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The Douglas Island News
h i?i(M ?l |iiHi?ia. Pimi (IMiv uNmoikI-OU-i Malt Mnliir
fuorriplloo Prtc*. I 3.00 per Year In AdTinc*
America is scolded l?y William Mather
Lewis, director of thr savings di|wirtm<nt
of tin- I'uilnl Stall's Treasury, who de
clares this "the worst spendthrift nation
"We s|H-tul ^22,W*).?)OO.OeH> yearly for
luxuries," lie is quoted as declaring, "and
i^lhi^ stii|Kii<loii^ sum was split in two
ways we \\<>nld have enough money to solve
the world's capitali/alion problem."
Hut if they solved "the world's capital
life would the people ?;et out of that
All too frequently, statist icijjns and
eeononiists overlook the faet that even if
the American is a handsome spender. he
The utrsrestioii that he throws his mon
sious o main observers. As a matter of
faet. lie i- .. tivful enough spender ill his
way. If he diffeYs from that of the Euro
to national thought. habit and custom.
The American business man custom
arily is r< arded as a pretty fair two-listed
tighter, lie has a long head. He displays
vision. He has lots of murage. He doe*
tilings today, not tomorrow or after live
The salaried American thinks and acts
in much the same way. He works harder
than It ! -4 eomjM't itors and uses his brain to
how lie relavs. Were lie to scrimp in his
pleasure, he probably would not achieve
The American can learn from his Kuro
? pean cousin, undoubtedly. He can profit
* ably practice some of the thrift precepts
the latter follows, just as the Kuro|?eaii can
profitably follow some American thrift
European cousin how to spend, not rashly
but in a manner that will return to the in
Hie lam! filed u|H?n l?y ex-soldiers by the
term- of thi' bonus Kill now up in the Terri
torial lit'swltitun', tin- lull is Im ing blocked
waul with Alaskan farm land if they (lit!
from the >oldier> to fanu, tin* Territory
lie benefitted hv having; more farms
autl tin* soldiers would In- onrichrd by tin*
Tin- j>oiiit as we look at it is not well
taken, for even if a few thousand acres
mi'_rlit U' filed on by the soldiers, they would
If the ex-soldier should sell out for a
few dollars, lie would would have received
that mueli anyway as a Imnus whieh would
help rei-ompetise him for his war-time ac
tivities and it would not eost the Territorv
In our way of thinking. the laud I tonus
for ex-soldiers i* the easiest way of all
when we eouipare it with some of the sums
being given by various states that will al
most eripple those states financially to
Alaska sets off without |>aying a cent
and there is a possibility that a number of
men who never would have taken up a
homestead will to fanning and increase
? he material wealth of the Territory. ?
During the coining week Douglas Island
|M'ople should get out and Ixiost for the
siteeess of the indoor field meet that is to
be held next Friday night at the Douglas
Natatorium. The affair will not only be
an interesting one from a spectator's stand
but will be a liberal education to
many of the hlfch school bovs who have
never had an opportunity to sit' anything
of a like yature
Wednesday was the 54th anniversary
of the signing of the treaty with Russia by
Secretary* of State William 11. Seward that
gave the Territory of Alaska to the United
States for !j>'7,2(K),()00. The day has been
named Seward Day and made a holiday in
the Territory. The purchase of Alaska for
the sum mentioned was one of the greatest
bargains ever recorded in any real estate
John Burroughs, a friend of the birds,
l?ces and flowers and America's most loved
naturalist, passed away this week while en
route from California to his home in New
York, lie was the apostle of the great out
of-doors. who. having rounded out a 1 ife
full of happiness, passed away universally
loved for his gentleness and wisdom.
The W. C. T. I'. has started a campaign
to win the confidence of the people of Chi
cago so that they can get into their "kitchens
to sec if they have a home brew on. From
now on, strangers with pleasant words will
have a hard time to get into kitchens,
whether it is in Chicago or in Alaska.
Representative Cash Cole has intro
duced the biennial memorial urging the
erection of a capitol building in Juneau,
the funds for which have for a long time
been available. It will take' more than a
memorial to get the capitol built. What is
needed is action ? not memorials.
Another step towards the culmination
?>f the Thane paper mill was taken this
week when advertisements were started in
a Juneau jmper for the sale of two billion
tVet of pulp timber on Admiralty Island.
The industry is creeping up on us as the
There must ho s? mift liiii^r in the atmos
phere of tin* Island that makes lighters.
There can not he a smoker in this section
<?f the country hut more than half the syap
jH'rs are from Douglas Island. Ireland is
another example ? people are always scrap
ping there.
Tired of being out of work these times
(if liijih cost of living, Charles, former em
peror of Austria and king of Hungary, is
attempting to get hack to the pie-counter.
From all appearances he is going to have
a liard tight to get hack on the pay roll.
While residents of many cities arc try
ing their hardest to rush into public office.
Douglas citizens are trying their very best
to avoid the limelight, and it seems almost
impossible to secure enough names to make
a lull city ticket this year.
Thert* is some consolation in the fact
that police cannot frisk a man in Seattle
for his pocket flask without a warrant.
Those Seattle policemen are too prone to
qfleneh their own thirsts at some one else's
There is one thing at least about Doug
las that is pleasing, and that is tJie fact that
a man can wake up in the morning witty
the assurance that he has not slid alnilc or
two down the side of a hill during the night.
Kmery Valentine, several times mayor
and -many times candidate for the office,
has shied Iris hat into the ring at Juneau
and will make a bid for the job again If
nothing else, Valentine has persistence.
Among the best of the suggestions of
fered in the short informal talks of last
Friday nisiht was the idea of making rock
streets. They would be permanent, with
110 more repair hills to pay.
It would be a good April Fool jokQ on
the people of Alaska if Wickersham were
ap]K>inted governor today.
Easter bonnets, if worn at all last Sun
day, were thoroughly protected from the
very ungentle showers of the day. L
! CIk Stroller
' .v... J
The Bt roller I* pleased to report
thut war In Russia U mill romping
merrily along and that the Bolshe
vlkh anil Revolutionist* arc gradu
ally thlnnliiK the ranks, the one of
the other trimming them down un
til both arc b< c online somewhat de
What please* the Stroller in rou
ter in Russia Is that no Innocent
bystanders arc ever Injured for
the reason that, as the entlro popu
lation Is allied either on ono side
or the other, there are no Innoccul
bystanders. Of course, many of
thoM engaged, swltrh their fealty
day or two but they arc still lit the
light. When the Revolutionists rap
ture PtrachovJchkilchvy from the
llolshevlks. enough Revolutionists
usually Join their former enemies to
enable them to capture it back the
noxt day, but this is their business.
When a warrior yearu* to light he
should at least be granted the prlv
he tires of one side, It Is his Inalien
able right to v switch to the ether
This fickleness would get a man In
wrong In aomo countries, but not In
Russia. There the matter of fac
settle down to the prosaic task of
Kcsidoa, why should poor soldiers
when America Is willing to be the
work hard and stint memsclves for
the privilege, honor and glory of
and their victims in those forolgn
safe for democracy and democrats.
asked what the various factions In
Russia arc fighting about and If he
hnd not read In n school reader forty
not have been able to answer the
question or supply anv Information
strips of virgin roll hero and there
In Russia to run red In human gore.
poet Robert South)' describes as told
by a rustic named Has per to his
erkln. one evening after his day's
asaked the old man numerous ques
Soutlicv's version of tho old timer's
It was on a summer'* evening,
And he b.-<lde his cottage door
And by him sported on tho green
Roll something larse ami round.
Which he beside the rivulet.
In playing there had found;
He came to ask what lie had found
That was so large and smooth and
Old Kasper took It from the boy
Who stood expectant by;
And then the old man shook his
And with a natural sigh?
"Tis some poor fellow's skull." said
"Were slain In tho great victory."
"1 find them In the garden.
Kor there's many hereabout;
And often when 1 go to plow,
Kor many thousand men." said h
? Were slain lu tho great victory."
"Now tell us what 'twar all about."
Young Petcrkln he cries;
And little Wllhelmlne looks up
With wonder-waiting eyes
"Now tell us all about the war.
And what they fought each other
"It was the Kngllsh." Kasper cried.
"Who put the French to rout;
Hut what they fought each other
I could not well nake out;
Hut ? verybody said." quot he,
'That 'twas a famous victory."
Von little stream hard bv;
And he wat- forccd to fly.
Nor had he where to rest his head.
"With lire and sword the country
Was wasted fnr and wide;
And many a chlldlng mother thcty
And new-born baby died;
But things like that, you know
must be
At every famous vlstory.
"They ?ay It was a shocking sight
After the field was won?
For jnany thousand bodies hero
' 1 .11 V rottlnK In tho HUli;
I ltd t thlngn like that, you know
Utcr a famous victory.
"Great praise the Duke of Murl
And our Rood Prince Kugcne."
"Why, 'Iwim II very wicked thliiK' "
Said little Wllhelmlnc
"Nay. nay, iny little girl," quoth he,
"It was a famous victory.
"And everybody praised the duke
Who this gnat light did win."
"Hut what good came 11/ It at last?"
Quoth II' I lo Peterkln.
"Why that I cannot tell," ?ald he,
"Hut 'twas a famous victory."
The only difference between the
doliiKS at lllenhelm and those now
transpiring In Russia Is that no
crest victories have been recorder!
I11 the latter, but tho causes of th<
doings are quite similar and then
is as much reason for one as for the
In tho meantime, the 8troller ad
inonlsh"* his readers ? aye, pleadi
with them to forego wine, women
and sour- at, least, cut out the sing
in); ? and start saving money which
will be required to feed starving
Russians In the near future, for m
country that devotes all Its time to
Internal strlfo can possibly keep It*
larders choi k*n-block.
Arthur Olson this week took a
portion as driver of the delivery
truck of the Juneau Hardware Com
pany. His brother. Oliver M. Olson.
Is interested in the Arm.
art's room in the Douglas public
school hud a treat last Friday afler-'
featuring an Kaster egg hunt. Re
? hereby <i- ?
?r,ir -PPll.-.J '?
?'.,V "fmcn who' "off* dTrlnK ?"
war "?? Ith Germany will al*o !?*** ;J
of ..-Ittlern Pr>or 10 ?"un ? ? H.
Kranltrttone-^xK ^ NK
S^H-B-S. u! V'sS'-T^
.r if?" diameter bears S 8
r& ? ;
r diameter benr* N S
W R SI chain.; Mb ??*?*/ ?*
?-l.al..s; <I;cnc?* N ,o- 3(i" E. 14. "j
.-halnn; then? J, V. K 5. 4'. chain*.
'! : " ^ W 25.47 chain, to
thono* f.I.innlns u,tod upon tl..
place olb^mnin, D>ve|n, of Ju
application of T , ,\ tract
"f "'i'm acrei. more or lea,. dc
?Et" lV I" ">? r^un.t ....<1 marked
/-?* X& ESSTR&
?>?'?? '^r'mauV^ugh" SSlnK
; ; sf "SJ MiffS :?
T,? ??? ?? J;
dwelling ^CRr v ' - . \v. Horn
\ul in ThotDM Bay
..... . .. j.; point above the hlKh ?
l,W-' 1 ,w a(0" Hunlock marked
tant. and a ?> 14 lt k,
,,W I bean N. 74 Jischaln.;
dlrtant: thence 8. 3. ^
W. ?0 chains: thence 8. C. W. zi
chain*: .th?"Cq 44. \v 4 72 chain*
to"pl?. ' o(''h'.'dnnln?.
Happenings on Douglas Island
Twenty Years Ago This Week
From Newi File*
A man liy the name of lllll* pur
rhai >1 a larico hotel hullilliiK at
Dyea anil annouucf d that be wax
KOing to brlnR it' to Douglas. ji
Oliver Andcrr.on. Jo/innlc Muscth
anil Carl liolmqulst each rocclvcd a
Jam Itanuu y and bride alnrte l
hoiiHekeepliiK In the Campboll cot
lure on Second at root.
Mr. Armstrong arrived to l>? head
Kawyer at tbc Coo. K. Jamra Haw
Kaator novoltle* being adv?rtlH?l.
The Hkamvay Colorojl Quartet def '
inltnly engaged for the Douglas Op
On account of Howard Day. a Ter
ritorial holiday, thi*rc wan no aomilon
of the Douglaa public school last
Wod ncnday
Can appendicitis bo guarded
?gainst? Yes, by preventing Intca
llnul Infection. The Intestinal an
tiaeptic. Adlcr-l-ka, arts on IIOTII
upper and lower bowel, removing
AM. foil . decaying matter which
might at ait Infection. KXCKI.LISNT
for gas o.: stomach or chronic con
?tlpatlon. It removes matter vhlch
you never thought wua In your sya
lom and which nothing else ran din
lodge. One man rc|?orta it la unbe
lievable the awful Impurities Adlcr
l-ka brought out. Ouy L. Smith,
You know the man who counts in the long
run is the man who saves. Stop putting off (lie
opening of your savings account. It won't he
any easier to start next month than it is today.
One Dollar will start a Savings Account
with the
The Oldest and Largest Bank in Alaska
And Other Types of Electrical Appliances
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