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Arizona silver belt. [volume] (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, December 30, 1893, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Saturday, Decombcr 30, 1893.
nnouT or
r.im ton.
"Vlml intrjiorln to Jio thtf final roiiort
Of Iho Arizdnn World's J?ftir Coiiitnis
Stouors is publialiod iti Iho Arizona
Hutorprimj of 3)ua 2-ltli, Wo two tho
llirHo "what purports to bo" mlvisoil
iy, hh the only ltminrftill Mntomoutniado
ill tho Enterprise it Unit covoring tho
receipts una ilMbttraemuiits on account
Of tho mlndrul oxhiliit, comprising loea
than ono hiilf Of tho total oxpomlituroH
from Ariwjuti'H World's Fair fund.
Howefori a llnd tho oraiHoil tlnta
Ifflbliahwl in the Arizona Ilopulilicnn
rfnd l'luBiiix Iloruld of Deo. 28d. Why
tho Kntorpriso withhulti it in imox-
phutied, linlosss it bo that tho fluureB
it.iwimi. i-orurs uxiick ktats:iioii.
loo plainly shows tho misnpprViprlntloii
Tiu:Ti;ii!iium tuial.i uMt.f,
'Jhoverdfot df gil(y raihloroil by
lho trial jury iu tho duso of tho Terri
tory of AriztfiM vs. JId. Towkubury,
rfpotf tL'o churo of mnrdoring Thomas
Graham, BHRgosta tho falibility of jury
trials, nml especially of tho Jury tlwt
tvholly ignored tho testimony oit bo
half of tho accused, without n tittle of
bvidenco showing it unworthy of cro
donee. tftiroVu nro but mou, nnd in all
agda Wo shown i full share of frailty.
'Twos that fact ajinoariug to Ohnrlw
Sumner caused him I'd remark "Inm
to6 familiar tf itli tho history of judical
proceeding to regard them with nny
snperutitiofis ruvereuco," and ho cited
reasons for that opinion, among which'
08 tho condemnation of Soarnfoa to
drink tho fatal hemloak, nml tho intol
erance which pushed tho Saviour bare
footed over tho pavements of Joru
e'ftlom, bonding beneath his cross; nud
nt a later ilay, surrounded by nil the
forms of law, hung alleged witohea nt
Salem, nnd banhhod lloger Williams
mg that tho power of civil magistrates
axtoniU to- the tibdies, goods and ont
ward stats 6t men but not to their
souls ami consciences.
Happily, under tho blissful oro of
Woutor Van Twillor, New England
thtocraoj was igroTerl by tho lwgal
a'cimien of that renowned Onrnmnr nt
New York who sent his jack knife as a ! Sls f0""48 of lhe Exixwitiou.
summon, accompanied by his tobaooo I Wo glm from the lomoht pub
l5ot as a warrant after Bnrent Iilkr I llshei1 iu tbe epublioan nud Herald
By Soction G04 of tho Rovlsofl Mint
utoHofthoXJ. S. (2nd od. 167S) pago
10Stho judicial dititrictu of tho Uni
tod Sttos nro divided into ninoclr
oultfl. Tho nindi circuit includes tho
district of Onfifornfci, Oregon and Ne
vada. SocEion lfj Of tho proposed
onablinguot admitting tho Torrltory
of Arizona fo Blntohood is as follows :
'Thar; tho said stato, when admitted
as aforesaid, shall oonstituto a judicial
district, tho name thereof to bo tho
uno as tho namo of tho Stato; and tho
circuit tuut district courtu tlioreof
shall bo hold nt tho capital of the Stato
lbr tho time being, nud tho said dis
trict shall, fur judicial purposes, until
othorwiso provided, bo attached to tho
sxatxaaM mnn rrjSama
ninth judicial circuit, A cir-
of tho funds,
Tho statement of tho disbursements
for tho mineral exhibit! is urnply sufli
ciont, Iiowovor, to prove thntn hsrgoi)ait
of tho apiiropriation Was frittored away.
ino cost or collecting tho mineral ax
hibitswasSl2il.08; freight on samo,
ly81.83-.totftl, 35,11)5.1)1, Cost of
installation, salary nnd transportation
of ngoht and commissioner, S6.Ci7.81;
W. K. Moado, traveling oxpouses on
sinpmeut or ores, 8020; W. O. Uarnes,
ditto, S8W which shows thai tho ox
pondituros on account of tho mineral
oxhibiU, aside from tho cost of colloo
tiou nnd freight to Chicago readied tho
oxtravugant sum of 7,272.11, ranking
tho total disbursements for minerals.
It should bo remembered that almoht
all tho ors and minerals displayed were
gratuitous donafjoij, anrf iu addition,
the Copper Queen Companygonoronsly
P&t Imlf tho salary of an assistant at
the mineral exhibit duriuc tho eutiro
ripon complaint of Wandlo Sohooa
lioven, who alleged that the dofendant
refused to como to n setlletnbnt of ao
connts, and being in court, each pro
duced a book of accounts which the
court weighed and counted the leaven
and finding thorn of tho samo number
of leaves and of identioal weight, ad
judged that therefore the aooounta ware
equally balanced, and for that reason
it was decreed that Wandlo should give
Baront a reoeipt and iTarent should
givo Wandlo a receipt, and tho ootwla
Wo should rwy tho ooet. As another
tovidenco of progrossiie justice we cite
tho caso of the man who was arraigned
npon tho charge of stealiug an ax.
Three persons swore that thoy saw the
Hccuseu shhu ma ax anu six persona (
fesfifioa npoa oath that they did not
sea him steal it, whereupon the jury
acquitted tho accused npon the ground
that tho weight of evidence was in
favor of tho prisoner.
Tom Pitch in his defense of Tewks
bnry said that some swarthy gontleumn
other than tlo one on-trial must be the
guilty person", atoll that tho identity of
the culprit by tho witnesses on the part
of tho prosecution was rashly deter
mined, by a hasty glance, by tho com
plexion of tho receding person of tho
offender, but, nevertheless, offended
justice, believing that a bird in tlic
land fa-worth two-in tho bush, refueed
t6rclftSfth6Lnnir'aiiasot tku prisoner
free. The zeal displayed in summon
ing upwards of ono hundred witnesses
ior tho prosecution, and securing their
attendance in court, suggests on anec
dote qf Chief Justico Storoy. "At the
trial of a Methodist preacher for the
JiiurdW of a young girl the evidence
tfas entirely circumstantial nnd there
vras a wido differouce of opinion con
cerning Ins guilt. Ono morning, just
bsforo' tbe opening of tho cOUrt, n
brother preacher stopped up to Jonathan-Afason,
counsel for the defease,
nnd said: 'Sir, I had a dreom last
night, iu which tho angel Gabriel ap
peared and told me that tho prisoner
aa not guilty. ' Ab,' replied Masony
'havo him subpoenaed immediately.'"
The testimony of a majority of those
witnessos for the prosecution was trivial,-of
no importance iti the case, and
inany who plead povorty had their ex
penses paid by Maricopa county, nnd
contracts woro modo with tho railroad
companies' for thoif transportation at
roduccd rates.
It has been rumorod'and so stated by
nowspapors, that tho vorcMet iir ttie
Towkbury case, latoly tried at Tubeou1,
fvaa a compromise. Tho jury were out '
for twenty-four hour. Eight were
for conviction and four for aoqnittal.
If it bo true that tho jurora voting for
acquittal -wero porsuadod, induced, or
coerced to yield by threat, or nny
means faljou to deprive tlio jurors of a
fair expression of opinion, then it is
evident that Towksbnry failed to secure
n fair and impartial trial. If thi
rumor bo borne out by facts, tho stnt
Htes of Arizona oxpressly grant a new
trial to Tewksbury. It is baroly pos
sible that counsol for the dofonso do
sired io tnko ftdvnntogo and make a
point of this oircumstauco, for when
naked if ho wished tho jury polled, he
ueuiiueoi una inns not iiave it go on
rocord that it was tho vordiet of each
of tho jurors.
It is also stated that Tewksbury novor
plead to the indictment; if not, then
this is a fatal defact in tho trial and
must result iu the granting, of a now
trial. Since-writing tho nbovo it has
boon definitely ascertained that the
priwlego lp plott(T, accorded to all.prie
on?,refLnt iho tyi v$? not givhto
Tewksliury, nml, liherofore, the alleged
itial is. a nullity, !
that the Fair Oommiisioiiers drew
mileage and per diem aggregating
S7,102,-14. Among Hie beneficiaries of
this money m W. 0, Ilarnee, who served
only ft portion of the time, and suc
ceeded W. 0. O'Neill, Sl.892.08
(O'Noill rooeived?607.80);S. I. llehan
(who aarved.anly portion of the time.
; succeeding W. J. Urnunon) 31.272.70
(Uranneu reoiol $711.71); It. O.
Browu, 874.16?W. K. Mwide, 3076;
Geo. P. Oott, SflOO; The Arisona
Gnwlte was paid 1,200 fqr 20,000
oopiea of ite World's Pair edition, whilo
07,000 eopies of the oretlitoble imblica
tion, "Ariaoua," by T. It. Sorin, coat
only 801. 00.
Tho cost of the Arizona building is
stated at $8,2419.88; furniluro and fix-
' turoe (fivo obaira, a desk, table,-rug and
register, fttal rentetl piano, chairs and
lounge) S880.D1; maintenance of build
ing $707.
Wool cost $-12.30 the commission
ers should have bought moro, as there
was not enough to pull oyer tho eye of
Arizonn people.
N. S. Uerray, Gila comity's commis
sioner, expended of the appropriation
S218.C5, the oommissMiner of Cochise
oounty, $8-10.510, and of Graham coun
ty, S818.1-i. The display of ores from
these three counties were the best in
Arizona's exhibit.
There wm originally appropriated
for Maricopa- county 1,0-10, all of
which was expended and not a cabbage
: stalk or kernel of grain to show for it.
A special allowance of $848.52 was
subsequently made to Marieopa.
The furniture in the Arizona build
ing, which is alleged to have cost
$880.51, nt the close of the Exposition.
was sold for $211 ami m nothing is said
about tbe building, we presume that
was thrown in.
Tlio 880,000 bonds appropriated by
tho legislature stand as a debt against
the Territory; they run twenty years
and draw interest at tho rate of 5 por
cont per annum, making an additional
SUO.OOO, whioh tho Territory will bo
called npon to pay for tho World's
Pair cjtperfeno. The money is,
"though lost to sight, lomomory dear."
The Santa Pe It. E. system being
pinohed for cash and notice givon of
default in. payment of interest on bonds
duo January 1st, htm bcou placed in tho
bauds of reeeivors who, it is thought,
by proper financial nursing, will render
it unnecessary to knock it down with
an auctioneer's haramor. Its ombar
rasemout is attributed to tho uoprossiou
in trade whioh is seriously affecting
every industry, and in this inslanco it
rany be said that the largest corpora
tions art generally moro or less affected
by tho unparalleled storm now devas
tating commerce irr all directions. Tho
bonded indebtedness of tho Santa Po
system aggregates $232,00.0,000. Total
liabilities of about $210,000,000. Tho
mueago of operated lines nggrcgato
vnUo railee. It is oflioially stated that
one object of tlio rccoivoruup was to-
get rid of certain loosed and subsidized
lines which have beon oporatod by tho
main linos for some timo at a heavy
cult court consists of ft justico of tho
Supremo Court, called tho "cirouit
justice," a "circuit judgo" for tho cir
cuit having tho samo powers as tho
circuit justico, nnd tho "district judgo"
oftho district whoro tho circuit court
is lieul. Any two of these officials
may hold court. Tho "circuit justice"
Bitting apart, may try cases; during
every two years lio must attend at
loast ono torm of court In tho district.
(It. S. Section 010, Act 10, April 18C9).
Tho jurisdiction of tho circuit courta
is huoIi as Congress confers (sowing
machino casos, 18 AVnll. 077). A gon
oral description of tho original juris
diction is, that it extends (subject 10
flomo Hmitrttiona founded upon resi
dence) to civil suits involving moro
than $2,000, i by not of March 3, 1887,
prior thoroto $500) exclusive of costs.
and arising under the Constitution,
laws or treaties of tho United States,
or in whioh the controversy is butweeu
different States, or citizens of a State
and foroign States, citizens and sub
jects; also of crimes undor tho laws of
tho United States. Thoy havo no ap
pollato jurisdiction over tho district
court. Moro Rpooiflcftllv tho m-iHnnl
jurisdiction includes: Cases arising
under laws providing internal rev
enue, postal laws, patent laws, copy
right lawa; procoevllngs for penalties
incurred by a merchant vessol in car
rying passengers, suits by or against a
national banking assoolation, matters
involving tho elective franchise and
other olvil rlghtB UolOilglng to citizens
of tho United States; also, exclusive
jurisdiction of all crimea and offenses
cogniaiblo undor tho authority of tho
United State, oxcopt when otherwise
provided, and concurrent jurisdiction
with tho district court, of offonsea cog
nizable therein.
Tho District Court of tho United
States has jurisdiction overall ndmir-
alty and maritime cuusos, nil proceed
ings In bankruptcy, and oil penal and
criminal matter cognizable under tlio
laws of tho United States, oxolttsivo
jurisdiction ovor wliioJi is not vested !
in tho circuit or Supremo court. Moro
specifically this jurisdiction comprises:
Non-capital orimes committed within
tho district or upon tho high seas, cx
copt tho cases mentioned in Revised
Statutes, TiUo, -'Crimes" Section 5-112;
case of piracy, whon no circuit court
is held in tho district; suite for penal
ties and forfeitures, in goneral, suite at
common law brought by tlio United
States or any ofllcor thereof; suite In
equity to subject roalty to tho payment
or internal rovenuo tax; suite for for
feiture or damage as debts duo to the
United Stales by Revised Statutes,
Section 3190; causes arising under tho
postal laws;, civil causes in admiralty
or maritlnle law; somo offonsea against
civil rights Revised Statutes, Title
XXIV; suite by or against any nation
al bank within tho district; BUite by
alions for torts in violation of tho law
of nations or of a treaty; certain suits
against consuls or vico consuls, and
original bankruptcy procoodinga.
An will be seen by tlio provision of
tho enabling act it has beon cunningly
devised to concentrate tho business of
tho Federal courte at Phmnix nnd dn
away witn ttio trial ol
"A dollar' worth for dollar "Is t'-o motto ot
llooa-igomittrilia. Tll ineillfclno ! & hlrf.lv
conceutratod extract ol SaraiirJ!a ami oUitr
well-known vegetahlo rpmrftc, ana Ji pro
nouueed hyexperu tho mmcctnml lt prep
aration el Iho kind yet produced. It owes Its
pecullRf strength and medicinal merit to iho
fait that It 1 preparix! by a Conbl laUon, I'ro
portion, and Process
rcoullar to ItBPlf,
discovered by tu0 proprleton ul Hood's Sana
rnrllla, aud tnown to uo other medicine. Iu
prompt action ou tho blood rcmoeall linpnrf
tlc, and euros scrofula, (alt ilicnm. ,otm, boils
pimples, all humors, nnd nil disposes or nirec
Moris arising from impure blood or low state ol
the sj item.
"I havotaien Hood's Fawaparilla end Hod it
to bo the best t rood purifier ; hate eror used,"
ilns. H. Kjbld, Auburn, cal.
Tlio cat Mcdlclnr.
"I have tised six bottles of H(d's Sarsaparllla
forindlKcitlon. It has helpe.1 mo a great deal
I think it Is the tx-t medlclno for indlgextiou nnd
dysucpsla." JIrj. n. A. Uvvsvldlls, ijj North
Fifth Street, Han Jose, CnL
N, I), lie sure to net only
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Boldbydruffltists. t;iIxlor5. l're!irl nnt.
by C. I. UOOD & CO., A jKJthocarles. !, ell,
IOO Dosos Op.o Dollar
Minihf Aprilidatiou No. 010.
ssswissiaasas ,. .,. M ,
J. S. COLLINS. H,!a n..t mt.,.,,
DUW1B, i? on lilUlli
8urvy No. 1109, Llnle Ixle.
S, JsAKU Omen. TCCIOS. Arizona. )
., , October 31, IBM. f
ISutiCO Is huridiv trlfn )ifi. Vht, Tr(i.!
GInli Mines by Kdnaril 11. Cook, attorney
ilft Comity, Arlsonn, Iim inado npj.licnMori
for a jKitent for the LIZKIK LOUfi claim.
Malaria and chills and
fever oro duo to tho inhala
tion ol watery vapors ami
Coses arising from decay
inevcgolutlon. Tho humid
SprlEEtmJ Autumn months
vjr both city and country, Tho
victim is continually tlrod,
aad worn out, lias bo energy, is subject to octcs
end pains in the bscV and limbs, and Is perspiring
ono moment and cold the next. Joy's YegcUltlo
Sarsaparilla Is more effective In this troublothan
nil tho potash Sarsaporillu pat together, for tho
plain reason that It has stimulating properties
and a perfect bowel regulating action not found
In tho others, and yet that ore absoiato necessi
ties in tho euro ol this ILL 1. Y. & goon jsguhitcs
It out ol tlio system.
" I had n bad case ol lcalarifl. I scorned unaMo
to check it and being over seventy years old, was
very uneasy. Finally, I trlod 1. V. 8.. It cured
mo and I am no;r hearty as before."
U. 1L llCKKErr,lieiTcaitlc,CaI
"ni! enfjwr, sitiute in tho (Jlolie Jllnlnfj
UUtrict, (!il County, Arizona, and dsscribtd
In tbe otlicinl jilat ana field notes on file iu
thl office, iw4 fullous, viz i
llCuiniilnc at corner Xd. 1. the initial t.,.t,.
(from nhlch U. 8. M. M K. 2, hears N. CI
(les. -la roln K. 355H 2 feet) a csdar j)ot 5
feet lnnjt 0 Inches in dinmcte r, with mound of
stones; thence N. 3S le. ol min. K. 1371.4
fwt to omcr No 2, a cedar post 5 feet lonjr,
C Inchen in diameter, set 1 foot in ground;
then N. 52 ilegs. CO min. V. TXK) feet to
crnr Nr. 3, a cedaF iot S feet ln, Cinches
In diameter, set 1 foot in ground, y, ith mound
of stones; thence S. 38 dons. 01 min. W.
1371.1 fcrt to corner No. I, a cedar post 5 feet
Ion;;, 0 uehe in diameter, set lfoot In ground
with iimumi of stone; tlienco S. 0'J degs. 60
min, K, COO feet to corner No. 1 nnd place of
beginning, nnd containing 18 89 acres nisgne
tio variation 13 de. 20 win. 1). and funning
a portlen of the "rter 0f ,ertIon
In Township of range, Gila an.l
Salt lvr, lws meridian. The location of
thU mine It reooriUd in tlio llceorder's olEco
of (iiU oounty.
Adjoining olsimoiils Are
All persons holding adverse claims thereto
are reiiilml to prewent the aino before this
ultioe within sixty days from the hrst day of
publication heijf. or they will lie barred by
virtue of the prrfmna of tits stotute.
,, ,, HeRister.
Uiwahu ll. Cook,
Attorney for Claimant.
Instrucoh, at IJea.ionable Terms, glen on the
Piano, Violin, Guitar
and Mandolin,
The theory ol music taught; also if desire.!
the aft of playing accnpanitoenU without
(iMitwivuKu "i me notes.
Rlotice !
Insist on Joy's Most modem. McsteTeetlvc
Yet same price It Is tho only bowel rogulatog
WFvr Sale only hy
ItRularPil:rKK)LLAU a b.iUl.
Threat AtTcctlen
Or any DUtnte ir,V Om Throat an& Zunji
r JnfltttntiS, Zoe Strength cr .Vrrr
rotrtr, iou tan Id rrtltxfd aiul Cur4 ty
With Hypc-phosphltes.
Jtkfvr Scott's ZTrm.Von, anrf tet no r
ptaiulloi or lolttttatlon indure yiu It
aecrpt a mbtHtute
Sold by ail Druggists.
SCOTT A DOWNS.Chomloto, M.Y.
Mining Application No. 017,
Survey No. U07, Uinta Nest and Maggie lodes.
V. S. Ikd OrnoK, Tuoso.v, Arizuiia. J
OctnbtrSl, IMI3,
Notioj I hervby aiici. tlwt The Unltwl
UloU Mint hy Kdwartl Ji. Cook, attorney
. wtww post oihec addnow U lllob,
UH Cuunty, Anion, lis made appliontlnu
if.?. ?&$ or b mJlD NJi&T nnd
l,UU ! twniiig oopiHir, situate in
lj,ltb Mining District, UiUUwritv, Atituna,
and dcsoriljea in the ..fliiUI plat and field
nte oo hie in UiU offict, M f.dloas, lj :
ligiaBing at corner No. 1, Uirda Nel
claim, (wlmiee U. S. M. JI. No. 2, bears N.
69 d&. 38 ibIb. K 0170 left) a cotiar iot 6
cct ixujf. w racues in uumeter, set 1 foot in
the ground with wound of stones; llnnoe N,
2 dyn. Vi min. K. UK feet o oonier No. 2.
aalur uwt 5 it kay 6 fnohfci in alaiueUr,
set 1 fwA. in RMund aixl surrouixtad hy a
wlo!M.UD;tliaeeS 68 deg. V, min.
Ji. BOO feel to coiner Xb. 3, a oodsr ott 5
let l.in 0 indies in diameter ami wirrotuided
by aui.rind of stones; thiK 8. a ilsgt. -15
min W. 1J00 leet to Conur N. 4 Mo.li.
cl with cni.r N... 6 of ton Majje rfaim,
cdr iost 6 ft hmjf 0 Inches in diameter,
tlfetjttu Kriuod wltli louund of stones;
thence N. 40 U. W d.ui. K, 1175.6 feet to
corntr o. 7, a axUrumt 5 feet lon, 6 inch
t in duiuettr, nt I foot in gnmad with
mirtjod . f stouss; tbenoe S. 58 degk. 16 min.
A'. 000 fret to com.r N'o. S. a cwlar I ml R
f.i . i.. , .: . z- ."-
' "i maum in uiaoifwr, Kt t lout in
ijivtonvt with ui.und of lones; thence N. AG
dB ) aln. W. 1475 feet to curve, Nu. 5,
idsnticiil witli corcoi Ne. J, of the BinU N,t
uim and pUtie of begfnslng, ami coilaining
w.-m, ukuh luunn is aeys. n tnm,
i. jnd foruiingaportmn of tbe nuar-
Ur of utetUta in Township pf
rajjse nuridiao. Tlw lwaitlon ol this
mine U reoorded la iho Heoonier's office of
'jila. County.
A Ijoitiiug clainwuiU sure
Ail persons hohlfnff ndverje eJaims thereto
i requiwl to presttit Ida sAwe Woc this
Ihcc within sixU dars from tlu nt .!.. ..f
..... "m -.. - r.v. "
puuucauuu oereoi, w hi
virtu or tli pi
Of all kind repaired,
Engines Overhauled
And put In J? JltST-OLAPS running order.
Instructions for tunning a&d keeping in
order the same given gratuitously.
Itepaiiing of ail huicta of steam pump, and
udmill pumps a specialty. Wumbine in
all it Lrahches done on short notice. Special
attention given to "OUT Ol' TOWN" work,
AJ1 work guaranteed, and at
The lerjr best of references can be ghen.
Practical Engineer,
Oct 7-Gm.
Onion Seed
Postage Paid SI por lb.
Special List of
VEGETABLE SEEDS on Application,
Correspondence Solicited.
Itnportcrs (Jrowcrs and Dealers in SPED
vT& 03
Mkos rejjular trips, both
times a weok.
Comfortable. Covered Goaciies)
Alula, .
Express Matter for Globe
Will bo reccired at Bowio and fonrardeif
daily (except Sunday) to Globo.
The accrued charges will bo advanced'
on nil express received from Wells, Far
go & Co. , at Ilowio.
C. LAYTON. Proprietor.
Thatcher, Graham Co., A. T.
fan i ruucix-o.f ul.
0. Hitclicocl
Cull AlMkTB
au hi. ruiiirUttfnM. sso
Klljgi.-ns sJIMaalEj. VtitKt
work irjkt, Bjit cannot b d-
3 Z"?' lu,l",' " ' "" P" laVlt-
CftKUnutf Wp SI SJ - .k. Ci PKfl-0 est I SEE.
DicepuLrmiUoJ. lit SUIS, E.I Ca, 1
sreof, or ttoy will he bsutsxl by
limrtslan at tbn statute
HBrtBBRT nlioWjr,
Ei-a 11 Coos,
Attorney far Ctnliuant.
Mining: Application 2To. 618.
Sre-Xo. lU0,Trau)it Ide.
tJUblUhtd ta Colorido. 1S. Samr.lfs by matt or
ciprcii wm reeefre prompt aal carerol uttrrtton.
Gold a Silver Bullion "gJiSftVPRissttz
ill-SK, 1735 & i;:3 Urttza 5t, 5iTtr, UU.
rniUT rnfM
Onenf thaptr
ec"pe ins I
Fancy Goods,
a iwn
Do jm vreit them? W!a rext la need 17 a pair.
Dost In tho world.
S4.Q0J1 $2.50
3.50 , 12.00
z.so m wvh2 00
2.25 jfeLJll.Vs
rVjiai 73
United SLitR
casea in tho soverai distrlcUi as at nri-
cnt practiced. In plaeo of liavinrjr to
bocomfno- n StAf l.uvr. t.-, fn w.I i ShM' Jh7.f'1 V1' l maJardlookd
nix. butlo tho neoDlo of U?a north ' Sr.!.".. "MtoocI.jWrBhr,
connties tho liardship would bo still
Mining Application Na. 621.
The Columbia Desk Cnlondnr, which
iH issued niinually by tho Pope Jlatiu-
fttotnring Company, of Columbia Bitry
olo famo, is out for lffoi, much im
proved in appearance. It is a pad cal
endar of tho Ramo size and ahapo aij
thotHj of previous years, having a loaf
for oauli day, but its attractivouew hr.3
boon lioiglitenod by tho work of ff
devgr 'artist, who htw scattorod a Berios
of .bright peii-drawiiiga through ita
pages. It alga contains, as usual, many
appropriate and inforofitiug contribu
tions from people both bright aiul wise.
U. S. Imso OmcE, Tuowk, AriMna, 1
Xlecotnber tsth, 181U, f
Xntfee Is liereliv given that The Unfted
fllobe Mines, by Jfttnnnl II. CuoV, attnrney
in fact whewe post oflioo nddretss is Globe,
tlila Connty, Arizona, lias inada apjillcatlou
for a pftUnt for the OLAUIATOIt and CKN.
TKAYI.1A lodes bcarinij copper, situate in
Globe Mining District, Gila County, Arizona,
and deecribed in tho official plat and field
notos on fde in this office, afollos, viz
lleginnlnL' nt comer Xo. J. of the Gladia-
tor, identioal with corner No. 5, uf the Cen
traylia, (whence N. S. M. Af, No. 2, bears'N.
3 (legs, ai min. J.'. 4078.8 feet) a cedar post 15
feet lung, C inches in diameter set 1 foot in
th ground with mound of stones; thenco S.
C7 detfs. 43 mm. W. 139.8 feet to corner. No.
2, .1 cedar ,Kst 5 feet long, C inches in diam
ter, set 1 foot in ground with mound of atones;
thence N, SO degs. 2fi min. W. G00 feet to
corner No. ?,, acedar post B feet long, C inches
iu diamtter with mound of stones, thenco N.
70 tlegs. 03 min. '.. J253.8 feet tu corner No.
1, identical with corner No. 8, of the Oentray.
li lle, it cedar post 6 feet Ions, C Inches in
diameter, with mound of stones; thence S. 45
defrs. SO min. W, 1103 feet to corner No. 7
Oentraylr JjixJe, a Cedar post 5 feet long, 0
inches m diameter, with mound of stones;
thence N. 30deg. 20 rain. V. fXK).l feet, to
oonier No. (1, a cedar post 5 feet long. G inches
in diameter set 1 foot in ground with mound
of stores; thenco N. 44 dotn. 10 min. JI. 3500
loet to conur Ko. f, ftlontionl with corner No.
1 Gladiator lode nnd place of beginning.
Total area of Gladmtor Jodo 15.81 acres;
less conflict with Alic 0 07 acres; less conflict
with Vractlon 0.2 1 aire's;- lees conflict with
Jloosier 1.") acres.
Total area Centraylia 1M& 17.70 acres; less
conflict with Hoosicr 0.18 acres? less conflict
with Grey 0.02 acrcn.
Net area Gladiator and Centraylia Lodes
31.81 acres and forming a portion of the
Quarter of Section in Township -
of Hnnge .Meridian. The location of
this mine is recorded in the Recorder's office
of Gila County, on page . Adjoining
claimants art Alice, Fiaction, lluosfcr and
All persorts holdinir adverse claims thereto
are required to present the samo before this
00 10 by purehjjlng W. L, Doughs Sftecs. Nsoo and
price stamped 01 th tottaro, look fcr U whsn y boy.
W. I-DOUGLAS, llrocklon, Mass. Sold by
San Cnrlo3, A. T.
V. 5. J.Atl Ornta. TtXMK, Arizona,
(ctuWl.r 1
Ntfc is htrebr fcven that The Unite!
ll Miuea, by J-il ward H. Cook, attorney
111 uo, n,t pom 8BlC0 aclrow it tJlobe,
G'ila County. Arhnn. bate BMHit iii-iilicaliim
fur a latent fr tb TRANSIT I.OUK, benr
ms coiiir, wlMte in Globe Minlnir Dlttrkl,
,ila County. Anarn, and deefill iu the
official plat and Celd note on file in Him
run-?, M I')lliis, viz:
UKinniiig at corner No. 1, Initial morui
mn t. a cedar pot S feet l.mg, u inclits In
i-.nster set one foot in tho ground, with
u. .onl of stones, (from whioh U. S. il. Sf.
No. 2 !r north 82 dssjs. 01 min. K. 48IJ
te. 1) thence N 37 deg 27 min, U. 1577.4 feet
tio-merN.i 2, a cedar Host 5 feet Ling G
Kith sin diameter, set 1 foot in the ground
'tli mrniiid uf stones; thsnee S. i'l ds. 15
i.iin K- iV f-t tu comer No. 3. a cedar put
feet li tig, 6 indies in diameter et I foot in
the i-rnjn. with troond df stme; tlieitee K.
V degis. 30 min V. 137C.6 ll to cornor No.
4, a cedar pott 6 feet lortg, G incJiw in diame
ter, set 1 loot in the groiuid with nvmnd of
too;llinoeN. 21 degs. IB min. W. 463.4
'.rt in ou-ner No. 1, and plico of beginning,
nnd containing 12.55 acre, moan variation 13
dex. 15 min. I! and forming a portion of the
quarter f section in Township
of range meridian. The loca
tion of this mine la recorded in the Jtecnrd
er's office of Olla Co. Adjoining ehimants
are tbe Nevada, survey No. 847 Itli lif-!i ,t
conflicts and cxoludwt.
All ei'n holding advemo claims thereto
me rniiiirm w preseni me same oetore tins
Pure Liquors
For MediQAi Fnrpftt.
.rropcnptloni' carcftiHy coropouodetl
at all lioun of tho Day or Night.
the t orliS. .? raritatMi r
.mcrtlrtt. nJ to iNiMsJar i
ts-f-r t f.4vwH mimtt
t TrlK, nife InrmSt
it J"'j r Uw ffcc ftt
tu xl enc n tkf rv ef
ih .irn AM 10 6etr
lata la tJ ahw trr f4 ta
tti J rb ratl-Tspwr (fifkUn
ri lb f rental ytm Tfa t-
r t oC ths4 nriMrant
at iniltittlltll rew af mtm-
Tt tottamnt t fiva ib iprtinw vt rJiaw4 to
boat th flfilftb Mrt of btiih. It u a t ratid d 1U m i.1
aYrfft.lUfXaf Utaiyi titty W Mtllalbiatsuw jU?ri
ttKLtkafri 83 L$lO6r itlitil, frMutLauriitk
C1 pt (KtlrtWTHIItCMt W pf tU pc tturftl
i4drt.U tlXU.LrtCOfctU30. fvhiLAXD, UAiyy
Has his method notf In book form, nnd for
aale, fully lllnet'-jtloc Ids mot annrorod
methods of Altering Colt , Bpayinz CatUo and
Wogs, esiwcially Ilfdgllng Jio-sCT, etc. Also
snowing his ropea and uwtronienla, and tell
ing tho best aftr trwtUnent or castrated
stock ery important o all ott owners and
castraton For pnreii aaU particijlanef book
vrrlto him at Ohnrlemon, Colts Co. , 1)1.
.'.. .vw
Mining Application No. 615.
Survey No. HOG, Unckeye and Jlogeye Jodc.
XJi S. Land OrncE, Tcosos, Arizona, 1
October 31, 18!)3. J
Notice is hereby giren that Tho United
Glebe Mines by Kdward II. Cook, attorney
for claimant, whose lost-ofltee oddrsw is
offioe wiUilu suty days from the first da'
puuiicauon nereor, or tney uui be ba
virtue of tbe proisfuns of the statute.
ay of
J by
t, ,r llegijter.
JJnwAnn JI. Cook,
Attorney for Claimant,
b KSf?iA,J2F
Vkc9 I tWtt Mi 1 b twrt.
lc$ rtu)aes ol r)ocUUl 1-lic
"" "uii kj srirTspsjui lot tun vx
manmoiif Mnt.npiata,tnl?4siTsV
maaf t them r Mtebfttl nj
hrJbrrj.iTlOrU, WehTeS.QCOUdr
Bas3ri u tTf ry tf Uhl mtirwaJityj
wtiJtbr ClTedifipl)nofthlsdie
MMttttjam. A41rM
kln.cc ile VitIiuut Brcart. it
Disuji-'s rtBsiDKKCz, ilaraurtfs, Wicb., )
IcT.?.iAa. f
Tboltov. J. Koesblel, of ainn plaoo. it rites;
I bam saQerul a groat 1ml. anil vbenorer t
Bow foci a nervous attaek coming I Ule a does
ol Faster Koculga Nerro Toaio aaJ feel rtc
UeTOd. I think a great deal of It, end trooU
ratbtr bo witboat bread than aithaat tbe Toalc,
S rBcix, CaL, Jane 19, WJ.
From tbtsrir-ofT land I writ to say that I
hay been snCoriog for 25 years tfxjm tlw tlmo
my first child wr-a bom) l:n signal and brain
trontle, and as 1 grew older tbe pain socaicd to'
grow worse; I beard some time ago ol Faster
Koentg'a JJotto Tenia. Am on tbe socond botti7
and tool tbe pain In my back very, very
nraiU rclleyod. Indeed.
Vnlnnllln TTrwil? vn Kmvrnt
l)Ioao sent free to aay address
and poor pstleBts can alo obt&ln
this ineilictno free of diarzc
This remedy has been jprepsrod by tie Iterorenl
Puior Koenlir. ot Fort Wayne, Ind. since ISiB, ana
IssowpnpinauDdeiius direction brtas
KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III.
Sold by Druggists at 81 per Bottlo. C for 83.
LarcoSlro.Sl.7G. O Bottles for SO-
ri. mriir
BtGsTTflll. KU.
xbMUi f tJtiMBki lM I irii AMi lVrr.
Tf fH
ilL VV
.ftT. Lm.
4 ut hl Tb ewrttniB fu
tin wo it rctralt f I awnthV ut-
BMl iMwfMl lslMltftg III!
aK4uttra aJI rata. MTfrVodl irt
nriHd. VB1 cisMrfallr mAv to leqalrta wHil tUs- tatUmAT
HtralMt, XtKurrUf. f4 caU U tttaif tar rticlKn t
6i. o. r. r. suets, tnicus-s miua. csictca. in.
W.'ckl IU l III lb, (0 IU
4) la. JI h. II la.
W.Ut.WlA. nh, IS Ss.
!!. lib, 3tj- lla.
a Una bbrptibw (frsHttrUl m
Si af u u B U kkki Q B X O U L2CJ HS SB
IW Jl-l.l-ltfJ
tveRKaessoi i?oayanQitaa, sneers
flf FrrfirierF.XkM in OldAr Younr.
Itftktf.t. SftLU MAKIIOOfl rcllr BHIm4. Il ta im ui
4nrtlfm1Trilk,tSI)lcrEtOrSttOUblVSriKtSUl aooc
ikuUIMr D.rilllx IIOXK TIISIkT-D...O. In a j.
In lllfy Iroia SO 5Uttt and rrvlr CiastHn. Krlt Ua.
D'rlptle rvk. ftrUsll4S prerBll6(il4irrT
otliie within sixty days Into the first day of
pnbliaitloir hereof, or thev will be liarrnl Iiv
f frlflVef the prnlision of thofatnte.
. IlKltllKltTUltOWX, Jtcsister.
x.mtrtiii) ii. VOOK,
Attorney for Claimant.
iir Conner
tiate in Ulobe .Miiiias JJUtrlet, Gila oounty
Arizcita, anl described in tlieofliolal plat and
field uotes on file in this offico, as follows. h:
ileginnina at corner No. 1, (from which U.
S. M. Jf. No 2, bears K. 20 dew 10 min Y.
14?l.(i feet) Uuckoye lode, a cedar itost 6 feet
long, 1 foot iu ground, surrounded by a rnound
of stones ; thence K 3 dogs. Ill min B. 1500
feet to corner No. 2, a cedir iot 5 feet Ioiir.
0 inches In dlamctrr set 1 foot in the ground
and surrounded by a mound of stones ; thence
S. 45 det. 11 min. E. GOO feet to corner No.
3, a cedar post G feet long, 6 inches in diame
ter, set 1 foot in the t-round with mound of
stones; thence S. 43 ileRS. 37 mill. W. J600
feet to comer No, i. Identical with oonier No.
B, Jlogeye claim, a cular pot fi feet loufc 6
incbcH in diameter and set t foot in the gnmod
with mound of stone ; thence H 51 degH. 1C
min. V. 1500 feet to corner No. 0, ifteye
claim, a cedar post 5 fret Iobk G inches in
diameter, set 1 foot in the groand and ur-
rouitded by a mound of stories; thence N. 1
de(f. JI min. Y COO feet to corner No. 7, a
Cedar iost 6 feet long 0 inches in diameter,
6et 1 foot in tho ground and surrounded by a
mound of stones; thence N. M di. 40 win.
K. 1000 feet to corner No. 8. identical with
corner Nu. 1, of tho BucUje lode, and "place
of bcgirintftj,', nnd containing 40.C2 acri. mean
variation 13 dege. 11 min. K, anil forming ft
portion of the quarter of section
in lownshlp ol ran'e Uila nnd Sidt
rivers base rosridian. Tho location of this
mine is recorded in the lleconler'a office Of
Gila county, Arizona, Adjoining claimants
aro ,
All )etsoni holjlns adrcrse claimi thereto
arc required to present the same before1 this
oiGce Yfithiff sixty days from tho first day of
publication hereof, or they will to barred by
virtue of tlio provisions of tho statute, .
, Jtctflfer.
HrnVXiiD If. Cook,
Attorney fox Claimant.
nov.ll 10 v
Mining Application No. QIO.
Survey No. 1123, Stonewall Lode.
V. S. Laso Ornos, Tt'CbOK, Arizona, 1
October 31st. 1MX i
Notice i herby gheii that The United
Globe llimw by Hdivartl U. OViok, attorney in
fact, who post uflieo address is (Jlnbo, Gila
Conntv, ATbtona, has made application for a
paten lor ub linear feet of tho STONK
WALL mining claim bearing copper, situate
In Olobo Mining District, County of Uila,
Territory of Ariiona. and described in the
olllcfal plat ami field notes on file in this office,
AH follow S, V 1 I
BoRinnlng at corner No. 1, the Initial point
(from which V S If. M. No. 2 bears N. 17
dege. 10 min. V. 2778 feot) thence N. 74 dew.
40 mm. ii. jw leet to corner JXn. 2, a pine
po 'ix-i incites, o iret mnff. set 1 loot in the
emunu with mound of stones; thenco B. 20
detrs- 31 m!n. K. 600 feet to corner No. 3, n
pine post 4x1 inches, 6 feet long, ret in ground
with mound of stones j thence S. 74 dogs. 46
rain W. 1483 feet to corner No. 1, a pine tost
Ixl inches, set 1 foot in the ground, with
mound of stones; thence N. 20 decs. 31 min.
W. OOO feet to corner No. 1, place of begin
nlng and contafning 20 02 acres, magnetio x.v
ilation J8 degs. 21 miu, J', and forming; a por.
Hon of the rpiarter of section in
Townsliip ot range, Gila and Salt rivers
bate meridian. Tlio location of thir mfne is
recorded in the Recorder's office of Uila Coun
ty, on pago -. Thero are no adjoining
All persons holding adverse claims thereto
are required to present tho samo More this
offico within sixty days from the first day of
publication hereof, or thev will be barrecf by
virtuo of tho provixioni of tho stattite.
,. TI Register.
JiDWAitn II. Cook,
Attorney for Claimant.
I. O. 0. F. moots on the second and fourth
trldaya fn each month. Visiting Brethren irt
good standing cordially Imitcd to attend.
T. F. JPattojt, C. I".
T V lUfcTOX, Scribe.
Larp! Stock of
a: EM nii&il H V n ttri 4 m Hi
and Every.
kept "by a
Exchange drawn on all parts of the Uni
ted States and Europe.
- ....J.J..,J--.J. '-'--""'

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