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The Weekly Grist of County
Entertainment by the Degree of Po
cahontas J mora for the Fed
eral Court at Florence.
Resolutions of
Hayson hews.
From Our Kceul.tr Correspondent.
Everybody Is glad that election is
over, although boine disappointment
over the result is felt.
Old hats havo been discarded and
nearly every ono is snorting a btutson.
August Pelper can bport a now one
for each month in the year. Good
judgment caused him to bet on Mo
Kinley. Eighty-nine votes were east in Paj
on, the same number as in '9S.
Two tights took place in Payson,
but ofiicors were present and the bat
tlea were not finished.
Lee Cutburth was arrested Tuesday
charged with grand larceny of horses
belonging to J. II. Fuller, lie was
taken to Pino for examination tuul
dually discharged, there being no evi
dence against him.
Qeorge W. Bonaclcur, who has beeii
absont from this section, traveling
over tho United States for tho past
two years, came in on the sUge Thurs
day evening. .
Supervisor-elect M. J. Fuller passed
through Payson Friday on his way
Tno dances Tuebday aud Wednesday
evenings wore very well attended.
Dr. Malsch passed through here on
a sick call to Touto on Friday. The
doctor is kept busy these days be
tween Lower Tonto and Strawberry.
Charles Chilsou went south as far us
bait riyer Saturday In company with
J. 11. Armer.
Joe Gibson went south with the
mail Wednesday.
Thursday night's mail brought in
good democratic nous of the county
with indications of the election ol
Smith, which gladdened the hearts ot
life-long democrats, but when Satur
day's mail brought the news ot Mc
Kinley'a re-election as president ot the
United States the republicans showed
appreciation of such fact by heavy dis
charges of giant.
Paysonites amuse themselves since
the election canning stray dugs.
Mrs. H. Q. Robertson Is down from
Pine visiting friends.
James Moore was in town today
Wm. Craig was in town today pre
paring to go out to do assessment
work for the year 1900.
Several parties will start Monday
for the Mogolloii mountain, hunting.
i inches In length. Hubbard issovoroiy
I scratched and received a had bito on
j hid loft arm. Abbey says It was for
tunate a poworful man llko -Hubbard
was at hand, elso thoy would havo got
tlie tho worst of it.
Resolutions of Condolence.
Wo, your commltte, appointed to
draft resolutions of condolence on tho
death of Urothor Thos. Laird, reaped- J
fully submit tho following: I
Whereas, The Supremo Ruler ofj
the Universe, to Whose will wo humbly '
bow, has, in His lulluito wisdom seen
lit to call home onr beloved brother,
Thos. Laird.
Uesolved, That by 1iis death Globe
Miners' Union No. 60 Iiuh sustained
an irroparablo'loBS, in that ho was a
trieil and duvoted momber of our
Uesolved, That we. tho members of
Globe Miners' Union No. 00, hereby
express our heartfelt aynipathy and
eoiidolnnco to tho relatives and friend)
in this their hour of bereavement; aud
bo it further
Resolved, That our charter be
draped in mourning for thirty days,
and that these resolutions of sym
pathy be published in our local papers
and spread on tho records of our
union. T. J. WiUhT,
Tnos. H. Rohkutp,
Wm. Coklyon.
Tonto Topics.
From our Keirular Correspondent.
Mrs. D. Crabtree died at Cline on
Nov. 9. Deceased, who was formerly
Miss Guest, came to this county from
Kansas about four years ago, to re
cover her health, which improved
considerably, and she taught school at
Uline for two years. Thinking she
was well, sho went back to Kansas,
hut soon returned and her health has
been falling ever since.
.Mr. Ilobson from Mesa, arrived here
Wednesday night on a Hying trip to
Pine, to see Miss Fuller, who was very
ill and her lite despaired of. We learn
from Dr. Maisch, who attended Mi,s
Fuller, and returned from Pino Fri
day night, that she and several others
who were sick were very much im
proved when he left there.
Dr. Maisch, who came down to at
tend old Mr. Carter, returned Sunday
morning to Pine. The doctor was
anxious to get back to Strawberry as
his Strawberry blonde was not very
Three Tonto Baili cowboys had an
exciting and unpleasant experience
with a mountain lion on October 2.
George Hubbard, A. O. Haror and
Hardle Schell were riding after cattle
on Hubbard's knoll In Salome, when
they discovered a mouutain lion,
llardio was tho only ono of the party
who had ;i gun, and as luck would
havo it, he had only ono cartridge.
Nevertheless, Hurdle determined to
give the lion the best he had, nnd fired
from a distance of 180 yards, shooting
the lion through tho neck. The boys
rushed upou tho fallen beast thinking
ho was dead, but as thoy reached bun
the lion raised ready for a fight. llar
dio knocked him down with his gun,
but the now desperate animal cumo
again and viciously attacked Hubbard.
Tho latter caught tho lion by the
throat and front feet, while Hardie
Large Consumption of Copper.
Messors. D Houstoir& yCo.metal
brokers, New York, in their monthly
market letter, say: The continued
large demand for lake copper has been
a feature of the situation, which would
seem to indicato tho manufacture of a
great deal of brass oron though tho
hra-s association was dissolved Oct 1.
Consumers are not carrying tho custo
mary stocks of ordinary times, and
must therefore enter tho market for
new supplies on a generous scale at
no very distant date. With so many
producers well sold up for the balance
of tho year, the quantity of available
copper supply is more concentrated
and there are no weak holdings appar
ent anywhere. Tho continued con
sumption of England and Franco for
the nine months ending Sept. 30, 1000,
is returned at 203,033,400 pounds, or
nn average per month of 22,G2G,4S5
pounds, us compared with an average
per month for tlio first nine months of
1SU9 of 20,55!,:J64 pounds. Tho In
creased consumption of these two
countries this year is therefore at the
rate of 5,0flS,124 pounds per month
over last year, Germany Is also using
up much more copper than last yea .
During the first eight month- of this
yer Germany consumed 117,107,680
pounds of imported copper, exclusive
of pyrites, according to ollioial re
turns. The German returns fur tho
same period in lfc89 were 91.382.8S0
pounds; the Increase in Germany this
year is consequently 25,80-1,800 pounds.
United .States Jurors.
Following are the names of Jurors,
atauinoiied to serve in the federal
court at Florence. Grand Jurors are
summoned to appear Nov. 10, trial
Jurors Nov. 21.
(1UAND .IU110US.
C. W. Tillman .1. W. Matthews
Lynn Sh ittuck O. Leisure
W. P. .Uorey E. II Garrison
P. M. Hawkins
A. J. Bailey
Joteph Sabourl
A. Lange
G. S. Barm tt
J. B. Butler
Stephen Bailey
D. 11. Payne
Wm. Zimmerman
Thomas Hewitt
V. G. Dunham
L. W. Alluni
W. H. Webster
G E. Alexander
J. D. Neal
It II. Dawson
N. C. Hinds
J. (J. Evans
Frank Jordan
Oscar Petersen
Leroy Mlddleton
Degree ot Pocahontas Entertainment
A most enjoyable whist party was
given by Hie members of Wenonah
Council. No. 1, D. of P., last Fiiday
night lu Odd Fellows hall. Progtes
slve whist was the oider of the even
ing, although other games were In
dulged in at the pleasure or the
There weic seeral contestants en
titled to the prizes, making a drawing
by lots necessary in each instance.
The I, idles' lirst prize was awarded to
Mrs. B. C. Fox, a handsome set or
memorandum hunks: consolation pii.e
" Ml T"J
Established 1878
o '
For Deleitate to Conursss I
M. A. Smith, D 441
N. O. Murphy. II , 307
Clms. H. Davidson, P 17
5'3 g' 3i-
, a, i
o.p'o ; ,g
. 3
:i-2 xv
,20 G1
I'or Councilman i t
S. B Olaypool, D 30011,
Geo. T. Peter. It I303211
CiiristiRii Botticher, S. D i 24! 2
' i i
For Ansomblyman ,
C. L. Houston, D 4G0 19
Etliondge Martin, It 281 12
ForSliorifl 1 , i
J. H.Thompson, D ,33113'
Thos. Armor, U 1400 23
2Gi2014r7ll4l18'532 00
21 23; 3 28 10; 3'-172
i 1
G2 21il9l(iG3 317
13l 9 3'22 3 3 310
2,30'27Ul!52110llS,553 33
81 18231 2'34 8 4 520
For District Attornoy
Geo. J. Stonoman, D..
Frnk Aley, R
For Treasurer " i J ,
A. H. Morohead, D .5:18 23!
'3.11 14' 7i3731 15;55IIGI20 029!
.444110, 2 S'H, 125' 0' 2 521
i ' ' ; '
For Recorder
R J. Williams. I).
Wm D. Fisk, R 129317
, 479 IS S 33 39 14 03,23 19,C90'333
2l13'l0' 2 20' li 3'3ia
For Probate Judge
P. C. Robertson, D.
.1. N. Huffcr, It ... .
i i
For Survoyor
W. S. Sultan, D
3S'3S is'
'10,10' 1
1500 20,
For Super visors
J. G. Olddeld. D
M. J Fuller, D
J. II. Cnrnutt, It
W. II. Winters. R
29 37
O" Wo
03 23
13li15!l9 19,093,204
1GcS'2 1 1 1 SjoGS' 1 30
For Justice J'eace (Globo Precinct)
E. J. Lawler, I)
W. F. Rjiwlinre.D
J. J. Cramer. R -. . .po;
W. H. Dunham, R 12511
For Constable (Globo Prccinct)-
ndy Mayss. D
W. A. Donald, D
For Justice Peaco iPiyson Pct)
.1.0. Hill
. . . .p-a
For Constable (Payson Preclnct)-Colcord
IS 19'gGO 2SG
6' 3374'
3 3S4
Ready for the Congressional
Senator Davis of Minnesota Doomed.
Tho Southern Pacific Has Gained
Control of Pacific Mail.
Bryan Undisturbed
by Defeat.
Washington. Nov. 13. President
McKiuloy todur nunouuced'cleurly nnd
forcefully to the members of his cab
inet his desire they all remain with
hi til for the four years of his coming
udmiuistrution. His wishes were
made known iu an extended speech
at tho cabinet meeting in the White
Iloubu today. Responses were made
by all the members present, and while
there were no definite pledges from
any of them that thoy would ucccpt
tho portfolios thus tondcred afresh,
there was, on the other hand, no defi
nite declination.
Today's proceedings set forth the
wishes of the president in the matter,
and to relievo tho members of tho cab
inet of the customary obligation of
tendering thoir resignation at the end
of tho term, unlets they made an ir
revocable decision that it will ho im
possible for them to continue in office.
It also sets at rest speculation and
elate making of the country's political
Ni:w YoitK, Nov. 11. Tho board of
directors of the Southern Pucific rail
road company at a special meeting to
day approved through Speycr & Co. of
a controlling interest in the Pucifio
Mud Stoumehip company and accepted
the proposition of Speycr & Co. to
purchase S10.000.000 four and a half
per cent gold bonds of tli Southern
Pacific secured by control of the Pa
cific Mail and by itocks and bonds of
other companies.
Atlanta, Gii , Nov. 13. A hill to
disfranchise tho negro was introduced
in the lower homo todny. A similar
one was introduced at the lust session
and defeated.
FitANKFOitT, Ky., Nov. 13. The
ttato election board will moot on Dec
ember 3 to canvass tho returns and
officially declare the result of the elec
tion in this state. While tho republi
cans havo formally conceded tho elec
tion of Beckham us governor and an
nounced that thero would bo no con
tost, but tho republicans and demo
crats will bo represented by counsel at
tho canvass of tho vote. Every phase
of the election will he closely watched
by both sides, as matters may arise
which will havo n bearing on tho con
tests for congressmen in tho two dis
tricts, the third and ninth.
Governor Beckham will bo inaugur
ated on December 11. It is said that
ono of tho first official papers Govcrcor
elect Durbin of Indiana will huvo to
cousider when bo takes office will be a
requisition for Govornor Taylor and
ex-Secretary of Stato Findley to this
stato for trial. Tho leadiug republi
cans claim to havo assurances from
Indiana republican leaders that Mr.
Durbin will follow the precedent set
by Gov. Mount and rofiuo to honor a
A select grand ratification balle was
given by the successful democratic
candidates at 1001 Sand avenue last
Saturday nlglil. It was an Invitation
atfalr. aud u hot time that almost
burned the rafters was had. Re
freshments consisting of mescal, blue
vitriol, ri'd lire, frijoles, tamales, en
chiladas, chile con carnc and other
cooling tpfroshments wore served.
"La Paloma," -Viva La Dlnz," Bryan
and McKiuley and the democratic
party were sung by the young ladies'
quintette, accompanied by mandolins
and guitars Home Sweet Home was
phued at three o'clock and, guided by
an immense search light, alt wended
their ways home as best they could,
and the sand wash lapsed Into Its
usual normal condition of inuctious
desuetude until two years hence, when
it will again spring Into life and the
glad hand be given to the naturalized
ombie and the senoras and senoritas
be won with asuille and the inucha
clios and ninas with ayidy.
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 13. The
grave complications disclosed by the
bulletin last evening by physicians in
attendance upon Senator O. K. Davis
havo gruatly depressed the family and
friends, who hitherto had been hope
ful of a favorable outcome of tho pro
longed illness.
A statement was inudo today by a
close friend of tho family, who said:
"Doctors Stono and Lankester yes
terday discovered erideuce of Bright's
disease. Upou this discovery it was
thought best to acquaint Dr. Murphy
of Chicago, of the changed conditions.
Dr. Mnrphy arrived today and corrob
orated the diagnosis. Ho regards tho
case now as grave, as kidney trouble
at this stago is a serious symptom.
Whon Dr. Murphy was last hero it
was believed there was a fair chance
for recovery. Ho is not so sanguine
The tirst brigardc mess was given
last night after drill when 28 boys
were present. Twenty members made
tllelr maiden speeches. The address
or welcome was gljen by J. Watts;
toasts followed to (J.ipU Trevilllan, by
Mr. Eattman; to President MoKlnlcy,
by G. Frederick; to Mr. Bryan, by G.
Gradou, and to the soldiers, by N.
North; to the ladies, by H. Faull.
The captain responded In well chosen
woids explaining that obedience to
commands and rules is Iho secret to
success. It is found necessary to ex
plain luat tho brigade lias 110 connec
tion whatever wltli the U. S. volun
teers, militia or university. It Is a
local organization governed by its own
members, with objects to Inculcate
order and obedience.
have probably been signed 'ere
Theodore Crandall spent several
days here during the past week, re
turning to Dripping springs on Tues
day. He owns two claims in the
gioup which Isattractlng much atten
tion on account of the rich gold dis
covery. Mr. Hill, of the Ray com
panv, entered into 11 verbal agreement
to MiM Irevililaii.anetrLfbeater. with. ' bond ten Claims, ami meiw
the suggestion that If she cannot beat l'?rs
at cards, she can beat eggs.
The first pi ie foi gentleman went
to Herbert Fox, a line deck of cards;
consolation piize to Mr. Goodwin, a
shoe brush. Bob sa)s he can shine
his shoes if he ean't shine at wulst.
A musical programme was tendered
(luiiiiL' the
inrl til.. th:lliL' I if t III' r?rlllll(ll Mr,, flllu
to Messis. Morris and Olavis, and and Boys' brigade. U here will be sports
.Misses Heath and Robinson for this ' and games. All friends arc inyltwl.
nleasliiL' feature of the cen',ng's en-'Mr. hastman hopes that this opportu-
terulnment. Lunch being over a few I nlty w 11 be taken by many tor oecom
ilanccH were Indulged in by the young 1
The entertainment was ghen for
the benefit of the Galveston Hood suf-
A basket picnic lias been arranged
for Saturday, Nov. 2Uh, from 10 a. m
to 4 p. 111., near the residence of Mrs.
Trcvlllian, in connection with St.
John's cliuifh. There will ho a re-
.... ...... ......,.,- . , imii
serving of refreshments ' union or the hunuav sciwoi, yvniing
n nuror .1 niir liiiini 1 -mi 1111. iiiii 11
llUinciili ilHUI WllllMi Jiimivn wu'iu
lng better acquainted.
ferers, and 30 was realized.
I Globe Miners Union have purchased
! a plot of ground from G. S. Van Wag
1 ciieii, fronting on Bioad sired, uortli
! west of Hie bridge, on which they will
I erect a huge two otory biick building.
and stretched i The upper noor win oe ior uie use or
Hie llllinii, aim tuu uiiiiiuu 11001 1111
caucht tho hind feet
him out, Abbey doing good execution , buslncss purposes. It will bo a sub
with his knife, by cutting the lion . Ktantlal improvement and will en
throat. He measured nino feet, ten ' hance 'the value of adjacent property.
Building Fund Entertainment.
The third and fourth building fund
entertainments will be giver, by the
ladies of St. John's Guild, ut Odd
Fellows hall, December 14 and 15. In
teresting programmes have been ar
ranged for both evenings. A bazaar
and New England supper are features
of the first day--an olden time enter
tainment will begin at 8 p. 111. A
comedy entitled ''A Perplexing Situa
tion" will bo given tho second evening.
Mojave 2S7
Graham 27S
Gila 204
Yuma v.',--- 1
Pima T 184
Pinal 179
Cochiso . 139
Santa Cruz CO
Maricopa 19
Total 1,593
Yavapai 480
Apache Oo
Coconino 80
Navajo 63
Total 718
Smith's majority S75 -which will
probably increase whon complete re
turns are at hand.
Apache county, E. S. Perkins, R.
Navajo comity, Colin Campbell, R.
Coconino county, M. J. Riordon, R
Mohuvo county, M. G. Burns, D.
Yavapai county, n. T. Andrews, D.
Maricopa county, J. M. Ford, D.
Yuma county, E. S. Ives, D.
Pinnl county, Geo. P Blair, D.
Pima and Santa Cruz counties, .1. B.
Finloy, D.
Cochiso county, C. C. Warner, R.
Grnham county, O. M. Shannon, I).
Gila county, S. B. Olaypool. D.
Democruts, 8; republicans, 4.
Apncho, K. Gibbous, R.
Navajo, Wm. Morgan, D.
Coconino, .Tames Walsh, D.
Mohave, Keun St. Charles, D.
Yavapai, F. R. Ward, 1)., O. L.
Geer, D., Thos. E. Campbell, R,
Maricopa, P. P. Yorker, D , J. P.
Ivoy, D., Chas. Peterson, J)., B. A.
Fowler, R.
Yuma, Jesso Crouch, D.
Final, W. II. Beard, D., Alex Bar
ker, D.
I'inni. Sam Bnrcloy. D, A. C. Ber-
ard, D., Joo Corbett, R.
Santa Cruz, A. II. Noon, D.
Cochiso, II. M. Wood, It., Stephen
Boomer, D., M. Gray, D.
Graham, Androw Kimball, D., E. T.
Ijaras, D,
Gila, O. L. Houston, D.
Democrats, 19; republicans, fi.
Fort Woutii, Tex., Nov. 13. A fire
destroyed the Wichita Falls mills nnd
elevator. Over 200,000 bushels of
wheat were burned. Tho lois was
Chicago, Nov. 13. A negro forced
his way into tho apartments of Mrs.
Orrin W. Potter, wife of a millionaire
steel man, in their home at 1300 Lake
Shoro Drive, at 1 o'clock this morning,
and when discovered in the act of &p
plying a sponge raturatcd with chloro
form to the uoBtrils of his victim,
struck her u fierce blow on the head
with a slung-shot. Tho shock ren
dered Mrs. Potter unconscious, and
tlio doctors fear she may not recover.
Just before being struok, Mrs. Pot
ter roused tho household with a shrill
cry. Mr. Potter's daughters fled into
tho street and called for help. The
robber escaped.
Last April n burglar secured 18,000
worth of diamonds and jewelry from
this home.
JIENT. Washinoton, Nov. 13. Director of
the Census Merriuni was at the White
House today. He called tho attention
of tho president to tho fact that tho
figures on the population of tho United
States, the total of which has already
been announced, are in such a shape
they will bo ut tho disposal of coogress
when it meets for any action it may
desire to tuko in tho direction of the
reapportionment bill. The reappor
tionment following tho count of the
12th census will become operativo by
law in 1903. There will probably be a
considerable iacrease, both in tho ra
tio and total number of representatives
under tho new apportionment.
Tho ratio under the new census will
probably reach 200,000. With the in
crease of 13,22,), 101 shown by the
present census and letting the majority
of fractions of apportionment account
for the additional member, as has beon
the custom, this would in alio tho in
crease 18 members in the next house.
Reapportionment on this basis would
cause only four states to Ioso o repre
sentative. They are Maine and Vir
ginia in tho east and Kansas and Ne
braska in tbo west. Theso states would
lose a member each if any ratio smullor
than 200,000, which would save them
their full representation, which would
be considerable.
Another breakdown in tho machin
ery in tho Ray mill occurred Saturday,
but tho machinist soon repaired the
daraago and tho mill is running again.
There is ore enough on the dump at
tho mill to keep tho lattor running
whilo tho new machinery is being in
stalled. It is probable that tho mill
will bo kept ruuning till all this ore
shall havo been put through. Blade.
New YoitK, Nov. 13. Two Mexi
cans who giiro their names ns Volo M.
Preza and Alejandro A. Maroueci were
arrested yesterday for smuggling into
this country part of the jewels orn
by Carlotn, widow of Emperor Maxi
milliau of Mexico.
Thu jewels in the men's possession
are said to bo worth $75,000. At the
station the men protested against their
arrest, but were held notwithstanding.
The packages wero opened, and in one
was found two diamond rings, tho
stones being single diamonds set in
plain gold and said to bo worth $18,000
a piece. Tlio other package contained
n diamond pendant which is said to
have been formerly worn by Queen
Carlota, suspended from 11 noeklaco.
Tho pendant consists of a largo dia
mond set around with eighteen smaller
stones and two smaller stones hanging
beneath. Tho stono in the center is
said to be a famous diamond. It is of
39 karat lluwlcss, and tho pendant is
said to bo worth 10,000. Tho jowels
wero turned oyer to Agent Thoodore.
The men wore arraigned boforo Com
missioner Shields and woro held in
bail of $5,000, and their examination
is sot for Nov. 17th.
The jewels woro in a red leather
case, and in the case was a piece 01
paper on which was written in Eng
lish: "Diamond necklace is from
Maximillian's crown, 1860." The cen
ier stone, is 33.7 karals, and nono of
tho eighteen surroundingouesless than
ono karat. Tho stono in one of the
diamond rings soized was in Maxi
milinn's ring at the time he was phot.
Tho development of artesian water
in tho Gila valley, in the vicinity of
Sallord, continues to grow in impor
tance. There aro upwards of 35 wells
from which the How aggregates 40,000
cubic feet of water more than the
voJomo in the Gila river.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 11. The at
mosphere which now pervades the
Bryau homo seems strange and incon
gruous. Tor months past tho ear of
tho visitor to Mr. Bryan's house during
his presence thero has been mot with
tho rattlo of typewriters aud the click
of telegraph instruments on every oc
casion, while tho din of many voices
and the bustle and confusion of hurry
ing feet had grown to be a part of tho
house. But now an unnatural quiet
reigns. An air of domesticity prevails
and that of the political headquarters
is no longer apparent. Mr. Bryan, in
slippers and looso dressing gown, sits
in the library with his family and leads
tho homo lifo of tho orndiuary Amer
ican citizen. Tho dignity of tho de
feated candidato will permit of no ex
hibition of his disappointment, and he
passes his time much as ho did before
tho campaign reading, writing and
riding his favorite black horse. Ho
sleeps regularly and long and says ho
is suffering from uo nervous or mental
disorders. Mr. Bryan said tonight he
had mado no definite plans for tho fu
turo other than that ho would continue
to write nnd speak in maintaining and
advancing the principles he has advo
cated tho last four years. He has had
soveral offers of work along those lines,
but has accopted none and will make ,
nono public.
Tho Tombstone Prospector says: On
Friday next is tho date set for tho
banging of tho Halderman brothers.
Thus far no information has beon ro
coived from Governor Murphy as to
his probablo intentions in tbo matter
and doubtless arrangements will bo
mado to get the scaffold in order for
tho third time unless official intimation
to the contrary is had within o day or
two. Tho condemned men show no
sign of anxiety and seem even cheer
ful in tho prospect that the execution
ers hand is ogain to bo stayed. Much
speculation is rifo as to the next move
and developments are awaited.
Of?!- JT t -"",
s .w--wrj--i
., Wn .V ;-
v-i',W' ";
r Mi rf?!
Hj-J ff 'Kr j
-l-w.v .-MzU
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