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The Arizona sentinel. [volume] (Arizona City [Yuma], Yuma County, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1872-1911, July 28, 1910, Image 2

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What Atls You?
Do you fed weak, tired, despondent, have frequent head
aches, coated tongue, bitter or bad taste in morning,
" "heart-bum," belching of gas, acid risings in throat after
eating, stomach gnaw or burn, foul breath, dizzy spells,
poor or variable appetite, nausea at times and kindred
symptoms ?
If you have eny considerable nnmber of the
ebo symptoms you arc suffering from bilious
iri, torpid liver -with indigestion, or dyspepsia.
Dr. licrcea Golden Medical Discovery is made
up of the most valuable medicinal principles
inotvn to medical science for the permanent
cure of such abnormal conditions. It is a must
v efficient liver invigorator, sTorcach tonic, bowel
regulator aad nerve strengthencr.
The "Golden Medical Discovery" is not a patent medicine cr secret nostrum,
full list of its ingredients being printed on its bottle-wrapper nnd attested
under oath. A glance at these will show that it contains no alcohol, or harm
. lul habit-forming drugs. It is a fluid extract made with purc, triple-refined
glycerine, of proper strength, from the roots of native American medical,
forest plants. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Props., Buffulo, N. Y.
ber 3-G, 1910.
question but
of this body
velonnaent in
Fish for Roosevelt Dam
Dry farming
The fifth Dry Farming Con
gress and Exposition will be held
in Spokane, Washington, Octo
There can be no
that the influence
has enhanced de
the dry farming
districts of this and other coun
tries; through its careful and
systematic ?corlr along educa
tional lines, it has overcome pre
judices against this form of ag
ricultorc .nd has shown that the
systems advocated will increase
the annual average production
of every acre now under cultiva
lion. The phrase "dry farming""
is rather elastic as well as ata-
v,;.rc Rr.nmfic.uliv. there is I lper and
ntTsuch thing as "dry farming." ic blotting paper over the stain
As applied to western conditions j anil press it with the hot iron,
it means soil culture under a By this process the stain will be
limited rainfall; the conservation transient to the blotting pa
The reclamatiou service has
been advised by the government
bureau of (isheries that during
this summer or fall a consign
ment of fish will be forwarded
for planting in Roosevelt dam.
The tish will include thousands
of specimens of black bass, crop
pie, perch and catfish, and will
ultimately provide Phoenix with
as splendid a fishing resort us
can be found in the entire west.
To Glean Wall Paper
You can
from wall
remove grease spots
paper with blotting
a hot Oatiron. Put
Oregon Can Grow Fine Tea
J. O. Stemmler of Myrtle
Point, Oregon, has demonstrated
that tea can be grown success
fully in Coos county. On his
ranch outside that city, where
the climate is milder than on the
coast, he has for several years
grown fine crops of tea.
lie secured from the govern
ment Japanese tea . plants and
had no trouble in making the
crop thrive and produce well.
Mr. Stemmler also is able to cure
the leaves and make a fine pro
duct which is used by himself
and friends.
He says that the only reason
why tea cannot become a com
mercial crop in this country is
the fact that help is needed to
pick the crop and is too expens
ive to compete with the coolies
of Japan and Ceylon.
boon canned, 1810 pounds. Total crop of
hies, 15.ui pounds or 4.i pounds, gross, 10 mo
Inc. Highest price received. 30c for a single
pound on June It). Hulk of first-class crop fold
urine July In Tucson and Msbee nuuKets, at
W to 4V-c. f. 'o. b- Yuma. Second class crop
sold locally down to 2c.
red 3 1.72
18 irrigations, Ys acre 1.50
i.w crates for shipments to
Tucson and Islsbee l0-ou
SSll pounds of tomatoes at
BCc to 2;
Net cash returns, not de
ducting labor s.-)1.88
A Lesson In Intensive Farming by
R H. Forbes, Director and
Chemist of Agricultural
Experiment Station
be re-
r tu1 fortilit.v: per. utner siains may
Ul OVJ11 ujuuui " ' j
,lm,it.h.rnsist.inr nlants: iovcu irom wau paper y mu-
systematic tillage. In so far as
the Congress has exploited these
ideas it merits support aud encouragement.
Horses' Sense of Smell
The horse has a wonderful
sense of amell. No matter how
hungry he may be he w'll leave
musty liay ' untouched m his
manger; and though thirsty will
reject water that is objectionable
to his sense of smell, lie will
likewise refuse to drink out of a
bucket which, may have some
offensive odor to it.
Bis intelligent nostril
widen, quiver and query
the daintiest bit offered by the
fairest of hands, with coaxiugs
that, would make a mortal shut
his eyesNand swallow a mouthful
a gulp. A mare is never satis-
lied by either site or whinny that
her colt is really her own until
she has a certilied'nasal proof of
the fact.
Blind horses have been known
to show signs of auger when
stranger approached them, which
shows that they have good sense
of smell. Blind horses, as a
general thing, will gallop wildly
about a pasture without striking
the surrounding fence, their
scent informing them of its
nroximitv" ' Others will, when
loosened from the stable, go di
rect to the gate or bars opened
to their accustomed feeding
grounds, and, when desiring to
return, after hours of careless
wandering, will distinguish one
outlet and natientlv await its
bing them with a piece of bread
a. day old or with a piece of flan
nel dipped in dry oatmeal.
Dog Waits at Prison Door
York, Pa. After a vain effort
to save its master ana mistress
from prison, a big black dog
owned by Mr. and Mrs. Amos
Paul of this city, cannot be in
duced to leave the vicinity of the
jail where they are confined.
Detective Fickes, who went to
arrest the pair for disturbing the
peace, was savagely attacked by
the animal as he attempted to
lead his prisoners away.
When the dog had been quiet
ed it followed at the heels of the
Pauls to the county jail, and
when the barred doors closed
uoon them sat down to await
their reappearance.
Home Eggs Best for Hatching
Farmers too generality save
eggs from the entire liock for
liatching. This is fatal to the
best results. The best layers,
those commencing early and
kyeping it up while -eggs are
highest, begin in spring to take
a much needed rest. About the
time when the hatching season
begins, the hens that have not
laid an egg all winter begin busi
ness, and by using their eggs for
"hatching, the resulting chick-ens
are from the poorest instead of
the bestlayera. Missouri Dairy -
"-witH strength and ease
they always please"
Wireless Pocket Apparatus
A wireless telegraphy appa
ratus was exhibited recently by
the inventor, Prof. Ccrebotann,
the priest in charge of the Mu
uich parish, during a scientitic
leuture before an audience of
ocrsons enquired in the various
branches of scientific investiga
The lustrumcut consists ot a
wooden base with the letters of
the alphabet thereupon arranged
in a circle. A small metal indi
cator swings on a pivot in th
center, so adjusted as to respond
to the wireless dot and dash cur
rents and spell out the messages
The apparatus is simple aud
somewhat larger than the ordi
nary card case.
What She Swallowed
University of Arizona,
January 15, IW7.
.Inst west of Yuma. Arizona, in I be nliuviul
lloort-plain of the Colorado, lies a little farm
of 7.2 acres which on May 1, 100.1, was virgin
bottomland, covered Willi suHweeu, arrow
brush and creosote bushes. Tne onuinal
purpose or the tract was for planting selected
varieties of date palms imported by the U. S.
lVn:irtliiKllL of ALTJCUl HIPS JlOlll UIO U1U
Wmiii. Tin? Experiment station. May '2, be
gan pieparmg tne grounu, anu on nuiy i tnu
work ot levelling, uorueniiK aim iiukuuhk
Hi., l.r.icl, ;iikI the Planting of M palms, was
Till! I'ljAN Or WUKK
Hi-eniriiizlnir. however, that a farmer with
livhiL' lo make meantime, cannot allbrd
in unit for ail orchard to come into beating.
it was planned to plant crops for quick re
turns between me tree-rows, inns pui uhk wiu
work on a feasible basis from the small lann
er's point of view. In order to economize
ground the irrigating borders were so placed
:is to coincide with thu rows of palms, thus
nf snaee otherwise usually wasted
The tract was divided by the holders into
lands, for the most part one-hair an acre in
size, lrriiiating water from the Colorado
Valley l. I. Canal was obtained in me cus-
ti.marv manner and IS. L. (. rane, himself
Yuma v alley farmer, unucriooii toe care oi
what was nicknamed our play farm."
In size, as well as m the intensive cnaracter
ofthe work planned, this farm" i. the op-
ltncitixirthp averaire holdings oi iniMocaiuy
The nrevailintr crops of the legion are alfalfa,
com. barley, and forages in general, coinpaia-
tively little -attention oeing given io vege
tables and fruits. Wl Hill, iiio cos i oi icveuuif;
land in this region is high, rarely falling be
low twenty dollars an acre at current prices
for hibor and teams. Moreover, the cosi, ox
elusive of maintenance, of the (Joveinment
irrigating svstem now under construction
will be about S3.50 an acre annually for ten
years- To meet these and oiner neavy ueiiis
of expense in connection with the eslalulsli
mentor a farm in Ibis region, intensive crops
of a more remunerative character I ban those
now in vogue, are essential, it was partly,
therefore, as an object lesson bearing upon
these financial aspects of the geueial si tun
(In., that this cultural work was planned.
The soil of our tract, a warm, sandy loam
well adapted to gardening operations, was
levelled, ditched and boidered at a contract
nrice ofSl7'( an acre, constaerauiy less man
tiie average for the locality, reckoning the
labor of men and teams at current rales, in
addition, barbed wire and posts for fencint
cost 1X1.10: lumber lot- headgates cot S!).57
a drive well point and pipe, a pitcher-spout
niinip and a barrel. JrlH.l.v. a sniali imuDer
two-room house, including live and one-half
days carpenter liire, Sl.ri2.75; and a brush-roof
shelter for horses, about Jfo.uu. only skilled
labor employed in levelling, bordering and
ditching the ground, and lor pari construe
t win of the house, is included in me auove
estimates, as the common labor required or
dinarily would be. and m inis case was, iur-
nisbed bv the farmer himself.
To bring this ground under cultivation anu
make it habitable for a small farmer and his
family, as stated above, therefore required i
cash ou May of about S UM.IX). m addition, h
the average instance must be included :
team, wagon, plow, harrow, haying equip
ment slrrjvels.hoes and other small tools.
The crops ele.cted for the season of l!i!Mi
weie rainy nose potatoes. v ui;e nermuo
onions. KocKyioro cantaloupes, uwan unani
nion and mirpec's Quarter l entury tomatoes
and alfalfa, besides a few bills of watermelons
ind sundry vegetables.
The produce w:is marketed in t uma witl
the exception of tomatoes, which, for the
largest Part, were expressed to Tucson and
Hisbee. Tin- following sUilemen..s lor tin
various crops are on the basis of net cash le
turns to the small farmer, who with an aver
ge ramily ot llfcand a team ol horses is
burned to do t be woik required, as explained
Ivelow. items necessitating cash outlay,
seed, irrigating water, and crate. are deducted
from ros leturns. Water costs an average
of fjQ cents for irrigation per acre for the crops
grown. The yields in certain instances are
low. cine to the unimproved condition oi t ne
soil, which, like desert soils in genial, was
low in nitrogen and organic matter. Some
small salty aieas also affected yields locally
white Hermuda onions: .7 acres: fceed
planted Sept, "ft Oct, 3. UKV3. Young onions
transplanted. Feb- 5-5). l.'Ki. Crop matun
about June!. Yield, 3510 pounds of dry on
ions. Highest price received, "'sc a pound
lowest price received, 1-!m! a pound. Jt.nlire
rop marKCted in l ujna
Seed ' S
S Irrigations in seed bed and
S Irrigations in held, about
Sacksand sundry, about
UD10 pounds of onions at 2.5-
Net cash returns, not de
ducting labor
Mrs. "Jack" Gardner of Bos
ton has taken up the Audubon
Society's war against the 'Merry
Widow' hat, says the Washing
ton Star.
4,Tha! hat is the worst omniv
orous creation that the milliners
have yet given us," she said at a
recent dinner. "The number of
things required to trim the hat
is frightening. Its appetite, in
fact, reminds me of a police
court episode. A detective w
testifying in the case of a woman
shoplifter whom he had arrested
in her bedroom.
"" 'And your honor,' he said
'when I told her the charge she
turned her back on me and swal
lawed a purse, six suits of silk
underwear, a silver candlestick
a chalfng dish, and "
" 'Rubbish! Are you crazy?
the magistrate interrupted.
'Jiixcuse me. vvnat I mean
to say, your honor,' exclaimed
the detective, 'is that she swal
lowed the pawn tickets."
021.00 J021.60
Nol including ?1 MM), failed to collect.
Until the last of .lime this cronrequired but
little labor. During the shipping season,
however, four persons were -employed on
about half time in picking, packing and ship-
fog the crop. The entire labor requirements
inr the crop were, men's time, 85 days; women
no boys. ;S days: and team 10 days, the
heaviest demand upon labor being during
nlv ivwj.rf Plmtnnioii nnd l'.nrpf-e's Quarter
Century yielded about equal.y well, both be
ing of the dwarf bushy sorts best adapted to
this climale. Uarnyard manure was used un
der t lie double rows, otherwise the ground
was unfertilized oave by the muddy irrigating
wafer used.
Itockyford canlaloupcs; 1 acre: heed planted
March 7 i), lWW. Cold, backward .Sanson re
sulting in thin stand equal to about three-
fourths of an acre. Crop picked .Inly ;i ts
Sept. 7. lld 7hO dozen, sold locally at from
c to Ioe a dozen.
Cash Cash
outlay, returns
1 pound seed 3 l.W)
Hi irrigations
e0 dozen cantaloupes a.t 5oc
tO l.Ht - SI-ll.U!
Net cash returns, not de
ducting labor lS.-j.WJ
SHi.W) Jlll.Wi
The labor on this crop was light, but in this
ase time consuming, becauseot inconvenient
rrangi -incuts for mai keting. I here wereem
ployed on the crop --il days men s tune; m nays
women anil boys; and 2 days team, not other
wise included.
The crop was fertilized with barnyaul man
ure in about thrce-feuiths of the hills, aud. .-is
luted above, thestand was poor, the results
of this acre are therefore conservative-
Watermelons and sundry small items oi
roduce were sold locally to the amount
of 5lS.U
Seed and irrigating water, ahout s 2.00
lA'a'ing a cash return ot about., .j.m
515.0.1 13 tUI
Alfalfa: 1.70 acres: This was sou.. Jlay IS
ISitw, Yielding three cuumgs of about live tens
ofciia hay the Mist season. I Hir'ng the sec
ond reason, covered by this limply Hint,
there were seven cuttings with a total oi
about 'JO tons of May. The only cash outlay
was toJl for irrigat ing water. J he labor re-
(luircd was. man's time. II days and team
nine days, which is rather high nnor rcqu.re-
nent lor this alfa fa on account ol tin? smaii
size of the field under consideration, and lim
ited use of machinery. Tins crop at 5-fH) to
$10.00 a ton, loo-e, which has been (be price
this season, replevins a cash return oi not
less thai: Sltti.OO for the crop: but this hay was
used b) feed she team employed on the place,
.proving to bo more than sutliclent for that
purose, since a stacic oi auout tnree ions re
mains at the end of the season, i lie manure
from this source, being free from i'.ei ninda
grass seed. wasespcclaJy valuable for fertil
izing a part of the crops grown
The amount of labor expended upon thi
crop was lai-ge for the area, especially at the
transplanting time- One day's team work in
nrvnaring the land and about 82 days, men':
time, were required to bring it through, ai
though the work was not heavy aud could
have been largely performed bv boys. Th
yield was low owing to the deserl and unfer
tilized character oi meson- onions leqiniiug
large amounts of organic mutter in the soil 1
give good results.
linily Hose potatoes; .ii acres: Seed po
toes planted Feb HMD, IWJfi- Hcginulng
bloom April 1:5. Crop all harvested June l;!
Yield. 2ii pounds. Highest price, .May
3Hc Hull: of crop, 2ilic. All marketed ii
250 pounds seed-potatoes and
freight on same S S.IVJ
1 rrigut i ng water for sesbania
used :is fertilizer 2.0S
2 irrigations for crop SI
Formaline for scab, includ
ing express
015 pounds or potatoes at
Net cash returns, not de-.
ducting labor 57-15
VG.rTiif.g Notice
To whom it linij ep''-;: :
Notice is hrrrnv gt.ei. il.-.it. :b iftby Croup
mining claims and Sim Group ii ning .Claims,
situated in Seneca editing district, Yuma
couuty, Arizona Territory, us e under contract
or bond to parties working the same aud that
neither the mines nor the owner thereof will
be responsible for any labor or debt contracted
or injuries sustained by any employer or em
ploye in working said property, anl that no
eir.pjj.ver or employe is the agent or the owner
for any purpose, and that all operatives rn-
gaged in such sen ice at their own risk anu
that no debt or chum of debt is valid against
said mining claims or their owner.
Mack's Landing. Yumn County. Arizona
"Dated April i3. 1910. ' May 5, 1910.
California farm Loans
Are a, pei manont investment in
which the investor secures the
hijrhi'St interest in return compi'tible
with absolute .security. We are
constantly mukinji nnd selling choice
loans, and solicit iuquiries from
. 1030 Alonadnock Bid.,
San Francisco
Kealtr's Boarding House.
Have your meals at -Ncahr's
Boarding House.
Meals: 25c and up.
Sunday Dinner: 35c,
MEAL HOURS Week days:
Breakfast, 5 to 10 a. m., Dinner,
Ll:30 A.M. to 2 P.M., Supper, 5:30
to 8 P.M.
You'll find your meals just as
you like them, and, if desired,
can have them cooked to order.
VI 1 kinds of Spanish dishes, if
vou like them.
All home cooking. Come and
Cry our fare.
Mrs. D. L. Neahr.
Nortonia Hotel
Eleventh and Washidgton Sts
Portland, Oregon
Portland's Newest and
Most Modern Hotel
Centrally Located.
CcnveiTiciit io Theatres
Attractive Hoof Garden.
'.Bus Meets Till Trains.
lMMJlJTlM-3 JIUWI.Wll.Mi I ll
Yuma Irrigation Project covers
150,000 Acres ef Valley and Mesa Lands.
Eight crops of Alfalfa and two crops
ot Figs grow in one year. Other
crops Dates, Cantaloupes, Water
melons, Corn, Cotton, Oranges und
Lemons, small fruits and everything
produced in the temperate zone
Finest climate on earth. Sunshines
every day in the ye ar.
Richest Mineral Formation in the United States Gold,
Silver, Lead, aud Copper. Vast areas of unappropriated
mineral lands.
For Any information
Immigration Commissioner, Yuma, Arizona
ewelry and' Notions
House Furnishing Goods .
Leading Souvenir Card Denier in the City.
Watch Repairing a Specialty. ' - -
Palemon Avila,
M Phone S9 3?C4
Turns Out Frst-Class Work
IST Leave orders at Shorey's, Southtrestern News Company.
ckASc tivSS ?5vlfc 5?iv3S c r All SiAAyS ?sXj?v 5iJrt5vi 3aXK St
ntSm w rfSm oA fr
V f V V w w
Ugiit livery ot an oescnptions. ouuits Tor tne uesm
and Mountain. Czpress Wagon service.. Trucking
and Hauiinrj in ai! their branches
Livery, Phone 48. 4 Transfer, Phone 47
Norton s
- From Hohawk to Norton's, Half Way Well,
Kofa, North Star, and return.
Daily from Mohawk to Norton's; three times a week from
Nortoii's-to the mines Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays:
For Special Trips, wire or write to
f GEORGE W. NORTON, Mohawk,Ariz.
ANNiNCi LINEDaiJy Service to
Santa Catalina Island
S. S. CABRILLO Capacity 900
9:C5a m-
8:5 a. m.
U;15 a.m.
Greatest Fishing Koown.
Famous Marine Gardens Viewed Through Glass Bottom Boats
44 !t Leads; Others Follow;"'
? 'Yuma
) Daily-. Examiner
STO.OO 370-(H)
The amount of lahor rcquiretl for the eroi
itself Wits about 1j working daj s. wiMi U-am
154 (lays. The scshauia used as Krccu manur
iji;r on the west half of tho jotalo rouiiil was
trivcii 17 irriRatlous. ncrinuda rass, more
o'(-r. llourishud bont-alh tiio sesuania to siu:h
an extoiit as subsequently to ri-qiiiro J day;
labor for elcaninc up the .15 acres so fertilized
Although the larger part of tlie crop cut no
from tiie sesbania fvrtilized portion ofthe po- i
tatoes. this inetliod of enriching tiie .'-oil i
proved very costly. '27 days mans lime and
days team-work beiiw required to jmtthe :-v-bania
under and afterwards get rid of the
I5ermuda urass. Nevertheless, tiie labor eng
tailed could easily have been managed bv a
careful farmer, as the llerimida diirint: was
done in January when other work was not
Tomatoes. Dwarf Champion and Uurpee's
Quarter Cei. tury; .5:2 acres: Seed planted in
cold-frame, Feb. 1. l'.KXS. Transplanted to fluid.
March 1--15. First tipo tomatoes .ittne I'.l
lia.t oi'inarkctaijlc-ero). Sept. h. Yield, tii.-t-ciafts,
112S2 pounds; beeond class, salable, "JUlf
pounds; waste, hunt of wltjcii could imve
G. S. PETERKIN, Prop'r.
General Blacksmithing
Work, andPractiGal Horseshoeing,
We are equipped with the most up-to-date Machinery
and oilier equipments known to the tr.ide
Living Prices and Promptness will be our motto
Corner of Second Street and Maiden Lane,
Yuma, Arizona
California's Great Newspaper
geies aimes
Send for sample copy of the biggest newspaper In the world.
Largest circulation in the Southwest . Net result:
Largest amount of reading matter I The biggest paper
Largest volume of display advertising The best paper
-Largest volume of classified advertising The best value
Highest character of readers The oest ever.
California's great newspaper
See Shorey about it.
the use of a goodlaxative, to keep the bowels open and prevent the poisons of undigested"
food from gettinginto your system.
The latest product cf science is VELVO Laxative Liver Syrup, purely vegetable, gentle,
reliable aild of a pleasart, aroiratic teste. Velvo acts cn the liver, as well as on the
stomach and bowels, nnd is of the greatest possible efficacy in constipation, indigestion.
biliousness, sick headache, feverishness, coiic,flatulence, etc. Try

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