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rV-li1-?-' ! i
Established 187
Resume of Important News
of the Week.
Reports of Strikes and Mino Dovel-
velopmeut Prom Many Dls-
tricta in tlio Territory.
Nov8 of Olobo
Tlio Scientiflo American, of No
vember 17, contains tho following no
tices of two patents Usuod to James
A. Flemingof Globe, Ariz:
Oro Leaching Apparatus. In leach
ing ores, tho solutions oniinaril em
ployed percolato downwardly through
tho pulverized ores and carry tho gold
r other motal out of tho oro In solu
tion. Tho present Invention provides
iniproveiueiitt in tlio means lor Intro
ducing and withdrawing tho solution
and for compressing the pulp before
its discharge.
Ore Leaching Apparatus. This in
vention seeks to provide means for
washing the finished pulp alter it
passes ironi tho leaching tank. Broad
ly, the invention consists of a washing
tank, through which tho finished pulp,
tfisclurged from the leaching tank, is
passed before Uio final dischargo of tho
pulp. Tho water in tho washing tank
Will becomo a mineralized solution,
some of which will como from above
with the sifted pulp, and all of winch
will bo compressed from tho pulp and
thereby saved, as described In the fore
going patent
James A. Fleming, president of the
Black Warrior Copper Co., Amalg.i
mated, arrived from Philadelphia, lust
Friday, accompanied by Mr. Wright,
a stock holder in tho company, and
Mr. Grace, of Denver, who has been
installed as superintendent.
Theodore Crandall, who returned
from Dripping Springs last Saturday,
informs us that news of the gold dis
covory has attracted fifty or more
prospectors to that vicinity, which is
likely to result In further discoerie.s.
It is probable tint a bond wilt be given
to the London Globe Exploration com
pany on tho Lawrence &Glisan prop
erty and other claims. The papers
which were sent to Tucson for correc
tion had not been returnod when Mr.
Orandall left the camp. Ho has two
claims adjoining tho discovery, which
he has decided not to sell for the pres
ent. Louio Felmez has sold a fifth in
terest In his claim to Mrs. C. II. Cutting
and a fifth to Tom Kavanaugh, and a
shaft Is being sunk on tho claim.
Three men aro at work on the Law
rence & Glissan mine, and tho show
ing was favorable for striking another
rich pocket of oro.
Territorial and General.
Next to mismanagement, the mot
fruitful cause of lailure in mine devel
opment is insufllcient capital.
Probably two-thirds of the copper
now produced in the United States is
refined by the electrolytic method.
To the 1st inst. the. total gold out
put of Cripple Creek, Colo., has bten
S1W,1)17J.jS0. Tho October output was
The Rio Tinto is Spain's biggest
copper mine and from about 1,600,000
tons of pyrites annually extracted
about 20,000 tons of copper are pro
duced. There Is an annual profit ot
about S0O,0O0.
It is not uncommon to work over
the same ore with cyanide l.voand
oven threo times. Near Wickenburg,
Arizona, tailings from tho old Vulture
mino were recently treated for the
third time at a profit.
The large steam hoist is now at
work on the Occident mino at White
Hills. They aro now sinking on the
rich body of ore below tho 700 foot
level. The oro body keeps its size and
grade. -Our .Mineral Wealth.
The Jerome Reporter says: Three
years ago thero was one company
operating in Jerome, and that was tho
United Verde. At tho present time
there are over twenty mining con
cerns operating within ten miles oi
the town.
The Tennessee ;00-ton concentrator
at Chloride, Mohave county, is absum
ing shape and by tho time tho machin
ery arrives tho building will bo already
to receive it. Work is continued right
along on the mine and workmen sy
tho oro bodits aro of largo size. Tho
shaft is to be sunk 100 feet deeper
Up to tho end of 189'J tho total gold
output from tho mines of the United
States was 3,827 tons avordupois, the
vatue of which was 52,307,482, 104
nearly tho whole of which was pro
duced in the last fifty-one years, and Tjle yerde King Copper company is
from the territory west of tho Great progressing quite rapidly in opening
Plains. Only 824,000,000 was pro- up its property south of Jerome, says
duced prior to this. a correspondent of the Republican.
Tho late strike of rich copper ore In ' The tunnel is boing run day and night,
tho Cananca district by prospectors is with tho chance two to ono in favor
liable to create a rush of a great many of the ore body now in sight proving
prospector to that region, days tho
llisbee correspondent of the Prospec
tor. Tho prospect is only three miles
from tho great Caimnea mine nnd with
tho advent of a railroad it will no
doubt be ono of tlio liveliest and pro
grenslve mining regions in this coun
try , Arizona and Mexico.
1 he biggest tunnel scheme ovor un
dertaken in New Moxico has been
started in the Hlizabothtnwn district,
says the Albuquerque Citizen. It will
bo under B.ildy mountain, will ho
.'1,000 feet long, and will attnln a depth
nt that distance of 1.S00 feet It will
be driven by hand power during the
winter, but a full plant of mnchiiio
drills will bo installed in the tpring.
It will open a hillside that is well
marked with good cropplugs.
Ed Thompson brought in from tho
Sample & Thompson turquoise mine,
.Mineral Park, a stone that apparently
had sovor.il ricli goms in it. It will
bo sent to the cutters to determine ltd
value! Olias. Sherman has n tur
quoiso mine that produces valuable
gimis, and the Mass mines have been
shipping gums to New York forsomo
months. Mineral Park may produco
the turquoise of the world yet. -Mohave
County Mineral Wealth.
Next to tho Uio Tinto of Spain,
which has produced coppor oro for
nearh 2,000 j ears, tho oldest producer
of copper in tho world is probably tlio
Falngrufva mine, near tho town of
Fill u in, in central Sweden. Tho mine
Is tlrst mentioned in public records in
the year 1220, A. D., but it is much
older than that. The oldest privilege
belonging to tho mii.e is from King
Magnus Krlccnon, nnd is dated Febru
ary 24, l.'il" Tlio oro contains ;i por
cent copper, but lias proved prolltable.
Bven the meager $100 of annual
"assesment work" on an unpat
ented mining claim is sometimes
squandered and valueless when done
with the idea that it is a sort of Irk
some government tax to be per
functorily performed "to hold a
claim," being thus often done not
where it would do tho most good but
where it can be done must easily, Kays
an exchange. The truo object of an
nual as-essmeiit work is to develop
th property in the best interests of'Jts
locator, and thus add to its value.
Tlio Nome district is the most papu
lous in northern Alaska. The enume
ration showed a permanent white pop
ulation on Juno 1 of 2.704. During
tho summer 18,000 persons landed at
Nome, about 2,o00 of these coming
lrom Dawson. About 12.000 have re
turned to their homes In tho states,
leaving about 9,000in tho region con
tiguous to Nome. His probable that
tho population of tho town of Nome
during the winter will bo between
4,000 and 5,000.
The prominence of what is known
as the "low grade proposition" i.s one
of the most noticeable features in the
gold mining of toda, says tho Min
ing and Seiwntitle Press. Time was
when the "ouuee-a day" placer dig
gings, or tho superficial quartz ol
high grade, alone found fayor. Those
dajs have passed; high grade mines
still attract investment and duo atten
tion, but the "low grade proposition,"
the big deposit ot lean ore, in quantity
siilllcieiu to make permanent calcula
tions upon, tlie largo amount that
gives promise of small but steady divi
dends, is that which now attracts tho
gieatest attention.
At Pearce the Commonwealth Min
ing company has its now stamp mill
about ready to start, ami lias the new
steam hoist in opeiatlou. A now
double compartment shaft is being
sunk, which will be continued down
below water level. Water was en
countered in this mine in tho old
Shalt, at 427 feet, and although the
rich oro was known to continue below
that point, sinking was discontinued,
becaiine of the small size ot the sii&H.
It is now proposed to push the new
shaft down below water us rapidly us
possible, and pumping machinery will
be installed to haudie tho water.
The copper market continues (inn,
with indications of fun her strength.
Domestic consumption is improving
in all branches, and the European de
mand, which at one time had been
slow, is considerably better again
since the national elections took place
While a number of manufacturers
hero have provided for a portion of
their requirements as far ahead as t
next spiing, Euiopean buyers have!
covered their immediate wants only
bo that orders from that direction may i
bo looked for in the immediate future. '
We quota Lako copper at lGJfUOjo.;
electrolytic in cakes, wirobars and in
gots at lGsde lGJc; In cathodes at lfij()
Kic; casting copper at 101((i)lGjc. E.
& M. Journal.
i o
For Delegate to Congress
M. A. Smith, D
N O. Murphy, R
Chas. II. Davidson, P
For Councilman
S. II Olavpool, 1)
Geo. T. Peter. R
Christian Bottlchor, S. D.
For Assemblyman
P. L Houston, D
Ethoridge Martin, II
.1. H Thompson, I)
Thos. Armor, R
For District Attorney
Geo. J. Ktonoman, D 3:il
Frank Aley, R 444
For Treasurer
A. II. Morohend, D.
For Recorder-It-J
Williams. I)..
Win I). Fisk, R....
For Probate Judge
P. C Robertson D.
J. N Huiror. R ...
For Surveyor
W. S. Sultan, D
For Supervisors
J. G Oldtleld. D
J II. Curnutt. R
M J Fuller, D
W. II. Winters. It
For Justice Peace (Globo Preclnct)-
K. J. Lawlor. 1)
J. J. Cramor, R
W. F. Rawllncs. D
W. H. Dunham, R
. 401
. Mi
14 7
It) I 2
23 i 8
17 4
20 I 20
21 23
i 1
Ol "S
.1 00
P I o
: 1
: 1 ;
0 I
1 a
7 32 30
3 13f 0
18 23
37 34
34 1 39
13 1 10
i li I
14 G3
3 20
14 57
2 28
13 02
3 22
14 621
2 31 1
20, 0 33i3S
111 3 10 ' 10
1 1 ' 18 , 53S I (J."l
10 31475!
21 19 0G9I320
3 3 319!
10 18 1 553 33
8 4 520
10 120 1 529 1 8
01 2 15211
15 70 1 24 I 21 770.
2.1 7
8 3
13 7
14 3
29 J
32 34 14
1 I
, 23 1 19 , 095 13.10
I 1 3 305
18 19 GOG ,289
G 3 1 377
03 23 19 718
29 37 13 55 10 10 700
2.3 11 3 20 1 4,432
27 32 14 68 21 181594
13 12 2 24 3 3. 3S7
430 87
421 '165
250 '
For Constable (Globo Precinct) -
Midy Mayss. D
W A Donald. D
509 20
422 14
permanent. Should this provo to bo
the case stock will jump to its par
value within a few weeks. Tlio com
pany has a force of men working on
tlio trail to the mine and also has
.mother doing assessments on fio
newly acquired claims in tho vicinity
of their group. Several mining men
have gone out from town to see the
property and invested in a block of
stock as soon as they returned to town.
Should the mine prove a success Je
rome will be greatly benefitted there
by. The present Indications are that
tho tunnel will be in a largo body of
high grade ore bofore it has run 50
feet into the mountain.
Tile Storm.
The recent rainstorm was the great
est on record for duration and the
amount of water which fell, but for
tunately, it was altogether beneficial
in this vicinity. Commencing last
Saturday foienoon the rainfall was al
most continuous until Tuesday morn
ing At Intervals the precipitation
was copious and the culmination of
the storm during Tuesday night was
tmisteroiis, the successive downpours
tielng accompanied by lightning and
thunder, and gusts of wind which
shook unstable duellings. There was
also a fall of hull and sleet on Monday
1 veiling. The rainfall for the three
days was 6.12 Inches, as measured by
Dr. B G Fox, which exceeds that of
any pic Ions storm of which there is
any rieord. There was a generous
full of snow on Pinal mountain.
No damage wortli mcntlonlug re
sultcc except to the G. V., G. & N.
railrmd. The bridges below Gllson's
were jjartlully wrecked, which inter
ruptcJ tralllc until Tuesday evening,
when the Hrst train pulled put of
'tlofoj. A train from tho south ar
riveJ Wednesday at noon, bringing
three d:ivs mall.
1 he storm seems to have been gen
eral tnrougliout the territory, and It
win proe of vast bcncllt to the live
stock and agricultural Interests.
The wettest season in this vicinity
was in 1881, when rain fell almost
eeiy week from the latter part of
January until the middle of May,
with an aggregate precipitation of
neany twelve inches.
TIm most destructive storms oc
curred during the two weeks beginning
Februtry 10, 1891, when all the houses
which occupied the ground where the
raliroa'I depot and yaids now arc were
washed, away. Much other pioperty
along tnc creek was destroyed and the
loss wa estimated at 5100,000. On
February II), Mr. William Mlddleton
tell Into the creek from the precipi
tous baiik opposite A. G. Pendleton's
lesidence, and was drowned. His
body wis found the next day In Hor
rcll's Ik Id below Miami.
On the night of October 2, 1895, a
heavy rain caused u Mood In Pinal
creek, the water rising three feet
higher than In February, 18'Jl. Pas
coe's cotral, where the Times otllco is
situated, was submerged, and Broad
street below Push streot Hooded. Sev
eral business houses on the west side
of Broad street were wrecked. The
Broad street bridge was swept away.
Severil houses at the lower end of
town were also demolished.
On the twentieth of July, 1890, a
furious rainstorm which lasted only
throe-quarters of an hour, caused a
disastrous Hood. The greatest dam
ag; resulted from the torrent which
swapt down the wash north of 0. T.
Martin's property. At Broad street
the Hood oerllowed the channel and
spread 125 feet in width. Mis. C- R.
Flske's lodging house on the south
side of Oak street received the full
force of the torrent, which carried
awav the east end of the building and
Hooded all the rooms Mrs. Fiske's
home on the opposite side of thestreet
was also Hooded. The homes of J. W.
Stnnllcld, John Bowman and the
editor of the Belt were damaged by
mud and water.
A Prominent Arlonan.
Alonzo Bailoy of Globe, has been in
tho city for tho past few days visiting
frlonds. Mr. Bailoy is ono of Ari
zona's pionecas and 0110 of the most
substantial citizens of the territory.
Mrs. B. accompanied her husband
and will remain in the city several
days visiting friends.
Speaking of Globe, Mr. Bailey says
it is ono of the best towns in Arizona.
There are 800 men working for tbo
various companies operating there.
Tlio Old Dominion Copper Co. has
doubled their capacity.
Preparations aro being made at tho
Black Warrior for the installing of
new machinery.
Great activity Is in progress all
about Globo and tbo indications are
that some fine mines will bo opened
up In tho surrounding country.
Politically speaking, Mr. Bailoy said
that Globo had dono her wholo duty
to the democratic ticket and had given
Smith'a good rousing majority. Tho
republicans wcro expecting tiiat the
Wilson democrats would knifo Smith,
but tho democrats of Gila county wero
not constituted that way. Arizona
I'ayson News.
from Our KeguUr Correspondent.
Deputy Sherill Win. Voris passed
through here Wednesday on his way
to Globe, having in charge a prisoner
captured near Flagstaff.
J. O. Hill and E. J. Bonacker took
to the mountains this week for a
Win. Brodle went out this week
under the Rim. Attractions arc many
Tor Billio in that direction.
B. F. Stewart has had several of the
boys out this week repairing the road
between tins point and Pine.
W. II. Hllligas and Ed Bowan have
secured a bond and lease on the AVaif
mine (gold) and will do considerable
work this winter.
This section is now being treated to
one of the best storms of years. It
commenced raining F.rlday evening
and lias been steady 'since with ap
pearance of several days ahead. The
mountains' arc covered with snow.
The Payson school building will
support a large Hag the coming week.
A. J. Franklin is delivering a largo
lot of potatoes in town, raised In Star
Since the election is over, quite a.
number of our worthy citizens have
gone out into the mountains hunting,
while others have pulled out to do
annual assessment work, so that at
this writlng.'tlie town is practically
dead as to legitimate business,' and is
partially in the hands of a few idlo
gossipers, who certainly do not fall to
grasp an opportunity to "burn" their
neighbors, regardless of results. Gos
slpplng or libel has become almost a
chronic mania in Payson and other
parts of the Basin, much to the dis
credit of those engaged in such.
The Powers Desire the Par
tition of China.
A Destructive Tornado In Tennessee.
Claim that America was Discov
ered by the Chinese. Suicide
of a Railroad
New York, Nov. 20. The China ne
gotiations, according to a dispatch to
the Times from Washington, have
reached a most serious stage. The ac
tions of the powers are making par
tition a'most inevitable. The United
States faces the probabllty that it
will cither have to take a slice of
China or go without any indemnity.
In that case, it is positively asserted
by high authorities, the United States
will go without indemnity.
The criticism of our government in
the English press respecting our pol
icy In the Chinese negotiations is re
sented by the administration because
It misrepresents the position of our
government and tends to embarrass
the negotiations quite as much as the
declarations of the Russian press on
the other side of the question.
Since the Anglo-German agreement
was completed England has been, ap
parently, following Germany in the
policy of insisting upon severe de
mands as to punishment and indem
nities have made the delay In the ne
gotiations, and not any action or po
sition taken by this government.
The instructions sent to Minister
Conger have been of the most liberal
character, all showing a desire on the
part of tills government to reach an
agreement as rapidly as possible with
the other powers, so as to get the set
tlement completed with China at an
early day.
The only limitation pUccd on our
agreement with the other powers lias
been that more must not be asked of
the Chinese government than it could
grant, and reslstence has been made
to what seemed to be attempts to
impose upon China demands which it
could not meet apparently with the
intention of forcing China into a
position where she would have to re
fuse, and perhaps light, with the re
sult that territory, under the guise of
'spheres of lnlluence," would be taken
by the powers.
Mcmi'Uis, Tenn., Nov. 20 A torna
do, bounding through a narrow stretch
of territory, stretching from u point
three miles north of Lulu, Miss., to
LaGrauge, Teun., caused heavy loss
of life and property this afternoon. The
itorm eo completely interrupted tele
graphic and telephonic communication
that neither the origin or ending of it
can be dotermiued tonight, nor can the
extent of tho disaster bo learned.
From meager details obtainable, cov
ering only three points, it appears
nintcon lives were lost, and tbo de
struction of property is nlo heavy.
It is believed between the towns heard
from numerous farm houses and in
terior communities of more or less con
siderable population wcro struck. Ac
companying the tornado was n rain
storm of terrtflic proportions.
Toi-eka, Kan.," Nov. 20. Oflicial
returns from Kansas counties just com
piled show that tho total vote of tho
stato was 340,917. For president,
McKinloy received 187,881, Bryau
1G2.077. For governor, Stanley, re
publican, 170,107; Broidenthal, fusion,
1G8.830. Republicans will bav a ma
jority of 71 on joint ballot in the uoxt
TION. Cincinnati, O., Nov. 20. The ex
perts working on tho hooks of the
German national bank at .Newport, Ky.
roport today that thoy havo so far
found n shortage of $105,000 in the
accounts of Frank M. Brown, tho mit
sing cashier.
Thero havo been nil sorts of reports
today about Brown having been seen
at Indianapolis, Fort "Way no and other
points after ho lolt St. Louis last
Wednesday, but uono of these re
ports aro believed hero and the where
abouts of Brown remain a mystery.
No reward has yet been offered for
his apprehension. Tho dorks of the
German national bank who aro work
ing with Recoiver Tucker's ezperts to
day discovered another plan oporated
by Brown. When a check wus ontcred
October 31 for 3. 15, ho entered it as
$3003.15 and got tho benefit of 3000.
On tho same date ho put 11 "2" in front
of an ontry of $150 and got $2000
more. Tho experts say Brown re
peatedly credited himsolf with $1000,
2000 and 3000 deposits when ho did
not deposit anything, but took out
that amount soon afterward. Brown's
books show that he did not striko for
suras less than $10QP jn any ono of
these transactions.
SniiNOFiELD, Vt., Nov. 20. The
notionul bank of Spririgfield is doing
business as usual today, apparently
having snfiered in no way from the
20,000 shortage in funds alleged to
havo been suffered through tho trans
actions of its cashier, G. L. Closson.
Tbo cashior was at tho bank as usual,
and it is understood that on account of
his lotig period of service, as well as
by request of his bondsmen, who made
good tho loss, ho will bo retained
pending investigation.
Developments indicated thero was
iittlo disposition to attribute criminal
intent to tho aged cashier. A loan
given by Mr. Closson to his son of the
luiieu urouerage urra of iinott & Clos
sou was secured by n deed of real es
tato considorcd good by tho bank ex
aminer, who knew of the transaction.
SLvxin, Nov. 20. Gen. Macabolos
a former Filipino chief, is prepared to
start 111 pursuit of Aguiualdo with 100
picked natives, supported by Ameri
can troops. Other ex-rebel Filipinos
will bo used in campaigning in tho
country. Their offers have not been
inado formally yet, but they are ready
if the authorities will accept their ser
vices. Agmnaldo, it is supposed, is in
northern Luzon, according to state
ments made by ex-rebel leaders now in
Manila, contirmed from other sources.
Agilpny, renegade nativo priest long
on insurgent leader in northern Luzon,
has written to friends in Mauilo asking
for election news and requesting he be
informed whether a decisien has been
reached concerning relations between
the church and stute and the disposi
tion of church properties. The reply
scut him contains information that the
church ami state will bo separate and
entire religious freedom will bo al
lowed. A SUICIDE.
Aliiuqucrqub, N. M., Nov. 20.
Horace Tilton, nntil recently an en
gineer running out of Tucson, Ariz.,
plunged a knife eleven times into his
breast as the train was coming into Al
buquerque this morning. His heart is
cut. Tilton can not livo another hour.
A divorced wife in Albuquerque is sup
posed to be the cause of the suicide.
Monteiicy, Mex., Nov. 20. The re
port that the American officers have
unearthed ancient records in Pekin
showing that Chinese discovered Amer
ica 1500 years ago nnd erected tem
ples in Mexico, has aroused tho great
est interest among the scientific men of
Monterey and throughout tho country.
Tho Chinese temples alluded to aro in
the state of Sonora, on the Pacific
coast. Tbo ruia of ono of the temples
was discovered near the town of Ures.
in that state about two years ago, One
of tho largest tablets found in the ruin
was carved with Chineso characters,
which were partially deciphered by a
learned Chinaman who visited the
ruins at the request of the Mexican
Advertised Letters.
List of letters remaining in the
Globo postoflicQ Nov. 13, 1900.
Adams. Mary Linley. M. Jeve
Arthur, Chas. A. Llles, L. J.
Bache, Miss Mary Littleton. L. T.
Bardwell, T. J. Lotel. William
Biggs, J.C. Loughny, Ed.
Bowman. N. D. 2 Lucas, Charles
Brown, Mrs. Chas. Mason, Foster
Caruthers.MrsMA McLiughlin. W. M.
Carvells, Mrs. M. 2 McGirs, Farlen
Chapman, J. II. McDonald; Dan
Calven.Mrs.FFnce Miner, Harry 2
Chrllton, Alfred : Miller, E.
Christerson.JuliousMiller, .las. B. 2
Cooper, Nelson Miller, E. Wart
Collord, J. E. Murphy, Spud
Curyel, Fernando Ncedham, M. II.
Domenica.Ruffatti Orton, R. J.
Doherty. James Owens, Blanche
Dalton, W. E. Palmer. W. II.
Dunne, Mrs. C. SI. Perry, John
Eddinirs,Mrs.R.S. Perry, S. T.
Fox. Sirs. Fessy Pope, John W.
Gallagher, James Bay, Frank
GallaghenMrs.Ed. Riley, Jas. 11.
Gilberts, Keel Russell. E. T.
Glover, A. E. Rllins, V. E.
Glover, Eugene Richards. Geo. A.
Oienie, Mrs. Russell, John G.
Hill, Chas. Slater, A. W.
Hill, WTlliam Stone, Seab
Holleran. Maurice St Clair. II. B.
Ilorton, Jay Taylor.Mrs.IIattlc
Hudson,. lack Thubbell, Frank
Jennings, David Tyner, Sirs. Affra
Kllsscnbaucr, Joe Walker, Sirs. Susie
Kombcrac, Joseph Wyattc, Thos
Lewes, James Wujonovich, Seni
Lcure, 31. Jeve
Please call for advertised letters.
W. O. Kellnek, P. 31.
Resolutions of Condolence.
Whereas, It has pleased the giver of
all good and perfect gifts in His divine
wisdom to take from us little Sfade
laine. the beloved daughter of sister
Cora M. Cushman, and grand child of
brother and sister Week.
In the removal of the sweet child
from the trials and cares of this, life,
God has only claimed Ills own. by
taking her to Himself. Too good to be
on this earth; He has claimed her and
we should rather rejoice than mourn,
notwithstanding she was so endeared
to us, by a chain of affection and love .
which is not easily broken.
Resolved, in the departure of Made
laine her parents and relatives met
with a sad loss, a jewel not to be re
placed, and acquaintances every thing
that is lovcable in one so young.
Resolved, that a copy or tnese reso
lutions be spread upon the minutes of
White Mountain Chapter, "No. 8, O. E.
S., a copy furnished the papers of the
city for publication and a copy sent to
her parents.
Sins. EtsiK Fascou.
? "
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-i-frfr '
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