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Author of McFtdden Bill Discusses
Effect on the Country of Re
daction of Output
WASHINGTON. I>. c.. October IS.
In an Interview jlren out today by
Keprewntatl** I -oil la T. McKadden.
chalrmiin of the Committee on Hank
ing ?ml Currency of the Houac of
Reprewntatlvea. he asked the follow
ing pertinent qumtlon with refer
?iw? to the gold situation: "I* the
Cnlted Stair* to ronlnue to ignore
the problem of gold production, thus
ixrnilnlim the British Rmplre to
gain an nminnttloncd superiority?"
An estimate of the gold produc
tion of the Culled State* baaed on
the output for the first six monthr
.'1.5 per rent of the total world's gold
output, and the llrltlsh Empire (3.7
l>er cent In !?!!? the Cnlted State
of twu-lhirda. Since July !i 191).
an exchange premium as hlnh an !>i>
l>er rml to the cold jrodiirrn of
not more than 1 : per rent, about
Rmplre will contribute to 75 per
As ? "tnparcd to ISM. the pufhas
Inic power of the dollar In term* of
all I'tumoditles In 1919 was 47
1919 as In I9H and flnds that a
of the cold production of the Cnttcs)
(Icmi'iit* A fr*? gold market in
maintained under the proviaona of
>'Im tax la collected on the flniahed
product an s?l<l. and not upon the
dollar, the unit of otir monetary ?*?
tem. The hill create* the novern
rtbla bill la equal to the cxrlm I
Oreat Brit
South African producer, whose op
erating condition* are more favor
(CottlEtwd on pax. 3)
George Besre veteran emp.'oyce of
the Treadwell Company. Monday
suffered quite a painful accident
when he ?o xe*er?ly cut one of his
hand* that It wan nwwmry for htm
to ko to the emergency hospital anil
have a dozen stitches taken In It.
Mr. Ueare waa carrying a piece of
timber at the cyanide plant, where
he works, when he slipped on the con
crete floor. He (truck the back of
his head and the heary piece of tim
ber that he waa carrying fell from
his shoulder, striking the back of his
hand and cutting a severe gash.
Sends Out an Appeal for Member*
and Fund* to Carry on the
Work of lnttitution
The Alaska Historical Museum.
iow firmly e*tabll?hcd In quarter*
it the A. R Hall in Juneau, has
,-nt out an appeal (or fund* to sup
port the Instltntlon. The purpose of
he organiiatlon l? also put forth.
letln of the Alaska Publicity Bureau
The Alaska Historical Association
historical and economical value con
nected with the history and pro*
res* of Alaska
museums of the world have been
taking away from us collections
which should rightfully remain In
Alaska. The object of th? assocla
equaled in the world. A* a start. a
is under option, although exhibited
Indian and Eskimo relic*, flora.
son the privilege of Joining the as
Memher. <5 per annum.
available In the A. B. Hall at Ju
neau there are now on exhibit over ?
ll,|ilil article*. A conservative e?- i
limate of the value of the exhibit is
aosoclation Is on its feet it proposes
to publish from time to time dewrlp
the history of Alaska but also re
The temporary officers of the as
sociation are:
President. Gov. Thomas Rlggs. Jr
Secretary-Treasurer. l?r. Daniel 8
Send your subscription to Rev. A
ilreu. Mamie. Oeldle and John. ?r
rl?ed here early In the week ami will
make their home* ou Caatlneau
by Mr. Halm, who li at prctent In
Former Deputy Marshal of Douglas
Has Hearing Before U. S. Com
missioner Tuesday Evening
At a h carina hold Tut winy evonluK
before I'. 8. I'ommlasloner N. L.
Ilurtim III Juneau. Oootk* I* John
Min, former deputy mamhal of l)ouic
lan. was bound over to await the ac
tion of the grand Jury on the chance
i>f transporting liquor Into the terri
tory and having the same In his pon
Witnesses who testified at the
it'ii rlii* were William Prentice. K
II. Maglll. Marshal J. M. Tanner and
lante Organ. The two former testl
led that In June of thia year 49
a*ea of whiskey were brought from
1'rlnre Kupert on the gns boat Irla
ly them, landed at Douglas and pur
?hased by Johnson. They also aald
lint In the latter part of August
Iquor was purchased at Prince Hu
ten and taken to Cape Charon by
he Canadian Ashing boat Rattle and
runsferred to the Iris, the boat then
>elonglng to Johnson, and the cargo.
103 cases, landed at Douxlaa. Pren
Ice claimed that the liquor was paid
or by himself, Johnson ai.d others
vhom he did not name. Both men
ilso testified that 132 casea of liquor
vere purchased at Prince Kupert In
teptember and taken out of that port
erred to the Sadie at Cape Fox and
anded at Douxlaa. where they re
torted that Johnson was among
hose who helped to uuload it. Pren
Ice also stated that he bought this
ast shipment .himself at Prluce Ru
x?rt and paid for It with funds partly
Marshal Tanner testified that
lohnson had admitted to him that he
ih possession at hia home in Doug
as but that It was for his own use
The 13,000 bail furnished last
t-eek by Johnson when he was ar
iwlng to tfie fact that the Kebckahs
ire to glre a masked ball on next
Thursday evening. This romlng
vent Is creating more Interest than
<ime time. So many people have
?ld they are going that It has been
leclded to have the dance at the
Catatorlum hall Instead of the
Ragles' so thai I hey crowd may be
There Is an Indication that the
shment In the natural way, and the
"he Treadwell- Parent Teacher As
toria! ion i* to hold a special meeting
next Wednesday evening at tho
whool house. In honor of the birth
lay of Theodore Roosevelt, the pro
uature of a tribute to his memory.
All member* of the association and
visitors are asked to attend.
An order was asked for and Riven
bv I'. 8. Commissioner John Henson
of thl* rlty yesterday for the destruc
tion of the liquor seized last Satur
day by the marshal's office from
Mike Puslrh of this city. The liquor,
since the raid, has been fn the fed
eral Jail at Juneau. It was poured
Into the sewer at the Jail In the
presence of a crowd of mourners.
A. M. Clare, a Juneau contractor
and carpenter, has purchased 'the
8tubblns building on Kront street
from Ktnll I'bertl. tho former owner.
Mr. Clare Is tearing the structure
down and will re-erect It In Juneau
as a store house.
Mr*. Jack McCormlck, who with
Mr. McCormlck Iim been a resident
of Douglas Island for many yearn,
will leave on the Jefferson Monday
?o mtike hor home at Antelope. Sac
ramento county. California, where
her mother now Uvea. Mr*. McCor
mlck while on her way south will
visit for a time with friends In Ho
In houor of Mrs. McCormlck, Mm.
H. A. Graves entertained at her homo
at The Pines on Tuesday aftarnoon.
Natives Find Remains of H. H.
Bennett at Young's Bay on
Admiralty Island
The body of II. II. Dennett, who
wan drowned near Falls creek on
Admiralty Inland on August 21 last,
was found on Suuday morning at
Young's bay by two natives. Jlmmlo
Hanson and John Itudolph. The body
was brought to Juneau Monday and
a coroner's jury Tuesday identified
the body by an eleetrlc meter key.
n Yale lock key. a gold watch and n
pair of hunting boots. The head
was missing and the body was a
skeleton down to the hips.
The place where the body was
found was but a few miles from
where the drowning took place and
on the same shore of Admiralty Isl
The drowning lu which Bennett
lost bis life was a double one. K. K.
Norton being his compalon at the
time. The men were drowned while
011 a hunting trip In their gas boat
"Attaboy." They had attempted to
go ashore In a small, leaky tender
which had Dliod and capsized. Nor
ton's body was found on the beach
shortly after the accident, while all
attempts to locate the body of Den
' George Karl Cleveland and Miss
Ixils Evelyn Tilton were marriftd last
night in Juneau at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. C. K. Cartwright. Mrs.
wriglit best man. Rev. II. E. Green
ing of the Methodist church per
formed the ceremony, which was wit
nessed by relatives and a few close
Mr. Cleveland before going to Ju
neau to work In the B. M. Behrends
hank, was u member of the clerical
force of the Alaska Treadwell Gold
Mining Company at Treadwell and Is
well kuown on l>ouglas Island.
years been employed as a money or
home In the lllshop Apartments In
? ? <?
Water will bo shut off south
of Bear Creek and West of Sec
ond Stroet from 7 p m. to 12
! tonight for the purpose of
Stewart Holt, of Thane, territorial
liank examiner for this division, has
lieen examining the accouuts of the
I'lrst Territorial Hunk or Douglas
this week.
You will not be allowed on
the floor without a mask.
A Good Assortment of
Guy's Drug Store
3d and D St. Douglas, Alaska
Alaska Day Football Oame Interest
ing One. Resulting in Score
of 45 to 12
Tito Douglas Inland firemen de
feated the Juneau High School l>oy?
Iln a football game Monday afternoon
by u rcore of 45 to 12 in what
proved, after the llr<<t half, to bo a
decidedly one-side contest.
The game was played on Lam
Chance Baaln Held In Juneau and waa
witnessed by a lance crowd of peo
ple from both siijes of the Channel.
Douglas nturted scoring right after
the (amr ntarted. H y a succession of
line bucks the ball waa taken within
fifteen yards of the Juneau goal
when the forward pans waa worked
and Bill Mftnlcy received the ball,
going over tho line for a touchdown.
Douglas again scored In the first
half when Hlgley was soul through
the line for a touchdown. Juneau
scored once In this half by a trick
play, and the score at the end of I he
half was 12 to 6 in favor of the fire
The next half was more or lew*
slaughter, a* by a succession of line
bucks. end run anil Torn aril passes,
the Douglas boys marched up anil
down the floltl for a series of touch
ilowna. alwaya making their yardage
and only losing the ball when n
forward pitas failed to connect. The
luneau team made one touchdown In
The Held was In rather bad shape,
aa the tun had melted the frost off
the top layer of ground anil left It
muddy. This In aomo ways wai un
fortunate anil In other* rather
lucky, aa It made a toft < -million for
the men to fall on.
The Juneau youngatera were game
although they were outweighed
ibout twenty pounds to the manv
They put up a stubborn, uphill fight
thai was aeen to be hopeless after a
few minutes of play. Thoy wore
gradually worn down until at the
Hnlah they were playing on their
nerve more than anything else. Ves
tal, captain and fullback of the
high school, played a fine game.
The firemen's team of Douglas was
organized one week before the game.
Ignal practice was held for several
nights In the Natatorlum and one
-i-rlmmage was engaged In on the
Treadwell crunuds the day before the
game Sum" of the boys have never
played football before and others
had played only one game. They
cal rooters by pulling ofT u>mc In
tricate plays In a speedy manner.
The team was organized only to give
' lie Juneau boys a chance to play
them ?o that they could show the
weight and his get-there tactics,
straight through for good gains. Bill
Mauley, the lull i in! man on the
tram, anil u IiIkIi school hoy. took
the forward pannes like -a veteran.
All the linemen and harktleld men
Coach Philips of the Juneau team
* authority for the statement that
hi* quarterback handled his team In
a much superior manner to flrahatn
ail onlooker It seemed that the Ju
neau quarter wasted many opportu
nities! to make Rains when gains were
needed by not attempt liifc more open
was futile. Cruham, however, did not
ask too much of his men. and playing
a conservative game, took chances on
forward passes and end run* when
Considerable comment wai heard
Home of the Douglas boys were ae
? used of being ruffians. It I* true
there was a Juneau boy and some
times a Dough player lying down,
but there I* but little doubt that if
wished to. they could have made the
i asualtle- among their lighter op
ponent* much more numerous.
I Sim lair Krown of the Douglas l"T
and team, wa* the first casualty, as he
strained u ligament In his leg short
ly after the game started. Martin
iOallwns "busted" up his face consld
lc*i skin, hut all will recover. ;?
The Douglas inland Parking Com'
puny lias this week been putting up
lierrlng by the famous Ublln pro
iiwa, wlilrh the company li distrib
uting to the trade under the Arm
name of the Mayflower Rrand. The
herring are parked In fancy pound
oval tins, especially for the delicat
essen trade. The product Is said to
be by far the beat put up In Alaaka,
with a firmness of meat and a flavor
that la all Ita own. The herring will
be pack I'd aa long as poastblc. and
after the herring run la over It I*
the Intention of the company to pack
Writeup of a Treadwell Affair That
May Oct Ui in Bad With .
Some People
Rver an advocate of progrem, the
Douglas Island News has added to
its *taff of new* wrltor* a society
reporter. The need of thli was felt
owing to the many social event* that
we feel will be t lie feature of the
winter season on Douglas Island
The flrat assignment of the yotini'.
lady was at Treadwell last Friday
evening. when she "covered" a party.
The story was handed in and as yet
we have not decided whether to "can"
the etih. If we arc not killed for the
following, we will let her work an
other week:
"The most interesting event of
Tread well's brilliant social season
took place last Friday night at the
Urowi. Stone Front Apartments of
Mr*. Freeberg in the way of an an
nouncement dancing party given by
Miss Maybeile Izzy Cleary. At the
most carefully staged little affair.
Miss Cleary announced her engage
ment to Mr. Leonard Amiable
The bride-to-be was fetchlngly
and enticingly gowned In mauve,
while her adonis wore a flve
carat *lckly grin in three colon and
phases. No dn'e for the wedding
was announced, so that the neigh
bors may give the customary show
"The young couple have planned
to motor over the snow to Tin City
i.nd croas on the ice to Siberia on
their honeymoon. This was decided
upon on account of Miss riearv'* un
settled condition while on ocean voy
"It is rumored that this romancu
v as hatchcd while both were passen
gers north on the good ship Alameda,
after the couple had Imbibed too
freely of the wine from the ship's
"The hope has been expressed
that more of these affairs will take
place this winter on the Island, and
It Is predicted that they will with
inch eligible* as Gordon C. Mitchell
and Olen Oaks to choose from.
"Among the guest* who ably as
sisted in the frolic Inspired by this
happy engagement were Mr. and
Mm. P. It. Ilradley, Mr. and Mrs. P.
II. Abbott, l>r. and Mr*. E. O. Row
ley. Mr and Mr*. Albert Goetz, Mr.
nod Mr. Felix Gray, Misses Falr
inan. Thompson, Stuart. Wllmert,
Iteeve, Kelsey, Cleary. Mr*. Free
berg. and Messrs. Caya. Hellenthal.
Ilokanlch. Oaks. Wright and
Here I* another:
"In celebration of their ffr*t an
niversary the Urs. Rowley had a*
their dinner guest* Friday evening
Misses Kelsey. Recvo. Cleary and
Messrs. Sutherland. Oak* and
Wright. Appropriate gift* such a*
brickbats were given."
Scandinavian service* will be con
ducted by Hev. O. W. Herwlrk In
i ho Lutheran Church In Douptla* on
Sunday ovcnlng. October 24th at
7:30. All who understand the Scan
dinavian language arc Invited.
The lineup was:
Vetttal (C)
JorRenson ..
Caro .
Janikesela ...
Ilrltt ...
I Clark
..K.B. .
I. H.
n. c
.... Manning
. Stevens
... Graham
.... 8ey
II. T Brown. Nelson
. Manlcy
Juneau High substitutes: I'ea
iiody. McNaughton, Holt. Shattuck.
Official* Ucfercc. L. D. Hcnder
on; I'mplre, Jack Wilson; Time
lieeper. J. R. I^unz; Linemen, O. C
Winn and W. 0. Horron.
Marshal Tanner and Assistants Seize
Much Good Liquor on Douglas
?Mike I'uaich of thl* city wan flncd
1600 and costs Wednesday afternoon
( by U. 8. Commissioner John Henion
for having liquor In his possession
contrary to the provisions of the
Alaska Bone Dry law. Mr. Pualch
had previously pleaded guilty to the
charge at a hearing of the case on
Tuesday afternoon.
The trial wan the result of a raid
, made from the U. 8. Martial's office
on the place of business and dwel
ling house of Mr. Puslch In Douglas
Saturday afternoon. The raid was
I made by Deputies N. O. Hardy and
A. E. Lucy and Marshal J. M. Tan
ii?r. The two deputies went to the
dwelling while the marshal went to
the business house. Two sacks of
Kood whiskey were found by Marshal
Tanner, while his deputies found two
barrels of blueberry wine In the
house and a number of sacks con
taining about thirty rases of whis
key hid under the house. Various
other cordials besides whiskey were
also found. Including some syrup of
figs, gin and a couple of bottles of
Rainier Reer.
Considerable excitement was
evinced by the resldepta of the city
while the raid was being carried on
and a number of people followed the
truck load of perfectly good boose
to the ferry, strung out like a funeral
procession, and probably more tears
were shed by the procession than are
?hed at many funerals as some of
the oldtlmers saw all tho good liquor
leaving the Island.
Mike was taken to Juneau along
with the liquor, but did not delay
three long, as he was released on
<2,00(1 cash ball soon after his ar
AH this liquor was part of what
is known locally as the "lost cache,"
and had only been placed In Its tem
porary resting place a few hours be
fore the raid was made. It is sup
posed to have been liquor that was
brought In from Canada and all first
class goods, mostly Old Crow. The
whole shipment, containing many
more cases, was supposed to have
been lifted from a hilling place by
parties unknown a week or so be
fore nnd was listed on tha casualty
list as "missing." The day of the
raid it drifted back ? with the tide,
perhaps and that part of it that
was confiscated had been placed In
Its presumably safe hiding place early
in the morning of the fateful day.
Deputy II. S. Marshal A. K. Lucy
will move over to Douglas shortly,
and it Is said will occcupy apart
ments in what was the former Wey
erhorst hospital. Mr. Lucy was re
cently appointed deputy marshal for
Douglas and will reside here to be
on the Job.
Complimentary to her mother-in
law. Mrs. Peter firavrock. Mrs. Carl
H. Krlckson entertained some of the
ladies of the neighborhood on Wed
nesday evening at her home on Fifth
street. Refreshments were served by
| the hostess.
Mrs. firavrock, who lives at tho
Perseverance, has beeu spending a
few days visiting at the homo of her
I son, Carl II. Krlckson, and family.
Douglas J. Ollrer. who several
weeks ngo loft Douglas to go to fl
attie with the Intention of unend
ing the University of Wwhlngton,
will he a passenger for thin city on
the Spokane that Is due tomorrow.
Douglas chanifed hl? mind about at
tending irhool and will spend the
winter on the Channel.
There wa? a party given on Wed
neaday evening at the home of Mlr.t
ttllxabeth Robertson In honor of that
young lady's fourteenth blrthda>. A
large number of the friends of Miss
Robertson were present. Game*
played and refreshments served.
Many nlee presents were given to the
young lady In honor of the day.
The Douglas Island Woman's Club
will be entertained by Mrs. J. F.
Mensem at her home on D street next
Wednesday evening. October 27.

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