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Arizona silver belt. [volume] (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, September 30, 1893, Image 3

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Saturday, Suptoiubor 30, 1893.
KntrivU hi the l'ost OXiie at (ilobe, in sre
fritLel m matter.
t, -, i .1 ,.-
Tills paper NiKiirt oil filo at K. C. 1UW
vV.heftWng'Affti'Siy, G4 ami W Merelianta'
3nich.uiKv, Smi VrancMCo, Col., where con.
Araeta fer advertUimtxjan be ra&rlw for It.
, 1 -posTJo:rririEKUi.E3.
'OfGco open from 7 A. M to 7 r. V., dntly.
SmuU) --ne limir after mall arrivv:
fc Mntl ohwtNi KK Kwt Ml Wt at 7H A.
it.. dally.
1.Mtn.0nler Department-oIoM nt ft r.
M., tWllyhajUHta excepted.
, .Nlns B to Sau Car!.wMKl Mnxey oerj
Jfay, SurnUyn exoepted -tu Ontali, Ar
mor, Tonto, live, I'won, e., eVery Mon
flay, Wednesday mul FrM. Th mail
-Vloae the ntftM iwiiui nt 8v. M.
.JOS, 11. UAM1LL, V. M-
.OloUo & San Carlo TeJeertplj Co.
llQurr0 o'elo61.A. II. to 12 m. aiul7.to
j(., iSuiulu) 10 toll A. MA ami C to? r.
8 r.
-House to Rent.
O. S. Van AVaohnkt.
Ifftc.MlTiiy'lor.lsble ngontin Globefor
Koblo whhk
lE.iF.jKeifnqr. arrived trom ino3iilx
-WedneMlnyoveniiif. -
tf -r"- ,
on tuo ban
The floodgates of "henvon Vvoro
opened on Wednesday'nSid Globo -was
t nulled to tho heaviest ruin that hns
f.illon bIiico tho memorable Hood In
February, 1801. For nbout 0 minutes,
water foil m Hheota, and IMnnl orcok
was Boon a dansroious torrent. For
ftiino It looked as thoucli sorious
damage would bo dono to proporty
abutting 6'n tho creek In tlio business
part of town, but tho long brenkwator
westofPascoo's cormi withstood tho
nisn ot wator anil provontecl an mini
dntlou. Tiio vnsh crossliitrRrOadfitrcetRniitli
'of tho court house, was out of it
banks and thrcatonod damntro to ad
joining proporty. Tho water rushed
nndor tlio hous6 occupied by iho fa'mr-
ly of County Treasurer J. V. Board
inati. and banked up botweon tlmt and
tho adjoining building to tho lo'id of
tlio rtiisod board flldoVvalk, tlio wall of
which Avas torn away to givo tho wator
cgiBR. At tho north ond of town thsj
wash ekirting Caohot's "proporty ran
wild, and carried away tho fenco ano
a portion of tho pardon-
Tho Old Dominion Cqppcr Company
' i i "ii'li' " '" ' .'.. ?7'" ,""1' ". 'N4ttM i .il l..ft,. ., - .ii.m, ,1,1,(111 in
it.K t'Ot'XT,
Of'tom "Arizona," publhlied at tlie WoiM's
Palr.ljyT. It. Sort.)
flilu, the sumilesl county iu tho Ter
ritory, occupies a mountain girt por
tion to tho southwest of tho center of
tho Territory and urogulafly north of
Finiil county.
Whilo th6 hills of tlila contain 'near
ly ovcry mineral known to rnun, tho
xiotmty id pro-'Ominontly a copper iro
ducor. In faw jilf.ries in tho world is
coppor oro found in srich mnnnor and
wf so high a grudo na in tlio ioinity of
Gldbfl. Great blocku havo been minod
Ihat lmvo assayed fully CO po'r cent.
Moppet. Tho oro is, for tho most pnrt,
uenrly "fiolf-fiuxing." That is to buy,
tho limn d iron that nro ofdcntial in
ordor to obtain a mixturo of minerals
that will freely liquify in tho furnnco
are found in conjunction with tho cop
por ores. Tho Old Globo nuue, tire
pioneer of tho camp, is especially ro
ninrknblo in this reSpdcV. So frco are
its ores, woll combined by naturo with
a manrnnoso iron, that a thirtv-tnn
water jacket furnaco has been mado to
FOR SAl,l2 A foivo pump, cheap.
Ed. Lainu.
for cattlo.
-To trade ISO howo Block
E. F. KKLtXfiK.
inObrcd 8omo Inconvenience from Uio haudle flfty-four tons in ouo day, turn
now oi simaco water into tlio Uuno, uig out, oven under a pressure-, ttfen
and tho gorging of water in Ihoarroyo ty-t,ro pounds of almost pure copper
..u.., v. niu nmuiiui anu nin 11111141
all around tho smeltor was overflowed
f8 Pi'H1
JiurSuay oyonltigfi
r r
AV. T. Lewis returned from Snntn
Rosa, Cal., on Monday, looking much
KWrn. Ko6iinrcainodplrShi Gitaon'a
Tuesday, and loft Wednesday morning
for PlooKint Vnlloy.
i i m i'
Frnncipco Abbot nud Roeit.t Hantft
Cruz woro married Thinday nighty
by Judge Goo. C. Strong.
Jlrs. L. Sultan was ft vliitor at IJIr.
nml Jlra. JOln Prinjjlo's nt Wlwat
floiiln, for sovortil (lavs tlii week
Tho family of William Zinunonnnnn
returned Wudnwday ftoixt a visit to
Uliicngo anu Jowh. Tliey greawy en
joyed tho Wotld'a Fair.
Sir. and Mrs. Louis Senior melwilh
'n Kid bercvvginont by tho dooth of
their baby on Wednesday. Tho ohilcl
had boon iek for bomo lime
making tho surface soft nnd difflcult
fojwheolinB- slajrv
Alter an hour'8 intorniisslon thero
wnHanothor copious shower nnd rain
tbll at intervals throughout tho aftei
noon nnd night and until Friday after
noon. Both tho San Ciu-Joa and Tonto
mails vero dolayctl. "t)to stngo from
San Carlos was detained Iwo houw
waiting for tho water to inn down in
I tho nrruj-o hxVtr Holmos' Wells. Tho
Tonto carrier was five hours coming
from Whoatllolds to Copllu's, a dis
tnco of nbout eight IiuIoh, progrons
bing impeded by tho flood in Pinal
creek arid &11 iho Uranching arroyos.
H.dl rcooni)anied Iho rain forashort
time, and thofo vas nharp lightning
and loud peals of thunder. The wind-
to oory 100 pouuds of oro fod to it,
Tho agricultural lauds of tho county
are limitod in oxtout, but in nearly all
Uio mountain volleys yot remain tracts
of fertile laud that could bo profitably
This county is esncciallv rich in
relics of tho ancient races. Tho most
iutorosting ovideuces of these anoioiit
people nro to bo found a fow miles
houth of Armor post Cilice. Fnr up i.
narrow canyon, and reached only after
an oxlwustiug climb tip its almost jro-
oipuous sKlos, nro a numbor of chQ'
dwolhags. Tho largest cavo is, ap
proximately, 100 feet long, -10 feet deep
nud 80 feet iu height ot tho face. There
nro within about a dOzen rooms, nr.
ranged upon threo floors. Tho floors
If you wanla snitof clothes, ready
madotormado to order, gt) to Q-. S.
Van Wagenon's.
Nathan Prico and family nnd Mrs.
T T -i. . ..... .
u. uovure ruiurnxiu ycsioraay irom n
visit to Jv Wr Ellison's, near Payson.
If you want a strictly pUro and un
adulterated whiskey for family or mb
diclnal use, call Tor Planet whiskey, at
Q. R. Van Wagenon's.
Probate J ndgo G. M. Allison wcr.'t
to San Carlos this morning to perform
nmarrlago ceremony. Tho contract
ing parlies arc Jas. II. Stevens and
Eufomia Ballestera.
Word was received horohevcral days
agoofthodoath of Edward Rose, nt
his homo in Pleasant Valley. The de
ceased was an exemplary citizen, and
his death is a loss to tho community.
Andro Maurel's placo was seriously
damaged by the high Voter on
Wednesday. At Miami, Arnold Mtf.
Lime's dams wbro washed out, and
eonsidorablo injury dono to Thos. Ful
ler's ranch.
' ii - .i i r j r
:$$ .. &k&
nun ohoi. oi .irs. jtnmsHoii'a resmanco nro made Of uoatlv droisod cdar losris
.11(1 o(lr.l- 1... ltnl. I..!.... ..-1 AT I . . . . '
.... v.iv,ix uj AlllL.iillK iillU UUH,
Frank Montgomery Cnmi Up rrom
Armor Thnrsdny. He states that tho
rainstorm on Wednesday, was very
heavy on Upper Salt river.
Mrs. W. II. SWlwtaWl Hhd son
who weYe th guoste of Mr. nnd Mm.
Phillip Ontas, returned to their homo
at Dripping Springs, on Monday.
n goosp, at tho galloryi Saturday night,
Supt 30th.
Finlayson & Gill, Props.
Mrs. M. W. Bremon and Miss Ida
Rnmsdtill who was in the house somo
distance from whoro Vhe bblt struclc,
was momentarily stunnod.
Tho stori" came too late to be of
great benefit to Iho rnngo, nltJiough
muoh depeiula on tho wentuor Uia next
Aw weeks It will holp llvestook,
howoVwr, by making water abundant
tovorywhoro in tho hills.
y. -
HIK t AI.Kt.lt 'IM..
A hearing of tho caso in district
court occupied the whole of last week
and on Saturday tho court granted an
ttSeettUoU In IHVyr y the plaintiff
Juana Walker for costs amounting to
An ordor was also passed requiring
Administrator Doran to give a new
bond of $50,000 within ton day. The
administrator was also cited to appear
within fifteen days and show cause
whj certain settlements made by him
with the oontestees boforo the bringing
of this snit should not be reopened.
This order rofora to an alleeed iia.y.
crossed by giant cactus ribs, and uiwii
thoeo flags nud a drewiug pf clay. The
upper loom was more iu tho naturo pf
a gnuary, as tlie iront wall did not
reaoh tho roof b sc ernl feet.
Address N. S. Berray, Globe, Arizo
na, for full nd reliable iafohrialion,
both oft to Agricultural and mineral
business opportunities.
Tho Tonto mail cairior who arrived
last uijrht reports that Ijio recent
storm extended to Strawberry, at, the
northern boundary of Gila county,
and probably further. Tonto creek
was n raging torrent, and Salt river,
also, was very high.
' '- I... i -
Tho collections of art to bo exhibited
nt an early day for tho benefit of tho
M. E. Church, are on route and arc
expected to nrrivb tho coming week.
There, will be ovor fifty differont views,
which havo been carefully wsfeoled
from tho galleries of tho old nnd tho
now we'd, and connoisseurs pro
nounoo it a galaxy of unprecedented
Went. up to Bromen's will on Wednes-
uay, to remain until Mr. Bremen tin- J mont of costs by the administrator to
whoa Miwtng, which will probably bo h the oontosteoq out of tho cstnte,
w.eiik yrv ton daj s.
Joseph Franoe's lauiiiy left yoj
tenlayjfor iouisiimn, where thoy ex
pect to remain. Thoy will bo missed
by their frionds In Globe. Mr. France
Will ronutln hero tor a few months
longer beforo joining his family.
'John TruO u-M imlnftillv intnrtl
yeslurdaj by being hit b a bnll in the'j
grQin. Ho was obliged to withdraw
Irom his place behind tho bat and was
curried homo. Ho Ii all right to-day
howo von Tqnipstone Prospector.
Alfred Kinney returned from Yuma
on Tuesday. Although his stay thoro
was very brief, he saw enough to im
press him with tho great agricultural
lesoufoeaofthat fuvored sootlon, and
tho possiblllUee of lt rapid advanco
ment. Tho storm on Pinal mountain was
sovqro, anawajhod, tl roailsbadly.
Botvvpen Pioneer nnd Dripping Springs
tho road was obliterated, so that St was
found necossnry to pack tho mall. A
now road will probably bo wndo along
tho rldgo.
- - . i
County Treasurer J. W. Boardman,
who had beon out notifying tax-payers
bwrting rift ra Q3t4(o thai their i$ixm
worn duo ori demand, roturncd on
Wednesday, lfocollectod some taxos,
and tho prospect of largo collections
without tho boizuro of proinsrty taxed
Is ho says, encouraging.
Victorinno auorra was arrested oh a
chargo of burglary, for stealing a sad-i
Ule from o. house In tho saud wash
weatfirtown, on Mbnday hlght'. Th6
proliminarj- hearing was hold boforo
Justlco Georgo Strong on Thursday
nnd resulted in tho prisoner lieinghold
to appear loforo tho Grand jury.
It is alfco ohnrged by tlio contestants
that tho property of Walker in Califor
nia and that part of tho estate includ
ed in his partnership with his brothers
liad not beon brought In by tho admin
istrator. Accordingly suit was brought
against Win for $70,000, tho amount al
leged by the cohtaoloo to not, havo
bVjon included.
Tho plaintiff will move to dismiss
tho appeal on tho ground that tho bond
was defectivo. Republican.
John 0. Olunn. wht hd obMt for
years a sufferer from asthma, died at school books, sintJnnoryi blank books.
ribon on Tuesday, Sopt. 2flth, at his fanoJ' RH notions', pljles and tobac-
WHHam Midler, who weannouncedj
lu our last issue, as bo'ing critically iJl
at San Carlos, died on Wednesday
evoniug last nnd was buried on Thurs
day at 10 o'clock a. m. Tho doplora
blo iiowh v:im Jewirt3d with great re
gret by tho friends of the titecbatud in
Mr. Midler was an attacho of tho
agonoy for rt groat many years, and
had recently filled tho position of farm
er for iho Indians along tho San Carlos
rivor. He vas 33 years or age, and a
native of Fredericksburg, Toxas.
F. & A. M. Tho regular meetings of
Whifo Mountain Lodge, No. 3. for tho
year 189.t will bo hold as follows:
January 5th, Juno 23tli,
February fid, August i!u,
March id, AhglisUisl,
April Gtb, September 2Sth,
May 4th, October IWth,
Juno lsr, . tbViMhJjcr 23d,
December 2th
Election of oflkera for l$9i takes
place November Id. Spocial iiieotlngs
BnhM 16 dhll V lh& W. Mt
OttrtSi A. Fhk; Rec'y.
, i -. .
Plonde NWivS J)enot hik .il-
scriplions for all AmoricnnniUl foreign
newspapers and periodicals. Kooijs
Don't forget When you want tooixlor
your spring shll of clothes, that I havo
a fine Him of samJUes, and guai'antoe
good fit nnd reasonable prices.
G. S. Van Waohnbn.
not:Ai:iuii;irs kiiiiui.
nuniu near nm smeltor. A wetk r
more before hhi dsa'Ji W CBndKJbn
boeamo sorious nnd despite all that
medical aid and the constant attention
of a loving xa Ife could do, ho gradually
declined until tho end cabs. Tho
funeral took place Wednesday after
noon from tho house, whoro tho Cath
olic service was rwl lii the presence
of sorrowing frionds. Owing to tho
very inolomeht weather many persons
woro prevented from paying a last
tribute of rospect to tho departed. Mr.
Dlnan was a native of Maine, and GO
years of age. Ho was a mart of genor
pus Impulses, and esteemed by all who
knew him. Tho greatest sympathy is
felt for tho grief strickon widow who
hns bomo hor burden so noblyj
Carlos Borquez whilo wrestling with
a companion at tho school hotiBfc last
TuosdayjJailhls right arm "tMBcnted
nt thSjilbowand tho bono above tho
elbow BflgMly fractured. J3r.' Bullitt
sot tho arm and it is rapidly mending,
although it will bo a good while beforo
Carlos can agirin tuko part hi a wrest
ling bout.
n m .
In Soptombcr, 18D2 dyfeuutory in a
very eevdro form, provoiled l Jtimoa-
Uiirg, JN. J. Walter Willard, a woll
kuoAnJnorotiant of tho place procured
h supply of Ghomberiiiiii's Colicj Choh
era and Diorrliifcd Rointfly. Ho 5ayi
"It is certainly ouo of the best things
over made, arid has gh on tho highest
batisfaetib'd in tho iuost ssvoro caies of
tlysenteiy." lfbirulo by Hi Gj HiicK
cook, Druggisi.
-s 1: r
GonUfljnen'ji nsoTcwoar ojioap at thos
Post tDiljco Slgir
Mr. P. O. Bithneil wli6 lfimiwfil.lu,
Htimmcr on tho survey of tho reservoir
silo in Tonto Basin nnd tho dam site In
tho canyon of Salt river, hns rnturnml
to town says tho Phconlx Horald. He
says a valuable sllrvoy has beofi illado
and tho project proves lb bo perfectly
feaslblo and will bo ono of tho greatest
Wator storage systems In tho whole
Triitod States when consttmniated,
which It sobn will be.
Alex. Blako, who went out vesterdav
fo fix tho telegraph wiro, found sover-
al hundred lbofc of tho lino dowh this
sido of tho narrows and jtho wlro cov
ered up by debris. As it will roqulro
now j)olos and wire, lib Was linablo tb
fix it and roturned to town. Ho says
ho nover Bitw tho road in such a bad
condition between GIpbo nud Gilson's.
C. 12. Taylor, dealer in fluo wines
and liquors. California nort. n1nt-.f
Wliito and Eclipsb btra dry cha.m
pagne, Imported coguac, gin, Jamaica
rum, Scotch whiskey, Duff, Gordon &
W: & A. Gllboy's sherry, and Pommo
rySeo": Dublin Stout, Dublin ginger
ale, apoilinnris, S:o., Kc.
SPANISH TAUGUT.-Lcssolis int
tho Spanish Janguago given at niy res
idence, noxP-(p Mr. John Holohan's,
6n Pino fi.treoJ. Private orolassles
bOns givoii fo ladies, gontlqmon rinct
children. Miss EfiVfiiA L. BouSjesi
cob, toys, Colgate soaps, perfumes,
uami. water, bay rum, cte., etc
TAYUHli Prop.
b. E.
Now j)mplftg hist rccalrod for cus
torn made clothing.
G. S. Van WAonxnk.
SI. JupliN .Icnilriii)-
Boarding nnd day tchool 'for young
ladios and children, under tho direc
tion of Sinters of St. Joseph. Classos
aro resumed on tho first Monday of
boptejubor. For further information,
addressj Sjlor of si. Joseph,
St. Joseph's Academy,
Tucson, A. T.
" i i
Any porson detected trespassing oh
my properly, stealing fruit from my
much Or wagon, damming tho flow pf
water in my reservoir, or in any other
way Injuring property bolonging to
me, if detected, will bo prosecuted to
tho full extent of thp law.
And I hereby offer a rolvnrd bf 10
for each of tho flrat 5two persons fo'n
victe'd of such offenses, or if more than
two, JaC reward for all the oflondors.
Andre Mauubl.
' . .-
it iho u iss ini:u cn,4i:
,ii.j oi .iuij inu nnd I'viii, isiti
The Phceulx Horald, of the 26Hi,
givos an account of tho killing of two
horeoUiieves, Harris and Djmondj by
Sheriff Donahue and poeee, irom Coco
nino county, at Lateurett's ranch on
tho Verdo nver. Porry Sears joined
tho posse near Camp Verdo and found
tho trail which had boon lost.
After traveling thirty miles "they
saw a couplo of the stolen horges graz
ing, and thoy divided, three going on
each sido of the rivor. Harris was
soon feighted, gathering hortos. Ho
was commandqu three times to sur-
roildor. Uustead or obeying, started
his horhO on a run toward the house,
but was brought down withabullot
through his body.
Dimond, who waa in the bouse, ran
out and taking in tho situation, ran
back to the house. Soars, who had
dismounted shouted to the outlaw to
surrender, but Dimond entered tho
house, and appearing with a rino at
tempted to shoot Sears, but tlie cart
ridge falkd io explode. Boforo he
could flrci othors of tho posso rode up
and fired a volley, three bullots pass
ing tlirouirh Dimond'a body. Before
ho fell ho JlrCd Iwtfehote, but without
Dimond oxpired almost immediate
ly. On his porbpn was found one sil-
vor watch, one dirkv two pocket
knives, ono fold ring set with three
stones, a Colt's revolvor, cartridge belt
and $200 coin. Han-is lhed long
enough to make a statement. Ho said:
"My name is R G. Harris) my homo
Is Phoenix, Arizona; mj age is 23 years;
tho sit horses found in our possession
Were stolon from tho neighborhood of
Uhnlandor, Arizona, by Dimond and
mysolf. Wo nlso somo time ago piled
rocks on tho A. & P. railroad track for
tho purpose of stopping tho hand car.
and held up Iho faction crow on the
handcar near Johiibon'o canyon nnd
luuii jroiu mom a watcn anil some
money, wo also took a gold watch from
tho watchman at tho tunnel near tho
same place. Took tho rocks from, tho
track niter having stopped tho hand
car. My partner, Dimorid, has killed
seven men, fonr of them In ola" Mexico
and our intentions woro not to bo tak
en alive, if pursued. Wo woro over
taken hero this morning by tho shoriff
and his posse which wo know; to bo
such after an exchange of shots.
Dimond Is tho man who stolo Rus
sell's horses from near Belmont somo
months ago, and took thom toPhcenix
and disposed of thom. I mot hint ih
Phconlx whilo in possession 6f the
horses and joined him afterward."
The Tourist hotel, at Fligstnff, was
burned Sopt. 2.!d. It had recently
been refitted and remodeled. Bnl fit-
tlo lutnitiire was Bvod. The loss is
estimated at $8,000 and it was insured
for $1,000.
According to an annonncemen made
by Captain Banks, of tho Salvation
Army, to tho Loa Angeles Times, tho
ormy is now proporitig to invade Iho
wicked piecincti of Araunn, and to
wage here fierce war on tho devil's vis
iblo forma.
The Arizona Copper Company haio
their big leeching plant about com
pleted and it will probably bo in oper
ation by Ootobor 1st, says tho Bulletin,.
Tho acid tanks aro now ready and will
probably bo put to work manufactur
ing ncids this weok.
Twd find blcctrio cars camo in yester
day morning with a lot of material, on
electrician and two men, who oro busy
now putting up tho remaining trolloy
wires. It is intended that tho olectrip
lino will bo in onoration Thursday or
Friday of this week. Phccuix Herald.
According to tho Tucson Star thp
Board of Regents of tho UnUorsity at
its meeting, Monday night, decided to
increase the salaries of threo of tho
professors. The UniSersity will re-'
ceivo g!H,U00 from tho government.
this year, of this amount $19,000 being
for tho University proper and 15,000
for tho agricultural department.
Thoro was a double murder at Gila
City, nbout 30 miles cast of Yuma,
Sept. 25th, tho victims being Post
master A. E. Potior hhd Robt. Rob
erts, an old miner. Thoro Is no eluo
to tho identity of tho murdorors.
Frank Coz, a young Mexican, was
also found dead at his ranch, a mllo
distant from Gila City, tho.aamolmy.
Ho was shot through the head aud a
pistol found by his sido. The coron'or's
jury rondored a verdict of suicide.
G. M. Russell, editor of tho Arizo
non, and Frank Kaltenbach, a news
dealer, engaged in n lively shooting
match at Gila Bend, Inst Saturday.
Russell was armed with a Winchester,
and fired only once, while his uimblo
nutagoniot got in four shots vilh a six-1
auootci, before n bystander interfered.
Both men shot to kill. Russell had an
ear perforated aud a lingor on each
hand shot, while tho bullet from Rtje
soil's Winchester grazed Kalteubach'a
abdomen. Russoll was arrested 113 the
aggressor and released under bond.
From Florence oomssword that good
news Las arrived in regard to tho big
Bntte reservoir project. A. J . Chan
dler has been in England for some
lime, to effect the consolidation of tho
present Florence reservoir company,
having n dumsite located at the Buttes,
and the English people who have been
surveying nud sounding with tho pro
ject iu view of a reservoir twenty-six
miles long which will irrigiilo 100,000
acres of land. Tho report at Floronco
was that tho much desired consolida
tion had been effected. This, if car
ried through, xvill be one of tho greut-
ost irrigation projects in tho world.
Ffofti Puve Bred
iBiDW Leghorns.
1.25 Per Setting of 13.
I am breedTtifftrolu prizt wWnineitocV,
direct from New York and UlfnoTi.
LIGHT BJtAHMAS for ! Utsr i
tho .-uit.
T UgsiraaTpiimi to ny prt of the
Territory nnd a good hitrfi rabtted.
Glob. A.T.
lt. BRENT KEYSER, President.
A. L. WALKER, Vico-Prcsldont.
1 iJ'Mqts
W. W. BROOKNER, Mau'g'r.
ltavo now on hand A COMPLETE LlNfe Vf
Loaded Shells
and Cartridge!
Of all Sizes and Descriptions and will be gold on a vexy
$$$&$ mAn$$$n
The Calumet Hecla Coppor Min
ing Co. of Michigau has declared n div
idend of $5 per fcharc, or $500,000,
payable S.eptembor 27th.
In'caarott'nb'fl: MulMn.rtrt '. ccMnUr 'PH'f oa the fcaad
and " wanlr.g-!.r-&rimwt,j i'I .erca 'hil the Mt m con.
plele v rrnioved W at on-r'"ili s -erjol prrsatf3h. cm too
markr.aidsorreal baxbern 'htdeiuand that e are now lDtr4okifi
It tr: jgboul the world nodertbe name ot Queen's Antl-llaVrfuci
Tav lht hair ov t And apply IbtntifnfSfur a few mlnnti aart tu
LCfhAr ddtarr" M by xnsinr w it bout Ibc .tfuet pain frlnjary whan
i wahh jrnllielrrACIKatnr)d It5IS af.Mt Ita mertta.
I IztS.T'l IM)iNliAi1nnMt.rwiNtr.k..hln.h.(rAiiiliiJp.w4
jJ rn4r4''j txon In tJiior-rfN Yull-llnlilnetilch tliWawdy
U im M." arilirf 7 rr Htiarlnrt II Til . .
DJaA A .... t. a . .. . . """ . ..." ITllwrid.a, .- .un
gli-Ky: " Ant uinne ii. wr uoie.
i& r3mmms&rj
Li lwruF5PiT" g?
, Jre
f- i15 i BlierlmponslbUJw.
wotd a
Kcftr tn&filcr 1 xp noatAf e raid VY
IimndrtrMawniun rieiair.
aoaiea irom on rrallon) Sinl monrr or ttatnne br lMler with full adflrMawrlttn pli
yOnaenCW StriCIIr rOafldntlRl T1.U .v.rll.nm.nt ta IinnMt nnrl itrftloht fnrwnrYl in PVPrV
contains, Welnrlteron tnd.al with n.nrt run will find ifrY-ttifnf.rrT-nteri Cut Ibfa otit an4
Mndto-t7. Address QUEEN CHtMIOAL COsJ 174 Race St'eet, CINCIHNATLO., You eaa
X f rnur ieilft T '"of OJHrf. to Injure tl sale dflivi rr. r -n 111 i.ny 3300 for any cac
ui iallaroorsllsbtestrltar-1i nnr purchaser. Kierjr bottle cuarHiitecd.
On mil I Toladp ha In IrfwnA ii.il .j.11 mrntr tiir TritmAmlTi TInttlf flfOnHtl,l
arr.UlaI. we will prcatnt wna a SILK UKBSU. 16 yarda beat allk Extra Iirse Bottle and taopl
-..ni orsiuctoeelectlroaeesiwiuicnur. CooasoHrr cr CEmtalcn to Jgenw.
All kinds of wlnee and liquors, to'
bftjcco nud cigars, at G. S. Van 'Wagenon's.
Any, ono desiring .Silver literature,
Or instructions how to ofganizo SUPer
Leagnoei eati havo thoit wants sup
plied by addressing tho undersigned
with postage Wo nro also distribut
ing tho J'fco. Ooinngo Button, which
ovcry Blmetnllisl should havo and
wear. Prico, 25 conte.
A. O. Fisk, Chairman.
T. F. Van WaobnuN. Sec'y & Treas.,
&02 Boston Block,
Denver. Colo.
1 r ' -
Moll's nailed boots, broAufs. ctfrirsb
shoes, lino shfifcs, baso ball shoos, danc
ing siiobs and slipper at G. S. Van
Taylor's cpeoinlli&s! Iloffinau House
cigars ana Noble wlua&ifcs;
Fuhilshing gdods and notions nt G.
S. Van Wagenon's.
inkr :o(i r'nro r tuc iiiinircii.
Poi.vrsvmM; BviiuhotcxCo,, N. J. J
Jnly 17, 189J. Our buby, now foiir
tecn months old, was taken with ecry
symptom tf cholera infantum. I com
menced using CJiuinborluin's Colic,
Cholera and Djarrhroa Remedy and
nftor tho lirst fow doses ho was relioved,
and at tin's writiilg is ai woll as pvor.
I feel tilat I cau not speak too highly
in its praise. Mrs. Win. E. Reed.
For sale by H. 0. Hitchcock, Druggist.
. $nwtfpffv s
Jo Usc ChcaraL liohof is immediate. A cure is
certain. For Cold in tLo Hood It has no equal
It is an Ointment, oi which n rtfP.U bathe! ciinhod
to tho nostrils. Price, X . tvnd by driigRitts or 'pnt
by mail. AddrfeeS, F T. IlAZEivrmE, Warren. Pc
A creair of Writ baklli' t.(wd6r, Highest
of all in leivcninir strength. Latest V.
Goternment Kotl Report,
RoialBaki.no PonpLii Co.,
IOC Wall Kt .V. Y.
for Otcr lirir Intra.
R. Mcintosh announces to his pit
rons and tho Public that ho has moved
into his new building opposite G. S.
Van Wngolien's store, whoro ho will
continue to do blaclaimlthlng, wagon
repairing ahel yv-podwork, and sollslt
all work ih his'llhc.
Just received, 'direct from Now
York, 5,000 lldflman lloued Bociuqt
An Oin a.m Well-Tiiibi) Remehv.
Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup has been
used for over fifty years by millions of
nuithcrs for their chihli en whilo tccthirigi
with perfcoi sUccos. tt snothca the
child, softens tho gums, ali.iys all pain,
cures wlfid bolicj a!id is thb best remedy
for diarrhoea. Is pleasant to tho tastel
Sold by druggists in ovory part of tho
world. TunntySvo cents a botllo. Its
value is incalculable, Bo sure and ask
for Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, alid
tale no other kind.
rfuiHKTO Ttl'tvi;s
Tho Duplicate Assessment Rb'H Hi
Gila County, for thd year 1893, tt how
In my possession for coIIecHo'ii bf tho
tnxcslovlcd theroin. Tho taxes will
bo delinquent on tho thiid Monday of
JJecomubr next and unless paid on that
day or prior thoreto iivo per cent, will
hp added to tho amount thereof as
penalty. The liaymont of tho taxes
above mentioned may bo mado on r.ny
busines's day at ray oillco in tho Court
Houfcoin tho town of Globe, County of
yu. j, v. jiOAnnniATf,
Treasurer and ox-offlclo Tax Collector
of Gila County, A. fh
Dated, Globb, GUa County, Arizonn,
fppt. Otli, 1SD?
Itro Stock Of
j c m
' -$:
- 1 : '
e" .'til X' '
and Every
kgpt By
flffiif JjJi
"itli, to th
Exchange drawn on all parts of the Uni
ted States and Europe.
Ftit HUT
t Htifcr6 rr
3f PHP
fliCADCI 1 n
yttfi Wiril. Our hriiibMftrt
ftprtof ftAt ft t il1 fndrttlR
taht Only fb( vrbtnu
UtiH Micift ruik tur l
ll.rhsnr. All ot hat larfnia
J&(j tKtsm i t ih-w our co4
i3 IPI"! 1 II I ran vtal BTIfflliOlt
hif Ik fir) til ntt of tin frit.
inq" mniniiii run VI tut irif
Mop Tbe fuIlcTylcc rpt triTtt I& ppetrmMCf tu ttitricrd l
itroul (h ftlifth Dirt wdti bulk llimrranft d ublftirttel,.
tiV),atUr:ti it tr loc-rr Wt HtilUdI)4w )MiiO row
i un tn iut nttik
rij m-k.rrwn J UflilOafUr-i i if
Postage Paid SI porlb."
, Special List of
VEfefirABLE SEEDS on Application
Correipomlence Solicited.
Importer" .fim era and Dcalera In SEC J) S
iflnnd t?l MNMi.vi: ST.
In Glulic,
l l!imiu .ii,
'.Lin-M II VKU
lp(trrrMtl( i V , o:ii bttgtt
Mm I rnnriri.rI.
iV UuinBVi -uiim, AUI
- j - - - - L' "" "-' a'1''

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