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If you are, figure with us on Your Outfit.
We carry the Largest Stock in Alaska, and
it will pay you to get our prices. .
The Koehier-James Mercantile Co.
S. BLUM, Manager.
Kaufman Bros.
ii prs. Ladies' French Kid Button Shoes width o size*
Old price$5.00 Reduced to $1.50
011 account of this lot consisting of small an 1 broken sizes, the flr?t oe*t |?rie#?
has lieen overlooked. If you can find a fit,
In all Departments you n il/ see iJarfjains of a Similar Charaeh r.
W'e are determined to clean out. all short lengths in Pmht (Jnnd and (> Ids
and Ends in other lines.
The Douglas Island News.
Juneau Ferry and Navigation Co.
9:00 a. m. 9:50 a. m.
11:00 a. m. 1*2:50 p. m.
'2:00 p. ra. 2:50 p. m.
4:30 p. m. 6:50 p. m.
9:00 p. m. 9:25 p. m.
11 a. ra., 4:30 p. ra. | 12:15 and 6:15 p. m.!
Musical and Literary.
The first social of the Methodist Episcopal
Church ut Juneau will be given ut the Con- J
gregutietml Hull on Wednesday evening Jan- ;
uary 25. A musical and literary program has
been prepured. Refreshments will be served. ;
A cordial invitation is extended to all.
Admission free.
The ferry will leave Juneau for Douglas J
Island ut 11:4.1 p. m.
Glass and Queensware at lialf price j
at Frank Bach's.
Notice the change in Lindstrom Bros,
ad. Its a hummer.
Last Thursday was a most beautiful j
day iu this part of Alaska.
Candy, Cigars, Vegetables, Canned
Fruits at Eastberg Johnsou's.
You can get auything you want iu
the furniture line of P. H. Fox.
Just received, the very best Eastern j
Oysters, at Charley's Colfee House.
The finest Butter on earth and the I
best grade of cheese at East berg John
1? ? 1-1 of fU TPfl0/1.
yir. iayior, uoukkccijci ?*w wc
well store, went to Seattle on the Cot
tage City.
Hood's Cook Book and Calendar free
of charge at the Occidental Pharmacy,
J uneau.
The Alaska Furniture Co., of Juneau,
beats all of them for prices. Seward i
street between Front and Second.
Mr. N. Caspersou went down sound
last week. We hope he will enjoy the
trip and will return again to engage in
business in this city.
Try some of that Oriental Cream for
rough hands aud face. A fine cream
to use after shaving. For sale at the
'Pouglas City Pharmacy.
Mr. P. R. McGuire left for the Porcu
pine couutry last Friday. He is a thor
ough prospector, hardy and rugged, and j
wtf expect him to report finding some- j
thing good.
Captain Bell was under the doctor's
care for several days last week. He had
an attack of the grip, but managed to
keep the ferry boat running on time
just the same.
- -
Several accidents have occurred in
this city during the past ten days to
some of those engaged in the happy
pastime of coasting. Mrs. F. M. James
and Miss May McBride were among the
Geo. W. Harvey and Ed. S. Churchill
started yesterday morning, on the
steamer Kodat, for Skaguay. From
there they will establish a freighting
line into Atliu. They took with them
two teams of dogs fully equipped with
harness, sleds, etc. They also took four
tents which they will place at suitable
stations along the route, and these will
be provided with beds and stoves. Mrs.;
Harvey and Mrs. Churchill expect to
join their husbands in about two
months, and until then will remain in
Douglas City.
Boy's and Men's overalls .V>c and 50c
at Bach's.
Blankets 50c and 81.00 at Bach's,
while they last.
Blauk notes and location notices for
sale at this office.
Fresh meat always on hand at East
berg it Johnson's.
See F. M. James' general advertise
ment. on the editorial page.
Miss Jennie Andrews aud a lady
friend made the News a call Friday.
Mrs. Dr. Harrison who was on the
sick list for some time has recovered.
Violin, Guitar, Mandolin, and Banjo
Strings at the Douglas City Pharmacy.
? ' ? ' ? /? M ?
(Jot your prescriptions ana iuuuiy
Recipes put up at the Occidental Phar
macy, Juneau.
Prescriptions filled at all hours, day
or night. Xight calls no trouble. Doug
las City Pharmacy.
The Taku trail to Atlin will be the
popular trail to the new gold fields when
the people look into the matter.
Merchant Behrends and the Koehler
James Mercantile Co., of Juneau, re
port a good outfitting trade since the
Jack Johnson of the Standard will
return from his trip to Seattle within
the next week. The boys will all be
glad to see Jack again.
Billy Leob of Juneau left for Port
land and San Francisco the first of the
week. lie leaves many friends in Al
aska who will hope that tjis absence is
only temporary.
Several small sized ice-bergs, from
the glaciers up the Taku, floated onto
the beach on the high tide last week.
The ice looked as if it had been dipped
in a weak solution of bluo ink.
Eddy McCormick is of an inventive
J ' ' bT" ^"^1- *> I *?% *?HA1 of ot?O
rurn or mi mi. nt iuuh a unnci omtu)
nailed a short piece of 2-x-i in the cen
ter and fastened a seat to the other end
of that, and then he had a coasting slod
or whatever you may call it that was a
Free mending at the Douglas Steam
Laundry. Laundrying in all its
branches. Flannels a specialty. Work
called for and delivered. Rates guar
anteed satisfactory. Patronize your
home Laundry. Weesner & Johnson.
The Lone Fisherman will leave the
Juneau wharf at 12 o'clock to-night for
Douglas City and Treadwell and will
leave Douglas City at 3 a. m. for Ju
neau. This extra trip is made to ac
commodate those wishing to attend the
Orchestra dauce in this city to-night.
Yukon outfitting of all descriptions
at the Treadwell store. Years of ex
perience in the Alaska trade has given
the manager of that mammoth estab
lishment a thorough knowledge as
to what is needed and how to pack it
for the interior.
Mr. Louis L. Blumenthal, the live,
wide awake merchant of Juneau, re
* 1 A- ' ?? ? - - flm laef nn frir*
uirueu lO Ill? UUUJU uu mc i?ou v.
of the Cottage City. He brought his
wife and a piano along with him. Blu
menthal is one of the best men in all
Alaska and his many friends aro glad
to welcome him back. By the way,
Judge Thornton fined him for being at
Portland, but now that he has brought
his wife to Alaska we suppose only
half the fine will be collected.
Off for Atlin.
The Tread well wharf was in it yester
day morning. The steamers Seolin, I
Kodat, Rustler, Lucy, and Lone Fish
ermau, were all tied up at that dock,
and the bark Colorado was also there
with a cargo of coal. The Kodat had i
thirty-five passengers who are going to !
Atlin over the Taku trail, and the Seo
lin also had some passengers for the |
same place. The Treadwell store out-1
fitted n numl>er of the gold seekers.
Miss Annie McCormick was down
from Treadwell last Monday.
R. J. Willis, the popular clerk at the
Treadwell store took a trip to Juneau
Steamers all call for outfits pur
chased at tho Treadwell store and no
wharfage is charged.
The Cottage City passed up the chan
nel last Thursday evening. She still
retains her whistle.
Collector lvey went to Seattle last
week and it is said 011 the quiet that it
was for the purpose of seeing the P.-I.
The attendance at the church could
Via innnaucad hv htlildilirr fl UOW side
walk to the new and handsome place of
t worship.
J A number of Indians started for Sit
1 ka in their canoes yesterday morning.
1 A big potlatch is to take place over
; there.
J Hal R. Hoffman, correspondent of the
San Francisco Call, and .T. Campbell,
of Juneau, were in the city last Wednes
day evening.
! Fine Apples, Vegetables aud the
; choicest groceries at Fox's store.!
Fresh Bread, Buns and Cakes always
I on hand.
Mr. Miller, of the firm of Miller it ;
Davidson of Juneau, made us a pleas
j ant call last Monday. He is a brother j
of Joaquin Miller, the California poet. :
When any private gatherings or par-:
j ties occur we would be pleased if we :
; were furnished with some account of!
i the same.. We want all the news and i
J we can ouly get it from the people. We j
have been favored in that line this,
week for which we are truly thankful.
j Dan McKay wears a good sized smile j
| every day in the week. His new smoke J
: house is lillcd with choice bacon which
' will be a great treat. Dan also has a j
fine stock of vegetables on hand and
he is busy waiting on his customers j
from morning until late at night. (Jive
1 him ? eftll.
The Busiest Man in Town.
: P. H. Fox when seeu for business !
j local was too busy to write or dictate, 1
! and all because of the great rush for j
| suits of clothes, tailor-made, at regular
! retail pricos. (Jo and see his samples. !
Who Will Protect Us?
| We in part share the feelings of the j
! woman at the lung tester?we want j
, some protection. Our wife and daugh
; ter left for Seattle on the Cottage City
j last Monday, to be absent two or three j
| months. Who will protect us?
For Sale.
? I
The John Guftin Saloon, in this city.
j is for sale. The fixtures are new and |
in line condition.
I That gentle Annie's red ribbons are i
i very catchy.
| That Smithy is a great favorite with .
! the girls, but when his mustache grows
! a little more he will be a stunner.
That there wasn't auything the mat- j
| ter with Tom Purdy's shoes at the last j
I dance.
That there ain't much the matter with
Hugh McKrae.
That Horbert. Wilson smiles and j
j smiles and his friends know the reason.;
That a young lady at Treadwell is in
mourning for the loss of the last month.
That Annie McCormick was the j
nicest dancer at the last party.
That people should not be deceived
by Elliott's innocent look.
That the original poem in this issue
is all right.
The FiRht Among Themselves. Resist the
Officers of the Law. Shot in Self De
fense. Deputy W. S. Staley Sick.
There are good and had Indians just
the same as there are good and l>ad
white men. Some Indians are the very
host when they are dead and the same
can he said of the whites. One great
obstacle iu dealing with the Indians,
not only in Alaska, but in Washington,
and in fact everywhere, is that when
the white man's civilization commences,
the Indian's thirst for whisky he
comes unquenchable. Whenever you
have any trouble witn tlie jrunans, nine
times out of ten, whisky is at the bot
tom of it. Whisky in Alaska is so high
priced, the profit, so great, that some of
the whites will take any kind of ;
chances in selling to the Indiaus ; and
we really believe that with a high license
law, whisky selling to Indians will be
reduced to a considerable extent.
Last Sunday afternoon there was a
big fight among the Juneau Indians on
the upper water front at Juneau. They
were all drunk and fought like de
mons. Alaska has a very fair Indian
police system. When Jake Williams,
we will call him Jake for short, of Ju
neau, heard of the tight lie went and
arrested one of the Indians and took
him to jail. Hut one was not enough,
so Jake went back, takiug Fred Chase
along to get more?in f?et he had an
oven half dozen spotted. When .lake
and his assistant got to the scene of ac
tion, the six indiaus wanted, resisted
arrest. The two officers returned and
U. S. Commissioner Malcom issued
some warrants and deputized H. J. Me
Guire, one of the guards at the jail, to
servo the warrants. McGuirc, Kit Gal
lagher and Jake then started out to ar
rest the Indians wanted, and again they ?
resisted and this time assaulted the of
ficers. They threw McGuire into the
1 ' ~ 1 4- * ,1 Wti 1\ /MIAfl fltwl
nay aim [hmu'u huu ?uu ctnuco ????.?
clubs. The throe officers wore pretty
badly treated and McGwire had to
hhoot one of the Indians to save him
self. Indian Jack was the fellow who
was shot, and he is a very bad, bad In
dian. 1
Deputy Marshal \V. S. Staley of Ju-!
neau has l>een confined to his bed for
the past week or ton days with a severe
attack of the grip. He has been uuder
the doctor's care during all that time
and that accounts for his absence dur
ing this trouble. Marshal Staloy is one j
of the best officers in Alaska. Ho is,
not a large man neither is he small, but
a happy medium between tho two, but
when it comes to grit and nerve, he has
enough of that needful quality for a
whole company of Rough Riders.
Jake returned alone and reported to
his superior, Marshel Staley, the con
dition of affairs. McGuire and Gnlla- '
gher he left down on the water front,
and Jake told Deputy Staley ho thought
the Indians had killed them. Marshal I
Staley could stand this no longer aud
he got up from his sick bed, organized
a nosseof picked men armed with Win- <
chestcrs and went down to Indian town,
and ho didn't come back empty banded 1
for he arrested nine of the Indiausaud
marched them up to jail where they are 1
now confined. i
By Monday night, everything was
quiet. So further trouble was expect- <
ed for the present, for the Indians are I
now without leaders. <
B. J. McGuire was seen by the Xows I
man yesterday. His face was scratched, J
his right ear was torn and bruised and ! i
he had also been kicked in the sale, and
with all the injuries he had sustaiued,'
he was pretty well done up. '
uYoa must have had quite a time," i
said the writer. "How did you get <ff
so light?"
"There were about l.">o Indians tlmt
assaulted us ami that is proltahly all
that saved mo?there were so many
that they were in each other's way.
Once there were seven oil top of me,
but there were so many trying to in
jure me that they could not do nie
much harm. After tliey got me down.
I managed toget up and then they came
at me again, .lack was ahead and I saw
the only way I could keep thern off of
me was to shoot. 1 fired one shot n(
.lack, but he kept coming toward me
and I fired again. I did not then know
1 hit him. I had but four cartridges
in my revolver after I fired the two
shots, and none in my pockets, and I
got away from thorn as soon an I could.
Yes, there wore fully loO Indians aftrr
us and thoy wore all using stones and
clubs. How 1 canio to escape with tho
slight injuries I sustained is n mystery
to 1110.**
"Whore did you hit .Jack?"
"I am told, once in tho loft side and
once in tho light hip. I aimed low for
1 only wonted to disable him. .Inck has
node the officers lots of trouble. In
fact ho is in jail about eleven mouths
out of every twelve. Ho was sent to
the Sitka jail for six mouths for resist
ing the officers and only returned to
Juneau on the last down trip of the
Cottage City."
Jack, the Indian who was shot, will
probably recover. The ludian who
fared the worst is a fellow named Char
lie. Chase used his billy on him. but
tho weapon did not seem to affect Char
lie's head, so Chase just picked him up
and threw him down n twelve foot em
bankment onto the L?uch. His head
struck n rock and from that time on,
Charlie took no further hand in the af
At the time of going to press, every
thing is quiet at Juneau. The Indians
arrested were all held to apj>ear before
the district court for resisting the offi
flstt l.suRhlln Returned Last Week I rem the
New Gold Field*.
Matt Laughlin, formerly engineer of
the Lone Fisherman, left Juneau three
weeks ago last Monday for a trip to the
Porcupine gold placer grounds. Ho
returned last Monday, looking well
and hearty. His retnrn trip was made
on the Kodat. from Haines' Mission.
Matt was seen by the News man and
was asked as to the nature of the trip
he had.
"It was a pretty hard trip," said Matt.
"In going from Haines' Mission tip the
river the trail was broke part of the
way, but when we left the river wo had
to travel over snow from eight to ten
feet deep."
"Is there anything l>cing done up
there now?" asked the News man.
MOh, no, they can't do anything in
the winter. I went up to pet Home
claims, and in this 1 was successful.
Ves, I did not leave American territory.
I was on American, Kldorado ami I Jo
nauza creeks, also at. Walker lake, all
of which are in the Salmon river nun
ing district, and ononrHideof the line."
Of course Matt could say not hi up
couceruing the value of the claims
he had secured, they being under eight
or ten feet of snow. He took a two-dog
team with him when he went in, hilt
lost one of the faithful animals in t he
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lars earned." Save dollars by buying
it Dnch'e Great Closing Out Sale.

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