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Arizona silver belt. [volume] (Globe City, Pinal County, Ariz.) 1878-19??, November 29, 1900, Image 3

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Commissioner Vowdorly of tho im
migration bureau, will give a hear
ing about tlio lust of thin month to n
committee of the labor organizations
of Now York, bended by tho Knights
of Labor, on Ohinean immigration.
Tho committee aho repioseiitH nearly
nil tho labor organizations on tho P.i
cillo coast. The object of thn organi
zations is to sugget a co-operation of
tho immigration bureau and labor
bodien, believing that violations of tint
Ohinese immigration law often oimti
to tho knowledge of laborers that are
not published or spoken of. If them
gauizatiuns co-operate with tho immU
uratlon olllcials, it is thought nil mem
bers of labor bodies will make it their
business to watch for violations of tho
law, mul to assist in their detection.
Brown Leghorn Cockerels
M? JO III 83. (Ml r.t
rrc ' w 'ur settinKuf llfteen. all out i(
-'ciJm3 scored birds from .MK-ourl Can bo
.ent liy evprevs. Address
rim.i. (irnli.iiii CiiiiiiI), ArUuuu.
and Transfer Ce.
.Moots all
Driver will awaken passengers deshing
to be called in tune for outgoing train.
Leave word at
oi, ring up No. 17. We deliver Freight
Baggage and Express to and from anv
part, of the city, at lowest prices. Wo
make a specialty of
Moving Household Goods
Jim Yett
Formerly the Can Can Chop House
Meals 25 Cents
Open from 5 o'clock a. tn. to 10 p. m.
Private Dining Rooms for Ladies
One Door South of
Van Wagenen's
Healer in
and Curios
Rare Specimens for Cabinets supplied
At J. Faull's Grocery Store.
.STAdiK link.
a C. HOCKETT, Prop.
Thrf o Trpialt cck. Iay lleht Travel
Leaves Mesa S a. m Tuesdays, Thursday,
and Saturdays.' Arrives ai Florence at ll:3
a m Leaves Florence at 1 p. m.. arriving at
Globe 8 p. in the following day.
Leaves Globe 8 a m. Tuesdays, Thursday!
and Saturdays. Arrives at Florence at 11 a
m. tho following day Leaves Florence fo
Mesa at 1 p m Arrives at Mesa at 6 p. m
Stage Stop Over at Riverside
Agont at Globe.
globe: & PAYSON
(Carrying the U. S. Mail.)
I rlllDAYS.
Packages carried at reasonable rates.
Passenger travel solicited.
Lynch Law in C lorado.
Tho hideous tiiT.tir at Laku Station,
Col., whero tho iieKrotPrcHlun PorUr
itn snritiidirtd b) thu authorities to
a mob of ''best citizens," Ih ot course
0ittn to conaemimtlon ub u ioliition
of law, but in several wajs tho crimu
was mure tlian a mure, violation of
law. Its most revolting leature was
lu inudmovul burbarity, and lu worm
ufleet will bu its degrading influence
upon society ut large. Tho horrible
uii.uaclur ot 1'orlor's erllllu and the
trtel that Colorado turn no death pun
a t.i might Imvo been pleaded in ex
tenuation had the mob contented
iisolt simply with thu oxeuution ot the
criminal. Hvuii tliun tho plea would
oo of (KiUbitul Hi lee, aliico a puoplo
who have legi.siiuett apimsl tho death
pjii.Ut n.iuir.ill siiould bo tho last to
to lo onfuieu li without wariaiitot
iuw. lint the Colorado mob wum
not content with killing the criminal;
it cliosw to follow the methods ot tho
tio.Nors una iulliet prolonged torturu
on him. Tho man was liiWun from
tho unresisting shuritl' and burned,
nut by a mob noting under the spur of
a pruaent iirovoeatlon, but dullbor
atoly and in accordance witli a caro
lully prearranged programme. Ar
rangements tor thu torture wore per
fected with as much ciro as a jailer
builds a bcaffold, and it is iuiplu.ui.mt
ly bignitlcaut that none of thu onlook
ers .sen inn to hao sickened at tho spec
taclo wlucli follow od
It will bu urged by thu defenders of
tauact lhatitw lit havo a powerful effect
in deterring other criminals from te
poatiug I'orter's dastardly crime
Thai is by no meaiiB certain. Few
criminal like Porter ever expect to
be caught. Men of his slump belong
to thu irrational class of creatures
who rarely reason from cause to effect
or plan their present aots with a view
to ltlturo possible cousequuuees. But
uvea conceding thai tho scene ut Laku
Station might have 401110 exemplar)
effect, how about its olfuct on society
tu general? Setting Aside the legal
phaes of the question the Colorado
uiob, luoted of applyiug an effective
remedial agency tor thu suppression of
crime, n.i merely tollowed one critnl-
' nai performuueu with another. It has
auded to thu degrading fact of Porter's
crime thu intolerable spucUdu of an
entire community uug.igud upon the
initiation ot torture.
I L'ho brutalizing elloct.s of a few roni-
tttious ut thu atlair at Laku Sutiou
would have an intlueucu which no
number of crimes upon thu part ol In
dividuals coulU exert.
What is the state ot Colorado going
to do with its white savages? Chtci'go
Civil Service livainiuatlon.
Thu United Mates civil service com
mission uuuouuces that on December
1-, 1900, an examination will be held
at Tucson, ogules, Phoenix and
Presoott, Arizona, lor thu positiou ot
railway mail clerk In thu eighth rail
way mail division.
This culmination is open only to
legal residents of Arizona. All such
persons who can comply with the re
quirements are invited to apply, and
such applicants will be examined,
graded and certified with entire im
partiality and wholly without regard
to an consideration save their ability
as shown by the gradu attained in the
Persons who desire to compete
should ut once apply to thu United
Statxs civil servicucommisstun. Wash
ington, D. (J., for application lorm 304
and a copy ot the manual ol examina
tions. The application should be
proper! executed and promptly filed
with the commission.
Two years ago tho people of North
Dakota adopted a constitutional
amendment to permit tho establlili
tnent ot thu state dispensary system of
supplying liquors, utter the South
Carolina method. This year, by a
large majority, tho people have re
pealed it.
A Philadelphia "Joke."
Here Is an extract from a police
court report in the Philadelphia Tele
graph: "Thirty days for illegal voting no,
vagrancy," said the magistrate, with a
smile. "Woit a minute. What ti'iket
did you vote republican or democratic?"
"Republican," replied Rouse,
"Oh, that's different, I'll reduce
that sentence. Ten dajs," said tho
magistrate, amid tho laughter of the
court room.
That's what thoy consider a joko in
ring-ridden Philadelphia.
A Long Time Coming,
Oeo. Hamlin, tlio well known min
ing man of this city, received a letter
on Sunday from the dead letter ollloe,
at Washington, which letter was writ
ten to him Nov. 21, 1808, ncarl 32
years ago. Jt was addressed to liltn at
Fort Wallace, Kansas. At that date
Mr. Hamlin wiu a government scout
working with W. F. Cody (Buffalo
Bill. The papers were of considera
ble value, one being his discharge for
a previous teirn of enlistment. Mr.
Hamlin came to Prescott late in 1808,
hence ttie letter was returned to
Washington labold "unclaimed." As
It contained papers of value itwas not
'destroyed. Some six weeks ago ho
wrote to the pension department for
certain Information, and that letter
disclosed his present address. No
doubt a footnote In connection with
his military record told of the old let
ter that for 3:2 years had remained
without a claimant. Phoenix Enter
prise. New Trusts to be Formed.
The announcement Is now made
that several new trusts are soon to be
formed. The most powerful of these
combinations is now being perfected.
It Will be known as tlio tin can trust
and will Iw capitalized at 50,000,000.
Those familiar with the industrial
conditions lu the cuutitrv declare that
during tho lust four weeks 20 other
enterprises have been preparing to go
Into trust combinations.
Individual enterptise is fast becom
ing a thlmr of tho past. The avenues
of individual opportunity are being
closed and unless something radical is
done to stem the title the laborer will
soon tind himself absolutely at the
mercy of these illegal combinations,
which aim at the complete abolition
of all competition and the control of
all ltidustiial and commercial enter
prises bv one power. Bradford (Pa.)
Total Indian Population.
The census Just completed shows
there Is a total of 131, LIS Indians not
taxed. The population by states bliows
the follow lug distribution of the Indian
California, 1,549; Colorado, 597; Idaho
2,297; Minnesota. l,7tS; Montana, 10,
71G; Nevada, 1,G05; Now York, 4,711;
North Dakota, 10,932; South Dakota,
10,932; Utah, -1,172; Washington, 2,031;
Wisconsin, 1,637; Arizona, 24,644; In
dian Territory, ri0,033; New Mexico, 2,.
937; Oklahoma, 6,927. The total Indian
population in "the states" t,s 44,017; in
the territories, S9,u41. No other state
or territory outride of tho Indian Ter
ritory hasaslatgoun Indian population
as Arizona. Furthermore, the greater
portion of the A rlzona Indians arc self-
supporting and receive 110 government 1 '
annuities. Native American. !
Growing Demand for Silver.
Speaking ol the possible future de
mand for silver, the London Statist
says: "As the silver in the reserve is
now at an irreducible minimum, the
whole of the further demand for
rupees will have to be mot by purchase
of new silver.
If 1 idla absorbed 60,COO,000 ounces
ot silver In the past year of famine,
what villi It require in a year of pros
perity; The world's production of
silver I? not much over 160,000,000
ounces and India's requirements in
the past year have been equal to nearly
40 per cent of the total output.
Frotr the closing of the Indian
mints until the current ear India
purchases of silver were not more than
about 15,000,000 per annum.
Now we have tho prospect that the
demand may bo 60,000,000 ounces a
year. It will oe evident tnerciorc,
that tl e Indian government will he a
large buverof silver and that the price
in the future will probably rule at a
much h.gher level than it has done
since the closing of the Indian mints."
Pension Commissioner Hvans has
lately stilted that 34,000 applications
lor pensions on uccouut of tho Spanish
American war htvii already como in.
This number equals, says tho Pitts--burg
Dispatch, the vvholo number of
men we had in the field in that war,
Slnilter took 14,000 to Santiago, und
re-enforcements brought tho whole
number sent there to 20,000. Gen.
MiltB took 6000 to Porto Rico, where
there was no fighting, and most of
tliem coon returned. Merritt took
11,000 or 12,000 to Manila. These
nruullnho ueut out of tlio couotry
aud got into the vicinity of actual war.
But there were about 160.U00 more
who spent more or less timu in camps
in various parts of tho country. It is
improbable that the pension claims aro
all in yet . Nou claims on account of
the civil-war have been cowing in over
siuco On the other baud, not all of
the claims made v. ill bo allowed at
first, but the pension agents will Dot
let them die. In one form or another
they "ill be kept before tho pension
bureau or congress. Tlio claimants on
account of the 1'lulippiuo war havo yet
to bo heard from. They will proba
bly be nt least as ninny moro as those
ou account of tli'o war with Spain.
...... I. I 1 . III!,.. Sfefc fc- T-fc1
1.- 1
& 1
- I
g - " i
OEO W. P. HUNT, Pres't and Secy. A. L. WALKER, Vice-President F, B. OABBERT, Manager
Wells, Fargo & Co., San Francisco
Laidlaw & Co., New York
Farmers & Merchants Bank, Los Angeles
Consolidated National Bank, Tucson
The Old Dominion
Commercial Company
Merchants and Bankers
lias been inspected by hundreds and their verdict is, "It's the finest ever shown
in Globe. " It consists of the latest importation in Dress Goods, Silk "Vaists,
Winter Waists, Dress Skirts, Dressing Jackets, Capes, Outing Flannels, Under
wear. Also a magnificent line of Rugs, Art Squares, Carpets, Curtains, etc.
T Ittl HTI"I' I t1
General Banking Business
n. E. Church Services.
Sunday school at 10 a. in.
Public worship and sermon. 11 a. in.
Junior Christian Endeavor. 3 p. m.
Senior Christian Endeavor, 0:.'J0p.m.
Song service and sermon. 7:30 p. in.
Steward's monthly meeting Mon
day evening at 7:30.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening
1 :.u.
Choir rehearsal Friday evening 7:30.
Everybody invited. Strangers are
cordially welcomed.
The Old Reliable,
To remove u troublesomo corn or
bullion, first soak tho corn or bunion
in warm water to sotteu it, then paro
it down as closely as possible without
drawing blood und apply Chamber
lain's pain balm twice daily; rubbing
vigorously for live minutes at each
apphuatioii. A corn plaster should bo
1 worn for ? few days, to protect it from
' the shoe. As a general liniment for
sprains, bruises, lameness and rhonniu
tism, pain balm is unequalled. For
sale by II C Hitchcock.
I ..... in
i The elephant that marched in the
Pittsburg sound money parade is dead.
Itfeerns that some elepbant3 cannoi
boar prosperity.
Fob Rent, a store, now occupied by
Bprques 'liquor house. Apply to J.
O. Lundy.
A new assortment of pipes at G. S.
Van Wagcncn's.
When you feel lhat lifo is hardly
worth tho caudle tako u doeo of Cham
berlain's stomach and liver tablets.
They will cleanpo your stomach, tono
up your liver and regulate your bow
els making you feel like a now man.
For salo by II 0 Hitchcock.
Blue Grass whisky, 13 years old, nt
G. S. Van Wagenen's.
Chamberlain's stomach and liver
tablets euro billiousness, constipotion
and headache. Thoy aro easy to tako
and pleasant in effect. For salo by H
C Hitchcock.
The "Rest." was a nrize winner at
the Graham county fair. When or
dering Hour ask for the "Best"
Handled by all grocermen.
Men and women to appoint agents
and reprcscntus, some to travel, others
for local work. 12 weekly salary and
expenses. Old established house, pleas
ant permanent positions, rapid ad
vancement and Increase of wages.
Write at once. Address
Dept E. New Haven, Conn.
Itooms to rent, with or without
table board, on Born street
Mns. F. F. Ciiildkus.
A- Dunlfip, of Safford, who have ono of
the largest stocks of furniture in Ari
zona, will prepay tho freight to Globe
on every purchaso from them by a
Globe citizen to tho amount of fifteen
dollars or over. Bottom prices. See
catatoguo and prico list at oilice of
Knight Parker. Todi ,v DnNi.AP.
Drug Store
Where always bos been kept tho purest and frcshcfct Drugs, and will continue to do f
Physicians prescriptions a specialty, and will be carefully dispensed, day
or night, by competent Pharmacists, and from pnre Drngs.
"O A "T"!"1 MfBSTiTf W"ft Jtt ot M kim ' at list Pnce-
including war tax stamp?
Lame assortment or tbc best PERFUMES and TOILET SOAP
Uollday coods for XMAS
Latest dcslcns In all kinds of STATIONERY
Btrtbday and Wcddlns Presents to sul evcrrbod
SODA WATER, in season
with all tho latest and most refreshing drinks, where ladies can always find a coo
place to rest when shopping. Courtesy will be extended to all.
Best service, lowest prices and prompt attention at
Paid up Capital 525,000
Responsibility over $100,000
Safe Deposit Boxes, in a lire-proof vault, for rent, at 25c. per month
or 2.50 per annum. An excellent place to keep your valuables
Notice for Publication.
Homestead Application No. 2,128.
Department ol the Interior,
Land Ofllcc at Tucson, Arizona.
October SS.1WX).
Notice Is hereby ulven thit the followins
named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make tlnal proof In support of his claim, and
that said proof will he made before tho Clerk
of the District Court at Globe, Arizona, on
Saturday, December 8, 1900, viz:
John B. Henderson, of Cline, Arizona, for tho
B 14 NT W t &. S W H N E H Sec. 1 T 1 N , R.
He names tho followlne witnesses to prove
his continuous rcsldcneo upon and cultivation
of s.itd land, W:
John D. Lee, Andrew J. Henderson, George
Shutc, and l'rancls II. Cooper, all of Living
(ton. Arizona. JHwOS R. Jloont,
. rlrstpuRtcationNov. 1.1000. Hdgistcr,
The bank of Globe does a Rcncral banking business. All accom
modations extended to customers consistent with conservative
banking. Accounts solicited, large and small.
M. C TAYLOR, Asst Cashier
J. N. PORT1UJ, President
The News Depot
Carries a Complete lino ol
Stationery, (flail Paper, Sporting Goods
Cutlory, Notions, Toys and Dolls
Aecnls Tor llio Crnultic Importrd Iiral hi raw t luarc He I'aixTn
.', Location Notices, Lcc.il Blanks J'4
vi? Pens and Ink ''" W
All the leading Newspapers, Magazines, Novels and Bound Books. Snbscriptiont
solicited for all Publications at Publishers prices. Orders by
Mail promptly attended to.
McNelly block
ZlllMIIHIIIHHtlllllMIIMIIIlllllllllllllllllli: illllllllHIIIIIIIIHItlltlllMIIMIIIMIIIIIIIIIti;
;iiMiMiiiiiiiiiiiii,iiiiiiiiiiHHimiiiiuiiiii 's :iiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiniiiiiiii 1 1-
Tho loading rosort of Clobo...
ROLLINC, ROGERS & CO., Proprietors
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Afe&Qiioas Unequalled in GIoIjs,
. 1
- ,1
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1 3 V1 -)
t, riM.f cJ tftSJ
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