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Arizona silver belt. [volume] (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, February 16, 1895, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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av u tK H p -
cblleJ erery Stlardty moronj at
JSIobj Gila County Arizona
Ksitoas 4SS FaOralSISSS
uuiiMCitirciox kati 8i
One fnri st 00
nlxVonths i 3 00
Three Months i io
Advervilu Itatea made known on
tjorernor L C Hughs Tucson
Treasurer Jas A Fleming Phwmx
Superintendent of Public luitruition F
J Nethcrton Phituix
AudlUr H C Uoone
Supreme Court--A C BVer Chief
Juitioe Phcenix Owen f Hodse Associate
J ait ice Tucson J I liethuue Associate
Justice Tucson
U 3 District AUorney K E Ullinwood
IT S Marshsl W K Heads
SurTejor General L H Munalbf 1uoeun
Delegate to Congress Marina Smith
Judje of Firit Judicial Distritt It E
Judge of Second Judicial District lVven
X Rome Tucson
i Judge af Third Judicial District -A C
Judg4 of the Fourth Judioial District- J
Hawkins Prteeot
Ulln Count
Judge of District Court Owen T Kouie
Cleric of Distriet Court Aloiiso Bailey
Judjce af ProUte G M Allison
fihesiff J II Thompson
UndeT Sheriff -0 N CresTvell
Distriet Attrne P T Kebertson
Reeerder CsuT Marlln
Superiors Q C Tebba E II Cook
Chs K Taylor
dark mi Brd ot epnrtor Cfcss T Mtthn
Cjuntr Treasurer J W Boardman
Distance rem Glebe to the railroad at Will
co 123 miles
rteu Olebe w Cim Grande ereftln the Devils Can
jen and tawhlor at Pinal and FIoreaM 00 wiles
rrj Glebe to CasaOrande via Pteneer 90 udlee
UihUm above m level et GM 5500 feet
iMu U 31 desrees J minutes lonfltude 110 dc
gre ei 5 mlnutet i
IlllMit ruilmum teoiperature Jnly lttH UO Atg
Lcnett ralntroum temperature Jan 10th 18 dt f
Wn tempoiature Mdfc
PretafHoj dtreetloo o wind Soutbwcel
An ooHnriHon eteadlngc arer lererel Tor die
elMi the reuurkaUo faet that there bat not been
alif irltkwt awreor lH lunihlne
Office one door south of Hitch
cocks Drug Storo
lice fit ritidonce two door louth of
Post 0ffic
Office Ilouri 11 a m te 2 p m G
pm lo 730 p in
asd CoUKeLon at La-
Globe Arizona
ii Office on UriAil Stret t
UL013E T
rrji n
COMN w wentworth
ii PUBLIO Globe Arizona Special
ttttentiai given to tho drawing of Deeds
Jioude Contracts Eta
1 x I
Glftbe Lodge Ho 6 I O OJVirfoeU
firit and third Mondaye in each month In
Court Hrtuee
Vlettlnffbiothericordlillt Invited
AtOSZO Bauet Seoy
I O O F meet rtn the second and fonrth
Fridays In each month at the Court House
brethren in good standing cordially
Invited to attend
H C IIircHcocr C P
Wm Zhimirmakk Scribe
zS f i
Mndwi1JXrd tfwVlMrnM
rrn E -it u p ttin to rnf
A I yW1 TV Yiftu Atv Nw Vutk
rnVll3 m
worth ftilOOito ifli4
Jnvuhlr tli rrl4 PorfoH
tlmktfr Yt ttnt4h0Tj
Jfittk Udur and i tot ifii
rwitlvworka And vi
TAiaei Ut rVRSOtlli
SI lOCAlitr Cetll HWT 0W
r tor tli wnb nr Mffc
nd diiiAblttjief IlmiflehoteJ
vstainnliii Tbtii HntWill worn
rttti strsi fVe Jill th Wftfk T6H
VJ J 1 tlkOW Mtkll i you W iht who CeUI youY
Wf Mi nd iichbr i4 tfcoM yta UiIt Mwyi rtiaJtt
Mtli9wtwrpctS Wpy illtiprMt fttihteie AAtf
fM wevVI lk rlftMwiik r ITMICI
nurrtm 4 rnM k 154 vprd AtMrru
f - anVl v rfrnnrt Mne
i i M i m ii hi mimiiiiwwi I fciaaripK it sshsr -
i i mm m i in 1 rilr i il iYIIii Ja
p aSHHbV
b more Ihmi n purtfnttv lo bu per
KUHUtOt It lUUftt COUtHifl
Tonic Alterative and
Cathartic Properties
Ynlta Pllla poiieu theeo UiiUft 1
en otulaeut tirgrao nud
Speedily Restore
to tba bowel their uatustl parlatalUe
tootion to aaaantlal to rBularltjr
Bold BverarwlierQ
rk i cvut si riorM
All rn rliL iiiiln l
tU4ig f14 Itpt
lit tt I MirrtM ttr
iir ntrlnkrtst l lla
M4 tiTutirtir lot w
0OOIn lrlrT
cal uttlklujtntt raAa
iirMiftBaHkr liifiiiilripiitft
of U41I wllk tn Ja It
rrtiMBtait J AitM
OF an vi nsi
mnirrru nv tltrnRRLP
TBI BOOK rsTean in nrv mu -
Mttslls and teeiotallons which swell joonrrlrU
who aiplro to sis life The ehma of the liber
Una aatlnit Tlrtuo aro rerealeO A treat ox
roee of tho peraonal life of apopolsr aetreee
Ii iimiIi out In elain Knaiua lor tnoae woo
want toknow tbe latlde of eUtellfe J
fiii TiftV cS os liXfaiiVsii iiAw at
KtDald f
the bar of San Praucijco vihlch wc Ulleve wat
the Alia rcmoTcd from Moatetty la 1311 the
Inhabitants of the Coatt cenerallr have been InUr
tatejia the ucwafrom San Trancitco The Alia
lite taanyothcrpIoaersofihassuccumbd t
the Inevitable and cine oer totkc crcat najarlty
And like ether ploaters has keen succeeded by
Younger gcutrallonj The Kzamlacr hat
taken perhaps the siott prominent place In the
newspaper field late ears and Its VTcckly
edition Is very generally Itkeit by these Whs
wantaa latere stint and rellsblc pnpsr published
at Tb Esy lTeryon Is familiar wllhi
ih rremluta Offers msde by Ur Hearst the
Examiners enterprising publisher aad it b
only aecesaary to say thatthls year the actrccate
value of the prewUins o which there are 6009
la JUtfs0OO which are dlalriblcd a moos all thl
subacrlbcrs to Ike piper In addition U these pee
Mums whlOi rinje in rslue froa 40 cents t
PSO otry subicrlber recelres ese of the feet
great premium pictures which will be sasllad to
him In a tub direct from the Examiner oQo
as soon as the Jubtjilptiou li recelttd
Tie Beirut frca Moscow lr Melssoaler
Tl Roan Cairlot Rim ir A Wautr
Ei ell
ml these pictures Is 21x23 Inches and they
are reproduced In fac simile showing
CYcrytintVLd e9orof the treat oritlaals elthee
one of which coMtd uot be purchased fcrjiefetioa
This great Tonichas been introduced to the
p ople of the Misfcisilppl Valley or the past
thirteen yeara with unbounded success and
There Is nothing of the kind extant that
equal it a stimulant an npetizer or anti
dyspeptic It Is particularly adapted to mala
rious districts and an a
Preventative of Chills
Is ntlt surpassed
It Is cndorAed by the best chemietsi as the
moat efficacious strengtbcnlnp Tonic this
country has eter produced the value of which
will be recrtirnized by all who rtiaV use therm
Private citizens of Arizona vlt itlng St Toule
ha re expressed thcirconvlchons that it Is pe
culiarly adapted to the want of that Terrl
tnry hndlieetN only a trial tolnsurcltsspnedy
Introductloif there
Ordemaddrr MedtniTIH WEST INDIA
n empl xh fd iltf
Wm ZinimefHiann
lias oil hAVid at all times a select assortment
of furhHlire of the latest desurns foi sale at
moderate prices Alio Paper Hanging Neatly
HT Orders taken for Goods not in SUck
Globe Arizonr
Glfi and FlorencE
tags Line
Carrying tie U S M
The most direct route from
Globe to all points west
Passenger to or from Olnbe stop oter
niiitut Itiientlil where excellent accomiuo
ilati ins are offered
bPi0IAI llATCS Kiven to parties of
three or more who will be conteyed t Mesa
Tempe Ihcenltjirother points off the line
when so dedred
C O HOCKPTT Proprietor
Ulobe Arizona
aus IS tl
ClrlJtLiTl3lliPratQrlaaDrGiiUTeDjri O 3 AT
Warh f tha ntr4tirr f tnv1url It htirtMk
Vrarur ilalTt anil mnpnttvfttH tor fraal
fnr end will adorn the well i of the molt tefiaed
The subscription ptlc of the VeekIy Eta til
ner Is JLtO end subscriptions may be sent eitl er
direct to W K Hearst rubllsher San Franclaco
ral Atent of the Xxamlner ot
thrauxh the Local
we rostmaswz
etveu Mvfmifc sevmTv
To euro IlillODsness Sick Headache Consti
pation Malaria Liter Complaints take
the aafo and certain remedy
temi Annuairashlonnr
Oatalecne puMihtd
H Sept loth andmailed free J
epenapplication luting and V
illeatratlar with evkr aoo IJ
Bllthogapht and wood
cats evarrthinf neeHed nr
LAUita vnii ajiu vnimrrn a
ffWearand adornment If cuk Ksfeiafri
JL i
On door nortli of E F Kellner Cus
- A T
Bib BEilSiiBnislorplw
Vo the S1IAIT SIko tollttle Beans lo the
aattaLls lor nil V4
arico of eltlier aire 2flc pt r Ilottlfi
IaHWVJBtVlC3ujlfor4it crMntunr
MantifaDturiiig Company
Pfopkiktors or in Wist Jnuia
Stoniacli Bitters
fo 26 South Aecoud Street
Alwnjs fnr Sale
g Orders Called for and Meat
Delivered Daily
rrif j in iJifrinnr
fivhrt 1bJjn ciccurita ton specified sum
I prices nuoWssh fjTJWER 1han nny dhtr
nuuae laiAe ui
Send for fyW
5mC C
jawivu i
rwcrme3 i
Cooda Curfalna UphoUteryctc etc
aad dd tke larxeit and moit reliable Mail Order J
Trade la the country Tijcir Faihini Cats
loiue is IndnpeuiUe 14 parties prirentrd by j
ditiance from duin taeir tn ttiMfp n r
Kew York x IItrU
6th A 20th St KCW YORK CITY
3smrftiiTi cinia
Rnlghts of Rythlas
KcfrulAr maetinrjof Pinrd Mountain Lrld
No II Tuesday night of inch wfek at Ma
sonic Hall All brothers in Kood stinding
nre cordially invited
V - I S Hkrov C C
AV W Raines K R S
Masonic t
ReKular communication of Wfifte Moun
tainLode No 3 AF A M meet
Thursdays on of mcceedins eoh lull Moon
SojinrtiinR brethren In good ttandinr cor
dially iuvited
By order of the WM
aSTl 5JtC tttv
tlnolo SamB Chaplajna and Tholr
Tboy Are Commissioned the Same aS join
cent and Are Governed by Strict allll
tary ltefulatlona Not lie
quired to Fight
The United States army has thirty
four chaplains stationed at forts nil
over tho country Seven of them says
the Chicago Times arc Baptists nine
ore Episcopalians eleven aru Metho
dists two are Presbyterians one is a
CongTcgationalist oni is a Lutheran
one is a Christian and two are Cntho
lic priests The question of denomina
tion cuts no figure in this branch of l
crvice Appointments are alwajS
made by favor and without nny regard
whatever for the religious demands of
soldiers and officers FbUt bf Ihc chap
lains referred to aro regimental chap
lains Attached to the tout colored reg
iments two of infantry arid two cav
alry Three of these men nre negroes
Tho pay of a newly commissioned
army chaplain is one thousand three
hundred and fifty dollars n year to
u hich ten per cent is added for each five
yeurs of service lie has always the
VtSidllvc rank of a captain of infantry
After retirement he receives three
fourths of the pay of that rank No
age limit restricts appointments A
clergyman may enter the service at the
age of sixty three years and eleven
months retiring u few days later with
Uie rank nnd pay of a captain It will
be been that a chaplain is acually
much better ott than to go through
long j ears of service for blow promo
tion Like a captain he is entitled to
commodious quarters at government
expense comprising five rooms
The chaplain in the army is not
obliged to fight Under any circum
stances He has no arma His uniform
is a plain Mack frock coit buttoned to
the neck with nine buttons It is pre
scribed that the buttons bhall be in
front to button the garment up be
hind would not be consistent with the
tegulatious This with a black hat
serves for undress a nd full dress The
chaplain has charge of religious mat
ters in general at the post where he is
stationed lie enters in a book all mar
riages baptisms and funerals at Which
lie oflicintcs
An act of congress passed in 1833
created the office uf jVost chaplain and
Jvuhoolmasterrt The appointee was
neither enlisted nor commissioned The
pay attached to the position was raised
from time to time until it reached one
bundled dollars n month In uIukIi r i
lions were added In ISO congress
in we mc cnapiains commissioned oiu
cers and gate them relative rank as
captains They are obliged to pass
only a physical examination but it is
icquired that they shall be regularly
ordained clergymen in good standing
in tht ir denominations
Ev man on board of a modern war
ship is supposed to bo a lighter Tho
naval chaplain might be called upon
by the commanding officer to pass am
munition or even to help in handling a
gun However his duty would ordi
narily le to aid the mounded
There arc twd Catholic priests in the
havy The sailors arc largely Catholic
Inany of thcin being Irish Trench and
A chaplain on board ship takes his
meals with a wardroom mess He may
say grace before meat if the officer who
happens to be caterer docs not object
It Is unfoitunatcly n fact that chap
lains ns a rule aro not vcrj popular in
the navy It is easily undci stood that
a clergyman finds himself in rather nn
anomalous position among a lot of
young oihccrs in the wardroom Fomc
of them aro apt to be raoro or less ri
bald and there is much of the merri
Juent In which a minister of the gospel
cannot well join
The percentage of Catholics among
sailors in tho United States navy is
growing rapidly lesson aecount of the
policy which now prevails of enlisting
Americans in preference to foreigners
A visitor on one of our warships Is
astonished to hear strange languages
spoken by a majority of the bluejackets
on Ijoard
A chaplain may lie dismissed from the
army or navy like ruijt other officer
Jven the presidentof the United States
however cannot deprive him of his
commission without a court mnrtirl
As might be imagined Undo Sams
chaplains have rarely got Into trouble
One of them was permitted to resign a
few years ago on account of immoral
ity which tho secretary Of war thought
it undesirable to advertise by holding
an open court and publishing the fncts
in general orders for the edification of
the entire service
Fremnture Development In Children Gen
erally Results In Imbecility
The public prints have lately been
mentioning the circumstance of an Al
Abama woman who has reached tho
age of nineteen years without increase
of stature beyond that of n babe of
eight monthsi Thc case is Indeed
curious and nil tho more so from the
fact that she remains in good health
and in possession of her physical
powers In discussing thisuusnaturto
a wcll koown investigator Intomatters
nuthropifiogical related to a reporter
for the Cincinnati Enquirer some cases
in direct contrast with this and two
or three are worth reproducing
Tho French Academy of Sciences
bald he has given much attention to
matters like thhj They have on record
the description of a lad who at the age
pf scvcnycars measured four feet nine
Inches without Jils shoes lie lifted
with CttSb two hundred pounds and was
able to do as tiiuch heavy vork as a
jxirfectly developed man lint his un
derstanding was no greater than Is
usual with children of hjs age and
their play thlngHivcre his favorjtetoys
Another boy a native of Bouzan
quet though of strqug constitution
Appeared to bo still jpinted till four
and n half years old During this time
fiothing further was remarkable about
bimcxceptim extraordinary appetite
jljefor renching1 the ago of five his
htubs became supple nnd hiaWdr be-
f -44 if S
gantocspand rapidly At si jehrs
of ugc Ills height was five feet and bin
bulk in broportion His growth Was
so rapid that every month his clothes
required to Ik made longer and wider
yet he had neither sickness nor pain
He could lift upon his shoulders a
weight of one hundred nnd fifty
jxiuuusrid carry it with case At the
ngc of llvenis voice changed and his
beard began 18 hppoar and at six his
beard was remarkably heavy and
all the unquestionable marks of ma
turity were visible in him It was
thought he would certainly grow to
gigantic proportions but sucli Pros
pects very suddenly vanished Deforn
he reached the age of eight his legs
crooked body shrank strength dimin
ished voice became weak and he sank
into total imbecility
v His rapid maturity was followed by
an even swifter decay nnd in his tenth
year ho wasted away to a mehi skele
ton and died
The same authority vouches for tho
account of a girl child who when four
ryears old was four feet six inches in
height with head and limbs well pro
portioned ond breasts fully expanded
like those of a young lady of eighteen
She was mentally advanced for her
years and at the age of six attracted
the notice of a young man who desired
lo pay court to her Her parents bb
jected very naturally to this proposal
nnd when the childish years of the
girl were given as a reason they were
compelled to exhibit tho public register
of births to prove the truth of their
representation At fifteen this girl
began to show indications of decrepi
tude at eighteen she gave all the
signs of old age nnd in two or three
vcars thereafter wink into that mental
state known as second childhood She
dlel in her twenty second year appar
ently of extreme age
We frequently hear of similar prod
igies in our own country but they are
shortlived Phenomenal maturity al
ways promises early decay and we
may be sure that in no case will nature
be cheated of her rights
The Dlrtlis and Deaths for One Tear III
the State of Massachusetts
From the annual report of births
tleatlis and marriages in Massachusetts
for 1893 which was lately made by Dr
Francis A Harris it appears says the
Boston Transcript that the number of
living births registered in the year
was 07102 which was 1368 larger
than wa3 reported in 1892 and larger
than any other year since the begin
ning of registration in Massachusetts
The excess of living births over the
number of deaths was 18108 being
greater than the excess of any other
year There were registered SiSH
marriages being greater than were
registered in any previous year More
marriages were solemnized in the
lnonth of June than in nny other
month 17 men and 1 woman were
more than seventy five and 4 were
more than eighty years old at the
time of marriage The number of
deaths was 10034 being 322 more than
the number reported In 1802 and 3800
more than the number reported in
Jhoi Miie deaui rate lor the year was
20 13 per 1000 of the estimated 2
439303 population living which is 44
jess uiuu me rate oi iey inc great-
est number of deaths occurred in Au- i
gust and the third quarter of tho year
and the least In June and tho fourth
quarter In the previous year the
greatest number of deaths occurred in i
Six hundred and ten pairs of twins
were born in tho state last year nnd
nine sets of triplets It is noticeable
that nearly 10000 moro children of
fdfeign than of native parentage were
born in Uoston during the year
Good Words lor Japan
An American who has been practic
ing law in Tokio for the last seven
years has just returned home to New t
Yoik absolutely in love with Japan I
and its people He says the nation do-
serves to win in this war with China i
precisely as civilization deserves to
follow barbarism and must ulways fol
low it according to tho laws of man
No one w ho is not in direct contact
with the Japanese carl appreciate the
fervor and indomitable will that ani
mate every man at this period of the
countrys enlightenment It seen s to
move like nn electric current through
each class of tho realm from the high
est to the lowest This gentleman fur
ther says that thoughtful men in tho
center of this struggle watch the de
velopment of the Japanese with a feel
ing akin to amazement progress usual
ly proceeds with a slow step but in
the new Japan it goes with leaps that
can lc felt and seen
Queer Things Abtfut Canada
There arc three things that attract
the notice of a traveler frotn thp states
when he has got into Canada to say
nothing of the general dullness that
preadrs that province One is the dis
appearance of w indow blinds and bare
ness of the house fronts The other is
the presence of militiamen nnd police
men wlip arc us ncarsly coplesas may
bo of the English militia and London
bobbles The third is the impossi
bility of getting your shoes blacked
cxceptin tlii washrooms of tho hotels
pne pays ttin cbnta for a shave and a
Ntw York artist who did his work so
fhttbify would bo made to do it over
An AiKRnt Superstition
To get rid of Ii disease by giving it to
somebody blsc Is common among all
primjllve races It cannot be said that
in IstH we aro not just as selfish slncd
we dump pn neighbors the filth of sewr
uge To follow out pertain incanta
tions am to fasten the disease to ft
plaster or something or qther was
concluded by the burying of thftplas
ter Then if anybody dug- it up he
caught the discato and tho ill man wa
freed of his malady TJiis is an old
Roman fancy lnd is- carried out acT
pprdnig to Capti Itourkc by the Mexi
panJjvdiaps to day It is probably ojf
Spanish origin
LonD JlOTuscniLD jhas started the
fashion of driving a pair of zebras In I
harness j
Ton TnoufefimJ Gigantic Logs Tossing-
Atiout on tho WavoB
They Formed an Iuuoeuae JCaft Which
Had to Be Abandoned by a Tug in
a Storm A Menace to the
Veeeels ot Commerce
Towing big rafts of timber in a lur
bulent sea is no easy task So Capfe
Thompson of the tujr Monarch and
Pilot Whcelet iold the other captains
and pilots along the Water froiit the
other day says the San Francisco Ex
The Monarch started from Astoria
October 12 to tow a raft of piles to this
port The Monarch arrived recently
but the raft is afloat in sections on the
Pueifle ocean It may be that every
one of the ten thousand piles of which
tho raft was fiHgtriaUy composed is
scattered driftwood on the high sas
or perhaps a few h andfed of these
great logs are still lashed dunging
sidelong or headlong- nt the caprice of
every billow and at every plunge
threatening collision with passing com
merce Some unfortunate ship may
encounter one or more of these roving
timbers and a few holes may be stove
into the sides of unsuspecting vessel
Tho raft was valued at fifty thousand
dollars but if landed here would
have been worth four times as much
Uesidcs there was eighteen thousand
dollars Insurance on the raft and its
loss will represent a total loss to the
enterprising men who sought to have it
towed into San Francisco bay
The trip of th lonqrch was a rough
one from the start Every precaution
had been taken The logs were raited
In a cigar shape previous experiences
with tows of that kind having taught
Capt Thompson many a lesson in
methods of lashing but the south
eastern gale Which has done so much
damage to the shipping in the north
was too much for tho logging expedi
tion and W heii they got as far aa tho
Hecta lighthouse aboul 330 a m on
Tuesday October 10 after having bat
tled with the elemonte four days and
four nights they decided t6 abandon
what was left of their tow It was not
much for most of it had abandoned it
self long before The big raft com
menced to lose piles and the heavy
chains which held them together had
long since been nothing but drag an
The wind was so heavy that the
Monarch could not possibly make any
headway and the first night out she
had to lie in the trough of the sen
Heavy seas and gales continued all the
time There was no possibility to con
tinue the voyage with the dragging of
chains and logs hs a handicap and tliat
is why the two captains decided lo
abandon their tow and cast the logs
adrift on the billows of the turbulent
ocean to bang ngainst ships wherever
they meet them to drive big holes into
their sides and perhaps to sink them
Much indignatiocri irvas expressed
among tho men who go to sea and the
men who have shipping interests
They said that the attempt to tow big
rafts during stormy times is criminal
because etery ban acquainted with
the coast knows it cannot be accov
plished Many a time it has been tried
but never has anybody succeeded in
bringing a raft of large dimensions
into this port from the north expt
when the winds were calm and the
seas were undisturbed It may be dene
at this season said sme of the old sea
logs if the opu sea is avoided and the
trip is made by dodging along the
coast and by traveling through bays
nnd gulfs only but on the wide open
ocean during stormy seasons no Ore
gon limbers will ever be made to float
into the waters pf San Francisco bay
Western Indians Tatie New Wliee When
They Get Tired ot tbo Old Ones
Capt L F Hurnett Seventh caralty
Jicting Indian agent at Mescalcro N
M in a recent report to Commissioner
lirowning sums up au evil which is
found to prevail to a greater or less ex
tent among all western Indians and
more especially among tlibse in a sav
age state He say s
Another cause of much trouble oil
this reservation is the frequent mar
riages among the Indians It often
happens that a man will get tired of his
evjfe after a few months and will then
leave her or send her home to her rela
tives This may bcur several times
with the same pi ns sj that a man
may have three or foil wives and th
svoraan as many husbands all living
Sometimes- fthc husband illtreats his
wife and she runs away to her parents
They often make ip and live together
again Several c ises have occurred
during the last ytar where parents
thavc induced a man to marry their girl
aged perhapsnpt ivei Uiirtecn or four
ieen yeurs for the sole purpose of
eeping hcrout o school It usually
lappens thatthp partiessoon separate
the girl returning- to her parents often J
ngainst tno wishes of her husband
fl his causes serio o quarrels I do all
I can to induce thef c persons to live tor
gcthorwhcn once they are married
put there islno way of compelling them
to do so Polygamy is practiced to
some extent- Twelte Indian have
each two wives and one has thtbc
TTETIIlnD ot uU toWt wed in the
United States Is made in Allegheny
county Pa
wf MiJom -
VB fPy
a i
An Interesting Sketch of a Pictur
eaquo English Woman
She Managed Her Own Horace In 1crson
WoreMaacnllno Apparel and Handled
the Kngllsh Language with
Ilnent Heedlessness
Caroline dowager duchess of Mont
rose who died recently at the age of
eighty was a fine example of that cc
centricity which only woman of ranli
ban permit herself without being ealld
vulgar says the New York World
Her conduct was far removed froiA
what would be considered proper in
polite American society
flirt Uuchosst managed on5 of the
largest Taelng stable in England with
much success Her language 0ft the
race cqursc was marked by a vitfor and
a wealth of profanity which were not
suVpassed by many racing men
Although horse racing washer chief
irilofcst It did ntyt oeeupy her undivid
ed attention Bhe had engaged cx
tens vely in matrimony having14 ma
ried three husbands Thisreoord would
not of courso bo remarkable but the
duchess has had no divorces Her first
two husbands died and the last is now
a widower
During the lalicrpatt of her raoius
career her horseeran Under the name
of Mr Manton For thrca yote they
were in the name of her last husband
joung nenry Milner but she quarreldl
u ilh him and Mr Mantons name reap
peared Recently fchc had the hordes
m the- Newmarket races
Mr Manton has been a iathilier
figure m the paddolt fet every great
English race meetfng Next Ujhnt of
the icnerabWSir John Astleyit was
probably the best known
The duches was tall awl straight
a id heavily bniiu In her youth she
had been rattier good coking1 s woman
of a high bred Knglih typc Jiut vrltcn
her youthful cnannsvnsscdway shfe
made unfortunate attempts toroolace
them Her havbh and heavily lined
face was painted and her hair wasofi
froldcn hue produced by chemical
ngents I
On the raceoohrsd Jthfe ore tailor
made clothe of a very horsey cut in
eluding check gowns covert edateL
white cravats with horseshoe pins aim
felt hats At the theater andUecial
functions she did not scruple te appear
in very 16w cul tevcufng dressy This
as Mr Hill Nye has noted is quite a
well established custom among the an
tique Engligh ladies
The duchess was originally Hon Car
oline Agnes llvrcsfonLdunghtcr of thq
second Lord Dcvies rtnrl a relative of
the gallant naval officer Lord Charlefl
lteresford and Of Lord William llercs
ford whose engagement to the Amer
ican duchess of Marlborough is report
ed The second Lord Deckis was born
in 173 and lis dBUghirCtvbliue mad
htr first appearance somewhere about
18U i
In 135 she married James Urahami
fourth duke of Montrose who was
also marquis of Montrose marquis of
Oraham and Iluphanau earl of Mont
rose curl of KAnardine Viscount Dunr
daft IOrd Graham Aberuthvcn Mug
dock and Fintrie in Scotland Earl
end Daren Graham in England etc
The duke was hc hood of one of thp
most historic families in the United
Kingdom his ancestor having been
the great marquis of Montrose
who maintained tharc Is eauoso
successfully in Scotland that but for
the surprise at Phlllipsbnugh the com
monw ealth might never have been os
The duchess third und oldest surviv
ing son is now duke He ib forty four
years of age
The late duke was ahorsc ov nor and
a sportsman and his wife associated
herself enthusiastically in his pursuits
When he died she consoled herself by
marrying in 1805 Mr W S Stiilinjj
Crawfuid who wv seven more of a
racing mau than tho duke He won
the Derby with Sefton in 1878 Tor
Ecvantcfirt years they led a happy and
nctive sporting career
Then Ml- Craw furd died and his sta
ble passed entirely under his widows
management Mr Manton now canio
into existence apd became famous v
She was in the habit of bidding for
3earlings in public and Of superintend
ing the stables personally nbusmg tho
men in the strongest iort pf language
when they did iipt do their work prop
erly She had auam4ro than one pub
lic dispute with racing men in which
her expletive force was exhibited
among others with IiQlierfc Sherrard
the well known trainer nnd owner on
New market heath t
The duchess furnichqd material for a
comic opera entitled The Morrj
Duchess vt hich was produced hero
some ten years hgo j
111 18S8 the lamented Mr Crawfurd
having been dead for five yeans shq
married htr4 third husband Maroun
Henry Milner a man now thirty j ears
of age The duchess it will be per
ceived was old enough to be his grand1
A Time baer
The value of the electric light as a
saver of time is btrikingly illustrated
in a return just made of the average
time occupied by ships in passing
through the Sue eajjul With tho
electric light the journey is atcoiiipv
lished in eight minutes under twenty
hourv Without the light thlrj jilo
hours and twenty four minutes is tho
time Usually required
ERYpAR Guaranteed
address an Franc sgo Cap

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