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Arizona silver belt. [volume] (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, April 29, 1893, Image 3

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baVJPlCIAlj rAtMHt OF UlliA CO.
Saturday, April 20, 1803.
Kaiervd in the Pott OXioJ at Globe, tu
TcnJ-cUsj matter.
I. O- O. IB1.
?ort orrrttc rules.
Office) open from 7 A U to 7 r. M., daily,
Suti'lnxs one Iwur alter mall orrie.
Stall cIoe goln East awl Wert at 7-15 a
U daily.
fu rUllv-TA(1At pionlnl. I
Mall go to San Carlo .-iiul Mtuey e cry
Jlay, uikhs exctpieu m iaiaim, r j
Tho Sovonty-fourth anniversary of
tho birth of 0ddfo1lf.vMil in tho "Uni
ted Statca occurred on Wednesday,
April 20th, nnd "vna tho occasion of a
vei'j 'enjoyable. onjortnlnrttont partici
pated In by Globo Lodjo No. 0, Rescue
io'tlgo No. &, ViH tSila Encampment
In addition to the members of
ArtitjAas of Incorporation of the'ITud
eon IiOsorrSir and Canal Oo. ware Died
with tho Recorder of Gila county,
April 22d. Tho project for which tho
company was formed is tho damming
of Salt lliVor nt the box canyon below
tho confluonco of Tonto crook, thus
forming nn Immense reservoir estima
ted to covor thirty equal o mile of tho
best flirminft lauds in tho unner Salt
Blvor Vnrtoy, Gila county. Tho scheme
Dr,fA.asf. T$pri
more land at Maa.
FOUJTD. An upper
Apply to
No. 3,
the order and tho families of many of ,h.HO contemplates the construction of
thorn, moro than one hundred invited secondary dams, ono eight miles nbovo
dr Department-ch.M at 6 r. ' tfuoata were present, making it ono oflho mouth of the Verde, ami another
umujs eccptea
tho largest representative gatherings
that has occurred in Globo for several
aier. Tont. live. I'lMaon, sc. ex cry Mm-
fia', Wctinfaiiay au.l Friday Tlitae malli
llnae the aUht pratluua at l ?. S.
JOS. li. HAMILI., V. M.
Ttiii paper u keut on Hie at K. C. ll.iko'a
dvertidtur Aecncv. (M anil 03 STerchanU'
isihtnsf, San Vrnnrisc.., Cal., litre con
wct ' vK'iti.i.ia,' can In rmde (or it.
Mra..J. Durnhig loft for t-allfornia
'on Wednesday.
, 0. E. Taylor, solo ngeut In Globo for
Noblo whiskey.
. !. a aaa,
Furnishing goods and notions at G.
S. vVanWagonen'fl.
IIouso for sale.
Inquire of
Mks. Mallory.
Chas. A. Fisk took his departure for
'Sentinel ot. Monday.
ODeliciong Randies just received nttho
Post Ofllco Store.
Taylor's speclaltiosl Hoffman IIouso
cigars nnd Noble whiskiog.
starry G. Nowton loft on Tuesday
Tor Sontlriol to tako A position with
.Mr. J. H. Canavan.
WHon in need of any thing in the lino
of ptpo fittings, call on tho Old Domin
ion Commercial Co.
Mrs. 0. M. Anderson and Mrs. Okas,
Collins wore passengers on Monday's
suvorsiue singe lor vaiuurota.
FOR SALE. Howe, saddle and bri
dle Inquire of
Mrs. Mallory.
The Court, and its necestory nd
jnnut, tho short-hand reporter, are ax
paetd here nnd ready for busineu on
Fash onablo mllllnory for tho lndiee,
nlss98 and children al rodused prleee,
for tiM next two weeks at Mw. J. C.
Tha militia company received their
uniforms on Thursday and the boys
look as proud and hf&deome as pea
'ooeks in them.
a .
Glen's nailed boots, brogaiw, fcoarse
sboes, lino shoes, base baliftbeeis dnc
Int Shoes and slippers, a G. 3. Van
The Fume ore was worked at the
Klein mill this week. The prednct
oould not be asoartalnsd as the amnl
am IkxJ not beeii retorted.
J. W. Star returned this week from
Phfenix to take oharge of M. W. Rrc
men's saw mill for the season. He
will go up to tho mill on Monday to
Arrange tor staatlng it up.
The Stor says It Is rumored that
Judge Kibbey lias sent In his resifrna-
Uonas Judgo of the Second JmliolalJ
District, and it lb believed that hid sue
WworjvHl be nppointed within a few
- . - m
Mrs. Ballmaino announces that in
order to close out, she will, during tho
'next two weeks, sell fashionable mil
'lnen'.fpr Indies, misses and children,
'at redueed pricoe. Call at Mrs. Rams
Cell's. W. T. MeNelly, Scrgeant-Arms of
tho Council of the Seventeenth Legis
lature of Arizona, presented tho Bhlt
with a well executed photographic copy
'oftho members of that conclave, nnd
its attaches, for which ho has our
Fol'owers of Gamurjnus will rojoico
to ftarn that Chas. Banker has an oxtra
good brow of Rock beer which he will
begin to deliver on Monday, May 1st.
Banker's beor Is of such oxceliont qual
ity this season, that it Is prjfercd by
many to tho Imported beer.
n m -
Everybody knows "ShortyV. Saylor,
anil will wish him sUocoes In hie how
venture. Ho is now proprietor of the
livery nnd feed stablo, lately run by
Wm. Garland. The corral is contrally
located, and flra't claw iaddle horses
ind teams will be kept for hire. Horses
left in Mr. Saylor's care Will rccoivo tho
best of care.
Ono hundred and twonlyftve beef
steers from J. H. Canavan's herd near
McMillen passed through Gloho. on
Tuesday, in charge of Manuol Borzonl.
They were driven over tho Kino- lri.il
lo Mesa, and will bo used by Mr. Can-1
avan at Sentinel, to feed laborers on
tho South Gila Canal.
years. The taste ami uelt Jinnutwori;
wf tho ladies was noticeablo in tho ar
rangem'onl of the Iwlh nnd in tho dec
orations, in wmcVi Iho threo links,
"frlondflhip, lovo nnd truth," emblems
of tho order, vero conspicuous.
TJio programme compribcd anniver
sary exercises, nn oration by Grand'
Master, Alonzo Bailoy, instrumental
and vocal music, dancing, games and
tho important adjunct to nil social
JgnthAnMngs suppor-,
Tho anniversary exercises wore con
ducted by Grand Mnstor Alonzo Bai
loy, of Globo Lodge, Goo. P. Hunt,
N. G , of Roscuo Lodge, nnd Dr. T. S.
Collins, Vico Grand, of Rescue Lodge.
Prayer was offered by tho Chaplain,
II. Jowoll, and tho audience joined in
tho singing of tho Odq "Our Flag,"
nnd tho Thanksglvfn'g Hymn.
Grand Master Bailey mado a foliciU
ous address in which ho recounted tho
growth of tho order (numbering in the
United Stales irtore than 800,000) and
its achievements and hints Ilurinij
its oxlstonce in tho L'nited States tho
Iudopondont Order of Odd Fellows
has disbursed 00,000,000 in charities
and bonollces. In concluding his re
marks Mr. Bailoy fiicotiously referred
to tho conjugal tlccei'tions practiced
upon trusting wives by bibulotis Iras'
bands, whoso lato hours were always
charged to its boing "initiation night,"
and ono mothodieal lady of Globo who
had a taste for figures, had kept tally
of thcnUsnbsrofiniUaUon nights un
til tho score showed 218, which did not
accord with tho htatoment imprudent
ly mado by tho dlroliet husband tliat
there were only -10 mombers in tho
lodge. Mr. Bailoy pronosed a remedy ,
for this andothor shortcomings, wrong
ly chargod to tho order, by the admis
sion of tho ladies to full membership.
Mrs. J. F. Patton and H. 11. McNoI
ly rendered some popular solos, which
were so well received that thoy tvero
prevailed upon to respond to oncoree.
The instrumental mristc furnished by
Mr and Mrs. J. FTrolnbIo and Eugene
Aeaehliinnu was unusually good also,
comprising selections from oporas,bal
lads, waltzes, etc, skillfully executed.
The latter part of tho evening was
most agreeably spent in dancim?, with
an intermission at inldhight for sup
per, which was greatly relished. The
programme was abridged by tho omis
sion of tho toasts and responses, ex
cept that to "the ladles," most happily
responded to by Geo. V. P. Hunt, and
vociferously applauded. E. II. Cook
mouuted tho rostrum and hurforously
explained tliat as the gueste had ex
pressed a preference for dancing, the
oratorical fireworks would be omitted,
except Mr Hunt's response which was
unanimously demanded. It was nn
unfair advantage to tnko of him, but
George was equal to the occasion, and
came oft" with Hying oolora and the ex
alted ftgnrd of the ladies. The enter
tainment was a credit to the Iedgos
participating and ospocinlly to the
gentlomen nnd ladies who took an ac
tive part in ite preparation.
near tho mouth of Cottonwood creek.
Tho main dam in Gila county is to bo
225 foot in height, 200 foot thick at
Iho base and 100 feet thick on top.
The location of these daniB, says tho
Phconix Republican, are within the al
most perpendicular walls of box can
yons nnd bod rock has been found so
convoniontly near tho surfaco ns to
greatly facilitate tho work of construc
tion. Notices havo bcou filed accord
ing to provisions of law enacted al tho
last Session of tho legislature and pa
pers are boing prepared to eecuro titles
to all tho reservoir and canal sites es
located, under tho laws of tho United
Tho survoy is progressing rapidly
and it is intended about tho latter part
of May to put two moro corps of en
gineers Into tho field. The hurt oy will
bo completed early In August and u
month later tho work of oonstruelion
will begin. Tho estimated cost of this
gigantic Bystom is $1,000,000.
There is much opposition In Gila
county to tho proposed reservoir, be
cause ft would feuhmerge nearly all our
agricultural lands, but chiefly for the
reason tliat it would eover tho county,
dividing tho northorn portion from tho
southern as oflecttvoly a though tho
Mississippi river flowed between. Tho
prospect of tho construction of the
dam is not believed to be imminent.
Tho reservation of tho dam and reser
voir sitos is viewed m a speculation ou
which tho promoters are not likely to
realize for some years to come if ever.
It is only another illustration of the
scramble, for avorythlng in eight by the
hungry hortYd Y& afttt about PlueniK.
mg History, biography, works of ref
erence and fiction, was recoived re-
. OfiTlfclv. rmrl innrrt wlU ln nllul 4Wi. !
I ' WT " ..-. w .. . .,v .V.UWt 41.1411
llmo to lime.
lias purehasod j
eot of teeth, ff XSf $& '
A. R, Youno. " ai PS nJm y& JM
&Z7 WSSi ffS AY JS fW Si M I
fa vv SiS' miSFffi JH& j
$AHjg '
Vjv lufVMjri!ia.fro H
njrrsi $
W. II. Iilnnnor was appointed libra
rian of the public library, vko C, .A.
llsk resigned, and assumed his duties
on Sunday last Tho library is n cosy
and inviting plaee to spend an oven- j
lug and should lie more frenuented. A
collection of Mnndnrd books, compris-' JJbsofufeJy
i jrure
M. S. Horrell,
M. W. Bromon-,
G. T. Peter,
Alfred Haustetu,
C. II. Kenyon,
Charlos Banker,
W. T. McNolly,
J. Hyndman,
G.S.Van AVogcnon, Walker Moore,
J. "W. Rabsoln, Chas. Bouquot,
Adolpi ltaag, J. II. Baker, Sr.,
II. J, Wlndmlller, M. O. Wobb,
Beiij. Fault, Louis Sultan,
J. H. Pascoe, Ar. W. Brooknori
Charles Dontthd'm.
r. T. Frush,
J. B. Lattffor,
C. E. Dyklns,
Clias. Slack,
T. A. Vatlejr,
Geo. F. Wilson,
A. G. II. AJIon,
W. F. Wehthoff,
W. IIouso,
W. M. Williams,
T. Nidinor,
Henry Sljoap-,
u. u. i-oiton,
O. E FiniUV.
J. B. Henry,
John Brunson,
Loroy Ikenbury,
A. R. Young,
Harry Temple,
D. W. Williamson,
J. M. Jonos,
Geo. Pemborton,
G. D. Barclay,
Nilos Aylesworth,
O. McKevitt,
J. S. Wills,
I?. Bone;
F. M.Hcndorshott,
Silas Tidwoll,
G. W. Wilson.
Tho base ball match to bo played on
the Globe grounds Sunday, May 7th,
between the San Carlos and Globe
clubs is exciting lively interest. At a
meeting of tho Globo club held a few
days since, a nine was solented, the
neoeasary committees appointed) and
arrangements made for tlm proper re
ception of tho San Carlos olnb. A
dance hi honor of the visiting olub Is
announced for the night of May 0th.
The beeo ball game promises to be
lively and well contested. Tho San
Carlos nine in said to be a strong com
bination, and wlU ImVe tho advantage
of several week practice, which is all
important Howard, the piteher, is
said to le vey speedy, and there are
those who export to see a long Jtet of
tallies in Abe "struck out" column of j
tho Globe nine's score.
The local team, s tf ae ttfc person
nel goes, is a grtod one. In both hat
ting and fielding strength it is be
lieved to be stronger than any nine
that has played against San Carlos for
aeteral years. Lack of practice will
tell most against the Globe team, but
nevertheless it is confidently believed
Ibey will pat up a good game. Fol
lowing are the players and rweit.jQ.u8
they will play:
Howard, (Capt.) p. JoralurlWH " f.
Wilson, Isl b. SaUrftee, e.
Rhunsnider lb. Ellen, s. s.
Beehoi 3o. Samuete, 1. f.
Kiftg, a. f. Foster, sub.
Burkhart, sub.
Chase, c. Woodsy, s.
Davidson, . Mfr&t, 3d ft.
Coburn, lsl l. Allison, 1. f.
JfJplziAait, d b. Blevlns, c f.
Cedotte, r. f.
iti Lib mu Tin: ciiiiiMr or iiTito.
or Tin: Liuuinv.
Quiet and peaceable boliavior ls ox
pected fromalij and It is hoped lhat all
will oet 5rl tilts manner wltlTout any
feeling of restraint.
Children and young people arc wol
come to tho library, but it Is necessary
thai they must refrain from any bois
terous conductor loud talking, ad tho
Librarian will be compelled to ask
them to leave if thoy do not do so.
Tho booSs of the library will bo
loaned to the employes oT the lrtlnlmr
companies, thoir lamiles and tho pub
lic in general. A record will be kopt
of all the bosks issued, and each por
son taking a fiook from tho library
must rotutn U ih good order and con
dition inside of two weeks. No ono
Nothing lias been heard of tho fate
bf tho liill for tho rollofof Gila county
Ex-Govcrrtor Murphy, who Is Uup
posed to havo signed the bill, (If it
Bvor loft the hands of tho enrolling
and engrossing commlttco of tho Coun
cil) is in Prescott and it will bo some
time probably barore ho is hoard from
ip the matter.
ly before building reduction works.
J The railroad, in courao of construction
had reached to wtyhln a few miles of
tho camp. Dr. Collins ctintemplates
locating there within two or three
months If tho development of the
mliios sustain tholr prcoont promise.
Tho moro Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy is mod Iho bettor it is liked. We
Jcnow of no other r'eniody tlint nlwaya
ghes satisfaction. It Is good nhenyou
first cotch cold. It is good when your
tough is seated and yoitrlungsnre sore.
It is good In any kind of a cough. Wo
have sold twonty-hSo dozen of it rtkd
bvery bottle has gion eatisfaolion.
Btedman & FriemaD, druggUts, Min
hesota"gi, linn. 50 cent boltfss
fm wJo by'll. O. Hitohcock, druggyt-
Dr. T. B. Collins, who retiifried last
CtottlVilli fwtm "Towlrtt.Ilf nn1 r.r.An1m !
' V. , "" ,7, "7 l """"I person can havo ipore than ono book,
well of tho prospects of that camp ., or fftmi, m Umn bo)kH
The company owning the principal Ume from th(j b nd
claims Is working a largo forco of men ,;w ho ,.0 luiftl ' r,, , .. .
and will exploit the ground thorough-, ..nrB Pnc.a inmaJ uat,
VWWVt ..WUVSIt7 Vl.4(tlt4fc. iuuno Wi
other library property will bo held ac
countable for the value of tho same.
Tho liljrary lj6tlrs will I posted con
spicuously, and patrons are requested
to bo guided by them.
Lecture at tho Globe M. B. Church,
May 2d, Bd, llh an'd Sth, at 780 r. m.
Subioct Ancient and Modern Sdcie'tv.
Ing tho services df a dentist. Ho usos historically treated, 'from tho eariiost
nil tllo most approved methods and j ages through tho succeeding epochs
appliances. iWiless extraction of ! down to the present time. Both tho
ttAltit llnrk T1lf ii.nlF fmlA i11lt.rv
,v...., ...u j'ui.u nuiik, buni uimijio,
etc. Prices reasonable. OfilcoalMrs.
Fiskc's, oho block west of the Court
seilous and comic
All invited.
will bo presented.
L. II. TRrouL
C, E,
White and Eclipse extra dry
pagno, imported cognac, bin, Jamaica
ruin, Scotch whiskey, Dull, Gfo don &
W. & A. uyboy'sahcrry, and Pommc-
ryec. -uuunn qtout, uuuiin 'gingqi
!IOj 4ilUi4.H mj ULi,j uu
Persons wanting eggs for hatching
from pure bred fowls. Bi own Leg-
! horns and White Minorns eliouhl
Taylor, dealer in flno win&s
II la J n na k. at. HWI11B U"U IlillW lUUlUllilO BalUUlU
'tTV.r.l "o eggs
.. ll.U """ "aj aaiMl-l ,I11 lln a.Ml.1 rtlrt Hfn., 1f r.llU.a
iira MV Va tV 'aaa Oa. uaune iW
ceivod at th6 Post 'oftlco.
Jas. II, McClintock, Vho is collect
ing information to bo used in tho
World's Fair edition of tho Phrenix
Gazette,, came in on last night's stago
from San Carlos. This special edition
will bo mi immense undertaking. Eigh
ty thousand copies, of .30 pagos, will bo
published, and every portion of Arizo
no will receive just recognition. Mr.
McClintock will bo In Globe until
Wednesday next.
Tho c'tfio of Lieut. Parker C. John
son, accusod of murder, went to tho
jury at Solomonvillo Tuesday after
noon. Nonowsofany verdict has as
yet both received in Globe. Tho gen
oral impression in Grnhum county Is
that there will bo either an acquittal
or a hung jury. Tho prosecution w'os
conducted by District Attornoy Jones
artd E. J. Edward, dofondaat being
represented by Attorney Genoral Ho
ney and Judge Teel of HI Paso.
My wife was aofifitied to her bod for
over two months ntti u veiy as
vere altaok of rhouiuutism. We could
set notbiug that would afford hei
aay relief, attd as t last resort gave
Ghaniboiluiu's Pain Balm n triul. To
our great surprise bu began to im-
pro.e after tho irst appllcatioif, nnd by
using It regularly she w soon nbls (o
get up nn'l attend to Lurhouko work.
E. II. Johnson, of O. J. Knutson &
Co , Kensingteu, Minn. Q cent hot
ties for sule by II. 0. Hitchcock, drug
gist. " a ,. . .
TJwti-td Jury of Grsliam eointyi
in Its report to Judge Kibbey, returned
indictmente for Also registrntlon
against J. IL Vaughn and 0. C. Glsh.
It appetus from tbte oidehco presented
that the former, while acting. u gener
al registering officer, filed over a hun
dred fictitious names with the County
Recorder. Nearly all were of Mexi
caatu simwl wiUi a tsross ami tl wil
nees In each vte Vtrae Oieh, a deputy
shariff. No ftllegBtloiis Uwite that any
of the names were voted at the ejec
tion. The sole effect was to push Gra
ham county into Use Ant-dace rank,
lncwenbaiy incrco&isg the emolu
ments of ttitt tobtty officials. Both
the Hocused an in biting, safe frciai
subpoenas, thoagl: a letter wae received
hi tho grand jury from Vacgbii ftifit
Tneeday, ho teUng to lwnself ail
blame in the tauuweUfim
fllJt f XWKHBtKr f inn
In tl District Court of Maricopa
county, April 20th, tho plea in abate
ment hi the Tewkabnry case eame up.
The plea (says the Republican) ia based
on the allegation that the graad urf
Vhioh indlclad Tawk3bary was irreg
hlarty ooaatitutod. It will be remem
bered that of Uic entire venire only
ten jnrymen were found competent to
consider the presentation of tliat case.
Out of the venire, however, a grand;
jury was ohotem to "pass upon all other
caaea, and when the Tewksbury ewe'
wae again reached tho two regular
jnreiii who were imcompetent gave
plaqo to two olhor jurymen selected
from what bau been called a tpcdal
venire, but which Judge Campbell
contends was net one witliin the mean
Ijurand dadniUnVi nf tlvn .fisr
District Aorney Williams moved
to strike out a portion of the pica and
later amended tho motion by moving
to strike it all out, denying oaoh and
every allegation contained therein.
This lie explained was only n formality
to enable him to consult the records ae
to tho fiiets alleged In tho plea. The
matter went 6 cf , and we liave since
seen no reference lo the etwo Hi the
JMiconix papers'.
A cramf taitar lmkin jmimJh lliidient
of nil Jn l (. tlru.th Latett V. .
y.nemmetat Kii lr mi.
' lflOUt, DaiklNC POaWK TO.,
1C8 Wall St., X, Y.
From Pure Bred
liwn Leghorns
SI.2S Per Setiing -of 13.
I am I rtiifm; frnm pilre wiininotnclf,
rfiiMt f.ni "Sfw Y ik and lllin..i.
J'ta-fr.mi VIIlTJ..MINlll.CASnd
I.JOIIT UI5A11MAS tr s!e later fa
' 1 1 to .a.a..M
IJF I'Vtfi kliiiiitii t4 any
luvwi BtirMittd.
tiavrt nf Itis
ar. a. " .v . .. .
ieriitury ami agona lutofi guirunt
J.H. iiAMIlala,
aiofcc, A.T.
Roferring to tho visit of R. 0. and
Jamos Goodwin to Globo tho Phccnix
Republican says :
Having already scouted the right of
way to build a railroad from Tompo to
Moea tho object which they havo all
tho time had in viow In now for tho
first timo apparent, tho construction ofl
tho line through to Globo nnd there
connecting with tho FL Bowie & Globe-
road, tho construction of which seems
a certainty since the ten years exemp
tion has been secured. It is not im
probable that the entire line from Ft.
Bowie to Tempe will be owned, opera
ted and controlled by one management.
As the bird flies, It Is but sixty miles
from Mesa to Globe, but by the present
wsgon road the distance is 125 miles
over a rough mountain road, Proba
bly the most feasible railroad route
will be a distance of twenty-five miles
from the air line, making tho distanco
froin eighty-five to ninety intles Dy
following up the Salt river to the Box
canyon of the Gila, crossing through
the Wlicatflelds to Globa, nil the way
art oaay grade except twenty-five miles
ttrtough the cayons before Heaving the
river, where the work will lie heavy its
in some places room for the road must
be chiseled out.of tho cliff.
Since the Globe toil road lute been
abandoned, the agitation of which de
veloped the fact that a railroad was. n J
reasflaie and shorter route, the South-1
era faelito through ita Maricopa &
Phoenix and the proposed Port Bowio
& Globe connections, has prospected
tho route tliat would bind the two
ends of the road together, thereby
strutigthening their system in Arieotta.
The question of right of way will be
a secondary one from Mesa on to
Globe, and the boys anticipate no
troublo in completiiiir this ste in the
formal arrMigemenU of iwlroad bijJld-j
jua. upu wreir rewro from uwnft
the Goodwin Bros, will go to Sen)
Francisco, where they feel eertnin ear-
Hsu tory arrange rv"it " r li m i't
fr the wcrk to btgi.j 1 1 . Ttsr,.
end of the road witl.iu a .vr wtclie.
The thac of bui.uiug U faiVaa ea frtm
Mesa to Qlofee wtU depend largely m
theprogreesmadoat thoottior end cf
the Hue between Fort Bowie end
Dr. J. IT. Chase, a graduate of the
Chicago CoUego of Deutel Surgery,
has opened an effice en Broad street
adjoining the Public Reading Room
ot tho sontb. He guarantees a5 1 work.
The Globe Library Is opeovcry daj
from II a. m. to 4 p. m., and from i5;C0
I, m. to 10 p. m. Sundays from U a
m. to p. in.
It. IlitP.NT KHY.SEI?. rCApc'nt..
A. L. WALK Bit, Vice.Trident.
Af anH'tr & Soretraj
op &&w&$ $
iiitlcKAL 1
t &
'W&& & M&iU
4fflWLii.'i ! j lr
ITotteo to root Apply to
The Druggists
Pioneer Nows Depot tfikos sub
scriptions for all American and foreign
newspapers and periodicals. Keohs
school books, stationery, blank jooW,
fancy goodsj nolfons", pipos and tobac
cos, toys, Colgate soaps, perfumoe,
florida water, uny rtm, ete., cte.
0. E. TaVYLOKi Prop.
Fiho ch'ooolales and croatn ban bons
just received at tho Post Ofllco ftoro.
If you want a strictly pure and un
adulterated whiskey for family or mc
dfci;ml ttse, call ft?l Planet whiskey, at
G. S. Van Wageneii'i.
:-LjjajUl kinds of wiries and liquors, Sj
r,paoso and cigars,-' at G. S'. Van "Wage-
F. & A. M. -The regular meetings of
White fountain Lodge, No. 3, for the
yeir 18&3 yill be tiofd its fojlows:
January CWi, Juno 20Ui',
February 8d, August 3d,
March 2d, August 31st ,
April Cllf, olitdntpo'r 28Ui,
May4tl;, OfttoVorSOth,
Juno 1st, ovdmWr iStl,
Ieoembor Siflh.
Eloetion of oiTlcerB .'or 1891 takes
placo November 133d Special meetings
subject to c.Ml by tho W. M.
Ciias. A". Fibk, Setfy.
Just received) direct from Now
York, 0,000 Hoffman Houeo BoiUt
cigars- -Rolhschild'a.
0. E. TaVlok.
Don't fflrgct when ypu Want to ordor
j'our spring suit of cloihea, that I havo
a flno Hub of rampM,' 'and guahmtco
good fit and frVjauie prices.
tj. S. VXw WAQflNlJtf.
If jy wnnta, suit- of Clothes, ready
madeo.rniado to ordir, go to G. S.
Van Wagonen's'
la 1-owt.t, ytua., cjrao tn mit UMt ther nil
mote of llouvri S-pJiriIj than ol alt ottti
lAxrf purlttefs. tirl.tamc:
F. C 0)ui I 4t mrnOl poixl'i farKirr
rilUtlwitaitotiwr J6l )Wfif . .,
A W. 1MB S.ro.s BtHKl'i taiux tho !eatl ot all
other a.'wrarltlat;
C. P Bs.4KCfuiti. Wo eU nor oi Hood's Ear-
W.nS'ir.a liM of Mf ai:aCX.
ASaw T.iUi ua tir isioot Jlood'a
l to 1 ol any oilier L! -d.
F.,t E. n'li;--.. & Lo.: Bood'a San.riUii li
nee ft Jbc Iv-tt moiIJdiMt..
CS).T VItpT: ll,iwa8arjar!."e h .r
irfOioljC'-1 i-.lk'ftHatefca.W. fH sa.e lucruvt
eve lea-
F. P. atJMY WoaWtltwlfoaa mueJiof ilod'i
SavraiMrJianjof iJyU.J)rjimUf.
C.A 8afXaad UtUenwitpia-aiUr n
r-ndlU ( tho day."
Tiuwr Otiibs imzsUtt epea atsatlarir.
T6! jiOi.ulanlr at buiae, viicte JTootTi. ?at.i
rrl!ia and lu r nrlcto- In o ton kaotra (W
msnr lenrs. cosUI lint c-mlinne It Ac uwJirliw
ilIJ nft poess jn"'!! A'icl Ctmi Sirtt ihouiil 1
ctxtatnljr ftwrlncc fvne In olhrt tc-tlnni nl
Die wwitry that Hood's Saraittrltia U & gooJ,
Hood's Saf;saparilla
S.W b) (JrajBttK. $' , sis for fa. Cittvrrl rnj
tf C. I HOOD afcCO.v Apotai'-iir!c, Iittfl '. Jim
5K Ocap Ono Doilar
tim OiSOOViBY hyaooiOIN
Xt In compounding a eolation a part iras icda.,Ur inllUJ on th caitd
' and on washing Hniaid .tn 1i?ra ibat lie balr vaa obi-
Ph?m?i- rt-aaiTra e wncrj ui iiiuitnrantii prvpaniaos an tho
market and vi treat liJLitx-irii:l- uemar'i (baineamios iBttadsclsz
I inraagnoai uieworiauaQerui" nameot Queen's Anti-llslrljie,
Jji-r th fcalr over and spr i t! r u.re fora few mlactn and Ux)
a" rd- ippt-M iiltbr nntii-liaiou' t.ft .jltt-st pain or injury wln
anp tMlo-.era'Tma: i isi nlikean cter preparation evt?raari
f ral(ki-pnrrM lh"usrd of L )i 1 S nbohaTi! teen acn4
thhiironuiorr fCl . M I K nrl ATSMs attest iM nieriu.
.l NT I I.MI liodf)riot"rrrK alnrdor La rentimrneet,
fndipr'.-'I'M boon 'a QuetitV Atitl llalilne wbirt. does awr
h b t rtr. hv rfiidrfpr Ita: futnre rr h an utK-r ttritioaathlllrr
Irlnetl t-erboiiip Fentinar'et r llirrboxr"! puatajre paid by Bataecaralr
fit 1(1 mAncr rtr fct'.mnat lav l.ll.a tvifh Tlill f ruKaa.Hf1avn falaainlT raamVa.
BIT f V PonAllaiftlkal Ti1k arAv.uA.Kf Lm K. a nr. ... .. r. n-ar an aran utialH I.
oonti'ut. nelnvlttayrmt'id'al with nnt t-oii-rMI flml fimtlilnjaa.nrn-ipiitftl Cot tbfe ont an
andtaKlay. itWroMQUTH CHEWICAL CO.. 174 Jure Street, CINCINNATI. O oa can
5r ff yiurlettirntan)? Vmi OIB tolnguro Us afe deliv. r "nll! pay 8 00 for nnr caae
Jill!ttraorsllKlitct Injurjrto nn7 pn rlmer. I tur bottlo cunrantecd.
RPFfilM To ladlea who ln'rcdoiM rnd i-n morvc ibelr Mends 6 Bottle of Qafen'a Aatl-Halrlnai
"iei'ii;'welllprMnfllb UIUC DKB3 IS yr belt tlt Uztra Larca BotUa and aaspUC
"i:1M,,, tfatlk to select troa icst will, order. Oood Salary or Conmljiloa to .Uteata.
rrtcOf Qo'ien'aa.
cata ram t-n r at'
lie t Co ii,h MedictnP Rcunmcnut 1 b PlnsiuaraS
Ciire v hero all ctoi fa' s Plea-- ir.t .in J OtTraH-.tHle i tho
taste flnldrentaikptt wihnnt f.l,ipM'on 13" drujits
JCKNYOX-In Glolw, ApnliSoth, toUiewift
of Ciiaa Kcii) on, a ti
Livery & Feel utile.
aiMV I iftaaaaaTa
ir)T ltinlnl 1 the Dtw, Week or Monti)
SarMtc irmsM. HiniflpnriviBkrJlnraaa
.inil learn fur hue at all tltr.ei.
Best Attention Given Stock
Left in my (Tare.
Prices Reasonable.
if v wife, Threete A. I.thif, lnvUntj uliiii.
tairilylttfttiiv hail roAlta-trll 1 Iierul.)' tram
nil iwiviiiui iMfint tintStiftj; her mi oiyiio
(unlit, utt I wtl! nt bo ra)naib!e for nnj
delta contr.u:tet,f bv her
Globe, Aritoua, April CO, 1883
Lart Stock of
iiAl r. . ,l ...rf -.SAT fwrtl
i".t titj.
' - 3 . i " eTv.
B V fll
aftafafB StU3?1.! H EtH IF3 fe"" E
J, lit W Chi. C,
kept by &
Exchange drawn on all parts of the Uil
ted States and Europe.
i VUllS At.Itl'Ab ST.TIONS -fiend
ntuuterf rjeiiarlfnent nf Arizona, Ofljeenf tfc'e
Chief Qimrtpbnaster, LnsAnjctlen Cl.,Alil
H, UO.j "-fulfil tn nils, in duplicitr, wjlj
he icce.vod, at thla ulhce. until 1 iltl'ick a.
ni. n llftv Stli. lot)3, nntl then l1eiit in the
lircuctKc of lutcmlmir liltlders! lr furtiistiln
Fe Kiirngeanil Water nt (tjuttl btatinna in
the Department -f Ariviltt tlmfn), the fi?sil
nr eiMnincnLiuir -'ljK 1. 1893. anil endimp
Inno 0. If!) I l.lanW furrria fur nnilnixflle
unit intrtistim ti liMtlnr, will Le fnrnMlMtyt i
n aijtllet1lirfi In ihli-aaHlee, or to nfiy L'Mtl
lurttrnamtrni tiie ypirtment. ine rot
rnuifnt feier r the i itrhtto reiect an v a.r all
'.id., V n. ATWCOD, ilajor and Chief
apl 15-it
Onion Beecf
PostaQO Phld S I per IJ.'
Special LUt of
u Correanoridamee Solicited
wjwrtttGrwenilbeaier In SaiJ
i.su'i 4tiTi,iftnir sr .
aT5- j
tvau ranc4K:d. Cl.
' .,.. - ----- - ' -j
" , .,-....J .1 -,-..-- ,.....,.....,,.J...aaaaaaaJaJaaMMMBai
- - JUMJ

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