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Arizona silver belt. [volume] (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, June 17, 1893, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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official ?ukk or isilacoi.my.
Saturi'J'.i Juno 17, 1893.
Tin: II tits A.M Till', lilll.
Tha -ruittfletl killing of tho "Kill,"
in '.EOiithcasteru Arkonn, is without
fonadntion. Tho unlettorcd snvago is
still actively nlio nuilus ovil miiuleilas
whan ho first cocked his cngto ctyc OVor
& Winchester gun.bnrrol with the foil
intent of rendering n whito man food
for powder. IIo is equally at homo on
foot or in tho saddle, nud ia avor on the
.wing. Ho is nrgus-eyed, doubles ou
his trail, and is as frequently in the
xoar as in front of his pursuers.
Ho is well aware that white men nro
on his track, nud that $5000 is tho in
ducement that accelerates their tireless
pursuit. When it will end is tho ques
tion. IIo travols Hying light; has uo
commissary at his back, and seldom
eleepa wanting food to appease tho
cravings of nn empty stomach. Ho,
howeror, is not wanting tn friends
whose skins ate colored as his own and
who lire lipbn tho bount of tho gov
ernment, And when iiocessnry, Paul
Pry jiiej to drops in upon them iu
thoir wickiups and replenishes his stock
Of ammunition and such necessities as
bro not obtainable with his can.
Newspaper reports are often mis
leading, as in tho case above roferrod
to, and in numberless instances nro do
signodly in&do with tho view of convoy
wg tho impression that tho jonrnol
containing them is wido awnko, pro
gressivo, and abreast of the times, leav
ing correotionH to follow from journal
istic writers jho admiro tho character
of Washington nnd fear to knowingly
lis. A fitting soquol to tho foregoing
is the knowing porvertion of tho state
ment which appeared in tho Belt
of June 3d, in relation to tho appear
anco of tho Kid who revenled his pres
ence on tha Whito Mountain Indian
reservation May 29th, within sis miles
of tho San Carlos Agonoy buildings
and captured a squaw, tho wife of Ton
to Bill.
Tho Phrenix Herald of June 10th has
this lo48ay in reference to the inislad
ing staioments: "It is wonderful how
a fact will got mixed Up with a rumor
and develop into another supposed fact.
Recently tho Kid, that Apache terror
on whose head a S3.000 reward sits
much easier than a crown, visited the
San Carlos ngency and swiped a new
squaw. .For tho past day or two this
fact has beou twistod and mangled till
rumor mrdf it fliat Jho ignoble ravage
had boen shot by his own people while
running his horso against the wind with
the squaw tied to his saddle. Then
came tho report from the Tombstono
Prospector that Indian signal fires were
Burning in tho Whitetono mountains.
To tho gossips in Phoenix that meant
that his enemies wero on tho war path
on the Kid's trail nnd that his capture
tfas- fitnfrly expected."
Although ranny days have olapsed
fines signal fires were reported seen
which gossips in Phconix said ruoant
that enemies wore on the Kid's trnil
and that his capture was hourly expoct
ed, there is no report by grapevine
telegrnpK or oftiortf iae that tho hopod
for capture has been made; We have
2irllthat hopo repeatedly expressed
sincO'Xovomber 3d, 1889, tho day after
tho Killing of Reynolds nnd Holmos,
nnd yet' he goes whero he lists, as freo
as mountain air.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Netherton itf a roformor, with n big
"R." No soonor had ho assumed his
oillco than ho announced it his pur
pose' tb'oljange all tho text booka in
ueo in th'o'pub'llo schools of Arizona,
and a meeting of tho Board of Educa
tion has beon called with that view.
His second reform was a revision of
th'o qtfta&lons for tho examination of
teachers, and they do say that tho
questions propounded in tho recent
examinations for teachers certificates
Wero "stem winders," and' tho time
allowed for nnsworlng them was Hhort
enod in som6 instances.
At Phccnix thoro wero 18 applicants
for examination of whom only three
passed, and thoso who failed, Bays the
Republican, wero for tho most part
experienced and well known teachers
of a clt&B rathor nbovo tho average.
Tho same paper says : "Never beforo
has bo largo a ratio of failures marked
an examination in this territory, and
it may bo naid In favor of thoso who
failed, that thoro ha probably never
beon another teachers' examination in
tho United States, in which thoy
would not havolmd n better opportu
nity to succeed."
A letter from a resident oTMeDon
ough county, Illinois, to his son in
Globe, says that in his nnd tho adjoin
ing county, eight bnnktt havo failed
nnd aro compounding with creditors,
paying in some instances, as low as
forty cents on-tho dollar. Tho lowest
figure, Iiowovorj is hotter than was
realized from defunct banks- which
failed in former panics,- succeeding
"tho flush tisuos" when, wild cat bank
,ho rulo and coin the ex-
, I'
JiiLVhTiatuiViirrT "-"-''t-"-J-z-'?"-JJ" ' "'g" - 'j"'"' - V"
At last tlieso notoridna California
robbers and nmrdorcira lmvo boen bo
veralyiwuiiiided, run to cover and aro
now iit the lock-Up in Visidin awaiting
tho re'siilt of then- wounds and trial for
alleged outlawry. Monmippo'mbly ha-a
guilty than EVflUs nud Smitng lmvo boom
forced io dirj rtt tho end of n rope, with
out hohoiil of clergy, judge or jury,
with a viow of improving tho mural
atmosphere of the bnliniuk that they
cursed with thoir presence
Tho fight botwoon tho ofllcers and
the famous bandits took placo iu tho
Sierra foothills, six mllos west of Wil
cox, cuuyou and twenty miles frdrit
VisAlia, on tho ovouing of tho llUiitmt.
The oflicors who took n hand iu tho en
counter aro Stato Marshal Quid, Dep
uty Shoriff Rapoljo, of l'resuo county,
Prod Jackson, au olncor from Nevada,
and Tom Burns,
Wearied by thoir long tramp in tho
mountains, the otllcors wero resting iu
au abandoned cabin whou just beforo
sunset, Itopolje obsorved two men,
heavily armed, approaching tho house
from tho rear. Thoy wore rocognizod by
Jackson as Souttig nnd Evans nnd tho
oflioers proparod to givo tho bandits a
arm recaption. Tho latter woro ou
tho alort, however, and Brans espied
Bepeljo as he passod out of tha front
door, and immediately opened firo.
Tho fight was now ou. Evans was
soon wounded nud his Winchester
silenced. Sontag continued firing for
somo time, until shot iu tho shoulder,
nnd ho was found next morning behind
a hay stack whero ho had lain all night.
Evans managed to crawl u distance of
six miles, to tho Perkins place, whero
he was nrrestod tho following night.
Both tho outlaws nre pniufnliy hurt.
but whethor the wounds of either will
result fatally is not known. Officer
Jackson was shot jn tho loft log, jnst
nbovo tho aukle, both bones being
broken, and amputation may become
The collapso of the pension record
buildiug, formorly Pord's thoator, iu
Washington City, was one of the uit
awful catastrophes that has happened
in this country in many yoars. Thero
were 475 persons, mostly government
clerks, employed in tho building, nnd
nearly all of those were in the building,
when it foil. Without warning the
floors foil as though they had beon part
of a mimic house of cards. There was
no oscapa for the unfortunate beings
witlu'n. In nn instant they were car
ried' down as bynn avalanche nnd buriod
beneath tons of brick, iron and broken
timbers; That so many escaped with
out serious" injury scorns n miracle.
Twonty-four perbon wero instantly
killed and moro than fifty injured moro
or loss sovoroly. XW tintt the awful
disaster has happened tho fact is re
vived that as early as 18S5 the building
was officially proclaimed by Congress
as an unsafe dopoitory for even tho
inanimate skoletons, mummies and'
books of tho army medical museum,
and n safer place of storago provided.
Since its occupancy by the Pension de
partment its bulging walls, decaying
timber, nnd general unfitness has been
ropcatedly roforred to iu Congress and
publio press, nnd, thorofor'o, the killing
nnd maiming of so many persons can
be viewed only ns a crime for which
if individual responsibility can not be
fixed, the government should, ns fnr as
lies in its power, by tlio libornl appro
priation of money, compensate tho
jfamilies of tho victims. Tho history of
Ford's theater comported with tho gen
eral gloomy nnd uncanny nppearnnce
nnd cohdltlon of tho building. It
was rdndbrcd notorious, April 14th,
1803, twenty-right years nyo by tho
assassination of Prosident Linceln by
John Wilkes Booth, tho most doplora-
blo crime in the annals of'ou'r country,
nnd tho final destruction of the build
ing seams like tho fulfilimah't'of a curse
Coiniilrlrl) I prouitil.
How many remedies there" nre which
merely rolievo without uprooting &1fc
ease. Tho contrast with storling medi
cines which such palliatives afford, not
only enhances tho dignity of tho for
mer, but eorves to emphasize tho folly
of employing half-way maasuros when
thorough ones are available A marked
instance of this is tho effect, on tho ono
hand, of Hostottor's Stomach Bitters iu
cases of chills and fever nnd bilious re
mittent, nnd on tho other of ordinary
remedies in maladies of this 'typo. By
the Bitters, malarial complaint in'orery
stage, and of the most malignant type,
are complotoly conquored and logo thoir
hold upon iho systom. Thoy are rare
ly, if ovor, dislodged by the ordinary
resources of medicine, although their
symptoms may unquestionably bo mit
igated through such means. Tho Bamo
holds good of indigestion, biuouancss,
kidney coniploint, rHenmatism, nerJ
voiisness nnd dobility. By tho Bitters'
thoy nro cured whon mnny remedies
Joseph Snow, of Nowtown, El Dora-
db county, found a diamond in Ms
mlrib' whilo panning out black sand
fr6m tho riflles In tho Hume. It Is of a
light straw color, of good form for cut-
" and cstlmaTed to bo worth be1
"sso and 60. On Tuesday an-
1ond of nbput tho samo
- 1 0,8 found atf Smith's Flat
' -iv bv Thomas Mifr-
waa valued' at'
- '
tr " i,"'1 vsLor: .j-v ,
..... ....J.....-.. ,. -. JL -JJ-... I
Giidnn, Gila County, Arizona,
May 29th. 1803,
A special mealing of tho licaid
j Supervisors of Gila" county, Arizona,
is hereby called, to bo hold at tho
tifiiee of tho Olerk wf raid Board in
dlobo, on tho 5th day of Jttuo, A. 1),,
1898, nt 10 o'clock, a. m., for tho pur-
poHo of considering tho collection of
delinquent taxes, tax matters of tho
currout yenr, financial matters, and suck
other rtud further lii3hiSH as may
propCrly como bofora the Board at that
time y'"
roT-ir i 12- H. Cook, Chairman.
Isuvtv.j a Ei ,jAn.0lt) 3jembor
Attest Cnxa. T. Mautik; fjidiuK.
Gi.oun, Gila County Ajlssonn,
Jnuo nth, 189D.
The Board met pursuant to tho nbovo
call. Present- Supervisors Tobbs nnd
Taylor; P. T. Kobortson, Dist. Atty,
nnd Ohas. T. Martiu, Clerk; absent
Supervisor Cook, Chairman.
Ori motion, Supervisor Tebbs was
oh'ctod chairman, jiro torn.
Ou inotiou Mr. Cook was authorized
to take such action ns ho may deem
propef ntid host for tho intoreals of the
county iu tho matter of tho payment of
tho Ynvnpai county wnrrnnt, nnd tho
interest theroon, and nlso tho iuterost
on the Comt llouso bonds.
On motiou tho Treasurer wns direct
ed to take $119.55 out of tho Redemp
tion of Bonds nud Interest Fund, nud
sond that amount to tho Territorial
Tronsuror for tho paymout of tho in
terost on the nmoutit of Gila county's
debt funded by tho Territory.
On motion tho Olcrk was directed to
maku up tho claims of Gila county
against tho United Stntoe, Bud whou so
made out to turn tho bame oVor to the
District Attornoy.
Minutos road and approved. On
motion tho Board adjourned.
Tin: ri:iMi:Vrr,uit, ui u:i:i,!;.
Tho Wostmmster Confeiwon of Faith
is ronfiirmed by tho Presbyterian oou
clavo which recoutly triad and connot
ed Professor Briggs of harocy. So
narrow-minded and intolerant has the
Genoral Assembly shown itwlf to be
that the ofl'sol will be that ikmio of the
nblest Presbyterian proaolieiii and their
flocks -will socode. Tho expulsion of
Dr. Briggs only adds fuel U the Hume,
nnd sottlea nothing. The Phumix Hur
ald says editorially: "The Prof. Briggs
horosy caso is beariug fruit; just such
fruit as it should boar in looMHing the
bonds that bigotry hae attempted to
faiton upon Christianity. Au eminent
pastor of tho loading Pranbyterian
church of Albauyi 2fw York, an
nounced from his pulpit last Sunday
that he could stand with Prebyterian
lsm no longer, since in its general as
sembly, iu tho trial of Prof. Biiggs, it
has 'returned to the bigotry and nan
row ness of tho dark ngss.' At the
clogo of his .discourse llirw-fonrths of
his congregation heartily congratulated
him, and will stand by him. He con
tinues in tho ministry of Chrtm', but
not of the Presbyterian ohnreh. In
tho moantimo Union Thoologienl Sorni
aary of Xow York aud tho Geimau
Theological Seminary of Trenton, New
Jersoy, rofuse to discharge Prof. Brijsgs
from their faculties, of both of whioh
ho is nrirrominont member."
General Manning stopped in Chicago
on hla way Woet. Ho expresses great
disappointment over the exhibit of our
Territory at tho World's Fair. Several
of tho larger coppor companies hae
sent thoir private cabinets and thoso
displays aro creditable, but tho silver
and gold interests are not properly
represented. Any ono of tho private
cabinet owned In this city would havo
made a moro effective display. Mon
tana's exhibit It particularly attractive
because of hor silver btatue and the ar
tistic arrangement of soloctcd speci
mens of gold miggota, placer gold, and
pieces of native silver from her richer
mines. Arizona has none of these lat
ter on cxhibitiou; although sho has
produced tho most beautiful silver
specimens in'oxisteuco to-day, and her
sfold display could bo mado equally
attraotive to that of any Stato in tho
Union. Star.
Tho Tucson Stnf of tho 11th, an ad
vocate of statehood for Arizona, has
tho candor to stato that, "Tho report
comos that tho States of Wellington,
the Dnkotas and Montana nro absolute
ly bankrupt. Since, comiug into Btato
hood such n degree of oxtrnvngnnco has
beon indulged in that leading citizcus
aro already deploring tho fnct that thoy
are not undor Territorial rulo." Tho
Bnivr forsoos that in the event of Aii
zona bocomiug a Stato with her xresont
indebtedness of S3,GOO,000 unliquida
ted, she also will bo classed as n bank
rupt State.
Dr. M. J. Davis is a prominent phy
sician' of Lewis, Cass county, Iown,
and bns'hoen actively engaged in'tho
prnetiifo of motKcme at that place fo'r
thtf pnsHhirty-irvo years. On the 2Gth
of May, whlls ib-Dcs Moines ou louto
to Chicago, ho wad suddenly takon with
nn attack of diarrhoea. Hnviug sold
Okamborlain's Colic, Oholora and Diar
rheca Remedy for tho past seventeen
yeat s, and knowing its reliability, ho
procured a 25 cont bottle, two doses of
which complotoly cured him. Tho ox
citement and chnngo of water and diet
(.incident to traveling often produce n
diarrhoea. Every ono should procure
n bottle of this Remedy beforo leaving
home Foisalo by H. C. ""Ilitchcock,
- - -
.... - l.... - .a - . - ... - ,
Smith nnd-Holdcii; prisoncrrin' tho
Wvnpai 'county jail, charged with
hoiso-stcnling, mnda thoir escape Juno
7lh. It is supposed that tho door
opening into tho corridor, through
whioh thoy escaped had bvii. careless
ly loft unlocked. Twd cTthcr prisoners
hud escaped a short timo bofore
Photographer liuehman says ho et
pects to get his "Arizona Bonanza," of
some hundreds or thousands of Arizona
bnbios, many of thorn taken solely for
tho purpose, iuto one grand picture,
for ohibit at the World's Fair, out by
the end of this month. Ho may also
make arrangements soon for the ship
munt of n great many Indian and Ari
zona views to tha Fair, to bo sold thero.
Col. Honry Walterson, editor of tl o
Louisvillo Courier-Journal, dcclaics in
his paper that ho never expects again
to cross tho thi'e.hold of a political
convention, Stato or national, or to
make n political speech. "Thoiu
ought to bo some ono," he declares,
"who wants nothing, who can neither
bo bought nor bullied, nud who may
bo trusted at nil times to write the
truth, nud as ho Scos it, for truth's
sake, and for thoadautagoof no cliqni
or faction. That duty tho editor of
the Com ior-Journal has always set for
himself, and to it as long ns ho lives he
Will continue to nddress himself.
Journal Miuer,
liiliard Parlors,
Kiuwit Inipflrtcnl ami Domestic Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
First-Cla&s Club Room Attached,
OT Tilt1 Arnlot Ccoirt fnr Cciillriuaii
Hip c'Ur.
iOua door north if K 1. Kellner it Co's
- A. T.
&tr Alvrnys or Salo
PORK, Etc.
gaT" Orders Called for nnd Meat
Delivered Daily.
H. G Hitchcock,
Pur-e Liquor's
eojjjlelligai I'urposM.
'iillv cqiiiiiouUiIpU
..1 -tf l.i.t IK.. 1
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mwwtwrWilS but w 6uH.itrtiit$umA am c ibtiaM.wwW.tfiw
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BJtfK WiraiB IfraiESH FHSfiS 0
K'n tmb m n- w eiKU n rt s u rn a ii w a: a t
BuravBa h ww b saasiu u
ThoiiBatuls of
Moro Bolts Mado
and Sold nnd
Moro Sufferers
Cured than by
hli other Eloctrlo
"Belts combined.
E1P iigli?
UII HU&sil w
"wxnzzz ztfiErw
Wm&sZ' y,w ''&Tf can5d aP? Part of thc bod where thcre
MdJfSsZ ''W W 2 Pain, an will ive instant relief, as Electricity
j N0W' ,m?!1,??PatsJ?toc, Appitenco for Weait- &MM permeates the entire system with a natural
MwtN ..... ...cn, rice 'in uii ucits Vffti24'21
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"i '"rmmmr a v -mm is.sc
j' kj -k, ixr- x.
V-- . Wfcl M .
Tho Greatest Boon on Earth ijs Health aud Vigorous Stroogth. It bnuAvealth, happiness and fruitful marriage.
DeuM. tMotnda Vuanti. fi. 9?.
Dr AT Bandrn IVarSIri-I wieU toiy for tb
tliftt 1 got one ot tour HltsHtw lml tsro mAathi oo
01 me iuq: severe u4 or urvuu4 eiit
turatire proton (o,jt JF lurelion sn!
of themoiem9ea4Grutfrvoutfeiiuturt!qn,iiUl 1
viiiu.h iuiidii uii buii uh tbiii iniwinH
us 1 juiToii-pu anti BHiMiii uniwinif
,1 ..r " .n.
uaUoa It, enJ wtllpfiorilrtatoltolT fwtl&stkat I m
loir Jtpec-fully, B. M HW&YZE. I-I.ertunOfftrUnd (3
Dr. A. T. Randn n4rSIr-T boaab nu of rour
Januarr IwMthentronblw wi-h JndU attoa outl(pMiIon
trouuifx j WMSnerai'y ohhhi nan uun. mfty
elAlm fnr It mm
aw I hare aUo lonnrt that it U only utwurtarr
hmini-flinaiimltil lit' r&stt- tUttu kum la f
jlty nkhonsh I
Votir4 Htpo9Liuir.
I)r. Hiimloii's KlPCtrln Itnlt wldi
nd v.-c wrrnt It to cure any oMliu bov c-alne?s8 an i to ei Urm shrunken iliuiw or paiU,
the ttrongth to raet all abuei of weaknuc in jouag, miH)u-(j(, t or old iun, nnd Will vuro the
our book at once, ent oaleI Izec Address.
Donaacror'inijttiDr Kin?,
an i-raliB-.t aiuarlty "sra
KSUprs'lycoaBcotoil with dfl
nnePBttzttoi tha liv
stomach." WIjIIj tho older
SersspanllM coatsin potam
witch ajjrnratei eruption, Jny' l peculiarly
a stomach Mid bowl corrective, andlJtbonl7
one tat b so. IU itguWtiis Isfraences eanm
UU to Oiy up so 1 dtpMei tdauct mmt
diaiclf. A casa la point.
"I had bolU breot out on nr neck. One had
bnrsteX I took Joy's Vcgeta'jlc SorsapsrHlscuJ
in Cfty dap lit othtrboOi hod fried tip. Tit tho
spring oilMl took otw ot Ike ctfctr Sncstii
rU!a cM the resolt was a nuss ot ptmfUn.
llwutoe that Joy's w later sn1 acted dU&reotly
I used It Ihb rear with the abote satisfactory
results." ;. Sxukar, Alamwia. Csl.
rormwly with the "AUa CsiiloroJa." S. F.
hofct.'Wtttah.Vith Wells Fargo tCo.(eu4terej'
ot other an t'lancUcans report tho wnw cr
Irieuoe. It ayoUs the Me ot th lace
9 Vegetable
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blood without the ujtiy potarh eruption!, Insist
ea Joy's and don't bo alio! into tailnaaiMithcr.
For Sale only by
Bcirularl'iiccOXE lMJX.L.vr. a txitile.
From and aft op Janrmry lt., ife? 9l
lowing wiH J th rtw tm Low-bet-
t)iyr(i in Ulcs;
DRESSED LOanafUts,-. TO. 00
FI.0ORINO TOtfnOJiD aft.l
G1100V8D,.. f$W
Jl'JSTIO 78.00
SAWED SimWLJSS,.... S.00
MINING TliiJERf-Stnfi'ntiScm
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FanelDoor3,Screen JDoors.f&'in
ddv Sashes, Etc.
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Dogs, especially RldffllnR Iiorses, 'etc. Also
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ing tlio best after treatment oil castrated
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Arjency for
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It cures all diseases curable by Electricity;
It is a complete battery, as used by thc fore
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or part ot
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iXV 1H miancnt Uf in thl rti5ri'lii
il'UP t'C tniMCl.ontltyiI Tn vf tip
ciYTt) ou may 1,uve "fr'y drained; yur
rloniPiits tbw drftlncd, which A requlrwl for vlfforo.19 $t rcnirtli, you n III mo o the CAUs.anl
health, vtrongth and igov will follow at ooe and iaa natural way. TUw U our plan ad treatment,
Dr Satiden5 Electric BoU 2s no experiment, as v i;ave restored thousands to
robust health and vigor, after alt othen troiitnu nU fallod, n? 04& Do, shmrn by lmndrdii of
onaua throughout this frttu. who would gladly tr-stlfy, urtU from xaaily ot whom wo haro
etruug letters bearing (ertimony to their rocuvery arter using our Belt.
Our 200 ttftSTO TjOoTc 'Pljron f!Ino of mn." Tiw1ft K -irl hv v
yoMiit HtWi1l-KCl and old liian, en Mnled, free. It explains our plan of treatment.
v?;svi ir to"iy J : i n k U , wboia wo lm c uurod. thus ahoyiov our tpUrvvlmi work at homo.
W$$mw ?' ""Sir1?"! s iu " wUl 00flt ya J utu,"ff ana ma "a tho mauu of reuewios: your
Dtiiw, Colorswlo, iWfOhttr, 25, ft'
Vt. A. T. SnUn. !' ftlr-U ifaa mo meh pluara to report to you atte
twlna ywu KtecMia wutJSo 9 for thrvn month that 1 bar imprarcti fifty vr cnt
aM aapMTf n vhort i Io be fully rwtorvd to my natural atreofftu. AU tha
Rain Iu my tutjaexp Jul tiilUraiuatioaof (hiblidder b-t dlaapnAral.anJ load
f rMy 7 hat yonr Glactrto blt 1 I hm only ttvatman t that coila do thi tnuoh. mi
I rfad many -'pfr until I v t 1 red of Ukma iadletnt aud I chaerfallr r
omsuua your mH to all who are troubled wl. h thi wtuVn&i
You rwrr truly, A V WHITNEY 61 South tth 2rwt.
fc . . Dearer, Colorado, Octobrr ,-
Dr. A T. Banoaq, DaarP'r-TluTO baa eafucToarNo.fi bait I bonfiM of yvi
lai Jvly. aod oa& &01 atly adr w uuy on who ia tronbUd whh ucrrous dtbiUtr.
jiario Ji hdHd, and kidaav troa 1- toiai onr KJectr'ctett. I amacabl&ot
mahar by tra 1 aa Ta nlmn la d u hniCt at'mofor lfcolittiroorttir yatr4
l&6to futr-rina hmjiotj
WMflfllifUd w t) cn
mtcfeeeriuUj'tfwti' tnin
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irfMJt - durHl.
MflimiBr lira
-ry dj- !
eBnnOfrUnl (Jottmi Milk.
,juiy w ta.
init -
ta i-jon. lamt
liver and kfdM$
mtU .11 tltAt Mil
liough I hT9 no (rlran It tl3--dy
to awlr t9 belt a faw bwn to
11 w IU xxv,
U. lilMKXAJf.
t WalaOMbMCfc bot now
mn truly.
Imnrnvcl r.Iet trln Nimnrainrv Iu Din irroufo.it imun v -i.i .,. ,.-.ir ...
A Sliaro of tho Public Pat
ronage Solicited.
Bowie, Fort Tliomas
JIJei reaisCf fnlS, JJt.l ft-dya, sis
timet a' wceV.
Coi0!l5fl!e, Covered Goaches.
. , ..ALL. , . .
Express Matter for B-IdIib
Will be rceeivwl at Boa-ie and forwarded
daily (except Siindaj-) to Globe.
The accrued cliaryes -will bo advanced
on all expi es received from Wells, Far
mo & Co , at liavtht.
C. LAVtOS, Proprietor,
Thatcher, Graham Co., A. T.
octi tf
iJcc.-ii'ii(-i.rtc(tas tnoBcif. IX
Tj Aar i, Plymouth Co , la., M.iy, IfS
IonCi . d fi uu't'tinporary sleopln3::oii fror
STcrirnrk for to i. for ntUh I uaedra-i-r
KoeuiaNii i To :, 1 can rocoaimonj tame
as the 'jis'. m-Uiui i similar trouVka.
illLroRD, Cat., May, 1833.
Kysnnnad a spine and nerro disease ;n as
muoh boneflted by the use of Pastor Koenig'l
Nerro lonls Tho daughter of a friend of mine
bad fin and was cureii by thq Toclc.
Air. Thos. J. rureell, of Spokane rails, Wash.,
rritea from tho Oonzala College. June, 1KW:
I h?A eiillspsy li years, was treated by many
physicians nnd took jnnuy to-cwllei patent
Im dlcines, but of no goad until I took Pastor
Koonlg's Nerro Tonic Now, thanks to Gad
ha 9 not had an attack slnco Koveinber, 1&&
"A . Valuabto JtlooT; en Jtovous
Jilscusei tdiit n eo to any address,
and poor pstlents can alro obtain
this inedlcliio fieo of clmrco.
This rmedhss lieea crenared by tic Keverecd
Pastor KoenlR of Fort Wayne. lnd since 1K6, and
Port '
s now prepusd uudet&ls dl
oucu o) uia
KOEMIC MED. CO., Chicago, ill.
BoiaiCTDractrtstsatSlpcrDottls. GforSK
largo Slao, 81.7S. 0 Uottlos Ibr SO.
ivt;fea a-l&lBl
alllEil ofKirerscrEroeiHtinOWcrYcuiJiT.
U(tt0O, Nh!f MAftttOOUftsSif hUflrd. tlmw tn ( And
AVvJ:'j irjliL; HOVK TBHT3-T-r-ait 1 dT.
lntt-Al tk, soUia(Uuint prcil'BiaWttrfllr4)fn.
(B Ks ( S ln
PS llrSR3 NmRJF tumF ..W553
Si? KmftT
II a f V Hi mmtt
ism mm mtvi
fa vvilbZ
iv -! IHI ii m .
&g irsasffs
k hi nifluwan
b s rcirs?
Ii.-ive done srti
j.-.,. ,- j.f. (jy"-'iirTwi
I BTr EJ mm
- .vbte ji.j giLiuiij, UIUU1, illiVJ tl UL-U, Z a2 IU U
yfo easily worn during work, or at rest. It gives'
proiongea currenis, wnicn can oe
: system
glowing1 heat, rejuvenating every weak organ
uie ooay.
Wentrvwnf- f.imrtf'n L Kiilnvop Tiiaji"
i....u" i.-TT a ii. t .
ti l fAvtutfinii will nt4 (mvmIif -.tin .,
(nvpnllnn wh(rli woiilnw hut- n trlii in nfvi
ntuhihpnr ofTnl!tir livvww npovreum
system cf nerve force and vitality which tl
auy back lcU n Ktr m-a iror With tha bt wfabaa I
J U HFiFUMlV V (I. Hoi lai 1,,., rl
n Sluucy Krrunlol. Tt-rv ar rraAH.1 In
wor.t .aj in two or tbrtc months. Wiiic icr
Wholeeale and Retail
liiOinVAllJDING &
Bnohyo Mowiig MacliiiiBSf
Oliieltain Rnkes, and
Farm, Freight & Spring Wagoniv
J, Solilitz Milwaukee Beer
v tsy4si J
rT "w
- ia:
4,t. ?m
Tho snccjss ot this Great Cough Cure U
without a parallel in the h'nory of medlctco.
All dmsirlsts are authorued to 1I it on a pa-r
Itiro guarantee, a test that :.o ether contemn
successfully stand- Tnii it may b'eorao.
known, th Proprjtto'-i : an nortnone eje
pense, nro pltcluj a Ca.-uplo llut-B,Frto Into
every home in tha lTnicd States and Canada-'
Ifivou naTe a Ccugh, flora Throat, or Ilrorr
chitls, use it, for it m1H qitro yen. If jotn
child hs the Croup, orWlioopinpCowph.UKS
it promptly, and reliet lwauro If yon
that intfdion dluaf( Cvinsumption, use tt."
Mk your DrpStiit"fcr prtLOH'S CHRn,,
rdee 10 cts. , SIKts. aim il 00 If yonr Lunpi
fesorecr ipTc 'me,ne SMIoh's Porom
Flatter. IHce 25 els. 1'or salo by all Drop
pitta and Dealers.
Jisssy OFFICE vs&w
Eit&l-ll'hcd In Colorado, 18M. families by mall o
exprons will rtCKlvo prompt and carcfel atteaMen,.
Gold a Silver Bullion ngzftffixA&
A11:j, 1730 4 1735 Uirctro Ct., Del ", Cda. .
I will pay S100 IJeward for the arrest adaj
conviction of any perJnft and persons n6Iaw
fully handling Cattle or horse? in ths aMf
brands. Kar marks--both ears split, nefiff
brandetl on left thicli with th same ironsj.
HOW BTKAD, GlobtrA'.'iV
mvl-t t
any raSi
1 7-1 I.
apl -ly ,

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