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Arizona silver belt. [volume] (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, April 16, 1892, Image 3

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loi'fimAii r.vi'r.u ov tni.x :.
Saturday', April 10, 1Q92.
, Entered in the Post Office t Globe, M ec-md-class
' This paper is kept on file at K. 0. lako's
(Advertising Agency, 04 and C5 jkicrchants'
jeohan(, San Francisco, Cab, where con
Hracts foradvertlsins; can be-made for It.
post orncc kules.
'Office open from 7 a. m. to 7 r. M., daily.
. Bundava one hour after mail arrive.
i Mail closes goinfr Eat and West at 75 A.
&., tUily.
Jloney Order Department ckM at 6 r.
, l':.. dally Sundavs excepted,.
f-ilaiU.go to San Carlos and Maxey every
'.day, Sundays excepted to Catalpa, Ar
fner, Tonto, Rye, Fayon, &c, every Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday. These mails
close the night previous at 9 r. M.
-- . JOS. II. HAMILL, T. M.
Globe & San Carlos Telegraph Co. Office
Hours 9 o'clock A. m. to 12 M. and " to 8 r.
',M. undays 10 to 11 A. M. and 6 to 7 r. M.
DnDco at tha 15 ink next Friday night.
m i
Come ono, come nil, and get jowelry
"Jat.cost, at Humphrey's.
! 'I " .1 -
TSIVTING AttheRinkaTsryW'ed
assday and Saturday sveninge.
Houso or sale or rent. Apply to
S, Van- Wlaawt.
A. 0. Bellinger nnd Henry Armer
ware usitors to Olobo yesterday,
. . i ,,
v .T. S. Duey, of Salt Rivor, was in
town on "Wednesday and Thursday.
-For purs medicinal liquors of nil
kinds, go to 0. E. Taylor, Globe, A. T.
i ., '
A largo add well selected line of sam
ples of clothing just received, nt O. S.
Van Wngenon's.
The question has beon naked, What
ia Gila county going to do towards the
presentation of her luilie'rnl resources
atthfl World's Fair It is timo that
some action were tnkeu if a creditable
exhibit of oics and miuoriils is to be
mado. In view of the activity . in ruin
ing and prospecting, especially fit Oloba
District, it should not be a difficult
matter to obtain n fine collection .to
send to Chicago, ono that would com
mand attention, aud result in substan
tial benefit to Gila county.
While Globu District would, as a
inattar of course, supply the bulk of
tho specimens intauded for exhibition,
yet it is desirable that every portion of
the county where mineral -has beon de
veloped, contribute to swell tho collec
tion! Vary fine specimens, in consid
erable variety, can, aud doubtless will
be, furnished from our loadiug mines,
such as the Old Dominion, BuiTulo and
kotlrer mines coiitroneti "by Prof. Doug
las, tho Rescue, Pamo etc,, but the
collection would still bo incomplete
without contributions from individual
mine owners nnd prospectors.
It is promised ftat ores will not'
only be marked with tho nnme of the
district, but that of the mina and owner
of, tho same as well. It is the inten
tion df tho Arizona Commissioners that
the oxpousa of transporting the Exhib
its to Chicago bo paid from the fund to
bo provided. All who desire to contri
bute can signify their intention by leav
ing word at tho Belt office.
aWjj8p$IWi;'MT WMfc t1-'i; 1T - i-m..
AUM jaAMC l..,,--?:..,., -, .j
V,-i-i, .
thY J. D. McCABfc.
The almost simultaneous, Announce
ments, Inst night, of tho sudden death
of District Attorney J. D. McCnbe, nnd
probablo drowning of George A. New
ton in Salt Rivor, caused this commu
nity a painful shock. Judge McCabe
I was in his usuul good health, apparent
ly, until alter supper, wheiihesuddcnlr
Grand May Day ball, nt the Kink.
Wl - no -
The White Machiri Agency,
quire at tho Nttw's Depot.
hi.v int. mm. r. ;i;ortii:.
delayed "Shepp's Photographs of the
World" will bo here next week.
Handsome spring neckwear. Teok,
tenrfs, Windsor ties, -white lawn buws.J
tc, atheP. O. Store.
7 o'ojoek sharp,
, , At HsrxBMAX k Qiuu.
A letter to the senior editor of tho
Bblt from Rev. Dr. AVilHim P. Gporgo.
who is kindly rememborcd as nn nblo
divine aud genial companion, announ
ces his removal to Seattle, Washington,
upon a call o the First M. E. ChuiclJ
of Seattle, nnd tho loadiug congrega
tion of that progressive city.
Another announcement, for which
M. M. Hnrrk state that the longwo were, hnrdlr prepared, , is that pur
F. Winkleman was np from the San
-Pedro Wednesday. He reports that
all the fruit in his section was killed by
J, J. MarahalLkriofld overseer of Globe
Distriet, is Snsmoommendabls on-erg-yuia.
the penarnHance of his duties,
anHjjhjt now is giving attention to Uij
s(reaof Globe.
m --
JI. W. BrJhu'a saw mill will prob
ably be started to-day, and is not likely
to racut witit any further tnterruptMtnJ
'this spring, Tho warm weather kf
causing tho snow on Pinal mountain to
nielt rupidly.
' ?Irs. E. Treegove and children took
their (tvparture, on Monday, for San
Joes, Cfcl., wlntr Digar the eldest son
.will be pkoed in sehool. -Wliether or
aiol tha family will return to Globe is
revcrend friend has ncled upon tho
biblioal advice, "It is not good for man
to live alone," nnd was married Febru
ary 24th, last, in New York City, to
'Mise Henrietta M. Dnnonn, a ludy of
oiilture, highly osteenled for her wo
manly gracea. Rev. George and wife
were handsomely entertained both in
f New York And Jersey City, previous to
their deportura for Ssaitle.
Their trip from New York via Niaga
ra Falls, Toronto, nnd tho Canadian
Pacific, is desoribed as a succession of
delightful, surprises, especially their
jonrney across the troelesa, prairies, nnd
the magnificent vies afforded of 'lau-i
rentian rocks, snow capped mountains,
glaciers, gorges, cascades, canyons and
valleys. Tho ronte lay via Vnn Convor,
B. 0., and thenco by steamer, passing
the Saj Juan nnd Vancouver Islands,
to Victoria, thence to Seattle.
Jjex. Dr Georgansd wife arc pleased
with their new home aud tho generous
Western welcome accorded them there.
The BsiiT tender congratulations and
best wishes for their happiness and suc-cee.
None of the Globe delegates to the
Grand Lodge, L 0.0. F., jaJoetfeg at
Nogdlefl, have returned. They are
jrobjftbjb enjoying themselves in Guoy
jnas, Mex., at tho oxpens. of ths
Nogalee lodge.
-Jl ' m
The Silt Mid Gila livers have Iwth
Tien ooBsiderably dining the past ten
days, duo to the melting of snow in the
mountains. Salt river was so high for
two or threo days laet week as t Tre
vent the rtsing of tho Globe and
iVorde mail. Freight teams continue
to oroes the Gila at San Carlos without
much difficulty.
t Rov. J. H. Gill is entitled to tlw dis
tinction of a pedestrian, having fooled
it from Globe ,o Payeon ami back,
saorning evary invitation to "climb iiji
stranger and ride." Moreover he seems
to have gainod in avoirdupoise, nnd en
joyed tho tramp. During his nbeonce
HSlie. Gill nnd child visited the family
of P., C. Robertson, on Salt River.
I, .i t
A. L. Sutton is now irrigating' his
farm by moans of n centrifugal pump
whiah raises 72,000 gallons per hour, 15
feet. The question, of fuel wotild be
nn important consideration with many
in determining the advantages of pump
irrigation. , About n cord of wood
very twonty-four hours is required to
run Mr. Sutton's pump, but the ex
pense to him is nominal as he has plen
ty of wood on his farm.
t FRESn CANDYChocolate dipped,
tjam pouter and Alderney caramels,
r nd made chocolate drops and choice
vcrcam bonbons. ,
Post Orriofi Store.
. Easter gocrtcus will bo celebrated Jn
Jh jtunl way as Children's Missionary
jDny, at tho M. E. CJiurch on Enster
Sunday, April 17th, Tho children of
the Sunday Sohool have been in enro
fill graining for the past two weeks
upon a beautiful Enstor service en
titled "Tho Universal Kingdom," un
der the able management of Superin
tendent Jewell nnd teacher nnd organ
ist, Mrs. Hoi'onF. Harris. The church
will be appropriately decorated for the
occasion., Service will commence at
7 30 p. m. All are cprdinlly invited,
J. II! Dim., Pastar.
st lion i, lAHRCism ,in iuc kaisim;
os v i'i it vi ilh in i:.
FiDlTOBB I5BI.T : Tho five ' months 1
school term of Upper Wild Rye- sohool
district ended in March with recitations
and other exwciWo in whieh the schol
ars noqnitted themselves ery credita
bly. At the conclusion f the pro
gramme Mrs. Stanton presented tho
scholars each with a silver spoon en
graved with their respectho initial",
aud John D. Boyd gave n handsome
ami aiumie book as n reward of. merit
to the most attentive student. As four
of thfl scholars wero doomed equally
worthy bj the teachor, Mr. F. Stanton,
it was decided by lot who should re
ceive the book, Georgo Booth being
th foriunato winner.
But tho event of tho day wns tho
rnisiug of the 10 foot liberty pole, nnd
hoisting the Stars j n 1 Stripes. J. F.
Booth donated tho pole, Zack Booth
the halyards, and John D. Boyd pre
sented the flag to Upper Wild Rye
School When tho flag was raised,
three rousing cheers nnd a tiger were
Qiven, with "long may it wave," nnd
then threo cheers for Mr. nnd Mrs.
Stanton, givon with riglA good will.
Mr. Stanton, tho teacher mado an ap
propriate addross, after which the party
r qpaired to Mr. F. 0. Booth's and par
took of an appetizing dinner prepared
by Mrs. Booth. It was resolved that
the flag should be hoisted c'yory day
during .school hours nnd on nil national
holidays. Mr. John F. Booth says ho
will havs the Declaration of ludspett
donce read in the school twice a week,
n step in tho right directipn ; so when
tha school children of Wild Rye go in
to the busy wojld, thoy will bo familiar
with that inooroparnblo instrument, and
reverence the Star Spangled Banner.
I think that tho Superintendent of
Publio Instruction should mnks it man
datory on all teachers to have tho De
claration of Independcncs read in the
publio schools of Arizona, nnd that ap
plicants for teachers certificates should
be able to recito it as one of the quali
llcations to that ond. J. D. B.
uecama faint, and lay down on n sofa.
Almost immediately there vms n violent
hemorrhage from the mouth, which
filled two largo vebsols with clotted
blood before tjiflow was chenkfd, and
whorrJJr. T. S.Collins arrived he found
Mr. McCabo oxlremely wonk, and be
yond medical succor. Bestorativcs
wero administered, but tho pntient con
tiuued.to sink until ubout 9 o'clock,
when the end came.
Dr. CoIHub expresses the beliof that
dun hemorrhage was from the stomach
and that thoio was in all probability ,nn
internal hemorrhage into the bowels.
Judgo McCabq leaves a wife nnd fivo
young children, for whom the greatest
sympathy is folt by the people of Globe
The funeral will take placo from tho
family rosideuco 'this afternoon at 3
o'clock. . ,
About 8 o'clock lasl evening Bob
1 Friugle urnved in town, bringing the
startling news thnt ho had, n few hours
previous, discovered two horses, nt
Salt river, near tlie mouth of Coon
crock, ono, n pack horse with pack,
dead, nnd lodged on a riffle in the
river, nnd tho other, Raddled nnd
bridled, grazing on the bank near by.
Tho hors wori identified ns belong
ing to Goo. A. Newton, of Globe, who
left here on Monday Inst for his ranch
in Pleasant Valley, expecting to reach
Pnnglu's that night, but wlrtrb h-J
failed to appear. A slicker, pair of
shoos nud spurs, tied to the saddle of
the riding horse, were also identified
ns Mr. Newton's. His guu wns found-
on the bank whoro it had evidently
fallen frpin the scabbard hlrappcd to
tho saddle. Worms weie found under
the blanket on the saddle horse, indi
cating thst the animal had been sad-'
died several days. Tho river has boon
high for Ian days past, nnd ns tho Coon
creek crossing is one of the most dan
gerous on tho rher, tho apprehension;
is strong that Mr. Nowlonwns drowned
in attempting to ford the strenm.
Priugle, Frank Prothero nnd Harry
Newton left for the mar at 3 o'clock
this morning, and they will be joined
by Gaqrgo Wilson, who wont direct to
the nver from tho Nucgat mill. A'
thorough search will be made with tho
hapo of cluarhur.np the jnystery, andl
unui me mio oi Jir. iowton is defin
itely nscertnined, his relatives and
friends will entertain the slender hope
that he escaped a watery grave. God
grant that he has.
Charles II. Starr returned from a
yisito Phrcnix and Mesa ijunday. ,
A May Day dnnee will lio given at
the Rink Mondny night, Mny 2d.
' ' " . ii
Kinney's ice works will ba stnrtod
on Monday, with iucrcasod capacity.
Choice cigars, 15c, 2 for 23c, 10c ,
4 fdr 26fc., tho best value for tho mon
ey to be found anywhere Post Of
fice Storo.
Persons requiring dental work of nny
description dono should call on Dr. W.
Hall. AH work guaranteed, nnd prices
moderate. Rooms at Mrs. Fiske's, Oak
Street. .
Our Tonto correspondent send tho
following f ' '
The base ball game between Salt
River and Tonto clubs wns won by tho
A stock meeting was Tidd at John
Cliae's to arrange for tho round up,
vhich begins on the 20th iust., at the
mouth of Tonto,
i v..
Our public school clo3cd April 1st,
win npjiroprinte exorcises spctohas
nnd essays by tho scholars. There wns
a lnrgo gathering of our people at tho
school house to hear them,
. ..
Sploudid rains mako tho heart of tho
stockman glad. One nnd a half inches
of raiu fell here.
"He who loathes war, nud will-do J
everyunng m nis power to avert it, but
who will in tho Inst extremity encoun
ter, its porila from' lovo of country and
of home; who is willing to sacrifice him
self and nil that is dear to him in life,
to promoto tho well-being of his follow
man, will over receivo a worthy horn-,
In a few briof days tho remnant of
that once Grand Army that went forth
to battle for the Union will meet tp
commemorato the memory of those of
xneir comrades whe have gone before,
nud to revive old recollections of the
timo that tried men's love for thoir
country to the last extent. Every old
soldier that can poaeibly do so, should
mako it his bounden duty to be on
hand and ready to assist in doing all
that can bo done to keep alive the
memory of the old comrades wlto have
doparted. . , j
We rnderstaud that it is tho iuf on
tion of the G. A. P.. of Globe to mako
tho day, May 30th, one to bo remem
bered, and that they will strive to make
it such n suecees that it will be kindly
remembered or hiry n long djy in the
future. Sam A. Lowii.
Globr, Gila County, Arizonn,
( April 4th, 1892.
Regular qunrtoily meeting of tha
Board., Absent, Supervisor Ellison.
Minutea of March 7th, 1802, rand
and approved.
Tho following claims ware then nl
lpwed nnd warrants ordered drawn m
payment of llio same :
W. II. Drrryen, Clerk District Court
850; J. W. Bonrdmnn. Treasurer S75;
F. W. Wostmoyer, Proba'to Judge $75;
J. D. McCabo, District Attorney $1G0;
Chns. T. Martin, Olork and Recorder
S200; J. II. Thompson, Sheriff 70; F.
V. cslmcyer, supphos $04 15; r.
W. Westmcycr, Probata Judge $1; F.
M. MeCann, cflrtngo 32 00; J. I). Mo
Cabc, District Attorney 20, G. & S.
10. T-l. Co., $9 45: T. 8. Collins, meals
for hospital $1G7 10; J. H. Pnscoe,
board of priKonoroS2ll 75; P. Askins,
scalps 880; A. M. Lutes, uurso $20; H.
B. Crocker Co., supplies $U 05; 9. C.
Hoinemnn, assigned ncconnt$30;E. U.
Neffo, nsnignod account 1; Chas. T.
Mm tin, assigned account $2 Citizen P.
& P. Co., printintt SC8 CO: Chas. T.
Martin, sundries S77 CO; Geo. Dnn
forth, s&ilpsforgl ullowod S2; T. S.
Collins, M, D., $830 50; X. Uocker,
care of pauper $75; J. Sultan, supplies
S6 05.
The account of F, II. Towers, Over
serr of Tonto Road Distriet, was then
exmnmod, ordered that- a warranV frtV
5 bo drawn on tho Tonto Road Fund,
in payment of balance duo said Over
seer. On motion th Board adjourned to
10 o'clook, a. m.. April 0th, 1802.
I ..".-''jIbsB'
mi mmm wmmtik
iDCOiapoa'selDf asolalAaa part wu AfccfJtiily jin
uu vu bwii winnuu iiu umwrnn mm M3ft BKT YM com.
pletely remoTnl We at one pm 11.1s wonrtal preparUon. ontrt
laarketaiwJ orrt ta bnn the demand Ibtt we Je now IMrodnrlnr
It tbroonhonl rt(? world ucder lire nmmeot Uucc'a AhU-llMrlnot
tar tbe hall " and app yfde mlKura Torji few ralnuUs nd tho
riairdHiippeir aiilby minic i JioattheMefctelilnorlrlnrTtn
cpvHednsve -Afterward. It nclikny)T!i''rrparUonevfru4
Ji r IlikC ii rpo-e TboOTnd of LA 111 KS .lx have liMimt'jW
with (Mir on b-ir VA I K. M , Ii nnl A Jl JIS -Wxt Its marlts. -(IkNTLKHkN
who dr nckrrreriie& bi-ard i bairoo tbeirnecx-.
,iiiu,7,i'T uwn ,u uurtfrs Anii'iiMrmenuiru cocb iiy
prim or Qn.n Att.Tr.iH.. .." "u. r:,"' " .""';.""c " u:!L'?.f i' " " " vr..,?1,..'Y
JStiSn 5557. r,,22 8n moner or tmrby liiTtua UtxiAmr. written Plainly. -ES?.-i.
rtctjr cunflrtentlal TbHadTerlnrroentla honut and rlrtlgbt forward In every word V
.2!.rJ WB'1J5ity,"todA!with nnd yon will find evrrythlnc tji rrfirnrnttKl Cut this out and
::"...':r!lZ:.. .!''? Vf ew CHEMICAL CO., 174 Race 3troet, CINCINNATI, O. Yi
.A'54rcMOUEEN CHEMICAL CO., 174 Race 3trnet, CINCINM ATI, O.
yoarletUratany J'mt Office to hiiure Its safe dell, ry We will nsasOO for
roorsllehteltlnJurr to anr nnrrlmKer. V.-strr linttl., fruirr.iut)cl.
CDCnilf TO l1iti wba Introdnr and 11 inurir th.lr frni ssWottlM of Oglad'i Anl
mi uuiau w; wiUureMnt-wlth SILK DBESa. 15yrd. bMt Uk Eitr Urn Eotll ud umplt
cu can
anr caae
e oruemi'a A&u-utinn.
ot UU to rrlMt rromntwtUiard
3ood SaUr? cr CommlMion to AsaU.
Vice President.
Treaeurer & Manager,
Oldioniinioi OommerGial 60.
rrsfefriS. tt ... 03 (t?h
"few x
-Dealers 8r.e
P'9VV 3;
8'1'iE'Mi "Mere!iEn;flise.
If you whnt a good hewing machine
nta very low price, you can get it of
G. S. Van WAOnNiHt.
.-' . t .'
cihYi rtioroiTio.t.
Powell & Smith's Invincible?, Per
fectoB, Conchas. La Consolaoion. and
Smokottcs rio better cignrs mndo in
the United Statos. Post Oiuco Store.
In a few days moro I shall close my
jewelry Imaiuewi. Everything gojng nt
cost. R. E. HvJiriiREy.
Snbscriptious taken for all the daily
and weekly San Frauaico pnpors, by
0. E. Taylor, Apept.
Prof. James Douglas nnd Mr. Van
Vltek, Vice President of the Commer-i
oial Mining Co., of Xew York, arrived
hero on Tuesday, nnd have devoted the
time since to the examination of llvetj
mining claims which Mr. Douglas has
bonded. Wo nre informed by Mr.
Ofttes, in chnrge of tho Hoosior group,
that tms gentlemen are greatly encour
aged by the favorable showing in sev
eral of the claims, notably the Buffalo,,
Hoosier ami Buckeye, nnd that it has'
been decided to blow in tho Buffalo
smelter ns soon as coko arrives, and
which has nlready beon ordered. The
supply of -ere on hand is considerable,
taken from tho several mines in tho
course of development, and it is be
lieved that the smelter enn b run cr n
tiuuously, without drawing on tho main
oro bodies exposed. Messrs. Van Vleck
and Douglas will romnin here until
Monday next. '
m t ' i.
One of tho most attractive places of
business in Globo is II. C. Hitchcock'p
drug store, winch has been refurbished
throughout, hondsonioly popered and
drossed in n coat of new paint. Mr.
Ilitclicock is continually adding to his
large stock of drugs, paints and oils,
toilet articles, stalioher'a supplies etc.,
and everything kept by h'lin is of the
best Quality.
NEW BAKERY Citric Gilbert an
nounces that ho has rented tho Globo
Bakery, and is propared to dolivpr
every- morning to customers, in nny
part of Wn, fresh(wliito, graham and
rye brond, rollt, pies nnd cakes. Pat
ronage solicited.
, o t ' .
A traveling man. wno ohancofl to bo
in tho storo of E V. Woods, at McKee?
Rocks, Pa., says while ho was waiting
to seo Mr. Wood, n little girl camo in
with an empty bottle labeled Cham
berlain's Pain Balm and said: "Mam
ma wants another bottle of that medi
cine; alio says it is tho best medicine
for rheumatism sho pver used." CO
cont bottles for sale by II. 0. Hitch
cock, druggist.
. .. i
Eugene Middloton is prepared to car
ry nil express mntter over his line with
aectlrity nnd dtspntch. To insuro tho
dolivery of packages by Wells, Fnrgp
it Co., nt Casa Grande, they should bo
plninly marked in care of DrowStevln?
fc Co., Casn Grande, Arizonn.
0ing to want of promptness for ac
counts due us, wo have decided ,to .stop
the "credit business." Hbbhakikr wk
sham, msrj, rou O. O. I), only. Wa
shall reduce expenses nnd cash prices
to the lowest possible notch, buy and
sell for cash only, discount nil our own
bills, nud give our customers thebo'niffU
of Cush Discounts nnd nil slnples
bought in car load lots in tho host nnd
lowest mnrkets. Pnrtios w ho km e paid
thoir nceotints promptly every month
can arrango for "spccinl terms." Ac
counts due us must bo aottled without
delay or collection bo enforced by law.
No exception to "anybody."
' RtfuUV
E. F, KftnrAjBn & Co.
Letters lemninitiR in thePor-tofficeof fijnlic
A. T., for tlie veek ending April IGtli, 1802.
Brown. Jack JTarrn 1M
Cabin, Jamea Harrer, .(
U.ithier.S j, liayftanl J 1'
Dunn. Tlioi Stanley, Walter
rrkcnbecl., Wm Wilson. 1
Gonzales, Maria. . GrnzaJca, Yhotente
' PeralU: Jesm
Persons calling for the abote letter,
aay advertised.
J II. IIAM1LL. T. if.
Mr. J. P. Blaize, an extensive real
estate dcalor in Dcs Moines, Iowa, nar
rowly bEftJapod -ono of, tho .severest at
tacks of pneumonia while in tho north
ern part of that State during a recent
blizzard, says tho Saturday Review.
.Mr. B,laizo fond occasion to drivo sev-
Gr,oiw, Gila Oonnty, Anisona,
April 5th, 1802.
Board met pursuant io ndjournment.
Absent, Sniwnwor Elliaon.
The following oJsims were then nV
lowed and warrants ordered drnwn in
pf meat of name :
J. H. Thompson, Sheriff SOI 50; J.
II. Tliomputn, guard hire fiilO; E. F.
Pyle, J. P., Payaxm $0 40; Amao.VA
SuvkkBw.t, printing $807 12 O. N.
Oreavrell. Sanitary Commissioner 88;
T. A. Pascoa, team hire $35; J. II.
Thompson, Sheriff $172 55; E. J.
Cook, J. P., Glob for $60 90, allowed
$68 5UJ; Jiwu liuiz, wood $7; Gbo. C.
Strong. J. P., Globo, $36; A. Mnurel,
Ovarsear Globe road $818.
Tha LiceB and, Port Tax Collector
nnd the County Treasurer appeared
and made their settlement of licenses
and Pojl Taxes colleoUd for the quar
ter ending March Slat, 1892.
On motion the Tax Collector was di
rected to credit on tho tax of J. R.
Haigliler tho anm of f 14 52, that being
tha amount of an Tinr mwrdmnnnt on
On motion nud by unanimous vote of
the miinbeM preaant, it is ordered that
n re-registration of the voters of Gila
County, Aruona, be made in the man
ner nnd ns required by the election laws
of tbhj Territory, and further that tho
Clark give notice of this order, brpnb-'
ioyon, cs w by law directed to be
Tha assign ml accounts of J. W.
Tiirsh for S8 76; J. D. FJeli for $S 75;
W. J. TrevarUittn for 10; and William
Shannon for $10, were theu allowed,
and n wan-ant ordered drawn on the A
GldbiS Road Fund In payment thereof.
On motion tho Board adjourned to
April (Mb, 1892, 10 o'clock, a. m.
Krtfciy In ifilM of Dnnsrr
Thte would Hrn a contradiciion is J
so, in fact, to the oye, Butospericnco
has proved ita poaaibility. Take tho
guw i of tie individual who dwells in a
malarious region. A robust constitu
tion ia iio certain defenco against tho
dreaded chills. Wliat i? Recorded
testimony, covering a period little
short of baifa century, proves that nos
tetfer'a Stomach. Bittors Is preciselv
jhis. Tins continent doosndt limittjio
nju wnew yyB meuiomo has proved
its efficacy. In South America, tho
Igthmus of Panama, Mexico, ovory
wliero in fact where iniasmi-born dis-
oaeo takes on itfl most obstinate aud
formidable tjfpes, the Bittors is a rec-
ogniseed snocific in illimitflble dmnniiil.
and prescribed by physie'a'mJ of repute.
Potent, too, is ft in disorders Of tho
stogiaeh, liver and bowels, and ntnunst
that destroyer, la grippe. It improves
iip.iu.4w; ana sieep, lumraiizoa rneu
infttiam and kidney complaints.
. . IN EACH LINE. . .
1MM MmW&
)vy Goods,
loot's and Shoes, and Hats,
Crockery and Glassware,,
anned Goods-, . - .
Groceries and Grain;
Agency, Giant Powder Go., Caps andFuse
- to uso. ChoaiKsst Relief ia immediate. A euro is
certain. For Cold in tLo Head it has no equal.
It s.an.0Antment, rt rrhifb a bit" all partide is applied
tth nt-.i Pr'ci, COi" 5 . 1 by urut' -f - c r f at
by mad. Audrcse. E.T, HazstnXE, Warren. Pa.
I'nlnrrli 'inri !c 1'nrc
WiUi Local Applications, as .they can-
linf TVMn1l f.llA Kkat. rf f l,n Kcaam. fin
?in or consUtutional dis-
thoronghly chilled that ho Was unable ftnd jn or(ler (o curo .fc fe
to get warm, and inside of an hour to t, lntornnl 'nail's On
after his return ho was threatened with ; curo ig takm ,HtonBft rfd ftcte
asovcro case of pneumonia or lung ; airectl n Uie , fl 6ur.
fever. Mr.Blnizo sent lo tho. nmreet j facea. Hall's-Calarrh Cui-o is no quack
drug store and got n bottle of Cham J nwiliclnp. It was proscribed by ono of
bcrlain's Cough Remedy, of which ho ' tn bwt physlcsans in this country for
had often heard, and took a number of , W "iJ? JS. Elaf proscription'.
. , TT' ., . iltiscomposodofthobesttoniosknown,
largo doses. Ho says tho effect. wan , combined with tho beat blood purifiers,
wonderful and that in a short timo ho netiiilr directly on the mucous surfaces.
was breathing qdlto -ceiilly. Ho kept Tll lerfcet combinatioh of llio two
nn f-ilrinrp m, m,i!in n,i i, vf ingroUientfl is wliat produces tuch
day was able to como to Dos Moines.
Mr. Blaizo regards his curo aa simply
wonderful. 50 cent botloa for ealo iy
II. O. Hitchcock, druggist.
Bremen's lumber ynrd.
oak wood, nt
NOTICE! Wo pay ;ono dollar per
head for all our calves properly brand
ed and marked for us", which are loft
on Globo ranges. A certificate with
good witnpss-requircd with each pay
m(mU 3V ill also pay ono dollar psr
head for our stray work oxen delivered
to our herd' . " '
E. F. KEMjrrat & Co
wonderful rosulta in curing catarrh.
acnu ior lesumoniais ireo.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props.,
Toledo, O.
Sold by dniggiste, prico 75c.
v-oTJiolt'i?nEnniivoivnN Tit at at tut.
X? nu!r moling at tha Boarl ot SuperrUen If
CtUOoanty, Arirona, held Oithi) J;li .lay if April A.
1) ItOi, Uie following urdr irif twned. to ttit
"Ou motion arid by onitijcaitu vote t (lie uiml-cu
meant, It K otilrNH Urit a rtrwrfitraltoa o' tlie nuti
of QtU County, ylama, he mado la tEo roanuer amf i
rwaliKiy ii l.IeeUan tvt if thlj Territory ; and
f urtber tbe( Urn Clork fire nnti of tbli order, by nl
llcU. ir. Ii oy law Olrert.! to 1 siren.
01ol. Alliona, Airil 14th, 139i
f?rt of Uie Hoar! f f Sciwrlor. OIU Cd , A T
arllC im
Consists of J0 pages. Fays more for nncs in'aivttiy
other paper in the United States, being replete ivith jnafr
ter of interest to all classes-, the- agricultural, the mer
cantile and the professional. Advocates the principles
of the Bepublican Party and publishes in full the speech
es of it stealers.
As ilia coming Presidential Campaign promisasi tobo
the hottest ever contested, every itcpiioltean shouH,yic
conic a subscriber and keep himself thoroughly inform
ed of what is gecurring in the political world.
Price, 81 .GO Per Year.
Remit through Postmasters and J"eivsdcalers, or rii-
j- Samplo Copicn Mailed Free.
Notice of Forfeiture.
your he in nnd eislgni, thU U to notify ynu,
that I, co-owner in the Henry M. Stanley
raining claim, situated in the Territory of
Arisoni, County of (iila, and in the Globe
Mining District, and more particularly de
scribed In the Records of said cnanty in lmok
3, t iaKoB33, Juue clone and performed the
annual work on 'said clainl, as reqnlrei by
law for the year 1S91. inSi, therefore, i to
notify yon that if you do not pay your full
Iroidrtton of the cost of laid work, together
with the cost of thia jwivertiemsnt, withtn
ninety days after the expiration f this notice,
your Interest in salt! mining claim, as eo
owners, tvlll utterly cease, and by oyeratfon
of law, become tho property of the under
Globe, Arizona, Feb. 27th, 1SW.
i. O. O. V.
KcRUi.irmcotlne of ('l6t)cl.ort:eNo.
O.O.t'., on, Mfnilay night of each w
K.Ii. HnsnrjcoK, SeeV
KEStrr. tnnac. i o o r.
Jlescuc Tidtre, I. O. 0, F.. meets WeIno.
itandinprsVe cor-
day evening f eorh vieek at I. O. ()K halj.
vistins tirrdlicn in mxxt
diallv invited to attend
GlUi COU.1X. . (
Jon TK1V8, Tt S.
in ami Ivr tbs Count y of OIU, Terrltoty ot ArHi.
J C Kshtoo, riRteUfT, . Coo. Bynw, Dcftcdmt.
Action brovcM In the Jmtlcet Court of GlotorrMietr,
la sod for tlio County of Otta, bi the Tenttory rf All-
Tlw Territory of Arliooo studs Orotic to Oao
Voil sro berehy iHrnranxwl sod require to orprar in
an aotlue broaiLt slwt yon By tee iWn niaitfj
fWgtW to Jrttes Court of Otoke l.Vwtwt. io aai
Wa dwety of TWo, lo Uw Trrltorf o( Artstoa, sod
amverthe oomrliitit filed In said JiwUee's Omrt it
Oloba, la asM Cewty wMMa tin days tsitinaiie of Ue
day of shtIm) afwr the tenln ihk)0 you of Odi, taov
moo,lf(rTe4hUilreoiiiet. but If rtnul v4tbu
tUs l'rMten. bot In the County, ten days; K MtTI 0t
W the Cnaty.'tfteen days, "in all otter cas, wenty
Uays, Or jodement by dtfaalt iritl be talten asatntt
Ton. , , "
Olren under my hand at Globe, this SSdday of 'March
mcbse 51 -
Eslray Notice,
i-1 P. rTsuli, did, on the 1 4tH Uey of January
lfK. at his ranch In Stnuvherry Valley, CilA
tako Up
c rears old. iMld-Hc
vbltaann eaiidle-iiiart'etl. and
&lav. six years old, Iwtd
one hay ceMInir
ced, left hind foot
nd that the safd
Celdin; tvaa estrayed before K. F. Pylct Jw4
ticeit tlie leaee, Jiayon Precinct, on th:
rrtttuvol .aurc'i, lSiriapprovetl at 3?.l
tlie ODim and arlKlavu where were fuod In m
otDco nn the 23th da v of Jlarth USZ.
Globe, Arizona, Jlarch 29tfi, lr!H.'
Co Jteconler. Gila Co .'A T
-f'1 J'
" ' - '-- J-j -- i j ..
-- M'-aMMa,IBMBM1

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