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Arizona silver belt. [volume] (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, March 11, 1893, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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evFioiAti pXimuc OP UtlA Cl.
Saturday, March llj 1803.
Liiuuiiuuiu-tW'ii' " ' ' Wi1'WTI!!!?ir:'?!!?!l?
filtered in the. 101 Offlce at CihU, m j
td.laai matter.
? r - -
bsBoe open from 7 A. M. to r. it., doily.
Sunday- -im hmir nf let wall a.rma.
MailclWiigomsr Baataml Wwtat ,-,.) a.
Money Order Dcpnrtmut-okao at 6 r.
hi., daily SuiuUya accented,
j Mails go to San Oar!, mid Maxey every
V".I. Sunday excei.tc.l-tu CfatU, Ar
WiyTonto. Kye, Ve-Jn. &c. every l
iy, I Wednesday and Friday. Them ra.il
Wiethe night previous at 0 F.M.
JOS. It. HAMlU., 1'. M.
ThU p-pr i kept on file. At K. C. Ink'
AdrertUitvj Asncy, C.4 and tp Merotanta'
Txchanje, Ran WAtjeboo, Qal., "here eon.
r. lor ailvertiiini; oan lie) mad for ft.
..6lora&SanCkrKi Tlernth 0.
JIout-?jP o clock a. m. tKlS ji. ami 7 to 8 r
IX. SuutUja 10 tolU M.l C t i r. u-
Ai J. Campbell nn&JK. Golloeplo loft
TTaesday for Ilisbee.
The finest candies 40c. pt pcund, at
the Post-Ofllco Storo.
j. Attend tho Snlnt Patiiok'a ball .nest
Friday njght. Ono dolbr admits geu
leman and laxly.
Tho second qitnrtorly eonftronco will
convene at tho M. E. parsonage at 7:30
o'clock p. m. this evening. Commu
nion 8orvlco to-morrow awning t M.
E. Ohurch, at 70 o'olQck y. hi.
I J ; Ifc 31. 'CsiiiDi, Ptor.
Mr. Vinson Anderson left atob thte
week for Phcenix. wbare h ronoai
to make his poeniHiient homo. Mre.
Ando"i-soii and son will shortly follow.
The son, a bright and gcntiemonlr
youth will outer the Territorial Nor
mal School at Tanipe.
The committee of Mrrangementa for
the t. Patrick's ball will btrlvo to
make; it a notable evant, fully equal to
any JBimilar gathering in previous
yeari. A lartf Htttnflandanco is nil
that s needed to insujre tts complete
buccoss. Admianon ft a ootiple.
Information btw been received by let-
vter tljat Andrew Seot fbmerly higbt powder, noted for Its strength, whioh
boss (n the Globe mine, was severely waa ored Jn one of the mercantile e
tnjnred by a eaw in a mine at Park tabliabTOente on the ground noor.
City, Utah and waa in coMequ.nc mraut oeeunvina- tl torM th
in tho hoip'.Ui there. We did not
HF- JT.l ..,..
leirn tlie nature or extent of hia in-
R. Olmlfee, l. S A..
bw on tie
f Wvtee. m insoeet-
K oflteer,
:k$ag into- iWug"
toe jmnent week. The
r is
i and favorably known
.ghont -4jfiaona as an energetic
rand animefltiy onltUed to the
m and confidence of his govern-
strike rooently made in the
ame silver ite has developed into
1 Imnnrtnnfc Ulamvarv t.f nr nfimta.t
rjohnoes, aMajtng ft-oiii 4,000 to 1,900
dunces in silver ner ton. Day and
"ijight shifU ara being worked, and it
Wexpooted tfcai the amount of silver
ttxlraoted will equal, and likely sur
pass, Urn product of the k s' previous
tt-ike which waa about 140,000.
By his advortlttonient in another col
umn James f. Gerald oitns hie eoy
nome, and henl of graded oatUe, horv
es, farming .ntensila, and everything
pertaining t his woll appointed domi
cile, ranch, sd range, at a bargain.
And now that Pluvius has given evi
dence of Ins intention to dispel the
long continued drouth the opportuni
ty offered bylMr. Gerald la a most in
viting ono tb tho person wishing to j
f put money in hio pyv'b'.. - -
In the Oqunall, March 3d, Mr. Ed
wards introduced an net entitled "An
not to encourage the construction of
railroads wjttyn tka Territory or Ajo
zpna," IC provides ibr eaanptioli
from taxation of every kind of all rail
roads hereafter constructed, npon Uieir
franchise, roadbed, rolling stock, etc,
for a period of twenty years from
March 1st, 1803, and extends the lien
cfltw to those railroads tlie constmc
of wnich commenced since March 18th,
1801. Tho bul was rqferred tp the eom
mlttoe on corporations.
For stenhug elsvon horses, belong
ing to Indians at Carlos, Jesiw Ilomero
Yros on FrifUty brought in by Marshal
Paul. Following tho loss of tho horses
the trail was pursue), leading to a
hor8,thiovip' eor.ral far up a wayon in
the Grahaai itiouO'tflin, where the ani
mals were found. The new possessor
o( them nas not wit,h them, however.
His trail was again taken up, and at the
end of it Bomero was found. He was
taken before tlw Unitsd SU(tes commis
sioner nt Carlof held f9r the grand
jury, nuaword viCsent fn tp tho jnar
alial tfat Lis man 'was waiting or him.
Lieut "West mttl- eight Indian seonts
'conducted tho capture. Star.
; r- m
'jltlieuniulUm jtiulckty Cureil,
ThAo ioys is a" very short timo in
Vhlchjto euro a bad case of rheuma
tism, but it can be done, if tho proper
reatnjentis adopted, ns will bo seen
uy tlj following ftom James Lambert,
i Ne Brnngwiok, 111. : "I was baflly
'aflljcwd with rhetHmatisni iu h$ hips
ijud Ices, when I liought a bottle of
tohnrwfrkih'a 4Tsi Balm. It cured
hie in threedaysj I am nil right 1o
Mey; and would iijston every one wno
5s rtiflioted wUh th terrible-dieato to
sejOhambeilamNs Pain -Balm and get
woU at oncji." f0 eaVbottles for sals
tJI f Uehrook. igffi.
ii ii .'mi i nil nil Mllj ! iMl)ililAiMttil
E. F. Kellncp'wentdo-P
Sunday last.
X Oil
'Houssp forisale near tjio. Old Domin
ion smeltor. Inquire nt the Dblt of
fice fcTtfw siunplae just reooivod for cus
tom made olothtng fonspring, 18JJ3, nt
G. S. Van W aghnen'h.
. ..
Mr. Ed wards', bill vogulntinfriuid pro
hibiting tho carrying of concealed,
dotully weapons, received tho slgnn-turu-of
tho Governor nnd is now n law.
House bill No. 27, for relieving bil-
iiiiiu ami iiuut uiuiuH ui uiiuuuif,
passed tho IIoubo und Council ovor tho
Governor's veto.
Tho Globe postmostor is in rocoipt
of a Jotter from Jno, AVnnninnkor, lato
PoiStnuistor Gonoral. acknowledging
"tho important servlco rendered ns
j postmaster ufulor thv ndministrntion
of Preeldont linrrlsonV M'hatover,
ho says, lias been aocompiI:hefl in tho
udvnncemont of tho uorviccTins only
boon posalblo through tho (ldolity and
zcol of thoso tiaeociatcd wllthe lost
mastor Gonoral. , '
The Proscott Courier says: Good
reports com fi-om tho Lakawunua
mining group, near I'ayson, whoro
Mossre. Cfurru' & Townsond have ox
pool etejislvo bodice of gold oro;
have dumps plied high with same, and
machineaj'-nll ready to work it on tho
ground, tand are now having dug n
ditch two miles in length, which will
Conwy gonorous stream of wator to
tho camp, suflloient for all purposes.
E. W. abase, who had been a resi
dent of Olo'bo about two yonru, dlod at
tlie county hospital last Wednesday
morning of pneumonia, after an ill
iittwoftwo weeks. Doceod was in
his 88$i year. Tlie funeral took plaoe
the samo afternoon, and was attended
I by a few fWenfls who had known tho
1 ileoeawd bent in 1Kb. and learned to
apjHWiate his good (lUalllhw. He po-
soased a well aullnrod mind anil n
kindiy dispoaitton, and boibre vieisttl-
tude overtook him hnd beoti a man of
property and position. Hebna a tooth
er, B. a Obauo, Hving at Porodie,
Butte ooanty, Cal.
A aix ttory flreproaf hotel, in the
the business center of Saint Lotris, be
ivWWtlng to Mrs. Esther A. Neat, nelce
and ooaein of the editors of fcie "lobe
IlKi,i. was rocenUy damaged by the
exolo&ion uf a ouantiW nf xKntemn
-hoik, whfofa ivaiua t r.r -i
' . . . . " "
neaviest loe'N. Mrs. Naet was fnllv
insured, and wiU soon repair all dam
aye sustained. Ten persons were
more or leas injured by the explosion.
The present week "It rained and it
snowed Uke the devil and bio wed," for
f which Qlbi county la dnly thaukflik
top element! strire nae proapeottvely
put miajon in Ow poekets of oattte
barona of Ariaona and 1 revi vwltlta
drooping aplrite of agrkwiltnra.lWe, I
ai nremeirs mui uie snow is reporteti
as measuring three feet and Wnere the
floranoe road orosses the Pinal moun
tain the stage driver says, in some
places, tlie snow was np to the azlee
of hie vebiole. In lower altitudes the
precipitation fs In liqnid drops. The
storm was general, extending north,
south, east end west. Tho Sierra An
clias, sixty miles distant from Globe,
plainly in sight, presents a hoary cov
ering of snow, and the presumption is
that the storm has traveled north.
Apache county has had quantum snf
fleit of tho bennUfulsnow, nnd Graham
county has not been without its quota
and it is probabte that no part of AH
zona has )een slighted.
Five barrels purb Kentuoky Bour
bon whisky jnat arrival from bonded
warehouse. If you want strioUy pure
whisky for inedkdnal or fhniily ttSo,
call for Planet whisky at
G. 8. -Van WAasmw'a.
no.ittn f strr.uv isoks.
Osomi, Gila County, Arisfono,
MarehCth, 18.
Beard met pursuant to adjournment
Present rSpervisers Cook, Tobbs nnd
Taylor, and CLaa. T. Martin, dork,
aud P. T. Robertson, Dist. Attorney.
The report of V. Anderson, the ex
pert employed, was read and on motion
ordered placed on file; npon motion the
rejiert was unanimously adopted, and
it is further ordered that tho financial
3ar.t of the roport be ontorcd in tlie
minntee of tho Bonr.d nnd bo published
as part of the procsodiugs.
On motion, overseers for the avoral
road districts of the county wuro ap
pelated, nnd then bonds Used us fol
lows: John Heuuk, Overseer of Globe
Road District, bonds at $1000; G. W.
Jacobs, Overseer of Grapevine Road
District, bqnds at $500; F. H. Powers,
Ovetaeer'ol' Tonto Road District, bonds
at $800; S. A. Haight, Jr., Overseer of
Itye Road District, bonds 1st 8000; E.
M. Cole, Overseer of Upper TVrfto
Roafl District, bonds at $fJ00'; AVnlknr
Moore, Ovorsser of Pnysou Road Dis
trict, bonds at $800; Rowlo Fuller,
Overseer of Pino Road Diatriot, bonds
,at $800; Win. Sidow, Ovorsoer d"f Pio-
nur aouu jjiwnot, uonas at suvu: nnu t
t..... tti,. .'.,,. ,;,
. TI...1 Tlki.'.l 1 1 I, Annn -1
"""" """" W,W.0tQl U .V....1M...
Road District, bonds at $800.
Petition of J. W, Wcntworth, et al i
w j
"3"" I
-to appoint it. i'. Jt'yie, j. t, on ay-
. i"i, . i.,i I... ..,.' r.i !
, ' .... i
for the necowry number of s.gnatures
The Ohairmf-.n reported tho approval
of thebpud of ,B. 11. Grove, aa Jmstice j
of thoiPeapo of Shu. Catios X'reginct,
for 8K.Q0O, ritU J. WindtnillV, wQ M.
Old, as sureties.
lowed! Phil.-ABlvtBS, .calps, $55; Geo,
iDanfoilb. scalps, $11, A. M. Hunt,
m i iMiawtsiiiiiiia i n !! i
scalps, forr$70nllbwffl 77;" J. B. "Vfll
ley, sculps, $2; Pros. Armor, scalps, $2;
It. Saxton, fccnlps, 10; II. II. Samnols,
sculps, $2.
On "motion the Treasurer was author
ized to Isfiiio to .TamtB Il6pkinn, admin
istrator, a eurtiilonto of rodeniptiou for
tho tax of 1891 on tho estate of Thod.
Martul, deeonBcd, upon tho paymont of
$74.1 G.
Tlie Hoard thou allowed iho follow
lowiug olaims ami ordered warrants
drawn in payment thoroofs V. 'Ander
sen, accountant, $120;- jV, M. Lutes,
j mirse, ota, forflOI.25, allowed S88.25
On motion Iho Clerk was directed to
withhold SI from tho allowance to A.
M, Lutoa, that bciug the amount over
paid Doe. 21st, 1891.
Ou motion it is ordersd that tho re
wards offorod for the apprehension of
the "Kid" be, ami the same are hereby
withdrawn, und that the Sheriff give
notice thereof by o publication in the
AniKo.vA SiijVjw Bmr.
On motion the Clerk was directed to
make tho proper entries in the minutes
of the Board ratifying the hsuance of
warrant No. SO, serios of 1891, favor of
E. Stood for $7; warrant No. 181,
series of 1802, favor of G. C. Israel for
SlfiO, and warrant No. 2S8 series of
1802, favor of C. T. Martin for SIC, all
on tho Goneral Fund.
On motion the Olork was iueti noted
t demand tho lopaymentof tho various
buuib duo the county, as per Y. Ander-
eou's report.
Ou motion the District Attorney was
authorised to sell on set of "Green
loaf on Evidence" at inventory price.
The tlusnoisl part of tho report of
V. Audersou reads x follows:
SrATSMasT or IsnanTHONiies, Januamv
lst, WW.
Yavapai county warrant,. . .$ C.GOO 00
Yavapai Co. warrant, aor.iut, COO 06
Court Ueuee liemte, 10.00D 00
Accrued interest, 40$ 86
Maricopa County (Fnuding
Bonds) 2.600 00
Aoeroed interest, 396 00
ocniTAituxo waitAWm
County General Fund, 27,630 20
County Salary Fund, 76 GO
County Bowl Fttad 810 Ml
County Contingent Fund, SO-i 18
Total indebtedoes WhUS ill
SATMsjtT or SnoatPKSAMP Disbwww.
lsr, 1690 to Ja. Lit, 138.
Property Tax, 1890, f9M98 ft&
" 11 10.&10 90
" 102
Deliuqueat .Taajjs, 1380. . .
" 1W), . .
" 1901...
"; 1..
31.330 t
i,78 m
8.507 01
17,493 Of
2,406 36
Liowuw, im... 2,K1 a$
" 11,... 8,600 W
" 1802 4,W8
Fines and ForfeKnrte, 1S90,
m i u iaoi
288 17
784 00
272 00
126 00
9Bi 7fl
cia oo
488 00
" " " 1S02,
PoUTaxee, 10
" imt,
" 1892,
County -School Fand Jrow
Property sold by Board oth
er than for taxes, ,1,411 09
Refunded by Territory. ... ' Sftl ft
Intaitseivedfroin Territory, U 80
TaacoesW Institute F..od, . 23 00
CouBty Geuetal Fund, Cei-
tifteate of Bale, 1 00
Sflttlomeut of Tax suit, L. J.
Webeter, 8 50
Cash on baud, Sept. 1, 1800, 4,2fl2 06
Total roeaipte, 110,905 &lf
County amaral Fluid, .... 82&871 82
GtmnlifiVtr "Fuad 0,080 11
Oonttty General Fund, Court
'Ordsr 010 00
Comity Road Fund 2,088 0
County Contingent Fund, . . 3,2(10 TO
Int. on Court Honee Bends, 1,400 QO
Maricopa Cotiuly Bonds,
principnl, 5,000 00
Maricopa Co. Bunds, -int. . . J, 000 00
Yavapai County warrant,
priuejpal, -1,00 00
Yavapai Co. warrant, int. . . 1,74.9 10
'Preas. oommfesion, Sept. 1,
1800, to Jan. 1, 1851, . 815 03
Treas. commission, Jan. 1,
1801, to Jan. 1, 1808,, 2,238 02
Treas. cornmiseion, account
4of schools, ,.. 205 52
County School Fund 28,0(52 20
Iifcftne Asylum Int. Fund, . 2,709 87
University Intrflt Fund, . . 706 09
Normal SoliopI Fund, tOu 75
Ter. General Fund, 8,130 23
Tar. School Fund 817 11
Ter. Int. Fund of '83, 4,100 00
Tar. Int. Fund, R. S. 2047, 920 28
Tor. Sinking Fund of '83, . . 1,401 34
University Fund, 1,701 40
.Capit'd Fund, -1 48 78
Teachers' Institute Fnnd, . . 1 00
Cash balanco on lisnd Jan.
1st, 1890, ,inpl
County General Fund, 4,005 08
fVimifv (ImttiiirVAfit Witrwl OfiK OO
V""V "-"""iW'IliU.' . vaiv K-
c , ,. -, ,. mr, ,.
County Salary lund ,. 5M587 U
Co. Rodemptioii of Bonds,.. 413 CO
i County Road Fluid, - 1,200 51
County Sehopl fttiid 3,?21 12
Co. TflnnlirtM.Tntii'rn 1711011 OR Wl
n , ., .-,'. .
Co- iwoliWlntutoFund,
Treasurer's Commission,
TerrUoml Fufcd
80 59
O05 34
Total, .,.., 110,905 84
This day's minutes reiXu nnd np-
proved. j.
On motion tho"j)qard ncijqtfrpcd.
-E. IlyUOOK,
- f
omci,n,tMiLtiRV ami Kvixcntr,
or ', .1, Sail HVT. . . A.
E. II. Geok, Captain.
II. II. Moitly, 1st Lieutenant.
Ohaa. T. Martin, 2nd. Lieutenant.
W, A. Davidson, Orderly Scrgt.
James "Wiley, . ........ Quartormas) ei
J. II, Mncin, 1st Duty Sergt
A. J. Jennings, 2nd. Duty Sergt
Sid Coburn,.- 3rd. Duty Scrgt
J. II. MoOuno, 4th. Duty Sergt
T.J Woods,.
.1st. Corporal.
A. J. Campbell, . . .
Jns. Whalon,
H. II. Pratt,
J. H. Chase,
J, H. Thompson, .
2nd. Corporal,
3rd. Corporal.
. 4th. Corporal.
..5th. Corporal.
. Ctli. Corporal.
President, E. IF. Cook.
1st. Vice President, ..... J. W. Wood.
2nd. Vioo President, Jas. Wiley.
Secretary nnd Treasurer, M. Klein.
Finance Committee J, EL Thomp
son, II. II. Myers, C. F; Ilnnsen, Floyd
Blovins, II. H. Pratt
Itink Commlttoo Chas. T. Martin,
J. H. McKlo, Morris Klsln.
It will bo seen by this day's an
nouncement that Gila county's ofl'er
of 500 for ridding tho rango of the
presence of tho "Kid" is withdrawn,
not becau&o the Board of Supervisors
has ceased to realize the necessity of
his capture, "alivo or dead," but for
th reason that Gila and Graham coun
ties were tho only two which Mifli-
ciontly realized tlie impending peril of
Arizona's citizons, whllo that Indian
was alive and nt largo, to offer a
money consideration for his approhon
siou. Cocliiso county's Supervisors
wore personally appealed to by letter,
from Gila's Supervisors, fo assist in
the good work and reeoiving no res
pousor our Board concluded to nsk the
legislature to require the Governor of
to Territory to offer 6,000, a sum suf
ficient to effect tho object in view.
That being done, onchoounty is com
pelled to contribute its pro rate for tho
common wolfaro of Arisona'a citizens.
Bfymtr stationery atttio Poet OQioe
Stovs. Prioee 36 per cent lowor than
anywhere tit in town. -
Lewttoa notices,
order's eftoe.
free, at the Be-
Yotuig Brown 3-eghorn rooMers for
aleat$l.fi0 and $0.00 apiece if taken
joon. Appjy at the oet oftlaa.
.aturtf jMiratt ir.
If nfcttire did not struggle against
disease, eren in Treakly oonUitutioH,
Uwitt indued wottU lie the course of .a
malady to its fatal termination. While
nature thus struggles let us, lest worse
befalls na, aid her effort with judicious
medicinal help, ttxjierieu.ee must be
our guide in battles ttftk disease, and
that "lamp to our feet" iadieates Ho
tetter's Stomaeli Bittors as a safe, tried
autJ thorough ally of nature. Jf the
blood be iafocted with bile, if the bow
els and stomach are inactive, if iho kid
neys fails to expel impurities of which
Uiey ure the natural outlet, a course of
the Bitters is the surest reliauoe of the
sufferer, one, moreover, that is sanc
tioned by professional indorsement and
use for nearly half a century. No
American or foreign remedy has earaed
greater distinction tut a remedy for aud
preventive of chronic liver oomidaint
malaria, constipation, kidney and rbeu-
paatio trouble nud debility.
i "
Choice dried JVuit and green jiuit at
G. S. Van Wgenen's.
K B. Don't you buy toys until you
$eo 'IViylor'a prices.
Apnlo cider, ottjk. Van Wagenen's.
GBuMemcn'e lieekwoar cheap at the
fcoat Ofilce Store.
jjianKew auu ovorcoato ana com
forters, eboap at Van Wagenon'j,
Wince, liquors and cigars of all kinds
at G, S, "Van Vugonons.
Fresh groceries constantly arriving
at G. S. Van Wagonon's.
DesSrabTo furnished rooms, riorth of
the bridge. Mits J. C. Bajisdeu,.
Go to G. S. Van Wagenpn's for
moil's furnishing goods.
Fifty now suite of clotliffig just ar
rived nt G. S. Van Magellan's.
Sta-As of Ohio, Cirv of Tolddo, 7
LtfCAR Codktv, ss
Trank J. Ohcney makes oaUi thai ho
ie tho senior partner of tho firm erf F. J.
Chenoy & Co., doing business in the City
Of Toledo, County and Stnto aforesaid,
and that said firm will pay tho suln of
one httnarcd dollars for oaoli and every
Cifto o Catarr1! triaS 'cannot be cured by
tho use of 11 all's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me nud subscribed in
rhy presence, this 0th day of December,
A. D., 1880. A. W. GMftapjf,
Hall's 'Catarrh 'Ch re is nYdh In f drtially
and acls directly upon 'the blood and
muovus surfaces of tho sjetoin. iSeiid
for tustiiiKiniala, .free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Tolodd, O.
ljSgrSold by druggists, 75c.
"flioKrlnr Irk kVumyliunla
Swickley, Penn. : Weh'adah'ep'idem
ic of cholerine, as our physicians called
it, in this place lately aud I made n
hit with Ofcamborlain's Colic, Cholera
mid Diarihaja Remedy. I eojd four
dozen bottles of it in one week and
havo since sold nearly a gross. This
Remedy did 't 10 Wo'rk and was a uig
ddvertisomqn for mo.. Several persons
who have beeh troubled with linrrho?ii
for tft'o or tlcoo weeks Vero cured by
0, feff dose's ot this medicfae.
P. P. iisj&v, Pii. O.
Twenty-pro dad -50 cent bottles for
saleby n. . HHjgekidj.iiggj,.
Absolutely Puro.
A tiream of tartar ljjikiiij; powder. Htxlictt J
of a In Jeavftiing strength. Latest U. P.
Ctnernment VoikI Beport,
Itor.u Dakins PowniitCo.,
WG Wall St.. .V. Y.
Men's shoes just received at G. S.
Van Wagonon'H.
The Globe Library Is pHin ovory day
fi-om 11 a. m. to 4 p. m., nnd from 0 p.
m, to 10 p. m. Sundays from 11 n.
In. to 10 p. ui
Dr. J. II, Chase, a trraduato of the
Chicago College of Dental Surgery,
lias opened an office on Bcoad strcot
adjoining tho Public Ronding Boom
on the south. Ho guarantees all work.
- t' - -
tcrrcit li!.t.
Latten rnniuins in the IWolficujif (Uoba
A. T., fprthe wtnlk sailing llartli llih, 1803.
Allen. TZA Huffwanu, II C
Alltn. Qumi Jcnfak, Cljarls
BuruliMrt, KHima Tno, Jlm
Cvne, Lko Yw. Mfa Laura
Ferguson, Ovrn flallflo, flrtmirio
(Jixl, Ch?rli Jeniate, Da. Lola
l'nl. Kraiieiaco
PertoiM aalltns for the utove Ittw, please
ay Ailwrtisel.
3. H UAM1LL. P Jf.
GLOBE, Arixona.
Oftiry Fixturos and
Farm Implements,
Allr.f! rnoat iwrov-wJ, radu'liw; Cream
Stjxwatmr. Cattl hkb srad. Till SprlBp
oruD 0jj1 moatlv fliiufird. froin tliorftnuli.
L bred liulli. Put lftk-uiar ad pric aiiulv
Ol.be, Arisona.
rnch 11-tf
Reward Withdrawn.
rpiUE tVA
; UTl B
Hvt nrKDBniotLAnH
W Wfl
iivtam. irf
Oft0MSf, TtnttnT oj trbona. In Um emre of
tfcu Apueta ludiu Mteraixi ostiaw known u tb
KM.ltliWUr4of Sovrtew. tW 0j ordered
Start sCOU Cesvt. A T
ltad, Otohr, A. T . Xaffb ttb, M9S.
J.J Kneef U fcvtvrritttn bj tt-. mined, idndii
btntril 4 torn R&Ut vl Oeo. W Simyua, deouca
torn Ma iiiumm. to iiimnn mem. vrai tbt otttmuj
nmokm. MMk m Kwntb. After tbr fint vahbeuioo
atOiniiMm,iib hM Adnlalctiatilx at Iter red
tteoot te IMH Arteuik, ttu mn Miur Uie pUte fur
tlwtnuiMOtiQBii; lb buartMW uf nM Mtate, in U
Couslraf Cila.
AdnbtWnMtartAtejtbeof G. W atatpno. de-
ttiteJ at 0l, Arin, Mrt4,Hi. UN,
aehll tw
U. S. TiANO OmoR, Ttiwrni, Arizona,
Mareh Int. J 898.
Complaint bavin Ijn tuured at thia office
Harry iWi wjjiter agjdrflrt Ifenfemiu V.
x atjTunn jnisiniu u
voinpIV with law as to
i.iuo, jnr lannre m xipi
riinUer-Culttrr IfiitTy I,
fo. 87V (iatNl Anril
1 X K tS R J V
fa, IS3U, ujxm Kir w.
W. J and .V E. t S. V. SucUoti !, Town.
ehil. I, Xortliltani, t!f RmL w ia Gtn'
ty, Aroo, with a view U I lie eanerilatioii
f wia entry: contotfant allifng tht aiU
enntcstee, did nnt to the Inird yfsr nf hi tt
try, jJliTnt any p?t ofsafa ). l tree., tre?
ced, r cuuinw, snd has failed t lJint
ainc sftjd tlrlrtl year, any porflim of aW
tract, or cultirale. the atn aa rviiml by
The oonttutint liavinj file! hli affidavit In
thU ofBca. Toll, artji. ISlO, wttiiij; forth the
fact that nftor do lillitretioe he oan not obtain
liersonaltenice, ami k tliat aervieo nifty
bo had Sty Trabllcatlon In ThS ABlXOSA Stt
vrk JtR!. pap )Wlili!id at Globe, Art
Sims. Th rairfi h heraby granted ahd the aald
partiea are herein' auinnumfd tn ap)iearat the
oiice of tb Clerk of the DUtiit Cmirt at
Globe, UBfc County, A. T , on the llith day
of Aptit 18BS, at 10 o'dojlr a. m., to tMponrl
and fimiiah tatUmnnv onnceinlns said alletrrd
falluro. IlnarlnS hfUOte Ilegiitftr and Iteceiv
er at Tupa-m Land
nril 10th. 1J03,
10 o'ojinjfc.
inch 11 -Ut)
Ki-gSarf SJ8B5S: or TI,E C0'UJrtv
In thn ma&arof ttil aliah utjaba Gray, deceased
Order to alio eauae'ttfa! Order at Sale ot Ueal F
tate ahoutd not tie iaa!a '
ElUHth IMcheJler. tbo Admialratrlx of tho Ut
tate nl Jolm Ofay, ' d 6tn&, lisilij Wei a twUtlon.
Ijcrcla pmf at Sdr an order of W ( the Whole at part
of tin real eauta, bt mM ctmeAent, fvr tie purj
taarfiil lot forth
It M.ti"0 twderad It Uw eald Court, tliat all per
mit loteresied In tbe attate of taM iteeeaaed, appear
before the i8dtrola fcoort ou WWneaa'ay. tho Mrj
day of Aortl 19S3, t 10 o'oloek In the forenoon of ut3
day, at tbe Otwrt loom of mii rrot Conrt at th'o
Oourt boo In fllotie, Oonaty of Oila, to ihotr caut'o
nliy an order tliouM (let be granted to the eald Admln
fatntrlx, to tell to much of the real citato ot tbo raid
itenMd, lu)m Cfray, l shall bo EccewrV
And Uiat a iiplr of tnU order bo ifl'ol'.ihul at laaat
four nue!re&eli 1st Tali ARii)!!(4'Sir,vi! Kklt,
a newspaper prtatod and puliUahed la.ialildtla Couuty.
Arlnooa Territory.
a. if Ai.usoys
JoJje o'f tbo Jrpt"?e Court.
Di&d, March lud. Il
CcnevllU. fUn.!
VU tr.ali
tralmt m. 4liwkiio
IT iiem 1 BITI1 TDOT
nasurtal by aQmrrtti lait I Muu null
oafV vrort Tt &crainjaRi!u2 $; WgMSUlU UJlUMIlu
trir thItofimonth, t,tz- Pnit 43 in. STIo. Ilia.
WMit Itow'dl itltnw briar- UN u cut. 4Jtn svuu ma
m4 pll fct U ,'I-tku, MfrtentlaeUvjlItptH. (1 la. 491a.
rar-rlita. Will ,frffl Uf reply ta lnqslrl4 Itft iUipti b-xUKd.'
jnrrafM). iVi atirrlu.. E,aa cettl la ,tamn I w railwuitr, u
t?.. o. b. ,, SST3CB, M'viexEa'S iTi. mzm. III.
J-,ai;firnMriJf.flSl ,
lJarLr,e,") 81
OU. Kan.! l X)
Btfar. After. Lett.
From Pure Bred
Brows Leghorns
$1.25 Per Setting of 13,
I am lirecdfnjj from ptlz wfs'nfpg stock
ilirrot from Nimv Y rk and Illinois
Kftrs from WHlTKMINOHCANan'.
LIGHT BHAH.NrAS lor Mt later n
the seawm.
'XiT Bgg sbipjied to any rt of tlie
Territory and a good hatoh gasfanteed
Globe, A.T,
II. BRUNT KRYSER. I're.ldent,
A. L. WALKfill, Vire.lresidebt,
W-WC00 & IH,
--4' "' v-s- '- - " vi-rv"
Tn mfnGiindlc?
maraeK ana mo greit
It ihnrasbout the
Tat th hair
rrlce Ct Qo'en'a Ant! llrtn(. nvrhnrtl n
sealed IrornqtwiTratloni 8-fid tnoner or ttanioa
I JffiUZSSp )
TZVmSEjr -i?
IllnHi li i .
" -.-... . tilling 1 VI B4Vill (. JJ II III I V II ai IUH 'I llvililliwu .I-sua i - -
rxlli'l'0-etr(c-i'j. cHi(M'nl'i) Thla adrrrllarmrnt la h,.n.' rrrt -. nifl.1 fr Ttai'd In efenr word B
contilns Invito yon tudil with umirl too
tfryOUr lftttpr af Knv PmvF fVnr-m ..f.r,,M
SfTeflrroor'llthtetit Injury to any inircli.irr. I'Tcry buttlu cnnraiitecil.
Cprflltt Toladlta who IntrodnrA and U amane tbeir frleadaSS Bottle of Queen's An-B
SA.ruln " y" "U present wim a SILK DRE93, it yard, bt aflk Extra Lsttre Soule ead ai
cr allic to aaloet from ni wim ordar.
DlbO 6 rtEMEDV FOR CATARRH.- Be.t. Easiest
1- to u&e. Cheapest. 15'hc is immediate. V cure is
certain. For Cold in tLo Head it has no ciuaL
BOW It is hn Ointment, of which a small jiartido a applied Sa a"
to tho nostrils. Price, COc Sold by drujrjtists or sent F2a
EsEq l,v m.Tsl Arldrnsji- T. T. TTakei.tin- Vnrrnn. Pi. CtUBV
. r. Trrnrii n aa
k)i liJJJUlil vUi
Large Stock of Gvershirts
Hats, Groceries,
Liquors, ToMocos, 'OigWsV
Hardware, Tinware,
Mining Supplies,
J? I-iiibl-UJjAb
Exchange dra?n on
ted. States
nt(.tsjl JOHN OKAY, deeeaaed
Xotleo Is hereby siren by Uie uudjftffteJ, AdmlnU
tratrlx of tbe tatato of John Cray, deemed, to tbe cred
itors of and an perron halng &lms aaalcbt tho said
deceased, to eifilMt thepi mlh the necessary vouchers.,
within til monUu efjer tho first publlcstlon of this no
tice, (tclr.s tho uiifcxp'rcd tlma of notice to creditors al
Clrer, by Ausutr!tEcrex-AdmlaItrat6rof raldes&te I
to lhe tjdd Administratrix at reyscn, Artriia, tEe
same ttcthc the place for the tnnuctlon ot thNhUslneM
of eaM enlMcyto the County of CIU . .
,' UrdZABETH IIATCireUiin,
Adiu!njtratiit of the liaUta of JplmJrVy, deVeaasd.
Dated at Clolw Jtarch 2nd, im
piehi 4
'AL0N2O BAUBY, Trelsu
3Iaragr & Sccretray
ft I
AfiulaUoc & n&rt nu &jvldenilv u.i'a.1 An .!. l.j)
andonas.bidea(ienrard Unas diM-uerel that the hair aa ccrs
pleteli reruoTed. Wc at once j,ut tLU wmJrful prerraUea. oailA
u own tue oemanouiaivve are iKiw MtrMnetaT
or;d undertlie same ot Qccen's Antl-UMriat,
over and api y tenlfxtarpfoa tew mlnutta and il.
hair dKappears e It by mesi'- xi utoat trie t.taliPt pain cr Inrary bett
appllrdorcTcrafiemram, li IsvnUaeanToUitrrrepanUoBeveriiMl
ic r use purpose ji"Tianas qi i .iiii sncoiuAe maMiitfM
v ill hMr n tr.c'r IT VCIU Nlit K ni 1 Alt Vs alteet m merlU.
(i i:Tl l;5Il:.N lioc.onotaiprclteabrlor b'lreottieiriMMfc.
f rd a prlrel.-ea boon :n ((' Anti-lJab Ino i.irh doea awr
.. lit. kha.lni. Kw vahm. t, . r. I...& h.. (I an mom iMthMtalhllHi.
tn , n,.tn.trtM nrMt hld hT wt rsavrcSar
br Mil rHh full .iMiwnfitten plnty. tAt-
will flnrt etn Mmnttrer-Mvmfd Cut UtbotitaiMt
CO., 174 K?c? Street, CIKCIHMATI, O. Tea ee
li itiii pay acin lor any ai
Good Salary or Ccmmixlon to Aetata.
all parts of the ITnii4
and Europe.
union see
Postage Paid Si per lb.
Special Lfst of
VEGETABLE SEEDS on Applicatiorfr
Correspondence Solicited.
Importers, 0 rowers and DcJeu fn BKKD?i
I0 nnd 421 S.YSO.HK ST.,
Bau Iranel.cu, Ceil.
t r "r
v?- :
r--- - " ...e
j X"
U "

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