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Arizona silver belt. [volume] (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, April 16, 1892, Image 2

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official r.irnn or ihlicoixty.
Saturday, April 16, 1892.
'a miFAcV.
i Tho Stat of Colorado is up in Arms
on tho currenoy question, niul is not
only making it tho leading isjiro -of the
day, but is circulating 'documents call
Ling ou ovory person interested to sign
articles pledging himself to vote for no
man that is not a pronounced advocate
for tho restoration of tho peoplo's cur
rency to its proper use, and to take it
out of tho hands of the gambling fra
ternity for onco and all. Iowa has
already passed a law prohibiting gam
bling in gold, and it now becomes a
necessity for other Stales and Territo
ries not only to follow suit, but to go
still further, and make it a penal of
fensn for any man or Ijody cf men to
tlehaso tho currenoy of tho qountry,
iz: gold and silver, by making it U
feature of gambling devices, known In
their parlauce as dealing in "puts and
calls." The market for silver Ms de
clined and carried down -with it all
Mads of securities, and what is more
damaging to tho peoplo, all kinds of
products, and by reducing tho wages of
working peoplo in many localities. -In
England tho result has been mora dis
astrous than in this country. A pledgo
should also be required from overy
man running for office that ho will ad
vocate a law abolishing all national
banks, "so colled," and thereby allow
the Government to bo tho controller of
all kinds of currenoy, and to always
keep tho same ou n parity. Tho clos
ing down of numerous mines m Colo
rado, Montana, Idaho, Utah and Da
kota which will no doubt be followed
by many others in the different States
and Territories, wherever it becomes
unprofitable to work them, will bo dis
astrous to hundreds of thousands of
people, not only in thesilverproducing
districts, but in th entire country
among tho producers of staple articles
of food nad other products.
This country is certainly big enough
and strong enough to establish its owu
currency without following tho dicta
tion of the Tory cjculenl of Groat
Britain, whidh is being done to-day,
ami hris been for many years past,
and it is high tiino that the working
peoplo who are in a vast majority, took
.means to put a stop to it, and no longer
remain puppet in tho hands of Tory
.England, Germany or any other for
eign nation.
To sho the dwpaiity between gold,
silver and papar money in time of
stringency, wa will quote from tbd
records. In 1781, one dollar in speeiti
was worth forty dollars in paper money.
In 1844 Bank of England (which ia a
very rich corporation, and not as many
suppose a Government institution,)
jteunl notes were selling at sixteen
shillings, or, in oar currency eighty
cents on the dollar. In our own time,
1864, coin vas at a premium of 233.5
and paper money, including Govern
ment greenbacks, was down to about
thirty-fivo to forty-three conts on the
dollar. Doos not this show plainly
wTiat may be tha result in tho near
future, if th9 gold gamblors have thojr
will and succeed in debasing silver. Aro
not our relations with several foreign
nations, Italy, Germany, Great Britain,
China, Chili, to-day somewhat strained,
and in the evont of an open rupture
(whioli wo do not at present anticipate)
with any one of them, how would wo
stand in regard to our currency with
silver debased, and popor money at a
heavy discount, leaving nothing but
gold, which is but a very small partfof
our currency, to depwnd upon to carry
on the business of tho country. Would
if not porafyzo every industry and
bring ruin upon all peoplo engaged in
mercantile pursuits, farming, cattle
raising, etc , which has beon tho case
from time immomorial whenever any
thing happened to disturb the currenoy.
In '1857 the banks of Philadelphia, New
ij&lf ami Massachusetts suspended pay
ment, and croatcd a panic which caused
much distress among tho working
classes. In 1873 the failuro of tho
banking house of Jay Cooke fc Co. of
Philadelphia, catiwd untold suffering to
mllions of tho people, as money was
withdrawn from tho publio by tho
banks whon most needed. Great rail
road enterprises woro abandoned, mills
wore closed, firms in overy part of the
IJnion failed, aud it was four yaars be
f6ro tho country recovered from ha
result of the panic.
Genoral Jackson whon President, in
1828 mado an attack on tbo United
Slauxi Bank, which was a private insti
tution, of which tho Government was a
etockholdor for ono-flfth, and an un
constitutional monopoly whioh defiod
tho legislative acts of sovereign States,
suborned the leading newspapers aud
public men of tho country, and was
using iery means that wealth, politi
cal chicanory and legul cunning could
devise to porpotuato its existenco. All
this the honost old soldier determined
to put a stop to, and mado a dotermincd
attack on tho "racneterj" as tho bank
was called, in tho interest of, and as
the champion of tho people. The
Democratic) politicians and pr'ess hear
tily seconded tho President, and prom
ised tho peoplo coin instead of ragjfas
money. Jackson clubs wefo every-'
"hero orgaaUed, Jwvipg ppposife their'
headquartcro n hickory tree. Torch
ljghtprocessioiiB, thou organized for tho
'first time, used to march through the
streets, and, cheer lbs printing offices
that were in favor 6f coin.
Is there not a great similarity in the
situatiou to-'day? Do not the bank
and tho goid monopolist control lii'o
currenoy instead of its beiug dona by
tho pooplo? Do they not mako ironoy
plenty or scirco to suit thoir gambling
propensities, and to placo wealth in tho
hands of tho fow, and tuko it from the
pockets of tho toiling miliums of work
ers; aud has not th? time arrived
when the people should ariso in their
might aud vail n halt?
feASTtU f.lHTOlH.
The generally accepted derivation of
Easter is from, tho Saxon ostor, to rise,
commemorating the day of Christ's res
urrection. In. Euglond in olden times,
Easter was a day for doing charitable
tjetds, and for feasting. There wore
many curious customs associated with
the festival. Peuplo roso early and
walked into tho fields on Easter morn
to see the sun dance, whichi as ancient
tradition iaye, it alvtajs doca on that
day. Tho youug men in Yorkshire
villages had a custom of taking off tho
young girls buckels on Easter Sunday,
and on tho following day tho young
mens' shoes and buckels were removed
by the young women. On Wednesday
they were redeemed by small pecuniary
forfeits, out of which an ontei taint-Aunt-,
called a Tausey Cakei was made, with
danciug. As now, tho churches woro
ornamented with flowers on Easter, as
emblems of tho Bosurrcctiou.
"Tho most common and best pre
served custom probably is the coloring
of eggs, called Pusche eggs. Thoy too
are an emblem of tho risiug tip tint of
tho grave, in tho earns manner as a
chick, entombed in tho b1o11 is in duo
time brought to life. Eggs were hold
by the Egyptians as a sacred cmblom of
the renoation of mankind after the
Deluge. The Persians, on tho 20th of
March, kept tho festival of tho solar
New Year which lasted several days,
when they presented each other with
colored eggs. In Mosopotamia, as ear
ly as lGPit the children of Christians,
on Eastor and for forty days after
wards, stained eggs with a red color in
memory of tho blood of Christ, shed at
tho crucifixion.
It is announced that Secretary Noble
has appointed a commission, called the
Navajo commission, to proceed to Toit
Wingate and to meet there on May
10th, noxt, to examine tho Carrizo
mountain country on the Navojo reser
vation, and report as to its mineral
character, with a view to tho purchase
of the same by tho United States and
opening it to mineral prospectors, if it
is found that mineral exists there. The
commissioners aro Gen. A. McCook,
commanding tho department of Arizona;
John II. Hammond, mining engineer,
San Francisco, Cal., and John L. Bar
stow, special disbursing officer, Shol
burne, Vt. Instructions for tho work
of the commission are now bciag pro
pared in tho Iudiau division of Secre
tary Noble's pffice.
Why not empower the" coniinivilun to
also examine tho Door Creek coal fields,
on the San Carlos reservation, the Mc
Millen mines, and other portions of tho
San Carlos reservation where valuable
mineral is known to oxibt, and which
are of no practical value to tho Indians?
Tho Iteviow of Re'viows has won its
way to publiti favor sololy upon its
merits as n livo magazine It gives the
important news of tho day in brief but
attractive form, reviews political events
and tho leading literary productions
each month. The principal article in
the April number of the Beview of Be
vlows is an elaborato discussion by Br.
Albert Shaw, editor of tho magazine, of
tho most current phases of muriiclpal
problems in New York and London, il
lustrated with a largo number of very
fine portraits of distinguished men in
tho two groat capitals of tho English
speaking world. It also gives each
mouth portraits of men prominent id
American politics in tho current nuiri
ber Senator Morgan, of Alabama, Sen
ator Frye, of Maine, ox-Governor Camp
bell, and Congressman Hartcr, of Ohio,
and Hon. WhitelawBeid. Chauncy M.
Dopew says: "It is the best medium
through which a busy man can keep
Tho next meeting of tho Arizona
Press Association should entertain a
motion to make tho use Of the prefix
"Hon." to a mail's namo a misdemean
or. It is dusgusting to pick up tho
Phomix papers and sec otcry man's
namo published with "Hon." boforo it.
It is a word that has never crept! info
tho columns of the Prospector and
never will. It has become so cheap that
down around Tombstone a man con
siders it a mark of disrespect to do
dubbed "Honorable" and no jury in
this camp would ever convict a man for
killing tho editor who appliedit to him.
Tombstone Prospector
Ferdinand Ward, the junior momber
of the too well" known firm' of U. S.
Grant & Co., which failotfinlNsw York,
May Cth, 1881, for $14,000,000,- Rnd
who was arrested, tried, convicted of
embezzlement and sentenced to a term
of imprisonment in Sing Sing, Now
York State, prison, will bo restored to
libaron the raortujig of April 31st.
snon r Tr.BhON in: r.vrn m.d i u?
It is 8urpriring tho lack of knowl
edge toiot exists in tho West in regard
t$ tho finning lavfs, oven among miners,
Jn a party of five persons, threo of
thorn minero, not one was able to say
positively whelhor or not more than
ono claim on a lodo or v oin could be
located by ono person or an association
of individual"). The Umtod Slates law
of May 10th-, 1872, is silent on thh
point, leaving to the several States to
detormino tho number of claims that
an individual can legally locale On a
single lodo or v?in, arid vnlh but few
exceptions tho r.mhb'ar of claims is not
limited. In Arizona any numbor of
ciuinls on ono lodo cau bo located, pro
vided, of courso, that thoy conform to
tha regulation laid down in the U. S.
law of 1872. In Orogon one porton
can not locate mora than one claim on
any ono lead or leiti, unless ho bo tho
discover of tho lode, ill which '& ho
is allowed 11 additional clalht for tire
disdovery. Tho Utah law provides that
no person shall bo entitled to more
than one claim by right of location on
any ono lead.
There is no question but that tho
Uuitod States law should bo amended
in this respect, confining tho locator to
one claim, or at most two claims, ou e
singlo lode. The practice) common iu
Arizona, of onepertCU locating a dos-cu
or moro claims ou ouo lodo can not bo
dtifonded upon tho grounds of justice
or the promotion of tho miuiug indus
try. Tho law is certainly liberal in the
extent of surfaco ground allowed to
each location, Uaiiloly, fifteen hundred
foot along the lodo by a width of si
hundred feet, and thcro (seems to be no
good reason why ono person should be
entitled to more, unless tho right of
the discoverer of a lodo to an additional
location bo recognized, as in Orogon.
Sonator Stewart recoguized this de
fect in tho existing lnw, iu his bill to
amend chapter six of title thirty-two,
of tho Revistid Statutes relatiug to min
eral lands aud mining resources, intro
duced in tho Senato irt 1880, but which
failed to become a law. That bill
amended Sec. 2310 by adding. ,(Bul
no person" shall acquire by locatiou
moro than fifteen hundred feet in
length on tho same vein."
Mill- in ilium: ox rin: likm
Senator McMillen of Michigan pre
sented a resolution from the ship bund
ers of the Groat Laker, asking Con
gress to abrogate tho treaty of 1817,
with Great Britain limiting the number
of armed vessels to hs maintained on
the lakos by both nations, arid to laltb
tho necesfcftry action to securo a 20 foot
waterway from the Oraat Lakes to tho
Atlantic Ocean entirely within the Uni
ted States jurisdiction, which was signed
by the Detroit, tho Clark, the F. W.
Wheeler fc Co., the Craig, the Chicago,
the ClBvelnud and tha Union Ship
Building and Dry Dock Companios and
Globe Iron Works.
Since tho treaty was made, tho enor
mous growth of tho country on tho
United States aide of the liue haa been
far in excess of that on tho Canadian
side. Tho ship builders represent that
the iron and steel building plant! alMij,'
the lakes exceed in combined facilities,
in magnitude and capital tho interests
of all other ship building plauts com
bined. This is a movo in the right direction
and should" be followed up by having
Congress pay a littlo more attention to
our Coast defence"!, not only on tho
sea shore, but also upon tho Great
Lakes. As we have such on "enorm
ous surplus of silver," let it bo wed in
adding to our defences, as well as mak
ing lurther additions to our Navy.
Mass meetings should bo called togeth
er all over tho country, on that graud
old day tho Fouith of July, aud our
representatives in Congress, instructed
to devoto a littlo moro attention to
practical business, and a trills less to
political chicanery. The country is
Certainly getting heartily tired and dis
gusted with the pot house political
methods of many Congressmen and
Others high in authority, who rtro seem
ingly out of place in Washington, and
Appear to think thoy "were racioly sont
there for tho purpose of scheming for a
continuance 'li office, instead of attend
ing to the lejitimat business for which
they were snt there by the peoplo. It
is high timo that tho masses who are
do facto the Government, should teach
these dojnagoguos a lesion and tho
sooner it Is done the better, so that wo
may do, a,id act as a iirst-class nation
should, ard not bo truckling to effete
monarchies as wo aro doing, and'have
been iu tho late pust, instea'd of being a
free ard independent nation na wo
claim to be.
Advices from Vancouver, B. C, stito
tbatpartics interested in sealing schoon
ers aro much excited over tho action of
tho imperial government, and forcibly
donouncb the agreement to tho modus
Vivendi itf Behritig Soa. They nro puz
zled to know how to inform yessols
already gone. Having gone out on a
poaching expedition tho owners have
placed thoinselvea and thoir vessels in
the samo attitude as" a gang of bucca
neers, and must therefore expect to
take tho consequences if they are over
taken by tho officers 'of tho" law.
LOOMS FOP. KENTapply at Mrs.
Frush's lQdginghou$f.
The effort to besmirch tho reputation
xif Georgo Chrift by his political bed-
follows was a signal failure. Tho
United States grand jury, after lookii g
into IV.o affair, concluded, that family
quarrels woro not publfo business.
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In fkittnu .' et lb Act r( Um KU) Lttitlnture. fa
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liTd Marcb If, 1491, Mixs the foltol
'Truvlded. Uut n. Conislssloncr shall be nrpebitfd
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tb Trnttorlat T!orU "' ,l!ugtn, henby cralJ,
Shall order, lth as to catr,Diat!sn nit SHlbprltf
Congns aud tl-O'rt tltli-ut hsvttut mlldtj the Act cf
tlw telstarr of ArUsnoa, anUairisUK n lojn for
Woild Ffr piicni. It vuiilil who lir for CW ko
pic tu procEl wirr fly. in Uie v ors of prfMton a SOlta
Wi ulillivt In ortlcr t endluMr iint at Chicago
1 1 1303, the gnat anil TMitl recanrem of the Ttrrltcr
I, thtrcfore, ramesUr Invite tbo oMv attestion of pe
pie t Arizona to Uil Khpnrl&nt nb)ctt, mat immI
that the cliteus of the dhterent omntles file reeum
men Uttnns with Uw Oittrnor for Die iixbibntit ot
'.'ouuty OomnitwIsDers
NO Morrur,
ArtlDj: OoTcrnor
apl l-3w
HilwjjqCaiitrrs department
f Arir.'Uia, OiHco of Chiof Ouartcr
lnaator, ha Krtgtltt, Cal , April 7th, 1892.
Sealed pro-MEAl, in triplionte, will be received
hero until 11 o'clock n. m.. May 7tli, 1892, and
then opened, for transnrtatUn of Military
Hiipiilks on Routes Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 0 ami 7,
dnriuu Hseal year commencing July 1, 1892.
The V. i-i rmerves the rijrht t- reject anv vr
all proiiusjls All li.foniift'ion will W.fmu.
Ulied ot niiplieAtlmi here Iri". Iop?s con
tainlnij iiroH)inli fh'MiIi.l lie lnniked : "IVo
innl for TraiinpnrtHtU'n nu Itoute X ,"'
and mldrew&'l to the omlerp irted hero. J. (r
C. JAill, Major aud Chief Quartermaster.
ap) 9 -ft
4in. wntyuiie lurtiiela.u'e. toe
4ctfltiif7uniiB,aUwlnDlnir. ltrfrct
'ork, yrtii t, ana cannot w 00
ItVLttd bTfiittfldc'-tf. Ounllilcntfat
A mm fpondnncoTrltacucics lnrlt.
' il 1,. WluJlnl, ,u.w ftV.V
Flr JiinU hr". I iv f.it 1 bjU-, M Mi loaded,
M'iTl w,i urJil.mi wor 5 pun, bo.l 1
r Olfrlmh, pair, Cli l-ory HJt Wi -MWrtLrjtml
eirt-Nmade f c tr.ti "in ei par-cat VKLif,
WcocaaroulBcd. tUX LKOS, Xoi ft tUeaso, IB.
AjrlttSI8 " prlvcafnstRnl
i-clkf anil l3im lntalliMj
rnreforl'llM. PricoSlrlly
Drnprf-lstsorrnall. SnmpJcs
free. A(l(lres"ANAKtSfS.'J
IJOX SilO, Kovr York City,
I ilS HplifS Ml PIP
a Bflaaisj
Bowie, Fort mm
Makti reRUlar trips, botft ways, six J
times a nceV.
Gcmfortablo, Covered Coaches,
Emress Mate fnr Rlnlifl !
Will be received at Bowjo and fo-warded '
Uaiiy (except bundAyJ to Globe,
Tho accrued charges will bo advanced '
oh nil tapiess received from Wells, Far- j
ro iV Uo. , nt i.nwie.
iliiard Parlors,
!7M. T. McNELLY,
iMtiuxt vt fuivcrteti and Domestic Wines
Liijuurs and Oigait.
First-Glass Oiub iloom Attached,
Tf thtMltUitld r.roEi!elr a felVn
iiTTlie ralrt Critort fur (rnllrmnn In
(lie ll).
,A&?-T "jjv'4oo:
Crrjins U. S M.I .ml Well-, T.ttp i O,'.
Ki ) ...
STAGE leaves FLORENCE at 7 o'clock p
m., nrrit In t'lube ,1 o'clock the
fMUuin cienius.
Lea GLOBE nt 8 o'tloclc n. ai., nrriTCj at
Flvratvce 1S-80 n- m. S.cc ltavta
Florence for C.a Cranaii at
7 u'cwSk a. in.
Connects at Itierside lith stre fur Ifaai
n.otli and lieii'oii.
4 Horse Coach every otherday.
Globs atTice at the store of E. 1. Kettner
jan31.tfi Froprilor.
1a nnorevtmi- Tpttimntiili firi nil
PtU of I hi irloN rnpectan fort
Knrm. "it en rnntb-atlun la lvf,
A. Luet e, tSl F.fU. At. KevrTork.
ICcc'niciiaeaas uio Itcsl. IS
Lr.Jnu, riymoutli Co , Io Hay, 185 .
I snffercd from toinpomry sleejiemncii from
ivcrwork for two years, for whl'h I nooi PaiH4
Koenig'n Nerve Toulo, ami con mco; j-o jd same
as the bost medklue for eiuillorir- . lea.
r ;joMioKST.
JfiLVonu, Cab, May, 1R3.
Uy con had n spine nnd norvo iltscacojwae
much benefited by the nss of Pastor Koemg's
Nctto Tonij. The dsughter ot a friend of mln
had fits nnd was cured by ha- Tonle
, s J. . MlIlEnVOTT.
Air Thos. J. rurcoil. of Siokftne Falls. Wash.,
nrlfea from the Gonsaia Tollege, J, xaJ
IhfJopIIapsy 12 years, was treated 7 many
jihyajelana nnd took many no-collud jtent
avfliefas, tut of no good until I tool. Pastor
Koenlg's Nervo Toole. Now, thanks to OoJ
have not had an attack since Kotouabcr, ISSa
A Valunblo Ilook on "N'orrrmt '
lllRoitneH sont fre f) ant axtdres j,
and poor potloriU ess 'mo obtain
1111H meciicuiQ ij'po 01 ciiarsc
lhis remedy hss baen jprepsred by the rjivercnd
Pastor KocslE. o( Fort Wsvne, Ind. since lSTC ana
is now prepared under hm direction by the
KOENIG fniD. CO., Chicago, III.
SoMhyDrnsrsMsnt 81 per Bottlo. OforSw
lirSo Mie, 01.75. Gllottlojliir 90.
Pri A.f
r VjTt ji, ii" j
pgSEiiM ari!- ir
I Wholesale anrl Pfl
.. .SOLE AGBST3 FOTt...,.
TJnnlrrtTn Trnim'-ir TTnnl ,Vnfi
HUUACJU JflUWlLg JlittUilllirJ
CMeftain Mm aM
Fam' F"ight & Spring "Wagona,
I t
IJ. Sclilitz Milwaukee Beer!
1 ft
cjoo3d aoos
g'iifcS- $viwh
From and after January 1st., fhcfsl-
lowinq will W Ibe utes for Lum-
lwr tllivied in Globe:
ROUGH LUMBER, ..v.. ..'., . SSpoO
PLOOm'0 TofvmED and
GROOVED ,.,.,. tf.-vCd
RUSTIC , 7$.po
M f N I NG T I M REUS Siitrrfwl ritol fsUj.
pr KEBl- OS HAND, anti.r siIpj
PaioelDoors. Screen Doors. Win
dow Sashes, Etc.
M. W. nRF.MEJJ, '
Indian Depredations.
All jienxar ! hc eli-ns sgsitmt, tl"
lt unuiciit la t, totai,it3 UirvrIf Iuj. -dtan
iiitians it) Aricna and Xtw JJ(vf-
e, W find it to tl;r interest to cmrinuni
at iniJo4iU:li- with the undrrnffnr In re-
&r& tn Uie utmc. if t!r lUniietr, taLe adtao.
I Ue tf the lw- receittly trtd by C.nerM
to reiinlicme all laitK ha biV eulfret
ikii ioe. W31. U. ursr.lhl..
Attorney at raw,
I'ltvfcMt, AHt-n.i.
uta iArtrs:rsT. a.j.
T. O O. K mert. rn th sccf.r.H and wii.th '
TriiUy iii mch uki1 . Vitn.j lttothrrn hi
ifd itinllti5C(rtxlifillj inii'l rttccd.
r. U. ,'OX. C. P.
Ou'.. ll't-crx. FotIIk..
Tho raeccM of tbls preat Cong's Core li
without a parallel in the history ot rnedtofns.
All druggist s ire authoriied to sell It on a pos-,
Hire guarantee, a teet that no other euro can
successfully stand. That It may become
known, the Proprietors, at tn enormous ct-
S?nso, nrplaclnr; a Sample Bottle Freo tntc.
every home tn tho United States and Canada- .
If you hare a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bron
chitis, use It, for it -will euro you. If youi
child has the Croup, or AVhooplng Cough, nit
!t promptly, and relief is sure. If yon drcaj,'
that Insidious disease Consumption, use It; "
Ask yonr Dragglst lor SHILOH'S CUBE,
Price 10 eta., SO cts. and $1. CO. IfyonrLnngt
are soro or Back lame, use Shiloh's roroue
Plaster. Price 25 cts. For sale by all Dnit
UU sd3 Dealers.
eNO rep our cataloguco price i
.inll H cow
necniaicoTununtcatlonoJ Vlitf Molirj;
tain JJiUfie, ISo. 3, A. 1 . & A. n. nf
Tliursdav'e on or fciicccetliiit' e:n b
Moon, rjojotirr.ing llretliren In good sUi
Hv order ot the "T M.
" riK.
3l-3li !-
L. feJ-
KJtli -i 'y,g5:5P'lf'rtV 'J"v uwm,ij iwsiy "nA
1 y -k
II K i"-i'?5-K2i"ff
, - V
mm? tv

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