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The Douglas Island News.
Kntered at Douglas Post-office at Second
Class Mail Matter.
TERMS: -In Advance.
One Year - - $3.00
Six Months - ----- 1.50
Three Months ------ 75
Single Copies ------ 10
'PHONE NO. 12.
Wednesday, Septk.>lbef* 23, 1908.
Editor and Proprietor.
* i
Strange isn't it, how the Pacific Coal j
?fc Oil company can 9pend 612,000 to
$15,000 each year in doing assessment
work on score of oil claims, and at the
same time maintaining that there is uo
oil here. This also despite the fact
that last yer?r one well at the head of
Katalla slough produced as much as
ninety barrels a day, which was used i
by the Katalla company for fuel pur
poses. One of these days there will be ;
something doing in more ways than one
in the oil and oil lands of this section.
? Katalla Herald.
Mr. and Mrs. John Gordon, who have
spent the last two years in the interior,
In the neighborhood of Nation, return
ed to Douglas on the Cottage City.
They left Nation early in th?* Summer
and proceeded down the -Yukon iu a
small boat as farad Holy Cross Mission,
where the mosquitoes got so bad that
they were compelled to take refuge on
one of the river steamers. They are
both in splendid health and praise the
healthfulness of the interior country.
Mr. Gordon says that the reports of the
wonderful agricultural possibilities of
that couutry are not exaggerated, and
that the vegetables raised there are
truly excellent. He also praises the
climate. While so much has been said
about the winters and the intense cold,
he says that he likes that season the
beat. Speaking of the beneficial effects
of the climate, he paid there are a num
ber of men there who, although ad
vanced in years, are still seekiug for
gold with all the energy and vim of
youth. Coming down on the boat from
St. Michael to Seattle was a mau 74
years of age, who had beeu prospecting t
in theTanaua. Mr. Gordon suggested
that he was probably ready to give up
the struggle. But the man said no; as
soon as be could buy a horse and an
outfit of grub he intended to go to
Valdez and take the trail and prospect
the couutry thoroughly from there iu.
Mr and Mrs. Gordon have come to
make their home here in Douglas.
1 . t . .
School Report , t, .
The Gastineau society met .last ?Fri
day for t'he first time In pur ,,ne.w. year.
The former president, Hillary. - Mc
Kanna, took the chair and galled the 1
meeting to order. The secretary, Agnes '
Mneeth, read the constitution, in order |
that the new members of the (Jth grade
would understand the rules of the so
ciety. Next the officers for the new
term were elected in the formal way:
Mae McOormick, president; Alice Bach,
vice president; Ella Grundler, eecre
tary; llmi Alto, treasurer. The new
president took the chair and appointed
the following: Reporter, Wilfred !
Leivers; critic, Alice Bach; program
committee, Agnes Museth and Enid
Mrs. Tubbs kindly took the primary
grade during the illness of Miss Conn.
Last Friday the 7th and 8th grades
organized their literary society and will
give their first program next Friday.
The 10th grade is now enjoying the
study of Shakespeare's "Hamlet."
The new books which arrived upon
the Cottage City are now in use by the
primary, 7th and 8th grades.
The school has adopted a new rule
by which the pupils may earn a holiday.
The room that has, at the end of each
month, no absent or tardy marks will
get out of school one hour and a half
early on Friday afternoon, and the
room that has no tardy or absent marks
or leaving the room gets all of Friday
afternoon as a holiday.
Reporter, Wilfred Leivers.
The New Size Louis IX Monarch, the
largest and best 2 for 25c cigar on the
market, for sale all the time at ' Ross^
wog's. '
Samuel G. Lucas.
Died, at Juneau, Alaska, Friday, Sep
tember 18, 3908, Samuel G. Lucas, aged
4G years.
Samuel G. Lucas was bom in the j
state of Kansas, and came to Alaska
about 12 years ago, locating at Haines
where he made his home until the time
of bis death. For the past ten years
he has been associated with Mr. Honry
Krie, of this city, in business enter
prises at Porcupine, Haines and Doug
las. He was a member of the Arctic
Brotherhood at Haines, and was well
kuown throughout Southeastern Alas
ka as one of the foremost business men
of the district.
He leaves a wife, to whom he was
united about four years ago and who
was with him at the time of his death,
*ud three cnildren by a former mar
riage to mourn his loss. His father and j
mother, Mr. and Mrs. David Lucas, are
living at Pasadena, California.
Mr. Lucas was seriously ill some 1
three years ago with inflammation of
the bowels, and it was then thought |
that he would never recover. Since
that time he has beeu a coutiuual suf
ferer uud finally last week he decided
to undergo au operation for appendi- :
citis. The operation was performed by
Dr. Simpaou and it was at first thought
that it would be entirely successful, as
the patient appeared to rally in good
shape. However, a change came for
the worse, and his heart refused to re- J
spond to the strong stimulants, and he
passed away after a brief struggle.
Funeral services were held at the
Presbyterian church at Juneau on
Monday, Rev. L. P. Jones officiating.
The interment was at the Evergreen
In Memoriam
Troadwell, Alaska, Sept. 17, 1908.
Whereas, the Augel of Death has but
recently visited the home of our es
teemed brother and patriarch, J. Alfred
Johnson, and has removed therefrom a
faithful and loviug wife, leaving the
ouce happy circle broken and desolate,
the future dark and dreary, be it
Resolved, that we tho members of
Aurora Encampment No. 1, express our
sympathy for him in t is deep sorrow,
yet while we grieve with him we know
that Uod in His gooduess and mercy
will sustain him and in His own wise
way reunite the tender tie which for a
time is only severed; aud be it further
Resolved, that a copy of these resolu
tions be spread on the records of this
Eucampment, that a copy be sent to the
bereaved brother and copy seut to the
Douglas Island -News for publication.
While on earth you mourn her loss
She has only gone before;
Only a little stream to eroas
To meet her on the other shore.
W. H. MoBlaine,
P. W. Taylor,
John Scott,
Sunday school every Sunday at 10 a.
m. Services: Sundays at 7:30 p. m
aud Wednesdays at 7:30 p. m.
John H. Warmanen, Pastor.
modations, American or European
plan. For terms apply to Doctors
Uoddard aud Brooks, Sanitarium,
Anton Krasel ? shop on Second street
? cleans and repairs clothes with ueat
ness and dispatch. Prices very reason
? i i
LET us tell you of the
fruits of the soil in Pajora
Valley. Our illustrated book
let compiled by members of
this organization is an author
itatively correct statement of
the resources of this valley
and the commonwealth of
Watsonville. It has opened
the eyes of many; it will in
terest you.
Secretary of Chamber of
The '87 Alaska Pioneers Association
will give a grand annual ball at the
Elks Hall, Juneau, on Monday, Oct. 19.
The day is in commemoration of the
flag raisiug day at Sitka, when Lieut.
Rosseau declared Alaska a territory of
the United States. Seven"hundred and
fifty invitations will be issued, and the
Pioneers aim to make this first aunual
ball the greatest social event in the
history of Alaska.
Call at the Douglas Bakery for your
fresh candies. We just received a big
shipment on the last steamer.
District Government
Governor, Wilford B. Hoggatt, Juneuu.
Secretary to the Governor, Win. H. Loller,
Ex-offieio Secretary of Alaska. William L.
Distin, Juneau.
U. S. Surveyor General's Office
Juneau.? William L. Distin, survcyor-gen
erul; George Stowell, chief clerk; Martin
George, chief draftsman; John J. Clnrk,
stenographer and type writer; William P.
Jeffreys, transcribing clerk; William lingg,
draftsman; Laurence Delmorc, copying
clork; Henry Andrews, messenger.
U. S. Land Office, (Juneau)
John W. Dudley, register; P.. M. Mullen,
receiver; H. K. Love, special agent.
Department of Agriculture
C. C. Georgeson, Sitka, special agent in
charge of Alaska investigations.
Bureau of Education
Wilford B. Hoggatt, ex-officlo superintend
ent of public instruction, Juneau; Harlan
Updegraff, agent, Washington, D. C.
Immigration Inspector
Kazls.Krauczunas, Ketchikan.
U. S. Customs
Collector, Clarence L. Hobart, Juneau.
U. S. Courts
Division No. 1.? Royal A. Gunnison, Judge;
C. C. Pago, clerk of court; Harold Lull,
court stenographer; John J. Boyce, U.S.
district attorney; James M. Shoup, U. S.
Division No. 2. -Alfred S. Moore, judge;
John H. Dunn, clerk of court; Henry M
Hoyt, U. S. district attorney; Thomas Cader
Powell, U. S. marshal.
! Division No. 8.~Silas H. Keid, judge; Ed
ward J. Stier, clerk of court; George A.
Jeffries, court stenographer; J. J. Crossley,
U. S. district attorney; George C. Perry, U.
S. marsh" 1.
U. S. Marine Inspectors
Frank H. Newhall, inspector of boilers,
George H. Whitney, inspector of hulls; con
stituting local board of inspectors of steam
Internal Revenue
John Cameron, deputy collector. Fair
banks; D. H. Terwilliger, deputy collector
Division No. One, At Juneau.
Julius Heubner, 1
Plaintiff. No. 688- A ?
vs. }?
Alexander Small wood, | SUMMONS
Defendant J
To Alexander Small wood. Greeting:
Is The Namf. of The United States Of
| America: Vou are hereby commanded to
be and appear in the above entitled court,
holden at Juneau, in said Division of said
District, and answer the complaint 11 led
against you in the ahove entitled action
within thirty days from the date of the last
publication of this summons, as the same is
set forth, hereinafter, on this summons, and
j if you fail so to appear and answer for want
thereof, the plaintiff' will take judgment
? against you for the sum specified in said
; complaint, to-wit, $750.00, with interest, costs
; awl attorneys fees, and will apply to the
Court for the further relief demanded in
1 said complaint.
I The said action is brought to obtain a de
! cree of this Court for the foreclosure of a
certain mortgage described in the com
plaint. and executed by the said Alexander
Smailwood, on the 15th day of May, 19U6, to
secure the payment of a certain promissory
? note, dated May 15th, 19%, made, executed
and delivered by the said Alexander Sniall
j wood to the said Julius Heubner, by the
' terms of which said note said Alexander
! Smailwood promises to pay to the said Jul
ius Heubner, the plaint iff herein, the sum
| of Twelve hundrod dollars, two years after
| date, with interest from date until paid, at
| the rate of ten per cent per annum, which'
said note has become due and remains un
J paid, except as specified in the complaint,
I and the sum of $750.00, with interest on the
principal of said note at ten per cent per an
' num from May 15th, 1906, still remains due
, and unpaid, and that the leasehold premises
j covered by the said mortgage may be sold
; and the proceeds thereof applied to the pay
1 ment of said note to tho said Julius Heub
j ner, and in case such proceeds are not suf
i ficient to pay the same, then to obtain an
I execution against the said Alexander Small
1 wood for the balance remaining due, and
i also that the said defendants, and all persons
! claiming by, through or undeJ him may be
' barred and foreclosed of all title, right
! claim, lien, equity of redemption and inter
est in and to the said mortgaged premises,
! and for other and further relief as specified
i in said complaint.
And you, the United States Marshal of
i Division No. One, District of Alaska, or any
deputy, are hereby required to make service
of this summons upon the said defendant as
required by law, and you will make due re
turn hereof to the Clerk of the Court within
forty days from the date of the delivery to
youwitb tho endorsement hereon or your do
ings in the premises.
In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set
my hand and affixed the seal of the above
entitled Court this the 29th day of August,
J court j Clerk.
( seal j Date of Order for Service by
publication of Summons is
August 31st, 1908.
Firt>t publication, September 2d, 1908.
Last publication, October 7th, 1908.
The above named defendant Is required to
| appear and answer the complaint in the
above entitled action within thirty days from
the date of the last publication of this Sum
mons as horeon specified.
(endorsed on back of summons ] Filed
August 31st, 1908, C. C. Page, Clerk, by A. W,
Fox, Deputy, in Cause No. 68S-A, entitled
Julius Heubner, Plaintiff, vs. Alexander
Smailwood, Defendant.
3ust received a shipment of.
Hart, Schaffner
& Marx Clothing
per suit.
^ ?
Wm. Stubbins
Beef, Pork, Mutton and Poultry
? Ham, Bacon and Lard
Fish and game in season
'PHONE AUTO 1-8 Treadwell, Alaska
Douglas City Heat Market
? IHeats of fill K^d$ *
? ?
= island Hotel
Pktkh Gilovich. Proprietor
Dealers in Wines, Liquors and Cigars
t '
Special Attention Given to Family Trade
Canteen *
acts for Olympic Brewing Company

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