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Arizona silver belt. [volume] (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, December 09, 1893, Image 3

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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,tiAUwli ii i ii
ori'itu.u. iwrr.n oi'oiu oo.
Saturday, fiocembor 9. 18D3.
J Mill
Knterad in the l'ot OfiUAs at (SUW, rco-IMvt-oiaH
This ptiw " 1I,t n fi' l K- c- l'W
Adeititlu fly H ' Merchants'
Uxehanjft Sa KmiMtao. CHU where con
troeti fop rrhWUtn? ccm be mMle fur tt,
fcrr r-
OtTica open from 7 A. . t7 fc M., daily.
Eund nr hour alter mMl anhci.
OW loWKolnR'K(wt anil Wtat 7-r' a.
it., dally.
Munijr Order Department-cloe At 0 r.
tt., daily Sundnjs eSteepled.
ilatto goto Sn OarKwiml Mivteyexerj
day, Sunday exoeptad to Cathliia, Ar
hie, Twt.s Kyt, rRyr,. fcc, ejcry Mm
flay, WedaftMUy and 1'rMrtV The mill
blew the eight iireviim at 9 r M
JOS. H. HAM1I.L, V. M.
Olobe .t Sn Carlos Tlrrii d. OIBo
Hour-0 a'eluak A. m. to IS M. and 7 to 8 v.
l. Said lOtoll A. M nudOtoTr. u.
Our oloslng out sale is absolutely
bon tide. J. Myk & Bro.
Percy McCnbo has pone to tho Phco
nlx mine, to work for Dr. Tripoli.
R. C. Grlflln and J. II. Balcor word
hero froni Salt Rivar on Wednesday.
.! i
Ed, Arhqlftr left tho present week
forEhcwilx where he will probably
spond tho wlntel
FOR RUNT. A six or eight room
hoiue newly painted and papered.
W. W. Brooknhr.
ilie Floy da Kennedy, vbo has been
vkdting her si-tor Mrs. Alonao Rullay
.returned to her homo In Tucson on
An assortment bf handsome Ohriet
)mfls souvenirs, mono tint booklet
and cards at tho Pot OffieeStofe next
.. .
The Olerk of U Board of Supervi
sor); k now prepared to iwue warranto
for All cjlniim approved by tho Board
to date.
The Tempo Newa atotw UiatIIugh
lllgdon U maklug prejwrsUoiis to
move bis family from Cllobo to Stilt
Jlh'qc Valley.
fi. "Kenton, who oamO lip from Salt
Hlverjroaterday, reporlod that George
KlilieJ'B comlltion was Worse, and
alarming to hie ftuully and frlijnds.
"i'rJh oan buy a winter bttit of olothee
'chNipar for cash at Vn "Wagenen'B
toan at any other plade, call and be
on"lneod. G. S. Van Waoknen.
- e'
P. Winklenien emo up from tho
San Pedro yesterday with a wagon
load of prime draieed hogt, grain nd,
whioh ho is offering for eale very
ohe.p, inqaankitloe to suit purchasers.
I-orin I.ynoJi, looooo of the Reeone
silver mine, la repotted to have made
an Important strike. It U in new
grpuud, and the indicaUons are strong
Uirt the ore whioh ia oxtremely rioh,
will hold cut well.
Mies Jewte IT. Davw, of San Oarlon,
spent several daya of the present wook
In Globe, and a noted elsewhere
pawed an excellent ttohool examina
tion. We were pleased to plaee her
name on our eubseripUon book.
Mrs. M. M. Frneh ( preired to do
drossmaking and tewing of ovory de
scription. Prompt attention and satis
faction guaranteed to all who favor
hor with work. Leftvo orders at rpei
denco on Hill street, third houe south
of the bridge.
Mrs. N. Hooker and Miss L. B.
Smith who wero visitor hero for tev
cr.il day returned home on Wednes
day. While horo Mm. Hooker made
liberal purohnsos for the Chmtmas
trooto bo glveji for the children of
S lit Rivor, Blstriot No. 4.
Go to tho Dntj Store ti too lota of
pretty thing. Such as painted orango
wood, celluloid novoltioe, Xnuw cards,
and many othur thingB, too numerous
to mention; all for the holidays. If
you cannot got suited oksowhore, go
thers, and H. 0. Hitohcook will satisfy
the tfwto of the most Ikstidious.
Owners of mining claims, upon
which assessment work for 1803 has
not been performed, should remomber
that in order to hold them it is neces
sary to file with the Recorder, boforo
January 1st, n notice that they, in good
faith, intend to hold and work the
clainr or claims. Recorder Martin will
furnish printed blank notice.
Deputy Sheriff Finley, of Pima
county, roturnod yesterday from the
Tonto Basin country, wheie he went
to subposiift witnesses in theTCwks
bury caso. Ho reporte the mountains
covered with snow, and ho had groat
difficulty in finding all tho witnesses,
as tjioy were scattered all over the
country. Ho was gono from herothifr
teen days. Garotto.
"Wohavo lota and lots of bargains
left J. Mykkh & Bko.
P. B.-Work, prinolpal of the Globo
school, 13. M. Tardy, teaoliarof Wheat
fields aahool, Miss Jossio M. Davis,
teacher of Uio Son Carlos school, and
Miss L. E. Sniifh, who Imparta in
btruction to tho childron of Dletrict
Ko. 4, on Salt River, successfully
paBied through the ordeal of an exam
inatlon Boforo tho County Board of
Examiners on Monday and Tuesday.
Misses Geralulnevtferald and Ploronco
P.iscoo also tosTirrt thoir pfdflolenoy in
the various atu,dle& liqt -witli tho ijv
tentionofapplyiifg'for teaQhero cerfl
ficattf, howov'or. Both young ladlbs
made a oredifnhl vhowlaff.
boaiid or surEitvigoits.
Gr.ouu, Gila Guilnty, Arizona,
NoV.ir.th, 18118.
The Hoard mot purauaut to adjourn
tnotit. All mumbura of the Board
lVtitiou to appoint Patrick Shnnlovj
Lio Stock Tuepuctor, read and onloicd
placed on file; on motion, Mr. Slinuloy
was appointed Lio Stuck Itospector.
Tho following claims -noro then al
lowed and warrants ou the Espouse
Fund ordered drawn iu payment of tho
same J. W. Roardmau, Tax Collector,
ttopltly hiro, S7C J. W. Uoardman,
luw'djury corlillcates, 8123. 70j Chus.
T. Martin, making out U. S. bills,
$i00 J. Liborman & Co., htno aud
fieightk $21.92; W. 0. Kollnor, juror,
$10.30! A. Bailoy, juror, S10.00; Qeo.
V. Bird, juror, SlO.'JOj W. II. Wood
son, juror. SlO.ilOj II. S. GrocKor Co ,
books-, 3dl.7C; M. Aguirry, interpreter,
17.50; L. Robinson, stoe, $19.50 H.
JeMill, juror, S10.30; J. 13. Ellison,
jUror, S10.30J 0. E. Stevens, juror,
$10.J)0;P. Onto, juror, SlO.GOt Ed.
Ijiw'ne, juror, $2.30 j F. V, wVslmojon
jnror, 2.30; J. Rodman, juror, 10,30;
J. II. Thompson, Shonff, 5JIC-1 ; J. H.
Thompson, Shorift', for $074.05; disal
lowed $0, laid oei S115.00, allowetl
410.76; Goo W. V, Huut, ass'd court
ordeis, 270 45.
On inotiou the Olork was directed to
deduct 7. CO from tho claim of J. II.
Thompson on account of taiee duo from
W. B. Garlaud, and jwy tho same to
ill Tux Collector, and to deduct the
sum of $7.05 from the claim of G. W.
P. Hunt, on account of costs of attach
ments iswed ngaiitttt Goldman, Hurley
and GilWK)!!, defaulting nitnaioe.
The following claim wore anditetl
nud approved, and tho Olerk directed
to draw warrants on the Espouse Fund
iu payment, as Boon nsmouuy sufficient
to pay themisapportiouod to stud fnud.
J. W. Boardman, ass'd jnry oortill
oateei $185; A. MoLauo, juror, SlLSOJ
E. Turner, janitor, 9, L. C. Wood,
juror, 810.80; 0. N. Crnswull, 'Court
Comnu'wionor, $'iS; M. Frush, juror,
Sl0.80;The O. D. O.mi'1 Co, uss'd
Jury cartifloates, 10.70; P. T. Iktboxt
son, Distfwt Attorney, for 4ia, tl
lowed S100; Molto Bonjues, Jr , lu
t;pretr, SIO; Modesto Borqnes, Jr ,
mmM account, $14.25, Georgd Lauphsr,
juror, $10.30; Jas. Frederick, juror,
10.30;J. H. Thompeon, SlmritT, for
S12, allowed 8; J. II. Thompson,
Sberifl. Jfl.20; Denis Murply, juror,
$10.30 G. M. Allison, Probate Judge,
6.50; W. T. MoXully, ass'd jury cer
tificate, S43.
On motion, tho chums of P. T.
Rilierton, Distrwt Attorney, for $10
and $90, Tvero not allowed.
On motion it is ordered that the
clnim of F. W. Westmeyor, aM court
order, for W. Hi Ctnllin, for$rX, here
tofore dihullouml, bo paid.
Ou raouott it is ordered tlwt the Tax
Colloetor 1h, and he is hereby author
icetl, to remit the tax on riruiture, aud
reduoe the valuation on vtutch to ?'J5 J
Aeftessed to Jos. I$JirWk(ij to rodnoe Uie
valnation on puiuo to $10 aeseeeed to
Barteou Sc Stiylor; and to cancel the
real estate, $100, neeeeaed to John
On motion the Board Biood at rece
to 9:30 a. m. Nov. 16th, 1898.
Gum. GUa County, Arifwna,
Xev. JUltli, lOMl.
The Board wet at 9.30 a. ffl. All
members of the Board present.
The following ojaiuts were then aud
ited and approved and the1 Clerk di
rected to draw warrants on the Expense
fond iu payment thereof as soon as a
sufUaient amount of money is appor
tioned to said fundi Alouoo Bailey,
Clerk of District Court, $838.50; D. S.
Heron, juror, $14.00; O. P. Bredeu
steiu, juror, $10.30; B. W. Johnson,
juror, $2.30; D. II. Gloaeon, juror,
$10.30; Ohas. Fmley, juror, 2.30; Miss
Miunio Thompson, oxpousos, $23; Wm.
Sidow, juror, $2.30; J. P. Muikle,
juror, $10.80; Goo. Kiugdon, juror,
$10.80; O. M. Anderson, bricks, ,?13;
A. II. Hackney, rent, SlOj J. II. Pag.
coe, meals to juries, $70.00; S. Gilson,
juror, S13.G0; Thos. Sonthloo, ivhite
ftashing, $7; N. n. Price, juror,
$13.90; Robert Stead, juror, $10.90;
F. W. Wostmeyor, ass'd jury certificates,
$221.75; William Zimmormanu, court
room furniture, $25.50.
On motion, the claims of J. H.
Thompson, Sheriff, for $DS0.90, and of
tko G. & S. 0. Tel. Co., for $18.71,
wero lilid OTor
Tho olaim of P. T. Robertson, Dis
trict Attorney, for 800, was ordored
filed to await the decision of tho
Suprorao Court ou appeal.
Tho Probate Judge audited and al
low od tho olnim of Q. C. Tebbs, Super
visor, for $73.20; ou motion a Salary
Fluid warrant was ordered drawn m
payment of tho Same.
On motion tho Chairman add Olerk
were instructed to propara and forward
to tho Snprorao Court of Arizona, a
petition, asking for tho Jocatiou of the
U. S. District Court for the SSe'oud
Judicial District at Globe.
On motion, Messrs. Street .t Cox
were employed as tounsel froni dato
until July lit 1891) at a componsatiBn
of $1000.
On motion tho TirS Golloctor was
authorized to remit thofaxjnrtlfo 'oul
Cooper ranch:" in tho asfosamoul oJ ,
J. McDonald,
Ou motion the Clerk Mas directed to
iwrlto Ho Wiwhington rognrdfng Gila
cbnr.ty"B claim against thoGoAcrhmontj
arid to writo to Messrs. Cox k Street
regarding tho salo of r.sot of Morrison's
Reports now owned by the comity.
On motion tho Board adjourned to
flecoinbor 18th, 1808, 10 oclook, a. m. I
ii;aim or rtii.isi; UMnitN.
Major Paulino Cushmnn, Vho goinoU
notoriety during tho war of tho rebel
lion, na a spy for tho Union forces,
died in San I'ranoisco, Dec. 2nd, from
an overdone of morphine. Sho was a
woman of good education, bright in
tellect, forceful and impetuous.
Born in Now Orlcano of French and
Spanish parentage, sho fcafly went 6n
tho stage and gained soino reputation
oe an octrees. In 1803 sho quit tho
slago to ontor tho servico of tho Feder
al government as n spy, hor Southern
origin and associations giving hor pe
culiar advantages for securing inform
ation of tho plana and movemonla of
tho Confodoralo forces. Sho was hus
poctod after a time, arrested by Gon
orul Morgan and turned over to Gon
eral Forreat, and it is said, narrowly
oscapud hanging.
. After tho War, hor husband, GhaH. Ci
Dickonson, a Union coldisr, nud sov
oral children born of tho union, hav
ing died, Paulino GushmancnmoWest
arid led on ndvonturous aud checkered
awten00 until Bho married Jorro
Frj or, of Cosa Grando, Shoritl of Pinal
county, Arizona.
Prior to that time, in 1S78, slrt was it
resident, of Globe, and a numbor of
yoara Wlorward ruado a short visit
hero. Shots remembered by nil old
residents, many of whoiu.ha.vo klhdly
roeollcotions of iior geuorous aud ohar
itnblo note, and regrot to leorn of tho
suffering and privation of her latter
years, and of hor sad and. The funeral
took placo Dec. fitfa In San Francisco,
under the arisplcos of Lincoln Poat, G.
A. R., and tho Woman's Rolief Corps,
mko k m;f
There is a soemlng desire, as tho
moments tiek away to know who tote
Obnriee Iloff is, who Iran lieeu ap
pointed by the statehood convention
("which met Nov. 27th lu the Opera
Houko, at Phoenix, which had for tho
occasion been draped with patriotic
colore and chrysanthemums") as tho
reprawntaUvo of Gila county to go to
Washington and work for statehood.
J havo examined tho Great Reg
ister from it inception, and havo failed
to find tho name of Oharlee Hoff.
Henco tho, "query," and as the name
of Charles Hoff appears in the j
ceodinga of the convention as its sec
rotary, and upon diligent inquiry I
loarn there is a person by that namo
residing in Pim county.
Ifsuuhis tlip.faot, I appoal to tho
overloaded proxy who represented
Gila county in the convention to ox
plain why they appointed a non-resident
to represent us, and ono who was
ignored by bla own county. Was it
from the fact that thoro could not bo
found in Gila county a botuvflde reel
dent in favor of statehood, with brains
enough to appear before a congres
sional committee to advocate ite cause?
Givo ub light Mr. Proxy.
And will the flnanco committee of
Gila county have the immaculate gall
to ask our aiUzens to eontributo thoir
mite to send this tyro to our nation's
eapltid to oxpUdn our Ignorance i
- . -
io i ur, ri nuc.
gome meddlesome porsonn have been
oircnlaUng the report that the M. E.
Sunday School would allow no one to
uso tiieir Chriatmas Treo except thoso
wlwaro directly connected with tho
Sunday School,
This is to inform Uie public that it
is tho intention of the Commit fco lu
mako it one of the grandest affairs
over exhibited in Globe, aud while woj
are going to Jfive our best attention to
tho ohlldren we invite all who WUi lo
avail thoinselvee of this modo of mak
ing prosalite to their families or
friends, to bring tnein to Hie church
not later than Saturday noon, Dec.
alird, and they will be oheerAdly de
livered to the propor poraonB.
Bv Oiidkb af the Committee.
A shooting scrape disturbed tho
usual noonday quiet of Globo on
Thursday. Joan Romero, a young
Mexican, attacked Jesus Baca, n
fieighter, on Main Street in tront of
tho Old Dominion store, with the foul
intent of filling him full of holes. Ro
nioro proved a very poor maikstnan,
or olso was badly rattlod, as he fired
throe shots at closo range without hit
ting his man. Baca, although un
armed, displayed grit ; he clobed in on
his murdoious adversary after the
third shot, look Romero's pistol away
and struck him onoo on the head with
it, when bystanders interfered.
Romoro wao immediately arrested,
and given a hearing boforo Justico
Goo. Strong. Fho witnesses testified
to the shooting, as hero dotailedj and
Romero was held in tho sum of 1,000
to await tho action of tho noSt grand
jury. The prisoner alleges aa provo
cation for the shooting that Bneaowed j
linn 52.50, which tho latter donlos.
Whon on a visit to Iowaj Mr. K.
Dplton, of Lnrny, Rnssel county, Kan
oas, called ct the labrntory of Chnm
borlain & Co , Daa Moines, to show
them his rIx yeat old bby, whoso lifo
had beou saved by Chamberlain's Ceugh
Romedy, it having ciued him of a very
severe attack bf croup. Mr. Dulton is
certain that it saved ilia boy's llfo and
is cuthnatflftHo in bis praise of the Rom
edy. For solo by II. Q. Hitchcock;
Wo must soil out
Delicious ofiiulros jubI received attho
Post Olllco Sloro.
'hint, R. n. Samuols, of Pleasant Val
ley, with her Ihrco rhildroir, is visit
ing bermothor Mrs. Gilson and will
remain unUl alter Iho holidays.
Jano Whelan relilmcd laft uighl
from his and visit to Clifton, occasioned
by Uio fatal illness of Ids mother
whoso doath was announced in our
last iswuo.
The ftlends of Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Tremble, of Florence, aro rejoiced to
learn of the arrival of a fine boy baby
in their home on tho morning of Doc.
6th. Tho Belt extends congratula
J. M. Curnutt, brother of Mrs. N. Hi
Livingston, loft on Tuesday morning
for his former homo in TonnosFeo. It
ia his intention to lake up tho study of
Another attcmpl was iriado Saturday
night to break into Kollner's ware
house. A. W. Galpin, who is sleeping
thoro, took a shot at the intruder and
soarod tho fellow off. Gazette.
Iv, J. Edwards, who was absont for
several weeks, at Florence and Pho
nix, returned homo on Tuesday. Mr.
Edwards brought with him from Pho
nix two very fine trotting mares, two.
U the Lodt bred animals in tho Terri
. -
Hober Lai ton, the capable und
obliging agent of Uie Bowie, Fort
Thomaeand Globe stage line, was hoi e
tho present week settling up last
lnonth'u business. The lino is one of
tho host equipped in Arivoiia, and pop
ular with the traveling public.
Church Directory, St. Paul's M. E.
Church, Globe, Aria: Services at II
o'clock a. m. and 7 o'clock p. in. oaoh
Sabbath, and Sabbath School at 12:30
p. m. All fbe children aro welcomed.
We havo and keep toe iatoai literature.
Cards of latest design, and in abun
dance. Come children and see.
L. II. Thimbu', Pastor.
. ' - - .
The olilldren of Globe are promised
merry ChrtatrnaH Ode year. Prona-
rations are being made for two public
trees, one to be held at the M. E.
Church aud the other at the IUnk. As
Christmas is tae holiday of tic year,
onsllrined in thehoarUof Uieehildren,
ovoryone who hoesJbly caii should
contribute to make ita Joyftil occasion
for the Kttfe folks.
JTOTIOfil-Tke member of White
Mountain Lodge No. 3, F. A A. M.f
who will attend Uio iustallatiojn cere
monies to be held at the Riuk, Dec.
27, 1808, are reqiteatod to givo their
iuuiie, and number of guoets invited
to Ohas. E. Taylor, before tho evening
of Doc. 14, 1S03. Please attend to this
promptly. Com.ittbb.
Mm. G. K. Tuokor's growing busl
new requiring larger quarters, she has
moved into the building on Broad
tret recoutly vacated by R. E. Hum
llirey, the jowelor. She has n very
attraotive display of millinery goods
of all decriilioii3, including linnd
some trimmed hats, which would mako
acceptable Christmas presents, and to
which she invites attention.
Hilly Wdon who was here this week
looking alter the Interests of Armour
the big hog pnekor, was a partner of
E. P. Keliuer way back in Uie days of
the sot'eMttee, wheit Uiafc worthy citi
zen nud merchant, Mr. Kollnor, was
struggling for recognition as a mer
chant over In Globo. Mr. Wilton
owns valuable property interest over
In tho Phamixoouidry.-Tciripe Jiews.
4 "Jt,
A public Xirtas tfree, will bo given
at toe IUnk on Xmaa Eve., Sunday
Dec S4tu, under the management of
the Uulou Sunday School. A fine pro
gramme of mugia will bo rendered,
ooiudsHilj of song's by tho school,
Xmaa oarols, quartettes and instru
mental pieces. AH Unioli Sunday
School scholars will bo remembered.
Come everybody) bring your presents
fbr your friends anrl relativoe, and en
joy a pleasant evening.
Postoffico Inspector Waterbury wae
here on Wednesday to invejbtignto a
oomplftlnt made by a Republican, that
the postofiloe is not centrally located
and that the accommodations for thb
public are not adequate. Mr". Water
bury wae shown whero the initial
monument is planted, about 23 feet
from the ooraer of the postofilee build
ing, and -which monument marks tho
geographical ecrtter of the town of
Globe. Mr. Waterbury, after diligent
Inquiry among tho business mon of
Globe, was convincod that tho post
offico is properly conducted) with duo
regard foi the iatefesfe and comfort of
Tho Old Dominion Copper Company
Is making a large output of copper,
and While the production for 1893 will
hardly oqual last year's figures, owing
to tho suspension last summer, yet a
portion of the loss will bo mado up.
Two forty-two inoli furnancce havo
beon continously in blast for several
months aud aro making a sjdendid
record. In ono day last week tho out
put was 41,133 pounds copper. Tho
new auxiliary wind box recently
placed on the furaart liavo provon of
great utility, effcoting a considerable
saving of fuel and permitting of tho
furnaces being run continuously,
whereas formerly two or threo hours
were lost daily. Tho woathor is favor
ablo to tho prosecution of nil kinds of
surfaco work and to teaming, and coke
is coming In and copper going out
with pleasing regularity.
-T""' I HlOgM in..-
On tho
road between tho
mine, Wednesday
Globo smelter and
Oct. 4Ui, rt carrinrre blanket. Tho find.
ev will bo amply rewarded by leatving
It at PascVo's corral
-. - iiii i i
If you want a suitfoi clQthes mado to
ofdOi' aiul warranted to fit call on G.
jS Van AVageioK1
gmymimirw'iin '"wji yt-ii wuMwmwunHfc- .- , y-awi wyyjryy "
'm. frrfVf7,am a
A crunm f tartar biking iowder. HlKhesl
of all In listening utrenRtli Latl U. S.
Government Pirnd ltf(iort.
ItovAL BahIrc ltuvneit Co.,
, 106 Wall .St., Jf. Y.
- - .. .
I will pay Iho above reward for tho
conviction of any ono harboring, or
assisting in tiny way tho oscape of
Thoa. Deloch.
Sheriff of Gila County, A. T.
Go to 0.,8, Van Wagcnenforftirn
Isliing goods.
- ' -- -
Gontlomen'a neckWcar cheap at tho
Post Office Store.
Gd to G. &. Van Wagehen'a for
heavy or light shoes.
A few fine Brown Loghorn cQokorels
for sale nt reasonable pricos fTtakoii
soon. Apply to J. II. Hamiix.
Bargains for you. We save you
raonoy. J. Myers & II no.
If you want n strictly pure and una
dulterated whiskey for family or med
icinal use, call for Planet whiskey at
G. S. Van Wagonon's.
All kinds of wlnoo and liquors, to
bacco and cigars, nt G. S. Van Wage
nen'a. ROOMS TO RENT-by tho day,
wcok or month largo, well furnlsho!,
Vint nnrl atmffYi nliln nnnf imlli, TAM
ted on Oak street, ono block west of
tno (Jourt House. Terms reasonable.
Apjdy to owner.
M8. O. R. FlflKK.
F. &A. M. Tho regular meetings of
White Mountain Lodge, No. 3, for the
year 1S98 will be bold as follows:
January 8th, June 20th,
February 21, Augugt 3d,
March 2d, Augugt 31st,
April OUi, September 25th,
May 4th, October BSthj
June 1st, Jfovomber 28d,
December 28th.
Election of officers for 1894 takes
placo November 28d. Special meetings
subject to call by tho W M
OiUAt A. PJpk, Sctfy.
. o .
lorOcrHrir lcar-.
Ak 0ij a.ni Weix-Tribo Rrmbiiv.
Mrs. Winalew's Soothing Sjtujj lias been
ud for over fifty yuai bv millions of
mothers for their children while teething,
with perfect suoeess. It soothss the
ohild, softens tho gums, allitys all pain,
cures wind colic, and is the best remedy
for dianhoea. Is pleasant tu tho lagte.
Sold by drujiat in every part of the
world, f wantyfh e centa a bottle. He
vuhi( i) incalculable. Be sure and k
for Mrs. Wiualow's Soothing Syrup, and
take no uthcr kitid.
Go to G. S. Vnn Wagenen's far ovor
ooate and blaukata.
noit' Thu :
Wo offer Ono Hundred Dollars Jlewiml
for any case of Catarrh that can not be
cured by taking Hall s Cutairh Cure.
F. J. OUKNEyf & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be
Iitjvu him erftclly honorable in all busi
r.o33 transnctiuiis, and fnianciaily able to
carry out any obligations mado by their
Wnt & Truar, Wholesale Druggist, To
ledo, Ohio.
Waldfiife, Kinnan & Marvin, Wbolegale
DruKgi4t?, Toledo, Ohio.
HaU'g Catarrh Ouro is taken internal
ly, acting directly upon th bliMx and
mucoug surfneoi of the sygtejn. Price,
75c per bottle. Sold by all Drujgfiiu
Testimonials free.
Mr. S. 1?. Biriizc, an oxleneivo roal
ostato dealer in Des Moines, Iowa, nai1
rowly escaped ono of the severest at
tacks of pneumonia while ia the north
ern pnrt of that State during a locent
blizzard, says tho Saturday Review.
Mr. Bki70 had occasion to drivo sop
al milos during tho storm and nasso
thoroughly chilled that ho was jjpe
to get Warm, and iusido of an ffour
after his roturu ho was threatened with
a severe caso of pneumonia or lung
fever. Mr. Blaizo sent to tho nearest
drug storo and got a bottlo of Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy, of which he
had often herrdj and took a ndmbor of
largo does. Ho says tho offoot was
wonderful and in a short tirao ho wag
breathing quito easily. Ho kept on
taking tho medicine and the next dnr
was ablo to como to Des MoinSs. Mr.
Iilnizo regards his euro aa simnlv won
derful. Tor Jtalo by H. C. Hitchcock;
PEN'Cfe--Iu Globe, Dec. 2d, to tlio wifo of
U. I. l'inoe, agon.
ra ran ntoiuTE couitr op tiu: coukty
X of OIU, Tenltory of Arlnn,
la the wrtttr of the I!U(j of Sdnanl lion, locoa.wd
TvotlteJof til)!lcatlo(ioflirf iiiioit! tor rrovtai
t'orfnuiat WianeJerc.IsiM Court, mnde ou lb 4lh
(UyojUea. 1803, ootlts ta tefety Blrea; ttat Tady
Uie2fthWyofl 1803. nt two rfclopk p. in. ol kM
day, at the (W ruum of titl Court, n't tt CPtart
llonre. lu tfi jAldCounlj-of filia, has Icon appolLtid
as Ui ttrao Sat jinn faf rft8 Uio Wfll rf UiA IM
waril Rot:, iIckwc J, ami for ht-arlnj bn ui.r'ilfsttofl of
Jin. Iiarfu &niI for tha tauanco ta her it ItMi
TostamMilary wbtu o'njvlier ofly petioa fctcrated
may apjieor mid b)xiltU frit Mio
Dutod, Doo. fth 11133
O It A1MSOS (fate.
i3 wq n i
From Pure Bred
Brown LBshoms. M
1,25 Par Sailing of 13,
I ain brecc'iiiR- fn ti rl? witni'totk,
dirw.t from Srve Y ik and Illinois
Kmm from WHI7K MIXOUCAS nd
LIGHT liUAHMAS for tale Uttr is
tho acakoti.
MT rgn (hipped to any- prt of the
Territory and a Kd hatch eBaranteed,
Glob. A.T.
R. BRI3KT KUYSER, Piident.
A. L. WALKER, Vice-PrbsVdeht.
tj n f 1 a Fi am W urn W TH rl a c R A n w m
33.eral Merchandiset
We carry a Complete Line in each Department.
RASPBERRIES in two pound cartoons arc exceptionally fine.
In Staple & Fancy Groceriel
Wo Offer at all Times
Ifw m i"fWife te4
With a Large Assortment to Select from.
gJF Buy Your Supplies from tb.4
w a?
Eight pages each Tuesday and Friday? Sixteen pages every Week".
A Groat Semi-feeWy Paparl Only $1.00 a Year!
Any reader of this paper can got it free by securing a club of three subscribers
ami forwarding their names, ON THIS BLANK, with THREE DOLLARS?,
To CLO&F PRINTING CO., St Loiilsj Moi
Remit by Bank Draft. Post-ofHeo or Express Money Order, or Registered
Lettor. Sample copies will be sent free on application.
To GLOBE PRINTING CO., St. Loots, Mo.:
Herewith find $3.00, and tfce names of three subscribers on blank
olipped from tho.
Name jf Paper.
Ddmoqiixt for one year to me and to
Kartiee of Stttawribdrs. " ' -j To-Jhl ' "
I, ,..,,1 ,... .... nil ...... '
i r...',.iur
O " m .. e.5
s .. ....ii!
J- to uae ChoapeBt. Relief ia immediate. A cure ia
cortua. l?or Gold lrt tLo Hoad it has no oqual.
It is an Ointment, of
t i ' r . r K Price, &V
byt ' Vddroes, R.
B il
W Ii ftpl n u m
Lnrp;o Stock of
I ikc
lv J'f
Ii i'k
111 y
Liquors' ay iiw
TVTTr ! ?
tiff "' t ' S:-'J
..".! "t- - " m'
Oigars, UOJUITAllirE'O fceptbyflfr
Pluy m irii H Eti
Exchange drawn oh all parts of the tJnja
ted States and Ekrope.
-, w '"xmn! f w
i m i i i w i t ii - i ii IWfiyvg
.- "' vvrmr &2?i'i ri ll1r a
Oonimeroial Go,
published at
' '3', J 'VKt-
oacn of the subscribers nanicdt
v...... ....,
which a small particle is applied
r- ' 1 by druggists or sent jB
T. IIuztlI-ctk. Warren, Pa.
.lAtf ...Jat...
.UCKSNlir arawarej
' vv . .iHaaj? iJ' mm
thing :
- 4; ; V'jr
-Jr .ZLafeijif
Wilii ,,,ii tM 9
.-t.-tj .-1- ..a
'"' t , . 'JAlaijltit3JCX

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