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Arizona silver belt. (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, July 04, 1878, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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- i -
fete, Fiial Oomty, Arizona, 33iiirsday, July 4., 1878-
: T ' ' ' ' r.
1 V N hl
Xtt nil
m m m i ir-m- -.m
L4ib OF
Single pr junutHfc 4 ,00
Stx RfjriSi ....-,... 2. 00
3L. B. iOflrOTPOT,
ji 1 1 o r mi y . . Law,
3 Jty....f . -.f1PT)m
$gi prneticc itt all h soiww i tiiin
Gidb Oiiy, Haal Couatf, a. T.
Aoruej at Jaw,
Will practic ki U of Gomis
of Territory.
gB.-aad Milk,
. OOJtX,
A t t r a j at Xi a vr
FLC8K0, A. T.
Glubtr City,.. Ariaon
(Late .Sarwon U. S, Kay.)
South Brod direct, klie.-
Jfes, Sella Johpart
v Propi'ieU-ess.
here's esttisite joy in toil
George & Pratlier,
B W I It D B K 8, Iid J 0 JJ B K II S.
'Any wock entrustetl to iMm vdl
n proaopWy djspRtcliixl In il i?ork-
ajpik(l witfe the vi$rjr best M tEiy
Mai Street, Globe City, A. IV
oanjriu Globi Htition, kept by
tii ejideJTiigaul, who $ef$ tiie
ph;-i& wanted. Bus copvfef table
1 tf
Outtftint'v o liH'ii and for
Fresh Bre&l, Oake$,
Blacksmith Shop,
C. Iju,-r?zsy (Prop.
&re8$rs will find this a piansant
g to put ap t.
Elizabeth R Brass amR
S S A y E
QIoih Qitv. A. T.
Civil &giu9fr and Surveyor,
Office as Jradk?e wnseyf Jvs Depot
B.oas street (slohe Oay xfizmtm ;
- -..J,.-.V.X
MeMiilenviSIe. Arizona.
t h ? ntal ! u ri wi ea erprbe. Krentitm smd be eoijced.
m mtiwtian werk. workbijr base ore by
mw pan anwtgsmftttau a fpeciftitj. Ore
7 "
Oftr.JtoOti una Sts., I
- - .- - a.t. !
4ll kinds of ItlacksmithiDg done in
the it 8tyi-.i ;ti che shortest notice.
Pistols aMD
After the shower, the tranquil son;
After the- snow . the emeraM leaves;
Shining sure wtiea the day is done;
After the harvest, goidon shenves;
After the cloud, the violet sky;
After the tenipest,the lull of jF&ves.
Quiet woods whm the wintls go by;
After the battle, peaceful gmvefi;
After the kiselu the wedding-bells;
After tlie bud, the radiant re;
Joyful greeting from sad faretyspttv;
After our weeping, sweet repose;
After the burden, the blissful meed;
After the furrow, the waking seed;
After the stmuowy nvei, rest.
"'Jim" sets 'em up for the boys in
every stylo known, to the profession,
Jgeps his Br copliy aappUed; Jahw;f Mn,, lr
-with e b9$t fetalis of- I t ,j"
:cl&Att jui'ibu QBStL.. s, . t , ' ,a.
hiai with
their putiroie, iha best in his line.
Take it tm through the -1 Globe" I
LODOIKG 50 cents
at the
Main St.,
M&p w ek b ?
Le. rG;lc syery 5Ehart4y
for MeABUeimlh, tmaiodiftty aAer
Uie an-iral of the western mail, and
retcans"to Globe the following day.
'IS W. T. Cilfr.LICR.
Jt .
Olbe City, - - A. T.
Gratit Bronxiig,
jfcdfconiining, Boriiiag,
Work promptly donyto order on short
notice for cask. ' '
Justice of tie peace, Rotary Public,
CoihT.dssioner of Deeds for all the
Padfie States and Territories.
Offers his services to Buyers and jh- ir-
of miifljr arnd Iocrws and owmu
who "vwrfi to proenr9 pntcut to rbt ir
cluims; to tiioae Tantiiig deeds, con
tracts, Ihsw power 6f Mtorrk.' note-s bills
li'itor m instruaQoGBi bt Any kind i.
writing itl fw the TRtttiou ai oUi
edgeij. He -will ahvxjp b iwiud 3n
hia ofti& i the Ploueur l$$m& Plpot.
Broad Bt. Globe OttyJ?.
The undersigued has opened a
iBeer & Luucb Hons,
5?. B. Kox, Wk. cNblly.
KNOX & McNIpLi-rY,
Corner Brpiray and ?ijk3 Sts.
GL03CXT5T, i
K4i eitntly on jlts-'d for
sttte the Sot
iu be oitnd in the Tntery.
A.Je C-ub Roup tloliHd.
xlneis ntenfely ou 3itid Fr-jSe u
Ottybtiodtso i)' th&eni'-fs ''Mm
libtta setnersUy.
I, ..,,',,- r.if ; , ,
Jlobe Glty, . . . Apulia..
Our Bar is cotniiyppHetl )fj
the choicest breads of
atuohtd. Good ncoomodfiltus"
Beer will only be sold by the bot
tle and qurt.
-The ilessilft ??ews: The Ben?er
and Rio Grwidi rutlroftd' company
bare closed etfntret with Garble,
Orran h Cook to gratk ths road,
from Alamos to Sant Fe, ene
hundred and torfe? milet. It is pmri
ded tht thorudaag shall be com
pleted in five months.
Tho !ini6 paper makes the state
ment that Use Atchison Toytkn und
Santa. Fe road is being pushed
ihvongh to Las Yega; that tke work
is under contract to Clifton Mr,
and that the engineers are preparing
msk foom CUfton to. hu Yoga.-
jSCw Wms ttaMfftj will
yeaaanci vs wmny wtmm smwm
AllqaHue md Bdrn&UUo before
two years. fear the edftor m
jiredictiag tho time of arrival of cars
at the points named allowed w de
sire to i nn away widi kis jtrdgment.
We would advise him, for the fcriiD
qadizing effect, to hum the 'lTy
Green," in which the words '"oreap
n'g, creeping, where no life is seen,'
occar, and re-fiic tho date when tie
iron-horse wtii snort in Lat Vests
and on the east bauk of to Rio
The Republican general conven
tion is caiieJ to raecz in Santa If e,
whisre the wire pullers are. July Sdfclf.
Handsome women can
Senatoc Chafao from.
backs down from a soaopad
to the 0. S. Seote and 3
world ntoves.
General Bonnewllek who
ted from West point in 1
o the oldest officers of tja!
died at;Jori iSravth, Arkansi
. .. . .,yr
Eetten. writing ) ad
Blaine, Matthews and
A. B. Stookwll of Kei
formerly president of thoPiai
Steamship eompanj, has haatf
utcaitoti a, bankrupt with Iran
The Baltimore Gazette says: There
was a painful rumor yesterday that
Secretary Sherman, ou being con
fronted with the original copy of hm
After the flight, the downy nest; Jjlettor to Anderson and Weber, had
The result of the cyclone at Rich
mond. Kay cowry, Missouri was,
twenty pursuits killed or mortally
injured, eighty -three badly hurt,
seven ty-one.aoiies and content en
tirely swept awa , and about thirty
badly "wrecked, invoicing a logs of
Wer StK000.
J3o Cunsui at Canton, Chiaare-
H-terrible tortiado passed 0Y6?yia$
city on the 11th of Apnl last,-fe-inggreatdttruotion
of life and prop
erty. The average breadth of the
faek left by the tornado is 600 feet.
The United States Conanlaifi was i..sf. i eoctt0
beyond the track of the storm, afcd. w: VF! oat.of the gerons
cammitied suicide by opening the
main artery of his left arm. Peoala
who knew that Mr. Hhemao'i body
coiitaBed no blood, and that the ep-
ening of an artery could only hhve
the Sect of unproviui' the ventilation
of hif ay stem, were not ch&twbed,
but some sill? foBts aotaally boiiered
that the horrible trazedy, ujrop!
by Mr. otephfpc the well-
soothsayer, Iwd fcrrjyed.
.. 1 j 1,1m' 1
Ih. Lotus RaQubiican: Prof
for traces of
meteorological cycles, but we, are 1
coeeemed just now about tlnf partic
ular causes of gst tornadoes, filnt,n
we are abuat the prospect of mote 'to
Jjt lice tell us squarely
ntf American property was (Junageu
In the native city it is estiiUMtddthat
persons were killed. Owing
to the narrowness of the streets Im
work of removiug the dead boes
from tho wreck made slow progress
and would take several weeks trj no-
The best will be provided and tile weamer wa vary not,
fUL IU i.M.4.UU VCUV4t uvm uvjum
will be such as to suit all palates.
SflT" Give me a call.
J. J. VoiiUIKOit,
Qlobc, A. T.
S. KLi.NT.
Ban FrtiROiKCo'
7osbiirgk & Klein,
Broad Street,
Globe - - Ari&oma;.
1 -".f,
Dealers in
posing bodies led many to aar the
oucbmak of a pestilence.
f The Enterprise has the following:
It .aYing been determined that thej
location of the recent tage robbery,
was not in Yavapai county, Deputy
G. jS, Marshal Bvane 1 fey "-jfofc
inrebfg5? etage for Yunut,
"wth hiti Jack Swilling aniLAiilytffv
Kirey, c&arged wish tho crim $0
settle the location, U. S. Surveyor
C. B Foster, was senjt to Witjh-
burg and made a surrey of the eojan-l
ty jute, aua leiegrapoeu cue rsjsui? o
j mtonce, and how long we may safe-
iy ejount on relief from these plane
tary dubirbances, which have be
come so frequent since he took the
matter in hand.
. It is cleix t&at the willingness to
roward Anderson at the public cost
was not confined to M. Matthews,
remarks tho iew York Times, Radi
cal, tho Bepartment of State offer
ed h$m the Consulate at Funcliul.
The 'JeaaiBCf tendered him an In-
pjBtbrsMp of Customs. Within
certain limns, both Departments were
prepared to recogoiae his claim; but
the Emits svere too narrow for his
ambition, aod he carried his griefs to
the Democracy.
If a im of $100 be, plee4 98
ery umuaman iannrag in iim$m
the impomal authorife &p 't
threatan to impose a similais
Americans kndfftg in Ohinir
Dona Buklia Pore? da Gui
diod at the San Gabriel li
Los Angeles, Juno 8 th. J&s
was supposed to be 143 wmB&y
had. lived at San GabrJol
nearly 1QQ years, having
mer ahoitttmryeAr 1 ;90. . :
The Pacific doast mhlfc.:
bills have been approved by ipjjfc
idont, awl wall be operative.
a the Jeriorl)opartmeasij
presGribed regulations aldj!
lions for the local land o$u-
one which efieeta Ansowt ml
timber to be taken mfe4
erntl lawk."
. Mr. lirEmm: San
was discovered his, $eJ
named Bushiieli,
then turned out th& j
the bonds, hypothsiai
spest the money iil
ii d 1 u g and Pack Saddles,
1 pfig and Vulcan
iiHSjar iepartui-e 0 C tne Alsxrsa 1 irii)
mvitlieaies the action of the GyAM
d examination before ) jhtt
ontffilKoner, and wiu ntcesaltaifi
nrin Yuma.
ee has been eM)llid
fat Mssovtlle, Pinal county,
jotepiRne uoosou as pcacmis;
? ne rjrBceeui
$fcffc$tiae, Mining Imploimsnja,
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boot
and shoes, Hats, Caps,
i" . .1' J - . i.
r. hy u s ci! bera purpha'iV
- lRn Wneton tar aayi ; fcThe 3n-
orrjraion afc, i rar oj; tue-vf -
suid iawiT8, passei oy tpe jkow
Mexioo Icffislaiore. has bean annulled
l.3ijie iSonate of e United &tos?
jj we are correctly informed the
JJ?S. Senate is not omnipottnt. We
undorscaud that the House is a 5u
6r$nato branch of the national cqn
iss and in ordor to negative alfc
xorial law it requires the oonclir-
qW action of both homfi
QQife incorporajaon aereferfd to
;jisicely Hie same in ehajf&as
The United States atiim
uutaueti to waccn tne ivar
have been ordered home.
on, stationed on tfoe Danube
nmn-ms regiment m iiatot
uol. tatambers is ordc
York, and Lieut. Greene;
gmeers, who accor
of the grand doke
kuns, will report at
Grant County Heral
nas aeciaea to locate at
J. R. Johngonlif:M
ily n to Siivej Cagf
tnis ptace ns perm
Con MurHan
Lower CSja, oji Tu
ports that tho crop
PnJ'PV TTnvirny in n 7 AAtttli SMft- I
vere notions of pietv," says a PP86 t0 ver
stan writer, ."i ui-od to arise in th
msrht watches to meditate, pra? and
read tho tCoran. One night, fnlly
Kf; fttwlingSt . wftch ocsiojidliM occupied with these r ractices, my fa-
iLWoko Behold,' said I, "thy "othpsr
child rat are lost in ii religious slum
ber, while I alone awake to receive
God.' kSon of my soul,1 answered
he, it in bettor to sleep than to wake
to remark the faults f thy breth
9 n
GMirman Whittehorne, of the
House Committee on Naval Affairs,
presented aTeport to the Naval Com
mittee recommending measures to be
tokoji b department of Justice
Sfr die mdhctmont of ex-Secretary
Robecon, ex-Haval contractor Hana
cpin, and ex-Engineer Wood, fo
raalfgasance m office.
tech of Santa e a body norifcio. is
Syife tncorpbrating the Ctirlsft-1
. Wit . . -
The RaUigh Kows says: Big, bold
strokes win political as well as Q$m
victories. There has not been
enough aerreasiveness in the noliey of Lj
.tne i6juoeranc parcy. tne r ttcr
jnyesilgafii wiif prove to have eo4
tjbwifMieeiMvl best step of the De
mocracy finee the war.
Work on be ism
pched earnestly and
be completed at a an
T t t . C-
tii an naa neon anuoi
Tho New Mexicag
R. Magrudar forli
county, where he mti&
pgod in miningfi
LeadviHe, Goioraj,
W. H. EckW, l:m
EusxALD is hard t woxk Mt
has taken & lease n one !of
mines, and has fr?fe
striking somethia f$L.
We learn thfr 1. 1$
& Cq. h&ye maw Jtrr
open a branch " efctabl
Weisl's old stand on &e
Efroadway and Hn
We hoar that
Probate Clerkship are
.t , . ' .
ous ana tu&t ec& if
claim upon the grewnd.
th oSoe. Perhantfl1
to el&ct spme on4
Q'FlamG Territorv.
I of a om-ch m EngSkd.
is ihe name
4n atfeotive f atar
the 9th CaTaky baa-oj
tlrcig)iOirt th dy aaCit
oai oensisfE or
r may expoot

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