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In Honor of His Semcei u Bishop
of Aluka (or the P*?t Twenty
Fire Yt*rs
which Will arouse
u well as In
inaugurated to ob
50th the twenty
Ht. K e* F. T.
Row* ii D Bishop oC Alwka. and,
11 a fitting th.nh?W.n? and m^
numial of the admiration and low In
which he l? beld by the rank and
?The Hwhop Row* Foundation
fund" of ?>?? tncon,e trom
which will ?o annuall) to som.
AUlku which the Bishop tM e?
Kiiw ?* belongs. bat to many other,
in the S.atc: and In Alaska who
IVtcr Triable Rowe was born In
,h). Indians and white people along
thoroughly Btted then, for <h. r life
work l<? 1*?S. ,hf <'hurch
determined to ?nd a bishop to Ala*
btohop of that KteM country.
Bishop Rowe began his work n
v.r? man ?white. Indian or Kskl
,.r he has regularly gone on march*
miles before there were any <team
boa. Hi? or railroad* or many
?h. late Hudson Stuck, archdeacon
tian. Juneau, and Hla Excellency
i,t,?,.?n ?nd parish commlttcee
ZZ and fri- nd* will wish ^
ti-rrd into their rest before their
propox-d. In the caae of Bishop
It Is Intended that during this
year the fund will be raised and pre
.tented. Appropriate serxlcea and ad
dresses will bo made at Juneau and
In other place*.
Thoee who may not be reached by
the committee but who desire to have
n part In the testimonial of appreci
ation and rrtmdahip. may communl
. ate with the Rt. Re*. W. T. Sum
ner. I), n.. No. 674 Kim St.. Port
land. Ore., or with the Very Re*.
U. D. Ohrlatian, Juneau. Alaska.
Aa far aa la known, the lint or
ganization on Douglas island to
adopt an Armenian orphan la the
Douglas Klre Department. This 6r
gmnlxatlon decided at a recent mint
ing to asr.ume the support of on*
orphan for a year. This means that
the department will contrlbuc $80.
next year to the Near East Relief.
Nine orphans are the quoin for
Douglas Island. Considerable money
and the dance of neit Thursday even
Ins will bring In some more.
Much Freight Will Not Reach
Destination ? Boats Unable
to Navigate
In IU history and that steamship
the aeaaon !* indicated by report*
from Whltehorse. at the head of najr
of freight. Including a lot of perish- i
able products. are piled at White
horse for transportation down stream
and the indiratlona are that they
will not be moved thia aeaaon. at I
Whltehorse Star haa the following
navigation on the Yukon river for
the aeaaon of 1?I0 la near at hand.
According to Gen. Manager Wheel
er of the \V. P. * Y. R.. the water
la the lowest on record at thla time ,
and present a menace that It re
who have spent years of their lives
trlcate meandering Interior water
navigable tributaries to a Weekly ?
"What we need and must have If ?
we .ontluue to operate very much
longer is a rise In the river, and the
only thing that can bring this about
la a chlnook wind that will melt the <
?tent by Mr. Wheeler to the head of- (
Monday. It explains the situation
White Horse la sodth bound, due
beached in four rect of water at
Stewart. She and barge have about
except fifteen tona oata. We turned
raising Selkirk. Caaca should reach
Nasutlln and Sibilla are up Stewart
Washburn and Kestrel are some
where about Circle, bound south. Sc
'he cannot come on account of ice
uid Tanana are at Tolovana trying
<lig a bole to get Into Tolovana river
I.ook? like all American boats will
a chance and try to bring crewa
home with steamer Tanana."
Douglas Island Firemen to Meet
Juneau High in First Game
of Season
Alaska Hay. Monday. October 18,
will see a football game between the
Juneau High School and a team of
firemen from Douglas Island. The
firemen's team was organized last
Monday night at the meeting of the
Douglas department, and signal
practice started the next night. A.
C Olson was elected manager of the [
Douglas Island team.
The game Monday Is to be played I
on the grounds In Last Chance basin i
and will start at 2 o'clock.
The Juneau High bus beeu prac
ticing for the past several weeks un
der Coach L. E. Phillips. The ag
gregation Is said to bo a fast one. |
averaging 132 pounds In weight.
The Douglas team Is composed of j
men belonglug to tbc various flre|
companies of Douglas and Tread
well; some of them are high school
boys, and some have had no previous
experience at the game. The team
was organised to give the Juneau
else In sight. The average weight
Is 1 & 1 pounds. Signal practlco has
been held every night this week In
the Xatatorlum. ami the team's one
and only scrimmage will bo on next
Sunday afternoon on the Douglas
The lineups of tbc team arc us|
Vestal, ('apt. (151).. Full back
Kortney (118) ltight half
Perolle (146) .... Quarterback
Clark (13$) ...
Whitney (150) Klght guard
Hvndrlckson (127) I.eft guard
Holmqulst (130) Klght tacklc
Barrager (ISO)..... Left end
Right end
Substitutes Pcabody, McNaught-|
Left half
Uraham (118) Quartarback
Anderson (16u). . Left tackle
Substitutes ? Gregory. H. Gallwar.
ion, Juneau; Umpire. Jack Wilson,
rreadwell; Timekeeper. J. E. Lain.
Slayer of Billy Woodworth Sen
tenced Last Tuesday by Judpe
E. C. Lilly, convicted Inai week
for the murder of Willum Wood
worth, wns sentenced on Tuesday
morning to life Imprisonment at Mc
Neils Island at hard labor.
Judge Jennings, presiding over
the district court at Juneau, upon
his arrival at the court' room Tues
day. asked Lilly, who was present
with his attornoy, John II. Maruhall.
If he had anything to say. Lilly
nhook his head in the negative and
his lawyer alro was silent when ask
ed If he had anything to any (or hia
Judge Jennings then. In Imposlrtfc
sentence, said that the Jury had
found Lilly guilty of murder la the
first degree, without capital punish
meut; that th4 court had nothing to
say In the matter at to the penalty,
which was flxod by law. and thereby
sentenced Lilly to be confined in the
penitentiary at McNeils Island for
the rest of hia natural life at hard
The prisoner's Iron nerve that had
been with him all through hia trial
and conviction deaerted him when
to McNeils Island to serve out hia
Tom Ryan left on the Estebeth
Monday night for Hainca to trans
act some buaineaa connected with hia
The next event In the drive to
raise the Douglas Island quota (or
Near Kant relief will be a dunce that
li to bo Klven at the Natatorlura
Hall next Thursday evening. The
music will bo furnished by the Utr
win oreheitra. The proceeds of tho
dance are to be Riven for the drive.
With a lot of new music to bo
played that night. a fine biff dancing
floor and a good cause to help, It Is
expected that a bin crowd will at
Dan A. Sutherland in Speech of
Tuesday Night in Juneau,
Has Nothing New
Politics are warming up In this
division and candidates soliciting
support are becoming thick. Dan A.
Sutherland, candidate tor the office
of delegate to Congress on tho re
publican ticket, openod his cam
paign In this division at the Coliseum
theatre In Juneau on Tuesday even
Mr. Sutherland concentrated con
siderable of his attention on the
democratic press of Juneau and
Douglas and upon federal office
holders. He also read H. L. Faulk
ner, a prominent republican of many
years' standing, out ot the republi
can party. He attacked the Terri
torial Bureau of Publicity, that is
in charge of E. J. White, formerly of
this city. He also touched upon the
fisheries question, and declared for
the election of various Territorial of
ficials. Including the governor.
Summing up the entire spcech. It
Is said that It was the usual wall of
the Wlcklte faction; It was the
ii Mil bunk of the man out of office
trying to get a job.
Notwithstanding countor attrac
tions. the meeting wax quite well at
Mr. Sutherland left immediately
after tho meeting for - Ketchikan,
where many of tho candidates for
various offices are now campaigning.
An oldtlme attraction that has
not been held In a long tlmo on
Douglas Inland . will take place on
Thursday evening, October 2Sth.
ture of a Hallowe'en masquerade.
Six prizes will be given ? one each
for the best dressed lay and gentlo
mun, one each (or the most comical
lady and gentleman and one cach
to the best lady and gentleman
will be charged for everyone attend
ing. Including both children and
ters and son are returning passen
gers on the City of Seattle which Is
due Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ilalm
and children, who lived for many
years on Douglas Island, have for the
past several years been making their
homo In Seattle.
Having made a careful check
on my magnzlne business, I find
it is being carried on at a loss.
The profit which Is allowed the
dealer by the publishing com
panies will not take care of the
Increased postage that la now
being charged on magazines
and the normal loss peculiar to
the business.
Dealers In Juneaa and else
where In Alaaka raised tholr
magazine prices a year ago to
take care of the Increased post
In addition to the burdon of
the postage, which dealers In
the States escape, one of the
largest distributors of maga
zines who supplies me has notl
| fled me that, beginning this
month, no more returns from
Alaska of unsold magazines will
{ be allowed. That means more
Consequently, beginning Oc
tober 1st. on all magazines ex
ce . the Saturday Evening Post
and the Ladles Home Journal,
which come prepaid. I must
charge Sc over the printed pries.
Prop. Guy's Drug Store
? ?
F. W. Lindenau, Formerly of Ketch
ikan, Charged With Violating
Blue Sky Law
Another chance for the nmull In
vestor to net rich by puttlnK >>1?
money Into something far away ha*
disappeared. The opportunity of a
lifetime has gone because F. W.
Mndeueau, tbu man who waa going
to make them rich over night, has
been sentenced to servo ilx months
In ]all In Minnesota for his fake pro
Llndcnau is well known to many
people of Ketchikan as he appeared
Jn the North several years ago.
ready to put a new town on the
map near Kasaan. Last year he
appeared again, having options on
some claims near Kasaan. and it Is
for selling stock in these that he
was sent to jail.
The evidence of the Minnesota
State Securities Commission was
that Llndenau had eollccted for
stock something over 17.000 from
small Investors. Of tills sum all but
14. SO had been used to pay bis sal
ary. None of It was put Into devel
opment work.
A Minneapolis paper, telling of the
arrest and conviction If Llndcnau.
had the following Item:
"Tho flrst Jail sentence for viola
tion of the blue nky law was a six
months' Jail term given A. W. Lln
denau yesterday at St. Cloud, ac
cording to a report today to the
capltol officers of the State Securi
ties Commission. Llndcnau. Is was
said, was selling stock in the South
ern Alaska Mining Company, wlth
Mlnneapolis, but the sale of Its stock
In Minnesota has not been licensed
by the commlslon for several
months. Llndcnau was Indicted and
Llndcuuu then showed some anx
iety to get out from under and the
following advertisement appeared In
a Minneapolis paper.
"F. W. Llndcnau.
8t>& Andrus Bldg.,
That Llndenau was as modest as
a burglar and oh retiring In dlsposl
his stock promotion advertisements:
"Just as some men are born to
to bccome captains In the world of
industry. It was this Inherent genius
pllcahle Influence that produced F.
F. Llndenau.
that have contributed to the success
of the great leaders "of all time, two
stand out from tho rest as dominant
In all the men to whom the world
owes unlimited gratitude for her ad
vancement In wealth and culture.
They have power of vision and tho
courage to follow whore that vision
til the vision become a reality.
"Columbus had combined In him
those two attributes of a great
leader. He opened to the world a
source of wealth untold, made pos
sible the llnltod Stales and the
wealth of culture contributed by her
to all the nations of the earth. The
history of our nation Is made up of
the biographic* of men who. having
the courage to follow their gleam,
have led the entire world to greater
ter place In which to live.
"Mr. Llndenau, president of the
Southern Alaska Mining Company, is
building up an organization second
to none In the country. His method
of organizing and financing the
Southern Alaska Mining Co. will be
bag on these speculations." Kotch
For the bent end neatest Job print
ing. come to the News office.
Ueorge I.. Johnson, who renlgned
hli poult Ion a* deputy U. S. niarshui
at Douglas lato last wwk, was yes
terday arrested In Jtineau upon com
plaint sworn to by Unltod States
Ma rutin I J. M. Tanner, (-barged with
bringing Intoxicating liquor Into the
Territory and having the same in hli
possession. There were ten counts
in the complaint and It was alleged
that tho flrat offense was committed
June G last anil that something over
300 cases of whiskey had been
brought to the Channel by him.
Three boats were named as handling
the liquor, tho Eagle having received
it at Prince Rupert, and transferring
it to tho gas boats Sadie and Iris.
Ball was set at tl.OOU and was
furnished. The date of the trials
has not yet been sat.
Mr. Johnson was fined }75 a short
tltnc before the above complaint was
read to him. foi* assault and battory
upon Fred Maglll last week.
People of Metlakahtla Want to Be
Pmbytcriani? Presbytery to
Meet and Decide
Tho people of Metlakahtla have
petitioned the Presbytery ot the
Presbyterian rhurrh to ostabllsh n
?'hurch organization In their city,
and tho Presbytery of Alaska will
meet there next Sunday to consider
the petition and to settle other mat
ters that may como up at thla, the
fall, meeting of the body.
Kor many year* the people of Met
lakahtla have been worshiping In a
church patterned nnmewhat after the
Episcopal church. The church was
founded by father William Duncan,
who was a missionary of the Church
of EnglanJ before he withdrew from
that denomination, and moving bis
congregation from British Columbia,
settled with thetn on Annette Island
In Alaska When he settled he es
tablished a church patterned after
his own ideas.
Kor some tin:.- a missionary of the |
Presbyterian church, a native
preacher name-! Edward Marsden. !
has been occupying the pulpit at
Metlakahtla upon invitation of thc>
elders. these elders being clected by
ballot the same as councltmen. The '
peopc have now decldcd that they
want the Presbyterian board to hav?
control of their church affairs.
Those who will attend the Pres
bytery are Hev. Falconer of Ketchi
kan, moderator; Rev. C. O. Denton
of Haines. Rev. E. L. Winterbergcr
of Skagway, Rev. David Waggoner
of Juneau. Rev. J. R. Fitzgerald of
Kake. Rev. E. K. Bromley of Wran
gell. Rev. George J. Beck of Hoon
aii. Rev. Edward Marsdcn of Mctln
kuhtla. who belong to the Presby
tery. and Hev. J. H. Condlt, super
intendent of Presbyterian ralsslons|
In Alaska. The party will go tsi
Delegate 0 corse B. Grlgsby and
Attorney General Jerry Murphy ar
rived Tuesday evening on tho North
western from Western Alaska, where
they had heen for the paBt several
weeks In the Interest of their cam
paigns for offlcQ. Mr. Grlgsby made
the trip through the Interior of Alas
ka and made talks all along tho
route, besides visiting all the west
ward towns. Mr. Murphy confined
his activities to the Third division.
From people who have arrived
from the Interior of Alaska it Is
learned that both theso men will
easily carry those divisions In the
election of November 2. Mr. Grlgs
bv made a good Impression wherever
he appcarod. Mr. Murphy knows
practically everyone In those two dl
visions and his plurality there is
Attorney General Murphy trans
ferred at Juneau to the Jefferson amfl
went on to Ketchikan, while Dele
gate Orlgsby stopped off at Juneau
for a few days beforo visiting Sitka
and other outlying placea and after
wards going to Ketchikan.
A, E. Lucy, who alnco last July
lias been acting as ofTlce deputy In
the United States marshal's office at
Juneau, has been appointed deputy
I'nltod States marshal for Douglas
;ind was to assume his new duties to
Mr. Lucy was for a time a game
warden, and also servod as a deputy
marsllal under the late Marshal H.
A. Bishop. He Is taking tho place
. f George L. Johuson. who resigned
[irom the position last week.
Hroad Pais Country Hu Feed (or
Millioni of Deer ? Herds to
Be Sent There
That there Is room (or million* ot
reindeer to feed In the Broad Pass
country along the right of way of
the government railway. Is the opin
ion of W. T. Lopf). superintendent of
< he Bureau of Education for Alaska,
who was In Juneau this week.
Mr. Lopp has been In the Broad
I'ass country and rodo ov.-r It on
horse-back. He was sent thero by
the government to ascertain If there
was reindeer moss for winter feed for
reindeer, lie found there was feed
for millions of the deer there.
He made the statement that
either this fall or early next spring
herds of deer will be driven to the
Brosd I'ass country from the head of
the Kuskokwim, the nearest rein
deer station. Home of the deer will
be herds of private owners, while
others will be government deer that
will he given to the natives of that
Being adjacent to the government
railway these deer will be the near
est to the markets of the East. In
time many of them will be driven to
the railroad and slaughtered in the
winter time and shipped, to not only
the coast cities of Alaska but to
the markets In the States, without
being put in cold storage.
Mr. Lopp. who visited in Juneau
for a few days, left for his head
quarters at Seattle by way of Ketch
ikan, where he will remain a short
Hurt M. McConnell, asslutant ed
itor of the Literary Digest, Is In Alas
ka on a trip and vlsittd In Douglas
Wednesday afternoon with E. J.
White. Mr. McConnell li a former
Nome man who went there In 1910
and later visited the Arctic with
Explorer Stefansaon. lie later went
to New York and Is now a news
writer. Owing to his connection
with the Literary Digest, he had a
feature article In that publication
about Alaska that was widely quoted
all over the territory. Later he wrote
an article In the New York Times
advocating the division of Alaska
Into two parts ? that portion of the
country south of the Yukon into tho
state of Alaska and the northern
sort Ion Into the Territory of North
Alaska. This article was reprinted
in tho News of September 17.
Mr. McConnell, In company with
his wife, arrived In Juneau Tuesday
evening and will remain In the Ter
ritory for some time making Investi
III* doings are on at Ketcvhikan
this week, about forty Klkit from
Gaillneaii Channel having made the
pilgrimage to that city to initiate a
big rlasH of candidates from Ketch
ikan. Wrangell and Petersburg. The
advance guard. consisting of the sec
retary, Jack Davles. Dolly Gray*
William Oarater and Pete Bolvln, ac
companied by Toya. steward of tho
Rika Club, who la actinic aa cuatodlan
to a goat especially Imported from
Ilalnea for tho occaalon.
More Rika left Juneau on board
the Northwestern and Jefferson
Tuesday evening and they will pick
up delegations of members and can
didates at Wrangell and Petersburg,
and tho whole crowd were due to
arrive at Ketchikan together.
According to advices received from
tho "Firs! City." the whole town
la to be turned over to the "Bllla"
for several days this week. All
kinds of unique entertainments havo
been arranged, most of which will
center around Ketchlkan'a one block
'of cement street.
Rimer A. Friend, former editor of
the Gateway at Seward. Alaska, was
vlalting In Douglas this afternoon.
Mr. Friend recently resigned hla po
sition with the paper and haa not
yet located, but will take a rest for a
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Vanden Wyer,
who have for the past month been
visiting hero at the home of Mrs.
Vanden NVycr's parenta. Mr. and
Mra. N'lck King. left on the Jeffer
son. They will go to Ketchikan,
where Mr. Vanden Wyer expectt to
be employed this winter.

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