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The Tombstone epitaph. (Tombstone, Pima County, Ariz.) 1880-1882, December 19, 1881, Image 3

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;ly Epimi.
I. 10. l&U
aigq, is frond
IlMltlMOXM OiHl'H.
bapondcnt tovlU Mining
of SilvcrJjkfrKNnw Mox-
from SanrTOfe, thus .epi
tomizes tho growth and prosperity of
that territory. Ho says:
The progress of tho territory is
vory rapid and can bo best judged
by the itntnenso inoreaso in taxes
'nurt liconses. From Decern or l?th,
18S0, to November 18th, 1881, the
i amount of taxes and licenses paid
in tho several counties wcro as fol-
" Iqws: San Miguel, $31,875 47; Santa
Fe, 628,7-19.90; Colfax, 20,58f:.5S,
Bernalillo, S13.GS8.25; Grant, i12,
fG2.08; Dona Ana, $9,731.20; Mora,
$9,470.85; Socorro, $0,758.88; Valon
oia, $G,670.U; Taos, $4,550-15; Lin
coln, $3,229.91; Rio Arriba, $2,980
.00. The total is over ono hundred
and fifty thousand dollars and is
1 double tfto amount collected last
This is certainly a good showing
l'BVN for our sister territory. Jt reminds
us very forcibly, however, of two
things. Tho first is, that the people of
New Mexico must havo very hon
est and economical officers, and tho
second is that Cochise county's tax
roll is within a fraction of $30,000
as much as tho wliolo torritory of
New Mexico. Thif. is a subject for
our tax payeis to 'eflect upon. Co
chise county is in .superficial area the
smallest in Arizona, and is not, prob
ably, larger than any one of those
in Now Mexico. Our population, at
a rough estimate, does not exceed
10,000, as against 149,500 in Now
Mexico. Tho problem stands thus:
149,500 people are taxed $150,870.47
against 10,000 people who aro taxed
$120,000, with 10 per cent additional
for the privilege of paying over to
the tax collector that amount. Com
ment is unnecessary.
Goveknor Sheldon of New Mex
ico is a man that deserves great
credit for his unceasing exertions for
tho maintenance of peace and good
order within the boundaries of the
territory over which he was appoint
ed to rule. The Silver City Mining
Chronicle says of him:
Governor Sheldon is visiting the
southorn counties with the view of
consulting with sheriffs as to the best
way of puttirg down tho rustlers
along the Mexican bordur, and stop
ping the cattlo and horse stealing.
There is a very promising field for
the governor and sheriffs to operate
in. The sheriffs could and would
very soon do tho work themselves
were tliey allowed enough to pay
them actual expenses while engaged
in tho pursuit. As the law now
stands, they aro not allowed enough
to pay for tho tobacco they would
smoke (to say nothing about fluids)
whilo chasing these thieves. ,
"Were tho same energy displayed
by our governor we bog pardon, wo
havo no governor to consult with our
sheriffs, so we amend by saying that
would tho sheriffs of Pima, Pinal,
Graham and Cochise counties consult
among thomsclves, and co-operate
with the sheriffs of Now Mexico, they
could soon rid this country of the
cow-boy nuisance and earn tho ever
lasting gratitude of those who con
tribute to their support.
Silver City, Now Mexico, has
just passed through the trying ordeal
of a heated municipal election that
is, the people havo elected a mayor.
Wo havo always had considerable re
spect for our sister city, but since
tho returns of tho late election were
made public through the columns of
the Chronicle of that place, our re
spect has given rise to admiration.
The vote was most astounding. It
appears there were three candidates,
w!io polled respectively tho follow
ing votes:
James Corbin 09
Gideon Truesdell 19
Mr. Scattering 1
Total Tin!
Just think for a moment what this
enormous vote represents. First, of
course, it represents an Incorporated
city with all the paraphernalia of
councilman, marshal, police judge,
assessor, tax collector, treasurer and
city attorney. Second, it should rep
resent 440 uls, big and little, great
and small, estimating upon the
usual basis of five to the voter. The
fact is, bilver City, New Mexico,
almost rivals our Salt river city of
There aro now 17,720 locomotives
in the country, of which Now Eng
land has 1,700, the Middln States
6,000, tho Westorn 7,800, the South
ern 1,800 and tho Pacific states 480.
Massachusetts has 980, New York
2O00, Pennsylvania 2,700, Illinois
1,900, Georgia 303, Virginia 300 and
Florida 38;
The turquoise in the imperial
crown of Russia camo from the mines
in Now Mexico nearly two centuries
ago. It is the largest and finest stono
of the kind in the world.
Wasi'unotox,, Doc. 13. On the
convening of tho riininal court this
morning, Dr. Fordyco Baker, a dis
tinguished physician, testified, defin
ing insanity in its several phases.
His compr. (tensive and positive con
olusions accorded with tho theory of
tho prosecution. Judge Cox asked
tho witness what ho meant by " irre
sistible impulse." Tho answer was:
"Accessions of emo ion to such a de
gree as to produce conduct entirely
at variance with the individual's for
mor lifo, and to such a degree as to
completely control the will-power,
would constitute irresistible im
pulse." Guitcau asked: " Whero a man is
impelled to commit a crime by an
impulse he can't rvsfct, is ho sano or
" When that fact can be proven,
sir, it is insanity."
Guiteau- " That's just my case,
sir." Then, with an air or perfeol
satisfaction, to Seovillc, " Come, that
is tho wliolo case. Let's havo recess,
I'm getting hungry."
Mrs. S"ovillo asked Dr. Fordyco
Baker, " Can a man be born insane?"
Tho answer was: "No, madam; he
could bo born an idiot or imbecile.
Insanity is an acquired state after
Mtort'N' Opinion of tJuitenu.
Chicago, Deo. 13. Emery A.
Storrs, the eminent criminal lawyer,
says: "I think Guiteau will bo con
victed. Crazy is not tho right kind
of word. There is nothing to indi
cate that Guiteau did not and does
not fully comprehend the difference
between right and wrong, and noth
ing shows ho was acting under an
irresistible impulse proceeding from a
diseased brain.
Tho Crusade against l'olysniiiy.
Washington, Dec. 2. There was
laid on the desk of each congressman
this afternoon a handsomely engraved
card bearing on ono fold the presi
dent's message on polygamy, printed
in letters of gold, on tho other side,
in crimson, tho admission made by
George Q. Cannon of his position on
tho Mormon question. EacJt card is
inscribed " Respectfully dedicated to
tho Forty-seventh Congress by the
Women's National Ami -Polygamy
Society of Salt Lake City, Utah."
It is reported that some time be
fore his assassination, Presidont Gar
field held a long consultation with
Willotts in regard to a form of gov
ernment for Utah. At first the pres
idont was strongly in favor of re
mitting the government of that ter
ritory to the governor and judges of
tho Supremo court thereof; but after
a thorough discussion of the subject,
ho assented to tho views which are
embodied in the bill which Willetts
will offer to morrow. Willetts also
reintroduced three other bills which
were offered by him in tho Forty
sixth Congress and referred to the
judiciary committee, which never
made a report upon either. The first
relates to tho crime of bigamy and
proof thereof; tho second is to pro
vide for challenges and oaths to
jurors in trials for bigamy and polyg
amy in territories of the United
States. The purpose of the third
bill may bo inferred from its title,
which is, " A bill to further regulato
suffrage in the territories of the Uni
ted States, and to fix certain qualifi
cations for office, and to provide reg
istration of votes in the territory of
Indemnity tor Indian Depredation.
Washington, Dec. 12. Senator
Farley to-day introduced a bill pro
viding for the appointment ot three
commissioners by the secretary of
the interior to pioceed to Arizona
and examine all claims presented for
the value of property stolon, de
stroyed or captured by Arizona In
dians. Tho commissioners are to re
quire full particulars, supported by
the oaths of claimants and witnesses,
and upon the sworn testimony thus
taken each claim shall be considered,
adjusted and allowed, or rejected,
according as a majority of the com
mission may deteimino. Claims for
damages aro to be admitted, and al
lowances are to be confined to the
actual value of property lost. The
commissioners aro to submit their re
port to the secretary of the interidr,
who in turn is required to transmit
it to congress as a basis for the ap
propriation bill.
The Mouth American Troubles Tariff
Jteduction. "
Washington, Dec. 13. The in
troduction of a resolution to-day in
the Senate calling for copies of cor
respondence between tho state de
partment and ministers of Peru and
Chili in relation to the affairs of
those governments, is said to be a
strike at Blaine from a stalwart
quarter. It is claimed that Blaiue
has only given such side of this cor
respondence as tends to relieve tho
stato dopartment of responsibility
for any misunderstanding, but that
the entire correspondence will show
that tho best advices to tho United
States weroagxinst tho course adop
ted by Blaine, and that the state de
partment is to blame for tho trouble.
Morrison of III. will introduce a
bill to reduce all tariff duties ono per
;ohh!i from tho Capital.
Washington, Dec. 13. Senator
Edmunds to-day introduced tho samo
bill to punish polygamy which Chris
tianoy introduced in the 45tlt Con
gress. In the house to-day Pago intro
duced a bill to restrict Chinese immi
gration; also for tho protection of
labor in the United States, and to
regulato immigration. Both these
are designed to carry into effect the
Chinese treaty by prohibiting immi
gration. Washington, Dec. 13. It is un
derstood that Congressman Pago of
California, who has been for some
time engaged in a bitter controversy
with tho director of the mint, de
sires to bo mado chairman of the
coinage committee, Pago was ono
of tho most ardent supporters of
Kiefer for the speakership.
Davis of West Virginia will sub
mit a resolution asking the secretary
of tho interior for details of pension
frauds, and what has been done to
prevent and punish them.
Curtiu and other Pennsylvania
democrats intend to vote against sev
eral southern democrats, claimants
to seats in congress.
Washington, Dec. 13. The Sen
ate committee on finance approves
Sherman's bill for tho issue of three
per cent bonds. Folger will appear
beforo tho committeo on Thursday
and give his ideas.
In tho senate the following bills
were introduced: liy blater for the al:
lotment of lands in severalty to In
dians residing upon the Umatilla
reservation, Oregon, granting pat
ents therefor, and for other purposes,
Referred to committee on Indian
Chief Naval Constructor John W.
Etsby was to-day placed on the
retired list.
ItadMS Nlilp Hallway.
Washing ion, Dec. 13. West to
day will introduce Eads's bill for tho
construction of a ship railway across
the Isthmus of Tehauntepec. The
bill piovidcs that Eads shall first
demonstrate the practicability of tho
scheme by tho expenditure of seven-ty-fivo
millions in preliminary work,
and that when the plan is proven
practicable, congress shall guarantee
bonds amounting to a hundred mil
lion dollars.
Mining Accident.
Deadwood, D. T., Dec. 13.Two
men, James Walker and Thomas
Hgy werc killed, and three others
wounded, by tho falling of a shelf of
cement in the Esmeralda mine this
Snu FranclHoo Iteinw.
San Francisco, Dec. 13. It is
reported at tho police station from
Visitacion valley that tho body of
Antonio Galliano, who was stabbed
by his brother yesterday, was found
in a cabbage garden on tho ranch to
day. The grand jury, accompanied by
an architect, will visit the theaters
and public halls of tho city this
afternoon. If any are found vhose
means of exit are not sufficient, it is
expected that their licenses will be
It is r. ported that ex-County
Clerk Stuart, who skipped town some
months ago, is back again in a de
mented condition.
Xphs from the Itrltinlt Capital.
London, Dec. 12. The absence
of news from the balloon in which
Walter Powell was carried to sea
Saturday causes a great sensation.
Powell had a project lo cross tho
Atlantic in a balloon.
At a meuting of the Royal Geo
graphical Society last night t. propo
sition was mado that a ship be sent
next summer to aid in the search for
tho Jeannette.
A meeting is to bo held at the
Chapter House, Westminster Abbey,
to-day, memorial of the late Dean
Stanley. Tho Prince of Wales will
move tho resolutions, which will be
seconded by Lord Granville and
supported by Lowell, American
Th Vienna Calamity.
Vienna, Dec. 13. Twenty-seven
bodies were removed from the ruins
of tho Ring theater yesterday, also a
quantity of fragments of bodies, the
feet and hands of which werc not
Salt Lake City, Dec. 12. John
Sharp a Mormon bishop and old resi
dent, was re-naturalized on Friday.
He had tho samo papers originally
as Cannon held, but, deeming them
insufficient, got new ones.
Utica, N. V., Dec. 13. Ostrand
er, tho murderer, has been respited.
St. Louis, Dec. 13. Martin
Pachett, for the murder of James
Burns, has been sentenced to be
hanged Jan. 20.
An I'.xtra teCMNlon.
From the Arizona Democrat.
From private sources wo under
stand that there will be a determined
effort made by tho people of Tucson
and vicinity to capture the new gov
ernor, and induce him to call an ex
tra session at tho commencement of
the coming year, the avowed pur
pose of which is to movo the capital
to Tucson. Another move is also on
foot, by theso samo parties, namely,
to induco Hon. Granville H. Oury, at
the incoming congress, to introduce
a bill to permanently locate the capi
tal of the territory at Tucson. Now
as to the first move, the people of the
north say to their friends of tho
south not to attempt to call an extra
session, as the object will certainly
be productive of no lasting result.
Tucson ought to rest satisfied wi',h
tho arbitrament of last "winter, s'le
was fairly beaten on the question.
Her delegates did their level best to
carry their points, but they wore
checkmated. As to the second move,
we think our friend Oury will "pause
and reflect" boforo he is mveig'ed
into promoting a bill to permanently
anchor tho capital at Tucson by con
gressional act. In commenting en
this matter, our people say that if the
capital must go, by the will of tho
people, expressed through the legis
lature, they aro in favor of Phenix
first and Tombstone next, never to
Tucson. This is the settled expressed
wish of the people of northern Ari
zona. Wo aro willing te enter into
a fair contest in this capital question
with all comers, and say to the Tuc
son wire-pullers: Go slow; stratagem
will not avail you in a matter of this
All the Eastern Papers ami Magazines,
' Seaside" and " Franklin Square" Libra
ries tit the Post Office News DriroT.
"Shorty" has left town. Tombstone
throws her old slipper after him.
Tun case ot the disputed district attor
neyship was argued last evening and taken
under advisement by the court.
A new safe for the County Treasurer ar
nved by train on Sunday. Hereafter the
ten per cent will have an ample prolec
tion. DrsrLAYS of beautiful fancy work, toys,
books, cards, etc,; refreshments of all
all kinds served by our most charming
ladies; Hebecca at the well, fish pond,
grab-bag, and numerous other attractions
not forgetting the old woman in her
shoe all can be enjoyed lor the small
sum of twenty-five cents, on next Tuesday
evening, December 20th.
Mit. JIcCakty scores one for Tomb
stone in the way of new dances. On.
Saturday he was in receipt of two new
round dances in advance of San Francisco.
These are the Alsatian dance and the New
port waltz. These will be taught his
pupils as they advance in the mysteries
of his art.
" Rise, poor wounded heart, beautiful,
purified soul ! God's angels rejoice over
you ; take your place among the noblest of
God's creatures 1" The New Majdalen.
YEsrEitiUY morning the air was de
cidedly bracing, there having been a slight
touch of frost during the night. The day
however, was just exquisite neither too
hot nor too cold.
Dumsa the absence of Mr. John Seven
oaks, superintendent of tho San Pedro
mine, in San Francisco, Mr J. II. Todman
will attend to all matters connected witlt
the mine.
Service pipes Horn the Tembstone W.
M. & L. company's mains continue to be
put in daily. This shows that the people
remember their friends.
Tire very best musical talent obtain
able lias been engaged to otllciate in the
choir of. the Catholic church during tho
Christmas services.
As may be seen by announcement iri
auother column to-day, there will be a
Uiand ball jjiven at the new hotel in Con
tention on the 26th inst. The proprietors
are using every effort to make this the
most successful social event of the season,
and as they are adepts in the art of pleas
ing, a right good time may be anticipated.
Tin: following eastward bound passen
gers past Coltoit yesterday: CD Havin,
II W iloiton and wife, Yuma; Nellie
Wilson, Amy Wilon, C II Phillipps,
Smith, J HicUcy, Mabel Wilson, Tomb
stouu; Col. Thos. E lioiello, New Mexico,
It Griffith, Marieupa; AlvinJesliu troupe,
Tucson; Vf O Bruns, Wtllcox; N Blalz,
Phenix, M Monroe, A A Ward, Prescotl;
Maj. J Kline, Yuma.
Mr. Wm. Piiiihiah, of Los Angeles, ar
lived in town on Monday on official busi
ness (or Wells, Fargo & Co., with which
company ho has been connected for twelve
years. Mr. Pridhani is a brother of our
townsman, Geo. Pridham, and finds many
old-time friends to extend to htm a cordial
welcome, notwithstanding he took them
all by surprise.
Major Thomas S. Morgan, one of
Tombstone's pioneer and most energetic
mining men, returned from New York
Sunday, and is at his old quarters at the
jleniiuae. Mr. Morgan has his two
young sons with hint, who are enjoying
the full freedom of life in Arizona with
horse and gun. The major will remain a
few days and take a trip to California, to
bo back again in another week or two,
when he will devote his time to his mining
interests here.
ttich Strike.
The San Pedro Mining company have
been developing their property near
the Vizma in a very quiet sort of a
way for the last six months. Those best
acquainted with the location had great
faith in its final outcome. The vein show
ed ricli hoin silver and Chloride near the
surface, but not in large quantities. It
continued down f'om the surface neatly
vertical and very regular, until a day or
two ago when it was intersected by a two
foot bedded or horizontal vein of lich
carbonate ore, showing the usual green
horn silver of this class of ore. Our re
porter did not learn the depth at which
this strike was made, but full particulars
will be obtained for our next repott. This
strike is important as being the westenr
most point where a rich body has been
found north of the canyada that divides
the not th trom the south mines. The Ep
itaph congratulates the shareholders in
the S.tu Pedro on their good fortune in
this find, which we trust will be as exten
stye as the other mines in the same vi
cinity. Water In Bilver Flake.
It is but a few days since we announced
the starting up afresh the Silver Flake
mine, and we had hoped to have included
it in our weekly reports; but the elements,
it seems, were against this desirable end
for we havo been informed by the superin
tendent that wrter has been struck at 52
let depth In such abundance that it can
not be contrulfetVby hand. At no other
point near Tombstone. tas water been
struck at so slight a deptlu In the Sub
phuret it wns fqnnd at Cw feet, and in 8ll
ver Belt at 190 feet. The locality of the
Silver Flake is such that a less depth
might reasonably be exp'ected to develop
water, it being on Ike rolling mesa between
the Owl's Nest and Pickcm Up Station.
The ledge, it is said, was showing finely,
and the assays vvete showing a belter
class of ore with evety foot attained in
depth. Mr. Getrold, the superintendent,
will leave for S.in Francisco shortly, where
machinery will be obtained to continue
the work of development.
Tombstone Ii.nmll. Society.
The regular weekly meeting of the above
named society took place last evening in
Judge Lucas' office, u large number of
members being present. Music, debating
nnd feneriil hnsinpss nrrunirrl the time
until nearly 11 o'clock, when they ad
journed to meet again on Monday evening
An Oil City young man, who is
keeping company with one of tho
school ma'ams, calls her Experience,
because "experience is a dear
teacher." Oil City Derick.
Cochise Conntv Records.
The following instruments of record
have been filed in the office of (he county
Jacob Zimmerman to A. Mundell, Ji of
George Henry; $100.
Josiah White to Tranquility Mining Co.,
the Tranquility; $5.
J. S. Clark to Contention Con. Mining
Co., the Flota Morrison; $5.
J. It. Farrell to Contention Con. Mining
Co., the Transfer; $10.
S. W. Sheppard to L. Price and M. A.
Smith, JShcppard; $5,000.
J. W. Allen to J. M. Watson, the Silver;
P. Pltelan to J. Plocky, the Yankee
Sam; $1.
J. Drum et al. to J. T. Roberts, the Ber
lin and others; $7,000.
V. Fiore to A. M. Nigro, K "f Water
wanted; $250.
A. W. Fay to II. W. Hoag. Antes;
D. Moriarty to F. Roper ct al., 3-7 Ken
tucky; $390.
E. L. Bker to .1. II. Todman, 310 Hard
scrabble; $900.
F.H.Lord to W.Liitourelte, the Load ; $5.
J. A. Miley et al. to G. Triuolct, the
Diepow; $100.
Shaffer & Lord to A. E. Lord, saw
mill; $3.
Shaffer & Lord to A. B. Lord, lot 20, in
block 33; $300.
Cincinnati G. & S. M. Co.
Girard G. & S. M. Co.
Sulphurct Mining Co.
Tranquility Mining Co.
Vizinn Con. 31. Co. to C. GeizcnhoiVr,
lots 18, 19 and 20, block 8; $150.
San Pedro M. Co. to J. Curlew, lots on
San Pedro mine; $100.
Head Center M. Co. lo Ftcderick Low,
the Sunset mill; $33,000.
P. Osterman to C. O. Lins. lot 7. block
47; $342.
P. J. Kimball, Cachise, Chiricaltua dis
trict. J. A. Smith, Independence, Cachise dis
trict. D. Humphrey and P. Cnll.igh.at, Win
field No. 2, Tombstone district.
S. Hancock et til., Cochise No. 2, Tomb
stone district.
From tho Dally Star, Dec. 13.
Hon. II. S. Stevens has announced hint
self as a candidate for Mayor.
Tucson received 48,000 pounds of wheat
yesterday front the Pima agency.
The Tombstone race horses arrived in
Tucson this morning, mid ate in charge of
Atchie MclJride until the owners arrive.
The son and other tnembeis of Sheriff
Paul's family are afflicted with mumps.
A little g.rl at the lluss house also has
them, besides three or four Mexican fam
ilies. The Daily Times, recently established at
Los Angeles, by Mr. Titos Gardiner, is de
fuact. It died at the age of seven num.
bers poor Times poor Gardiner. Let
him be called the great American newspa
per starter and btutcr.
The latest from the Santa Catalina dis
trict indicates unusual activity. Tlicte are
a large number ot el inns showing up ex
ceedtngly well, 'lite American Flag
group, it is ptedicted, will in a short tiuie
nval some of the best mines in the terri
tory. Archie McBtide, who was present at
the Tombstone fire, speaks in high terms
of the efficiency ot' the lite department.
Chief Engineer .ilcCtnu, he says, deserves'
credit for the masterly manner in which
he managed the tire, and to the well di
rected exertions of the firemen is due the
fact that no gcnei.il conflagration took
From the Jouranl.
Last evening a tramp iitl-mketl Mrs. Sal
uzar on the militaty plaz.t and attempted
to rob her. ilers.cie.ims fortunately had
the elfect of frightening the scoundrel bo
that she v as enabled to reach her home in
There was a general rmh at the sherilPs
office yesterdf.y to pay taxes, that being
the lust day without cts. There was
taken in something over $20,000. the bitr-
gest day's collection of taxe vi f.tr as
known in the tettitory.
From Old lint.
From the Ultlzcn.
Mr. D. B. Rea, one of our pioneer ptos
pectors, returned on Saturday last from a
visit to tho copper mines in the Santa Cat
alina copper belt, Old Hat district. Among
the mines he visited were the Apache, St.
Nicholas and Midas, tcceutly putchased
by Dr. Kane, and incoi pointed by a strong
New Yotk company. Active work has
begun, and the developments made aheadv
warrant the putting up of a furnace, which
the company propose doing at an early
date. The superintendent is W. B. Scott,
lately superintendent of the Huachuca M.
nrjjl M. Co., and the choice of the new
company in this respect is certainly a
wise and fottunate olc. These arc int.
meuse copper ledges; the detached float
on the mountain sides alone is estimated
at the very lowest calculation to be at least
a thousand tons of high grade copper ore.
TIiq ledge upon the Apache lias been cut
and sunk upon lo a depth of fifty feet, ex
posing ore matter from six to twenty feet
in width. The character of the ore is red
oxide and gieeu carbonate, and yields
readily to the simple smelting process.
The uottheast extension of this mine, the
Comanche, was sold on Friday last to Ed.
Retlly of Copper Queen fame, the consid
eration being $20,000. The mine i said
to be of equal merit with the Apache, the
work thus far showing the same grade and
character of ore, and also the same great
abundance along its entiro ledge. The
claims on the west of the Apache, namely,
the Mermaid, Lotd Byron, Santa Claus,
Little Buttercup, and Everlasting, owned
by Moye Wicks & Co., show a continuous
vein from the first-named mines through
their entire length, the same character
and grade of ore, breaking out at intervals
in deposits equal to the Apache. An as
say made on Saturday from these mines
showed 83.7 per cent copper, and $37.70
silver ; total$103.7C erton. These speci
mens were an average from the Santa
Claus mine, taken from across the ledge
fifteen feet in width. Each ot these groups
of claims has a splendid spring of pure
water sufficient to run a number of water
jacket furnaces. Xattne has especially
favored these mines, as the springs are so
located that the ote can be dumped from
any claim right to its tespective spring.
The timber In this section is In gicat abun
dance, pine and oak predominating.
.lohmiy Ilererotd.
Trom the S. F. Revolt.
Johnny Herefoi d, who was at one time in
high favor with the bonanza folks in Vir
giuia City, and cut a wide swath while he
continued in a handsome position under
the bonaza firm, has just been admitted
to practice in the U. S. Supreme Court at
Washita 'on. He is a member of the
Herefvh I,F. V's.
' ' vj&S-
J'atality Anions Children.
From the jitu-f. .
In a letter from C. B. Genung of Vulture
vCtty io a friend irtbis citV, lie writes of a
'tefrfyle (Millty among school children in
that district.1!;. Ottt'Lof- a school, of fifty
pupils, inrfrtech have died slnce,August
1st, and c'gft are sick at this .present, time.
The disease "seems to pe soinr affectionbf
District Court.
Court met pursuant to adjournment, the
Hon. W. II. Stilwell judgo presiding. The
minutes were icad and approved.
Tito Tombstone M. & M. Co. v-. Wty
Up M. Co. c.ttue ou for hearing.
Witnesses examined were C. W. Lunch,
foreman of the Grand Central mine, and
Prof John A. Church, superintendent or
the Tombstone M. & M. Co., and expert.
The afternoon was exhausted in arguing
as to the admissibility of certain doctt
mentary evidence.
At 7 p.m. tite case of Littleton Pi ice for
the district attorney's office of Cochic
County came fin for hearing.
Mining shafts to the tittuiljer of
sixteen have been discovered in the
Yellowstone Park, Wyoming. Tho
deepest is 2.3 feet. They are the
work of the race of the stone age,
for at the bottom of these shafts
were found etono li.tmniorn and stone
Important to Grocers, Packers, Huck
sters, and the
"USSOXi: L'ltriiled nlr. active
This preservative Is not a llquM. pickle, or any I'ruilH may be permitted to ripen lu their
of the old and exploded proccsees, but I simply I nathe climate, and cub be transported toany part
and purely OZONE, a prodnced and applied by of the world.
an entirely new process. Ozone is the antiseptic I The juice expressed from fruits can be held for
principle of cicry substance, and possesies the j an Indefinite period without fermentation hence
power to ptescne animal and cgUaable struct-1 the great value of this process for" producing a
uios from decay. I temperance beverage. Cider can be held perfectly
There 1h nothing on the tare of the sweet for any length of time.
earth liable to decay or upoll vthichi Vegetables can be kept for an Indefinite pe
Ozone, the lit tv preKci-vatirc, w ill not , rlod In their natural condition, retaining their
pi-CHcric for all tlmo In a nrrfertly odor and flavor, treated in their original packages,
freuli and palatable condition. at smalt expense. All grains, flour, meal, etc.,
The value of Ozone as a natural prcserur has j are held In their normal condition.
been known to our abler chemists for years; but,
until now, no means of producing It in a practi
cal, lnexpensltc and simple manner hac been
Microscopic observations proe that decay is
due to sceptic matter or minute germs, that de
velop and feed upon animal and vegetable struct
ures. Ozone, applied by the Prentiss method,
seizes and destroys theso germs at once, and thus
preserves. At our offices In Cincinnati can be
seen almost every article that can be tbought of
preserved by this process, and every visitor Is wel
come to come In, taste, smell, take away with
hlra, and test In every way the merltsofOzone a
a piceervatlve. We will also preserve, free of
chanre, any article that is biought or sent pre
paid to ih, and return It to the sender, for him to
keep and test.
FreHh McatH, such as beef, mutton, veal,
pork, poultry, game, fish, etc., preserved by this
method, can be shipped to Europe, subjected to
atmospheric changes and return to this country In
a stato of perfect preservation.
Kcrs can be treated at a cost of less thau $1 a
thousand dozen, and bo kept in an ordinary room
six months or more, thoroughly preserved; the
oik held In Its normal condition, and the eggs as
fresh and perfect as ou tho day they w ere treated,
and will sell as sliictly "choIc." Tho advantage
In preserving cj.y Is readily en.m there are sea
sous when they can be bought for S or 10 cen's a
dozen, and by holding them, can be sold for an
advance of from one Imndren to three hundred per
ceut. One man, vvltutlit method, can preserve
ow cozen per my.
A. C. ISowen, Marlon, Ohio, has cleared $2000 In
two months. $1 for a test package was his first
Woods Brothers, Lebanon, Warren county, Ohio.
made $6,000 on e?gs purchased In August and sold
November 1st. $2 loru lest package un melr uisl
F. K. Kaymond, Jlorrlstonn, Belmont comity,
Ohio, Is clearing $2000 a month In handling and
ulliug Ozone. S3 for a tost packacc wss his first
V. F. Webber, Charlotte, Eatou county, Mich.,
has cleared 31.000 ir month since August. $2 for a
test package was his first Investment.
I. IS. Uatlord, SO La babe street, Chicago, Is pie
serving eggs, fruit, etc., for tho commission men
of Chicago, charging l1 cents per dozen for igi:-,
and other articles in pioportlon. ile s presen lug
50(0" dozen eggs per day, and ou his bicinesH is
making $.5000 a month cleir. $J lor a tift psckago
was his first Investment.
How to Secure a Fortune with Ozone.
A test package of.Ozoue, containing n sufficient
quantity to preserve ono thousand dozen eggs, or
other articles In proportion, will bescnttoany
appllcant on receipt of$i. This package will ena
ble the applicant to pursue any line ot tests and
experiments he dci-ires, and thus satisfy himself
as to the eitraordiuarv merits of Ozone as a Pre
servative. Alter havfng thus satl-fled himself,
aud bud time to look the field oerto determine
what he wishes to do In the future whether to
sell theaitlclu to oiheis, or to confine It to his
otf u U"e, or anj other line of policy which Is best
suited to him aud to his tmvn)ili or county we
will euter Into an arrangeuunt with him that will
make afvrtuue for him and give us good profits.
We w 111 give cxcluslio township or county privil
eges to the first responsible applicant who orders
a test package and desires to control the business
In bis locality. The man who secures
control of Ozone for any special ter
ritory, will enjoy u monopoly which
will surely cnrieli Mm.
Don't let a c'ay pass until you haic ordered a
test package, aud if you desire to secure an ex
clusive privilege we assure yo" that delay - ay de
fulvo you of it, for the applications come in to us
iy scores every mail many by telegraph. " First
tome first served "is our rule.
Ifyou do not care to send money In advance for
the test ' ackage we will send it C O. P.,
but this will put you to the expense of
charges for teturn of money. Our corre-
Olvc your full address lu cverv letter, and send
S. E. Cor. Ninth
To Miners and
Boston & Arizona Suiting & Reduction Go:
ive and Treat, or Purchase
Hud in Lots of all Sizes,
9tPnftirs Ilnvlnir Ore will Do Well
jinKiusutiicr ArrnnecmentH lor .iiuiiiis:. Jim ortne company stituatea al
i:mery city, on Hun I'eitro mver, 'inrec
;i:O.M. KICK. Neuerul Mnnasrr.
Jk.m 33.. OTIS eft? OCX,
Lumber, SMugles and Mouldings. Doors
Uti'tldcrb' and General Hardware,
Ixiassvire, Lamps and Uliamtcliors;
Bealor in GENERAL
Mare astir.
From the S. F. Eeport.
The following interesting, import
ant and inspiring statement is tele
graphed from Tombstone:
b. F. Osbiston passed the line to
day on his way to examine mines for
Fair and Mackay.
We are pleased to learn this start
ling news. We are gratified to learn
that .Mr., we beg his pardon, Col.
Osbiston, has passed the line, and we
are delighted to learn that Messrs.
Mackay and Fa;r are inaugurating
the wise policy of letting everybody
know the private business of the firm.
Col. Osbiston is a good man to look
for mines. He never found a mine,
to bo sure, but that does not impair
his reputation as a looker. But for
our prejudice against slang we should
say he is tho boss Ioolcr.
"IlAWKfxs, Boakman & Co. are now sell
tng Continental, water white, 150 fire tet
coil oil, best in the market, for $630 per
case, and larger quantities at reduced rates.
General Public.
A New Process for Preserving all Perish
able Articles. Animal and Vegetable, from
Fermentation and Putrefaction, Retaining
their Odor and Flavor.
Ktat or oxygen.'' Webster.
flutter, alter being treated by this process,
will not become rancid.
Dead human bodies, treated before decomposi
tion sets In, can be held In a natural condition for
weeks, without puncturing the skin or mutilating
the body In any w ay. Hence the great value of
Ozone to undertakers.
There Is no change In the slightest particular In
the appearance of any article thus preserved, and
no trace of any forclzn or unnatural odor or taste.
The process Is so simple that a child can oper
ate It as vv ell and as successfully as a man. There
! no expensive apparatus or machinery required.
A room filled with difierent articles, such as
eggs, meat, fish, etc., ean be treated atone tlm,
without additional trouble or expense.
Z3la fact, there Is nothing that
Or.onc will not preserve. Think of every
thing von can that is liable to sour, decay or
spoil, aud then remember that we guarantee that
Ozone will preserve It In exactly the condition
jon vi ant It for any length of time, lfyou remem
ber this, It will save asking questions as to wheth
er Oronc will preserve this or that article It
it ill preserve anythtngand everything
you can think of.
There Is not a townihlp In the United States in
which a live man can not make any amount of
money, lrom $1000 to $10000 a year, that he
pleaes. We desire to get a Hie man Interested In
each county In the United States, in whose hands
w-u can place this Preservative, and through him
secure the business which every county ought to
Avvaltn Any Man who ecures Control of OZO.VT.
in any Township or County.
The Cincinnati Feed Co, 493 West Seventh
street, Is making $5000 a month In handling buff
ers' malt, preserving and thlpplig it as feed to all
parts of the country. Malt unpreaerred soara in
twenty-four hours. Preserved by Ozone It keeps
pcneciiy svv ecs wr TOratcB.
These are Instances which we hare asked the
privilege of pub'lahtng There are scores of oth
ers. Writeto a iy of the above parties and ?et the
cviderce direct.
Now, toproie the absolute truth of everything w e
have said in this paper, we propose to place
in your hands the means of proving
for 3 ourself that we have not claimed
hnlr cnoutrji- To any person vvno doubts any
of these statements, and whe Is interested suffi
ciently to make the trip, we will pay all traveling
and hotel expenses for a visit to this city, If we
fill to prove any statement that we have made.
spondencc is very large; we have all we can do to
attend to the shipping of orders and giving atten
tion to our working agents. Therefore, we cannot
give any attention to lettcra which do not order
Ozone. If vou think of aur article that yotr-erV
doubtful about Ozone preserving, remember we
guarantee that It will preseive it, no matter what
"' H33I333EHSIvX03DS:
We desire to call your attention to a claba of ref
fiencea vvMcli no euterpriso or firm based on any
thing but the soundest business success and high
est commercial merit could seeure.
We refer, by permission, as to our Integrity and
to the value of the Prentiss Preservative, tciho.
following gentlemen: Edward C. Boyce, Member
Hoard oi Public Works ; K. O. Kshslby, City Comp
tioller: Amor Smith, Jr., Collector Internal Rev
enne; Wulelu & Worthington, Attorneys: Martin
II. Harrell and II. F. Hopkins, uouniy uommis.
sloners; W. S. Cappeller, County Auditor; all of
Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. These gen
tlemen are each famllar with the merits of our
Preservative, and know from actual observation
that we have without question the
Most Valuable Article in the World
The $2 you Invest In a test package will aarely
lead jou to secure a township or county, and then
your way Is absolutely clear to make from S'JOOO to
$10,000 a year.
jour letter to
ami Knee Streets, Cincinnati, O.
Mine Operators.
Gold and Silver Ores f all
from 100 Pounds to 10,000 Tons.
to Confer with the HaiiRxemcut JlcronTl
.lines ltciovr Charleston.
:. W.;oOAlK Superintendent.
and Blinds,
Paints, Oils, Glass, Etc. Crookervl
(ai (tenters', bunders and I aintera

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