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VOL. XV—No. 30
Minister Calls Negro Children
Forerunners Os New Day
By Willian Gordon
Staff Correspondant for
Atlanta Daily World
ATLANTA, Ga.—The role of
the child and the environmental
forces behind him, were clearly
defined here Wednesday by an
Atlanta minister.
“This characteristic which our
world has usually reserved for
lion-hearted warriors and other
worldly saints must be shared
with the virtually unknown Ne
gro children, who have walked
the gauntlet of ridicule, hatred,
violence and terror to be the
forerunners of a new day.”
Rev. H. C. McEwen, pastor of
First Congregational Church
also told his Hungry Club au
dience at the Butler Street
“Because man is still, in many
ways, a fighting animal, we can
discern the motives which ani
mate the warrior.”
He related the present strug
gle with the triumph of Rome,
how Asia and Africa fought for
their “salt.”
“In all these instances,” he
added, “one can discern plau
sible reasons for the heroic deeds
of those who have struggled
back and forth across the con
fused arena of human destiny.”
He said “friends and enemies
alike stand baffled as they at
tempt to ferret out the motives
which animate these children
as they take their places among
the heroes of history.”
Rev. McEwen called attention
to those children who have no
training as soldiers. He said
their weapons are little under
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McFarfind) 5
xona Interstate Stream Commission.
stood by those who oppose them.
He critized the metropolitan
press of the South and said,
“Through the vast power of the
mass media of our day, news
papers, periodicals, textbooks,
moving pictures, radio, televi
sion, the chorus of condemna
tion is dinned into their minds
and souls incessantly.”
“The system of education for
the Negro is concerned,” he said,
“with two things in mind: First,
to teach the Negro a semblance
of literacy; second, to condition
the Negro child so that he re
signs himself to a place of in
feriority, regardless of his in
nate talents and worth.
“One must not censure the
Negro teacher who falls into
the pattern without first recog
nizing that until, quite recently,
his job depended upon his ef
ficiency in teaching children
who happen to be bom black
to be good Negroes.”
In his “Salute to Heroes,” the
minister referred to the envi
ronment in which these young
people have been reared. He said
although, they have been irain
ed to be poorest of “our nation
al communists, they prove in
this crucial hour to be possess
ed of more character than whose
who are proclaimed the best.”
In his tribute to the youngst
ers who have had to face uhe
mobs, the hostile groups in an
effort to integrate in the public
schools, he said, “We ought to
consider that these children are
not without, fear. Real courage
is not bound in those individ
uals who do not know fear, but
rather in those who go forward
in spite of it.
Lee For Mayor
Ticket Gains
Jaws wagging, telephone buzz
ing, heralding the news of the
Democratic Charter Govern
ment ticket in its bid to occupy
City Hall come next January.
, It is surprising, (or is it) what
a front page article will do to
help “underdog”.
When story appeared in
Wednesday morning Republic
under the caption, “McFarland
is host to Lee supporters,” which
intimated the Governor had
given the Lee .Ticket his bless
ings, it was considerated the
first big break the ticket has
This break is causing some ap
prehension in the other camp,
reports say.
The Lee ticket is opposing the
incumbent Charter Government
ticket in the city council race
to be voted Tuesday Nov. 12th,
Council Members running on the
Lea ticket are: C. E. DUNCAN.
Go to the Polls, Tuesday and
vote, it is your duty as a citizen.
Any purchasing made and
charged to Democratic Charter
Government ticket or Rogers
Lee for Mayer must be accom
panied by a purchase order sign
ed by A. R. Lete in order to be
Oklahoma Black Dispatch in
the October 25 edition, carries
the story of two prominent
Tulsa Men-high-up in Masonery
who has been accused and in
dicted for Arson. Bale has been
set at $3,000 each.
One of the accused is very
well known in Phoenix, especial
ly in Masonic circles.
According to the article, the
tvJo men were charged with
second degree Arson in connec
tion with burning of the Mason
ic Temple two years ago in Bo
ley, were: a noted Tulsa Attor
ney, Amos T. Hall and a well
known Tulsa editor, Edward
Goodwin Sr.
The two men were implicated
in the Arson case by a Tulsa
convict, who is serving 20 years
for burblary. He claims he was
paid by the defendants to bum
the building which was insured
for $64,000.
By George La van.
The American public is sud
denly hearing a lot about South
ern “moderates.” Northern news
paper editors are hailing them
as the hope of the South, the
answer to the school desegrega
tion problem, the people who
can prevent the reoccurrence of
such “tragedies” as the federal
enforcement of desegregation at
Central High School in Little
Who are these Southern “mod
erates”? What is their program?
What can fighters against Jim
Crow expect from them? These
questions and their answers will
assume increasing importance
since the Southern “moderates”
are being pushed forward into
the national political limelight
occupied up till now by the
Byrnes - Byrd - Griffin - -East
land School of Southern politics.
The pushing is being done by
important economic and politic
al interests in the South. And
helping hands are being ex
tended by the Eisenhower ad
ministration, the Northern Dem
ocrats and the Northern press.
Use of the label “moderate”
is as wide, all-embracing, and
consequently as vague, as cur
rent usage of the term “liberal.”
As applied to the Southern scene
it is being employed to describe
(1) anti-integrationists not iden
tified with fire-eating state
ments of absolute defiance of
the Supreme Court decision and
legislation to destroy it at any
cost, (2) those who may have
taken the above positions but
who have since indicated that
they believe nullification, inter
position or abolition of the pub
lic school system unfeasible, (3)
state officials who have endors
ed such positions but are credit
ed with secretly not being for
The present leaders of the
Southern “moderates” are Gov.
Leßoy Collins a* Florida and
Gov. Luther Hodges of North
Carolina. Gov. Frank Clement
A GOOD newspaper and the
Bible in every house, a good
schoolhouse in every district,
and a church in every neigh
borhood, all appreciated as
they deserve, are the chief
support of virtue, morality,
civil liberty, and religion. —
—Benjamin Frankun
Rites Held For Prominent
Ray Citizen
Military funeral services were
held Monday in the First Bap
tist Church at Ray, Arizona, for
Bert McDonald, 49, who died
in the Ray Hospital.
Death followed a heart attack
half an hour before his death.
The funeral committee of
John Pruitt Post No. 18, Ameri
can Legion, of which he was
a member, had charge of mili
tary services at the graveside
in the Ray Cemetery v
Mr. McDonald, son of a pio
neer Arizona family, was bom
in Bisbee, but moved to Ray with
his family when an infant. He
was maintenance service con
tractor for the Ray Division of
the Kennecott Copper Co.
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of Tennessee is also associated
with this group. But since East
Tennessee has long been a Re
publican stronghood, that state
is hot considered typically
Southern and Clement must
therefore yield primacy to Col
lins and Hodges as Southern
It was during the Bouthern
Governors Conference that the
Little Rock crisis came to a head.
It was also at this conference
that the “moderates” with the
apparent consent of the anti-
Negro extremists, such as Gov.
Timmerman of South Carolina
and Gov. Griffin of Georgia, as
sumed the role of public spokes
men for the South and inter
mediaries with the administra
tion for withdrawal of federal
troops just sent to Little Rock.
Gov. Collins was also elected
chairman of the Conference.
A clue to what may be ex
pected of these “moderates” is
that during the conference none
of them condemned the actions
of their fellow delegate, Gov.
Faubus of Arkansas, even though
the Little Rock crisis was oc
cupying the attention of the
whole country. Only Gov. Mc-
Keldin of Maryland, a Republic
an, who owes his election in
large part to the Negro vote,
condemned Faubus. On the
other hand the '“moderates
quickly and unanimously deplor
ed the sending of federal troops
to Arkansas as “tragic.” They
were then given the assignment
of going as a deputation to con
fer with Eisenhower on means
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You are judged by your con
duct. Plan to attend some
church Sunday.
Contribute to the United
Trade with Merchants who
support your paper.
—The SUN

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