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The Tombstone epitaph. [volume] (Tombstone, Pima County, Ariz.) 1880-1882, December 19, 1881, Image 5

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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do xm
tho night
eusuro or the
Inary excuse for
bt QMHTrKcu tit nu incentive
cV.n'co (ho lute unfortunate
lmvc been rife of tho ta
xation of not only the Harp
Mlolliilay, but of Marshall
kor Clum, Judge Spicer and
Why the feeling of deadly
liatred. ihiHtltiexUt-in relation tor tho'
Earns and -Bollidnv. every one here can
F N. ,.. -j ' " . . -
lundersUiKlfjut as against the others, it
Rs-onc of.tkose'lnscrutable mysteries tbat
kuinq but, the most depraved ean possibly;
jn a reason 'for. That the affair of
iiesday night was intended- for the
Kf-of-'john-P.-Clum, we 'arc luliy
Id. The threats of the last few days
Kavo been too well authenticated to leave
any doubt on that point. That the dam.
nablo deed miscarried, does not rob the
event ot ono jot or tittle of its enormity.
The killings and attempted killings here
tofore recorded s occurring in Tombstone
and the surrounding country have been
the outgrowth of drunkenness, wrongs, or
fancied wrongs, suffered at the hands of
one or the other parties to the difficulties.
fbis last has neither the one nor the other
I to plead in extenuation of the crime. As
affairs now stand, there seem to be no
remedy for our evils other than for the
general government to step in and declare
finililary law, and keep a sufllcient force
here to maintain peace and order. It is
evident that the civil authorities are unable
to put down the lawless element that sur.
rounds us. This remedy is one that wo ex-
cccdinglv dislike to sou applied, but where
all other remedies fail we must accept the
only remaining one, for lifu and property
must bo made as safe in Tombstone as
el&ewhere in the Union, or else all good
men will abandon the place.
It Is reported upon good authority that
several of our respected ami law-abiding
citizens have been annoyed by the receipt
of warning letters, devoid of signatures,
;lvidg them notice to quit town. That
such men as Judge Moses, Frank Leslie,
land other equally law-abiding and ptagca.
Ible citizens should be the recipients of
these anonuuous communications robs
llicm of all significance other than betray
ing the contemptible nature of tho sender,
Iwlio evidently thinks ho is perpetrating a
Ifunny j.ike, but which he mpy find to his
rjost a very dear one.
Irora tbo Citizen.
Col. lteubca Wood, post trader at Sim
I'arlos, is in town. He icports matters
ery quiet on tho reservation. The colonel
i on his way to Washington and will ho
I ono several months. He is wished a
leasant Journey.
A new postofficc has becu established at
roltonwood, Puna county, A. T., with
Charles D. Kenny as postmaster:
W. Blakely has been appointed
lostmaster at Cerbat, Mohave county;
lohn Bartlett postmaster at Oro Blanco,
Ind Richard Morrison postmaster at
ashington, Piina county.
A tiro occurred this afternoon at No.
) Maiden lane, in a smokehouse. Hams,
etc.', had been le moved from the house but
a short time before the tiro occurred, and
I the damme, therefore, was verv sliulit. A
flew buckets of water extinguished the fire
lovGthout the necessiiy o ringing the huge
in or me marcuiug lonu oi. tue nre
tympany with the medicated extinguish.
I rs.
from tho Journal.
Mr. T. M. Williams, of Silver Bell dis-
tict, left this morning for the astu He
ill bo alisent lor some weeks. Jlr.tJ. W.
Icuer, the assayer at the True Blue mine,
Ml liavn charge ol all business in the
ksence ot Mr. Williams.
An official dispatch from Silver City,
Ifew Mexico, says: "A large quartz vein
Ihs been struck in the north end ot the
Bremen mine; average assay, $1000 per
ton." This miue is noted asoneofihe
ost remarkable yet opened in New
cxlco. Mr. M. Bremen, who is largely
(tercsted in saw mills and leal estate in
he I'inal Mountains and Globo City, in
Piis territory, is tho owi.erof tho property.
Ind his many friends in Arizona will be
11 ml to hear of that addition to the already
urge deposits opened up.
Amole IilHtrlrt.
rota the Jouraa).
The above named district is the nearest
I) Tucson, aid at tho present time consitl.
Irable work is being done therein. Mr.
Fred Hughis goes there to-day with some
;alitornia tuning men to examine the
Llcso mine,owned by some Mexicans, who
jcnyorKing the ore wilh arastras
PirsuiHi results, some assays show as
Itch as $1,000 to the ton. ,Whcn work
Is commenced on this c'alm it did not
IW.ruorttifcsri 'an Inch of ore. At 20
teet the pay 'Streak isv.'Ju inches wide.
Considerably amalgam" has been bfmigh(
to Tucson and t '4 which 'was U.U icsult
of orafilwh-thls claim. Besides the above,
Ivariom claims are being worked in the
Id slriqt. One mine hat been esteemed of
builleieni vaiuo in wuuco me owners w
f ecuro' a United States patent to the prop
erty. The patent was issued to .Jluimy
Lee, oi siiver i-iKe. we trusi some enter
Rising men with capital will get hold of
prospects In this district, so (hat we may
kno-v what is the value of claims in our
immediate vicinity.
After tho lloHtilert
Fiom the Citizen.
Fout Ai'ACHK, -Dec. 13. Having re-
ceived information that tho hostile scouts
were located near Cedar creek, in the
I Ciblcu country, about twenty miles fiom
Kere, Gen. Cafr sent K troop, 6th cavalry,
under J.leuts. lvingsnuiy ana timigson, to
try and surprise them. Tho information
was to the effect that tho hostile'! had been
drinking lizwin, and in a drunken row
among themselves killed one of their num
ber. Tho troop, which left here on the
night of tho Oth, found a camp on a high
hill commanding a view or every side and
well fortified with rocks. The camp was
deserted, the hosliles having been apprised
ot the approach ot me troops, i ney lounu
the body of the dead Indian, who wis rec
ojmircd as one of Cruse'a scouts named
,lickev; This Is the first ttmojbe hostile
couu have been definitely looWS.
oo'n as tyc
teau itact-
I want jtol
I will bea'ireal
ug should baripeo to
are verv honest, lutein.
want tbu best cure Juktu
ierp are some of them utoo are
tonied to cood jvltolesotliefood.
sequently they are liable IpMndl
on. 1 want tho court to iouer them
t every morning before breakfast to walk
our or livti miles. I IWVA'ftvn or three
more little speeches tomakebut this will
do for the present." ' t
Judge Tho court will attend to the
wants of the jury.
Collier recalled, slid: ' I never saw any
signs of insanity In the prisoner."
ijcoville began lo cross examlric witness,
when Guiteau In a great rago shouted, " I
never savy this man but once in my life,
and tuat'trai lD''70; never saw him but
tlvc minutes. hut docs he know about
meY This sliowgjust how little wnse you
havo"got, Corkhnl, to put up this man as
an 0xpcrt."'-To Scoville "And you haven't
j;ot -.common horso sense to waste time
cross-examining this character. He was
6nly'H clerk in ajawycr's office, anyway."
Witness In my 'opinion, at the time I
knew him he was" perfectly competent to
distinguish between right and wrong.
Exception by Scoville.
Sroville licrturt'H on III Client.
Washington, Dec. 15. SjcovlKo deliv
ered a lecture on Guiteau this evening.
Many tickets were sold, but the attendance
was small. Scovllle was received in a
respectful and friendly manner. Iletound
no fault with the court, but claiurud that
public opinion had prejudged the case,
and thought there was great danger of
Guiteau being killed bcfoio t.ic trial was
over. At the close, lesolutionswerc adopt
cd in sympathy with the family of the
prisoner awd complimenting Scovillc on
tho management of the case.
Gosain fr"in the Capital.
Washington, Dec. 15. The Chilian
minister says Blaine's course was rot con
sidered meddlesome by the Chilian gov
ernment, but as friendly suggestions. Ik
thinks the American people and press
misunderstand ins government.
The President has nominated J. C. Han.
croft Davis, of New York, assistant secre
tary of state.
Secretary Blaine will give a reception to
his successor, Secretary Frelinghuysen,
Monday evening, on which occaiioh tho
diplomatic corps will be prcteut.
There were many callers on the Presi
dent to-day, among them Ficlinghuysen.
The rush of callers al the White House
continues. The Massachusetts congics
sional delegation called in a body, also the
Pennsylvania delegation.
After the morning hour Garland spoke
on the presidential succession.
After remarks by Coke and Jones, the
senate went into executive session.
-FuniliiiB SlrnstircH.
Washinqton, Dec. 15 The senate com
mittee finally unanimously agreed to nc
commend the passage of Sherman's three
per cent funding bill, with amendments
reducing the aggiegatc of three per cent
bunds to bt-issued to two hundred million,
and providing that the amount of the de
posits lo be received should not exceed at
any time twenty-flve million doll rs. Tho
committee took this action, after hearing
Secretary Folger, who expressed himself in
opposition to the pioposition, preferring
to retain for the government the privilege
of calling in three ami a half per cents at
any time.
Cabinet Chances.
Prospects for the selection of Benj. II.
Brewster, of Philadelphia, as attorney-general,
have apparently diminished within
tho past few days, and tho president's
choice is said to be wavering between ex.
Senator Howe and ex-Secretary Boutwel 1
Chauncey I. Filley, notwithstanding re
ports to (lie contrary, still has tho inside
track for the nomination of postmaster
general, Ex-Senator Chaffee is strongly
urged for this appointment, but the best in
formed opinion today is that ho has no
chance. Filley's strong recommendations
to President Arthur are his experience and
ability as postmaster at 31. Louis, his paity
services for many years as the principal
organizer and manager of republican po.
litical affairs in Missouri, and his devo
tion to Gcti. Grant's inteicsts in Chicago,
where bo was ono of the members of the
so-called "Old Guard" or 300 delegates
who voted for Grant from tirst to last.
The Memorial NrrvlreH.
Washinqton, Dec. 15. Tho senate and
house committees on the death of Presi
dent Garfield held a joint session today to
consider preliminary services, and referred
the matter to a subcommittee with in
structions to report to the joint committeo
as soon as practicable. A general prefer
ence was expressed that some distinguish,
cd orator be Invited to deliver a eulogy,
and that two senators and two resprescnta
tives be selected to follow the orator with
brief remarks; the services to begin and
close with prayer, and held in the house
of representatives in January.
An Appropriate tart.
New Yoni;, Dee. 15. Members of the
'New York Mining Stock Exchange have
had made an elegant pieco of solid siver
for presentation to Mrs. Garfield, which
was forwarded to her to day. The piece is
eight by twelvo inches in measurement,
and, is artistically chased. It is inclosed
in a rich frame of siver and ebony The
plate is rectangular in shape. Tlio frame
is embosscJ with a capital G m gold, sur
rounded by a chaplet of greeu and golden
palm leaves. The wliolc is inclosed in a
morocco case. On the plate is engraved
a copy of the icsdutio, s passed at a meet
ing r tho boaid, expressive of tlio grier
felt by the nation at the death of President
Sew i'oHtmaNtci'H.
Washinoton, Dec. 15. Jas. S. Howlbe
was nominated Tor postmaster or Canvon
City, Colorado, to-day, and the following
were confirmed by the senate: William
Chance, at Astoria, Or.; F. E. Biooks, at
Tombstone, A. T,; O. F.Townsend, Yuma,
Important to Silver .I'roduiwr.
'"Washington, Dec. 15. Plumb to-day
introduced a bill authorizing the owners
of silver null Ion to deposit it at any mint
or assay office, under such regulations as
the secretary of tho treasury may make,
and receive therefor silver dollars or silver
certificates up to the market value of the
The Prejudice ncnlimt Color.
Ui. Tyi,ta T"lin 1 rt Toll,,.. Tn-.r..l .,!
Ul. Ulliio.lu, ), UUIIlll IIU "HI UIIU
wife, colored, were shown out of tho Grand
Opera ilouse paiotielte last night, and
their money refunded. Rector, who i
principal of a school, will institute pio
cecdings agMnst the proprietor.
The Hallronil War.
New York, Dec. 15. It is intimated
that a final settlement of the tumk line
difficulties mat be on a basis or equalities
on ocean freights and differential rates on
grain of local Distribution.
Han. Francisco Items.
San FitANCtsco, Dec. 15. Ching Tsao
Ju, tho new Chlno-e minister, accompa
nied by his suite, twenty-six in number,
will leave to-morrow afternoon, going ill.
ject to Washington in a special car
Thf'Produco Exchange to-day resolved
to petition congress tn establish signal sta
tion the whole length of the U. S. boun
diuy on tho Pacific coast.
'Dr. Maik Neuman of this city tele
graphs to friend here that all Oalifornlans
visiting Vienna at the time ofthcRinir
theatre Hire have reported and are all safe'.
. ixnuKTTA, N. M., Dec. 15. In a melee
'lit a dance at Pecos Village, last night.
ad-l'Julia Sandoval was fatallv shot liv IIul'Ii
To-day at noon James Allen was serious
ly wounded by Ed. Cox in self-defense.
Gn.N-Ntsov, Col., Dec. 15. A. W. Harly
was yesterday alternooa fatally shot by
George Cruzen, who claimed that Harly
-threatened his life and the shooting was
in selfdefcnsc.
Fire at Fort ApnelH-.
Tucson, Dec. 15. A special to the Cit
izen from Fort Apache says: A flro broke
out In the quarters occupied by Gen. Carr
at 1:20 this morning. The building was
burned to the ground, and the adjoining
quarters wero saved with great difficulty.
All valuables were saved.
Boston, Dec. 15. It has been deter,
mined to recount the votes for mayor and
democratic aldermen.
Philadelphia, Dec. 15. At the annual
meeting of tno National Council of the
Union League of Ameiica today the pres
ent cfficeis were re-elected.
New Oklkans, Dec. 15. The French
visitors were received this morLing.
Chicago, Dec. 15 W. W. O'Brien, a
noted criminal lawyer, received dangerous
injuries by falling down an opening In the
sidewalk last night.
They DoTliIiisH Differently In Mexico
Chicago, Dec. 15. San Antonio spec
ial: A messenger from Presidio del Norte
ou thu Rio Grande, repoits that Chief Ara.
g.itti and thirty ol his tribe ' ave been
captured by jMcxican troops under Fran
cisco Gredenio. Orders were given and
promptly obeyed to shoot the chief and
several bucks. Four Indians were killed
in making the capture. The Mexican
troops aie after the remainder, numbciing
eight bucKs and several squaws and pa
pooses. These are the main lcmnants of
Victnrio's band, Aragatti Haying succeed
ed Victoiio.
The Vienna Horror.
Vienna, Dec. 15. The manager of the
ill-fated Ring Theatre for several hours
yesterday was subjected to an examination
legarding the calamity.
London, Dec. 15. In consequence of
the Vienna fire, the Lord Chambcrlaiu has
lequested the managers of 'theatres to
adopt a different manner of lighting the
audltorum from that of the stage.
IVnUins tho Wrong linn.
Bill Nye, in the Denver Tribune,
One night, nt about half-past
twelve, I judge, I heard some one
step along1 to the window of my
boudoir. Hearing it at that time of
night, I reckoned that something
crooked was going on, so I slid out
of bed and got my great blood
soarcher and lhcr-purilier, with the
new stylo of center fire mid cartridge
ejector, calculating to shove a tonic
into whoever it might bo that was
picnicking about my claim.
I looked out so as to get a good
idea where I wanted to sink on him,
and then I thought before I mangled
him I'd ask if ho had any choice
about which part of his vitals he
wanted to preserve, so I sings out to
"Look out, below there, pard, for
I'm going to call the meeting to or
der in a minute. Just throw up
your hands, if 3011 please, and make
the grand hailing sign of distress, or
I'll have to mutilate you. Just show
me about where you'd like to have
the fatal wound, and be spry about
it, too, because I've got my brief cos
tume on, and the evening air is
He didn't understand me, appa
rently, for a gurgling laugh welled
up from below, and a party sang
"Hello, Fatty! is that you? Just
lookin' to see if you'd fired yet. You
know I was to come 'round and flag
you if second seven was out. Well,
I've been down to the old man's to
see what's on the board. Three is
two hours late, and four is reported
on time. There's two sevens out,
and two sections of nine. Skinny'll
take out first seven, and Shorty'll
pull iier with 10 It's you and mo
second seven, with Limber Jim on
tho front end, and Frenohy to hold
down the caboose. First five is up
btde down in the washout this side of
Ogalalla; and old what's-his name
that runs 258 got his crown sheet
caved in and tejescopf d his headlight
into New Jerusalem. You know the
little Swede that used to run extra
for Hotbox in the emigrant for a
while? Well, he's firing on 258,
and he's under two ilats and a coal
oil tank, with, a beam ucross his
coupler, and his system is more or
less relaxed. He's gone to the
sweet sunseauentlv, too. Kest of the
boys are more or less demoralized,
and side-tracked for repairs. Now,
you don't munkey around much,
for if you don't loom up like six
bits and go out on the track, the
old man will give you a time check
and the Uiiental grand bounce.
You hear tho mellow thrill of my
Then 1 slowly' uncotked the great
blood purifier, and moving to tho"
foot-lights where the silvery moon
beams could touch up my dazzling
outlines, -I said:
"Pardner, I am pleased and grati
fied to know you. I don't know the
first dang busted thing you have
said to me, but that is mv mis
fortune. 1
my home is
am a plain miner, and
in tho digestive appa
ratus of tho earth; but for profes
sional melody of chin, you certainly
take the cake. You also take the
cake-basket and what cold pie there
is left on the dump. My name is
Woodtick Williams. I discovered
the Feverish Hornet up on Slippery
Ellum. I am proud to know you.
Keep right on getting more and
more familiar with y ur profession,
ind by and by, when nobody can
understand you, you will be promoted
and respected, and you will at last
be a sleeping-car conductor, and
revel in tho highest mental calm and
wide shoreless sea of intellectual
stagnation the world ever saw. You
But lie was gone.
Then I took the pillow-sham and
wiped some of the pulverized crack
ers off the soles of my feet, and
went to bed in a large gob of gloom..
Etill Particulars of the Last At
tempt upon the Benson
The Snrratlvi'S of Two Purmilnsr
The announcement in yeetcrday'e Gpitafu of
the attack upon tho couch nlsht before last threw
the city into the wildest excitement, and tho grav
est apprehensions were felt for Mayor Clum. As
before stated, upon rccc pt of the news a party
started out about 3 a. m. to obtain some tidings of
the mtunlug mayor, among whom were hherlfl"
Behan and C. D. iieppy. The cherlfl and Mr.
Iteppy started first and arrived at Contention be
tween 4 and 5 o'clock, where they learned from
Mr. Dunham, of Philadelphia, who was on the
stage the first particulars of the affair.
The slx-horxecoacb, driven by Jimmy Harrington,
and tho bullion waeoa, driven by "Whistling
Dick," had just left Malcolm's water station,
which is the last house on the rjad to Contention,
and only auout four miles from Tombstone, aud
were bowling along at a rapid call, when the order
to '-Hilt I" was given from t ne roadulde, and al
most Mtu jltaneoitsly a volley was fired into them.
The off leader ol the coach w as struck in the neck,
and all tho horses became uumanicable. Dick
was Jilt In the calf of the lee, receiving a paluful
fieeh wouud, but kept his scat and his wagon right
side up. The horses ran about hair a mile, when
the wounded orse weakened and fell from loss of
biood. Mr. Clum, with the assistance ol other
passengers, cut the leaders loose, and on thoy
went, it being the general impression that all the
passengers were aboard. Mr. Clum had been rid
ing on the inside, aud hewasmlsscJ, buttt was
suppocd by his fellow-passengers that he had
taken a seat on the outside, consequcnlly his
abrence was not dctec.ed until the arrival of the
coachat Contention. Upon learning this, Messrs.
Beban and Iteppy started for Tombs. one, ard
upon arriving at the place wheic the attack was
made.examinedthe locality carefully, but no trace
of the missing man was found. In the meantime,
which had left Tombstone about 4 a.m., upon ar
riving at Malcolm's Station,- 1' u ned that two
teamsters in camp with their wagons at that
point, had not only heard the noIe of their shoot
ing, but could distinctly sec the flash, the attack
having been raaduaboit the apex of the first rise
bejond. Continuing down tho road about a hall
mile beyond the attacking point, by the light of a
match, two large pools of blood were found on the
right, where the off leader hid given out, and af.er
wandering several hundred roJs to the right of tbo
ro. d, marking his trail by his ebbing life, had al
ready fallen n prey to the skulking coyote. Not
being able to discover any trail, the pany proceed
tdonto Contention, where fron-" Jlr. Dunham it
was learned that after asslstlni in rcleaslugthe
wounded leader, It was supposed br the passcn
gers that Mr. Clum had either taken a seat with
the driver or on the bullion wagon. .Willo it was
rationally presumed by the d-Iver tt-it he was in
side, and his ubrence was not actrtalocd until
arriving at Contention Just after leaving Mr.
Dunham it wax stated that Mr, U. h id (Ken heard
of at tho Urand Central mill, whither the party
proceeded, and learned that the major lad taken
the oro road to the m.ll, from whcice, after rest
ing, ho had gone by saddle to Birson, nrr.vlng
betvvtcn 7 and 8 o'clock.
As the teamster-" at Malcom's and Mr. Dunham
both state that the flashes seemed .o come from
both tides of the road, and as tho wiund received
by the bulllou driver, as well as the death-shot to
a faithful Under that had done senife ever since
the establishment ol the line, wue madeby ro
volvers, It does not, to say the least, .avc the sem.
blance of an organized intent to rvl the stage, as
no rifle cartridge shells coutd be "ouud on the
ground, and ull parties claim that th're were from
fifteen to twenty shots fired In quick 'uccosslon.
From Mr O'Brien, one of the teamsters, it was
learned that the would-be murderers .lad probably
taken up tho gulch to the northeast, just above
Malcmn's, as about one bundled jard from tho
road theie is evidence of the repeated hitching of
bt rses in the the thick brush, aud shortly after the
shooting the sound of flying hoofs came from that
Whether this affair wai a brutal attempt at as
sassination or a bungling effort to rob the stage,
the paBseuge rs and drivers bad a narrow escape
from dctiih umldst the whistling bullets, and it Is
hardly presumable tbat the most ignorant Hotten
tot or brutal Apache would be so callous and un
just, iu the meagre light of yes'erday mornings'e
news, as to atluupt lu ridicule au person who
was upon the coach. This was reserved tor jes-tt-rday
morning s Nugget, and when this is said the
utmost dregs of poeMUtlity have been reached .
For Jlnj or.
ToMBsToisE, December 13, 1BB1.
To L. W. Bllnn, Esq.. Dear Sir: We the under
signed citizens of Tombtoue, deeply sensible
of the Importance of having a man at
the head of our municipal affairs who will dis
charge the duties of such office honetly aud fear
lessly, with Justice to all aud malice to none, do
here) y express our wish that you accept tho nom
ination lor the ma) ornlty of this city at the ap
proaching election.
John A. Cnurcli
M. T. Williams
Tim u'llrieu
J. W. Anderson
Asa Turner
Henry Bokmanti
hd. simmous
John Klusmnn
C. S. llolcomb
L. I'. oeary
J. It. I.ludsay
N. a. Finch
M. M. U'oorman
William Wutson
F. A. Hunter
Clement Kuchle
W K. bpenser
Henry lllllman
S. s. Waie-r Lo
Nathan Leleh
E. Lavcuihal
1). L. U ilson
A. Baron
Louis Mabel
1'. L. Monmounler
0. T. Ureeno
0. F. paugcnberg
Henry Mejcr, Jr
B. WchrlrlU
1. draff
Michael Malone
K. W. Brown
M. h. Calhoun
J. A. Dyilcr
S. W.,rackard
Andr ws & Co
Chas. ilazkton
W. Kass .
II. F. Howe
James It. Zoubrodih
Edard Broeden
John ll.'Lackson
K. D. Oitvrsou
l'a Walsh
Oeo. barrtngton
R.'llldeu .,.'
C. K. Kelton
D. McCurty
Ohas. SiWirbrey
Micha I Walsh
1). J. West
W. M. Hauco
D. Trezona
lsaa; W. Saunders
8. It. lllnckle
Jas. II. Kirk
It. A. Harding
Johu J ltunlaud
A. L. Urovv
I.. II. Iluti.lils.oa
Fred Kcny
diaries llaiu
A. W. Johnston
Oeo. Q. itarlow
K. B. Luvcnthal
It. K. brooks
J. A. Whltiher
Sihoe-fcld & Hcvninu
William Meagher
Claus Ahreus
F. N. Wolcott
II. M. Klugfbury
J. 11. Brown
A. selreach
John shocuholnT
Vv II. N'uon
Johu Robinson
T. S. Norrie
C N Tnomas
Henry Uavly
A. II. Capuraly
I.. L. Latin
Jacob hvei hardy
W. A. nastuiunn
S. Isaacs
Tho. Gregory
K. K.Jackson
Sol. Israel
D. T. Money
Wm. Kemper
(. n. Weeks
Joseph II. Merldeth
Dewltt Meslck
Charles K. Bartholomew U. J. fiUnury
II. McSweeen
8. B Chanin
J. M. WPope
W. B Benson
Franks Kads
C. Taylor
B. V. Qulgley
K. M. Bourne
lohn lireen
Thos. L it organ
Jas. T. Iljumur.
John 11. AUman
Fr.nk Wauuco
'1 . A. Marmont
A. K. Ingersoll
C. W. Clum
Frank Walker
'lrltle& Mnrraj
M. Klupen
K. V, Vulsard
It. J. I ampbell
DauKI Me Card
Joseph I'. Orr
I. II. McDonald
Wm. Craytou
Harry Jones
N. Nicholson
W. A . Freeze
J. 11. Illeha'ds
John F. Clum
James . McCoy
D. F. Coi p.-r
F Kingsbury
Clapp Murray
I'aui Bohn
C. F. Bayle
A. Miller
J. W. Hamilton
V.. B- Camblas
W. A. Haiuood
T. J. Jt Colds
John Haynes.
Fraus. C, Hawkins
V. It.' Brown
Fielding Brown
S-. II Comslock
D. It. Itozell
buton Oilst
'Ibos B Fitzhugh
J. D. Kiunear
(Ico H. Williams
M. Suart
W. B. Williams
S. L. Hart
A. K. Harlmau
O. C. Voss
Fiul. A. Sihngir
K. tlnllock
J. M. Mump
ll. W. Jones
Wm. 8. Mjerk
I. .Murphy
Fred. J. Dodgo
John A. Jones
Thos. M. Young
T. R. Sorin
D. 0. Frtrichs
O. F. Thornton
F.J. died
Daniel O'Connor
Beldeu F. Culver
II, Scuiutidlng
Marshall Williams
C McGovvuu
I.. It. Klckabaui:h
Frai k Cumblos
Robert Long
Daniel l.jueU
The Board of Supervisors of Pinal
county have accepted a bid of P. J.
Pauly & Bro., St. Louis, to furnish
and put up a jail at Florence, for
The Nellie 3oyd tronpo left Tombstone for
icson yesterday, after a very successful engage
ment here. Our sister city bus a rare treat in
store In the series of entertainments to bo given
there. -
Tue following passengers eastward bound,
passed Colton yesterday: A B Walker, Lew Har
ris, Jr., T C fleorge, C C Melvln, Fergison, A
Brynard, Tncson; W W. Vannrsdale, Yuma;
Emma Burns, B Y Tuttle, Mrs D 1) Ford and
child, Benson.
It Is understood that a Utllo unpleasantness
occurred In the Oriental Saloon yesterday morn
ing, which nnder any circumstances is seriously to
be regretted. Under the present state of public
cxcltrment It becomes all good citizens to avoid
provocations for a disturbance.
The Tombstono M. i M. Co. against the Way
Up Mining Co., having made out their case, rest
ed, and the court adjourned last evening. This
morning the defense will introduce their evidence,
which will probably last for the remainder of the
w- ek. After that come the arguments, which w 111
no doubt continue for two or three day?, there being
to large an array.
Messrs. C. 11. Phillips, M. M. Corella and tl.W.
Mauk have gone up the San Pedro river to the
custom house, to hav a a talk with Senor De la Fn
ente, the collector of customs at ban Pedro, on af
fairs pertaining to the establishment of a consul
ate at Tombstone, and other matters of general
Interest. Wc trust the visit will result beneficial
ly to the people of both countries.
Last evening tho first number of the Dally Even
ing Tribune was laid upon our table. It is a slx-teen-colnran
paper, being about one half the size
ofthe EriTArn. It makes a very neat appearance
typographically, and Is well filled w Ith Interesting
reading matter. It is IjsiviI by the Tribune Pub
lishing Company, with Mr. Will A. Nash as bus!,
ncss manager. We w Ish the Tribune a long and
successful career.
Ul8trlrt Court.
Court met pursuant to adjournment, the Hon,
V". n. Stllwell, Judge, presldlnir. Themlnutts
were read and approved.
J. V. VIckers vs. J. S. Clark. Plalntlfl ex
cepts to the ruling of the court denying motion to
vacate judgment. Upon motion of attorney for
plaintiff It was ordered that execution be stayed
for thirty days.
Prompter Hold & S. M. Co. vs. J. Bullard.
Plaintiffs excepted to the ruling of the court In
deujing the motion herctolore made to dismiss.
Upon motion it was ordered that John Haynes,
Esq., be entered as at'orney of record for plaintiff.
C. F. Hineet al vs. S. R. De Longet al., and
sameplalutlffvs. T. J.Jeffords. Plaintiffs ixcept
to the ruling ofthe court in denying the motion
heretofore made tovacatc judgments in the above
entitled actions, and In vacating the order here
tofore madt staying proceedings in the same.
Saflord, Hudson & Co. vs. ahufler & Lord. B
consent of parties it w as ordered that plaintiffs
have judgment in accordance with tho prayer ol
their complaint.
T.Jones vs. J. C. Hand-. B. consent contin
ued for the term .
tombstone M. & M. Co vs. Way Up M. Co. This
cause was proceeded with, plaintiff Introducing
certain documentary evidence.
Upon motion of plaintiff, and no objection
being made thereto, it was ordered that the plain
tiff have leave to wlthdiavv his came of action for
damage and rents aud profits without prejudice to
a new action therefor. Plaintiff closed tkelr cate
and Ihc couit adjourned.
CoclilMe Con n Iv Itt-corilH.
The following listninients were deposited for
record yesterday tn tlie office of th county re
corder: DhEllsuS .MINH.
F. A. Von Otto to .1. II M-Ke-, 1 5 Conon
drum; $1.
I. II, MclCee to W B. Benson, Couondrnm; $1.
M, D, lliikey to A. Line, 2 14 Vermont; $23.
J. C. Burnett to A. Springer et al., block N, lu
Churlcston; J500.
J. H.McKee to S. M. Shaw, "lot 17, block 51, in
Tombstono; $125.
Fair Villa M.nlng Co. to L. M. I'earlman.
E. Field ctal. to J. II. McK"-', lot 17, block 31,
Tombstone; $50",
J. P Mclutyre to J. II. McKee. lot 17, block 31,
Tombstone; S5.
Hotel Arrivals! Yesterday.
C. E.Tracy, J.Clarke, Blsbce; J. II. llauna,
Wlllcox; M. Johnson, Utah.
B. E. Bragg', Emery City; T. J. Harrison,
Charleston; W. II. Reardon, San Francisco; P.
Kelly, Tucson; J. Duuu, Total Wjeck; ,T. B. Lud
wig. Contention; Chas Claxlon, New York; F.
Spencer, San Francisco; I) W. Wlldt,- Bisbee;
T. Patterson, (llobe; J Jackson, Ml!in,uero,iie;
James Carroll, Santa IV.
J. B. Hanna, Wlllcox; D. P. Devoe, lllsbee.
fourth Marti Mrrtlnie.
The meeting was called to order by the piesl.
dent. The minutes ofthe last meeting were read
and approv ec The club then went Into election
of permanent officers, which rcsnlted in the
ilectlon of J. P. Hafferty os president and T. L.
Darling as secretary, aud J II. Cummlngs is
trea-'urer. A committee was then appointed to
draft a platform setting torth the- objecta of the
club. The committee will lepo't ou Saturday
night, when delegates w'll be ehesen to attend a
nominating convention to eleet officers to be
elected at large, providing the other wards shall
organize clubs aud form a nominating convention.
A cordial Invitation is extended to every resident
ofthe ward to attend the mietlng on Saturday
evening and join tho club.
Itailroart Accident.
From a party who arrived on the stagelastoveu
lug, wc learn that an nccldent occurred on the
Southern Pacific railroad about 10:30 last night
about two miles wot ol Dragoon summit. A
specl.il freight train coming west wilh eighteen
box cars was ditched. A broken axle was the
cause. The cars were hadiy damaged, some being
intirely destroyed. Avviecklng train from Tuc
son cleared the track, so no delay of regular trains
Anniversary Tarty.
Mr. aud Mrs. Z. II. Taylor gave a pleasant
party on Wejlne'dav evening, it belnvfthe first as
nlversaryofTheini'arrlage. There were present
Mr. and Mrs. Fouck, Mr. and Mrs. Pridham, Mr.
and Mrs. Brother Drown, Miss Bessie Brown, Miss
Fnnck, Dr. Gardiner, Messrs. M. E. Joyce snd J,
O. Durihar.
, J TyniUll IHMlrlct.
From the Citizen.
F. F. Cranz is in town from Tyndall
mining list)ict, Santa Ttita mountains,
lie repoits an amount of activity aud in
Iciest in that camp heretofore unknown,
anil thinks the slowness that has previous
ly characterized it has disappeared for.
Tiie new road fiom Tttbac to Solari is
being rapidly pushed, and creat progress
has already been made. Uridcr the ener
irctic superintowlenre of the oveiseer,
3I.uk L-ully, the road will soou he com
pletetl, anil no douht will !' equal lo any
in the county.
The companies for which Sir. A. It.
Cacy is superintendent are grading for
their thirty-ton water j-icket furauce, and
they propose carrying the work on to com-pk-tion
with undiminished energy.
Piofessor Dana Harmon, 3Ir. P. 3IcAr
thur and D. W. Neil are doing considera
ble in the wny of development ou their
properties. They are also grading a road,
way to their mill site, where they propose,
at an early day, lo erect a stamp mill,
which the present appearance of their
mines unquestionably warrants. The
number ol stamps has not yet been decided
The camp is having a " boom," which it
is to be hoped will conlluue, and it will
no doubt become, cro ldriir. another one , of
the buillon-produeing districts. 'our;
county. : i
Flke'H Peak rhlloHophle Iturro.
From tbo Denver Tribune,
I stood upon the Peak amid th air
Below me lay the peopled, liv lug earth;
Life, life, and life again was everywhere. ,
And everywhere was melody and mirth.
Save on tbat peak, aud slleuco brooded there.
I vuunte 1 then myself, aud half aloud
Ijglorled In Iho vlcto-v 1 had wou
Forsaking earth and earth's bow lld'rlngcroAd
I'd climbed the steeps, despite the ICKks and
It was a feat that really made mc proud!
And as 1 hoisted thus, mj burru brajed
I lurnetl a l-ar was In trn creature's eye
And as I lo iked, methongbt the bur.o said:
" Whut brought you up, good sir, this moun
tain hlubr
Was it yourlegs or mine Ihc Join ney mad,'?
There is no peak s high and steep as Faui.-"',
And there be many on Its very height
Who strut In pride aud v.innt their emptj
While those, who lolled with slnrdr, honest
Ad placed tbtrr. then', have nm numbered
-l.p Oranile" it. A H. M. -o.
From the Dully Star, Dec. 11.
This company h.ii leccinly In en incoi.
poratcd In tliis'tcnitory (with the uitiei
pal office nt Tucson) 'tor the puipo-c of
working the Alburo-s mine and oilier
mines in Arimi i, hy a number of eastern
parties, and it icprt'suiied Iicie by UoIkti
A. Lewi?, general .mairigci, who "has just
closed negotiations for the Albatross mine
and other properties. 3lesrs. P;ivc Long
and Charley Vorcs were Hie tmtunatu
owners, anil luudrroiuzcfla liand'oine sum
for their proiWlyJfrhQiAlbatross mine is
near Arivacatfand ha3j)ecrJ?Sufncicntly de
veloped to sliowlitjtojbe' a property of
much merit. Thlse6mpany is entirely a
close corporation by those who have pur
chased the property as an investment. We
heartily oll'cr our good wishes for their
llF-NliY's Si'Kt irif. 1IEXOWXKD
ENGLISH UEMi:i)Y. For treatment of
Spermatorrhti'a (or seminal weakness), im
potency, and all weakness of the generative
system, also those who sutler from the ef
fects of imprudent habits formed in ytuih.
Failure is impossible in all cases where the
specific is properly used and the advice
given faithfully eairied out.
If you suffer front lassitude and fatigue
after little exertions, palpitation or ii regu
lar beating of the heart, loss of flesh, pains
in the head or back, fcpots belore the eyes,
want of energyj nervousness, diziness, low
spirits, loss of memory, disturbed sleep, or
difficulty of concentrating thought, you
should seek immediate relief, for no mat
ter how impaired or shattered the svtem
may b nor how loug standing the dfsease,
these wondwful remedies will effect a
Price $1 by mail. Consultation by letter.
Addio's, WiiEEi.nn i& Co.
No. 203 Erst Fourteenth ilreet New York.
i'ii.f.s: i'ii.i:s: i-ii.i:h!
A Hurt- Cure Found nt Last Xo One
Xectl Suffer!
A sine cure lor blind, bleeding itch
ing aud ulcerated piles Inn been dircov
ered hy Dr. William, (an Indian remedy,)
called Dr. William's Indian Ointment. A
single box has cuied the worst cluonic
cases of 23 or 30 vcars' standing. No one
ueed suffer fne minutes after applying
this wondetful soothing medicine. Lo
tions, instruments and electuaries do more
harm than good. William's Ointment ab
sorbs the tumors, allays the intense itch
ing, (particularly at night after getting
warm in lied,) acts as a poultice, gives in
stapt and painless leliefj and is picpured
only for piles, itching of the private parts,
and for nothing else
Read what the Hon. .1. M.Coftlnbeiry, of
Cleveland, says about Dr. William's In
dian Pile Ointment: I have used scores
of Pile cuies, and it affords me pleasure
to say that I have never found anything
which gave me such immediate and per
manent relief as lr. William's. Indian
For sale by all druggists, or mailed on
receipt of price. 1.00.'
IIkniiy & Co., Prop'rs, Cleveland, O.
McCarthy & O-dinrne. WhruWiln AynU
Denver Colorado.
ire the be t ami ehe.ipit Oiyans ever iifTered
iu the We. livery lnsti uiiioiit warranted tor
1 jeais, ami salitnction guaranteed, lluu
Irated Catalogue free.
615 Olive Stroot, ST. LOUIS.
are noted lor their remarkably sweet tone.
.-lipeui'r woihiuansutp,
mill biiiiitlful finish.
(,1'iutine KncwooJ
cwses Warranted for
K vcars. Tho bestlowr
priced PIANO In tb
iinrket. M-mUor Cata
logues nud Price".
915 OHvo Stroot, ST. LOUIS,
The iiiont iioii'lorfiil of i.II Musical Instrument',
l'lav- iinv li.no peifeelly. No Instruction, or
t'liivl'ilio of utusie, is neruKoarv to play tb
Oryiti'ieltf. A lucre rhlM can i roil nre the most
.KiiulltuI .ui'l uiilleult inu. 1 with five minute-,
muetl'V. Vn liumeii'u -.tefk. of nil t)les eon
slaMly on h irol. Al a full flock, of music fot
iliffx-'u'tii.lltf. 0-it.il'Kui&fiee. Agents wanted.
Lerieral Agents,
S'15 OUvo Street, ST, LOUIS
Send for o-;i
New Illustra
ted I'rice-Liat
No. 30, for
tcrbfl881. Frfciy addrcs. Con
tains full descHWroijA of goods
for personal Wgzfm&ffim. Wc deal
directly with tliVwnaume?, and sell all
goods in any quantity at wholesale prices.
You can buy better and chea-ier than at
fcmd 259 Wabarfi Avcniie.CliicirjoJII
W il I U mslUd ri t H if pllf t'. ' to co.lon.rl wllb(
cr4.ru It, II n!lm tt. cofc.r.4 phlM, il'.
stoul C( . .. n4 fttll d.wrtr-tlftiii. rnc. "I"""'
Jntlnr l0 Tutfilei r V .j.l.1.1. ol 1 1" n S4u Fjow.
IrnilTrm.rtc. Isnlsslito U all. JfMifiM frown unit
III b fa.Bd Dtofo Itllitblt for pUntUixtii lti Ttnt wt-l Ui
Iho,. rto s f.rlbf S"nlb W . iilllr c( f pljrlnl
n II FF.REY & CO., Detroit, Mich.
bniBHAK, Clay & Co., manufacturers of their
own pUnos, keep the celebrated Kslcy Organ,
Wcbar and llalnes Bros. Pianos. Instruments
fold on -Instil menu. For arciryihtn; tn the
mtule lln address then v
jjjjs, Taw
. Notary Public Office on .Meyers Mmt,t
,o-tte Palace Hotel. Tucson, Arizona
" For lieu ii I of tone, loueli anil a
tlon, I nnve never Keen their rqiial."
"Tlie Knnhe-" In absolutely tin- ln-fc
I'luno insite.
V'il .Iinrket Hlreri.t. r".
Sole Ajcentx for the I'nelflr t'onsl.
1.1.? Montgomery St.. near Ilimh,
(E'tabllshetl In !-an Trauclsco In 1W4.)
The most complicated causes of defective vli-hiii
thoroughly ilianoed free of charire. Oomrom.d
Astigmatic Lcnu-o mounted in two hours' notice,
gOrdcrs bj mail promptly atsended to.
I notifled that we have expended one hundred
dollars In labor and improvements npon the Mo
7art mine, of gold bearlncorc.Vituate In the Dos
Cabezas Mining District, about two mites north
east of Evvcll Springs, in order to hold said prem
ises under the prOTlslons of sections 2324 aud 23"i'
ofthe Itevied Statutes of the United States, and
the act ol Congress, approved Jauuary
3d, lbv mendatory thereol; said sum
being the amount required to hold the said mine
for tbf j ear ending lb". Now, If vrithin ninety
days from the publication of Ihis notice, yon fail
or r. lose to cautxlbute 5 oir proportion of snch ex
penditure as a co-owner, you Interest In fald
claim will become the property ofthe subscribers
nnder the f ectiorn- ol the revUcd statutes afore
mentioned. JOHN MoCJRKGOlt.
Dos Caliezas. Cochise County, A. T.
First Publication Dec. K. lbSI.
Applieat ion Xo. 147, for a Patent to the
Man llieeo Alining Claim.
Arizona. December 6th, 1S81. Notice is
hereby given lhat the Woronoco Mining Company,
by its ag nt, A. L. Fowler, of Tombstone, Cochise
county, Arizona, has had filed Its application for
a patei t for 1415 linear feet f thu San Diego mine
or vein bearing silver with surface ground b00 feet
In width, situated In Tombstore mining district,
Cochise county, Arizona, and designated by the
field notes and official plat of survey on file lu this
oflke as lol No lul, described as follows, to wit:
Variation 11 53' ear. Itegmnlng at the initial
monument ofthe claim, at a stake 4x4 Inches by
3 feet long, set in the ground 'i feel with nail In
the top at center, marked "I. N."from whtchdl
covcry shaft 4x8 200 feet di-cp, bears south 4.V
west 5 feet distant, and incline 4x8 70 feet, bears
outh225.1- west 250 feet distant; thence south
ii' 53' west 750 feet to south end center of claim,
10 a stake -lit Inches, 5 feet lonu, set in mound ot
stones, marked "S. D. M. C. No. 1;" thence south
bt" "' east 800 feet to sonthi ast corner of claim, to
a stake 4x4 inches, 5 feet .ocg, in mound of stones,
msrked"S. D. M.C.No Sir thence north 2i" 53
east 1115 feet to northeast corner of claim to a
etake 4x4 Inches 5 feet long. In mound of stones,
marked "o. I). M. C. No. 3; ' thence north 67' 7
h est 300 feet to northeast center of claim, to a
ctaku 4x4 lLche". 5 feet long. In mound of stones,
marked -S. D. it. C. No 4." and 600 feet to north
east corner of claim, to a stake 4x4 inches, 6 feet
long, set in mound of si ones, marked "S. D. M. C.
No. 0." from which U. S. M. M. No 1, fears north
79' 31 west G427 feet distant; thence sonth 22" 1
west 1(15 feel to southwest cornerof claim, to a
stake 4x1 Inches. r feet long. In mound of stone",
marked -S. D. M.C.No. 6;" thence south ipj 7
east.100 feet to south end center of claim, aud
place of beglniiig of the exterior survey; contain
ing 19401(10 acres. The San Diego claim is
bounded ou the north bythe"Le Grand," on the
east by the "Vermont and on the west by the
"LuC." claim-.
Thu notice of location of this mine was record
ed In the office of the Recorder of Cochise cennty,
Arlrona, August 3d, leSl, on page 35, book S,
Itccortl of Mliio-,
'Any and all persons claiming adversely the
whole or any portion of f a'd San Diego mining
claim are required to pre-ent their adverse claim
to be filed In this office during the sixty days pe
riod of publication hereof, or they will be barred
by virtue of the provision ofthe statute.
It is ordered that the above notice be publlsbiM
sixty days iu the WrKM.v ErrrsrH, a newspaper
Issued at Tombstone, Cachise cou-ity, Arizona
which l di signed as pulillhed nearest said claim
In Hosts of FanillleH
Ilotitler's Stomach Bitters is as much regarded
,h a household necessity as sugar cr codec. The
reason of this Is that years ot experience have
proved it to lie perfectly reliable in those cases of
emergenc where a prompt and convenient rem
edy Is demanded. Constipation, liver complaint,
djspc isla, iudigesllon and other troubles are over
come by II,
For sal- oy Druggists and Dealers, to whom ap
ply for Hotetter a Almanac for ISS2.
Civil Inttant Rtlitr, and II aa Inla'libU
Sold by Drupes ts everywhere. Price, $I.i0
jicr bo'x, prepaid, by mail. Samples sen'
free to Physicians and all sufferers, bv
&custaeilter & Co., Box 3016, New York
City. Sole manufacturers of ANAKESIS.
U. II llr.AHW HTUKI'r,
Trtnl4 I'll 4'l.ronU A Hpeelal IHeanr.
Who may be suffering from the effects of vouthlul
follies or Indli-cretious will do well to avail them
selves of this, the griatest boou i.ver laid at the
altar of suffering humanity. DH.l SPINNEY will
guarantee to forfeit $500 for every case of Seminal
weakness or private disease of any kind or cham
fer which he undertakes and fails to cure.
There arc many at the age of 30 toM) vvh are
troubled with too freqnent evacnatlou of the blad
der, often accompanied by a slight stuaiilng or
burning sensation aud a weakening ol the system
In a manner the patient cannot account for. On
examinlngthe nrlnary deposits a ropy sediment
will often De found and sometimes small particles
of albumim will appear, or the color will be of a
thin mllklsh hue, again changing to a dark and
torpid appesrauce. There are maty men who die
of this difficulty. Ignorant of the cause.which is
the second stage of seminal weakness. Dr. 8. will
guarantee a perfect cure in all such cues, and a
healthy restoration of the genlto-urlnary organs.
Office hours 10 to 4 ana to 8. Sundays, from
10 to 11 a, ra.. Consultation free. Thorough ex
amination and adrlec $5. Call or address
J?o, 11 Keamt street, San Francisco
Kiefs Optical Depot

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