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VOL. ?>-'
Late Influenza Epidemic Claimed
Many Victims While It
Raged Recently
Kdltor Thompson, or the Fair
bank" News- Miner. *lm that the
rtnale of the itory of the flu epi
demic which took the heart out of
latertoe Alaaka for the time being
and ma<te everyoM look at their hole
rird. la flftjr-nlne dead at Nenana
out of ill ram: Bin* dead In Fair
hanks out of S?t> rase*, the flu start
ing la Fairbanks; eight dead at
Circle, one at Kagle Creek, eight at
the Indian Tillage below Chena. one
at the fox farm fifty mile* out. one
at the Miller house and one at Sal
rhakct. eighty-seven deaths In all.
?ays the Cordova Times of the 5th
The reason for the exfeme pen
ilty at Nenana was the pneumonia
winds which blew all the time off the
glaciers of the Hroad I'm. During
the epidemic thirteen deaths oc
curred In Fairbanks, four from
Fairbanks dead are: Stanley R.
Mesa. I'errv Wllloughby. Mrs. Frank
Huteau. Mrs. Have Puree. Mrs.
Kancher Borden. Alice Warner. Mn.
Rnatrom of Brooks. Harry Williams,
partner of Frank Lawaon: Harry
Nelson. rancher: Henry Klelnscmldt.
? ieorge llobar. teanwter: H. L Sel
The dead at Nenana are: Larry
O'Keefe. N. C. agent; Mrs. Joe O'
? 'onnor, Herman Roaburg. Mrs.
t'.eorg.- Benctl, who was little Cav
anaugh. Mrs. Pal Carroll. Rob Smith
Mrs. Mike Cooney. Kd Herber. Ralpli
Waechter. Axel Kndstrom. Sam f>et
rich. Mr*. Bert Johnson. Axel Cov
"igton. Ihn Mclnnla. Mrs. Joe
Burns. Mrs. George Harrington. Wil
liam Kuslck. William Mclaughlin,
('. Co . Sam and Nick Radlvleh. Alex
Harry WfliNr, William CoutU of N.
Sahlla. Jlmmle Kakara. a Jap. George
Vrrkolf. Ben Johnson md twenty
seven native*.
( Mike Millch. at Kagle creek; Mrs
Net Lou (or the Year W?j Some
thing Orer Forty-Nine Thou
sand Dollar*
pony for the Alaska Gastlneau, an
nual rtpwl shows that during 1919
lh' (nlil rfronr; amounted to ((
rent* a ton as ? ompared with $8 ,
cents per ton In 1918. which li self
evident proof, the Boston News Bu
reau say*. that under prevailing con
il 1 1 tons there ran be no profit In con
tinued operation of the property.
While the operating loaa for 1919
I* scheduled at 1273.397. the actual
rash Ices only amounted to 849.054.
"this being du? to credit accruals
from prepaid development reserves
set up In the past, large tonnages
having been drawn from or* reserves
upon which a portion of the mining
Presides! Havden states that the
1919 amounted to a
decrease of 40 p?r cent from the
1911 production of $101,000,000.
The value of the production recover
ed by the Alaska Cold Mines Com
pany In 1919, amounting to 81.474.
sow. represented approximately It*
per rent. of the total I'nlted States
production. Muring Its flv* years of
operation, the company has jfroduied
Mr llayden adds: "Your company
ran continue operation only so long
ss advantage can be taken of extract
ing ore already broken In stopes or
preparlug for mining, on whlrh de
velopment and breaking coats have
been previously paid either wholly
or in large part, thereby recovering
the amount invented In the develop
ment and preparation for mining of
Mich ore reserve*. "
At tha Alaska Cold Mipea annual
meeting John D. Dllon was elected
as director In place of K. R Babbitt.
Phil Bradley, son of Mr and Mrs.
P. R. Bradley of Treadwell. Is ex
pected borne soon. Philip has com
pleted his Unit term as a student of
Culver Military Academy at Culver.
Indiana, and will visit with his
parents here until the opening of
Enlargements and Improvement
Uave recently been made by Stantoi
Martin to hi* wifeless receiving sta
Hon here. Formerly the aerin!
vrer* only on the top of the J. \\
Martin More Kmently a Ion* spai
'of wire was placed from the top o
ihe dancing pavilion on Mayflowe
i Inland to a pole inalalled near thi
old n?h market at the head of thi
! . Ity dock. Stanton aaya that thi
! wireieea now worka like a charm.
Died at the Home of Her Parent*
Mrs. and Mrs J. F. McDonald.
Tuesday Morning
Irene McDonald died at the liouic
of her parenta In Juneau Tuesday
morniiiK. after having arrived from
Seattle on (he JelTerson last Sumla)
She had been sick for the past three
months from the effects of au oper
ation performed at Seattle, where
she had been liviug for something
over a year.
The funeral was held yesterday
afternoon in Juneau at the Odd fel
lows' hall, under the auspices of thi
Masonic lodge. Rev. H. K. Green
init of the Methodist church offlel
ated. The pall bearers were Charles
Oaterberg. William Pels. Janicn
Chrlstoe. Guy McNaughtou. Charles
Xaghel anil I. L. Harding. The
oldtime friends of the McDonalds at
tended from Douglas Island
present. The burial was In the
Masonic cemetery.
Irene McDonald was born In Se
attle on July 24. IS?2. She came to
Douglas with her parents. Mr. and
Mrs John K. McDonald. In 1897. She
grew up in this rlty, where her
father for many year* was chief of
police. She attended the public
senooii nere ami ?u very |M>|iuiur
among the young folk*. Half a
doaen year* ado she moved to Ju
roan, where her parents arc I orated,
anil baa made her home there moat
of the time since until going to Se
attle to live Ic.ta thautwo year* ago
a ?lah to aeo her father
aud to be with tier folks In Juneau,
so her mother, who hail gone to Se
attle. brought her home on the Jef
termination to live until she reached
her destination that kept her alive
than two days after her arrival she
Monday, the day before her sister's
Perhaps there never was a bettei
known family In Douglas than
??Jack" MrDonald Tind his wife anil
two dapghtera. who were thelt
father's constant companion when
they were little tots. All the people
of the Island svmpathlxe with tht
cumatante* surrounding It.
L. 8. Ferris. who moved from
Treadwell a abort time ago and It
now operating the Stedman Hotel a
Ketchikan, recently purchased n
home there. The hottt* belonged ti
J. ,\l Wv. koPT anil will be occupl"
ity Mr. and Mrs. Ferris when i h?
t>rncnt tenants leave for the South
New Officers of Local Aerie Installc,
at Meeting of Last Friday
Robert Fraaer waa Installed a:
Worthy 1'reaident of the Douglai
Aerie of Kaglea at their meeting o
laat Krl?l?y nlKht. and Alex Klloh
paat worthy president, took tha
chair after parhap* the moat proa
porous year, aa far as memberahli
la concerned, that the Kagl* lodg
htrt haa ever had. Other officers in
stalled were:
Alex Sturrock. rice president.
Alex Sty, conductor.
Carl H. Erlckaon. secretary.
R. A. Schmidt, treasurer,
Arthur Cam. Inside guard.
I Jainea Kdmlatou. outside guard.
Joseph Patterson, trustee.
as Installing officer for ihe occasion
Committeemen Appointed, D?te Set
ftnd Plans Perfected for
Celebration Here
e That Independence Day will bo
celebrated on Douglas laland Mon
day. July fi, waa the decision of the
meetliiK of the Fourth or July Asito
' There la every Indication that I ho
and that ample (unda will be on
haud w lib which to have a credit
The II rat bind newt transacted waa
tbe appointment of the various com
tnltteca b) Chairman Jerry t'aahen.
The appointment* were an follow*:
Arrangcmenta: A. K. Uurr. L. H.
Sports: J. W. Wlaon, K. K. booth*.
J. K. Mention. J. H. LanKseth. Robert
Kraaer. William Itobcrtaon. Al. Cava.
I'lo Martini. Uabriel Paul, Axel
Krouqviat. Nela Andvraon, Arthur
l>e< orations: Frank Oiver. John
King, Arthur Olaun. Sam I'aul.
Music: ('. H. Krlckson. J. W.
Dance F. Helxcaon. Geo. Grin*.
The Marshal of the Day was to be
The Hnance committee reported
u>iucthinjc over $40 In the bank
from the celebration of two year*
ago. There was said to be a Rood
proapcct of secure more money If
oltlnl that the Kuorta committee
Mini. I be allowed $325 with which
to have a program of "* porta, the
sport* to constat of a hoite rare, ball
Xante ami event* for the children. It
I'pon motion a vote of thank* was
1 tested In the meeting and the motion
It wa* dated at the meeting that
tlon will be held next Monday nlKht
Fire Department Called Out to Quell
Flame* From Still That Be
came Overheated
Practicaly all our beat people
pulled (heir napkin* out from under
>f smoke were roll Inn up from one
VI rat and Sc. mid ?treet*. Lo! an
>ur gallant fire fighters buret In the
i loom of the blazing cabin, they were
'Imnst floored by the ? mphasls of a
lowhy. nourish smell. Evidently
mielhing ?a> rotten In the state
fait a miiturc of raining, hopa.
?igar. flour, eti A gasoline stove.
' left burnlug under the at III. had
auscd the Are. A large keg of the
finished product, "white-eye," stood
near. It was confiscated, together
? with a quantity of the mash, and
f Charley Hong, proprietor of the
t rested on suspicion. though there
' as no on* tn the cabin when the
t was untenanted. Five empty bar
cllthery m -w of bushels of ferment
' today of last evnlng's excitement. ?
Cordova Times.
Mrs. John Hull ha* resigned ai
operator In the Douglas telephow
t. by Miss l.'na Crowe.
A. Murray, the local saw mill
magnate, became entangled In the
knives of the planer at hla mill yes
terday and before ho could get looae
received rather severe Injurlca to
one of hit hands. It was nccessary
to shut off the power In the mill be
| fore Mr, Murray could be liberated
Five Dollars Will Now Be Paid to
Jurymen and Witneiei Will
Get Three Dollar*
United States Marshal J. M. Tan
aer has received notification that,
beginning July 1, jurors', and wit
nesses feus In the Klrst division will
l>e advanced. Jurors, both petit and
itrand, wll receive $S per day and
witnesses |3. The present rate l?
S3 a day for jurymen and $2 for
The securing of this Increase har>
licen advocated by every grand Jur>
tor the past twenty years and hat.
lieen recommended by the local of
ilcials. The money paid formerly
would not keep jurymen or witnesses
i In the necessities of life while giving
their time to the work.
The term of the district court at
Ketchikan It scheduled to close to
'lay or tomorrow and the court part)
will arrive on the Alameda Sunday
Jurymen will report at Juneau Mon
'lay for the spring term of court.
At an Informal meeting or (low
<'ompanlca No. 1 and : of the Doug
is lire department Monday night It
I wus decided to enter hone tram* In
I both the Juneau and Douglas race:
? luring the Fourth of July celebra
tlons The races t h la year will b<
run In the same atyle aa laat year,
being with four lengths of colled
hone that Is thrown on tho ground,
oupled and connected to the hy
drant and water thrown through the
A nueleua of a team to represent
i he company was formed laat Mon
day night and all firemen are naked
to attend the regulrr meeting next
Monday evening to assist In perfect
ing the formation of a team or-teams
lies Ides the dlacuaalon on hoae ;
racing, members should be at this
Mieetlng to get In on roll call under
' he new ruling that drops them from
the roll after three successive ab
?eiice* from regular meetings.
Miss Maude Llljestrand will ar
: Ive here on the Alameda Sunday foi
| a visit. Miss Llljestrand has been In
Seattle for the past two years, after
having lived for many yeari on
Mrs. Joseph Manley went to Ton
??kee on the Barl M. yesterday mom
nig with considerable of her house
hold goods and will make her home
>n the new house recently purchased
there by Mr. Manley. Mr. Manle)
nd William Manley will operate the
iCurl M. on the Tenakee run twice a
v ink. leaving Juneau and Douglas
; <>n Monday and Thursday mornings
, Karl will assist for a time and will
'hen perhaps come back to Douglas.
Mrs. Manley will stay at the springs
at least until the opening of school
The Manley wharf at Tenakee Is
sufficiently completed so that It can
be used aa a landing place at high
and half tides.
Alter a long winter with iti
accompanying lack of variety
in the diet, one'i ?yitem needi
the benefit of a good tonic.
Guy s Drug Store
Third and D Douglas
Buyer It Mild Curing and Shipping
Fresh Fish From the
City Wh*rf .
A new fishing Industry ha* sprung
up in Douglas, with A. J. Sonathagen,
representing the Alaska Pacific Fish
eries Company, at the head of It.
Mr. Sonsthsxen, who la a very
well known flsli buyer and packer of
Southeastern Alaska. having made
hla headquartera at Petersburg for a
number of yeara, la buying king
salmon and mild curing them, alao
shipping thein Iced, ilo la using the
building of the Itouglaa Inland Pack
ing Company on the city dock for hla
At the present time moat of the
flah being' packed arc coming from
Seymour ranal, where Mr. Sous
thagcu goes to purchaae. He has
already made one large ahlpment of
fresh flah on the Jefferson and will
ship more on the City of Seattle to
day. Besides the freah flah. aeveral
tierces have been mlldcured.
At the present time most of the
work la being done by the huyor
himself, but It la hla Intention to put
on more men as soon aa they can be
securkd, and It la expected that the
Industry will grow to quite large
In the meantime J. II. Long and
associates are Installing a large
teller In their canning plant on the
city dock, and It la their Intention to
start canning small quantltlea of
fish soon and to Increaae their pack
when the aalmon start running moro
freely some time In July.
Combination Team Loit Deciding
Game in Whitchone Tourna
ment to Skajway
A number of Douglas Island peo
ple. I lie -hiding *ome ham-hall player*,
went on the Whltehorae excursion
i hi* year. The trip to Skagway was
made, on the Alma, leaving shortly
lifter 9 o'clock Krldav morning and
icturnlng at an early hour Monday
Anionic the hall player* going from
here were Cam, M Gallwaa. Arthur
Nelaon. Ott and Sinclair Brown.
These men united with *ome of the
Juneau hoy* and some from the *ub
' liaaer 31?> and formed a team that
played In the tournament. They de
feated Whltehonie In the flr*t game
hjr i score of $ to 3. Skagway de
feated the soldier* by a score of 4 to
3. That game waa called by the
umpire In the aixth Inning.
The rauRe of the ihortening of the
Soldlcr-Skngway game waa the um
plre'a decision on a squeeze play
where he called a Skagway runner
cafe becauae the soldier catcher in
terfered with the batter when the
play waa pulled. The Midler* ques
tioned the decision and refuaed to
tlniah the game, and the umps gave
It to Skagway. that team being one
run in the lead.
For the Channel team, in the
drat game Lam roc. a aailor. pitched
for two Innlnga and was relieved by
Gam. who won from Whltehorae.
After supper the deciding game be
tween the Channel team and Skag
way was played. The latter won by
a score of 4 to o. thereby winning
first money and Douglas second. Gam
pitched the !a*t game for the locals.
The trip was the ti*ual one. with
plenty of dancing and general good
times. Whltehorae ia now dry, and
Nome of the hoys miaaed the usual
liquid refreshments, while others did
not miss much of anything.
MIm Mary Martini. who h*? boon
Hi Scat tic for the pout several yearj
taking a course In nuralnjc. arrived
here on the City ot Seattle yefterday
for a vUlt with l?cr parents. Mr. and
Mra. Plo Martini, and family.
Fred Olu?. her uncle, who was tc
serompany her north. Is remaining
In Seattle for * time on account ol
Mr?. Olui having recently undergom
an operation.
Pa v id H. Chrlitoo was operated
on Tuesday at St. Ann hospital. Ju
ueati, for appendicitis. Mr, Chrlstoi
reeorervd very well from the opera
be able to leave tho hospital In at
unusually short time.
A let I ttr was recently reeclved hert
I'rom John Olson, formerly In bus
iness In Douglas. but now located at
I'hoeiilx. Arizona. In which he aayi
that Mrs. Olson la not much Im
Mr. Olaon also told of the death
of J. A. Conley. formerly of Thane
und Juneau, who died very auddenly
m Tacoma the latter part of April.
Mr. Conley. who had been twenty
vears In Alaska, was very well
known. He was $2 years of age.
Owing to Increased Coit of Commod
ity. City Is Forced to Raise
Price at Dock
On account of a raise In price it
the bunkers of the 100 tons of coal
received here early this week on the
ireighter Santa An, announcement
was made at the meeting of the city
oiinoll that the price had been
raised to.consumers one dollar a ton.
The price is now f 15 a ton, or f 16.76
It was reported that the Keeney
:>lle driver was making good progress
on the repair work on the Douglas
? Itv dock and that the work would
"oon bo completed.
The street commute reported that
Axel Kron'qvlst had completed bis
work of repairing 8t. Ann avenue
and that that street was now in good
Ways and means were discussed
tor raising enough money for the
city expense budget for the coming
year. It was felt that owing to the
decline In the value of real estate in
the city It would lie rather difficult
to raise money on property (ax. It
was decided that a thorough taxa
tion on personal property would be
made this year.
tieorge M. Arbucklc. plonoar real
dent of the Idltarod diatrict. where
lie published the Idltarod Pioneer
for a number of year*, died there
recently, following a protracted ill
The deceased ???? in the Dawson
country In the early daya of that
camp, where he waa employed by
the Klondike Nugget. He HI impeded
to the Fairbanks district thortly
after the dlacovery of ?old on Pedro
reek, and waa among the flrat to
'ocate on Cleary, whore he published
a weekly newspaper. Later on h*
moved his outfit to Chena. and Anally
located in the Idltarod district, fol
lowing the rush to that camp.
The publication of the Pioneer waa
-tispended more than a year ago and
\rburkle went Outalde, returning
\orth last summer and resuming the
publication of that paper. After a
lew iaauea had been printed, the pub
lisher became III and hia condition
oon became aerlous. He was con
lined to his bed practically all winter
and bis condition waa sucb that it
waa considered doubtful montha ago
of hia ultimate recovery.
Miss Ksther Oliver. who/li?? been
. visiting with her parents. Mr. ?n<l
Mr*. Frank Oliver, for the past two
weeks, left on the Jefferson Tues
day morning for Seattle, where she
>vlll attend the summer suasion of
?he University of Washington. Miss
Oliver will return In the fall to tearh
igain at the government school at
llska. Alaska.
Douglai Firemen Will Journey to
Juneau Sunday to Crou Bats
With Capital City Team
Manager Arthur Olson of th?
Douglas baseball team having lost In
the toss-up with Manager JacV
Woodard of the Juneau team, th<
i Douglas hoys will play baseball ncxl
Sunday afternoon on the Juneat
grounds. This Is the first game ol
? ths season on the Juneau groundi
and the first game of the season be
tween these traditional enemlea.
The probable lineup for Douglai
will be Garn. Martini, Oliver, Gall
I was, Higley. Kearney. Brown. Wilt
anen and several others not .vat do
? cided upon.
The game should be a fairly goo<
one, aa tho teams will without doub
i be evenly matched and about equs
In preparation.
Delegate Grigiby Wire* That the
Contemplated Restriction Will
Not Be Enforced
That the thlrteen-trlp-a-week schnd
ulo for mall service between Douglas
and other Gastlneau Channel towns
will be continued Instead of the con
templated slx-trlp-a-week service as
proposed by the poital service, Is
assured by George B. Grlgaby In a
telegram to Mayor F. A. J. Gallwas.
The telegram as*recelvcd reads as
"Washington. 1). C.. June 10.
"Mayor of Douglas.
"Think post office will continue
thirteen a week service. Have had
advice from department from which
think can promise this.
per Reagan."
Some time ago advertisements
were posted calling for a slx-trlp-a
week mall service between Gastlnenu
I Channel towns to supersede the
present thlrteen-a-weck service now
. in force. P. R. Bradley was first to
lake the matter up by telegraphing
vigorous protest against It to Dele
unte Grlgsliy and putting up a prop
osition to the postal department
whereby the service could be con
tinued without any more cost than
'he curtailed service. The Juneau
Commercial Club also wlj-ed con
demning the scheme, as did also the
Douglas city council.
The tclgram received yesterday by
Mayor Gnllwas Is In answer to one
sent by him for the council In which
he stated the hardships that would
result from the slx-trlp-a-week serv
Suit has been died by the Alaska
Treadwell Gold Mining Company
xgainat the Deep Sea Salvage Com
pany. operating at Bridget Core on
the wreck of the Princess Sophia. A
writ of attachment was aaked for
ii nd served on two of the defendant
> ompany'i boats, the Enterprise and
Harold C. The former la a gas boat
lying In Juneau and the Utter a
atcani lug that Ii at Traadwell
awaiting repalra.
It la claimed thai the Uetp Sea
Salvage Company oirea lift Tread
wel Company the mim of 1J.04I S3
for work performed and gn4d( turn
lulled. The work was machine and
boiler repaira on hoata belonging to
the Deep Sea Salvage Company.
Juat what effect the tying up of
two of the company's boala at thla
time will have la not known. It
had been announced that the rais
ing of the Princess Sophia would
take place June 20th. upon the ar
rival of material from 8eattle.
Two cottage* that formerly atood
on the ground near what waa known
aa the Honoyrooon Plata at Tread
well were taken to Speel Hirer last
week by Capt.-Tay Bayers of the
Alecto and are to be uaed by the
Alaaka Pulp and Paper Company
Douglas Meade la now In charge
of the building operation* at Speel
Itlver and U T. Mclnnea and George
Stukey of this place hare gone there
to assist In the eroctlon of a saw
mill for the company.
Superintendent of Kducatlon Les
ter I). Henderson of the Territory of
Alaaka. left laat night for Skagway
on hla It rat lap of his rlalt to all the
achoota of the territory. He will go
south from Nome thla fall.
Mra. A. K. Gurr and two children.
Cecelia and Jack, will leare on the
' City of Seattle tonight for the aouth.
I where they will rlalt during the
summer with relatlrea In Waahing
I ton and Montana.
? Mrs. Ethel Haver, and children ex
? poet to teare here on the 8pokane to
go to Pennaylrania, where Mr*,
i Hares' parents reside.
Carl Hagnrup. six-year-old son of
I Mr. and Mrs. Hagerup of this r|ty,
t fell from the porch of the Croatian
it hall building yesterday and frac
tured the bone of one of his arms.

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