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We have just received a very large
line of the best Blue and White
Ware, triple plated acid proof
Amunition and
Sporting Goods
It is the best to be had and we have lots of ft
MBteoBeeoeteeeeegeeetenoeeeeeeeeesaes o ?*#?*??
* A
Rainier Beer on Douglas Island
8 ^
! Douglas Opera House
| _
Seattle, Tacoma
Victoria*. Vancouva", Aaacortes, BellingHam
Everett, Qlympia, Post Tow a send, Soutk
Beliir^ham, Eureka, Saria Barbara, Mexico
San Francisco, Los Angeies, San Diego
c. W. ANDREWS, G. A. P. D. ?. D. DUNANN, G. P. A.
H3 Jaru^s Si., Seatrfa 1 1 2 Market St., San Francisco
Right reserved to chamgo this Schedule
^ T p _ f ' f ^ Northbound ? March 30, April 10, 21
OlclLC Ol Southbound ? March 31, April 11, 22.
_ f Northbound? April 15, 26
V^ity Of OCattlC Southbound? April 16, 27
For information regarding1 passenger and freierhir rates, apply to
R. R. HUBBARD, Agent.
ACVTS for Olympia Brewing Company
LOUIS G. THOMAS, - - Manage*
| Manufactures and
S ail kinds oL /111 Willi \ Caskets *
********* OUT Of YEtLOW CEDAR
Special Articles of Furniture Made and Guaranteed.
...Alaska flyers...
Between Seattle, Ketehikan, Doug
las, Juneau and Skagway.
Due to arrive at Douglas :
April 7, 18, 29
April 13 and 24
Steamers and sailing dates subject to
change without notice. This is the
only line of steamers calling' reeru
Jj?rly ?t Douglas both North and
South bound
Elmer E. Smith, XgenX, Douglas, Alaska
GEO. RIEDI & SON, Props.
WQ.ha7e the reputation of pro
ducing the best bread in Douglas
Sanitary Bakery Methods
Parties supplied with made-fco
order dainties.
Your Patronage Soficited
I 1
For Douglas and Treadweil :
8:00 a.
9:80 a. m.
11:00 a. no.
1:00 p. m.
3:00' p. JO.
4:30 p. m.
6:30 p. in.
8:80 p. na.
Sundays only 9:00 p. m.
For Treadwellr
8:15 a. m?
9:15 a.m
11:15 a. m.
1:15 p.m.
8il5 p. rru
4:45 p. m.
6^45 p. m.
8:15 p.m.
9:15 p. m.
bor Juneau:
8:30 a. m.
10:45 a. m.
12:05 a. m.
1:45 p. m.
fr:80 p. m.
5:05 p. m.
7:05 p. m.
8:30 p. m.
9:30 p. m.
For Douglas and Juneau:
8:25 a. m.
10:35 n. en.
12^00 Ql m.
1:40 p.Jm.
9:25 p. m.
4:55~p. m.
6.55 p.'m.
9:25. p. m. Sundays
Sundays 8:00 a. m. trips omitted
Gn Wednesday and Saturday an extra trip
will be made leaving: Juneau for Douglas
and Tread well at 11 p. m. Leaves Tread well
for Douglas and Juneau at 11:25 p. m. Leaves
Douglas, fox Juneau. LL.30 p~
Dr. Simpson's Story of His Visits
to the Countries of the
Old World
Treves (German Trier) has a popula
tion of about 250,000. The town is older
than I am. It was founded by Trebeta
in Abraham's time. Trebeta wa9 a son
of Ninu9 of Assyria and his stepmother
was Semiramisr who was about the
same kind of a stepmother as the late
empress of China. He fled from her
and kept Koinj? until he reached the
Moselle. Here he found a prosperous
country already settled by the descen
dants of Noah. He founded a townr
called it after himself and the name
has been corrupted into Treves or Trier.
When Julius Caesar came here more
thuu 1,000 years later he found people
who called themselves Treveri. The
Romans made Treves their Frankish
capital and it c*me next to Rome and
Constantinople. I do not kuow of a
city of its size outside of Italy with
more Roman remains.
Constantino introduced Christianity
and appointed a bishop. In the course
of time it was made an archbishopric
and thrs ran on until the French revo
lution. Near the railway station is a
statue of Baldwin erected a few years
ago. I do not know whether it was in
honor of bis having starved those peo
ple to death and having taken their
castle whon they were dead or helpless
or if they erected it on account of his
kindness in building a castle for the
widowed Countess von Stalkenburg.
I tried to find a cabman who spoke
English, but none did, and all pointed
in a certain direction. I wont to a
newsstand for a map or guide book, but
I was shown the same direction. I
asked a policeman if he spoke English,
and he looked at me with a pained ex
pression. He felt sorry for me. At
least I could not look at any persou
that way unless f felt sorry for them.
Ho poiuted tbe same way. At last I
went to the place that everybody was
poiuting at and found a cute little bu
reau ol information and my first cab
man waiting for me. Tbe girl in charge
gave me an English map and guide
book aud gave me all the information
1 required; made arrangements with
the cabmau to drive me to all the points
of interest, told me to let her know if
he overcharged me, gave any slack or if
I had any trouble with bim of any
kiud. She asked me if I had a hotel,
gave me the address of oue near the
station and told me to report any in
civility, inattentiou or overcharge to
her. I never saw a woman in my life
that i liked so well as that girl.
I went first to the Porta Nigra. This
is an old Roman gate, built about A. D.
250, aud is three stories high and about
200 feet long, 100 feet high and 75 feet
deep. They tell another devil story
about this gate, but in A. D. 250 the
devil was uot cutLing much a figure
with the Romans. I am gettiug tired
of that devil story. Twenty-four years
ago Charlie Morse told me that a few
winters before, he, Jack Fay and Capt.
Jack McCormick had spent four
mouths in San Francisco and that they
had gone every night to see the "Black
Crook." It seems that is one of the
features or incidents of the play. Tbe
devil promises to keep an old scoundrel
alive as long as he turns him in a soul
every year. I do not want to tell any
thing that is not true aud I have rea
sons for doubting the Treves devil
story. The gate is of gray sandstone,
held together by iron clamps. There is
no mortar and it is called the black
gate because it is blackened by time,
dnst and exposure. People live inside
the gate. The St. Pauline church is
very old and was built on the Hite of a
bad martyrdom under Diocletian.
There is a cross in the churchyard to
commemorate this.
The old Roman baths cover several
acres, but I had seen so many else
where that, they did not interest me
very much. They are brick.
The old Roman palace is an interest
1 ing ruin, partly brick and partly stone.
In 9ome places it is still three stories
The basilicon is about 1800 years old
and looks as if it had been built last
year. It is 225 feet long and about 100
feet high and 100 feet wide. The in
terior is all new. It i9 now used as a
j prote9tant church. It was first used as
a Roman court house, council room
and 9tock exchange; later the arch
bishops made it part of their palace.
Much of the old palace still remains,
part of it being used as a guard room
or barracks and parts for ot her pur
! poses.
The ruius of the amphitheatre are in
teresting, but it was not so large as the
one at Pompeii or the Coloseum at
Rome. Here the christian emperor,
Constantino the Great, used to enjoy
himself in watching hip fellow crea
tures kill or torture one another or be
killed by wild animals. Two celebrated
massacres were in 30G and 313 ? both
under Constantine? -when thousands
of captive Franks were slaughtered.
Once the animals became tired killing
human beings. Constantine ordered
them to kill one another, but they re
fused and each man ran himself
through with his own sword.
The cathedral is very old and very
interesting. It shows a dozen forms of
architecture. Twenty-six archbishops
of Treves are buried here, among them
our old friends Baldwin and Arnold.
There are a good many relics, among
i them being another nail from the cross
land the holy coat. This is the coat
worn by Christ up to the time of cruci
| tixion. it is seamless and was bought
by a Jew at a bargain from the Roman
soldiers. But he could not wash the
blood from it and disgustedly threw it
in the sea. Orendel, the sou of the
king of Treves, had made a trip to Pal
estine, but was shipwrecked and forced
to work for a fishermau. In the mean
time a whale had swallowed the coat
and the same whale was by good luck
, harpooned by the fisherman. When it
; was opened they found the coat. Oren
del saw that it was something good aud
gave him all the money he had for it.
The coat made him invulnerable. He
killed dragons, iufldels and everything
else he wanted to. The queen of Jeru
salem, Breda, immediately insisted on
marrying him. Soon there was trouble
in Treves and Orendel was called home.
He took the coat with him and straight
ened everything out soon. He then re
turned to Jerusalem, where he died
j later, but he left the holy coat in
Treves. It is shown about every fifty
years, but it is claimed that it cannot
be shown much more, as it is liable to
disintegrate on exposure to the air.
The cathedral was built on the site of
St. Helena's birthplace. The Leibfrau
erkirche was formerly the baptistry of
the cathedral. It is almost circular,
I contains many fine tombs, paintings
and brasses. In front of the cathedral
! is the market place with an old city
The church of St. Mathias is just out
side the city. It is one of the oldest
churches in Germany. In the crypt are
sarcophagi containing the remains of
St. EuCharius, St. Valerius, St. Mater
nus and St. Matthew. There are hun^
dreds of relics in this church, but I am
! tired of relics.
| Juneau Steamship Co.
i Georgia
Electric Lighted Steam Heated
Juneau=Sitka Route
Leaves Juneau for Funter, Hoonab, Gyp
pum, Tenakee, Eillisnoo, Chatham, Sitka
April 3, 9, 13. 21, 27, May 3, 9, 15, 21, 27, June
! *2, 8, 14, 20, 26, July 2, 8, 14, 20, 26, August 1,
7. 18, 19, 25, 31, September 6, 12, 18, 24, 80.
For Tyee and Baranof (Warm Springs
Bay): April 9, 27, May 9, 27, June 8, 26,
July 8, 26. Aug. 7, 25, Sept. 12, 24.
For Sanitarium (Sitka Hot Spring*):
April 3, 15, May 8, 15, June 2, 14, J uly 2, 14, ?
August 1, 13, September 6, 18
Juneau = Skagway Route
Leaves Juneau for Pearl Harbor, Eagle
River, Yankee Cove, Comet, Sentinel
Light Station, Eldred Rock Light Station
Haines and Skagway: April 1, 7, 13, 19, 25.
May 1, 7. 13, 19, 25, 31; June 6, 12, 18, 24, 80:
July 6, 12, 18, 24, 30; August 5, 11, 17, 28, 29;
September 4, 10, 16, 22, 28.
Returning Jeaves Skagway following day :

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