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Arizona silver belt. [volume] (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, August 12, 1893, Image 4

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offiii it, t.i'i:ic or ;iiAt(U'.TV.
Saturdajr, August .12, 1893.
Abuse 18 6ften of Sfervido. Thcro is
Nothing so (lrttigrdUH to nu nutlior na
alienee. Ilisilnine, like tjio ghuttlodoOk,
harot bo beat baokwftrd nnl forward,
or it falls to the ground. Johnson.
Having mod bug I lmvooxporioncdd ,
biany instances of baiug obliged, Uy
bettar iuformatiou oV fuller cimsiilar-
atton, to obnngo oniuioiiH oon ou im
M 1X I l.
puruui a u.joia, . x ou mug
right, but found 6 bd oDiartrlie. Ills
meroioro, inai inu ouicr x grow iuu
mora apt I am to doubt my own jndg-
ment. and to pay moro raspect to
Oaed, 03 well as moat dl In religion, j
truth, and that wheucvor others differ
from them it is bo far error, Franklin.
Taper Mnlilnt-
lomlerfnl .rulli ut Hie
(Cor. CltMuiiiertt.;
Tho first paper mill iu America wok
built in 1G90 by William lUttenhouse,
h Dutch papor makor from Amsterdam.
This first civilization factory was lo
6ated on what is now a part of Phila
delphia's great Fairnlonnt Tart. , The
first paper mill ib Massaohusotta was
built at Milton iu 180 by an enter
prising Boston booksullor. It bad n
capaoity of about -0U0 shoots & day.
That is, it eon hi turn out iu a day -what
any gCdd mill Can now produeo in ton
minutes. The growth of tho paper in
dustry in tho United States, without
treating muoh oommont, bus been pha
nomenal. Within the memory of a
young man almost tho entire bulk of
fine pporS iised iu this country were
imported, but by reason of stimulated
inventive genius, improved miu;hiuary
And methods of reducing stock, aud by
domostic competition, the imports have
6ntirely ceasod aud we are exporters of
paper. From 18C0 to 1S00 tho nnuiml
product of paper iuoreaBod from 70(000
tbnB to 1,500.000 tons and from a20,
(JoO.OOO valnation toS175i000,000. Du
ring the samo period the increase in
paper hangings alone was froid 15,000,
000 rolls in 1850 to 120,000,000 rolls
ih lS'JO. The out)nt of wall paper
last year was enough to make n girdle
30 feot in width entirely around the
equator. The United Siatea baS 1100
paper machines lit operation. Cdr
taany has 891,- Franao 525( England
430, Italy 150, ltusaia 137 aud Spain
47. We lead the world in tho manu
facture' (if paper. Tho oapital invested
is estimated at 8150,000,000, aud the
6utput at $175,000,000. We uot only
load in the mai.ufnoturo of paper, but,
by all statistics, foreign and domaattc,
We also lead in the average consump
tion por capita.
Almost everything iu the vogatabla
kingdom, with large additions from
the animal ami minora!, will furnudi
tho raw material for tho making of pa
per. The only question ia whothar it
taa bo redncad at allowable expanae.
Horns hoofs, hides and bon&s, lirn,
alum, rosin, soda aud soap( divara
places, go into papor. The mining of
clay for paper-makera' urt is a rary
obniiderable industry of itself. The
clay adds to the body arid finish of the
paper, and likewise to the profit. Pa
per has boen mnd of wood, hay and
sfuublsj of mummies aud hornets' netts.
Tho list of paper-making materials in
cludes about 100 items. It would be
aasier to caUloguo tho materials of
which papor 'oanuot be mado. Almost
any'lhfrig'" ca? hi nft'd caCsjit noils,
noodles and pearl buttons, feathers,
p'ig-iron and syntax, the only question
being the cost of reducing tho stuff to
li'tho ages v. c. the "reads" lorded
it over the papor-maker, nnd oven for
800 of tho years of our Lord tho papy
rus roll hold its own. Then for ten
couturies tho lowly and deftpisod rog
was king. Hut kings nro a littlo pastjeo,
and now wood is "bow," or at least
divides tlrr dutpir. Tho supply of
"paper reeda ia exhausted, tho sup
ply of rags will not begin to equal tho
demand; a substitute must bo found,
and .for it wo go to tho foraaf:
Wofid.pulp- has' t61rioted a rniglsty
revolution' in' ilia art of paper
making, nnd the retfalutiou W not
ended. Tho wat) has uud chaI popaV
for immemorial ogei but man baa Iraon
alow to use it aVn fiber. ThsiuTunStuu
was finally BilggoeietV by obaorviug a
wasp's nest tirade of wood trengforurad
into papor? Ia tha aofcroh for t auQsti'
tuta for rags, vrliod" had been oxpori
monted with ia ruy placos nnd for
many years, but tc Vitd&kii Oottlob
Koller, of Saxony, ir due ilio ordit of
tho invention about 18 10.
If ho is abauofautor nho limkes two
blades of graaa grow where one grow
beforo, wliHt of lriirr who ntnktjs pes
nible a 'tenfold increase in tho roams of
the groat oiviluiug product nnd who
makes a 3o o&rit' where a lUo prioo grew
fieforo? And yoWveilor, the inventor
of mechanical wood pnlp,- ub.w atf oHt
xnan, 'is ltvini; in great jioorty, and
has derived nb-bouuilt fronr'his ruvolu-(fon-making
Id 1881 the oapacity of th pulp mill
i& tberUrrifed'at'atea was abvftt 72,$)00
t6iis per antrum Tho praaent oaiwi3y
J 700000 toBft Asil in this remork-
Ablo growth tlio tudnalry bus been '
tfoipnniod by these throe desirable
thiuf,: io-eaao Ju qurttitity, dooronio
r prico nnu no iiimiiiiuioii lit ino'uom-
pousation df labor. Tho-sound tot the
a, tho lxtvkur niid'tho grlndoV, ifthtmrd
in twoijly-Ww SMi, (TJto vunutty of
J Niagara, r.nd tiro Adtrondiielta in Ivuw
Yurk, iHo torvlturius of the IConhflbuo,
Audrosngiu nnd PunobfltioU llitoora in
Amiim, the Fox Kirov Valley of Wis
consin, tha hills of NViv Iliuupahiro
nail VormouU aw the miinrnl gu holt
of Indiana are the greatest pulp-pro-dnciuir
iiiiiloiitt Of the Hinted Hint oh.
Al)()Ul 3500 dor(g of woml m iequilcd
. . .,u,,r u,(1lW,rtIi , Ulo ltiiiB.
, Trctw of 30 to 35 yonrs growth arc beat
aihtpted Mr imly, d wllou wdco'tisiilor
thftt ,t ,rog gOUOrnVion U, roplaeo
tll0 tre0 out down ttftd boar iu mind
i tho groniilg deinand for paper, mt may
jiiululjjd iii Homo approhtinaiou lest tho
! i)rintmg praasea oat up dur foreate fas-
A gf Uie iuw of iwl0f nd
pulp would bo longor than tho list of
materials from which they nro made.
Paper possibilities are hnutlusa. Wo
havo impor barrels, buokate, tubs,
baskuts, wnull-lwnrdB nnd basins,
waei'pipo, packing oiwoh, tlooring,
iooflng, coffin, truuha that break the
heart of the bnggnga-smoshor, spoola
for tho sinntier aud waavar, pnllaya,
aud imitations of leather to dooeiva the
oloot. Paper is molded and pressed
into doors and whole lions havo bean
built of paper, as well na orgau pipe
and piano oa. Pullman palace corn
run ou paper whaols, nild oqllega boat
racoa nro woil ami lost in paper boata.
Hoot solee have beofi mado of papp
"cavalry boota" porlmpa, although by
the ahamist's aid, paiwr may be made
waterproofs woll as fira-proof. In
lierlin the carriage of a fire ongino has
baati mado of paper, na Ttoll aa fire
man's hairnets, ounteane for the nrmr,
pioture frauiea, traya, vaw, nnd flower
pot. The Japanese make string, lan
terns, hair ribbona, umbrolk for ruin
or shine, aumraer underwear and water
proof garments of ppr. Paor nteu
siU for the laboratory aud papr cfliv
duita for olectrio wire are fthml)I? con
tributions. A fine immitotiou of to
baoo has deoeiretl many Kguilelo a smo
ker. Paper window pnnae reaembling
milky glaaa have the property of trans
mitting beat rnyaaml inturwptiug light
rays, aud are valuable for conservato
ries. The feasibility of makiug a ailk
purae out of a sow's ear haa long beu
decided in the negative, Imt sorrta re
markable gieoiinaiui of ailk utmie from
wool pulp have beed all own, aud a
oouqmny haa raoently liaen formed in
France U devolop the proceaa, and
wooden dreuaaii may yet be added to
tha proquae.
It ia no mere poat(o't!gnrlaf 4llech
tu aay there nro boks fu tioe ,
newaMpra in the forflttsgd paper
everywharo; nor is it n mare 'flight of
fancy to say the tree kiaaas iMa fky aud
ia tha home of the birda and the Kinds
ono tnoruiug, and on the next ia the
well-priutad uewapftper at our broak
fast table, and it is atriotly accurate to
say we can faed a tree iato one cud or
a papaf taill nnd out it off a flushed
sheet of papar at the other end. A
nowspaper in Xew Yerk, jiublUhiusr
souvenir edition, kept a rwconl of tha
procaaa nnd found it jut twenty-two
hounf from tree to nowspaper.
Suppressing an liulutrj.
Tho hard hearted legialature of the
state of New York threatened not long
ago to interfere with the amusement of
tho innocent maiden t1h thinks it gool
fuu to commit the astrologers and for
tuna tellers that endow her for half n
dollar, more or leas, with n rich and ele
gant husband and all the other luxuries
of lifo.
A bill was introduced in the senate
forbidding any puraoa for reward to, tell
fifttnucs or forecast future evonta, dig
cover loat property, or evidence in re
gard to titles, or information of their fu
turo affairs iu this life in respect to birth,
douth, marriage, dnorce or other matter
or thing by means of astrology, cMrvoy
ancy, divination, spintnalism, palmistry,
franco mediumship, the black art, magic,
or by means of any other alleged or pre
tended supeniatur.il or occnlt powers.
All such persons tha bill provided should
bojleeuteuv common swindlers and pun
ialiod on conviction by n fine of $06.
This ia hard on an industry which lias
swmany itroua from tie higher walk
of life. Detroit Ifa Pro.
It Imi't Nt-ir.
vVrltcrs of today talk of tho ilapdoodU
nonsense Jbdaiged in by iSw' ork
women' over Pauerawald, the fiirrtcent
pianist, ns thonsh it wen- f.omo new
thinjj aoma novol'devetopinont
Wben Qsttsciullr w.uT here aowie M
years or more ago he waa mobbed by
the fashionable ople o'f the day pre
cisely Pa$ertWkf ia no w. It ym'i b
cie Pddenrwaki ia or Oottachafk was a
pliuiist. it ia becarufo he is a uimpao in
dividual. The Prince of Wak va f&i6wKl
wlien he was 8 fccrjiiaf the aaruo'wHy
Actor go- tiinmgh ttlia ox)enuuoe of em
bafHamflSht and ahnioauco. T.'ie late
Hour' J. Montague vaa cccastomed tc
ntlllao a private placsj of exit f mm Wal
lace's theatf r to u-oid tlie aUly guahei-a
wlu waited to look ut War.' Kyrfo Bel
low rtts fetetl in- the'saine ridfculona di
roetiow: There's ubUiing new- under the
8&l,'rttdfttly when you nre treating
of long hatred' Aerf or short haired woin
en. Joseph Howard in fJew York Re
corder At wiujur1 ttiici.
At the twi.qult of tho Virginia Car As
aodhition, Uie vinu Ujii alow in aiato
reusing, a certain Jndge obtainel abot
tie with swat dlfficalti-. Proud of his
succeee ho eaohdmed: "Qentleiuen, my
stronff riahtaru s- cured fhi c hamjugiio.
I ajqftird'it by f. tidal tenure "
well, remarketl a brother lawyer na
. i' i ion red ont a opio.a dr.tft, "wo vill
''h .ii 1 ;M it in frto .! oiitiuou aoakaco
i. socage).' Green Baj
A UAhy' I'uat In nSafliPll,
Q. W. Fox of Redwood CitjK Cal., ha
in liis possession one of the,ju4atrflniark
able ouriositifw ovprTouml rm tho Pacific
cpast 'nothing more or less thivnan niba
lone sliplLin tho'interior of whic'h, firmly
incased in tho )arly shell amotion,
thoro h a baby's bhoe uud stocldno:,, The
shnpo Is perfect in evory particular, but
tho ftlze indicates that tlie owner of these
pedal coverings was a very young child.
Tho sola of tho shoo aud ho toe, badly
worn and red from long continued water
soaking, ciui be plfihily hoen when tho
tSorotuiu has not entirely onvolopod it.
Tho etcclang is. not -isible, hovroVcr.
Threads of tho wool can bo drawn from
tho pearly mcaseraent by using a crochet
hook or oven u bent pin.
Tho buttons are covered with nbatono,
looking like pendaut pearls sot iu n row
down the sido of this odd ahappd shell.
The little tassol can still bo plainly scon,
ha can rdM tho holo where ono of the but
tons haa boon pulled out. Thcro is but
Ono teunble solution that can be given in
explanation of this son&hall mystery.
The body of a drowned luf.uit was being
carried along by the tide when the foot
passed into tho open nb.ilouo shell, wluuh
of course instantly closed liko n vice.
Then tho imprisoned foot was held until
severed from the body by decay. In the
meantime tho shellfish was busily eu
gaged iu coering the shoe, slocking and
foot with its pearly secretions.- Plula
dolphia Press.
JIIm HuiitliiKtuu'a I'lnt Oporu I'urt.
Mise Agnw Huntington tolls n very in
toreating story of her finit appearance iu
opera. "It happened in New Haven souio
hix years Rgo," said Mias Iluntington.
"Tho opera was 'Goralga,' and I sang
the rolo of the holy ducheas. The first
ivowhi of my song were 'Oh, boly vow.'
ThtS ladies of the ohorna and 1 were sup
posed to be on n visit to the shrine nnd
slowly wended onr way dowu uateeji
mountain aide. Arrived at tho ehnuo
the oliorus knelt, aud the cloaiug lines of
tlioiraongwaainyantranuoune. I stood
uiKn a platform f idly 10 feet high wait
ing until thd song cloned, and you can
imagine 1 wiw frightfuUynervoua. Wlide
I waa waiting here the comedian ad
dresfced me, informing me that the stage
manager of the theater liaxl been killed
oiieyear before at exactly tbetfijtoton
whicli I waa standing, the platform hav
ing given way.
"Tlda waa rather a cheerful piece of
iuformatton to give to a person who was
ready to drop from fright, but I uurvud
myself for the effort and aang my song
well onouglt to receive an encore, al
though I don't think I could have stood
up had 1 not supported myself on a etaJf
1 carried. 1 used very little makeup in
thia aeene, and the conductor of the or
chestra told ma afterward that I looked
like a ghoet from the front, one of the
reatdts of that ooiuedian's brilliant
6peeeh.H-New York WorUl.
IVriKJlmu WIU1 !.
Tlie general belief of the wild dog
tribes of India is borne out by two stories
told by Colonel Baldwin of their attack
ing the bear aud the tiger which put the
fact beyond doubt A bear was found
by tin Engliah officer standing at bay be
fore the doju lie had killed one. unt
his hide and oody were torn in atripa by
the bites of the pack, In the other the
fresh bones of a tiger were found from
which the flesh had been eaten One psuv
still remained whole, and cloae by lay
the freshly killed bodies of three wild
dogs which had fallen in the fight.
Rfluiembering not only the strength
and activity of the tiger bat tho aston
ishing pluck with which, even wlien
wounded, it will constantly charge n
line of elephants and endeavor to scale
tlie howdah which ia, in fact, a fort
with an armed garrison it ia difficult to
overestimate the courage of the wild
dogs in mcetiug ;uul destroying such an
antagonist. Wo think it extremely pro
bable that future observations of the
courage of tlie wild dog may justify a
statement once made, perhaiH without
sufficient ovidenoe, that they have an
inherent hostility to a larger felim, and
are incessantly on the watch to destroy
their whelps, so that the speciee are the
instrument by which nature keeps down
tho superabundant folimo of tho wilderness.'--LandotiSpecfRtcif,
Wuclia of 1'atleneo. t
Probably tho sternest patience is dis
played by tlie sculptor or the painter
wlto will upend months and years in ma
terializing & couct'ptioiT. There ia no
doubt more of patience displayed by tho
Caucasians, speaking numerically, than
any other race, but I maintain that it is
a gift of nature and just as liko to como
tp a dog as ton man, only the dog would
not havo sense enough to use it na effect
ively aa men would. I have seen a great
deul of this quality of nature displayed
by savages, such as the negroes of Africa
nnd the Indians of America. Wo all ad
mire the armor of tho old English
knights and tho wonderfully intricate
workmanship displayed upou many of
them, but 1 havo seen Indian war cos
tumes that would make the eye of the
reolcer after curiosities nnd rarities Dim
ply blind. Tho whole is mtricato nnd
interesting to look at, but closer inspec
tion will invariably show almost endless
work labor of years to make it look
hSlntifiil. Some of tho negroes of tho
south luivo flailing rods and taoklo that
nre marvels of delicate baud workinan-
ship, bo muoh so tliat theio is uothing
liko them to be had in tho mnrkefc for
money. All this, howover, ia only no
complialied by almost supremo patience.
St. Louis Globe-Democrat
Tho World's Tiilr In Ktiglaml.
A foretaste of tho Chicago exhibition
was given this week by Air. Dredge, at
the Society of Arts, when thisgeutloihari
guvo a lecture, to tho accompaniment of
tho magic lantern, on tho exhibition us it
ia and will bo. So many ronmndng talc3
of tbegruiitnossof tho show havo beou"
exported from Amenc.i that a feeling of
doubt us to whero fact left oft and fancy
bogan lias been in many mindi Mr
Dredge's lecture and Mr. Dredgo's magic
lantoru slides, however, put it beyond a
doubt that tho show will bo almost na
f big as it is painted Tho buildings them
selves appear to bo oven moro nnb3tan
tiul than all accounts havo made them,
tiftil thero is no doubt that tho exhibi
tion will leally bo "tho greatest show oil
earth." Loudon Court Journal.
unir Voot Jrlly Tor tlio hick.
Wo lmvo witnessed mnuy changes of
opinion respecting somo of tho common
est ttrtiulea of diet for tho sick. Tho old
View that cnlf's foot Jelly warfof exceed
ing niitritivo vnluo was af ono timobo
controverted that the'jalTy ceacd to bfi
much used. It is now sanctioned us hav
ing a place in dietetics, and I beluvoit
may bosaWy icraidfd ni a ttrupoiaiy
form of nounsliinent of no inconsiderablo
value. Popular Science Monthlv.
Wearing the tartan and plaid.
An liitcrcsUnu 1'hnso of Scott UH Clinrnc
tcr liroilglltOut In llubntc.
Tliero Was an interesting debato in tho
English houso of commons a few days
ago touching what is probably, next to
tho ltonian teg.i, tho most famous article
of clothing tlint has over boon worn by
man. Itaroso out of aphuitoconsoli
datotholcilled regiment known as tho
Sevonty-uinth or "Camuronian Iligh
landors" with tho Scots Grenadier
Gunrdfl, a regiment which has nothing
Scotch about Hboyoud tho fact that Scott
Was tho name of its first colonel.
This plan was no sooner noibod abroad
than it excited in Scotland tho deepest
indignation , bolng considered a deliberate
attempt to blot from exittencoonoof the
renowned highland regiments which in
kilt and tartan have, under tho Brit
ish flag, filled tho world with Scottish
glory. It is now nearly a century and a
half since theuo regiments wcro raiwd,
and for fully u century they wcro, if not
highland, roally -Scotch regiments. As
the supply Of foal highlaudtrs began to
run low, either through emigration or
dislike of soldiering, tho lowlanders bo
gau to feel themselves highlanders under
tho magic iulluenco of Scott's novels.
Thoseonly who lomumber tho account
which Macau ay gives of tho loathing
with which tho lowland Scotch in tho
eighteenth centuiy looked on tho high
land garb nnd highlaud manners and
customs will bo able to appicciato tho
force of tho bjh'II by which Scott succeed
ed, oarly in tho nineteenth century, iu
disposing nearly every Scotchman to tho
notion that tho kilt, the tartan, the phila
bog and blue bonnet wero his original
national raimout, in which ho looked his
best and Which nothing but tho advance
of a gros8 und material civilization com
pelled him to lay aside.
Tho fancy for tho highlands with
winch Victoria and Pnnco Albert were
ttrizod in their oarly married life com
pleted tho couqueat which tho Wizard of
tho North bad begun and converted
nearly all male Scots into truo high
landers to whom trousers or "bleaks'1
wero a genuine incumbrance. Every
man who came near Balmoral castle or
aspired to deer stalking, grouso shooting
and salmon killing, put on the kilt and
tried to get his legs browned, as the only
coatumo for a persona grata. The qnet.ii
was so taken with the dress that ahoevun
insisted ou putting her German sons-in-law
and grandaona-m-law into it m tlie
aummor and autumn, regardless of tho
danger to their hochgeboren knees.
But most of tho kilt wearers nowadays
aro gamekeepers, gillies, guides and tour
ist toutera generally. Mr. Campbell
Banuerinan, tho English war secretary,
himanlf a Scotchman, speaking on the
question of the Cameronian Highlanders
iu the house of commons the other day
said, "An honorable and gallant gentle
man, a Scotchman and a member of a
great clan family, speaking on this sub
ject 10 years ago. said that for Ids jwrt
ae had never vet seen in Scotland n
Scotchman wearing a kilt unless ho was
paid to do so by an Englishman." Na
tion. lleila In tho Kmlun Itmplrr.
Not until recently hare the inhabitants
of Itnssia known the uae of beds, except
ing in tho case of the luxurious patri
oiana who wero able to purchase them.
The peasants slept on the large bake
ovens to be found in nearly every house.
while the soldiers were provided with a
sort of cot without bedding. The mid
dle clasaea and tho atudenta, on the other
band, contented themselves with wrap
ping a blanket about them and lying
down near rather primitive looking
Not feo long ago beds were introduced
into tha boarding schools which abound
in that empire, and now the use of beds
has become rather general. As is usual
in this absolute monarchy, the introduc
tion of these articles of comfort lind to
be brought about by a special edict from
the czar of all the Ruaaias, and aa a mat
ter of course the scrvilo schoolboys nnd
others who havo been allowed to use
them by royal behest naturally look
upon his ldghneas aa a great benefactor.
The' might well do so, for never beforo
liuve the babies even known tho exist
ence of cradles, cribs or cots. House
Furniahine Review , ,
Trouble With tlie I July Manngtr.
When tho board of lady maiingora as
sembled in tho Woman's building for tha
regular meeting Tuesday, there was n
iplly disturbance, growing out of the
dedication ceremonies. Many of tho la
dies wero angry with Hid ceremonies
committeo ou account of what they were
pleased to call an unpardonable slight.
Tho dissatisfied ladies accused tho cer
emonies committeo nnd Mrs. Mary Lo
gan, as well as tlie presidont of tho board
in particular, with assuming to run the
woman's dopartmont entirely to tho ex
clusion of tho other ladies interested.
Tho ladies baeod their complaint on tho
fact that none but tho favored few met
tho Duchess of Vcragua.
No ono of tho other commissioners
was presented, it is alleged, and it issaid
Mrs. Logan took it upon hcrsolf to en
tertain tho distinguished guests. Chi
cago Letter.
Deliberate ulc!do liy Dor.
A dog died Tuesday with full ovid&nct
of intentional suicide, Tho dog was a
collio owned by Frank Austin, a prom
inent citizen of Eckorty. It seldom left
homonever without hiin, and ho novor
without it. Hut ho had business in
Louisville. Tho dog followed him
dospito his efforts to drive him back.
When tha man got upon tho train, tho
dog ran ,to and fro along tho track and
at last sat down and cried pitcously.
Tliis was continued until another train
approached, when ho laid his .neck upon
the track, and tho head was' severed.
Cor, Lidianapolia Sentinel.
A Vision of Ile.ncn Hcforu Heath.
W. II. Gaines, an old colored local
"preacher of Cambridgq, O., awoko his
wifo Tuosday night and told h6? ho had
a vision of heaven. Tho angols who
gathered around him assmed him ho
would untor paradiso and bo with them
April 28, at 7 o'clock in the evening. In
Bpito of his friends' ridicule tho old man
mado his preparations accordingly.
Though ho insisted histimo was at hand,
there wero no signs 6fcoming dissolution
until just beforo tho scheduled time,
When ho quietly lay down nnd died.
If the smallpox opidemio icaches thia
cftuntry from Europe, we shall not expect
it to spread oxtensivoly", for tho laws re
specting vaccination aio intelligently
carried out. Still, tlio largo immigrant
papulation will nted looking after, and
lodging houses will need rigid Inspection.
Albert B. Osborno, tho now mayor of
Corry, Pd,, is but 20 years old and is
probably tho youngest mayor in tho
United States.
ifo North, No South,
Thodobato on tho question whether
tlio south is worso than tho north or tho
oqrlh is as bad as tho south in tho mut
ter of lynching criminals is neither edi
fying nor profitable.
It makes not a particlo of differenco
whether tho mob in Michigan which
burned a whito woman was moro ma
levolent than tho Texns mob which roast
ed a negro. Thoy wero both mobs, nnd
thoy both committed an act which is a
dlsgr.ico to nineteenth century civiliza
tion. Wo havo a system of justice, nnd tho
forms prescribed for it should bo rigidly
followed in all sections of tho Union.
Thoro nro delays in tho administration
of tho law which nro feomotime-'i exasper
ating, but their tendency U in tjio right
direction namely, to givo tho aqcust)
every possiblo opportunity to prove hi?
innocence It is far better to lw slow ill
such matters than 6orry, for it has moro
than onco happened in tho history of this
country that an excited crowd lias got
hold of tho wrong man.
Mob rule means disorder, nnd it should
bo discouraged by ovory patriotic citizen.
As to north or south, thoro is no chanco
for controversy, An to executing a crim
inal and acquitting an innocent miin--Ihesoaro
tho important mid tho onty im
portant matters to eon6ider,--Ncw York
riilirrmcn lit Ilio Cabinet!
Mr. Cleveland haaj it hppsnrs, gathered
into his cabinet an unusual number of
flshenrien. Tlio fondness of tho presi
dent for angling Is well known. Lost
summer ho woro his old clotho3 and
fished in Buzzard's bay without much
attention to tho campaign. Mr. Herbert
is said to bo a fisherman of great !jli
and infinite patience. Judgo Greshanl,
too, knows how to bait n hook. It is said
that ho has not been above fishing for
perch off tho piers about Chicago. Mr.
Lamont knows how to fish, because Mr.
Cleveland has taught him. Mr. Morton
lias not lived in a good fish country, nnd
it may be that he has only fished fof
canned sulmon in Nebraska groceries.
Mr Bissell probably knows a few
things about this idyllic diversion, but if
ho nnd Mr. Olney aro ignorant of the
game they can be taught. Potomac shod
fishing is a good primary branch of the"
sport, and a platikcd sliad is u real lux
ury. It is not safe to moko a guess'
about Mr. Smith, but from his pictures
v.s suspect that he will bo ablo to con
fributo some valuable fish information
to tho cabinet circle of anglers. Indian
apolis News.
A llncltnnrtl Sotuoa,
A cool spring lias greatly interfered
with the selling of aeasounblo goods.
Shoppers are not inclined to buy frtfely
of cottons and summer silks when many
nre still wearing furs and heavy flannels.
Tlio weatlier is a great factor in selling
goods, as all dealers know.bnt tho effect
U felt moro among retailers than job
bers' and wholesalers. The two latter
classes sold freely in anticipation of the
season, but the retailers havo not gut
rid of mnch that they then bought, ow
ing, to thddilatonneas of spring.
Tlio business through March and April
waa not up to expectations. But just
about so much mtut lieaold anyway, and
tho bulk wna simply shifted to May anil
Jnne. Koch shopper buys, more or lots(
as she needs the goods, and tho need of
summer garments or many for spring
has not been felt yet. But warm days
must come, ami with their coming stocks
will move that may now seem stationary.
Dry Goods Economist,
D.-istanlly Work of Sriioolglrl'i!
Five girls belonging to tho junior class,
and who all lived at Monnett Hall, tho
Ladiea' seminary at Delaware, O., recent
ly formed a class fraternity known as
Iota Nu. The society hold thoir meej-.
ings in the rooms or trio gins, un
Wednesday night, whilo thofivo mem
bers wero holding a secret meetingin tho
bedroom of one of their members about,
midnight, nearly SO of thoir classmates
burst in upon them.
A reception was to be held tho follow
ing night A solution of nitrato of sil
ver had been obtained, and with this
powerful caustic pictures and lottprajl
were drawn upon the fair bosoms anil j
naked arms of tho bevy of pretty dam
sels. Only by wearing high nocked
dresses and long sleeves could tho disfig
uring marks be concealed. Tho caustic
produced black scars and wounds'upon
the tender breasts of tho girls. Cor.
Now York World.
Tlio Chnmptoit Telf phono City.
Nearly 8,000,000 "hollos"" havo passed
under tin? feet of tho bustling crowds
through tho wires of tho Bell Telephone
company uurins Uio year ended Dec. 2.
These "hellos" were nt'rod by tho 8,230
subscribers of tho company within tho
district bounded by tho Delaware and
Schuylkill rivers, Kensington and "the
neck." In tho surrounding districts,
such as West Philadelphia, Frankford
and Camden, over 1,000,000 more lnvo
traveled over connecting linos into tho".
mam or local district. Tlio latter diS'
trict now makes about 20,000 connec
tions a day, or an average of 8 for each
of the 0,230 subscribers. This is a great
increaso over tho previous year, when
thero were but 8,100 subscribers within
tho district. Philadelphia Record.
Ilio llocldcj From Denver.
It surprised mo to discover that Den
ver was a city of tho plains. Thero is
nothing in tho appearance pf tho plains
to lead ono to suppo&o that thoy tilt up
liko a toboggan slide, ns they do, or that
Denver is a mile above tho sea lovol, as
it is. But a part of its enormous good
foriimo is that althoughitisaplain city
it has tho mountains for near ueiKhbors
a long peaked and scalloped lino of"
purplo or pink or bluo or enovyclad grcon4
according to when thoy aro iewedt
Thero aro 200 miles orinore of tho Rock
ies in sight iu clear weather. As thero
aro but CO cloudy days in tho year, and
as these mountains elevate nnd inspire
even tho dullest souls, I think wo can
forget that It is a city of tho plains and
over associato it with tho mountains
hereafter. Julian Ralnh in Harper's-
Paul llevoro's Grcut-crailiitoiu
Wo liavo living hero a great-grandson
of tho immortal Rovcro In tho person of
our venerable townsman, Clmrlcs Rcvero
Curtis, who is still halo nnd heaity un
der his weight of fourscoro years.
Rockland (N. Y.) Standard.
Wealthy l'eopte Tired of n l'l.iln Niuno.
Residents of Dobbs Ferry, N. Y aro
tired of that euphonious titlo and In
tend having tho name changed. Tho
namo is derived from tho fact that Jere
miah Dobbs, a Swede, who was a fisher
man and lived at Willow Point, near tho
eouthern lino of. tho villago, added to his
meager incomo prior to and during tlio
revolution by ferrying occasional travel
era across tho Hudson.
ft.?. KILMER & CO.i
general Merchandise.
Proprietors Final Crook Stoarn Saw (wills ancf Pfni"
. Crook Toll Road.
Contractors for LUMBEIt, JPEfciGHT, OEE S&
Correspondents In rJow York City and San Frahclscoi
Wo havo amplo facilttios for th'b
Transfer of FiiMs for iiiiii Co'l
Acting as financial Agont? for sarno, making: voariv conS
tract for supplies &c.
o will uot to Undersold
Articlo and our Stock is tho
;sTas sa&s
The Leading Paper of
Gia CoUhly.
JiiyrviiiiiiiDia, 1 178.
A Papci'fnr tho Mincrl
e .
j4v j
f , t ' ,
A Papor far"lbc Farmqrl.
- mtMr ffff Dprybody!
Kaa-ili.i !, mm
ii-.- " .t ! ,
Has the largest boda fide oirealalion
4 j-
of any weekly paper in the Territory,
and is consquyntly the licMt adver
tising medium.
SS ftp htTBIi1 iw
lj Anybody or in any ono
Largest ih Cila County.
Billiard Parlors
Pineal of fipariod and foofeltf c Jyi3f , -Liiiuurs
and Oigars. ; "t-
First-Olass fclnb Room Attached,,
Tf tk lttU.lnruu.'.lik & JiUW
&tT I'.ic, Aratnl llpiwrt for firntlrinnn id -''
thr i(i.
Lumber Yard'
O-loToe: A ZB:(
The liost Quality of
v i
i r
Mill 1 imberl
t. v '
Always on Handv.
Coatrtvcts fi.letlntLow Pitcs and promptly
I th itdcn itxl nost popntrtr ctentlfle ""S'
lnechnnical fsifiobiwbw aA ens tno Uree?f
olrculatloo of nnj' pper ot u eu tn the worloli
?ttllr lllurtreted. nc cla at VN ood KnerT
Ion. PaMUliiHt Ur Semt for pwimctf
copr- Trice f i ft yeiir. i onr monlnB' trial. K"
UUKN & COh I'anusucua, Sol UroaCirar, .T.
Architects' luiLDERd
Edition cf Scientific American. t4
.A.irrtt ener?rt. tach Iko contains color.
&Ui6CTplile plates cf eoonirrut cttrroslileaj
aa ot1 nabllc ImiKllnes. Numcrons tprrnTlpg f
a.a inlTpl'inj and ielflcauons lor tl(Joi el
roh us tonUnEBUte bni lilinp. l'rico t i-ifl a jetJ,
Bcu.aeopT. JiljJi.N 4 CO. rtausaiaa.
3 mj t inil
1 ki tr "PPfr
. las io MWi-.-ls
.1 . l.h...... n.. VnwA m.ifA iwU1
100.KW applications for Amorluan and Forj
eiKu ynWlll.3. Mm .w, ..nt.Mwvv "--
sondeuce sirlctlr conndentlai.
InJA9 your mark Is not regbtcrod tn tha Tat J
otTunce. applr to It X Co, aM procunf
tmiacdtato protetOon. 6ei I ot Uafiat: 1
CorYRIfillTS for tywVs. charts. Jaapr?
tiw tli.lil procurinl. Address
ikllSN Si CO, l'ntrnt Solicitors'. rf
Ganaua. Oynca. a BROASwjnfIU W
i1! "an UlMasmr t " ,jJ -

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