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Lge Edition.
IHIZONA DKC.19. 1831
i.,is from the Daily
Dec. 17. '
, oVier
tWi lie
:ioad, ;
jght to law an
zcik. i no tune o.as cc
in an-
flit on
food for
ring citi-
1 when the
Bible injunction, "choose ye this day
whom you will serve," applies with
particular force. There can be no
halfway business in this matter. He
who is not for law and order is againsl
it, and such sentiments as appeared
in tho Nugget yesterday morning
.cannot be oonstrued otherwise than
as an endorsement of the lawlessness
that begot tho attempted assassina
tion of the "mayor of Tombstone
last Wednesday night. Tho people
are not fools. They will mark these
things down on the tablets of their
memories whero they cannot be eras
ed by the sophistical tongues of as
piring politicians. Tho San Simon
vote will not elect next November
as it did last. This fact may as well
be accepted now as later. Tho next
vote polled in what is now Coohise
county will bo on the principles
of safety to life and protection to
property. It is well to remember
these facts.
Chino. Tsxo Ju, tho new Chinese
minister to this country, says the San
Francisco Daily Exchango of Mon
day last, arrived by tho 0. & 0.
steamer Oceanio yesterday. The
minister is accompanied by his wife,
and has a retinuo of twenty nino mem-
bers. Ching has a reputation among
his countrymen of being an astute
diplomate, a scholar and a man of
great wealth. Ho is about fifty-four
years of "ago. The minister expresses
himself as delighted with his trip and
impressed with the city. Tho party
will remain a'weok at loast beforo
jfoing to Washington. It is under
stood thai Ching is also minister to
Peru adSpain.
-. . MllE ooston economist, oi a late
Vtd very pnrtinontly asks: " And
&hit are we now waiting for? Cer-
amly not new mining propositions.
Results arewhat investors demand,
and thoy certainly secure them in
the $1,000,000 that are being paid
out by tho dividend-paying mines
every month. Western mining in
terests are steadily progressing.
Eastern mining shows steady growth.
Stock manipulation is not mining for
gold, silver or copper, and despite
tho present depression, mines having
the ore body and business manage
ment grow in value, while tho man
ipulator of tho market leaves the
street a dazed and disgruntled man.
he Guiteau Trlnl.
;ngton, Dec. 10. uuiteau
waBt oi Uorkinil tins morning,
nnBcd the coirrt witn, "lo put
oking over to vacant seats
hokle, I understand Gen.
is sick this morning. 1
wonder if Corkhill is. I guess thoy
got moro than they wanted yester
day. It is about timo for Corkhill to
get sick and stay sick."
George D. Barnard, deputy clerk
of the Supremo court of Kind's
county, New York, took tho stand to
prove tho divorce of Annio J. Guiteau
from tho prisoner. Witness present
cd tho record of tho court and the
order of tho judge for his, witness's,
attendance here.
Scoville objected to the admission
of tho papers upon tho ground that
they wero not certified to by the
clerk of tho court, as renuirrd by an
act of congress.
Tho court ovenuled the objection
and admitted the testimony.
Very greatly to the disgust and
displeasure of Guiteau, Mrs. Anne J.
Dunniger, tho prisoner's former wife,
was called to tho stand, and Guiteau
raved liko a madman and appealed
in vain to the court not to permit
the witness to testify. Ho threatened
to rip her whole character if she at
tempted to testify against him, and
declared repeatedly that it was an
infamous shamo on the part of Cork
hill to drag her into the case. Much
to the surpiso of all Corkhill asked
witness only a few questions. Her
statement in reply was, "I never saw
any signs of insanity in the prisoner
while 1 lived with him as his wife."
Dr. Francis B. Loring, of Wash
ington, physician in charge of the
Eye, and Ear Infirmary, made an ex
amination of Guiteau's eye soon after
his arrest, and did not find an indica
tion qf disease of the brain.
Dr. MoLane Hamilton, of Now
York, had mado diseases of tho mind
and nervous diseases a special study
for tho past nino years. Witness
had made three examinations of the
prisoner. Ho found from accurate
measurements that tho prisoner had
a symmetrical and exceedingly well
shaped head. Witness found no ex
ternal evidenco of any mental or
physical disease on the prisoner. He
considered him an eccentric man.
Another .Lawyer for Guitenu.
Chicago, Deo. 1G. T'mes Wash
ington special: Jeff Chandler, the
well known criminal lawyer of St.
Louis, has been retained as associate
counsel for Guiteau. When tho tes
timony is all in he will make tho ar
gument, and says ho will either ob
tain a verdict of acquittal on the
ground of insanity or divide the
UuItean'H Threat.
Chicago, Deo. 16. Times Pitts
burg special: John F. Foster has
been summoned to Washington as a
witness against Guiteau. He will
testify that ho encountered tho as
sassin last June in Washington. Gui
teau said ho was to bo appointed
consul to Paris, adding:, "II I don't
get that appointment there will be
moro excitement hero than there has
been since 18G5."
The Mining and Engineering
Journal, in a very careful article on
tho probable future of the copper in
dustry, closes as follows: " On tho
whole, tho outlook for producers and.
.miners is a promising one, and as the
general situation is very good, the
prospeots of u rapid development
seem very encouraging."
The Standard mine of Bodie,
Mono county, California, has paid
fifty-two dividends in fifty-one con
secutive months. Thirty of them
were for for $50,000 each, twenty for
$75,000, and two for $150,000 each.
This makes a grand total of $3,300,
060. This is a splendid record for
the mine,
Don't Cone op to Ewluar.
evening last the
Hist Bat
On Saturday
Jbouslis of 'this." placo.iWero-i'tfirribly
shaken up by a blast in tho Ametiuin
mine, in which 27,500 pounds of
black powder wero utilized. The
blast did immense execution. It
tossed up tho whole earth 120 feet in
wiuth, and 100 in length into the
hill with a bank face of over 100 feet.
Tho mine is now run by tho Yuba
Tunnel Gold Mining Company, a
corporation. To prepare for this
immense blast a drift was run into
tho hill as near bedrock as possible
100 feet; at the end of tho drift
other drifts wero run each way GO
feet, making Zv feet in all. Jnto
these sido drifts tho powder was
placed and tho main drift tamped.
It was all exploded in an instant of
time. San Juan Times. Nov. 19.
Why, the above is nothing; just
think of what somo of our eastern
experts have done. Why, one alone,
Gen. Ewing, blew the Stato Lines
up about $10,000,000, and the Rob
inson Con. $3,000,000. N. Y. Daily
Stock Report.
It. C. IJkown, Esq., of the Citizen, was
in Tombstone yesterday. Ho returned liy
last night's Mace to Tucson.
Heuato Proceeding;".
Washington, Dec. 16. Senate.
The president pro tern, was author
ized to fill vacancies occasioned by
recent changes in committee mem
berships and other like vacancies pre
viously existing.
A bill introduced and referred to
authorize the erection of a statue of
Chief Justice Marshall by Camden.
IlniiHO I'rocccillnsf.
Washington, Deo.. 16. House
Tho speaker announced the following
as the special' committee on tho ex
penses attending me niness anu
burial of President Garfield: Taylor,
Pound, Cox of New York. Joyce, Lo
fevre, Belford, Blackburn, Paye,
Springer, O'Neill and Sholley.
Robinson of Now York ioso to a
qucstiou of privilege. He stated ho
had a resolution he desired to offer.
During tho recess of congress an offi
cer of this government, connected
with tho stato depatment,had usurp
ed the privileges of the house.
Tho Speaker The gentleman has
'already disclosed his desires to pro
ceed to business.
, Robinson 11ns question involv
ing tho privileges of the hous
speaker it is noi a muer in re
latio to any member of the house.
J?obinson It relates to tho wholo
house. It is a usurpation by. a de
partment of this government. It in
volves the imprisonment of our citi
zen" abroad. Wo can got nothing
into this congress. he rights of our
citizens cannot bo heard. Loud cries
of "Order." I will not press it now,
but you will hear from mo again.
Under the call of states, bills wero
introduced by J. Willetts, to regu
late suffrages in territories and to fix
certain qualifications for office; also
to provide for oaths for jurors in trials
for bigamy in territories; also rela
tive to bigamy ami proof thereof;
also to provide for tho registration of
voters in Utah territory; also grant
ing a pension to the father of tho
late General Custer.
Tho house adopted a resolution
for a recess from Dec. 91st to
Jay. 5th.
lllnliic to be. Orator.
Washington, Dec. 16. Tho joint
senate and house committees ap
pointed to arrange for tho memorial
ceremonies in honor of President
Garfield, decided to-day to invite
Secretary Blaino to deliver a eulogy
before both branches of .congress, in
the hall of tho house ofrepresehta
lives on some day yet to be deter
mined. i
Presidential Xonilnntlonn.
Washington, Dec. 1G. The presi
dent has nominated Benj. Harris
Brewster of Pennsylvania attorney
general of tho United States; Na
thaniel M. Adams, pension agent at
St. Louis.
The president has nominated as
Indian agent, Henry J. Armstrong,
Crow agency, Montana; A. L. Cook,
Fort Hall agency, Idaho; Jesse A.
Fleming, Moquis Pueblo agency, Ar
izona. The t'nnal Project anil the tJluyton
Bulwcr Treaty.
Washington, Deo. 15. Secretary
Blaine's instructions to Minister
Lowell at London relative to the de
sired modification of the Clayton
Bulwer treaty, wero sent to Congress
to-day. In effect they claim that the
United States' should have control of
the isthmus canal; that the treaty
forbids us to fortify or defend it by
military force; that the naval power
of England would enable her at short
notice to take possession of both
ends of the canal, to the detriment
of our commerce. The treaty should
therefore be modified on tho follow
ing basis: Tho clause forbidding the
United States to fortify and control
the canal in connection with tho
country in which it is located, should
be cancelled; tho clause in which the
United States and Great Britain
agree to make treaty stipulations for
the joint protection of the canal has
never been perfected, and should be
declared obsolete; the clause defin
ing the distance from either end of
the canal at which captures on the
high seas may bo mado by either
power was left incomplete, and has
never been determined; tho distanco
could bo dotormined on a liberal
basis whenever tho canal is complet
ed. Tho letter suggests that the in
timate friendly relations existing be
tween the two nations render the
present an opportuno moment to
consider tho question of modifica
tion. Investigating HliL-rinan
Washington, Dec. 16. Col. R.
J. Hinton, editor of tho Washington
Sunday Gazette, testified beforo the
senate committee, examining the sub
ject, that ho had no personal knowl
edge of the correctness of charges
made in his paper affecting the in
tegrity of Sherman; he believed most
ofthem could be substantiated; some
might bo disproved. Ho sug
gested that the committee consider
the Melino report, and summon Gil
fillan. Deputy Tarbell, Chief Clerk
Power, Pitney, Lamphcr and others.
Cabinet ConnublatioHH.
New York, Dec. 10. The Graph
ic's Washington correspondent says:
Tho name of ox-Senator Howe is
again canvassed for a place in the
cabinet, and his friends say the pres
ident has announced his intention to
give him a place, although he does
not say which. His supporters claim
ho will be made postmaster-general.
Chauncey I. Filley's friends are
nothing daunted, however, despite
tho positiveness of Howe's backers.
It is thought that California will
not get any place at all unless she
accepts General Edwin Beale. It is
understood that she was ottered
Beale, but repudiated him and press
ed Sargeant. Beale, it is claimed,
will be appointed secretary of tho
Committee PokIIIoiih or the I'uelllc
Coast Senators.
Washington, Deo. 16. By means
of a number of individual changes,
quietly affected yesterday and to
day, the membership or senate com
mittees has been finally established
for the present session, and Pacific
coast senators have been provided
with committee positions as follows,
the republicans of course obtaining
tho greater number, because tho or
ganization of the senate was eon-
trolled by their party: JUillei is made
chairman of the committee on revis
ion of tho. laws, and member of the
committees on foreign relations, na
val affairs, mines and mining, and ep
idemic diseases. I arlev is assigned
to tin eo important committees, those
of commerce, naval affairs, and post
offices and post loads. Jones of Ne
vada holds positions on the finance,
commerce, mines and mining, civil
service, and contingent expenses
committees; he is chairman ot the
last named committee and second
on commerce. Fair is a member of
the committee on mines and mining,
claims, and education and labor.
Grover serves on publio lands, rail
roads, and military affairs; and sla
ter holds places on Indian affairs, ag
riculture, and pensions. Hill of Col
orado is chairman of mines and min
ing, and a member of four other
committees, namely, public lands,
postoffices and post roads, civil ser
vice, and Nicaragua claims.
the Rio Grande at Loredo, and tho
last spike was driven at 12 o'clock
Kallroad Trannter.
Dallas, Tox., Dec. 16. The
stockholders of the Dallas and Wich
ita Railroad, at their annual meeting,
transferred tho road to tho Missouri
Criminal Calendar.
Raleigh, N. C, Deo. 16. The
sentence of Wm. H. Van has been
commuted. He was to have been
hanged to-day.
Hot Spkings, Ark., Dec. 16. Or.e
of the most brutal murders ever
known in this section was perpetrat
ed Wednesday night one mile north
of hero. The victims are an old far
mer, Wm. Supplis, and his wife.
The supposed murderer is one Flan
agan, who is alleged to be cranky.
Supplis's head was severed from his
body, and both wero badly mutilated.
VtHtrnetlttt Tjfhoon.
Chicago, Dec. 16 peoial from
London: Reports have just been
received that a terrible typhoon
visited the country around Hasfong
and Folloy, in China, raising the
waters of the sea and driving them
inland four miles. One town was
entirely submerged and swept away
with all its inhabitants, numbering
threo thousand.
The Vienna Calamity.
Vienna, Dec. 16. Some sensation
has been caused by Baker's state
ment that on escaping from the burn
ing theater ho purchased three can
dles and hastened back in tho hope
of saving some sufferers, but the
police arrested him and refused to
let him enter the building.
Xew York Ntookw
Nkw Yokk, December IB.
MONEY 1 to 6.
STOCKS Acthe but weak.
Western Union .... B5S
Quicksilver 14V4
Welle, Fargo & Co.134
Eric V,
Union Faclttc lit)1!
Bonds WK
Central Pacific .... Hi
Bond U5!i
Sutra Tunnel l'i
I'iciflcMall 43.
Mariposa S
New York Central. .IKS';
Panama 193
Mineral Creek 73
Tombstone 6
sntro l!i
Han Francisco Stock Market.
San Fhancisco, December 10.
California 43
Virginia W,
Gould and Curry... BV,
Mexican 10',
Ophlr CU
Union 151!
Sierra Nevada 10
Best and Belcher.. 8ii
Euicka 14
Jacket 44
M er K lie SO
Tip Top 5U
Utah 7K
Overman 1?,
Crown Point 1W
Belcher 1?,
Mount Diablo 5
Northern Belle 10
Bullion Hi
Itodle .
Mono ,
Head Center...
Trouble on the Frontier.
Chicago, Dec. 16. Times San
Antonio, Tex., special: Great dis
order is reported across the Rio
Grande. Americans are being mur
dered daily, and no protection is as
sured. Many white men employed
on tho International and Mexican
extensions are returning to Texas.
It is also said the Mexican author
ities have ordered the railroad com
panies not to pay more than 75 cents
per day for hands. They have been
paying 1, and hundreds have loft
tho haciendas to work on the rail
road. The owners of haciendas took
means to stop this.
The International road has reached
From the Dally Star.
J. It. Tyler, Esq., with Col Tiffany, ar
rived from San Carlos last Bight.
Considerable silver glance ore has been
brought in from the Serritas during the
week. From several different claims the
veins are ieport?jl.lj;n;- ,
The mines wut of ;ic' i are daily de
veloping more piomiM!. The Tucson dis
trict during the last teu days has developed
some rlne ore. The Plomoso aud seqeral
others now being worked, west about fif
teen miles, will soon claim considerable
notice. In the Amole district some good
results are being obtained.
The following patents have been reeeived
at the United States Land office: To John
E. Magce, patent No. 5115, R, certificate
No. 42, to the Mills lode and mill-she, in
tho Tynctall mining district; to Josiah II.
White, Wm. C. Parsons and Hamilton
Disston, patent No. 5131, R, certificate No.
45, to the Sulphurct mining claim in
Tombstpnc mining district.
The Times speaks of the remarkable
success of Thomas Gardiner as a newspa
per man. No doubt but he is a good
starter, but he don't stick to the'track long
enough. Few men understand how a pa
per should be run better than Mr. Gar
diner, but he ought to slick.
How to Shake linnet.
Trom Nve'a Boomerang
There are only two or three peo
ple now living who can successfully
shake hands. There is a good deal of
handshaking done through tho coun
try, especially at this season of the
year, but only a very small per cent
of the shakers and shakees know
how to do it so as to get the entire
amount of exhilaration out of it.
Some grab tlio,Katid!o'tW''adversary
in a quick, nervous manner that scares
the victim nearly to death while
others slide tho cold and clammy paw
at you so thairyou feel tho ame as
when you drop" a cpld raw ovster
with vinejjar on'it dqi.n your back.
If jou aro 'shakipg hands with a
lady, inclino thai head forward
with a soft and graceful yet half
timid movementlike, a bof climbing
a barbed-wire vpence with a fifty
pound watermelon, took gently in
her eyes with .'. kintj of pleading
slime.beam on he.r features a bright
and winsomo beam, say something
that you have heard some one else
say on similar occasions and in the
meantime shake her hand in a sub
dued yet vigorous way, not as though
you wero trying to make a mash by
pulverizing her fingers nor yet in too
conservative a manner, allowing her
hand to lull ith a sickening thud
when you let go. Care should be
taken also not to hang on to the hand
more than half an hour in public, as
bystanders might make remarks.
This is now considered quite outre
and mandamus.
The Cow-Iloy Organ.
Editou EriTArii : Please allow mo a
little space to express my views of the
course pursued by 'the Nugget on the cow
boy question, and particularly on the at
tempted murder of J. P. Clum. And here
first allow me to sty that this letter has
been read to many of our best and leading
citizens, who heartily endorse every word
of it.
For a journal to make sport of, and pub
lish articles intended to be funny on such
an affair as tho attempted assassination of
the mayor of a city, is truly an outrage
upon decency, and an insult to the intelli-.
gence of the community. They make a
jokeof it, and publish their slurs; but good
citizens cannot look at it In that light. It
is well known that no bullion goes out
in tho wagon on that day ; neither does Kin
near's light stage carry mail or. express. In
fact, it was well known that the stage that
night had no treasuie or valuables on
board. Why, then, the attempt to stop it
that night ; and that, too, so near'to town f
Tho fact of tiring about fifteen shots into
the stage, and the cxclnmatiunawhich two
of the passengers heard them make of,." Be
sure and get the old bald-headed son of a
b ," explains it all 1 They were assas
sins seeking to murder our mayor, and to
do so even willing to murder a stage load
of passengers. If there could be any doubt
of their intent, it would be at once re
moved by knowing of the previous threats
made by the gang to murder, not only the
Earps, b-it also Clum, Spicer, Williams,
Fitch and iMckabaugh.
It is well known that the Nugget estab
lishment is owned by Hugo Richards ot
Ptescott, who allows the present publish
ers to have the use of it on condition that
they support him as a candidate for Con
gress. The'NugRethasso far identified itself
with the rustlers that it is generally known
as the cow-boy organ, and with Its support
Mr. Richaids will be before the people as
the cow-boy's candidate. Does Hugo like
the platform ?
The Nugget may think it is tunny, and
they aie so cunning when they write their
witty articles making merry over the pas
time and sports of their pretty pets such
as breaking up teligioiH services and mak
ing the preacher dance at the mouth of
their revolvers, insinuating improper mo
tivts to those who oppose them, and be
coming exceedingly hilarious over a ruce
for life made by our mayor to escape being
assassinated by them. All these little
pleasuntiies of the cow-boys may be ex
ceedingly funny-graphs, may be exceeding,
ly witty, but they will .never send Hugo
Richards to congress nor reelect the pres
ent sheriu".
The constant lepctilion of outrages by
this gang of desperadoes known as cow
boys is driving capital, capitalists and en
terprise out of the country, and for a jour
nal published in our midst to treat these
outrages with lerity n an Insult to ths en.
tire community. A Oitizex.
R. H. Stbutch, Esq, mining exicrt of
considerable celebrity, testified jestcidaj
in the Tombstone- Way Up case 'for the
John W. Coxwem, U a candidate for
city assessor. He is a kteady and tellable
young man, well.qualificd for the position,
and if elected will fill the office creditably.
The presents for the school children
have arrived, and will be ready for distri
bution on the afternoon of the 24th. The
freight alone cos-t over $50.
--Tin; ball of Mr. Mendel Meyer has been
when Tun
rilled to i
From 11
Clum in Ren
A Carrt.
TomiisjTO.nk, Dec. 17. To Mesieis John
wherein you express your wishes relative
A. Church, M. T. Williams D. McCarthy
Tim O'Brien, Chas. Sawcrbery, J. W
Anderson and others: Gentlemen My
attention has been called to your card'pub-.
lished in yesterday's jssue of the Epitaph,
to my becoming a candidate for the office
of mayor in the approaching municipal
election. I have to say, gentlemen, that
I highly appreciate your desires which
are most gratifying to me in a personal
I deem jt justice to myself, at this
time, to say that I have no political aspi
rations, never have, nor necr intended to
ask or receive the nomination of any
office in the gilt of the people. As is a well
known fact, to my most intimate friends,
I have hitherto decidedly refused to have
my name used in connection with the
mayorality ef this city, from purely per
sonal and business reasons.
But, in defeience to the expressed
wishes of your honorable selves allied to
the importunity of fiicuds, I have, after
mature reflection, consented that you may
use my name as a candidate for mayor.
If elected I' will endeavor to serve my
constituents to the best of my knowledge
and ability.
I have the honor lo remain, gentlemen,
yours truly, L. W. Hi.ikn.
A census of the attendance at all
tho churches and chapels in Liver
pool, England, taken on Sunday,
October 1G, shows a very striking
diminution as compared with a simi
lar census which was taken in the
vcar 1853. At tho latter date, al
though tho population was only 400,
000, as against 552,000 in the present
year, the attendance was 101,982,
whereas on the above mentioned Sun
day it was 03,570.
C. R. Ayeus was fined $10 yesterday by
Justice Spicer for asault and battery on
Geo. Frozec.
IllHtrlct Court.
Court met pursuant to adjournment, the
Hon. W. It. Stilwell, judge, presiding. The
minutes were read and approved.
C. F. Hines et al. vs. S. R. DeLong et al.
and the same vs. T. J. Jeffords. Time to
serve notice for new trial shortened two
W. C. Forbush vs. F. II. Lord, and the
samo against M. P. Shaffer. Time to serve
notice to qua-di summons shortened to six
Tombstone ii'.JSs M. Co. vs. Way Up M.
Co. The following witnesses werCexam
ined for the defense: J. II. Cummings, M.
Gray, A. J. Mitchcl, II. G. Howe, Frank
Butler, W. J. Bishop and R. H. Stretch.
A tllclily Improper Clock
WatfhlnRtou Dlepatch to Cleveland HithU.
A singular story conies from Wash
ington's old home at Mount Vernon.
At 1:30 Thursday afternoon an old
clock, which was bought by Wash
ington more than a century ago, and
has stood for many years in what
s known as the "River Room,"
broke its silence by distinctly
striking, it is said, three times.
The superintendent of the place
says the old ciock nas nor Deen
wound up for more than forty years.
In fact many of tho works had been
carried away by reiic hunters. The
colored servants refuse to enter the
room, deeming the striking the work
of the general's ghost.
Mr. Richard Rule has been somewhat
indispasod for a few days.
irsday, December 22d,
will do'ibilw Iks
icll, who met Mr.
details of the attack
upon the stago were learned, which were
substantially as published in the Epitaph
Miss Nellie Cashmas offers her half
Interest in the Russ house at a barpi'n.
The house is doing the finest business in
Tombstone. See her advertisement under
the head "For Bale."
Carson, Nevada, is blessed with a crop
of precocious children. The Tribune re
lates the following of one of them: A lit
tle Caison boy was asked if he went to
school every day and answered: " No, jou
damn fool, there is no school on R.Uur
days." Mr. W. E. Ludlow, .deputy ucorder,
informed an EriTAPil reporter, yesterday,
that applicants for registration continue
to Infest his office. Among the last
was .District Attorney Price, who had
spent several dollats in telegraphing for
Ids transfer, which came just a little too
A cordial' invitation is extended to
the public to 'attend the grand fair and
festival on next Tuesduy and Wednesday
evenings. The first will commence with
a brilliant programme of music and
tableaux following which the finest display
of Christmas presents ever offered to the
public will be for sale. The last evening
will conclude with a dance; make it a
merry one.
It will be stou by the card from .Mr. L.
W. Blinn, published this morning, that he
has consented to allow his name to be
used as a candidate for mayor. We can
assure the citizens of Tombstone thut if
they desire his services for that office that
they will have to belir themselves upon
election day, and see that the necessary
votes are secured for his election. Mr.
Blinn wants the office fio little that he will
not put forth any personal exertions to at
tain it.
-..I. -i . ' '
Mr. Grafton St. L. Abbott, resident
director and manager of the Empire mine,
arrived al his post of duty 'yesterday morn-
William Hkiikino, Esq., from BUbec is
in the city. He reports the shipment of
65,000 pounds of copper from the Neptune
Ex-Senator Stewart is a regular at
tendant and close observer ol the conduct
of the Tombstone-Way Up mining case
now on trial.
TnE following passengers eastward
bound passed Cnltonyestcrday : Miss Bertie
Hughes, Mr A A Porlcr, Miss Laura Pur
ter, Tucson; Henry Johnson, Dr A M
Ofen, USA.
Tuk name of Henry Campbell has been
suggested tor councilman from the Second
ward. Henry lacks none of the qualifica
for a city father, either in honesty, corpo
rosity or ability.
Mr. D. R. M. Thompson, one of the
grand jurors, was prostrated with sickness
yesterday so that he could not attend the
sittings of that body. His physicians
think it doubtful if he will be out for a
week or ten days.
Mr. Breakesridoi:, returned from
the eastern portion of the county
yesterday, whete he had been on a tax
collecting tour. He was gone six days
and.collected $000. He reports the Texas
smelter about starting up, and that Mr.
Fay, at Dos Cabezas, is pushing his news
paper office toward completion as rapidly
as possible.
Mr. Fred E. Brooks, one of Reconler
Jones' efficient deputies has been pro
moted by the grace of Pitsidcnt Arthur
and the United States Senate to tho po
sition of jiostmaster of Tombstone.
This is a goodTappohitment, and none of
Mr. Brooksfriendsvill congratulate him
more heartily upon his political success
than the Epitaph.
Mr. Alexander M. Womiile, will
known in Tombstone, San Francisco aud
New York mining circles, returned from
the latter citv yesterday morning. Ho was
succcsful in placing a valuable mining
property on hts late trip East. His rela
tions with capitalists are intimate and con
fldential, Jjttl)i8li opportunities for
disposing PpPproperties, whether
piospccls orlaevcjopcd mines, are unsur
passed. Twenty years ago a list of the late
Dean Stanley's publications, mostly
sermons and occasional pamphlets,
filled many Jpages of the catalogue
of tho British Museum, and later
lists must have more than doubled
what it was then. If the Dean's
writings could all be brought to
gether it would probably be found
that he wrote more than any one of
his cotemporaries, not even Cardinal
Newman excepted.
An excellent Antument in It Favor.
Prom Hie Stilt Lake Tribune.
iFhe tinkers are in force again, and
tUlfeMbreateiies to b?- a new war
I'JcT! 9T2 . .1 ....... .!. ..:!. lntl
inauguraieu uuun imc anjci uunai
as soon as Congrass gets well to
work. The bujrbei!' which Burchard
threwtjDiit iu hisjrecent report that
there was a possibility that the $650,
000,000 in silrer now in circulation
in Europe,- might be transferred to
this country, wasjnttended as the first
shot in &iegwar against silvet. The
silver RiVsb0Ul5 be prepared for
this firfit.ffijfe arguments increase
with thee:cVH,o'r of silver.
Resumption wWjKn1fele possible
because o'L th silver 'Sill, anil the
prosperity which hasu(fepeded sjnee
Is directly due to the cnlhge in val
ues which the silrer bill,, wrought. In
our judgment the answer to tho fear
that Europe will unload her silver
upon us is: "Let her unload if she
can stand it." The attempt would
bankrupt every country of Europe
except Great Britain, and would
make even Great Britain very sick
financially. Tho treasury of the
United States can hold silver enough
to be equal to six or seven dollars
per capita foi the people, and when,
as is now the case, almost all the in
ternal commerce of the country is
carried on by paper money and silver
coins, what docs it matter whether
the guarantee which is behind the
paper is gold or silver? A distin
guished writer on political economy
recently called attention to the fact
that tho purchasing power of gold
had fallen off eight per cent within
three years, and from it he reasoned
that speculation was rife, that there
was a dangerous inflation in business.
The truth is that the remonetization
of silver took the inflation out of
gold, and by lifting up silver to tho '
place from which it had been wrongly
thrown down, every article of com.
merce was lifted al the same time, or
rather gold was made to seek again
its real level. Of the two metals
silver is the sovereign, and the nation
which forgets this fact always suffers.
Silver is more naturally the money of
the poor, it is steadier in value and
more steady in its supply, and, what
is tho sovereign argument, the busi
ness of the United States demaiids
all of both metals that can possibly!
bo obtained.
A lley'H Composition on Fall.
From Cln lnnttl Saturday KlgM
Here is a boy's composition on
Fall: This is fall, because it falls on
this season of the year. Leaves fall,
too, as well as thermometers and the
price of straw hats. Old topers who
sign the pledge in summer, are liable
to fall when the lull cider-making
opens, for straws show which way the
cidW gdes. Husking "corn Is bne of
the pleasures of tad, but pleasures
isn't good for boys, I don't, think.
Old men want a little fun; let the
husk. A husky old man can go
through a good deal of corn, some
times. Digging taters is another of
our fall amusements. The way I
like to dig taters is to wait until they
are baked nicely, 'and then dig them
out of their skins. Most wintar
schools are open in the fall. The best
winter school 1 ever went lo didn't
open until spring, and the first day
it opened the teacher took sick and
the school house was locked up for
the season. Once in a while we
have a very severe fall, but nothing
like tho fall of Adam and Eve in the
Garden of Eden. Summer is mis
named. It should be called Pride,
tor doesn't pride go before a fall?
Tomiistose M. & M. Co. shipped per
Wells, Fargo & Co's cipress, last night,
six bars of bullion, weighins: 1,280 pounds
and valued at $17,000.
Kiret publication, December 19, 1881 J
Application So. 14 for a Patent to
the Hctrlever Mliilne Claims.
eou, Arizona, December 13, ISM. Notice !
htrrby given that the Larlmora hilvcr Mining
Compnny, wnoe ponlofllce addren 1 In care of
T. L Stfle, Tuceon, Fira county, Arizona, has
this day tiled Ita application for a patent for fifteen
hundred linear feet ol the Retriever Mine or rein
bearing gold and ellrer, with aurface gronnd alx
hundred feet In width, altuated In Swlwhelm
Mining District, county of Cochlac. and territory
of Arizona, aqd designated by the field nctea and
olllcial plat on rile In thla office aa lot No. 40 In
aald dli-trict, aid lot No. 40 being at follows, to
nit: Beginning at the initial monument of claim,
being also the monument No. 6 of lot No. 89,
at pott 4 feet high, 2x4 Inches, In monument of
ttouei, and marked " I. M. K. M. C.No. 1," thence
south 80 30 cast, 300 feet to southeast comer of
claim, to post 4 feet high, 2x4 In. In monument of
stones, and marked "It. M. C. No. 2.;" thence
north i' 4S- west 1500 feet to northeast coraer of
claim to post 4 feet lileh, 2x1 In., In a monument of
atones, and marked " R. M. 0. No. V' whence
United States mineral monument No. 1 tswiia
helm district bean south S3' east 119 feet distant;
thence north bU II' west 300 feet to north end cen
ter monument to poat 4 feet ugn 2X4 incoea in
monument of stones, and marked -K.JI. G. Ko. ;
4;" aud thic cootlnainx I. t last UKcttontJ
direction to (00 feet, to a pott 4 feet Llb Si"
Inches, tet In a monument of stones, and marked
It M. O. No. 3; thence south 3' 4V cut 1660 feet
to thj eoutbett cVn.Tof claim, to a poat 4 feet
high 2x4 Inches, set in a monamrnt sf stone-,
marked "It. M. C. No. (," whence United States
Mineral Monument No. 1 bears north 23 30' east
1 'S3 feet distant; and thence south 80 30' eaat
300 feet to the place of beginning. MsgneticvarU
tlon 11 15'. Containing S0.10 acres. The location
of this mine la recorded In the Recorder's Office of
Cochise county. Arizona, in Books 1 and 6 of
Mines, transcribed records, at pages 757 and 212
reapictlveir. The adjoining claimants are tne
Larimore Silver Mining Company. Any an4 all
"You can't add different things
torether." said an Austin school
teacher. " If you add a sheep and
a cow together it does not make two
sheep or two cows." A little hjpy,
the son of a Texas milkman, held up
his hand and said: "That may do
for sheep and cows, but if you add a
quart of water, it makes two quarts
of milk. I've seen it tried." Texas
persons claiming adversely any portion of said
)tetrleer mine or surface r round aro required to
file their aderce claims with the Resist r ef the
United Stales Lai.d Office at Tucson, In the
territory of Arizona, during the sixty day period
of publication bei eof, or they will be barred by
tlrtue of the provisions eft ha statute.
T. L. 8riLa, Attorney lor claimants, TUCfon,
It Is hereby ordered that the foregoing notice of
application for patent he published for the period
ol sixty days ten consecutive weeks in the ft eekly
Tombstone Epitaph, a newspaper published at
Tombstone, Cochise county, Arizona territory,
hereby designated by me aa published nearest
such claim HKNRY COUSINS, Register.
Aotlce to Creditors.
Notice Is hereby given by the underaigned,
admlntslratoi of the eatalt of M. McCallster. de
ceased, to the creditors of, and all persona having
claims ugatnst the said deceased, to exhibit them,
with the necessary vouchers, within ten months
after the first publication of this notice, to tb
said administrator, at the law office of Geo. 1,.
Williams, northwest corner o( Fourth aud Frt
mont streets. In Tombstone, Cochise county, An.
zona. L. II. HAL8TXAD,
Administrator of the Estate of U. McCallspt

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