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The Douglas Island News.
Read the Opera House ad.
Ohmau's Hall is on Third street.
Furnished house to let. See Charles
Wort man.
Novelties in gent's neckwear at tho
Tread well Store.
The best lager beer ou earth always
on tap at Oh man's.
The big 300-stamp mill at Treadwell
started up last Friday.
Judgo Bach made a trip to Berner's
Bay the first of the week.
New line of Men's UGderwear and
fancy'hose at Lindstrom's.
New furnishings iu up-to-date styles
just arrived at Lindstrom's.
Mr. W. C. Angell, of Treadwell, is a
recent subscriber to tho News.
Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun, of Juneau,
wore visiting iu the city Suuday.
Have you seen thoso Silk Crepes iu
all shades at the Treadwell Store.
See the announcement iu the Doug- j
las Opera House ad for this week.
Ed. Mack, the Juneau print, was over
calling on his Douglas friends Sunday.
Work is progressing rapidly on the
new saw mill wharf. Mr. Slater has
C. A. Lindstrom carries tho most
complete stock of clothing aud furnish
ing goods.
? Ladies', Men's and Children's shoes,
the largest assortment in the city, at
The largest assortment of gentle
meu's shoes ever brought to Alaska, at
Frank Bach's.
Just received a large assortment of
Men's hats and caps at Lindstrom's
popular store.
Tinsel cloth is the latest fad for even
ing wear. Large assortment at the;
Treadwell JStore.
A new Xative Presbyterian church is
being erected on the beach near the
Friends Mission Chapel.
Our good friend Mr. E. S. Churchill
has our thanks for a liberal supply of
those large, juicy clam3.
It is reported that Henry Olson has
married a wife in Sweden and is on his
way back to Douglas City.
Try Ball's Dyspepsia Cordial, a prep
aration mado by Dr. Robert L. Ball.
For sale at the Club saloon.
Mrs. John Ledbetter expects to start
about May 1st for a visit with friends !
and relatives at Fargo, N. D.
You are cdrdially invited to inspect
the new goods that are arriving on al
most every boat, at Lindstrom's.
A letter from Louie Steen at Dawson j
City announced that he would start for
God's country on or about the 22nd
John McNeil bade goodbyo to his
friends on Douglas Island last Friday
and departed on tho Humboldt for the
The rainy season has set in and you .
may need a new umbrella. Call and
look at our new line, just received, at
Chas. Baldwin, Fred Cottrell and
Fred Cook left last Friday for a hunt j
on Admiralty Island. They returned
last Digbt.
The family of W. C. Augell came
down from Skagway on the Senator
and are stopping at the home of Mr.
Neah Guttridge.
Alex Smallwood is at the St. Ann
Hospital, suffering from stomach
trouble. His many friends hope for his
speedy recovery.
It will pay you to lock over our
spring and summer line of samples
just received from the Royal Tailors.
P. H. Fox, Agent.
Chas. A. Fox, August Feil, M. J. I
O'Connor and Victor Spaulding return
ed last night from a shooting trip on
Admiralty Island.
Mr. Goldberg, of Seattle, who sells
the popular General Arthur cigars, was
in the city last week and made a pleas
ant call at the News office.
Mrs. A. Lilystrand came up last week
on the Senator from her home in Taco
raa. She has many friends in Douglas
who were glad to see her again.
Wanted.?Capable, reliable person in
every county to represent large compa
ny of solid financial reputation; ?936
salary per year, payable weekly; ?3 per
day, absolutely sure and all expenses;
straight, bona-fide, definite salary, no
commission; salary paid each Saturday
and expense money advanced each
week. STANDARD HOUSE, 334 Dear
born St., Chicago*
Juneau's Coming Event.
Preparations are going steadily for
| ward in Kaufman Bros.' place at Ju
neau toward getting all the decorations
in shape for their coming Spring Opon
ing next Monday, Tuesday and Wed
nesday. These decorations will bo the
principal feature on this occasion, and
on a very elaborate scale. The amouut
of uovelties and immeuso variety and
high character of the goods which this
enterprising-firm has been opening up
lately will certainly astonish all visi
tors. lu these respects Kaufman Bros,
can certaiuly hold their own with the
very best concerns on the Pacific Coast
this season. Knowing full well the
excellent taste of the decorators em
ployed by the firm, we should certainly
adviso ail the ladies of Douglas, and
the gentlemeu, too, for that matter, to
j go over next week aud spond a pleas
j ant afternoon viewing their exhibition.
Tbo Treadwoll city council held its
first meeting last evening aud elected
the following officers: Mayor, R. J. Wil
lis; president pro tem, G. L. Grant;
Clerk, R.' R. Rogers; treasurer, Jos.
| MacDonald.
Mr. C. W. Higgins, Pacific coast agent
of the Armour Packing C >., was in the
city yesterday and in company with
Mr. W. Gould made a short call at the
I News office. Mr. Higgins has just re
| turned from a trip to Dawson. On his
way out from Dawsou to White Horse
he met 657 men, 42 women, 2 children,
283 sleighs, 284 horses, 10 mules, 134
dogs, 11 bicycles and 20 oxen. He was
days in making the trip and the
volume of travel to the interior may bo
estimated from the above figures.
Mrs. Gallwas will open up an ice
cream parlor at her home in tho Marks
cottage, on Second street, beginning
next Sunday afternoon.
On and after April 1st the front room
of Judge Gillette's office will-be open
as a readiug and stndy room for young
men who have leisure hours at their
disposal. From henceforth it is hoped
that they may not be compelled to
spend their time in tho bar rooms of
tho town in order to find a comfortable j
place to read or study iu.
They will only be disturbed during
trials, and are welcome to come and go
at their own pleasure.
L. R. Gillette.
For something new and stylish go to
We have the fiuest lino of rubber
goods ever carried in this city, consist
ing of combination hot water bags and
fountain syringes, hot water bottles,
plain and flannel covered, rubber
gloves, seamless; all sizes. Douglas
City Pharmacy.
Marshal Edmonds made a trip to
Sumdum last week, returning Sunday,
to serve a warrant on John Morello,
who is accused of the grave crime of
conducting a restaurant without a gov
ernment license.
Mrs. G. L. Johnson loft on the steam
er Senator for a visit at her former;
home at Republic, Mich. Gus bears
the distinction of being one of the
first of this year's crop of summer wid
A gentleman from New York was
promenading the streets of Douglas,
and meeting an old timer, asked who
carried the largest stock of shoes in
town. Liadstrom does, of course.
A large iceberg floated in and lodged
on the beach at Treadwoll last week.
Mr. Corbus has it photographed in sev
eral different positions. He also has a
negative of the 300 that is perfect.
The sad news reaohes us that Mr. A.
Hunter is very sick at San Francisco.
His complaint is what is called miuer's
consumption, and his pbysiciaua have
no hope of his recovery.
Mr. Art Putman returned home last
Saturday evening on the Excelsior and
those who had contemplated going to
Valdes from Douglas have decided to
abandon the project.
Excavation work is in progress for an
addition to the assayer's department at
Treadwcll. A new furnace of the most
improved type will take the place of
the old one.
The meeting of the Douglas Island
Chamber of Commerce held last Friday
evening was one of the most harmoni
ous in the history of that organization.
Gents, now is your time to place your
order for a spring and summer suit of
clothes, made to your measure. A fit
guaranteed. P. H. Fox, Agent.
Mrs. J. M. Hall, accompanied by her
two bright little children, made the
News office a short visit last Monday
C. N. Rcplogle, E. S. Churchill, Joe
McComb ancf John McWilliaras return
j ed on Tuesday of last week from a
i hunting trip over in the vicinity of
I Bear creek, ou Admiralty Island. They
brought homo an abundance of deer
meat, besides ducks and grouse, and a
! goodly supply of large, fat, juicy clams.
Tho tale they toll of their experiences
j is so full of those points thut make a
i huntsman's fingers itch, that already
j two partios have left Douglas for the
j camp on Bear creek. They had with
thorn two dogs; one a half Si wash cur
j and the other a bird dog. Neither of
1 these had over seen a live doer before,
but they surprised their masters by
exhibiting a natural ability in hunting
and capturing those wily animals.
Tho crust on the snow was uot strong
; enough to hold the bird dog and after
;a few attempts ho repaired to the
beach and awaited developments. But
"Siwash" was in his element and could
| frisk about on the white crust with per
fect safety. lie took to the timber and
i soon his vigorous bark revealed the
j fact that he was on to something. Down
through the brush, over fallen trees,
i waded the frightened deer, delayed in
: its movements by the deep snow iu
which it sank at every stop.
- ? * t .? . < it . i
in h tew mmuies ne reacneu tue
bench, swept clear of snow by the nc
j tiou of the tides. But here it was that
| the bird dog began his part of the per
j formance. The door immediately took
; to the water and was making rapid
; strides for safety when the bird dog,
who unhesitatiugly followed him in his
j frigid bath, climbed on bis back and
grabbed a convenient oar in his teeth
to balance himself. His deership re
i sented this arrangement and, ducking
his bead, threw tho dog in the water.
The dog climbed on again, and the per
formance was repeated several times,
I until it was a question whether the dog
would drown the deer or the deer
drown the dog. A rifle shot from the
j shore striking the deer in the spine set
tled tho contest in the dog's favor.
; Alaska abounds in just such oppor
tunities for sport and we ure glad to
[ uote that tho party above mentioned
refrained from killing more gamo than
they could use, and did not mar the
eveut by ruthless slaughter.
Last Thursday evening North -Star
Lodge, No. 2, K. of P., of this city, gavo
oue of their eu joy able smokers. We
were fortunate enough to receive ud in
vitation, and the appointed hour found
us on hand.
On entering the hall we discovered
quito a number of small tables, al
ready surrounded by an eager, laugh
iug crowd, engaged in card playing.
Chalk pipes and tobacco were liberally
distributed about the room and every
body was having a good time.
We joined the players aud after be
ing badly beaten in two games of whist
we were ready for the program that fol
A male quartette composed of H. R.
Elliott, J. E. Haman, L. R. Gillette and
George Burford discoursed sweet music
for awhile. A lunch consisting of sand
wiches aud coffee, iemonade, fruit and
cigars was served, after which Messrs.
Elliott and Burford entertained the as
sembly with mandolin and guitar mu
i i
Chancellor Commander Shepard took
the chair, and after a few appropriate
remarks announced a recitation (one
of Kipling's poems) by Judge Gillette.
Then followed impromptu speeches and
several choruses, in which all joined,
and another song by the quartet, after
which all were surprised to fiud that!
the hour was very late.
The boys iu the K. of P. Lodge are
royal entertainers and the Lodge is
composed of a class of gentlemen that
one likes to associate with.
Mr. O. M. Bernard returned last week
from a short sojourn at the British city
of White Horse, where he has been as a
representative of the New York Life
Ins. Co.
Ho is very indignant at tho treatment
received by the American laborer in
that country. "Almost invariably the
bright, go-ahead, capable up-to-date la-:
borer is an American," said Mr. Ber
nard. "And yet they are mistreated
and made to stand aside for the incom
petent Britisher at every possible op- j
portuuity. Americans who have bought
property at White Horse and built for
themselves homes there, are now not
sure that they will be allowed to work."
After getting an insight into the con
ditions that exist there, Mr.. Bernard
comes home with the feeling that the
United States is good enough for him,
and says emphatically, "God bless the
Stars and Stripes."
--- . -1 A 1 ?_ A1 1 3 1
wanted.?a partner 10 me uaruware
business. Tinoer preferred. Charles
Wortman, Douglas.
Spring Goods j
$ Are now arriving in large quantities. Our selec- ?
| tions have been made with even more than our ?
|! usual care and we are particularly strong in our J
JI Ready to Wear Line for Ladies, e* J* & & ?
T . c
\ Ladies' Ready=Made Suits ?
s Ladies' Skirts & Petticoats \
? Dress Goods j
< Neckwear and Belts >
|i Wallpaper and Lineoleums I
Douglas Apera House
vvvvviv^-vvvv mjr wi^vvVvv 1 v^vvvt^vi
S. QIU5, Prop.
Show Every Night
I 0
by a
First=C!ass Vaudeville Company
Commencing Monday night, April 1st, two of the members of
the famous Colored Quartette will sing every
night at the Free Show
A Family Show
will be given On
The Skagway Colored Quartette will sing
t The Douglas Steam |
f Laundry will do your
| work with neatness %
$ and dispatch. Give JS
| them a trial and see |
I' if they don't please ?
The Cornet
"There's nothing
too good
for The Boys."
ED. CASEBOLT, Proprietor.
108 Front Street JUNEAU, ALASKA.
April ist, 2nd and 3rd
3pR'NG Opening
All the Ladies and general public of Douglas and
Treadwell are cordially invited to be present.

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