1 Town
ship m.. South, Kanjrc irWcst, G-. &S. II- B. &
Meridian,, ha Hied notice of intcntioato make
llnal lr?B year nroof to- establish claim of the
heirs-at-law o said; Ncaly P.. Ellis to the land
above described", before-Charles H. TJttinc, U.
S Court Commissioner, at his office in Yuma,
Arizona, on the 4th day of November, 1909.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Samuel II. Kinc Mrs. I-ucctta A. Wrijrle.v.
Johannes Johannsen and 1'red Pcterkin, all of
Somerton, Yuma county, Arizona.
Frank JH, Parker,. Register.
Sept 3009
THIS PAPER is kept on file ut
Main Sfc.s Los Angeles, antl 770 Market
St., San Franciscor where contracts for
advertising can be made for it.
WANTED Success Magazine requires the
services of a man in Yuma to look after expir
int; subscriptions and to secure new business by
means of special methods unusually effective r
position permanent! prefer .one with experi
ence, but would consider any applicant with 1
sood natural qualifications: salary Sl.n0 per !
day. with commission .ap'lion. .Address, with 1
references. R. C. Peacock. Room Vii, Success j
Magazine Bldg.r New York. 1
Service to
Capacity 900
j i.0" ?Ifl
padllo E?ectrfc
Southern Pacific 0:05 a m.
8:5 si. in.
liy 9; 15 a. m.
Report of the Condition of
The First National Bank of Yuma
No. 7591
At Yuma, in the Territory of Arizona,
sit the close of business Sept.
, 1, 190!).
Loans and Discounts $128,fKl 71
Overdrafts, secured
and unsecured 3,31 SO
U. S. Bonds to se
cure circulation... 12,510 00
Premiums on U. S.
Bonds and other
Bonds l.lfil 24
Bonds, securities, etc 37 1G2 17
l Banking house, fur
niture and fixtures . 5,8-10 78
Due from Nat1 Franks
not reserve agents -197 03
Due from State and
Private Banks and
Bankers, Truss ' , ;
Companies and Sav-
inrs Banks . - 3,578 32
Due from approved
reserve agents 46,817 lfi
Checks and other -
cash items 3G8 62
Note of other Na-.
tional Banks - - - l,272-00
Fractional paper cur- .. ... v
entry, nickels anti
cents ..." . ' -
Lawful Money Be- - . -
serve in Bank, viz ;
Specie .. .. $18,5S7
Legal tender "
notes G-,130 24,737 00.
Redemption fund with U.
S.- Treasurer (3 per
cent of circulation)... ' 62:"r50
$264,860 7S
S 50 j 000 00
15,005 00
Capital stock paid in
Surplus fund
Undivided Prolits,
less expenses anil
taxes paid
National Bank notes
Due toother Nation
al Hanks,
Individual Deposits
subject to check.
Demand Certificates
of Deposit ;
Certified checks
Letter of Credit
12,510 00
. 176;08Sr 01
4,821 02
50 00
$264,800 79
Territory of Arizona, I
County of Yuma
I, Jennie Polhatuus, 'ashier of the
above-named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is -true, 'to.
the best of my knowledge and belief.
Correct Attest: .
E. G. ( 'aruthers,
Directors. -
D. L. DeVane,
Serial 030(52
Notice for Publication.
Denartment of the Interior.
U. S. Land Oftice at Phoenix, Arizona.
September 10, 1009.
Notice is hereby pi ven . that Robert A. Tapia.
of- Yuma, Arizona. who on June G. lBOi, made
Homestead Kntry No. 4903, (Uhicson) Serial
0300:2, Tor the NKU NEW. Section 31, Township
8 S. Ranire 2:MV. G. an I S. R.Meridian. has
tiled notice of intention to ms'ke linal Five year
proof to establish claim to the land above de
scribed, berore c:uarlc. ti. uttinjj. tj. fc. com
missioner, at his office in Yuma, Arizona, on
the 22nd day of October, li'09.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Charles J). Baker. John M. Spcese, Iiouis
Gonzales and Oscar Jv. Townsend, all of luma,
September, 16. 1909
Serial 03098
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interioi.
U. S. Land ofllce at Phoenix, Arizona,
September II. 1909.
Notice is hereby given that Nealy P. Ellis.
cf Somerton.Arizona, who on September 1-.
1904. made Homestead Entry No. 5055. Serial
090. for lots 0, 7, 8 and 9, Section IS, Township
10, South. Ranee 25 West, G. and S. R. 13. and
Meridian, has lilcd notice of intention to make
tinal live-year proof to estabiish claim to the
land above described, before Charles II. ut
tinp, TJ. S. Commissioner, at his office in
Yuma, Arizona, on the 23rd flay of October,
Claimant names as witnesses:
Jahannes Johannsen, Edgar TTollinir, Fred
Pcterkin and Thomas Stratton, all of Somer
ton, Arizona.
Frank II. Parker, Register.
Sept IO; 1009
Serial 02882
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior,
TJ, S. Land Office at Phoenix. Arizona.
September 10, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that Joseph 13. Smarr;
of Yuma, Arizona, who, on June 29, 1903, made
Homestead Entry, No, 4153:3. Serial 02882, for
lots l and 2 and the EH or Nwy of section 18,
township H, soaUi, range 22 wet, G.and S. R
Meridian, has lilod notice of intention to make
llnal live-year proof to establish claim to the
land above described, before Charles H. Utting,
tr. S. Commissioner,- at his ofllce in Yuma. Ai'i
aoita, on the 23rd day ol October, 1909.
Claimant aame.as witnesses:
David De la-Ossa, of Yuma, Arizona.
William II. Lyon, of Yuma-,. Arizona.
Harry Leonard, of Laguna. Arizona.
Oscar F. T&v.-nsendr of Yuma. Arizona.
Frank H. Parker,
gept 1j. 1909' Register.
. S. PCTERKIN & C0.7
Horse Shoeing a Specialty.
Shop cor. Second St and Maiden Lane
The peopleof Yuma have
access to an acknowledg
ed standard, world-wide
advertised Shoe, at the
price "that it is sold at
where it is Made.
Wo Le Do
in all styles and all !eaih
ers; high cut and low cuts
all sizes and all widths,
arid the one price of
$3.50 per pair
V: , Car? be found al
Special Attention to nH Orders. .
E lectrtc fans Throughout
American Comedy Co.
Opens Saturday Night, Oct. 2, in
led Vaudeville Specialties,
Everything New New
Abstracts of Title
to all Lariils Town
Lots, Mines and
Canals ia Yuma County.
f itle-Aistract Co.
Carlot Distribirtors
and Marketing Agents
We contract the Marketing of the Output of
Associations and Large Carlot Shippers.
Eleventh and Waeh-idgton St
Portland, Oregon
Portland's Newest and
IVSost Modem Hotel
Centrally jLoeated-
Convenient io Theatres
Attractive Roof Garden,
'Bus Meets Sll Trains,
Music, New Machine, New
New Singer. "
EfftabHstet! In 1899
teeetpatetf 1906

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