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The Arizona sentinel. [volume] (Arizona City [Yuma], Yuma County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1872-1911, December 16, 1909, Image 1

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JAJdl. 1 II
"Independent In all things. " fuma, Arizona The Gate City of the Great Southwest
.. . ... ....... . . ... . . -
" t I i ' : :
Arizona Sentinel.
J. W. D0R!KQT0ft, rbJ;rlttor.
One Year 62 CO
Six Months 1 00
Goverr.cr . ... ...... ; R.S.Sloan
Secretary co. U. euujr
Tra-iMfCr . - i."""- "-. KJrlsland
Attaracv Gfcnornl . ...T.hn E. Wr ftht
Survf-T'M- GJttf:ral..- ...1 S. Ingails
Sufl't cr Jii1?llc infraction... ivi'lic T. Moore
Polegnfc le C?.Tirtws... Kalpa Oaaterbn
$up't TMrllcrJiil Prison.... 4 ThomusR:. lining
Register Frank H. PiUker
fiecciveY.... i.i ... "-C. E. Arnold
dourii'r oriricKits
plstrict .Tu:K'0...... Jchn 1L JHiroplHSll
Olcrk of District Court.. ...C. H. luting
, ( J, H. Shansscy, Chalrriian:
Supervisors - , T1 Trr., - -i ye Ei T.tfirv'.n.
Clerk Doard or Supervisor
Probate Judtfo
Conntv S'.ip"t o! Schools .
Under Sheriff
District Attorney
Treasurer ... ..r. ..-
County Physician j.
Countv Recorder......
County Assessdr .
.... j... . 1'. J. I'illHU
..i.iP. L. IJeVanC
....... Fre" Wcssdll
Gus I.ivinsston
Witfto.r Riley
... .. W. F. Tiinmons
4 Geo. Miehelsca
" II. C. Johnson
. Pr. Henri .A p John
... Jus. M. Poliamns
...C. V. Mccden
Justice of the Peace ........J. C. .tones
Constable...... - J""-'o Martinez
Tru!U!f Yum: School District. Geo. Roclc
ttojd, C, V. MecJen. and Donald Mclntyrc
crrv oki'kjsrs
Mr "or.. ...... J- 'I- Shanssey
i P. O, SiJUtlfl. ... W. Alexander,
Councilincn - Henry Gaudolfo, Newt Parks
I W. C. Peterson, C, E. Potter
City Attorney ..... . . FftinU natter
City Clerk and Treasurer .......... T. Ij. Redondo
Marshal...... J. H. Godfrey
Blreet Commissions?
Mail open on Sundavs from 8 to 0 a. m.
Week day s, 8 a. ra. to 3 p. riL
Ko Money Ordor business an Sundays.
HaU (East and West) closes fivdfy day rtt 7 p. m.
U. Ii. Chaidier P. I.L
I every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Visit
Inp brthrcn in Rood sta lias are iavited to
attend. Yours iU C. II. f ,L w.
to. iticeU cvcfV Sunday at.ElkV hall, 6 p.
m.- ttfstiith MomidT, Pres. J. U. RnDorfuo,
Preaching cvrv cthrtr Sunday niornln
tit 11 o'clock and Sunday ni;iht at 7:30 by the
pastor, J. M. Ocbcltree. Suuday School 07ery
Sunday mornlnfj at 10 o'clock, I'. T. Robertson,
on the fourth Sunday in e,ach month at
5:39 p. ni. Pravcr nwtins: on. Friday night of
each week. Eugene Kicn, pastor in charge,
unday School every Sunday alorrilnsj at VJ.
days. Mass at 0 a. m. ltosafy wnd Bene
aiction at 7 p. m. Week days, bl.it at 7 a. m.
Christian doctrine taujrht daily by :iie p:istor
n Enlish at 8:30a ra.j In Spanish at "JJO p. zri.
FRANK IJAXTEli, Attorney at Iaw and
Notary Public. Will practice In all the
eonrtsnf J.lic Territory. H-eeial attention to
Minins and llantl l,aws. P. O. Box 101- First
Street, . South iSide, Yuma, Arizouu.
H. Wpppc'sUan. Maisy A. WtrrpisitaAS
lioys atJ'.V. Nt'tary Public. Court Re
portiiis.'. oaicesiu WUppcr-aan Buiidiu,', Vuma,
Arizona. Telephone No. 2iJ3.
Jtz Law, Office in Cotter BId., Yuma, Ariz.
for Jdb Work, .atisfactio'tl assured.
rii Q I'MAjf, Jeweler and Optician.
Yuma, Arizoiia.
m ilisisisrfi
!s OLDS Ittel Battle frecg
Ne8lfl"s Boardis
Have your meals at Neahr's
Boarding House.
Tilels: 2fic arid uj).
Sunday Dinner: 35c,
MEAD-HOURS Week days:
Brea'kCiis'W 5 to 10 a, m., Dinner,
11:30 A.M.-to 2 p.m., Supper, 5:30
You'll Grrd your meals just as
you Hire them, and, if desired,
(sun have them cooked .to order,
ill kinds' of Spanish dishes, if
voa like tlrem.
All Iiorre: Clicking.. (Tome and
try "out farS.
Mrs.'D. I. Neahr.
Herald's Souilfern CaHforriS Btisi
rtess Coilege', (11 S. Grand avenue,
Los Anjrels. has just issued their new
1003 College paper, i.he most in'tercst
'tng paper ever, dedicated to business
trainiiig.""!!. is descriptive of tlmt
rna;nilTc'iit inslitutioii which lias no'
equal in the sttrto. - Paper sent, free
upon request. " to J. VV. LACKEY,
manager, of above address.
It pays
to advertise in the
ilat A
1 v-jsa
If J I
Phone 89
0 mvjZt
Air (I A oil LAuiuki
Turns Out PrsUClass Work
Leave ordef s at Shorey'c, Southwcstcrfc News Conipany.
sSvSs gAXl. SSvSS SiaPSc iv?fc rAr
Colorado liver Lsmber loipaoy
p (iK6'jni'0'nTcS)
I LUiid -S oUlLuiftb mAicnlflL'
Builders' Hardware, Lime, Nephi Plaster, Glass, Etc..rtc ,
X- rSf A'Vv' 'Vv-'W 'Vvr.'.''Ar'A.'S'rW
Light Livery of all descriptions, Gatfi ts fdf trie Desert
f and rvloisntsin. Ezpress Wapofl seryiee Tracking
S and IfaisiSno ?n all their branches
Livery, Phone
S itroM fimMMMim
Gures M Ie Om
'From flohawk to Norton's, Hajf Way Wei!,
Kofa, North Star, and return.
Daily from Mohawk to Norton's; three times a week .from
Norton's to the mines Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
For Special Trip?, wire or write to'
GEORGE W. NORTON, Mohawk, Ariz.
deily- Title finrarty Coipgny
y . -ABSTRACTS ". .
And Certificates of Title . .;'
. " '3
Tlhz X)hly Complete Set of Ah.stract Books m Ytim? Ctf&ij
Old Age and Money.
is a combination that is only too
rarely found. It would be seen
oftener if we but practiced 'true
economy that is, the kind that
seeks to secure the higtfest Value
ut the lowest cost. In your
buying you can practice the true
economy by patronizing our store,
where full value is given for
every dollar expended.
IS! Mill
Successor to
Alexander k
Palemon Avila,
-iVurS SaAAhi 5v?c2 iyjrtAOis.veXti.
- ' JT 'WA.'r A.r.-' W ArVc-'VW'V-v-'X-j-
Transfer, Phofte 47
Grip fciTw.
rton i
A Lesson in Intensive FdrmJng by
R H. Forbes, Director and
Ghemifil of Agricultural.
Experiment Station
University of Arizona,
January lft, l!Kt7.
. Just wc.. of Yuma, Arizona, In the -alluvial
flood-TilfSin of llie Colorado, lies a little t'ariii
or 7-2 aeres which rth May 1, 1905, waS virgin
bditoinlnnd, eovercil with saltweed, drroU'-brush-
and dreosotfj bushes. The original
purpose of the lrar,tywas for planting selected
VHtifti'-s of date pillmsimporteil by the U. S.
Department of Agriculture from the Old
World. Tlie l'2x!)cri)iioi;t ---itation, AJiiy 2. be
pan prepluiiljr thuK)ound, and on May 20 the
work of levelling, aorderliijr and irriuatiiif'
the tract arid the planting of 1.W palms, was
Tiin rr.AN of wouk.
RecoKnlzliiR, hower, that a farmer with
bis living to make meantime, cannot afford
to wait for an orchard to. come Into beaxin?,
it was planned to plant crops for oulck re
turns between the tree-rows, thus putting the
worn on a feasible basis from the small farm
er's point of view- J:i order to economize
ground the irrigating borders were so placed
as to coincide with the rows of palms, thus
utilizing space otherwise usually wasted.
Tlie tract was divided by the borders Info
lands, for the most part one-half an acre in
si.e. Irrigating water froirj. the Colorado
Valley P. & I. Canal was potairied in the cus
tomary manner, and E. L. Crane, himself a
Yuma Valley farmer, undertook the care of
what was nicknamed our play farm."
in size, as well as in the intensive character
of the Work planned, this "farm"' is the op
posite of the average holdings of this locality.
The prevailing crops of the region are alfalfa,
corn, barley, and forages in general, compara
tively little attention being given to vege
tables and fruits. "Withal, the cost or levelling
land In this region Is iilsii, rarely Hilling be
low twenty dollars ah acre at current rrices
for labor and teams. MoiuoS'cr, the cost, ex
clusive or maintenance, or the Government
irriKating system now Under construction
will be about &'.50 an acre annually for ton
years. To nteet these and other heavy ileitis
of expense in connection with the establish
ment of a fru'fn in this region, intensive crops
or a more remunerative character than those
now in vogue, arc essential. It was partly,
tliercTorc, as an object lesson bearing upon
these' financial aspects of fhe general situa
tion, that this cultural work was planned.
The soil of our trac1., a warm, sandy loam
well adapfed to gardening operations, was
levelled, ditched and boidered at a contract
price ofil7.2() arwacre, considerably less than
the aveiase for the locality, ir.ekoning the
labor of men anil teams at current rates, in
audition", har'Jert wire and posts for rencing
cost JO-HI; lumber lor headgalos cost 3L'.o7;
a di-ivo well point and pipe, a pllcher-spout
pump and n hp.rft?i, Si:5.4o; n small lumber
iwo-iroom house, UiCHidin; live and one-half
dava carpenfis' hire, ei5a.i5 and ii brush-roof
shelter for .horses, nboi't So.tX). Only skilled
labor enlpioydd in levelling, boi'tleriug aiHl
ditching the ground, awl tor part construc
tion Oft ho house, Is included iu the above
estimates, as the common labor required or
dinarily would be, and in this case was, fur
nished by the farmer himst-lf.
To bi'iug this grohnd under cultivation and
rriakc It habitable fora small farmer and his
family, as stated above, therefore required a
cash outlay of about S.tOO OO. In addition, in
the average instance iriust be included a
tCairi; wajjon. plow, harrow, haying equip
ment shovels hevs ahd other small tools.
criors AHt jLimcsTs- ... .
Thfc crops fleeted for the season of 1WK5
were J2arly Hose potatoes, White liermuda.
onions. Kockyford chntaioupeSj JJwarf Cham
pion and Durpee's (itfai er Century tomatoes,
and alft'-.'fa, besides :tfew Isills of watermelons
and sundry vegetables.
"'lie pro'.'luce was marketed in Yuma with
the" exception of tomatoes, which, for the
largest part, were expressed to Tucson and
Bishfo. The following staiemeui.s for the
various cruris arc on the liaSis of net cash re
turns to the small farmer, who with au s.ver
age family Of live and a team of horses Is as
sumed to do the woilc required, its explained
below. Hems necessitating cash outlay, as
seed, irrigating Witter, and crates are deducted
from gross returns. Water costs an average
of 5 tents ror Irrigation pef aerefo'r tJse crops
grown. The yields in Certain instances are
low, due the unimproved condition of the
soil, which, l'ke desert- Soils in general, was
low in ftitio&eti a.td organic matter. Some
small salty areas also ft'tfcc.ted yields locally.
White Bermuda Onions; .17' acres; Seed
pla?Jt..d Sept, 27-tTct. 3, tfCo. Yoling onions
tfitnsplnntd, Feb". o-H, U)0. Crop matured
a'boutJuno 1. Yield, Sidfi pounds of dry on
ions. Highest price received, 2c a pound:
lowest price received, i-Sc a pound. Blithe
'irop mrketod in YiilnS.
Cafih Cash
outlay, returns.
Reed--- - S 2.Stf
9 Irrigations in seed bed ami
8 irrigations in fieTrf, about 3.50
SScksand sundry, about-.-- 2.b3
o!l( pounds of onions af 2.i-
I.Kj , 78.21
Ket cash fotunis, not de
ducting labor-...... 0-1.30
The amount or labor expended upon this
crop was large for the area, especially at the
transplanting lime- One day's team work in
preparing the land and about 32 days, men's
time, were required to bring it through, al
though the work wits not heavy and could
Ifava been largely performed by boys. The
yield was low owing to the desert and unfer
tilized character of the soil, onion:? requiring
largfc amounts of organic matter in the soil to
give good results.
Eany Hose potatoes; .SI acres: Seed pota
toes planted Feb- 1M, ll0. IJeginning to
bloom April 13. Crop all harvested June 13.
Yield, 25il5. pounds. Highest price, May 2-1,
SVtc- Hulk of crop, 2?;c. All maikefed in
Cash Cash
outlay, returns
25Q poun" ds n? e'd-pot atoes an d
freight on same' $ ,8.(8
Irrigating water for sesbania
used as rert lllzer. . '. 2.55
2 Irrigations for crop .Hi
Formaline ror scab, includ
ing express i.00
2(53 5 pounds of potatoes at
3-2?c S70.W)
Ne cash returns, not de- .
ducting labor .57-i5
?70.t 70-CO
The am'ouut of labor required for" the crop
itself was about 15 working days, with team
1 day. The sesbVihia used as green imin-ur-ing
on the west half of The l;ot.lfo ground was
givan 17 irrigations. Bermuda grass, more
over, nourished beneath thesesbania to stich
an extent as subsequently to require 23 days
labor for cleaning pp the .loacresso'fertllfzed.
Although the larger part of the erop eaitfc
from the scsbania fertilized portion of the po
tatoes, this method of enriching the solt
liroved very costly, 27 days mans time itnd'3
days team-wovk lieing required to putthese.T
bania Under and afterwards get rid' or tl:e
Bermuda grass. Kc"vert heles, the labor eng
tailed could ce-sily hiiva been managed by a
careful farmer, a-; the Bermuda digging was
done la January wheto other work was not
Tomatoes. Dwarf Champion nn'd Burpee's
Q,uartr Century; .52 acres: Heed planted in
cold-frame", Feb. 1. li)0!i. Transplanted to field,
March 12-15: FIfsS ripe, tomatoeff, Juno 10.
Last of marketable crop, Sept. S. Yield, tirst
ciass, 11232 pounds; second class, salable, 22 W
pounds; waste, most of which coUId have
been canned', 1810 pounds. Total crop Of 8300
vines, 1 33-11 pounds or4.fi pounds, gross, to tlie
vine. Highest price rcceived?:J0'c Tor a single
pound-on Juno 10. Bulk of first-class Crop sold
during July In Tucson and Bisbee markets, at
(i to -i'ic r. o. b. Yuma". Sefiond ckuss crop
sold locally down to 2c.
Cash .' cash
outlay,, returns.
Seed .-......-..-..v. s 1.72'
l& irrigations, Z acre 4.50
43S crates for shipments to
Tucson and Bisbee G5.50'
13531 poumis of tomatoes at
30c to 2c . SG2I.GG
Ket cash returns, not de
ducting labor- 55183
024.00 StfJt.60
$1.25 per Word Inserts ClassiQed ads
in 3G leading papers in U. S. Send for
list.- Tho Da lie Advertising Agency,
427 Son tW Wain' Sf.- Angeles, Cal.
1 he "Con" Knew Mis Duty
The congregation of a certain
is not "exclusive," but some of
its members- were surprised at
the-appointnient of a new usher
They said that he might be a
very good young man, but he
had not belonged very long to
the church, acd, besides, it seem
ed unliyely that a street car cori
ductor would suit the etiquette
of a house of worship. But the
trustees said that he had been
chosen for that very reason,
adding: "We need a man of that
kind to deal with the end seat
hog. He is a greater nuisance
in the church thtin in the cars
Early in the servie'e 'he plants
himself tit the aisle of a free pew
and later comers who are usher
ed into that pew fall all over
him taking their places. It takes
a man with gt'it to make him
move along. This former con
ductor has the grit, and he has
tact gainbd from experience
That is why we made him usher.'
Washington Herald.
The Go-Devi
Instead of employing hundreds
of men with picks to dig up the
streets for the purpose of re
surfacing them, the city of Cin
cinnati now uses a 15,000 pound
rake, which, enjoys the gentle
name 01 go-devil.
When dragged along by a
steam roller it does the work of
the laborers with their picks in
about ope-flfth of the time and 50
per cent better. The big steel
teeth dig into the "street six inch
es deep and' three feet wide and
travel "about twofity-five feet a
minute-." Tit is estimated that the
machine saves the work of hun
d reds of laborers and pays for
itself in every two days' work.
Popular Mechanics.
" Prof! Oh fries. A, Beard of Co
iumbia. University, when asked
for 'his opinion on woman suf
frage replied: "I think woman
suffrage will. come as a result of
the . iscii;asing economic inde
pendence of woman, which will
in turn sharpen her intellect,-
forcc upon her an iiilereat in the
social and economic conditions
which are determining her own
destiny -in so great a measure,
and, finally, give her that self-"
respect and self-sufficiency which
prevent her from being" content
with the alternate adoration and
contempt of the opposite sex."
If you wish to succeed, do a
htSle more than your assign d
task' and thus prove your ability
to do more.
Of all- the dangers that beset
woman none is so grsat as that
of fancying herself in love when
she really is not.
Mew Postoffices.
The latest issue of the Postal
Guide shows that since the first
of July pestoihees have been
established at the following pla
ces in Arizona; "Bellemont, Co
conino county Crowley, Gila
county;- Indian Oasis, Pima coun
ty; Liagana, Yuma county; Lo
chiel, Santa Cruz county; Moc
assin Mohave County; Polaris,
Yuma county. The name of the
postoSice at' Wendendale has
been changed to Weriden. A
postoiiice has been re-established
at Canyon Diablo. The follow
ing named postoffices have been
discontinued; Jersey, Yavapai
county; McDowell, Maricopa
county; Peach Springs, Mohave
connty; Vekol, Pinal county.
strong, durable, comfortable jg
H garments for Wo'Ian jjnre'n ffi
ifiTWSi a . ffiwra
mm $Mm
ffomEo3'aiG?ape Cream, of Tada? wTs
fzsx'J? siiacEQ ffoaa. Grapes-
Elcvcntri and "Waoriidgtbn StS"
Portland, Oregon.
jportiands Newest and
Most rvlodefii Motel
Cent rally locatedi
Convenient to Theatres
Attractive 5Ecof Garden
'Bus PyZeets KI1 Xraiiisx
W At El
Hm 1 1 M f 11 Bf
y Uii M A I U if Ira flg
" San Diego Sun.
ifow would the! average citizen
like to be in a position to spend
money at the rate of 8600 each
.working hour?
George Holmes, purchasing
agent for the San Diego & Yuma
railroad, is one San Diegan who
is getting rid of money a,t that
rapid, rate.
During the last week Holmes
said he has spent for the com
pany, in ordering supplied, an
average of for each hour
that he puts" in. Material for
the construction of the road is
of prime importance just now
and Purchasing Agent Holmes
is head over heels- into the de
tails of acquiring the best possi
ble supplies. The building of a
railroad through a mountainous
country cal is for the best there
is in construction work.
Big Steel Order Placed
"1 have just placed an order
for.IoOO tons of steel girders to
be used for a bridge over one of
the canyons in Mexico," said
Holmes yesterday. "The steel
is to be supplied by a Pittsburg
sttel concern, and if I were to
tell the cost of the product prob
ably be some readers of the pa
per who would not believe me.
This is to be a 510 foot span steel
viaduct. It is the nrst encoun
tered by the construction depart
ment since crossing the line into
Mexico. Delivery of the steel is
to be made as speedily as possi
blenot later than April 1, 1910.
"Another order just placed is
for 20 steel fiat cars at a cost of
$1200 to the car. Here is an ex
penditure of $24,000 atone jump.
The man who frantically opens
his letters in the postoffice in the
presence of a Sunday crowd is
not necessarily the busiest man
in tor."!.
""- "p-"" T"
1 itZf
-Moderate priced
Every particle bf tnesecrirs is id
be steel, and this makes the sec
ond train to be ordered since the
purchasing de23artment began
"Bids have been asked of tnd
locomotive firms of the east to
supply another locomotive, which
is to be of the same style, tiid
capacity as the one received a
short time ago and now in rise
It is possible we may be able to
have this locomotive delivered
within' ninety days. By tha&
time it will-be needed in pushing""
forward the construction of yards5
and sidetracks between here and
Tia JuiiDa."
Tunnel Work to Beg'n
It is evident that Robert Sher
er & Sons, who are building the"
roadbed,- are getting ready to
commence tunnel operations
southeast of Tia Jnana, asamong
the orders placed by the pur
.chasing department is one for
170,000 feet of -redwood tunnel
"Wherever there is possibility
of dampness none, but redwood
was used in tunnel or other road
construction," said Holmes. This
redwood is to be furnished by a
timber concern in Mendocino'
county. Orders have been placed
with the same firm for an addi
tional 80,000 ties. A ship will
leave Eagle Harbor, Wash., De
cember 10 with 300, 000 feet of
bridge timbers. In this lot will
be 41,000 feet of creosoted piling
for trestle construction and 153,
000 feet of stringers and miscel
laneous material for use on
One good thing about having
poor relations is, it makesv'you
feel so vi:-tuous to give them
wotTiOiU clotho-j yon c:m'r ,vour.
U RAtm e J? h S a ii B 5?
bi hi yi n a u n : m n wj

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