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News of Alaska, Taken From the Exchanges, to Show
What's Going on in the Great
Thf IT. S. KUhorlm boat Oaprcy
The pupfl of th* Wrangi-ll pub
lic kIhwI hail a wtHl'i Kaxtvr nn
Thr rkoir or the Metlakatla
IN rsbunc radio plant, ills
Alaika Lodge Mo. 1. I. 0 0. F.
Mint* every WdutiMiay evening In
L. W KIUIIKN. Riv. Sm.
Aurora Encampment No. 1
L. W Kll.iU'KN. Srrtbe
northern Light Rebckah Lodge No. 1
r. o e
y i an J
WmilfM Ml .M?kIi
to yearn experience. Huh tirade
Players and Pianos for Sale and
Rent. Addrrea Box 991. Juneau.
Phone 1-4-3.
The Valdei city council recently
purchased 5U0 copies of the rath
tinder magazine to be sent out for
advertising purposes.
Two Petersburg basketball team
flrat un?l second, recently defeatel
two teams from Kakc The
The Itawson-Kort Mac Phertmn pa
trol of the Koyal t'anadlan mounted
AcrortMng to reports recently
It Is said that l.COO tons of silver
the money Is to be raUcd by the Are
..ken the snow off.
.Much bullditiK activity Is an'lcl
An Icc pool amounting. It
of Polifi1 Lou
April 15. i'aaacngar rate* will be
Anchorage coal and an effort la b? -
vessels take a cargo north from there
wh?n they make their spring trips
and a marine railroad will
Star, there .is a rumor going
rounds from Ottawa that Yukon
Territory la to be merged with the
Lieut. -Col J. K. Cornwall better
known as "Pease Rlrcr Jim," will
be the first lieutenant governor. Thla
new territory would have a gorern
ment similar to the old
Bl.hrop I. O. Stringer and Mm.
Stringer recently celebrate! their
silver wedding anniversary at Tor
onto. Canada. Blahop Stringer was
formerly In chargo of tlic fhurch of
Kngland work In the Yukon.
Thotnaa 0. Qulnn. at one time >
realJe.it of Douglas Island and for
man of Valdet. whore ho a?r*ed
many yeara on the city eouncll. dlod
there a, short tlmo ago of pneumonia.
John Drury. for many yea* man
ago of the Taylor. Drury. I'ediar &
Co. trading post at Tealln. waa re
cently married In Kngland. Ho has
purchased a farm In Lincolnshire.
Knglaud. and will farm In the fu
where he engaged a crew of oil
drillerx to go to the Katalla flel.l to
drill Mr. Joalln la aure that an oil
win aoon be pierced In that
The aoctal colutnu of the Ket> l.l
Knti Chronicle haa been dlscontln
ued. The editor aava that the P?o
?ow object to having their name* In
was brought to Ketchikan a short
Dr. A. J. GIMIa, a veteran den
? Kelled of 8kagway. recently re
ate courses In dentlatrv at Victoria.
of -he Winery at Waterfall, haa re
re,,,:. a. r I veil at that place and haa
u.K [Miw.ler shipment Htored about
Morcd there to blow the whole town
there alacc last December, when the
branches of the Oreai War Veterans
jVmoi i.itlon have withdrawn from
,,.mmand. The atep was made bo
|i road I'aaa and I* being dl?t Ibuted
road catnpa The Comml?a!on buys
11, - management of the government
moval of Col. Mcara. the engineer
official#. The changes are contlng
opening of river navigation yid^ln
Iterlm *>a. Malls for Fairbanks
Nenana and other Interior points In
th<4 Yukon Klver dlatrlcl will be
ment railway to Fairbanks for .11*
trlbutlon until April 1 Aft-r that
paper* will be sent to theac points
Other classes will bo held In Seattle
until May is. when all mall will he
rout.sl ?la Skagwav down tli" Y.i
after the breaking of the river lie
Michaels and Seward Tenlnsula will
be aent by boat about May 10.
Transfer Described, With Bit* of
the Customt of Old Capital
Many Yean Ago
(The story of a man who inw the
Russian flag lowered and the Amdr
icaii flag raised over "Sewards's
Kolly" In 1867 la here related by Mr.
I<ockiey. This almost primeval sour
dough. though but a lad In 1867. ob
served event* to some purpose and
his recollections make tho best of
reading today.)
Klmer E. Montague is a clerk at
the eustom house. Ho is one of the
original sourdoughs of Alaska. He
went there In the fall of 1867, while
Alaska was still a part of the Hub
slan empire.
\ "My fathor, Charles D. Montague,
was for many years a resident of
Lebanon." said Mr. Montague. "He
went to California In 1849 In the
gold rush, stayed there ten years,
and In 1869 rame to Oregon. He
bought the Rube Lewis farm in tho
Waldo Hills. I was born there, Oc
tober 24. 1861. My mother's mnlden
name wos Martha I'eebler. There
were three hoys and three girls In
out family. My father, who was a
graduate of the University of Aber
deen, before coming to America had
been an officer in the British army.
While stationed at Malta he sold his
captain's eomiuikslon and came to
America. In those days officers'
commissions wore purchased, In
place of being given for proficiency
"When the Civil war broke out
fathe reniisted and served in tho
Oregon regiment commanded by Col- ,
listed In Salem In Company II. com
manded by Captalri K. J. Harding.
After three years' service ho re-en
listed and was nsslgned to the quar
termaster's department. Our fumily
went to Alaska aboard tho United
session of Alanka for the Unltod
States. A company of tho Ninth
United States Infantry was drawn .
rocky point on which tho flagstaf!
was planted. General L. H. ltosscau
represented the Uutted States and
tented the Russian government. The
Ruislan captain ordered his men to .
our men raised the Stars and Stripes.
The soldiers of both nations pre
sented arms and the guns of the Rus
ahoard our ship saluted und that
was all there was to It. Our soldiers
moved Into the Russian barracks
the Russian American Kur Company.
Most of the Russians sailed back to
opon. The Russians had named the
at Sitka. Besides myself there were
Kddle. son of Colonel Weeks: Louis
Levy, son of a Jewish merchant, and
Geufge Murphy, son of Sergeant
Murphy. Wo four boys, with Ver
glus Kostrometlnofl. a Russian hov,
went to school to Madam Konoplis
ky. Later a publli school was es
tabllshed. My mother sorved ah
teacher till they could get a teacher
from the states. General Davis sent
to Boston and had his niece come
out to teach the school. One of tho
first things she did was to lick mi
because I wouldn't pronounce a word
the way she said was right. She
asked me to name the capitals of the
Taclflc coast states. I said Salem
on the Willamette was the capital
of Oregon. She said, 'Pronounce that
river with the accent on tho "met." '
1 said I had lived In Oregon, and we
pronounced It with" the accent on
the 'lam.' So shetsald. Til "lam"
you' ? and she did. We three white
boys decidcd to run away and go to
sea. We stowed away, but Louis
Levy got cold feet and beat It back
and gave u'? away, and my father
tanned me so I lost all desire to
run away to sea for somo time there
? ? ?
"The Russians had skin money.
It was made of the tanned entrails
of seals. When the two upper cor
ners were cut off It circulated for
8 rent*, but when all four corners
were rut off It represented 4 renin.
Our aoldlers would trim the bottom
of tho 4-ccnt hIc Inn even and pass
them for 8 rent*, ao I hey aoon de
moralized the currency ayatcm till
the natives were afraid to take any
akin tnonoy.
"Mr*. C. A. Klnknld of Portland
waa my Sunday arhool teacher. Ilor
huabund waa one of tflo member* of
tho flrat city council. We stayed
there till 1871."
It la a rather Interesting thing to
know that noon after tho transfer
of Alaska to tho United Statqa there
was a rush of town lot speculators,
office-seekers and othor adventurers
to Sitka. An election was held and
a city government was established.
William C. Dodge, collector of cus
toms, had been acting as mayor of
Sitka. The first city election re
sulted In the following officers be
ing elected: W. II. Wood, mayor, and
for city council men, J. A. Fuller, C.
A. Klnknld, Frank Maloney and
Isaac Bergman. ?Frod Loockley In
In an effort to obtain a vessel to
carry supplies to Its stations in Ber
ing Sea and the Arctic, the Alaska
Division of the United States Bu
reau of Kduratlon is conducting ne
gotiations with the owners of three
different craft, it was learned re
One of the vessels Is the power
schooner Kuby of the Kuskokwlm
Transportation A Trading Company,
which Is now In Victoria. B. C..
whoro she arrived September 25
from llcrsrhcl island in the Arctic.
? The Alaska Division of the Bureau
uf Kduratlon had hoped to get the
brlgantine Boxer, now In Newport.
Bering Sea and the Arctic, but Con
gress failed to make an appropria
tion of funds for placing the vessel
in condition for sea. S(io lias been
used as a naval training ship In
Newport and would have to be re
paired, overhauled and an auxiliary
pnglne installed before she could he
used on tho Seattle-Alaska route. An
effort will be made at the next ses
sion of Congress to obtain funds to
placo the Boxer In condition for
tervlce. It Is planned to Instal semi
liesel engines In the vessel and con
With the Boxer, the Alaska Dlvi
ilon of the United States Bureau of
Kduratlon had hoped to reach about
2,400 natives who live between the
Alaska. Arrangements are now be
ing made with the United State?
roaHt Otiard service for the delivery
>f government school supplies to thr
nations in Alaska from St. Lawreno
Island north,
in Seattle the past two months he
was invited by the "Sourdough"
Huh to addrcKa them in their meet
ing place In the A. B. building
i-rected on the "U" campus by the
Arctic Brotherhood in 1909 at the
A.-Y. P. fair. The club Is composed
verslty who were at one time resl
live here. During the meeting Dr.
Keller learned that the A. B. build
lie vacated for more commodious
rently erected. This will leave thu
and It Is^deemetJ advisable by the
University regents to tear It down
it now stands. To Dr'. Keller ami
lo all Alaskans this seems almost :i
rrlme. and for that reason he ha*
asked the Territorial legislature,
now In session, to pa** a hill appro
priating a sum of money to keep the
picturesque old landmark on Its
present site. ? Skagway Alaskan.
A baby daughter, the sixth child
in the family, was born Tuesday
evening at St. Ann hospital. Juneau,
to Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Kdward*. of i
Thane. Mrs. Edwards was formorlv
Miss Aalto of this city and lived here
many years.
Mrs. Charles Westlake. who ar
rived here on the Jefferson late lai-t
week, ha* taken a position In the
Trendwell boarding house durini;
tho illness of Mrs. Pearl Frceburg,
stewardess for the Treadwell Com-,
pany. Mrs. Wcstlake'a husband I*
an operator at tho Nugget Crook
power plant for the company.
Hubert Ollllgan. formerly of Doug
las, returned this week from San
Francisco, whero he has been since
last summer on a visit. He la living
with his parents at Thane.
Tho codflshing companies of San
Francisco will send no boat* into
Alukan or other Ashing water* thin
fceason on account of an overstocked
markot and labor trouble*, it wa*
announced recently by the Alaska
Codflah Company. The Alaska and
Union Codflah Companies havo tlod
up their boat* for the aeason.
Fishing at four itntlon* In the
North Pacific coa*t will be carried
on by tho Alaaka Company, but the
usual flailing activity in Bering 8oa
will be missing thla year. Salmon
Ashing companies arc atlll endeav
oring to negotiate a wage scale that
will permit them, according to their
statement*, to send small fleet*
Mrs. Rnsina Kggert. a resident of
Atlili. B. C? since 18119. and wife of
a pioneer Jeweler of that camp, died
a short time ago. She wo* one of
the most-liked person* In tho com
munity. She I* survived by her hu*
band, Jules Kggcrt. and three *on*.
one of whom I* a physician at
I'rluce Rupert, tho other a Jeweler
at Vancouver and tho third a battal
ion quartermaster in the French
Tho Tanana River bridge, for
which plan* have been prepared. I*
to be a single-span structure, one of
the longest in tho world and high
enough over the river to allow steam
er* to pan* under. The ostlirnted
cost I* to be $2,000,000. Work can
not atRrl until additional fund* are
received from Congress, and no at
tempt will be mado to get such an
appropriation until after the rail
road is completed from the coast to
modations. American or European
plan. For terms apply to Dr. L. F
(ioddard. Sanitarium, Alaaka. ? Adv
(Fifth Street, between Main and
Seward Streets. Juneau)
Service* are held every Sunday at
II a. m. In the church of tho Chris
tian Science Society of Juneau, on
Fifth Street between Main and Sew
ard Htreet*. The *ubject for next
Sunday will be "Reality."
Sunday school at 12:15 p. m.
Wednesday ? Testimonial meetlin:
it 8: IS p. m.
Christian Science Reading Room
at Room 8, Malony Block. Open
dally, except Sunday* and holidays,
from 2 to 4:30 p. m. and from 7 to
:> p m. Wednesday evening*, f to 8. 1
The public Is cordially invited to
it tend theie service* and visit the
Beading Room.
Job Printing at the Now* office.
Leaving Juneau for Douglas, Tread
well and Thane
I 7:10 a. m. 4:40 p. m.
*9:30 a. m. 6:10 p. m.
12:16 p. m. 17:30 p. m.
12:00 p. m. 9:40 p. in.
*3:10 p. m. 11:25 p. m.
Saturday night, 1:00 a. m.
*| Douglas only
Leaving Douglas (or Treadwcll and
7:25 a. m. 4:65 p. m.
9:45 a. m. 6:16 p. m.
12:30 p. m. 9:56 p. m.
3:26 p. m. 11:40 p. m.
Saturday night, 1:16 a. m.
Leaving Douglai for Juneau
8:30 a. m. 6:36 p. m.
?10:26 a. m. * 6:56 p. m.
*1:10 p. m. 17:46 p. m.
2:16 p. m. 10:36 p. m.
Saturday night, 1:66 a. m.
{Saturday onfy, to Douglas.
?Freight will be accepted.
Subject to change without notice
We carry the largest stock
of Smokers' Sundries on the
A large stock of Juno Bev
erage and other soft drinks
always on hand.
MIKE I'USICH. Proprietor
Front Street Douglas
Free Floats
Douglas City offers free
floats to small boats and the
proteciton of the best harbor
on Gastineau Channel.
From Juneau
City of Seattle
Admiral Watson
April C
Admiral Wation
April 9
Three sailing a week from Seattle, Son Francisco, Los
Angeles and San Diego
Douglas, Alaska
I'hone 18
r. II. KLINE, Agent
Juneau. Alaska
Phone 4
to purchase from
Dry Goods, Ready to Wear, Notions, Clothing,
Men's Furnishings, ^Shoes, Rubber Goods
Service, Superlativeness and Satisfaction
Groceries, 5 Dry Goods, 8
Office, 2 Rings on 5
B. M. Behrends Company, Inc.

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