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Arizona silver belt. [volume] (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, September 19, 1891, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Saturday, September 19, 1891.
'riim't.KA.tci:. fkuaii: siFnt.u;n ad
Sl'.MI.ll OD3EK,t.MT.
A representative of strong-minded
wornon, of Kansas), we ioarn, is now in
Phoenix button-holing delegates of the
Stale convention in ndvocaoy of water
ns r national bovorago and its hand
maids, femalo suffrage and observance
of Sunday ns a day of Test. Wo aro
also informed that there nro others,
plying tho vocation of lobyists in an
ondeavor to render cider mills, stills,
brewer's vats and wino-prcses value
less, without regard to their cost, or car
ing for the inspiring tap, tho collar or the
bar, the fountains of tho mind. It is
an admitted fact that brandy is filled
with patriotic spirit, and tho poot who
quaffs it writes nobly of his native land.
Tho nautical novelist stioks to port, and
who will deny that the press and t'lo
punch-bowl aro one. its thundor and
vituperation nro fourth proof spirit,
occasionally rendered more palatable
to thoso just ontering upon the pro
fession by n seasoning of lemon poel
and wator, and yet they declaim
through thsir columns against intern
peranco with uncompromising animosi
ty, out of rospect for tho ladies who
oppose all mankind wetting their whis
tles with the titilating jnico.
A retrospect relating to tho temper
ance cause, going back to tho timo
when wlmky was ton cents por gallon,
shows that tho consumption of ardent
spirits was not in the least diminished
by reason of rovonua and prohibitory
laws, and will not until fairs, festivals,
(he Fourth of July and othor national
jubilees are abolished, for the reason
that indulgence on thoso occasions is
brod in the bono and whets the appe
tite for more of tho oshilerating bever
age. It is now two hundred and fifty
years and fivo months since the first
nntMiqnor law was enacted in Now
Amsterdam, now New York, which for
bade tho tapping of boor during divine
Service, or nfter 10 o'clock at night,
Under a penalty of twenty-live guilders,
or ton dollars, for each offeiibo, besides
tho forfeiture of tho beer for tho use of
the Schout Fiscal or Attorney General,
nnd as a consequence of repeated
-evasion of the law the Attorney General
was seldom sober; hence tho law was
Abolished; after which the elixir of life
was perpetually on tap, and as a conse
quence, the cheeks of tho ancient bur
ghers assumed a healthful, ruddy glow,
so unliko the blanched facea of tetotal
rs that required cosmetics to disabuse
tho minds of undertakers that they
"wore not soon to become corn to their
What is there in rye, oorn or barley
that r?ndsx Iheir extracts a subject for
r.dverjs legislation? The agitation of
total Abstinence is, wo havo no hesita
tion in saying, a blow to tho granger
who whistles o'er tho lea, brushes in
iis grain, and produces still slop to
fatten the American hog for the Gr
man market. What the convention
should do, and do it at once, is, by res-
oiution, to release tho Kansas dologa
tion Irora further attendance upon tho
convention, and acquaint her that if
Arizonans insist Upon undiluted whis
ky as a betorage, the matter will bo re
ferred to her, by fetter, as wall as the
all important quostion of femalo suf
frage, of which sho is also an ardent
advocate, to grapple with.
Sunday observance as n day of rest,
since tho 15th Legislative Assembly
turned out its restrictive act, applicable
only to incorporated cities and certain
businoes therein, is and has beon qui
escent since its adoption, by reason of
its being in conflict of the organic law.
The reformatory delegation, vhoso
heart yearns for the happiness of man
kind should, by log-rolling, cause the
introduction of a section in the yot em
bryo constitution curing the defect in
fho 15th's enactment, in order that all
".may amile when a SabbMh appears."
Tho Albuquerque Citizen spoaks en
thusiastically of tho displays of ores
and minerals at tho Xow Mexico Fair,
largely contributed by Mohave, Yava
pai and Coconino county, Ari7ona,
minos. The Citizen says: "Exposition
Hall is fairly transformed into a glit
tering mineral palaco representing tho
great wealth and rare brillianoy of Ivew
Mexico and Arizona oree. The rain
bow is not moro delicately diversified
in colors than some of those superb
collections. Nearly all the known oros
and minerals nro there, and very many
of these orSS ro of oxt'radrdinary rich
ness. It is not strictly a speoimon dis
play, howover, ns there are tons nnd
tons of bulk ore, as it is now being
shipped Irom tho various camps which
runs high in tho precious metals. A
conservative estimato places tho intrin
sic valuo of the entire mineral display
at $50,000."
Tho fiook of tho Rev. Dr. Jenckes,
the leading Episcopal divino of Indian
apolis, ismurturbed over his rocent
oermonsTnnnouncing tho end of the
world within ten years, in accordance
with the prophecy of Lieut, Totten, of
tho V. S. army, vho is publishing four
volumes on tho subject. Such cranks
should be suppressed. J?he Good Book
eys : "No man knoweth ithe day or
ie hear when .the eqn'of man Cometh." ,
TiicTttsmi Anorr RTiTEnocn.
Tho best way to develop our mnni
fold resources is to doviso a financial
system that will raduco our taxation to
n point below what is considered it fair
i ate of interest in the East. This will
do moro towards inducing capital to
invest hero than statehood twice over.
All tho theoretical blandishments that
can lie offered in favor of statehood
cannot do away with tho fact that it
means increased taxaiion. Wo do not
beliovo thero in a hcail in the con. con.
long enough financially to provido for
a reduced taxation, oxcopt by nn in
oroase of our indebtedness. As i
Territorial government, with tho pay
ment by tho general government of
thousands of dollars of our expenses.
we show a deficit each year of several
thousand dollars in tho shnpo of in
creased indebtedness. Territorial.coun
ty nnd municipal tuxes now amount to
from.'! to 4J por cent per annum,
Thoo fu6 subjects however which tho
advocates of fctutohood ignore entirely
preforriug to soar nbovo them in tho
realms of ethereal, roseate lined theo
ries. Tho masses of the people, hoy
ever, those who havo to pay for tho
support of tho government nro pructi
cal, thinking and intelligent in their
views. They will tnko tho dollars and
cents viowof thoquestion instead of any
highflovm theories. JouruatfMiner.
James W. Porch, ex-Consul Gouoral
to Mexico, who has roturned to this
country, speaks strongly in vindication
of tho administration of Presideut Piax,
and refers to tho improving oportuni
tics for trado with that country. Ho
aaya: "Since my first acquaintance with
Mexico, six years, the stride of pro
gress thero have beon wonderful -far
beyond the comprehension of those
who havo not kept theniwlvg posted
on Moxiean affairs. We evidently have
been too busy at homa in the past to
cultivate a foreign trade, and have al
lowed it largely to take aare of iUlf.
Other nitiunnlittei have bien looking
carofully nftex the commercial interest
ul -iojo, uiuoa 10 our loss, as ame
will prove."
On the XUh, in convention, Mr.
Deems, from Mohave, offerod a reso
lution as ho alleged favoring economy,
and what do yon think was tho purport
of it? On its fa it relatos lo the
printing of reports only of standing
committees. Col Horrinc opposed the
resolution upon tho ground that the
pooplo of Arisonn should know what
their representatives wero doing. Mark
Smith chipped in, gecondod and sus
tained Dennis" resolution. The reso
lution was adopted, or in other words,
Messrs. Dennis, Smith and others, of
like ilk. rung down the curtain, shut
ting out their act from publio view,
Upon the pretext of saving printer's ink,
A letter dated Prescott, Sept. 11th,
to a gentleman in Glole, in reference
to the preliminary survey for the pro
posed railroad from Ash Forks to Pho
nix, convoys tho information that they
aro having considerable difficulty in
locating a practicable route. They had
reached a point about 20 miloa south
from Prescott, aud ho estimates the
cost of it railroad over the ronte ns sur
voyed at 800,001) per mile. He adds:
"Thero is but one WBy n lino can be
had, aud that is to run around on tho
north sido of Granite mountain, which
may be five or six mile farther than
by tho Hassoyampa."
Chili is bahind both Brazil nnd the
Argontino JRopublio n population and
area. Brazil, which is tho most pop
ulous nation of the Wostorn Hemis
phere except the United States, has
about 15,000,000 inhabitant and.1,200,
000 square milos of tsrrritory. Tho
Argentine Republic has 4,250,000 in
habitants and 1,125,000 square miles,
aud Chili not quite 3,000,000 inhabi
tants and 300,000 square miles. Both
Brazil and Argentiuo, too, -noro grow
ing moro rapidly in population in re
cent years than Chili. Jn naval strength
Chili, though, has long surpassed every
othor South American State.
The World's Fair management havo
decided to ask Congress for a loan of
5,000,000, to be secured to tho gov
ernment by tho not recoipte of tho ex
position. Tho total expenditures for
the Fair nro estimated at $18,000,000.
Subscriptions to the capital stock nnd
tho 5,000,000 granted by the city of
Chicago will aggregate $12,000,000.
Work on the various bnildings will be
carried on at night as well by day.
An oloclrio light plant will eooii be in
stalled to furnwb the necessary light.
William H. Culver, who in imagina
tion, built one road connecting Tucson
with Globe by rail, filed notice with tho
Territorial Secretary, September 15th,
that his company intended to build a
railroad from Tucson to Glolio, nnd a
branch from that line to the Door
Creek coal fields, but ho does not fix
tho date when the building of tho road
will comraenco or bo completed. Tho
ono already built by him should amply
provido for the traffio between thoso
citio3 Tiitlfbut paralleling it by another.
A train oh tho New York Central, on
tho 14th instant, mado n run of 43G
miles, from Now York to East Buffalo,
in 110 minutes, including three stops,
I" ono of which occupied seven and a half
Running time moro than a
mile apatnute.
Wednesday tho 16th was la busy day
for prospective loilroad builders, as it
was tho last day for filing.
According to tho act pAssed by tho
last legislature to encourage the build
ing of railroads by exempting them
from taxation for twenty yeais, work
will have to begin within six months
from time of filing the articles of in
tention. H. R. Patrick files notice of a road
from Yiimn via Phoenix and Holbrook,
to tho eastern lino of tho Torritorynear
old Fort Doiianco, a distance of about
400 miles.
Articles of intention to build the lino
from Yuma via tho Gila river valley, on
tho north side of tho Gila river to Phoo
nix, Tempo, Mesa, Florence to old
Camp Graut, n distunco of 800 miles,
were also filed.
Tho following weio by A. J. Chan
dler: One fiomPhivmi.x to a point near
Calabasas, 180 miles long; one from
Phajnix to Mosa, a distance of twenty
mllos, and another from Phconii. to
W. II. Dames filed tho following:
One to begin nt a point on tho Mexico
and .Arizona railway and Calababos lo
Tucson, n distance of sixty-five miles,
Ono from Tucson to tho Gila river north
from Tucson, a distance of forty-uinc
miles ; ono from a point on tho Gila
river northorly from Tucson to Globo,
a distance of thirty-ftvo miles ; ouofrom
tho northern boundary of Pima county,
northerly to Phoenix, a distauco of 100
miles and another from Globo to th
southern terminus of the Mineral Beit
railway, a distauco of eighty miles
www i wraigpy
v - '" V -1 , a "V Ju
remanded to China for unlawfully
crossing the Mexican line, told the fn-
A Chinaman in tho Pima county jail,
crossing tne Mexican line, torn the ;-
izen how a fellow oouutryriaU lrtpd
Unole Snm. Hnvij. worked for sever
al years rtt Mexico and aoonmulatod
considerable moey, ho expressed it
direct to Qliiim, nnd then crossed into
An)ua for the pnrposo of being nr
rasted that he might take possugo to
China at tho oxpouso of tho "United
W. P. Lane who was arrested nnd
taken to Clifton on tho ohargct of burn
ing tho railroad bridges, diod Wednes
day night, 0th inst, from flavor with
which ho was mifToring when ho loft El
Paso. It is reported that before he
died ho confenaed to burning tho
bridges and told ytho his accomplices
were and to what extent thoy -wore
guilty. Lordsbnrg Liberal.
Dr. Adlar was called to seo a Mexi
can woman a low days ago who was
buffering from tho dreadful scrow
worms in ner nose. At was n Dau case
, . .. , , .
(I in dtslodmng
B f
y worms, each
and tho doctor suoceedei
over 170 big, fat, lively
of which was over one-half an inch loug.
Tho pationt is improving nnd sho will
likely roco or Enterprise.
The advocates of "femalo suflrago'';
wan notified that tho convention would
hear tho gifted talkers orute, on the
ISth, in fldiocaoy of tho right of their
sex to vote, as well as tho impfoprioty,
as the law now is in Arizona, of taking
a sister into a secret compartment, threo
feet square, for tho purpose of prepar
ing n ballot.
Statohood is being bolstered by the
Tombstone Prospector, by quoting Sen
ator Stewart of Novr.da, vhp t,aid ; "I
am against Territorial form of govern
ment in any case." The Prospector
neglected to stato that tho Senator em
phasized his words by throv. iug his hat
on tho floor and jumping on it.
A New York pajior says that steam
ers leaving that port for, Cuba under
tho now reciprocity treaty with Spain
aro going out loaded to their full capac
ity with corn, petroleum1 nnd provis
ions, which aro now admitted free of
An exchange says : "A printing of
fice in Kentucky, tho other day, was
oponed with prayer." Doubtless the
first instance in which tho spirit of the
Lord, upon an occasion of that kind,
usurped the spirit of e il, recognized
as old bourbon. i
(jnuuren oi six years, under our
statutes, aro of school ngc. The leg
islature was in orror in not admitting
thorn A year or two earlier, it would
havo been suoh a relief to their
The report that Great Britain
"jumped" the Island of Mifyleno, in
Turkish waters, is officially denied.
The report caused great excitement in
diplomatic circles.
The Russian Government has appro
priated 22,000,000 rubles as u fund for
tho relief of thoso of her subjects who.
havo been reduced to the verge of
starvation, nnd for the purchase and
distribution of seed for winter sowing.
Italy's national debt, exclusive of that
of tho provinces, is .$5,000,000,000.
A Cure for Cramps in tlic Stomach
Albert Enwi:, Editor of tho Leonard,
Texas, Graphic, says : "For the euro of
cramps in tho stomach Chainborlaiu'a
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Itemudy is
the best oiicl most speedy I over us;d,"
Many olheis who have tried it eiitertnin
tho ramo opinion. Tor salo by H. (X
Tho number of guards at tho Tfrri-1
torial prison has been reduced from 19
O '
Tho experimental farm at Photmix is
in receipt of ft date palm frohl Arabia '
which cost 400 to land on the ground, i
At a meeting of tho Territorial Board i
of Public Instruction, in Phoonix, on i
the Hth inst., G. W, Nash was granted
a hfo diploma.
Thero are threo Subjects tho consti
tutional convention bhould bteer clear
of : Prohibition, Iteligion and Divided
Skirtti. Florence Bntorpiise.
Twenty thousand people are Enid to
be waiting to settle Upon lands adjoin
ing Oklahoma, which will probably bo
thrown open in October or Novotnbor.
Iron Ago states that Arizona copper
has b(!en sold for future delivery at
1 24,c. ( in fairly largo quantity, which is
only J to c. bolow the quotation of
The serious condition arising from
shoit crops in llnssia is evidenced by
tho fllatoiueut that the government will
have to spend (30,000,000 iu tho nert
twelve months to lelicto tho destitute.
Shiutds & Pries have secured the con
tract for Iwuliug the brick aud other
supplies Tqnirid i th repairs to the I
old Cass ' fraud.1 ruins by the govern
ment f hoy havtj already sent out a
large quantity of brfok. JSjjterprise.
r hernia no other country on the
i n of the rh wfeo credit ;a as good
a toe United States. TR6 4 per cent
i bead are being txtonded at 2 per cent
lotere is jiiuoh largor qimntitiea thau
feey are being presented for redemp-
I'or oier Vllty lenw.
AnOmand Wmi-TwBi Ilmtntu.
Mrs. Window's Soothim; Syrup has been
uted fctr over fifty years by millions of
mothers for their cUHilren uhile twilling,
with mi feet success. It soothes tho
child, iioftcus the gums, allaysvll pain,
cure vfind colic, find is tho best remedy
for disrrhoss. I pleasant to tho tnttn.
Sold by (lruj.'git3 in evtuy nan of the
world. Twentyfne cents a bottle. Its
Vidua ii iuctdaulablc Be sure and ak
for Mrs. WiusWc Soothing Syrup, and
take no utlier kind. .
How tm :
We wffer Ono Hundred Dollars Reward
for any cao of Catarrh that can hot be
cured by tnkinij H.djjs Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CUBN'El' & CO., Props., Tole
do, Ohio. , 0
We, the underaignod, hav-J known F.
J. Cheney for tho last ID years, and bo
lievo hitn perfectly honorable in alt btmi-
ineM trfilactiutM, and financially ble lo
. , .. , , , .
. carry out any obHtatirns mnde bv their
West & Trtfax, Wliolewle Drtnast. IV
leik', Ohio.
Waldintt, Kiniiftn St Marvin, Wholesal
I)ru(ft;wt8, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall'fi Oatsirh Pure m tken ititernel.
ly, acting directly upon Uiu blood and
mucous purfnee of tho syctem. Price,
75c. pr bottle Sold by all Druggi3
Wffi. T. McNELLY,
Ftiimt ojf Jmperted aad DoxaesUe Wines,
XkKurHl Gjgara.
Hrst'01a33 Club Eoom Attached,
Two nt tin o!krttd Breamtci t Jltt
OT The Neatest Rcnort Tor Kcnltrmnu
the C!C.
. . ..AND. ..
GLOBE, Arizona.
1 Assay for Sihcr 51.80, Gold nnd SibtrSS.
2 Atsays for Sill ?r 3 CO, Gol(I nml Sib er $4.
3 AsdAyn for Sihcr or mnie S1.-5 per awaf,
Gold nnd Silvra1 $5.
1 Aswy for Copper 2.
1 Aswy for Lead & Lead nnd Siber S3.
Other metals in proportion. Special con
tracts to cnmpnnlrf. "amying in nil its
branchen tauRhton reafconable terun.
i. . O. l!.
Reguinr meeting of Olobe Lodge Jo.c, I.
O. O.F.,011 Jtomlaj night ol each week,
at Muxonidlnll.
inuted. '
- A. O. CAKTER, N. G,
K. J. Taiprsr, fee'r.
'jtuxtfj '. fliwMy3ggracBgS
oi tan) z. try w sua' rlEAt.Tn nu
utiriu, a pure, cicau, wcuesoma
sira tr T&r or r-s
Tor BrsOn. Nerrw, Morc-uh. lircr. TMntfi, f j
lleadccl.e, rover. Afruc, ChlU.
SIoot.it ..?, tsi jn"nt,unt(iuc!fdfor
twiiriu.. i.i v fcK .wm.HIEIH
JtoraBrhnMsCuiygorchtan-cr tho
51atdar,li "rajntIon,IriUoao:Uil.
yL'?tQ&T fc."-J0 ' r owi bE.
b ot Wirt, aii uisauxa of iht Cento-u"1'-rT
Onii In elttei-Her. 1'or Iln.
r-ut'jy or UnnatimU Dtocharccs ns
uIbo fhnpln'g Injection 1 let -r." each Si.
lo bl t (IH.IS, til' cr contracted or
hdrsJitftr' mint, us Cbatto'a Contltu
ticaBItlorHmp, 8! 00 p r otUe, aoj
P'tt RnteMgO X1U, Jif 00j 6B1 HiA
lia BctUu'Js Salve, $100. 8 bottles
I Wrt,, n, JcnoT City. HT J . V. S A.
M!ftw I n b t
u)7mw reod m vrttt nint9
t ftl (MM fo tnk wi U
Us h n-M AH sen bmrt to to U
te kfe ' W " w 34t ft
iHfttcvb" n-rvir tuifVbm
A-d!( MAMViiirU tlr
rfbfttar f Ul 3nftUtM
ftuAfra ibi uskll ed at & taw.
$ Tbt follftTinj cut cItm ! Fr' t H rtiMi u
otiktja.apMi ! juix jk....u.
Itrt Mt.& from tf:ttjSlUtd4rl lM4f. fro u tlw, uul.w Jth.
Uni u UAU.orrco,.ii seo, ren.. ujjki
Beta Furniture.
rTiiB on bend t all times n tlt OMortisent
of rujhllvrp, of the lUt Ieiffiit, for Mile M
modmt prio. AUt.l'cpcrFfcBgins Teat!y
UIDHTMiRe a Specialty.
"Oajeis ttm for Guo&t hot in Stock.
Gl4or, irliona.
Due seldom (. ffored Jo secure
l will sell my residence near the south-
oattcin limit of Globe.
A Substantial Adobo Houso of
Four Rooms, newly plastered,
Good Stable and Chicken
IIous?, Good Well, Wind-
mill atd Tank,
and a large plot of gruutnl, fronting 110
feet OB Brond Street, by ad?pth of about
600 feet, under fence. The place has
b8tt cultivated for many years, and con
toius iv tfKARtG OUCH AUD of peach
es, apyicoti), plums and apples I will
GOOD CATTLE ; Uiey havs been used
for dairy purposes ; Uiey nfo doeilc, oauily
lisuftUbd and eoitie homo co&ularly for
wales; four cow uotiie. Good lauqe ad
jecent. Will sell the place and cattle
tegethor or separately. For further par-
rieuian apply to
Globe, . 7.
Type Writer.
Cmn will buy the ODELL TYrE WRI
ty&U TER with 78 diameters, and 815
foi the SINGLE CASE ODKLL, warrnntrd
lo do lttcr wot I. ttmn any machine niad.
It oombinen sini'ticiTT Wth DOR.imtJTr,
SfKn, BASK Or orsnaTiox, wears longer viitfc
out cost of repsirs than any other machine.
Ha no Ink ribbon to bother tho operator. It
id skat, svBsrAVTML, iitckel-pliled, pirfect,
auI adapted lo nil kinds ol type writing.
lAkr a printing prc, it producet sharp, clean,
legible tnanuscripti). T'o or tn copies can
be invie at one wntinp. Any intelligent per.
oii can become an operator in to dn). Ve
otff r SI 0CO to any "! erator whr ean ential tho
-orl. of the DOVlihC CASE ODBLL.
Oltablc Aentu nrnl PalejiLen wanted.
Special inducements to Dealers,
For Pamphlet giving Indorsement, etc.,
.13$ aaift'cnrborn St, IIIICAGO, H.r..
Kf.inr. Loner, i o o p.
J!eue 1iHUje, T. O. O. F., meets Wedriea
dny. evening of each week at (J A. II. hall.
Yiniting brothers in Kd stamiihf; are cor
dially imited to attend.
W.T. McKbllt, N. G.
If. II. McKklly, Secy.
Dissolution of Co-Partner3bip.
,1a tho co-partnership existine between
John Billinfrmd Wm. Gill, as proprietors of
the Oallforida Saloon, was disiJllte-i August
J3th, bv mutual consent. Mr. ISillfnj? ccn
tlnue in tho buiints and will pay all indebt
ettness and collect nil account due the late
iwpats, wrvous womtnena.ra
VSalnrla. JLtaiuiot.3. tieual I)ectoo;S
ti.oonor Rt, 0 forS.0ff.6t Dniteltls. J
t fi. Wna, Jerwy City, II. J., U. a A.
rsH iwy.rt.aC-BKlia
jfln lHCSfs wJBS
fl JL... 2a... S
e use Brer "wrb w& x'zm w
y.ppygiiiiiiij i
Jh 'm. 'J3 W$w& iMsSlZ ..
3CI3 A3iaOiT
V w .a ikTr i
The Leading Paper of
Gila- CbuntV.
ICSOCAJlIjIfjOSt ?siy55.
A. Parser for the'slticeja
A. I'ansi fei' e Rdrmer'i
A&SptW tt? m hanw
,,r"Vf --?ST- f
,1 ,?t
i '
t '
fins, Jb4 isfej Tc OiUubtion
of any vrceLhr 6r in tbo Trfitbry,
uid is conssquently tne hest adver-
tiinff medirm.
Carrying U. S. Mail nnd Express.
New Four-Horse Goncord Coach
Leaves FORT TIIOMAS daily for SAN
Leaves GLOBE daily for SAN CARLOS
and FORT THOMAS, connecting
and daily for
Every effort mndo to insure Comfort of
Passengers. Special Acoommodationi
for'Drtfnfinera and Families,
Tin's Lip5nnd its connection!, are trie
best etjlippod stage linos in tills Terri
tory ' ,
fTJ&RMl3(twiai-i1nee-ir. :!- l.rre.t
lS5!KiStr 'rtir.rtt'mc. T-wllH'-siU frin UJ
S?f S5. fit on rTptlp-Mm to IV I.
t-Cil U CJ-S A, jmU, S?; Toia Am If ew Terit
Blolie I Fort TMmas
The lol nsd Plnol Toll Bund
Where is, We, thV cndcrU-CB.Ir dir to
form a corporation and to becwea iiJy I-..,'
i'0,1!' "ndrnh7irtoe.f CUpt.r T...
entitled CororaiioiW Uiiienl. uf th 1;1
vf.sd StatulM of Arizona lKe7. aul of all
jUtntes smemfatory thereof and lupplfiutiu
tul thereto, for (he object, and purim.r
hereinafter net faith. '
itiU"'vVicreff;rc' h? vhtxit of tIie pr-mlua
.rerrsilil, and in pursuance thereof, thtao Ai-
ticte of IncorporKtiou me by u. the umUi.
Igued, xdjpted, natnelt
MT,1.'ri!iei.th5.,aU fiorparaists ar W-!
Wri h't Chritian.u, and' O.
hll be"110'1 B3Ie,', ll''M Corporation
TuEGwBi.fD Tisal Erwat Tou. Ito.ui
Tlie prtiioJiml place v..W the bttdnm ?
the said Corporation hall t trci.ae ihalf
ba at Tucsca. In the Count; i'fnja and Tet
THOry of jlrizotia.
, IL
Tilt Keneral ntture of the baslnefu projmed
to be tran-ftcteil. chall be the purchase of it.
toll road now owned by the said V .M. i;Vif'.
6th Oceeph Keduan and Aii);ust Piper. Said
toll road being and situate fa tb County of
tlla :.d 1rrltory of Ariiona, and know u as
and named The Globe and ITnal fuintuit T1I
Koad;e!ntoputsaid toll road m gatnl re
iair and to keep the same (u gmxt unltr; l
collect reasonable tolls for all persons, teams,
vehicles and auimals usinj; the same; and gen
erally to do and pvrfonn each, nil mil ttr
tie thint's necessary to be done in and about
the carrying out of the aforesaid objects and
each thereof.
The capital stock of said Corporation shall
ba Hfty Thousand Dollars, to be divided intu
five hundred shares, of the dennminatitui of
oris hundred dollars each. Saul shares shall
be full paid, and shall be, on the orcanizath it
of said Conioration, issued in full to the said
owners cf tin said toll road, as their intertot
therein shall be, as end for a full ta)ment for
said toll road and all and svery Us rights,
franchises and privileges,
Hie time of the coinrsencsment of this Cor
peration shall b the time of tiling these arti
cles of iiicorimnition for record In the office of
the CoHntr Keoorder In and for the Cunty of
Uilancd the CniBty of Tiiajt, nnd Its teniiina
ion shall bj fifty jcars then aest ensiinK.
The affairs of said Corporation shall We con
deeted bv the officers and lioard of Jjirectors
of said Corporation. Ssul ofgceni shall con
sfatof a President, a Secretary and a Treas
urer. Said Hoard of firwtors shall consist
f four stock.holdcrt; and, until tlttr succts
sr arc duly ilt-.ttd, satd ISjsiiU vi Uirfctors
shall ojnsi't of the said V SI. Griffith, Jo
seph lied man, Auenst Piper, and C. 1V.
V 'fe1'1' 1J th said W M. titiffith shall be,
duiiliiiaid time, the President ui said Cor
poration and shall aUo b, ilurln- said time,
its Treasurer, arid the aai.1 C. W. Wright
sWI he, durins scid time. tU Secretary of
said Ctrporatioo. That on the first Monday
of Jaaaarr of each and every jaar hrrtAftsr
ell of sabl fl$cr shall le elected by tl
shareholders of mid C rporatlon, and the term
of office of each of laid officer shall be ona
year and until their xncce ssori.ar duly elected.
The hl'lut amount of In UHtnltiiuu r IM
WHty to vthWi said CoriKMtJon h at nny
ther to snbjot h.tlf Is the sum of fit thous
and dollar!-.
The priiatejtrpeny of Hie a-embri, . fit.
r aud stofeLlwliWrs of iaid Corporation U u
H", awi flftH '" f.x"' Jt fsin fjv 3n(1 w
dll?, Habflltfes and charges o! wid Corpora
tion. In witneM whereof said paHl have here
unto set their bands and stuls, mi this tha
tbtktltth day of .lone. JWH.
C. W. V.KftJHT.
.Seal, i
Seal )
'fttl-WTOKY OF AfKCMA. 1
CoisTT or TlVA J
I. if- S. Snyder, a Notary PuMic in sod for
MHUC'Uttly. 1 herel-y ceitjy that W. H.
vslftffith, C. Christhuuon an C. W. Wright,
eh uf trbnm r personal It imnn U. me to
l Hk pn tn wrhise iittoei are subscribed to
the anueaad and f.moiuje Articles uf Incor
pxrotiw, pjirecl before tne (his day In pr
.n and ajcVnewIcdxed that the) tinned and
scaled tb saW instrtttuent uf vvritiny for tb
eetMidrMio d pur imh therein stated.
(ftntfe natter my hatnl aud Notarial seal this
thfefoih day sf Jnne, 11.
.fcarisPcal) Notary Pablie,
rimaO.A T.
Fsd'd :
"IilMWM rr AiHsoSA, 1
Cwc.vrr cr Uiuv. ) "
I, Cluie. 1 , ilnrlin, Owittv IJeTder, m
awl for saSd Gite County, do hereby certify,
UMt !h vritbin Instrnmrnt of t'l'r, was
ratal sit the reonest r! ,Tn Iietlntsn. tin Ihn
LlettJFtirlrf.A.lJ, 1JS1, at 5 oVloeV. p.
Tpfi, Iteeorrti of Oil Connty, Aritona Tcrri-
Copnty IVcsrder. '
TsKMioKr or Amiwsi, I
i. Ctas. T. Mai tin, Cunty Pecr.rde-, in
! for said Coouty, Territory aforesaid. c!o
hereby ccttify. hot the above and forroin
fs a fall, tmeeiid correct copy f tl e Articles
ef laonrtK'reti.'ri of The (ih.be and Pinal Smn
mlt T0l Road Company, as the mine appears
In the taVs of my office, that the same is a full .
sml oorrtct trsr.rcript therefrom and of tho'
whale thereof, alto uf the endorsements
thereon, "
(Jlven under my hsnd end Pal of ofiice, this
tl2iid dev nf SentemUr. A. .. 1E01.
fSetl.) CHAS.T. MAItTIN;
County lUoorder, t.'i'n Co., A. T,
apt, 5-6t
ManufacfMiig Gobi pan j!
pBOPSiErons or rax Vi'ter IriA
Stomach Bitters.'
He-. , South Soeocd, Direct,
SAINT LOTJI3. - - - - MlfjJSOUJtl
This great Tonie hat been ictroduef d to tha
p oplc of the Mississippi Valley for the past
thirteen jcars with unbounded success and
There is nothing of the lird extant thst
equh it p$ a stimulant, an apetuer, or ntU
dietitlc. It is particularly adapted to mala
rious districts and as a
Provcntativo of Chills,
ic not surpassed.
It is indorsed by (he beft chemists as tho
most efficacious, strengthening Tome tbl
conntry has ever produced, the alue of which!
will be recognised hy all who roay use them.
Private citizens of ArUrjoa vif itirg St. Ixu(a
have expressed their convictions that it is pe
culiarly adapted to the want ef that Terri
tory, and needs only atrial to insure its speedy
Introduction there. '.
Order addreed to THK WEST INDIA,
promptly xecnUd dec JS-tf -
fiiiAr.,c!:pjii.T, so.s.
I. O. O. P. tneeta on the second and fourth?
Fridays in each month Visitirg bretjirtn la
good standing cordially invited In attend.. ,
, r,. g. fox, c. r.
C4. Bxvsn, S?riV
? 4
I '
-, , o-viji.
. .'
t ,
g i t s n f v . , -,l

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