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Arizona silver belt. [volume] (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, March 16, 1895, Image 4

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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8aturdrty March 16 1806
A Mink Drowned Tuiiln Kllllni n Musk
rat ltin Atlirondiclc Pool
The nvddit Q wntcr of a lulf frozvii
tuvu down tm the Huts told that ome
thittg uiiutfbul had happened not long
before Plainer yet was tho tale hen
ft Btltleuiiig furred Ixxly nxso to tho sur
face of the littlo opnspaeo of water
Under the fringe of nearly frozen ico
odurlc spot showed plainly to n wood
rwini oyo that 2 fight had occurred In
the water and a closer inspection
demonstrated that it had been a light
for food and a fight for llc
A hungry mink had como that way
along tt string of coves looking for
something to cat The mice were shy
and ho could not catch them Of fish
Ulere wore none hut a louo musknit
diving or roots and after a minute he
nooth the waters surface rising again
offered a prey nt onco a fighter and of
goodly taste A mink lilies to kill a
fighter Ho will go a long way from
nrooks upon hill and even mountain
tops looking for one woodsmen say
Ho tacltlai martens or weasels and Is
especially fond of n big muskrat
The mink crouched on the edge of
tho lee a moment then as the muskrat
rose he sprang for his prey Tho musk
hit hilckly threw up his head and
euught the mink by a paw Tho mink
got hold of tho muskrats neck a skin
hold only They rolled and kicked the
water high In the air throwing it ten
f4t awfjy into the snow Tho mink
could have killed the muskrat had they
been in the snow or on the ground but
in the water tho muskrat was too pow
erful At last they dived and nbovo
them the water boiled and grew yellow
d ith mud
Under water tho mink was as badly
off as at tho surface At last the
minks breath gave out and letting go
he tried to rise but the muskrat would
not release his hold on the minks leg
Bo at last tho mink after much strug
gling died lint his hold on the muk
rats throat though at fint only a skin
hold had later been forced book and
the big vein had been cut The niiuk
rose to tho surfnee and the muskrat
tried to swim away but died and rose
as the other hnd done
Vnplpasant Looklnc Creature Which Mill
Have I tIcdiIs anil Little Unfe tlT
To tell of all the different kinds of
spiders would take many boolcs Spi
ders are of all xiaas from tho dreadful
big terror of uhioh you have heard
the celebrated tarantula which Uvea
only in hot countries to the tiny little
spiders that ean secrete themselves in
sueh small spots that the sharpest eyes
have Hard work to find them
Xot only do they differ in size but in I
lijWt and in the variety and style of
their lvouses ami of their method of
tablishlng their nurseries and bringing
up their uMldren Some spklcrs lire in
the air out of doors some in the corners
of old buiWing some in the ground J
and some on the water Thcru does i
not iii to be any variety yet found
which inhabit fire but pcrhape some
may b diseoered The giant of the
bpkler family the great crab spkler
lives principally in South America
This spoeimen is from two and one
half to three inches long Theii legs
are at least five inches long Most
spklers live upon flies and very small t
insects Hut the crab spider is very
bold and pugnacious awl will attack
any creature not only his own size but
even larger with the intent to make a
dinner of Jiin enemy Small birds liz
HrdeaTnl other little crvmures arq
just the kind of supplies which suit his
taste and supply his larder
This gentlemen is what is called a
night that is he spend most
of the day In sleepjand takes the night
to gambol about in seaieh for his
meals At this time when all little
birds are safely as they thinkl asleep
in Uwir nests he creep up a tree and
rfuklx finds out some of these unsus
pocttng creatures He is very
strong and fierce and finding his prey
off jpard he generally succeeds in kill
ing it
3Ien tVlio Are Standing Will Surrender
Right t a Sxattliuoat lnrarlubly
Han yoif ever noticed asked an ob
serving young woman how much
politer men are wlio are standing up in
itrtmtoars than men who are sitting
I confessed that I had not says a
Xew York Herald writer
Well you watch and you will find
out that I am right It is comparatively
seldom that I enter a crowded ear and
have a man rise to offer me his sent i ost
inen settle themselves comfortably
stick their noses more deeply into their
nevspapers and pretend they dont see
me hanging fast to tho strap llutif any
one should then vacate a scat and a man
was standing by it the chances are fifty
to one that ho would beckon me to
come over and take it rather than sit
down himself
2sow this iknt imagination Ive
noticed It scores of times I think men
go on tho principle that possession
is nine tenths of the law or rather 1
might say nine tvnths of politenoss
What a man has lie keeps and he fays
Ilaug politeness Hat if ho isiilrcady
standing It is just as easy for him to
keep on standing and in tlint case po
liteness has some show with him
Im not talking nonsense now she
went on with ri merry laugh Im
talking fact and if you dont believe it
you can oasily gut proof for yourself
Clean of nrixrn Taper
Paper cigars are one of the most re
cent forms of adulteration in Gormahy
where two muilufaotnrers have been
puufameif for making them In one
case only the outsklo leaf consisted of
tobacco the rest of tho cigarbelng com
posed of brovVn paper previously
steeped in tobacco juice and then dried
In the other ease the cigar maker Had
actually entered in a contract with a
paper manufacturer tomake for him a
special kind of brown paper with to
bacco remnants and paper pulp the
sheets being afterward eut into strips
nnd rolled into the form of cigars
An OinoMl lint Catcher
Anofllafalrat catcher has beon ap
poMd by the Uvwytool ifity council
Uofifcjjpbejrin with St Johns market
wbMijic is to clear o rate for one hun
dred Und fifty dollar and nfter nuuh
dqaninec to kaep the market oloar of
rats7r the susi of f6uo hundred dollars
rSf ftitm
Clover Tlttlo Teojilo Who Do Almost Im
VomlbU Trlrks tot Small iay
Ihirlng n iinrikisha ride nlonir the
streets of any Jnpaneso city the trav
eler is almost sure to sec It group of
young street ucrobats quulnt little peo
ple grotesquely dressed Their ugea will
range generally between three nnd
twclvo years and all have been reg
ularly trained
Their dress consists mainly of loose
trousers a bright colored jacket nnd
u peculiar headdress The troubcrs
aro baggy made of n Btronr material
resembling bluu nnd white bed ticking
and tied nt the Unkle The jacket and
shirt are bright and conspicuous
Tho front of tho headdress repre
sents tho half opened mouth of a
dragon while the back is ornamented
w ith many cocks plumes From under
tho headdress fulls n curtain of thin
red material thrown carelessly back
over the shoulders the whole being
soeurely held on the head by a piece of
red cloth which ties underneath the
These little imps arc always laugh
ing full of fun over ready to play
harmless jokes on ono another Some
of their most skillful untie1 says
Youths Companion will be followed
by simply throwing themselves into
ridiculous positions intended solely to
keep spectators in a good humor
You nro startled to sco them sudden
ly stand upon their heads heels in air
or bond backward until their saucy
littlo faees will be teen inverted be
tween their knees Again they will
walk on their hands and quite unex
pectedly change from their position
rolling and tumbling over each other
jumping kicking or prancing nnd
trying in every way to attract tho at
tention of tho passer by
Ono of them continually beats a
binnlldrum and smgs at the top of hit
voice doing his best to add to tho din
Their entire performance is given in
tho hope of earning a few rin a small
coppur coin worth less thau the tenth
of an American cent
Whon a foreigner passes tho little
acrobats redouble their efforts for they
know that they stand a chance of get
ting a silver coin
Thoso little people have often fol
lowed my jinriklshaforn long distaucc
continuing their gymnastics and some
times their persistence becomes trouble
some always hoping for an additional
coin and being ever ready to work for
it they carry out the deep rooted prin
ciples of the Japanese character In
dustry patience and perseverance
W S Gn iiEKT Sir Arthur Sullivans
famous collaborator has so little car
for music that he cannot distinguish
harmony from discord
There are forty eight different ma
terials used in constructing a piano
from no fewer than sixteen different
countries employing forty five differ
ent hands
Handels Messiah was recently
performed at Buenos Avres for the first
time in South America with a chorus
of 300 and an orchestra of 50 perform
ers Special train tvero run the houso
was sold out an hour and a half nfter
tho opening of tho box office and tho
proceeds wore 7500
A collection of 3475 operas was re
cently presented to the Acadcmia di
Santa Cecelia nt Home the collection
goes back to the beginnings of stage
music The Acadcmia has also re
ceived from the Italian government
1500 rare musical books and manu
scripts found in suppressed convents
DuitiNO tho exhibition of 1000 it is
proposed to give a cycle of Wagner
opera with a German company in Paris
Meanwhile Tannhauser the Moia
tcrsinger Tristan nnd Isolde nnd
the Klbolungen trilogy will bo given at
tho Grand opera It is now definitely
arranged that Der Ring des Ktbolun
gen will be presented at llayreuth
oco more in 16W3
Johx L Wilsov tho new senator
from Washington is a native of Indiana
and 44 years old
Miis Castle who was recently elec
ted justice of tho peace in Webster
county la has abdicated the tribunal
and returned to the pursuits of privato
Augustus Staswood recently ap
pointed accountant In the Brooklyn po
lice department at a salary of 2500 a
year is a cousin of the late James G
Gen W J Sewell the new New
Jersey senator was in that body from
1881 to ISSiT Ho was originally from
Ireland having been born at Castlebar
December 6 1835
Ex Senatou Wakrex rarely takes a
mornings walk around his Wyoming I
farm One reason is that it is six times
as big as the state of Ithodc Island and
has on it 2000 horses 15000 cattle and
130000 sheep
UeiKesentatives Lodge of Massa
chusetts Gear of Iowa Burrows of
Michigan and Wilson of Washington
are the four members of tho present
house who hae been chosen to repre
sent their states in the senate
In Persia the women of fashion orna
ment their faces by painting upon them
figures of bugs nnd small animals
If a bedstead creaks at each move
ment of the sleeper remove the slats
rind wrap tho ends of each in old news
SuoAn was unknown in Europe be
fore the Christian era ana only came
into common use in the seventeenth
The Pekln Gazette n journal that
was 200 years old when the Normans
conquered England has the further
distinction of having had 1000 of its ed
itors beheaded
The fiscal court of Iayctto connty
Ky has appointed a committee to as
certain tho cost of two bloodhounds to
be procured and kept for the purpose of
tracking criminals Thero is talk of
similar action in other parts of the
Clat eaters are not confined to our
southern states- Humboldt found them
in South America The practice of clay
eating is common throughout tho tor
rid zone and is not unknown in
Sweden Norway Finland and New
A Mexicarf paper states that a now
project for tho sanitation of the sewers
in the City of Mexico at a cost of about
twenty five thousand dollars calls for
the building of some twenty live wind
mills in different parCs of tho city to
rotate paddle wheels in the sewers and
quiakon tho current t6 one nioter por
mr jime
f HE ARIZONA S I L V E R B E LT street acrobats in japan I BE ALWAYS RODE
tiKIlClAli TAIlIK lIiA IjO
A Nevada Bud Man Who Had i
Olnoh on Stago Drlvors
Whan Ho lnlltunKHl That Ho tVantna a
Itldo tho Julius Woultl Wry
HuIoUnly Acconmimlato Itlin
nu tho lniMaut
Mv first meeting with Sam Brown
who figured so tragically in Nevadas
early days said A K Bastrop the
mining man to a writer for tho Now
orlt bun was ni I camo into Vir
ginia City ono evening on tho inland
tiige I was vidmg on top w ith Shorty
Tudwm one of the best known of tho
old time driveis nnd he whs chock full I
of tho urrogancc which characterized
ho men who followed his eminent call
ing There were sonic eastern I
irera nboatd whora Shorty had snubbed
and overawed until they scarcely dared
to speak to him lie had just returned
an answer of cutting irony to n pas
senger who had ventured to Inquire
iiow luucti further it whs to Vhginia
City mid us he handled the reins was
surveying the scene with n sniff of con
tempt at creation in general Wo w ero
climbing tho long hill six miles from
Virginia City when through the dusk
man loomed up ahead walking in tho
ame direction Ho stopped us tho
itngo came aloug and asked for a lift
into town His request was refused by
tho driver who hallooed to tho hones
to get along uud uot fall asleep in the
Wou wont eh said tho wayfarer
in whoso gruff voice there was n trace
of surprise Do you know who I am
No I dont knownnswercd Shorty
cracking his whip nt tho Undent aud
whats more 1 dont care a cuss
I am Sam Brownl thundered the
straugcr aud I reckon my names good
for a ride on Beu Hollidrys or any
other stage line in Nevadj Do you
At tho words Sam Brown Shorty
brought his four horses all back on
their haunches with one jerk
YMioul Whoa he shouted ns ho
tugged at the Hues You headstroug
beasts will yon over stop pulling Ex
cuse me Mr Brown for keeping you
waiting Its these plagued hores
wont stop I didnt recognise you in
the dark Mr Brown Will you step
inside or ride on the box with me
Hind to see you Mr Brown and ul
ways honored to havo you ride on my
Mr Brown climbed grimly to the
box took his scat unthankfully ns by
right of possession and was the guest
of honor iuto Virginia City Shorty
was extremely polite and his tones to
his horses even were apologetic all tho
rest of tho trip Sam Brown was a
man of immense physique and for
midable aspect Ills long hair was ac
cording to his custom pinned up under
his hat he used bowio knivun for tlvat
parpone by popular leportj it was When
angry that he shook it loose und flung
it like n mane nbouthis shoulders Ills
evolvers were plainly indicated lc
ncath his long black frock coat antl
there could bo uo doubt that lurking
in concealment somewhere about his
person wasJio historic knife that hud
let out so many human lives He might
be described rather as an inter
esting than ngreeablc compauion
and hhorty was relieved of pain
ful suspense by finding ns the
minutes passed that he showed no dis
position to revert to the first words of
their colloquy Indeed Mr Brown
whose usual manner had the typos of
amiability that a grizzly bear mani
fests in his different moods softened
into something like tolerance of his
company under the influence of a
whisky bottle passed up by a mining
man from within theeoashund he even
made some grimly humorous remarks
it which the driver and myself duly
laughed w ith nn affectation of great en
joyment At the entrance of the Prirna
venturn saloon on the principal street
of the city Mr Brawn alighted in
style the cynosure of attraction for all
who witnessed his coming Shorty
rallied unuizingly after his departure
ltd he swelled with pride at the bir
ooms that night as lie told nt every
econd drink of having brought Sam
Irown in on his concit
Our renowned follow passenger wn
robnbly taken all around the most
nrdened aud dangirons ruffian that
vcr figured in the red history of the Ia
ifie slope Up to the time that the vigil
nee committees got into operation his
r Jgn of terror was supremo in Nevada
The number of men ho had killed Avas
variously computed lint the list was n
long one and some of his deeds of
blood wero of uncommon atrocity It
was his pleasant custom to walk into a
store or saloon and demand fifty dollars
of the proprietor which was usually
handed him without protest Ono un
fortunate clerk who refused tho tribute
he shot dead across the counter
Matrhmaklnc In New Mexico
In the old Spanish American days in
the southwest marriage was a lnatter
in which tho contracting parties had
little to bay the question of choice and
fitness being settled by the parents of
the couple The practice has fallen so
much out of dale in tho present genera
tion that it sounds odd to read now in a
published account of a recent marriage
at Guudalupila N M in which a Mex
ican of sixty eight years wedded a se
norita of sixteen years that the com
pensation he was called upon to make
for tho difference in their respective
nges was settled at thirty vuras of land
an adobe houso nnd five apple trees
presumably to be paid to her parents
Implicit Directions
An American traveling in England
on one occasion happened to bo in the
neighborhood of Millbauk prison and
fancied that ho would like a glimpse at
that famous place of detention Can
you tell me tho w ny tr MlUbank he
asked of a storit tradesman wjiom he
met Aye answered John Bull
knock mo down and rob me pockets
and youll soon enough be on tho
straight road there Then without
vouchsafing any further information
he passed on with a chucldc
A Uiirstlonlnir Itaec
Americans ask more questions than
the natives of any other country in the
world bald a globe trotter recently
They aro naturally Inquisitive If an
American sees a sign fresh paint ho
will instinctively feel it with his fin-
gers to see if it is dry If he wants to
lcarnthe time a train leaves ho will
consult the time table and after he
has found out what he wants to know
turnto tho hotel clerk and ask what
lluie tho train leaves Ho will Joolc at
his watch and half a dozen people will
ask InnVtho time of day IIo thcrrhas
to refcrto tho watch again in order to
toll them It fs a trait that I have
him cr been nhb iil rtand
Xerllous lcMlllon of a Senator Between a
Mob nnd a lrlootirr
Thero Is no more courageous man
In tho world than Senator Teller said
Mnj Tcabody to n Philadelphia Times
correspondent He has passed through
many thrilling experiences during his
lifetime but on no occasion was his
virile manhood nnd magnificent cour
nge displayed to greater advantage
than on the evening nfter tho news of
tho assassination of President Lincoln
was received in hcndville A miner
coming from the shaft where he had
been working all day upon being in
formed that President Lincoln had
been assassinated in Washington care
lessly said He did not die too soon
That unfeeling and unpatriotic re
mark was passed from lip to lip until
everybody in the entire community
had been made aware of it Shortly
after nightfall a mob broke into the
mans house and dragged him to a pub
lic hall where a lynch court trial was
to bo given him lie had absolutely no
show for his life The entire crowd
appeared to bo unanimous in a desire
nnd determination to kill him A long
ropo had been carried to tho hall but
hanging was regarded as too good for
the mau Tho rope was to be used by
the whole mob und the unfortunate
fellow was to be drugged to death
through the rough streets
Senator Teller was a young nian
then but ho luid already gained tho
respect nnd confidence of tho people all
of whom knew him at leaht by sight
In his law office which was hulf a
block away from the public hall in
which the lynch court was being held
he was informed of the situation
Hastily taking his hat in his hand Mr
Toller rushed downstairs out Into the
street and made his way to the hall for
tho purpose of saving that mans life
Numerous friends of Mr Teller en
deavored to restrain him because they
feared that he might suffer at the
hands of the mob if he interfered But
with sot teeth he proceeded to tho hall
pished his way through the crowd
took a stand on the platform beside the
trembling prisoner waved his hand tot
silence and obtained it
He thereupon addressed tho mob
nnd Informed them that the prisoner
was not their prey but a prisoner of
the IniUd Stntcs and that the city
should not bo disgraced by the exercise
of mob low upon a mun who had mode
a thoughtless remark He was inter
rupted by angry cries and shouts of the
mob who declared thnt no man should
stand butw ccn them und their victim
Mr Teller than stepped to the front
of tho stage and informed them that
one man at least would stand between
them and their victim and that before
they should execute that man without
a trial they must wreak their wild ven
geance upon him Ho coiainanded si
lence again and declared that the man
was his prisoner that he would take
him to the United States jail in Denver
whore he belonged and see tluit he
should have a fair trial for his life The
result of tho effort made by Teller
which no other man la tho community
would liavc dared to make was that
Toiler lea Jus prisoner tnrougn that
molt out of the hall into the btrcet to
a railroad train and landed him in tho
United States jail at Denver as he de
clared he would do
That Wa AH Itlelit or tho Uay Uut Hit
Mother Wan 11a I
The stout woman in furs and diamond
tarrings of course diamond earrings
aro the height of bad form just now
plumped into one of the cnvMwUe
seats on the Sixth avenue elevated
train one day and pushed n small lioy
into the seat opposite her and next to
me A shopgirl with a bundle had
expected to take that seat but the in
dulgent mother waj too swift for her
says a writer in tho New York Press
Perhaps men who have children of
their own dont meddle with those be
longing to other jtcople but I put my
arm around the small boys waist and
lifted him off the sent nnd said
Now take off your hat and offer
your seat to tliat young lady
The small boy promptly ran between
his motheis knees the young girl
crimsoued and hesitated and tho stout
woman flushed purple The experi
ment seemed to le a failure but the
girl was clearly entitled to tho seat
and so I looked at her and smiled en
couragingly und she sat down Then
the stout woman abused me to my
great mortification and the amusement
of the whole crowd
And lot mc tell you sir she fin
ished dont you ever meddle with
other peoples children again
MjJnm said I firmly if mothers
dont train their sons to grow up as
gcntlomen some one else ought to
How do you expect that boy to respect
hi- mothers sex when his mother sets
him the example of despising womans
claims to courtesy-
Enijilojrr and Companion
One of the most important secrets of
a hunting expedition is this Never
allow yourselves any luxuries in a
tight place which your men have no
share In Tho English sportsman
whose advice we have quoted tells how
he was rewarded in tho Caucasus for
treating his men as comrades and shar
ing camp comforts with them
says One chilly night among tho
mountains I awoke at three oclock to
find myself warm nnd snug under two
extra native blankets The owners of
the blankets were squatting on their
hams almost in the fire hnd talking to
pass tho long cold hours until dawn
Having rated them for their folly and
inado them take back their blankets
and turn in I rolled over and slept
again When I next woke it was seven
oclock aud the men were still crouch
ing over tho embers helping to cook
breakfast their blankets having been
replaced upon my shoulders I had
paid these men off tho day before this
happened nnd they left me the next
morris with a hearty God be with
Sroui pcnsciousthat the hnd done
tnythirf r oro than tho proper thing
xtward their employer and companion
Cut glass handles ior umbrellas nre
new Those of Upokwood pottery too
are much carried
BA2fniis arc again to tho front and
urc in the form of stones set on a mere
wire of goll which Took as though
they were set In the arm itself
A noveltv for a fob is a small gold
dictionary containing a number of
words over which is placed a glass
which magnifies the infihltcMtnalicttorv
OvAt miniatures on porcelain tlr with
that effect are late French novelties
seen in New York shops and arc worn
as belt and ueck buckles cuff button
I nnd rorsage ornnmcnl
- -- - - -
in i
Potato Loaf Mashed potatoes two
eggs well beaten cold chicken shredded
fine Mix together adding butter
pepper and salt ami making In tho
shape of n loaf Bake brown
IIaoqis This famous old Scotch dlslj
is very simple Cut tho beef in small
pieces and mix with mashed potatoes
Season with pepper Und salt Use
plenty of butter nnd bake well
Potato Mince Balls Parboil pota
toes equal in quantity to two thirds of
the available cold meat beef and a
little ham if convenient choppcdfine
Mush tho potatoes and mix with the
meat and one raw egg Season with
small bits of celery pepper nnd salt
Fry In round balls
Potato Pik Placo In the pastry al
ternate layers of iriashed potatoes and
slices of mutton or yeal nnd three cold
boiled eggs Eliced Season with snltt
pepper and mace according to taste
Add butter on each layer or pour
gravy over it Let the top layer bo a
thick ono of potatoes and brush with
yolk of cg
Potato and Fish Bills Take equal
parts of cold fish shredded fine nnd po
t a toes boiled and mashed smooth Beat
in an egg and it few tnblespoonfuls of
rich millc but do not make too moist
Salt to taste Mix thoroughly and beat
until light Boll with a spop into
neatly shaped oval balls and fry brown
Good Housekeeping
The pecan trees of Texa yield every
year 9000000 pounds of nuts
Not more than 100000 Mexican cattle
can be sent to the United States this
year in consequence of the drought
Afteii paying nil expenses in tho
San Francisco midwinter fair a sur
plus of M2000 la lefL
The United States now has about
fprty vcbscls engaged In whaling tho
remnant of a licet that once numbered
500 vessels
The output of raw iron for the Gcr
man empire during the jcar 1801 was
0659322 tons an increase of 006174
tons over the output of 1693
Mlt J It Slatov a farmer of Bul
lock county Ga cleared 13000 last
season on watermelons Ho will plant
sixty acres in melons tills year
Accoumso to tho American Ship
builder the large shipbuilders Hnr
land A Wolff Belfast Ireland who
built the Majestic and Teutonic pay
riveters 751 per week pattern
makers 1827 per wcekl platers the
same and fitters 1057 to 18 Mort
than twice these sums are paid in this
country to the same trades
The Chinese claim to have specimens
of writing dating from B C 2200
Caittowv has the most cosmopolitan
population of any citv in the world
nearly every nationality being repre
The wettest place in the world U
Clierrapungi in Assam where the ay
erage rainfall has been 408 inches In
ISO I it was 005
A Bermv theologian predicts a great
war in 1807 a Napoleon in 1S09 a ter
rific earthquake in 1901 and the end of
tho world in 1008
Is Holland railroad managers arc
held to a strict personal responsibility
for the safety of their pavsengers As
a result railroad accidents nre rare
and an average of only one death a year
results from them
At Staroja in the government of
Novgorod Russia a gill of fourteen
was lately arrested on tho charge of
strangling a two-year-old child whleh
she was employed to look after She
thereupon confessed to having killed
sixteen children in this way and gave
as her reason that she did not like tho
trouble they gave her v
That man is such nu inferior crea
ture after all
That you would bo really happy if
you hnd everything you want
That men really believe one half of
the smart things they write about
That St Valentine was solectcdas
the patron of all lovers because he lost
his head
That an education of mind anjl
heart makes a woman any less the good
That any two mothers will ever havo
tho same ideas about the bringing up
of children
That a taste for neatness tidiness
and general Riiuguess lessens ones
taste for things intellectual Woman
The average European womans life
is shorter than tho mans but over two
thirds of the centenarians are women
Messrs Wateiilow havo obtained
the contract for reporting the debates
of parliament which the Hansards had
held since 1800
London pays 42 per cent of the in
come tax of England and Wales and its
government and management cost about
J55000000 a year
TwENTV TiinrE sliares of 10 each
7 Duid in the Granitic and Dailv
jje Newspaper company were sold in Lon
don last week for 1083 This is equal
to a littlo over 47 per share or a pre
mium say of 570 per cenL
That funerals can be as ostentatious
and vulgar as weddings
That timid people in necessity arc
afraid to call for the police
That it is highly fashionable to bow
to virtue and then pass on
That there are families who fast un
til they give a dinner party
That now is tho time to go out
equipped for bargains of all kinds
fH l -
X11VL burnt nruiir m im THnrnrizn
abroad than simple frogs at home j kmnfr mearwl
That specially small furniture has to
be made for some modern flats N Y i
llo Wa Inrreuuiout
A party of tourists was being shown
over the Uritlsh museum and in ono of
the rooms tho keeper pointed out a col
lection of antique vases which hadi
been recently dug up nt Ilcrculaneum
Whats that baid oho of the party
with a look of incredulity Dug up
out of the ground Certainly sir
Perhaps some pains have been taken in
cleaning them but otherwise they were
found just as you see them The wise
ni any weekly paper in tha Territory
is coniqently the beit adver
Has hH method now In lde form and for
sals fully illu oatnfr hi a most ftpurorcd
mcthodnpf AUeiriTColtsSpaylug Cattle una
t t
man turnca to jus companions ana sam Don especmuv i isniiit none1 etc aio
wWK Ifnnuiff dolrrti Ma lmnl TT shnwinihlA rott iind iifSlrtiinantE nd tell-
intr tho bot r treatment of eiutruled
m i n
may say what he likes but ho shall st0V veryii - n - istok owner and
never persuade me that they dug up castrators F rpr uamt artlcuiarjof book
I rit hlra t Ctoi ftun Coles Co liu
ready made pot- out of the ground
Proprietors Pinal Creek Steam Saw Mills and Pi
Creek Toll Road
1 1
Contractors for LTTMBER FREIGHT ORE id
Wb will not lie UndcrsDld by Anybody or in any mi
Arclolo and our Stock is the Largest in Cila County
WS w
toesie fe2xzoiTui
The Leading Paper of
CTra canty
lJHTAHJLISirinD 1878
A Paper for ths Miner 1
A laperfortnoFarmei
A Paper for te Meolianic
h Caper Jpr Everybody
J V -
Hat Uie largest bona fide circulation
Billiard BarioniF
I4qusrt and Cigar
Burimonrtanl n ptiin MUtd
Fnielf Ifriperted andDnitfedticTViiiee
1 S
First Class Oltsa Kdcm AttachcdJI
Tnl thf tllud Bruirtk k RlW
The ractcss of ills Ortat Coach Oar U
txithout a parallel In the hrtory of medicis
All druggist are authorlied to Mil it en a jvo
Hlve guarantee a test that no ether carVean
ruccensfully stand That It may besa
known the Proprietors atatjyoriexr rtfc
pense aro placing- a SimflgSplte Trte Into1
erery home in the tnltcd Stales and Canada
If yon have a Cough S i Throat or Bren
chilis use it for it will care yen If youi
ehlld has the Croup or Whooping CoErfi net
it promptly and relief It sure If you ini
that insidious dticue Consamrtioa use tU
Ask yonr Druggist for 8IUlA4iff OTBB
Price lOcts Mcti andSl00 ItyeurLung
are sore or Back lame use Shtloha Porous
Flaster Price 25 cts For sale by all
and Dealers
YftUpt f CW I Mm ttM r Nt
mr rManM j M f ptti i uiw
woo uim ormponc xer xa r
Iojm forAtiTlOeU Wti0CQU4y
mur ot then tuv baufl
vntbtraoia yoawtsk ioccrmpeed Wfl
tloifmciallwtoninff ttct
work weight and cannot b4 4
lctd by outsldtrt OonCdntUl
ralrBinUKTtlrorr ootrlr ttMi iotiui
klrhorlowfis Ordinary wore to pu bnI J
r S li Inch pair tl Irory SuM Flunt mirk4
ocx titi tl pr t lut
Dies guarantwd XXX liov nt E CMeat u
najs MJ appreciate tho fact
that there are many Uion
aandiofladlesln the United
States thnt would lite to try
nr World Itenowntd VAcx
liLtjcn but haso heea
sept from doing to on no-
eountof prlcewhlrh ln0O
per bottlaor t bottles taken
together Mix In order
that tl I these Inar haro
an opr rtunltr I will giro
toesery caller absolutely
iree a sample Dottle end
Ct LCfooraeT to so pply thoeo out
N r 1 7ICltTnr In iitiv rtirtnf thn
worldlTrtn send ll ssfflr packed In plain wrapper
all charges prepaid for IS cents sllrcr or atam p
In every cam of freekles pimples moth
lowneii blackheads acneeciemaolllnessrongh
noi or any discoloration or disease of the skin
and wrinkles not canecd by facial oxpresslonK
Rcn Hleach reineres absolutely It docs net
corerupascosmotlcdobutlsacure Address
MADAME A KUPimitT tbept COjf
Mind wsidfnfnenrt1
in ona rMttini Trctii
Books lMrnftfl
TxctimcislWfrot nUi
parts of ih glob Propctu
rfiiz mt m poliNtfoB to
A ltia inZth JLv
J Wstkaets of Bttdy ana Mioi Etftctlf
lUfErroriorEictiiMln Older YcuirS
b i k ki M IK lliinilnl IImImJ Mi tS AlaTtM ftftd
ikMiiiT rHiir noil TKaTMT va iw
KM UUI hm SO eUlw MS tvrtltn f mlril ffrlM tWaw
Ifntrlpll Book i4utlaa4 rf iIU W1SI Im

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