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The Douglas Island News.
Butered at Douglas Post-office at Second
Class Mail Matter.
TERMS:? In Advance.
One Year -
flix Months -
Three Months -
Single Copies -
Wednesday, February 10, 1009.
Editor and Proprietor.
'PHONE NO. 12.
1 JM>
- "
Abraham Lincoln was born in Har
din (uow La Kne) county, Kentucky,)
on February 12, 1800. He served as
presideut of the United States from ,
March -1, 1801, to Aprii 15,1865, the date
of his death. Among the heroes of the
world was there ever one so great aud
so uutrammeled with ostentation as
Abraham Lincolu? The rebellion had j
been crushed by force of arms, under
his guidauce through all its tortures,
too intricate for ordinary minds to
fathom. A wave of exultation was roll- ;
ing over the country, and at the height
of its tide, ou t he 14th day of April,
IStfo, Mr. Lincoln was shot at Ford's
theatre in Washington, by John Wilkes
Booth. Andrew Johnsou, the vice
president, succeeded to the presidency.
The weather for the past week has I
beeu cold with uow and then a taste of
Taku wind, which makes it colder. The
water-wagou and the bucket brigade 1
are busy every day. It has beeu
brought to our attention that some
people are using water from the creek
that ruus through town. If the water
is taken any where below Fourth street
there is a chance that it is contamiL
ated by the foul contents of sewers. .
The Use of such water is exceedingly
dangerous. The supply is just as plen
tiful further up the creek.
That Jaueau editor who was called
up before the court will now coutiue j
his attention to the news eud of the
business and let the attorneys who are
hired for that purpose prosecute the
What have those people who com- ;
plain of a lack of sunshine in Douglas
to say now? Beautiful sunshine!
A Visit to Lincoln on His
Last Day
U1 got to the White House before 9,
o'clock, not with the expectation of see- J
iDg Mr. Liucolu so early, but with the
hope that I might get a place at the
head ot the line and be the first to see
him. To my surprise 1 was told that
he would see me at once.
"1 found him alone. As 1 ontered he
got up quickly and strode across the
room towards me, saying as he came,
niello, Crasswell! The war is over!'
He grasped my hand with the enthusi
asm of a schoolboy aud repeated the
exclamation, The war is over!' adding,
'Look at that telegram from Sherman.'
The message assured the president of
the culmination in the Carolinas. In
deed, it was glorious news. Many
times, with a spirit that was delightful
to see, Mr. Lincoln exclaimed, 'The
war is over!' Then he would stop, grow
serious, and add: 'But it has been an
awful war, Crasswell, it has been an
awful war, but it's over.'
"When he could leave the theme that
was first in his mind and heart, he ex
claimed: 'But what are you after. You
fellows don't come to see me unless
you want something. It must be some- 1
thing big, or you wouldn't be so early.'
I told him my errand and handed him
my affidavit. He said: 'That's not
hard. You did right to put it in
writing. I know you know how to
make affidavits.1
"Then," said General Crasswell," he
took my affidavit and wrote a brief
word upon it, something like, 4Do this.
A. L.,' and gave it to me. I carried it
over to the war office and after the
usual fuss got the order issued. Then
1 went out into Maryland to attend to j
some business through the day, and
got back into the city late at night to
find everything in uproar over the as
sassination." ? A. S. Draper, L. L. D., in
Harper's Weekly.
Friday, February 12th, being the an
niversary of Lincoln's birthday, 1
earnestly request every business house
in Douglas to suspend business for
I that day, that we may pay fitting
tribute to the memory of the Great
M.J. O'Connor, Mayor.
School Notes
The first semester, consisting of 18
weeks, euded on January 5th. The at
tendance up to the time of the extreme
cold was the best the school has on
' record. The school spirit and harmony
have been unusually good throughout
I the year.
The iudustry of the pupils, with but
j few exceptions, has been excellent
while in the schoolrooms, but there is
not time during school hours for full
preparation of work in the higher
: grades and many do uot realize the
; necessity for home study during their
. most important school ago. Parents
might help greatly by encouraging
i study at home. Simply on account of
this lack of home work, some have been
unable to keep up their required work
and will, consequently, be at the disad
vantage of carrying extra work at some
future time.
Those at the head of their respective
grades during the first half year are:
Agnes Museth, 11th grade; Rose Pen
glase, 10th grade; llmi Aalto,9th grade;
Charles Wortman, 8th grade; Regiue
Miller and Elanora Lundquist, 7th
grade; Walter Peltou, Gth grade; Lempe
Burauen, Gth grade; Colville Galwas,
4th grade; Anna Anderson, 3d grade;
Ida Petersou and Lois Price, 2nd grade.
Adele J. Pickel, Prin.
The federal court of appeals at San
Francisco has hauded down a decision
in the case of the United States vs.
Yuko Perovich, affirming the decision
of the lower court, which said that he
must hang for murder. In the winter
of 1904 5 a fisherman named Jaconi
lived in a tent thiee miles below Fair
banks, where he had made his catch of
the previous season. Vuko Perovich, a
native of Monteuegro, had fallen iuto
disrepute with a number of Austrians
with whom be associated, lie was ac
cused of several i heft?, ami, becoming
alarmed at the threats expressed, Pero
vich started to Chena. He was wel
comed by Jaconi, where he was known
to have been the day the latter's tent
was found in flames. Later Jaconi's
body was found, and the cha/ red re
mains clearly showed that he bad met
death by foul play. Perovich was sus
pected and a search made tor him. He
had gone down the Tanaua river about
33 miles and asked for shelter at a wood
camp. His anxiety to purchase a rifle
caused suspicion, and the marshal was
warned. At the trial the evidence was
convincing, aud Perovich was found
guilty. Wlieu arrested, Perovich ?*as 1
wearing a suit of Jacoui's clothes and
also had with him nuggets, the knife
and several other articles he was kuown
to possess Wheu Hendricksou, the
famous "blue parka"' man, aud Thoru
tou broke jail the first time Perovich
went with them. He was recaptured
within a few hours. Wheu Heudrick
sou and Thornton made their second
break Perovich refused to join them.
He is about 40 years of age and single. !
The legal skill of his attorneys is the j
cause of his execution being postponed
three times.
Advertised Letters
List of letters remaining unclaimed
iu the po9toffii;e at Douglas, Alaska, on
Feb. G, 1909:
Cvorak, Mrs Bosnar
Howard, George (2)
Chapman, Miss E.
Gibbons, Dr. C.H.
Hunton, James
Kasko, George
Newton, James
Sander, Tomie
Jackson, Tommy
Lucich, Ignjt
Peroch, Milan
Zatkovich, Mike
Midorovic, Stijjepov, Ivo
Parties wishing any of them should
call for "advertised letters" and give
date of list. R. R. Hubbard, P. M.
Notice is hereby given that John
Henson has been appointed Registra
tion Officer for the City of Douglas for
the year year 1909, and that the book
for the registration of voters will be
open at his office for sixty days begin
ning with this date.
Dated at Douglas, Alaska, this 2nd
day of February, 1909.
We make a specialty compounding
prescriptions of reliable physicians
from every civilized nation at Heub
ner's Drug store.
All of Harry Lauders', the great
Scotch comedian, records at Heubner's
Drug store.
A fancy writing desk made of Alaska
woods, at Jensen's.
Come early and inspect our stock of
valentines before the liues are broken.
Everything from a postal card up, at
the Douglas News Depot.
Many thousand eastern people use
Vinol, the greatest of all tonics. Buy
at Heubner's Drug store.
! !
District Government
Governor, Wilford B. Hoggutt, Juneau.
Secretary to the Governor, Wm. H. Loller,
Ex-otticio Secretary of Alaska, William L
! Distin, Juneau.
; ?
U. S. Surveyor General's Office
Junkau.? William L. Distin, surveyor-gen*
1 eral; George Stowell, chief clerk; Martin j
George, chief draftsman; John J. Clark, i
, stenographer and type writer; William F.
! Jeffreys, transcribing elerk; William Rugg, J
draftsman; Laurence Delmore, copying
? clerk; Henry Andrews, messenger.
U. S. Land Office, (Juneau)
John W. Dudley, register; P. M. Mullen,
receiver; H. K.Love, special agent.
Department of Agriculture
C. C. Georgeson, Sitka, special agent in '
charge of Alaska investigations.
Bureau of Education
Wilford R. Hoggatt, ex-officio superintend
ent of public instruction, Juneau; Harlan
Updegrnff, agent, Washington, D. C.
Immigration Inspector
Kuzis Krauczunas, Ketchikan.
U. S. Customs
Collector, Clarence L. Hobart, Juneau.
U. S. Courts
Division No. 1.? Royal A. Gunnison, judge; }
C. C. Page, clerk of court; Harold Lull, '
court stenographer; John J. fioyce, U.S.
district attorney; James M. Shoup, U. S.
Division No. 2.? Alfred S. Moore, judge; !
! John H. Dunn, clerk of court: Henry M j
j Hoyt, U. S. district attorney; Thomas Cader !
I Powell, U. S. marshal.
Division No. 8.? Silas H. Rcid, judge; Ed
ward J. Stier, clerk of court; George A.
Jeffries, court stenographer; J. J. Crossle.v,
U. S. district attorney; George C. Perry, U. j
S. marshal.
U. S. Marine Inspectors
Frank H. Newhall, inspector of boilers, i
George H. Whitney, inspector of hulls; con- ,
stituting local board of inspectors of steam
John Cameron, deputy collector. Fair- i
? i
banks; 1). H. Terw'illigcr, deputy collector
United States of America, Div. No. 1, District '
of Alaska, ss:
Public notice is hereby given, that by vir- |
tue of a writ of Fieri Facias (or execution)
dated January 11th, A. D. 19<>9, issued out of
the District Court of the United Mates for ;
the First Division, District of Alaska, on a
judgment rendered in said Court on the Hth |
day of January, A. D. 1909, in favor of John '
P. Corcoran and against George Kostro
metiuoff, 1 have, outhis23rd day of Jaruary, '
A. I). im levied upon thn following de
scribed real estate, situated in t lie precinct !
of Sitka, Territory of Alaska, to-wit:
That certain lot of laud adjoining the town
of Sitka, Alaska, situated as follows: Com- j
menciny on the southeasterly or easterly ;
side of the cemetery attached to the Russian ;
[ Trinity church and running on a course I
about 40 decrees east of north 373 feet to the '
road leading to the old grave yard about 50 |
degrees west of north; then along said j
course 237 feet; then by sides parnllel to the
said lines so as to form a rectangular lot or ,
plat of ground, and generally known as the i
Kostrometinoff lot as recorded December j
first, IS79, on page 198 book "D" Sitka I
I Records, and that 1 will, accordingly, offer ,
said real estate for sale, at public vendue to i
the highest and best bidder, for cash, on the !
the 8th day of March, A. D. 1909, at 2 o'clock j
p. m., in front of the Post Offce at Sitka, j
Dated at Sitka, Alaska, February 8rd,|A. D. |
1909. JAMES M. Shoup,
U. S. Marshal, Div. No. 1, District of Alaska. I
By. A. G. Shoup, Deputy.
E.^M. Barnes, Plaintiff's Attorney.
For Douglas and Treadwell:
8:00 a. m. 3:00 p. in.
9:30 u. m. 4:30 p. in.
11:00 u. m. 7 :00 p. m.
1:00 p. in. 8:15 p. in.
For Treadwell: for Juneau:
8:15 a. in. 8:30 n. m.
9:45 a. m 10:05 a. m.
11:15 a. m. 12:05 a. in.
1:15 p. m. 1:45 p. m.
3:15 p. ni. 3:30 p. m.
4:45 p. m. 5:ST, p. in.
7:15 p.m. 7:80 p.m.
8:30 p.m. 8:45 p. m.
LEAVE treadwell
For Douglas and Juneau:
8:25 a. m. 3:25 p. in.
10:00 a. m. 5:30 p. m.
12:00 a. m. 7;25 p. m.
1:40 p. m. 8:40 p. m.
Sundays 8:00 a. m. trips omitted
Coughlin & McKanna, Proprietors
A pleasant, place to spend an
evening:? The boys are always
Waists that were $10.00 now $7.50
5.00 " 3.75
" " 4* 4.00 " 3.00
44 " 44 2.00 " 1.50
Skirts 44 44 15.00 " 11.25
44 44 44 12.00 44 9.00
44 44 44 10.00 44 7.50
8.00 44 6.00
44 44 44 6.00 44 4.50
5.00 44 3.75
44 44 44 4.00 " 3.00
Wm. Stubbins
Beef, Pork, Mutton and Poultry
Ham, Bacon and Lard
Fish and game in season
'PHONE AUTO 1-8 Treadwell, Alaska
Douglas City Heat Market
* meats of fill Rinds *
* the ?amecn *
aGts for oiytnpia Brewing Company
Che Island
Best Grades mines, Ciquors, and Cigars
Family Trade Solicited Free Delivery FRONT ST., DODGLAS

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