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VOL' il-NO. 32.
" '' "" " " -- ....... I,. i. -i i. . i. ... i i i, 1 1 , . ...,, .in.
Six-Page Edition.
TliisjPago is from the Daily
of Saturday. Dec. 24.
Tue Daily Cow-boy aoross tho
street foams at the mouth, and gives
strong evidence of having a severe
attack of the rabies. Its so-called
.reply to the specifio charges made
by tho EriTAPH as to the different
classes of robbery its friends are en
gaged in are answered by billings
gate, which is universally conceded
tolls" "the rogue's argument. They
cannot got around the fact that they
standjon record as haying indorsed
the tf'n-per-cent steal, all the cattle
stoahng and stage robbing done by
their cow-boy friends, tho outrages
committed by tho rustlers, the turn-
Mffilooae of prisoners charged with
murder and grand larceny, and other
k ffhes too numerous to mention.
'Tfc4y dare not deny that they have
virtually indursed every one of
these acts, and as a consequence, an
swer by making faces at us. We
cin stand it if they can.
i Tue electrio railway in Paris, says
San Francisco Chronicle, has
ten so successful that it has found
rpitalists who aro ready to support
scheme for its permanent estab
lishment, i nd Messrs. Siemans are
i engaged in settling the preliminaries
Jor an elevated electrio railway
arcund the city. The proposed rail
way is to be about fifteen wide, car
ried pillars 130 feet to 160 feet
apart, which would occupy but a
comparatively small proportion of
the total width of the boulevards.
Fhe proposed gauge is four feet, and
there are to be stations at intervals
of 400 yards so arranged that passen
gers would not have to travorse more
than 200 yards to reach a station.
If there is any citizen of the first
ward who can't poll more votes than
C. N. Thomas, he had better move
jout. Mr. J. W. Young will be
elected almost without opposition,
ad he has large interests in tho ward.
He docs not seek tho office, and will
serve his constituents faithfully.
When you find an irresponsible and
blatant oluco-seeker hunting tor a-
position to which there is no salary
attached, and elect him to that posi
tion, do not find fault if you are
made the victim of numerous jobs.
The only safe plan is to vote for J.
W. Young.
"'Trrx "Daily Cow-boy takes it for
granted that the Ei'iTAru is opposed
to the election of Dave Naglo to tho
position, of city marshal of Tomb
stone, for the reason that he is iden
tified with tho ten-pcr-cent county
'ring. Thei Cow-boy is coriect for
once. Mr. Naglo may bo, and
doubtless is, a very estimable gen
tjeman, but he is in bad company,
Thk yield of the Father do Smet
sine in the JJIack liills, lor the
eleven months of 1881, ending Nov.
30th, was -M29.9-18.30, or 5,8G0.30
more than ono half that of Grand
Central for six months and twenty
days. Father de Smet is called a
great mino, and its owners aro well
satisfied with it.
" Old Ironsides," the frigate
Constitution, says tho Mail-Express,
has been laid up in ordinary' at tin
Brooklyn Navy Yard, and yesterday
the ceremony of hauling down her
flag, showing that she had been put
out of commission, was performed.
Every schoolboy will remember
Oliver Wendell Holmes' impassioned
lines, commencing "Aye, tear her
tattered ensign down," which pre
vented the old frigate from being put
out of commission when such an act
was contemplated on a previous occa
sion, but the errand old vessel is now
so used up with age that it would bo
only sentimental folly to keep her
longer as an expense to the govern
ment. The Constitution was built
by order of Congress, March 27,
1794, of liye oak, at Boston, at a cost
of over $300,000. She took part in
several naval engagements, the most
famous of which was her victorj over
trie English man-of-war Guernere,
-August ii, icuz. uui iron-piatea
vessels, steam-rams, and torpedoes,
have replaced tho old-tune methods
of naval warfare, and " Old Iron
sides" remains only a reminder of tho
glory of tho past.
An advertisement reads: "Wauted
A young man to be partly outdoor
and partly behind the countor;" and
tho Cleaveland Leader asks, ''What
will bo the result when the door
to Affairs
in Cochise
We reproduco tho following selec
tions from our exchanges, which will
probably bo preserved for future ref
erence ns forming a part of, tho his
tory of tho present situation. We
do not endorse all the statements or
opinions herein contained, but only
publish tho matter for tho purpose of
furnishing our readers with some
food for thought:
From the Nugget, Sep. 29.
Early last evening a number of persons
were seen wending their way towards
SchiefTclln Hall, not in a body, but after
tho manner of the Kuklux, in small knots
of two and three " like men with daikness
in their deeds." The hull was lighted up,
and knowing that none of tho secret soci
eties were to meet, a Nugget reporter
walucd up to the door and knocking, de
manded admittance, the small peep win
dow was openid and Immediately closed:
"Is this a secret society?" was asked.
" No," tho reply came from the other side,
" it is a secret meeting." Knowing there
was a distinction as well as great dillerence
between a fcccret society sanctioned by law
and a secret meeting unsanctioned by stat
utes, the reporter withdrew.
Later in the evening lie asked one of the
parties whom ho saw coming from the
hall, what the purpose of tho meeting was
He answered: "It is tho first ot a series of
meetings to be held by ihe citizens for the
purpose of organizing ft vigilance commit
tee." " In other words," the reporter said, it
was for the pujpose of effecting an organi
zation of the ' slranglcrs.' "
" No," he answered, " it is not ' strong
lers,' it is to be a vigilanco committee," and
then thinking he had been trapped into
saying more than ho ought, he turned and
walked away.
The question which naturally arose in
the minds of thoso who were not there, is,
what occasion is there for a vigilance com
mittee? In tho words' of Shakespeare,
" What private griefs they have I know
not," but It is equally ceitaln that at least
some of those who were there have ere this
formed the acquaintance of vigilance com
mittees, but the committees were behind
them, and they left for deeils which have
not been recorded, at least publicly in this
community. But nearly all ol them are
known, and if their pui pose be, as stated
by one of their number, it will be the
pleasure of the Nugget to give their ante,
cedents without fear or favor.
frits "vrnniV." tit.?mire
From tho Sim Francisco Dully Report, Oct. 31.
The details of the tight between three
cow-boys and a marshal ami five deputies'
in Tombstono the other day havo arrived
by mail and the Tombstone Nugget indulg
es in the customary gush over the saud and
urit the weirscrved desperadoes exhibited.
The Nujget of course does this to curry
favor with the cow-boys as yet unshot or
unhanged. To such papers as tho Nugget
arc due the trouble from which the ter
ritory has suffered or is suffering. They
are always toadying to the criminal ele
ment and standing In with the rings. If
wo are to gush over the courage of mur.
dcrcrs and desperadoes when thoy resist
arrest, whv not eulogize tlto skill of bv.rc-
lars, the alertness of sneak thieves, the
boldness of garroters, and the enterprise of
incendiaries? To read such btult as tins
it is from the Nugget is enough to make
the healthiest feel sick :
With great holes pierced through their bod'es
by tho leaden ince.eugers of death, their nolo anx
iety teemed to be to teturn shot for abut, and
oufy when the spark of life censed to burn did
they reliwinlsh their hold u tho death-dealing
revolver, and they ennk to earth while the smoke
from their weapons assended as from u funeral
pyre. Before dotth claimed them for his own
they saw Morgan Karp full, ouly 'o rise up and
renew the murderous lire, and tho chances fur
each mau'a Hie engaged was a thousand to ouu
cgitlnat him. Who suysltdous not icqulio cour
age to stand aud listen to tbu music of half a
dozen six-shooters ringing a dead march In unison
every time tho hammtra caiau down? lint these
men probaVly dUd as they would probably have
chosen to die bad they had their choice.
a reign of lawlessness.
From the San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 23.
The Tombstone (A. T ) Nugaet of a
recent date makes a very intemperate at
tack on the Chronicle correspondent at
that town for communicating to the out
side world certain fuel- which evidently
require the widest publicity. That cow-boys
and "rustlers" ate supeiiluously abund
ant in that region; that hoi scs and cattle
are taken from teamsters on the highway,
uot many miles from TombstoLc; that ail
kinds of robberies are of continual occu
rence; that tho ofllcevs of the ilaw are
cowed or otherwise rendered forgetful of
duty; that it Is getting to bo a proud thing
down there to boast that you are a
"rustler" and steal for a living, and that
quiet citizens are in many cases atraid to
even admit that they have been robbed
all this and more the Nugget denies In
the most emphatic manner. Thu Cliioui
cle has faith that its correspondent's state
ments are correct in the main, and lclcrs
the Nugget to a communication in the
Tombstone Epitaph of ihu 18th inst., in
which these statements are well borne out
and additional ones are made, such as that
life and properly are unsafe in the vicinity
of Tombstone; that the teamsters on the
public highways are so terror stricueu that
they will not help one another against the
robbers; that the town swarms with spies
In the Interest of the cow-boys; that eveiy
movement of the authoiitles is closely
watched, and that buch a lawless state of
u Hairs' exists there that business is seriously
depressed unci capitalists u'i'uso to buy
mines. The Nugget hid better turn its
wrath against tnu "rustlers" and help
rustle them out of the country, iustead ot
attempting to discountenance assertions
which are manifestly true.
From the San Francisco Heport, Nor. B.
The struggle at Tombstone is between
the sheriff on one side and the marshal on
Ihe other. The sheriffs department has
perhaps unjustly been accused of undue
and most disastrous leniency towaid the
cow-boy "clement" and under the lcgime
of the sheriff and the uucmbarrassing and
even friendly supervision ol certain of his
deputies the said "element" has spread it
self like a green bay-tree. The marshal
and his men rudely interrupted tlie exist-
ing pleasant relations, and taking the cow
beys out ol the gentle hands of the sheriff
shot some of their leaders down in the ac
of resisting his (the marshal's) authority,
and thereby (in our opinion) did an act en
tilling him to the thanks of every good
citizen oi Tombstone, and every true friend,
of the district. Tho cow-boys and their
friends soon rallied, however, and now
they have the marshal and his men under
bonds and accused of murder. The course
of events in Tombstone promises to be
quite interesting and we shall try to keep
track of it.
From the San Francisco Report, Not. 2.
We learn through the intelligent Asso
ciated Press agent at Tombstone, that "the
firiends of the deceased are determined
to prosecute the case to the bitter end in
the courts." We hope they will find the
end bitter enough to suit the law-abiding
citizens of Tombstone. How would it do
for the mafthul to take that quick-shooting
little poise of his and see whether these
friends are carrying any concealed weap
ons around with them? The lives of tho
Earps, .Marshall Williams, Wells-Fareo's
agent, aud otners havo been threatened by
the fnendsof the dead jnen. We hope'thef
rtiflians will try at someopportuno time, to
carry out their threats and will get the
same dose their palls got. We depend on
the Epitaph to more than neutralize the
Daily Cowboy's affection for Tombstone's
ruffian population.
From the Tucson Star, Nov. 4.
The Tombstone Nugget soba because
the Star, in copying from it, does not give
it ctedit except as "a Tombstone news
paper." Well, there are reasons
for all thiugs, and our reasons
Ibr all this is, that we sometimes
Hud Items in the Nugget which we
believe to be true; but we know if we
give the Nugget credit the public would
at onco question tho truth of the item.
From the I'henlx Herald, Dec. IS.
The dastardly attempt to assassinate the
mayor of Tombstono will meet the severe
condemnation of our citizens, to many of
whom .Mr. (Jlutn Is well known. There is
evidently much work for the civil authori
ties in that pan of the territory, for the
spirit of lawlessness is rampant. We hope
that the scoundrels will be caught and
that an exemplary punishment will bo in
flicted on them.
From tho San Francisco Exchange, Nov. 3.
A cow-boy met the natural fate of all
cow-boys in Camp Rice yesterday, being
riddled with bullets. The Tombstone
Nugget should send down a special re
porter to ween over the remains. That
journal is now recognized in Arizona
territory us the great obituary. organ of
all slaughtered cow-boys.
From thu S. F. Bally Exchange, Dec. 20.
Tombstone seems to be in a nice condi
tion ol disonlcr. The cow-boys rule the
town, and the sheriff claims that he is
powerless to keep that formidable nuisance
within bounds. Of course the saloon
keepeis take sides with the cow-boys, for
the latter, contrary to the custom of other
classes of desperadoes, p-y for their liquor,
and spend twenty dollars where the law
abiding eitlr.cn will spend one. There is,
miy he, honor, but there is certainly no
peace of mind in, being mayor of Tomb
stone, as Mr. 01 u in discoveicd when the
stHcein which ho was seated was riddled
with bullets, all aimed with the design of
leaving the Tombstone municipalities
nlthout a head. Yet there arc soldiers
enough in the territory to enforce order
unless tho people have made up their
minds to let the cow-boys run things to
suit themsclacs.
Mn. W. II. Colwell, from Altar, Mexico, 1st.
guest at the Cosmopolitan.
II r. C. SI. Dalit, editor of the "Chieftain" of
Pueblo, Colorado, la registered at the Cosmo
politan. Mn Geo. F. Bevzbiduk, formerly superintend
ent of the El Uarchl mine near Ariepe, Sonora,
has returned to Tombstone.
Mr. T. E. Fitzfatrick, former proprietor of
the Cosmopolitan aatoon, has returned irom the
Uillesplo district, Iew Mexico.
Mr. C. II. PuiLLirs left for San Francisco by yes
terday's coach . lie left with a high estimate of
Tombslosu and lis surroundings.
Mr. (1. W. Mauk left for Tucson jes'erday.
lie found tho business houses of of Tombstone
solid so far as Uncle Sam's revenue Is concerned.
Mn. V. 8. Williams, attorney at law, leaves for
Benson this .morning to attends suit for dsm
ac;e against the Southern Pacific railroad for
killing stock on their track.
Messks. E. J. (liuNoin, II. Geerman and C.
n. Haney, left for Blsbeo to examine the Copper
Queen mine, yesterday morning. This is a party of
English capitalists 'rho contemplate a purchase
if the mine ausners their expectations.
The fullonlng passengers eastward bound
pasted Colton yesterday: G. W. Carr, W. J. Mar
shall, John M McMurry, W. II. Quceny, Tucson;
Miss Walters.O.Emcry, Miss Bell, Yuma; J. Seven
oaks, Geo. Hunt, Tombstone: W. G. Pemberton,
Bean, Maricopa; A. W. Anke, Caia Grande.
From the Denver Kocky Mountain Muting
Itevlew, Dec. 13.
The Colorado mines havo paid, in
dividends so far this year, $2,776,
750, distributed as follows:
Bonanza Develop Co $135 000
Catalpa 180 000
Chrvsolite 500 000
Dunkin 110 000
Evening Star 425 000
Gem 3 750
Glass Pcudery 25 000
Hibcrnla 150 000
Irou Silver 400 000
LeadvilleCo 20 000
La Plata 180 000
Morning Star 50 000
Jloore ll.S.Co 36 000
Polonia 12 000
ItobertE.Lee 50 000
Robinson 450 000
Silver King 50 000
Miss Grundy says there are only
200 decent napkins in the White
House, which is not enough for a
largo dinner party. This is a sad
stato of things, really. Of course
tho president would not bo likely to
have 200 dinner guests at one time,
but ho might have a hundred and
fifty when half of his napkins were
in tho wash. The subject deserves
the immediate attention of congress,
and until an appropriation for an ad
ditional supply of napkins is made
it would not bo amiss for tho presi
dent to request bis guests to bring
their own napkins when they come
to dinner and leave them. Mail
and Express.
Trying to Bounce Hcovllle.
Washington, Dec. 23. On the conven
ing ot the criminal court this morning
Uuitcau addressed the court. After com
plimenting Scoville for the manner in
which he had conducted the'ease, he add
ed that Scoville had asked many ques
tions which had compromised his case.
He asked permission of the court to have
Charles H. Reid of Chicago assume charge
of the case. '"However," Tie said, "I want
Scoville to continue in my case." Sco
ville arose and made a personal explana
tion to the court. Ho mentioned many
difficulties he had encountered in con
ducting the case, and said he had ex
pected to obtain assistance, but lie was dis
appointed. He had no objection to Iteid
becoming associate counsel in the defense,
and asked the court to pass on the pro
priety of tho question. The matter was
discused by Judge Porter and Corkhill,
who questioned the propriety of submit
ting this . qucVjion to the decision ot the.
court. ffeJudgo 7orler said, speaking in
KerfalroT thenr'ecution. he hal no olu
jectlons to ltei'I assuming the active duties
ot counsel.
A Causeless .Excitement.
Washington, Dec. 23. A somewhat
exciting episode occurred in the criminal
court to-day. Guiteau had just bien mak
ing himself very conspicuous by getting
up and remarking "I know one thing,
however; I'm getting more popular; I'm
getting up." At that instant a tali, lean,
raw-boned man, with lantern jaw and iron,
gray beard, who looked as if he might be
a Ueorgian cracker or Vermont Yankee,
stood up in the audience about ten feet be
hind the prisoner and acted at if about to
move forward. Quiteau became very ner
voub, and George Scoville and wife, who
usually bear the excitement of the court
room with composure, also seemed some
what startled. The bailiffs in charge ot
Guiteau quickly shouted, "Sit down, sir,
sit down I" It appeared the man simply
wished to move his position.
The Insanity Theory not Supported
Washington, Dec. 23. Dr. Henry B.
Stearns, superintendent of the Hartford
Retreat for the Insane, was examined as a
witness in the Guiteau case. From eight
hundred to one thousand cases of insanity
had come under his supervision during
eight years he had been connected with
the retreat. Witness had made four exam
inations ot the prisoner at the jail, directed
to his physical and mental condition.
Did not consider the prisoner insane.
Witness was examined at great length on
this point, during which time Guiteau con
tinued to interrupt. At the close of the
cross-examination the court adjourned
until to-morrow.
Goasip from the Capital.
Washington, Dec. 23. Postmaster-Gen.
Howe telegraphs that he will assume the
duties of his office between the first and
sixth of January.
O. K. McKenny, of Minn., has been ap
pointed enrolling clerk ot the house.
Prof. J. E. Hilgard has been appointed
superintendent of the coast and geological
Postmasters complain of losses of reve
nue under the present partial pre-pay-ment
of postage on first-class matter, and
the abolition of the practice is being agi
tated. Mrs. Scoville is quite alarmed for the
safety of her hu'band. Bcoville is con
stantly In receipt of threatening letters of a
nature to excite apprehension.
All the executive offices will be closed
on Monday next and January 2d. During
Christmas week and to-morrow business
will be generally suspended in the de
partments after twelve o'clock each 'day.
Senator Miller is rather worse to-day,
and seme apprehension is felt that his ill
ness may prove quite serious, though no
dangerous symptoms are manifested.
Cabinet Change.
NkwYomc, Dec. 23. Tribuno Wash.
ington special: Sargent will soon be ap
pointed f ecretary of the interior, and Wm.
E. Chandler, secretary ot the navy.
Doubts arc expressed about Howe re
maining long in the cabinet, his health
being poor.
Oriental Plenipotentiaries!.
Washington, Dec. 22. Tho Chinese
minister and party; were formally re
ceived by Chin Lan Pin. The new minis
ter has the apartments at the Arlington
formerly occupied by the Grand Duke
Alexis. The Chinese consul-general to
Cuba, Lan Long Yuen, arrived at the Ar
lington to pay his respects to the newly
appointed minister. The Chinese colors
were raised on the hotel in honor of tho
delegation. Ex-Minister Chin Lan Pin
will leave Washington en route for China
on Wednesday next. The Japanese Mill
isier, Yoshlda Kyonani, accompanied by
his wife, four children and several serv.
ants, leave here on Wednesday next for
San Francisco, from which city they will
sail for Tokio, Japan, January 7th.
The Jeannrtte Survivors.
Buiu.inoton, la., .Hec. 23. Up to this
hour Mrs. Long has no advices diUcient
from those already given to the public.
It is believed it will be some time before
De Long's party can be heard from after
the relief party reaches him.
Thanks to HuhIii.
Washington, Dec. 23. Tue following
was seat to-dy :
DETARTkwr ok Statu, Washington,
Dett23. Hoffman, St. Petersburg: Con
vcy the thanks of the president to the ira
erlal. government for its liberal and gen
erous action in advancing the necessary
funds to render assistance to the members
of the Jeanuett'e expedition, and inform
Mr. Deziers you are authorized to diaw on
me to reimburse that government if it will
kindly inform you of the amount.
Signed, Freunguuvskn.
Suffering Aborigines.
Washington, Dec. 22. The small-pox
is rapidly spreading among the Indians in
Montana and Idaho. The Kickapoo In
dians in Indian Territory are in a starv
ing condition. The Indian officer will re
lieve them as soon as poASible.
Arthurjat a Banquet.
New Youk, Dec. 23. President Arthur,
at the banquet of the New England soci
ety to-night spoke brictly in response to a
The Funds of tho Kx-Confederary,
San Francisco, Dec. 23. The Examiner
this morning publishes an interview with
J. C. Maynard, a prominent democratic
politician and ex insurance commissioner
of the state. During tho last year or the
war Maynard was general depot quarter
master at Richmond. When the confed
erates evacuated Richmond he received
orders to furnish transportation to Dan
ville. Among other property was about
$200,000, mostly silver, belonging to the
state of Virginia, which was put on the cars
at Danville and sent to Washington, Ua.,
where, by ordei of Secretary of War Breck
enridge, it was distrib(ited:JWMg the sol
di .re. Jeff Davis jyjuMHA2J0 do with
It. There was D0,jHHng to tbc
Confederacy sentHIHBniond in
wagons. MaynnrtMHHBSreports of
sums oi money DeaHHHHHWUonieaer-
acy at the close of tho war greatly exag
gerated. Each department had some
money to its credit in Europe to be used
for the purchase of supplies, but it is diffi
cult to say what became of it.
Murdered for'Money.
Santa Bauuara, Cal., Dec. 23. An
Italian named Giovanni 15. Trabuco, aged
about CO years and an old icsldentof Santa
Barbara, was found this morning brutally
murdered at his house, near Ortega hill,
about four miles from this city, his skull
broken in and his hands tied behind him.
The coroner has crone to the snot with a
jury. It is supposed that he had money
in the house, in which he lived alone by
himself, anU the probabilities are that the
object of the murder was robbery.
England IHncoverlnc Her Mistake.
London, Dec. 23. At a meeting of bank
ers and merchants yesterday a resolution
was adopted In favor of the formation of
an association to consider the rehabilita
tion of silver, and Henry Hucks Gibbs,
one of the directors of the Bank of EDg
land, was chosen president.
Sl.nUn Hliorei Finances).
New YonK, Dec. 23. Lake Shore, after
paving its dividends, has left of the year's
earnings tnly $lG,000as against $1,624,000
surplus in 1I&0. Low freights have proved
disastrous to that road.
Gen. Crook Seeking Promotion.
Washington, Dec. 23. Gen. Crook has
arrived here to look alter his chances of
promotion, in the event of Gen. McDowell
being retired, nn event not likely to hap
pen at this time.
Arrest of n Noted Crat-ksman.
Houston, Tex., Dec. 23, Stewart, the
notorious train robber, incendiary and
bank robber, has been arrested. " It is
said lie robbed the Chicago & Alton train
ot $100,000. Detectives have been looking
for him seven years. He will be taken to
Kansas City, where ten indictments stand
against him.
Ilandlts Hanged.
Brownsville, Tex., Dec. 23. Three
noted bandits were captured near Helosa,
Mexico, yesterday, and hanged by Mexican
Fight with Itorder Mmugglere.
Dallas. Tex., Dec. 23. A combat be
tween twenty smugglers and the custom
guards assisted by cavalry, occurred
tween C.trmago and Mier in Mexico,
Lieut. Meza, commanding cavalry, one
corporal and one private were killed. The
smugglers escaped with considerable booty
into Texas.
civ York Stocks
Ukvt York, December SI.
Western Union .... 79Ji
Quicksilver 12V4
Wells, Fargo & Co.130
Erie 41K
Union Pacific 116
Bonds 117
Central Taclflc .... 'MH
Bonds 113?,
Sutro Tunnel I
I'aclacMall .. 40
Mariposa 4
New York Central. .lMi
Panama 1M
Mlueral Creek 75
Tombstone S
sntro 1
Nan Francisco Stork Market,
San- Francisco, December 21.
California 40
Utah iii
0erman V
Urovtu Point l!i
Belcher 1
Mount Diablo 7
N'orthern Belle 8H
Vlrciula 1H
Ootid and Curry... 4',
Mexican 9,L
Ouhtr G,
Union 15'i
Sierra Nevada 9JJ
Best and Belcher.. 7n
Kuieka 13
Jacket 31
silver Klnjr 13S
Tip Top.., 3
Bullion ,
Alpha. ...i
Head Center...
Artistic Criminals.
From the San Francisco Chroncicle.
The Malley boys, now in jail at
New Haven for the murder of Jennie
Cramer, do not seem to be suffering
much from confinement. They have
had their two cells fitted up with
Eastlake furniture, rich hangings and
elegant knicknacks. On tho wall
hang sevoral unframed oil paintings,
the work of Walter. He said recently
to a reporter that one picture a
view of Now Haven harbor was
from memory, and was the result of
a ride along the beach one fine day
with the courtesan whom this pro
cious pair of rich rascals imported
from NewiTork to help them in seduc
ing the girl who is now dead.
This elegant amateur in painting and
profligacy would make a worthy sub
ject for the erotic muse of Oscar
Aliorlsiual (Style.
From the Virginia Chronicle.
Winnemucca, chief of the Fites,
is as careful of his royal dignity as
any European potentate. When he
travels he does not herd with his sub
jects. Not long ago a freight train
rolled into Reno. On a flat car were
squatted a dozen bucks, bringing' in
grain from the sink of tho Humboldt
to sell to the pale fares. Chief Win
nemucca was on the train, but in
stead of being sociab'c and riding
with his braves on the flat, he was
seen sttting cross-legged in solitary
grandeur on the floor of an empty
box car.
From tho Detroit F.ee Press.
"I see you have the motto 'Exoel
sior' over your door," remarked a
stranger who entered a Dtroit sa
loon the other day."
"Yes; I gif a ba'nter two dollar
for dot."
"It's a beautiful motto."
"Yes, 1 tink so."
"You know what it means, I sup
pose ?"
"Of course. It means dot vhen
ono of der poys says 'Shalk it down,
Yacob,' I shalk Iiitn on der neck
mid a glub. I doan' take feofty tol-
lar for dat motto.
Holivais, the bigest priced year
ling at the recent sale of Mr. Pierre
Lorillard's stock, who was purchased
by Sir John Lister Kaye for $825
and shipped to England on the
Egypt, broke his back during the voy
age. Tho weather was exceed
ingly tctnpestous.
Wilkiu Collins will remain at
Torquay, which is a seaside shelter
for invalids. It was Torquay which
Donald G. Mitchell (Ik Marvel)
sought when, as a young man, he
failed in healch. The knds in and
around Torquay aro almost wholly
owned by one English lord.
Sensible and useful holiday presents
just opened at A. D. Otis & Oo.'s.
Coiter has advanced In Jfrw York to 20 c...:
per pound.
IlRADsnAwslockr.sk quoted In New York, on
the 17th instant, at 65 to 75 cents per sharr.
Thi Justices' courts were without an ltim ye
terdar. How good the people Tombstone are
becoming i
Oibard stock cosed in Philadelphia on the 14th
at 1.6t!J. During the week ending that date
4100 shares cbangi d hands.
Tin cars will commence running to Coutcntlon
on or about the flrct of January. Then the ttage
ride will no longer bo an eent to be dreacud.
Tue hotels and lodging houses are crowded with
piests, and tae stages come and go loaded to their
fullest capacity with passengers.
Yizina stock was quoted In Xevr Yolk on tho
17th of December at $2 75 to 3 30 per shuc, there
be.ng quite a demand for H at those figures.
Tombstone shares closed on the Mb, In Phil
adelphia, at (.35. Tho highest point rcachcad
was $5. During the week ending on the 1 1th
6381 shares changed hands.
Till people of Prescott hae raised $17,0(10 or
the $50,000 that Is to secure them railroad connec
tion. The remaining $12,500, the Democrat of the
20th says, will be raised to morrow, 1. e. on the
21st. This is good for Preecott.
Dr.Cuanx is authorized to receive subscrip
tions at the postofflce to aid In the erection of the
Garfield National Hospital at Washington, D.C
This Is a good opportunity for the charitably die
posed to do something t ameliorate the sufferings
of humanity.
A. M. Robertson has removed hts book, sta
tionery and news stand from the postofflce, and
opened a flue store at 202 Fourth street, Brown's
Hotel building. Tho Dally and Weekly Epitaph
will be kept on sale, together with all the leading
The Amador (Cal.) Dispatch says the Zclle
mine near that place is hannted, and suggests
that some courageous scientist get permission to
investigate the matter. The editor of that Jour
nal Bays that he would do so only ho ant Iot
any ghosts.
The Engineering and Mining Jonmal for De
cember 17th baa an elaborate and Interesting re
port, from the pen of Walter B. Pecreaux, E. M.,
on the Deer Creek coal fields. From samples
analyzed, he obtained, respectively, fixed car
bon 61, 53.4 and 44 per cent. The ash ran 21.5,
4a, and 8.4 per cent; volatile combustible matter
d water, 14.5, 4.6 and 47.6 per cent.
Bird Caoe Tueater, on Allen stieet, near
will be dedicated by Hutchinson's Variety
troupe In an entirely new and original series ol
plays, songs, dances, etc., that will sere to Inter
est and amuse the audience. The price of admis
sion has been fixed at the low price of half a dol
lar. Those desiring to witness the entertainment
will have to go early, as there is sure to be a rush.
Mn. D. N. Browx, representative of a Chicago
syndicate of capitalists, has bonded the Cauanea
property belonging to ex Governor Pesqneira. This
haa the reputation ol being the best property In
northern Sonora, combining mines, agricultural
and grazing lands aLd a magnificent pinery, the
only ono la the state of Sonora where there Is
a saw mill cutting lumber. His company
hae secured an Immense bonanza In tho estate
of laCanansa.
The school children's CariBtmus tree and en
tertainment, consisting of songs, n citations, etc.,
which commences at 2 o'clock this afternoon in
Schleflelln Hall, promises to be one of tho pleas
est alleir of the scascn, every pieparatlon haIng
been made to rendtr it a complete snecess. The
presents, which are very handsome and appropri
ate, have all arrived, and will be placed on the
trees before the hour xucntiont. The front teats
are reserved lor the children, id It is to be hoped
that all the others will bo wU filled by their par
ents and the public, as n cordial Invitation Is ex
tended to all
School dlrectois T. J. Drum and J. L. Ford, and
the corps of teachers, Messrs. Sherman and Clum,
aud Meidames Stanton and Uaston, worked until
a late hour last eeslng in trimming the Christ
mas tree in Schleffelln halt for the public schoo's.
An EriTAru reporter paid the hall a visit alter
the finishing touches were nearly complete, and
saw a sight that will make the hearts of Ihe pupils
bound with Joy when the doors are thrown open
to-day. There aro two nut-pine trees of nearly
equal size, being nearly ten feet high, standing
upon the stage, the boughs of which aie literally
loaded with present. Th directors and tearhera
are deserving of praise for preparing this holl-'ay
treat for the little ones.
i'ublle Opinion
The following sample of letters of en
dorsement we arc rticeivingevery day, these
thiee oming by one mail:
Toikka, Kan., Dec. 1VS81.
Publishers EriTAru: Enclosed please find one
dollar and fifty cents, price for your weekly paper
three n.onths longer. Would send for a year, but
am going South this winter. It Is one ofthc best
papers in the West for general news. I remain,
Yours truly, Cto. W. .McCav.
Dodo a City, Kan., Dec. 10, 1841.
Publishers Kpitaph: Enclosed please flrd
check for $5 for subscription lor one year for the
weekly. The only fault I hare to find will the
paper Is I hue missed several copies.
Yours truly, W. H. lUr.ms.
Clkvxlanu, O., Dec. IS, 18S1
Euitoh KriTAru: I recehed no piper for the
last two weeks of November, nod to-day get Dec.
5. Not getting tnose I name I did not trow but
my subscription had expirtd. Please tend m- the
tno missing numbers, Nov. 21 aud , weekly, and
continue the paper, and il my time has expired,
please notlfj me by postal card, and I will send
cash for renewal. I must have the Epitaph, can't
keep house without It.
Yours truly, W. P. Stanlkt.
- : r
From the Daily Star.
K. W. Risley. Esq.,
haa returned from Tmb-
Mr. F.iP.T bompson left last night for California,
and on his return will go to Mexico.
Judge Stllwell arrived from Toiubstone'Iast
night, looking well, alter nls severe term of court
In Cochise county.
Fiom the Citizen.
The safes for the sheriffs and probate Ju4ge
offices arrived this morning.
Hon. Geo. II. Stevens, member of the last coun
cil and father of Graham county, arrvted last night
from Safford.
Business hts been very
light at the county re-
corder's ofiice during the last few nsts,
.1 uoom
Is expected aner New lear.
Items from the I'hentv Gazette.
The following items from the Phenix Gazette of
Dec. 'il are a fair criterion ol that paper's relia
bility. Comment is unnecessary :
It is said nearly ten thousand persoas die annn
allr In Beueal fiom snakebites. At Ton-bstouc
a great many people file every year Jutt Irom see
ing tne reptiles.
The Tribune Is the name oi Hellly's new paper
now published In Tomhntone. It Is printed on
the old Expositor press, and mtut be a sprightly
eneei, aunonen we nave not vet reci'neo. H copy
of It.
Xew Hook and Ktutlonerj Ktoic.
Owing to increased business, I have
been compelled to remove my book, sta
tionery and news store from the postouice
building to the commodious store 203
Fourth Mrect, Brown's Hotel Building.
A. M. Robektson.
Thk attention of our readers is called to
the advertisement of 8. II. Lucas Se Co.,
the jewelers of Hew Mexico, who have re
cently established a branch house In Tuc
son. They have a great reputation in New
Mexico for honesty and fair dealing.
Women Without Proper Escorr.
FronTlhc New York Mall nud Expref-s, Dec. 6.
Chief Jitsti.'o Duvies is not mil
one of tho purest, ablest and nioM
learned jurists who ever sat upon
tho bench in New York, but also It
man whose strong common MMie in
unprofessional matters is generally,
recognized. His remarks yesterday "
in sentencing Mn. Coleman lo four
years in prison for shooting her cor
ruptor deserve the attention of every
woman in the community. J He,
warned ail mothers, and especially
all young women, of the danger ,of
attending theaters and other places
of amusement without a proper esiort.
It' has been a rule more or less tho
roughly understood that no respect
able woman will be seen at a theater
or upon the street at night without
a male escort, and it is desirable that
the rule be accepted in every largiJ -city.
American woman enjoy- s: .
freedom permitted to their sex uvr-
other country, and they will never
submit to the restrictions that would
have been imposed upon themjrhad
they been born and had their homes
in another land. But it is no1 tin- ,
reasonable restriction that Judge
Davis recommends for them. .'He
says that libertines lurk for preyin
such numbers at places of amuse
ment in cities that women aro not
safe in their presence without a pro j
per escort. Manv of theso devils
incarnate are fascinating in appear
ance, and women who breathe the
atmosphere of pure homes are so un
supecting as regards evil that they
are often easily deceived and ruined
by such monsters. No woman can
afford to disregard the lesson from
the bench yosterday as to the properi-'
escort with which she should be pro-
vided. t. ,
In the Newmarket Turf Notes t of " V
Bell's Life the following item (.ap- ' .
pears: "Mr. Lorillard's little string' v .
is seen daily at exercise. It may bei
mentioned that Iriquois and Gerald
are looking remarkably well, 'and
should the latter winter nicely he will
be found very hard to beat next year.
It is quite certain we have not seen
mm near me marn yet. t-.
Mu. Pierre Lorillard's Gerald
has recently been backed to the extent
of some -2,000 to win the Derby
next year, liruce and (jrerald have,
been backed coupled, to win 2,000
at 3 to 1. ' - .
Professor Charles A. Young, of
Princeton, has been appointed by the
National Academy of Sciences .to
make observations of tho transit of
Venus in connection with theUp'itcd
States commission. - 5
' 1 ', ii . mi si 1
! n i .-
3VTo. 3.,
Grand Uniform Ball,
Monday Kvenlng, Jan. 2, JSHI,
AT ,
Sohieffelin Hall.
TCKKTrt (Aduilttinjc Gentlemen
and Lnrtles) .
Committee of Arrantcewpnts.1'
It. S. Hatch
W. N. lir. akeniidg.;
I'. Hollsud
U. I'. Spangenlurg
A. C. Uillcfcc
v.. A. FlIH-JK-
H . A. ruddy
W. W. Hubbard
M. B. rovca "
llonaid )-ce
W E. Ludlow.
N. V. Leslie
Dan Lynch
Frank Herefod
W. Bnrron,
Invitation Committee
D. McCann,CUclorTomijstnne"Fire Department.
W. Allen A. O. Wallate
J. II. Cauip&rll W. A. Cuddy
W. K. Ludlow D. A. Slortartty
It. i. Camplx-ll II. W. Kingsbury
P. Holland tV. J. Ives " - r
K. I . Kcarnev S. B Comstock
W. II. llurdett W. A. Ilarwood
I.. F. lllackbn-n .Tohn Oalsy
Howard Lee .1. K. Mugan -i
Fire Department in Ueneral.
Reception Committer.
It. rj. Hatch
li. Lee
J. W. O-botu
1'. Holland
J. II. Campbell
C. D. Reppy
II. Hazgerty
C. It. Dron n
J. It. Uafferty
F. Dodge
R. b. Archer
S. Trlbolet
II. t-ehmtidlug
V. W. Karp
J. M. Nichols
A J.Rlttcr
A. O. Wall&co
(. F.Spaucenberg
A. I.. Grow ,
A. 11. Manuel
II. F. l'rlca
K. T. Kearney
W. A. Freeze,
W. II. Slater!
J. L. Fonck ,' ,
O. C. Voss
II. B. Jones -J.Deycr
Dan Lynch
floor Manager.
R. f.nttcb.
Floor Coininitree. "
M. E. Joyce
W. U. Ludlow
J. P. Fafferty
O. F. UpaDgfuWre
J. M. Caley
Will Barron
fSf AH Firemen ure requexted to
appear in uniform.
$500 REWARD !
Cattle Thieves ! '
miin aii'jvk rewajid will bk paid.
X for the apprehension ol, an 1 evidence that w III
lonvict anyone stealing cattle, horses or mnlw
from the nn lei signed. Our cattle brand I a
circle (yy) on left side. Our horse a"t mule
brand Is a script Jy on left hip.
Againn purchasing stock of our brand from any
one butoursehes,
HI Dm ado Ranch, Do Cabezas, P. l., A. T.
The finest asortment of elegant Presentation
Books ever offered for sale In Arizona.
SWI Ftarth nU BrtwaVi Motel.

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