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l Six-Page Edition.
This Page is from the Daily
of Thursday, Dec. 15f
Tlio Silver King has declared Its twenty-
tfiird dividend of 25 cents per slurepayi.4
Mo November H15th. Heliablo nslinWU
It If KlirumllftV'll i Ni.K.i .In nMfe-. A... I
Colonel Barney, who lias Jieeu for six
months at the eastTjiajs tharihe one huu
drcd aud twcnty-thirddivldend will come
In i roper sequence, aiid he hopes all pres
ent stockholders will live to collechlt. S.
P. Dally Exchange.
Silver King will, vvo".bcliove, real
izo Col. Burner's most santruinoture-
dictions. But why vguttiniU , stock
reaches over twenty Jollarftgn price
or until it begins" tor8Jl Tip divi
dends? n JH$
fc This stockwaw.qteptimo a drug
on tho market, ThaiTvastiie time to
There aro other incipient Silver
Kings, and he will win the raco who
gets the best start.
It is better to buy before stock gets
too well appreciated, and reap tlio
bonofit of the increase Thoso who
hang baok snd wait and listen to
every attempt to decry a good prop
erty, are just the ones to buv into the
wrong stock at tho wrontr time.
The market is full of manipulators
endeavoring to depress tlio price of
good properties in order to buy in
There will, some day, bo a rebound
in tho prices of such properties that
will startle the niggards who hang
back as if afriid of their own shad
ows. As wo have stated before, an
ounce of foresight is worth a pound
of hindsight, there could be no
greater truoism in its application to
good mining stocks. N. Y. Daily
Stock Report.
"We most heartily concur in tho
sentiments of the Stock Report as
above expressed. We know of sev
eral mines here in Tombst no where
tho stocks to-day are a b'g buy at the
present markot price, and yet people
fight shy of them. Tho timo will
come, and probably soon, when there
will bo a boom on these same stocks,
and then thoso who now ignore them
will be eager purchasers at fire times
what they are quoted at at this time.
It is so in almost orery mining camp
of noto in the United States. Tho
time to buy is when stocks are low
and before the mines have become
exhausted in dividends. This state
ment his been.so often made by re
sponsible mining journals that it has
lest all the charm of newness, but it
has lost none of the force of truth
fulness on that account. It should
bo indelibly impressed upon tho mind
oi every man ana woman who aro
desirous (of investing In 'mining
stocks, and then (hero would be less
causo for regret at the outcome.
Lai:ge portions of Colorado are
now under snow, and minincr will
soon bo suspended until next sum
mer. That is ono of the disadvaii
tages under which southern Arizona
does not labor. Hero mining opera
tions can bo carried on during the
whole year, and now is the busiest
season. Then Arizona ha3 other ad
vantages which capitalists sliou'd not
overlook. Arizona's ono railroad,
the Southern Pacil'c, has done more
to make the country accessible than
the same length of road could do in
any other mining region in the
United States. Arizona's mountains
are peculiar. They aro not a sdries
of almost unbrokon ranges, rising
higher and higher, but isolated peaks
and short ranges surrounded by vast
plains, which furnish tho finest nat
ural roads to be found anywhere in
tho world. This makes our mines
accessible. Immense sums do not
have to be expended to get to the
valuablo deposits which lie hidden in
almost erery mountain. .Nature has
provided highways and a climate
which permits the miner to pursue
his avocation uninterruptedly. Cit
izen. IMOUS Dog. '
From the Phcnlx Herald.
Liut evening a dog became master of the
situation in tlio M. E. church. The cou.
gregalion had just began singing tlio first
hymn when 1ns dogship rushed up to tlio
front seut in u very pluyf-il manner and
jumped upon it, in the midst of some l
the ladies. The effect was magical. The
second line of the choitts was abruptly
broken oft', right in the middle, and the
singers were soon convulsed with, laughter.
The dog was led out of the church and the
singing again started up. Some parties at
tbat moment coming Into church opened
the way for the dog, and he again joined
the fingers on the tront seat, and the sing
ing stopped just where it did before The
minister seemingly lost control of his risi
bilities and joined in tlio laugh. The lady
owning the canine tlnally succeeded in
Retting ritPof him and services proceeded.
It would be an excellent ide.i if people
would leave their dogs at home, as they
arc an intolerable nuisance In cluucli.
Wo counted the in this same church last
Sunday eveniug. Giro your dogs moral
training at home, as church services aie
not designed for them.
' .
Dr. LmnTBUUNK. Assistant Surgeon, U.
8. A., stationed at Fort McDowell, shows
h's good judgment In tho implicit raiih
that he has in tho future prosperity mid
growth of Phenix. In addition to other
property, bo fias recently purchased two
lots iu Washington street, east of Worm
ser'a property, and lias let n contract to J.
II. Schrivcr for the construction of adwell
ing house on tho same. Tho building is
tolio a obc story frame, thoroughly finish
ed inside and out, an-! 26x31) feet in dimen
sions. It will be completed and ready for
occupancy la a month.- Gazette.
The Guiteau Trial.
Washington, Dec. 14. The case
of Guiteau was resumed this ir orn
ing. The first witness called was Dr.
Jno. L. Withrow, of Boston, pastor
of tho Park Street church. Witness
said tho prisoner desirod to deliver a
lecture in Withrow's church in
answer to Ingersoll, but witness de
clined to have the church used for
that purpose. Witness observed
Guiteau during the winter at meet
I . . .
ings and social gatherings of the
churoh. Never saw tho least indica
tion of unsoundness of mind, but, on
tho contrary, thought he possessed
usual shrewdness. Correcting him
self, witness added, " I should say
this Kvidently something omitted.
liD. kl'lTAI'H.J
Guiteau What's
doctor? "
the difference,
Answer Tho ono
ans brighter
than tho other.
ger cat-
Guiteau Ho di
lat, Cork-
hill; vou must have s
well last
night; that's tho smartest thing
you've said yet.
Witness said the prisoner general
ly took part in discussions upon what
ever subject might bo under dis
cussion, and was always critical and
accusative rather than conciliatory
and k'nd.
Tho second witness was Henry G.
Collier, an attorney of Now York.
On his taking the stand, Guiteau
shouted, " I remember you; you aro
the man that put up tho health job
on me."
" Keep quiet," said Sqoville.
Guiteau I will disposo of this
man in short order, lie brought suit
against mo to pay. over certain
money, and tho co rt ruled I should
keep it. That kills his evidence.
Important, if True.
Chicago, Dec. 14. Times Wash
ington special: There is, a sensa
tional report this evening that two
jurors in the vjuiteau case aro dis
qualified, because it is ascertained
that they have been in government
Uosmip from the Capital.
Washington, Dec. 14. The pres
ident has adopted rules for the re
ception of visitors at tho White
House. He reserves Saturday aud
Sunday for himself, aud on those
days will receive no one. He will
hold his first public reception on
ftew-xears day.
Washington, Dec, 14. Ex-Senator
Paddock of Nebraska will suc
ceed Assistant Secretary Upton, who
retires from tho trensury to-day.
Secretary Frelinghuysen vvill take
charge of the state department next
Senate I'rorcetlliicfe.
Washington, Dec. 14. in the
Senate, Logan, from tho committeo
on military affairs, reported with
amendments a bill to place General
Grant on tho army retired list.
Maxcy, of the committee, said tho
report was not unanimous and ho
would indicate his objections at the
proper time.
The senate committee on appropria
tions to day briefly discussed, but
laid asido for further consideration,
tho bill introduced by Senator Ed
munds, which proposes an appropri
ation of $100,1100 to defray the ox
traoidinary liabilities and expenses
incurred in consequence of the assas
sination of Garfield.
This morning a senate committeo
directed a favorable report upon
Saunder's bill to straighten tho north
ern beUndary lino of Nebraska on
the line of the 43d parallel; also fav
orable report on the bill to legalize
tho present legislature of New Mex
ico, owing to non-compliance with
tho act of Congress. The present
leg:sl.ituro is not legal.
A number of bills wcro introduced
in tho senate, including one by Ed
munds for settling private land claims
in certain states and territories.
A debate on woman's rights sprung
up in ho senate this afternoon, from
the opposition of Vest (dem.) of Mis
souri to the' creation of a special
committee on the subject. Vest said
he regarded it as a step towaru wo
man suffrage, to which he was op
posed. Hoar (rep.) of Massachu
setts repl.ed in an animated strain,
reciting the oppressive laws of the
past regarding women, the advance
in public sentiment on the subject,
and the propiietv oLjtho senate's
takinc' a speciaysupervision of tho
matter. """W
The following bills were intioduced
in the senate: By Plumb, amending
section 2o!i, revised statutes, provid
ing for tho issuance of gold certifi
cates; it substitutes the word " di
rected" for " authorized," so as to
make it mandatory on the secretaiy
to Issuo certificates upon deposit of
gold coin and bullion; also authoriz
ing the prpsidentwhenoyer in his
judgment the cxjgencyfof the fron
tier service requiresJittpiadd 23,000
enlisted men to the army, to serve
dining such exigency, and not longer
lhan one year.
Xev mils.
Washington, Dee. 14. In tho
House over 750 new bills were re
ferred to-day, and the House ad
journed without completing the call
of States. The bills, included one
looking to the abrogation of the
Ulayton-Bulwer treaty; to establish
ocean mall service by means of mail
subsidies; to appoint a tariff commit
tee; to retire the trade dollar.
lllilillcberser Nominated.
Richmond, Dec. 14. The read
justcr caucus nominated Riddleber
gpr unanimously. Election to-mor-row.
Unrllcld Memorial NervlceH.
Washington, Dec. 14. Commit
tees of both houses on the memorial
services in honor of President Gar
field, are in joint session to fix a day
and hour for tho services in the capi
tol. Conger and Brown have been
added to the committee.
The Whltaker Cane.
Washington, Dee. 14. Judee
Advocate-General Swan to-day sub
mitted a review of the Whitaker
court-martial case to the secretary of
war. The verdict, of the ci urt will
not bo made public until the case has
been acted upon by the president.
Another Indian War Imminent.
Lkavknvvoktii, Dec. 14. Chris.
Gilson, who has been a government
scout for thirty-five j'ears, reported
to Gen. Pope yesterday. He says
then is no doubt there will be an
uprising of Utes, Piutes and Nava
jocs in the spring. The rendezvous
will probably be at some place in
New Mexico. Tho Utes, who have
been placed in Utah, ho says, are
being freely furnished with arms and
provisions by the Mormons, who are
affiliating with tho Indians, and giv
ing them all tho whisky they want.
Gilson is tho oldest scout in the ser
vice, and is considered reliable.
One ot James's Iterorms.
New York, Dec. 14. Postmaster
General James told a reporter last
night ho hopes to shorton the time
between New York and San Francis
co six hours before he leaves the
Xew Time Mclieiliile for the Went.
Nitvr York, Dec. 14. Fcstmaster-
General James, being interviewed
this afternoon, said, " I have not yet
completed arrangements for a new
schedule of mails, but mean to re
main hero till I do. I hope, how
ever, to leave on the 3:30 train to
morrow afternoon. What we are
trying to do is, to save on mails to
the West, and also to arrange a
through time table to San Francisco,
so that a man in that city can answer
a letter from this city on tho same
day he receives it. At present the
train from this city arrives in Sili
Francisco at 11:33. I hope to make
arrangements to have the train from
the Eat arrive about an hour or an
hour and a half earlier, and the'train
to the East to leave about two hours
later, and make up those two hours
in the run to this city.
From the l.onc Star Mtnte,
Dallas, Tex., Dec. 14. The au
thorities have levied for 850,000 up
on the bondsmen for William and
Henry Collins, members of the Sam
Bass gang of train robbers, who
jumped bail ard weie shot and killed
by officers. Tho bondsmen hold that
this relieves them, and will fight tha
attempt to collect it.
It is understood that Dallas, after
tho 15th, will be tho headquarters of
the Gould system in Texas, and that
F. Newman will bo made the head of
the Texiu agents at tho same date.
The first through Pullman train from
Dallas to St. Louis will leave on the
15th inst.
Wedding in 111;.'" Wfr.
San Francisco, Dec. 14 Miss
Evelyn, daughter of A. N. Towne,
general superintendent of tho Cen
tral and Southern Pacific railroads,
was married this ovening at the Pal
ace hotel to Charles N. Shaw, a
prominent mining man of this city.
The ceremony and subsequent recep
tion was the most brilliant social
event of tho season.
nummary .flintier.
San Francisco, Dec. 14. Aus
tin, Nev., dispatch: About half-past
one o'clock this morning, a party of
masked men farcibly entered the
jailor's room in the" court house
budding, overpowered him and forc
ed him to give up tho keys to the
jail and cell door, containing Richard
Jennings, who in cold bloodshot and
killed John A. Barrett, an old and
respected citizen, the night bofore,
without provocation. Jennings was
taken out and hanged from the bal
cony over the front door.
Itoston's Klertlon.
Boston, Dec. 14. Tho lepubli
cans and citizens elect their Inayor
by 000 majority, and have increased
their membership in the board of
aldermen, reduced the democratic
majority in the common council, and
obtained even representation in the
schoJ board. The license law was
carried, two to one.
Western Union Dividend.
Nkw York, Dec. 14. Western
Union has declared a 14 per cent
quarterly dividend. This leaves a
sun lus of $1,013,000.
A Defaulting Cannier.
Pougiikkepsie, Doc. 14. The
Poughkeepsie bank defalcation a
mounts to $50,000. It is thought
there will be a deficiency in the
county funds. Halloway, tho cash
ier, is at home in a state of extreme
nervous prostration, and threatened
with brain fever.
Calais, Me., Dee. 14. Tho ma
chine shops and ot her property of the
New Brunswick and Canada Railway
at St,, Andrews, N. B., burned. Loss,
$00,000; insurance slight.
A'anilcruilt to'Itctlre.
New York, Dec. 14.. -It is stated
in well informed circles that Van
derbilt is about to retire from the
active management of his propeities,
leaving the practical administration
in tho hands of Rutter and Cornelius
Hull road Freight Combination.
Nkw York, Doc. 14. A confer
ence was hold hero yesteiday be
tween Blanchard and'Jewett of the
Erie, McCulIough of the Pennsyl
vania company, Stewart of the Fort
Wayne road, and others, at which a
contract was made between the Erie
and Pennsylvania companies for a
division of freight. It is generally
thought this action indicated a close
alliance between Eiie and Pennsyl
vania, and would have a depressing
euect upon i.aKe fttioro. 1 lie
ported contract gives Erie special
facilities for reaching tho principal
cities connected by the Pennsylvania
Man FraiiciHeo Trade.
San Fhancisco, Dec. 14. Wheat
is declining No. 1, 1.00; No. 2,
Good times are now prevailing In
the city, indicated by an article
which will bo published by the Bul
letin this afternoon, showing that
trade in holiday articles for the cur
rent month will, it is estimated, reach
Car Itoliuliit .ear Kl l'awo.
Tucson, Dec. 14. A special from
Deming says: Wells, Fargo & Go's
car was entered five miles west of
El Paso, Texas, last night. The
agent, C. E. Banvard, was bucked
and gagged, his keys taken, and the
contents of tho chest taken. The
loss is bo-ween $2,000 and 3,000.
The agent remained gagged some 20
minutes, until relieved by a brake-
man, l ho old style car is used,
which affords no protection to the
agent. It is a wonder more robber
ies are not committed near El Paso,
as there is a notorious gang infesting
that section now.
The Anncln'w at .Innos.
From the Silver City Mining Clirlinlclc.
Don E. Pacheco, who came up
from Mexico last week, informs us
that when ho loft Janos there were
about 450 Aptcho Indians, including
he bands of Nana, .In and Chino.
encamped at that place. These In
dians, says Pacheco, seemed to be
enjoying themselves. Their camp
was the focus of hilarity and mirth;
war dances a"d debauchery were
freely indulged in. They have sev
eral hundred head of stock, horses,
mules and horned cattle, brought
with them from Arizona and Now
Mexico. These they live upon, and
buy corn from the people, make tiz
win, and take life easy. The Indi
ans appeared to be on the best of
terms with the people at Junes and
the Surrounding country, and with
tho exception of an occasional petty
theft, they were g.ving no trouole.
It was rumored that the Mexican au
thorities were preparing to take ad
vantage of the unsuspecting savages,
and lure them into a trap and mas
sacre or take the whole outfit pris
oners, but Pacheco thinks there is
no movement of the kind contem
plated. The Indians have manifested a
friendly disposition toward the Mex
icans, and so long as they remain at
peace, the authorities will avoid any
trouble with them. Sr. Pacheco
says these Indians have a wholesome
dread of New Mexico and Arizona,
and will not return unless to make a
raid and again get back into Chi
A Ilravc Woman.
From the Citlzsn
A Detroit dispatch gives the fol
lowing account of the bravery of a
single woman in contrast with a lot
of men. United States Marshal
Wilcox, of Denver, arrived at the
House of Correction last night, hav
ing in charge a life prisoner, Henry
W. White, a desperado lately con
victed ot robbingastage coach near
Dei' Norte. 'ewMexTco. about five
months ago, and sentenced to impri
sonment in the Detroit House of
Correction for life. About three
miles east of Pokagon, Cass county,
on tho Michigan Central railroad, the
convict picked the lock of his hand
cuffs with a toothpick and ferociously
attacked the marshal. Ho first struck
him on the head with his handcuffs,
and when Wilcox grappled with him
in a dazed way SVlnte struck him
again aud brought him to his knees.
There were seventeen men in the car
who saw the whole affair, but they
left tho officer to struggle with 'the
desperate man In the fight Whie
seized Marshal Wilcox's revolver and
tried to shoot him, when Mrs. Smith-
son, the wife of a Denver engineer,
on her way to New York, and the
only woman on tho car, sprang upon
the sea; behind the strugg'ing men,
seized the convict around the neck
and disabled him to a sufficient ex
tent to enable tho marshal to once
more secure control of him. White
says if he could have got a bullet
through Wilcox he would have cov
ered the passengers with the revolver
in one hand while he untied his an
kles with the other, and then "gone
through" every one of those infernal
cowards in the cars. The marshal
says that Mrs. Smithson declined a
rewaul, but he was going to send to
her New Yoik address $500 before
he is forty hours older.
" Are you particular," asked a gen
tleman the other day of -Mr. Moody,
"as to what church your, conveits at
tend after they have found peace
through your ministrations?" " Not
at all," answered the great revivalist,
adding: "Excuse me a minute while
1 tote up these figures six times 842
is 5,052, and 3x5,052 makes 15.15U.
Say, Sank," continued the great apos
tle, calling to his mate like one dove
to another, "What's our commission
on $1,513, and six cents for hymn
books since Monday?" "$U42 80,"
promptly responded the sweet singer
of Israel. "Not so bad lor three
nights, eh, Sank?" ' 1 should smile,
Mood," retorted the Wandering Boy.
And then recovering him' elf, Mr.
Moody tinned to his visitor and re
sumed: "No, wo are not at all par
ticular. In San Francisco we con
verted a Roman Catholic reporter,
who gave up entirely indulgence in
spirituous liquors at his own expense.
In this caso there was great outpour
ing of the Spirit. And, after we
have done our woik, wo leave all
these thousands of regenerate souls
in the hands of their own pastors.
Good morning." And, as the door
closed, Mr. Moody called through the
open door to his partner: " Say, Ira,
cable for 10,000 mote books, and say
we must have 40 per cent in future,
or we'll change our base; and fix me
up a yarn for the matinee, about a
little girl who died in peace of the
measles something 1 can cry over."
And so the good work goes on.
Hon. John P. Ci.um left for Tucson lat
evening, to pay his brother a visit,
Mis. E. T. Haiiuv, of Bisbce, came in
from the great copper camp jestcrday.
Two wards have alieady made nomina
tion for eouncilmeu. When shall the
others be hcaid fiom?
We hear Sir. I,. W. Blum and Mr. Carr,
tho Allen street blacksmith, talked of for
mayor. These two and no moie.
It is understood tiiat Mr. Blinn lias con
scnted to become a candidate for the office
ot Mayor at the ensuing election.
It was reported yesterday that the fail
ure of Shaffer & Lord has seriously in
volved Major W. M. Downing, the Chiri
cahua lumberman. It is to be hoped that
this report is unfounded.
NsTue Variety theater, of Billy Hutching
Son, is appioaching completion. This will
ben nice place for an hour's amusement to
the men about town. Mr. Ilutchingson is
now in San Francisco engaging his talent
for the season. He expects to open with
the holidays.
Hf.oi8tkation closed last evening with
1,441 names on the register. Mr. Ludlow
declaies himself not at all sorry at the
event. Explaining the registry law after
the first stven or eight bundled times be
came more irksome, even, than to "teach
the oung idea how to shoot."
Serious complaints have been entered
ag dnjt the ''wash" registrations made at
the hotels in this city, to swell the list of
arrivals. If any more complaints are
made to the EriTAru we shall cease to re
port them. Great mconvcnicnco has
been caued several individuals within the
last two or three days by seeing friend-'
names among the arrivals, who at the
time were hundicds of miles away.
Mn. C. II. Piin.Lirs, ot San Luis Obispo,
Cal., is a guest' at Brown's Hotel. This is
his first viit to a great mining camp, and
also his first to the territory. Willi Tomb
stone he Is very much pleased. His ideal
of the town was a filuge of houses in a
rocky canyon, so little did he know of the
lay of the land. His visit here will be of
piactical benefit to the country in more
vvajs than one from hi extensive acquain
tance and connection with the capitalists
and business men in San Francisco.
As Mr. J. Lenoir was wending his way
down Second street, homeward, last night,
about 9 o'clock, lie met two men who
tlankel him upon the light hand and the
left, thus getting him between two fires.
One of them advanced and hailed him
with the usual sigual of distress of foot
pads, whereupon, and simultaneously, Mr.
Lenoir drew his revolver and pointed it at
his man, saying "What do you want?"
The reply came nervously, "What timo is
it, Mister?" Mr. Lenoir and his would-be
assailants passed on their respective ways
and darkness closed the scene.
JL.vneliins of I'ive Hustlers at KliakH
neare. A gentleman who came in from Galey
ville last evening informed an Ei'tTArn
reporter that the report was current and
universally believed in that place that five
rustlers turned up their toes to the daisies
in the neighborhood of Shakspeare last
week. It seems tbat they came in to take,
the town, and a deputy sherilT of Grant
county oidcicd them to lay down their
arms, which they refused to do The cit
uens came to the rescue, disarmed the
party and hung them all. The names of
the victims or any further particulars
could not be learned.
Charles Kodig, who lives six miles from
Tombstone on the Turquois toad, was in
Galey ville looking after a horse which had
been stolen a few days previous. Upon
inquliy he found that the horse had been
there, but that the thief had skipped wilh
it, being notified, as was rcuoiled, by tiie
deputy sheriff that the owner was looking
alter his propcity. Mr. Bodig laid th
case before several of the leading citizens,
wlio held a mcLtiug and investigated the
matter, and gave the deputy sheriff three
hours to leave to.vn. It is needless to say
he lelt, as the cilizeus are well organized
and determined. Ifthisicport is true it
does not speak well for Sheriff Behan's
judgment in the selection of his deputies.
l'hcnlx Hon a iShootl iir ItncUet.
Sunday afternoon, the 11th instant, a
row occurred in a saloon in I'henix over a
game of billiards, between a man by the
name ot Col burn and one .lansen, who
was called upon as a bystander to decide
some disputed point. Meeting on the
street shoiMy after, Colburn began again
upon Jancen, when they-drew their guns
and opened up, Janscn receiving t.o
wounds, one of which may prove mortal.
Colburn is now in jail awaiting an exam
ination on a charge ot an assault with in
tent to kill. The Hei aid gives the follow
ing incidents of the fight. It seems there
was quite a lively scattering among those
in the vicinity, which is unlike the meth
od of Tombstone crowds, which always
remain unconcerned spectator):
The shooting affair of yesterday present
ed some ludicious scenes as well as un
fortunate ones. Our reporter lias gleaned
some ot them.
A Chluuman who was standing near
Rosenthal's old corner received a bullet in
the instep, bieaking the bone. On being
lilt, he hallooed out, "Ouch 1 Me no caree
get shot ; but me got money pay doctor."
A bullet parsed very closely to the face
of Mr. II. II. Liuvillc, and the muzzle of
the pistol was so near his face that the
powder buined him.
Mr Sharp was standing in the door of
Tom Smith's, and a bullet lodged in the
casing of the door. It is tinnccevary to
say that Mr Sharp got inside ol the saloon
in slum u.etic.
An officer of tho U. S. Army was seen
coining on a dead run around Center
street, while the shooting was goini: on,
as if an Apache Indian was alter him.
"Brave boy."
The Indians who were on the street at
the time, took sudden leave, and tumbled
over each oilier in ihrlr efforts to get away
from the flying bullels. They had not
stopped i mining at last accounts
We hear ot one saloon keeper who, dur
ing the heat of excitement, ran in and
commenced turning the combination of
Ills safe. When last seen he was tiymg lo
find the slid combination, and, was obliged
to get his paitner to help him out of ihc
One boy who has been noted for his self
brayery, started on the run and when last
seen was up by the big ditch north of
.loh 1'rintlnc Epitaph
Ilunchuca Water Com
tH V -,
I here have been reports set
this company do not intend to
utiug pipes throughout the ci
content themselves with supi
various hoisting works at the
mills tbat may be built. This i
misconception of the intent a
the company. Believing in
growth of the city and the pen
upon which it U bein;
have decided upon a main of 1
ternal diameter from the lese;
brow of the hill, 1,300 feet tl
7 inches internal diameter froi
Ninth and Fremont, and
b remont to First street. The i
and the intermediate cross stn
First and Ninth will not hi
inches internal diameter. Pi
laid through every street in the city
the pipe w ill be the best of wrought iron,
Lp welded, capable of standing an im
mense pressure. There is an immense
quantity of the pipe somewhere on the line
of the Atchison & Topckv road which is
liable to arrive at Benson any day.
m m
Third Ward domination.
The voters of the Third ward assembled
in mass meeting last evening in the new
store adjoining McKeau fc Knight's, and
made a nomination for councilman for
that ward. Mr. II. F. I'rice was elected
chairman of the mtting, and W. II. Wil
lett secretary. Nominations were then de
clared In order; wheieupon, Charles Ha
zlcton, T. A. Atchison and W.A.Good
rich were put in nomination. A ballot
was had ana, it was found upon counting
the votes that Mr. Hazlcton had a majority
and was declared tho unanimous nominee
of the convention. Mr. Hazleton is a
property owner on Sixth stieet, and a
practical miner by occupation, having
worked in the Contention mine for the last
four months. He is a young man of good
inttliigence, and. if elected, will no doubt
serve the intercuts of the city faithfully.
DlHtrlrt Court.
The court convened at 10 o'clock a. in.,
yesteiday, and proceeded with the trial of
tiie celebrated mining case of thc'Jomb
stone against the Way Up Mining com
pany. Every available seat was occupied
wilh deeply interested spectators, and,
wituin the bar of the court, Tombstone's
array of legal talent was seated, watching
the progress of the trial with that keen
and critical attention begotten from long
habit in conducting suits of more or less
grave natures. This is by far the most im
portant civil suit ever tiled within the ter
ritory. The witnesses examined yesterday
were S. U. Dunham, 1). H. Hutchison, F.
Iteney, W. S. Kej cs, mining expert, James
Fripcr, F. A. Hunter, assayer, C. J. Du"
val, assayer, and Dennis McCarty, assayer
for the Tombstone company.
Important Sale of City I'roperty.
The Lowry property, on AMen street,
above Fifth, has been puichased by James
S. McCoy. Messis. Hill & Jones have al
ready commenced the reconstruction of the
building. The ground floor will be orcu
pied by our popular druggist, T. F. Hud
son, and the second floor by the Huachuca
Water company. The building as lmpiov
ed will be one of the most attractive in
the city.
the Chinamen tiettliijr Away
With Them,
I'rom the Albuquerque Journal.
One of the numerous Chinamen who
have come to this countiy wandered away
from the Pacific slope and established
lumscll at Cranes, and went into the
laundry business. He lived quietly,
worked bard, and rapidly accumulated
wealth wilh which to return to his father
land. All went well with him until
Weanesday night, when a rustlei, whose
name could not be learned, went into the
l.itle shanty of the Chioaim.n aud delibe
rately went through the establishment for
money and clothes to the amount of $100.
After commuting tiie lobbery he jumped
the town and went to" Gallup. The Chi
naman would bland almost anything, but
he thought that was going altogether too
far. He brooded over the matter until
yesterday morning, when he decided upon
his plan of operation. He armed himself,
and took the first onportunity to get to
Gallup. On his arrival there, he hunted
up his man, and, without making any
introductoiy remarks, he pulled his re
volver and put three bullels into his car
cass. Botli the Chinaman and his victim
bonded the train, which arrived in this
city last night. The rustler was put olf
at Wingate, and is probably dead ere this.
The Chinaman continued to Cranes, and
went to work again. The inhabitants of
Cranes generally justify tiie action of the
pigtail washmns, anil It is sale to infer
that he will not be molested again for
some tunc to come.
From tho Citizen.
An Albuquerque special savs that Jack
Winn was wrongluily lynched in Arizona,
he having been mistiken by the v igilantes
lor a cattle thief. He represented a whole
sale liquor firm, and was well known in
The new hotel at Bowie station will bo
open in a few days. It will be one of the
tegular eating s'tations on the Southern
Pacific railioad. The government will
probably eitet a warehouse at the station
for a supply depot for the militiry posts
in eastern Arizona.
Col. A. S. White returned lat night
from Calabasas. The new hotel is almost
compled. the roof having been put on, and
the carpeuters aie now engaged in put
ting down the flooring. Asevidinceof
the "boom" that has begun in the new
town, the colonel states that out of twenty
eighlhuudied city lots all but nvchundred
have I eeii sold.
Locating Engineer J. E. Early, of the
N. M. & A. It. It. Co , has cone into camn
in the meadows near Carrillo's gardens
preparatory to beginning a survey of the
proposed line between Tucson and Cala
basas, where the connection will Uc made
with the Sonora Bailw-iy company, and
also with the line fiom Be-son by the way
'f the Sonoita and Babacomin rivers.
Engineer Early states that he docs not an
ticipute any serious obstacles iu Ills woik,
and thinks the survey will be completed
by February 1st. "He will probably
b'cak up his camp here in a day or two.
Tom Miller, one of our oldes. pros
peetois, is in town from Saddle .Mountain.
He has been out on a prospecting trip for
the last alx weeks, having spent mint of
bis lime ne ir Old Camp Grant. He made
quite- a number of locations, anil has
brought iu sonic very handsome spec
imens of ore, assaying over one bundled
dollars to the ton. Although he has pios
pectcd in this country for the last sixteen
years, he declares that he never stnek bel
ter ore or had such a flattering prospect of
a bonanza as he has on the lat tl ip. We
hope the old man's energy will meet with
success, and that his most sanguine expec
tations may be realized.
tnBsis .
. "All
E i
Thoy Alll
ar's Coa
Lively Fn.l
JJainage Til
' Ilorsps Htl
As we go to press t
learn, throuirh Ike kiudn
don, one of Sandy Bob's dri
attempt was made to stoi
singe mai evening, i
miles out of to.
to stop H
pose of dd
the coach.
It could not be discovered ia
the darkness from whence the hot
came, or how many men were en
gaged In the assault. The horses were
frightened "at tho firing and started off" on
a dead run, -continuing their flight tor
about'' halt ' mile, when enc
of the lead horses fell -slgL-.
'having 'been wounded by the highway,
menfand ihe' coach proceeded on without
him. The robbprs did not overtake the
coach, and nothing more was heard of
them. The only causualtics to the pas
sengers were a slight wound on the leg
received by "Whistling Dick," and the
disappearance of Mayor CIiuii, who was
on bis way to Tucson.
As near as couln be ascertained, Mr.
Clum was on the outside, and cither fell
or jumped oft' during the shooting. As
nothing has been heard of him at the pres
ent willing 2:30 a. m. the gravest ap
prehensions aie felt regarding his safety;
as unless he had been killed or wounded
by the fusilade, it would seem that he
must have reported himself by this time.
This information was obtained by
Sandy Bob's driver when he metKinnear's
coach on bis way in last night.
Arrangements are now being made to
send ut a party in quest of the missing
Florence Xotex.
From Him Enterprise.
Messrs. Andrews, and Nettle,
charged with carrying away rich
ore from the Silver King, were
examined before Judge Benson Wed
nesday, and were bound over in the
sum of 8600 each, to await the ac
tion of the grand jury.
The Church mine is showing up
splendidly. The breast of the fifty
foot level is in solid galena. The
ore body covers the entire height and
breadth of the level breast, which is
seven by four feet. The owners are j
highly elated over the showing, and
wen ttiey may be.
vny liuormation ot the -wMcre-abouts
of Leonard Court will v
thankfully received by his mothev
Mrs. Harriet Court, 3001 Pleasan
JtiHvHKP Xi'
iHtaNlHHPrtotO 3
BHHHRpTIbr fttrjakf Em
HMMmaud thus stopr-iicr'
street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin."- Wbei ..'
last heard from he was at Ca$a
Grande, this county. He is an only
child and lus aged mother is very
anxious to know if he is still alive.
Judge Anderson, of Florence, is
now general manager of tho Pinal
County bank, and no better man
could have been selected for the po
sition. He possesses not- only the
requisite business qualifications, but
is scrupulously honest and enjovs
the confidence nnd esteem of our en
tire business population.
The Silver Queen, belonging to
Mr. John Bates and other sturdy
ranchmen of the San Pedro, has been
bonded to Tucson parties for $50,000.
The valde of the Queen has been
demonstrated by the surest of all
methods, viz: mill-ruus. The own
ers hauled i-even tons to the Tucson
mill, and received a return ot $130
per ton. The ore was not assorted,
but taken from the dump as it came.
Two shafts have been sunk on the
claim, one 03 and the other 14 feet.
Tho vein as shown at the bottom of
tho 95-foot shaft, is three and a half
feet iu width.
Four JlrNsaseM on One Wire at Once.
, The Montreal Telegraph Company
have now iu full operation the in
stiument by w ich four messages
may be transmitted over the same
wire at the same time, two operators
working at each end. Yesterday the
" quad" was tested on a number 9
(small size) wire, and worked suc
cessfully over a distance of 385 miles.
Several well-known United States
telegraphers were advised of the re
sult, and they aqreed that it was a
marvelous feat on so small a wire.
The instruments will soon be work
ing in connection with all the leading
points, and tluj result expected by
the company is that delay will bo re
duced to a minimum. The differ
ence between the time taken by the
message on the wire on the o'd sys
ti m and on the new is extraordinary.
The company hopes to make the
public service very much better now,
as carte blanche has 'been given to
introduce any improvement or super
ior appliances into their services.
Montreal Witness, Nov. 19.
ItrrordM Mnce 1H50.
From the Mar, Dec. U.
Following is given the total number of
documents if every class filed for record
in Jlic Pima County Hecordcr's office since
IH'yi: Total number of mining locations,
14,!JG8; deeds to mines, 5,244, as grantors;
mill sites, 442; claims to land,'l)t3; per.
sons who have morlgaircd real estate, 1,113;
persons who have been attached, 178; per.
sons and incorporations who have sold
real estate, 3,715; bills of sale of general
personal properly, as grantors. C5; number
granted powers of attorney, 510; number
who have filed liens, 02; 'lessors, 231; la
bonds for mines, 421; number of persons
wlio have made assignments of uioriKaces.
37 ; miscellaneous records transcribed frojm
Dona A a county, N. M. (now Gram
county), 211.

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